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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, December 22, 1899, Image 3

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k, ,,, , , ,,, Iii ass . i
Hi\- wflrv
1,11 i ni , , ,, .??
-v C..,
lui. i
' diT
sjSMiln*s Ol incl V-i *l
r K P
I ? it Ul si
if VV.
uni., ra*), ti.
*.,??! ll- I ll IC"I! ?> I t
u'ii of tba
t um -
ttaii i: 'i trip,
to 21 si
tau ai ; ml ticket*. Jan*
? ?
Dbi bIIIsmm
per b
:. Jil.
P ii Hiv
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lu-.ii .in . ....
I'.UI Kl 1 tV. I'.\> 1.1 I I .
(????mn.aa ?? ? ni ni
'I N.
Throbbing HeoisJarehe
in ms
C lu Inn.
? liiiiikr.
Will your
^ l rlour tu
\ I i Ulillul lllumln
? ?
? mil
I I. ik * .... ic |(.,1 lt.,t. p, milt.
ti uiiiil
Norni.il Behool] N- I
Mi- | |
, led mi Hi?
sed of!
; I, 1 11,1 ,
?lu-t-j lune Moodw m
lull Lawn c, 1bat R
sveoti ru iu cou
himself a "bella."
Mis* Lavinia Hun- wai i
'hool mt mc nut ul
Ail ul in i friends were very sorry to
Mi. i
Billilli <mi lu
ul L. 1>. Jon?*a came lo see his
Mary ^ p had a ca ? un lu-r
(athel i M an Belle, I'm
Friday n . KaVe
Ithtful lecture on "Memoi
Old Virginia." W. found the J
.:?! lo Uv ii e nc wiro ful
? > ii;tli/.i?l. 'i|u. fol low il
aere al the
i-tully piloted tbe
t-> tlifir -c..
i i
; '- 'nts.
There wen ? ?? i . |.
plei Sm.ii iv nigh! u i,cn |
I un light* viaihle and Mina
s i- In
cine iii toulgbL"
? c..:, rathei exciting
'"' tin ? w ii,, -(? m ||,,
lime tryiug to i stell - nae eat?, in
which effort they were uol unsu
- Wins
i ni fur lu-r ku,iii
1> M.vin an,I tin u name
at. While waltina, to cal
Bl Mrs. W
iked why ihc\ wauted the
inti in re*pou?e lo tl ?n, an
?wared thal I
t some * si taken in
? l iv ni in
i BtU
- ,rk.
All I ti ml. il thc
incopal church Mon.
lay night.
ug the vuiiiiL' ladles a h
?nu' Xiii.-.- .li.iw
b! - ? - ipauied by
ler friend, )li? Whitmore,
Henning, Hawkins, Houston, Holland,
I.iwrence, Pierce, Yonge, P
S ! Wright,
iool children will be
, i i fa I , \ ,
nt i uiug slmpli
i-tiiin nt" many years aill he
I this yes ind uo Herald
wtued ni
--ti.- therefore will be dated January
itti, 1900. In the meantlm
'ir all our rea lei- a h.*. py \m I
uea year.
V . . \ Hil.| l?,M*||.
Died al ihe inline nf ber parent* In
land county, December 4th,
.. in tbe seventeenth
irear of ber age. In tbe death nf thi?
nning aaa ?thor pr ?fof tbe
ibortuesM aud uncertainty of human
iff. Ju-t s lew mouths ago sb
Well urn! bel | r long life
i- il inering os c mid tx . *he
millie young girl, beloved by all
a/b i knew her for ber niiuiN beautiful
traitaof character. Bbe was ever will?
ing and eager to lead a helping band
nd give a kimi, cheering word en.
b Kiragiug companions through life's
itormy voyage. Beask was always
Faithful in her M um r's work aud a
BlOSt diligent pupil Ot BCbool While
lt ken parents and smitten k?v< ,1
ber in their earthly heme,
they lind comfort in the sweet promise
? ami covenant
i. "I will ' thee
iii,il thy seed aftei thee." He consoles
mir uriel hy the BWeel promise, "W bal
I il i th .ii knowesi not now, but thou
-halt know ix
.linter Rlimriio) "a l.n-lurr.
irge ami appreciative ui.?:
uuii'iy in the I
hiv ball nt" the Normal Hcfa
tiing a Inn be <i
nd i me lo Paran ide, bis
faraoua lecture on Virginia before the
, a mind well stored with tbe
made up thai history, and
h. ui full '<{ love ami loyalty for
, I with the
ilty ot uuiting uni witta
? J
t genulue I ;>-,,f
as be does, old mash r
aud mistress, the "mansion" ami tbat
which gave it glow ami glory, the old
body servanl and Ji:u, tbe hastier, and
till wini llsteued to him wen!
a un faithful reproductions of th
deilibly impre.I on memory's tab?
let. Judge Flournoy kn ai ser*
,. bis efl it iit restoring tba
th* trm h cn a subject upon
,._- boa in * n done, and
mir hope is that lie may reach tb
I be liberally rewarded
. k of Liv e.
the lecturer
ful, in words c..i
-;..ii li
ui|>liiiieiit tn hi- splendid
the age nfl
-icu d
I'liSiltrrs lin uk
I of i
un ur aftei - ld .latin
,ttt nf tn ? ,l lin
Hi k, for past 8 montba. lin- divt
w. ti. Vkxabuc, Cofbier.
?? .- - nun.- iii Um v.
.... ,,i .int
I BO .luul,t lt s tm, ,
Dbodj cwt k
? ?I I, tu um
Il-lll Kl i .1 l
Mains. ot*i baafl
Ami Bight iii r M.i.I.- atngi had ipr* id,
ling t.. il,, waa;,
u Ly should we doab! tb* ilafi i .
i tbat, in tact. Un- ?..>
.-. ii righi ali
"iliiniii fJaj mic. tali;"
ndei i. tin- suifct.-r kiicvt.
' nell ?! lt - ttllllt el>e kl lin I,
? m chu aol
A Bof| oom ia a hard thing to hetti,
Jennie Blanton, of Cumberland,
was in town leal Tuesday,
Leila Spencer, who baa been
visiting friends in Lynchburg, returned
hume iswi Friday.
dingly regie! to bear of tbe
ol Mrs, J. \\. (Jilla, who Ls Buf?
fering h.un aa attack of pneumonia.
Numbers of young people In dui
Mending School away fruin Inline
sra here foi tba Xmas holidays.
Mi- lunspaugh bas returned hi bet
home In Lynchburg, During hoi stay
in (?armvUle she made bosta of friends,
Obituary notices, exceeding ten linea,
are charged tu by the Hiralo at tbs
? liv*- eeuta pei line.
Don't drink too mucb Xmas morn
i you will be -ure tu feel bod of
.) -a Otley and ooo, Mr. W.
ey, ret urned Wednesday from
their mouth's wiall to Nashville, Tenn
Nellie Hart left lasl Tm-dav
Hoik, vs hen- >h*. win Bpend the
Xmas and new ]
Mn W. II Cii,Hit, and children
inve gone to "Saxe," lin- beautiful
country hume nf Mr. ami Mi-. Jeremy,
Ut* of Mrs. ('tullin.
Misa Ellen Cunningham, who re.
i ii mi ber school Ih-i week Bome
whal Indispuat I, we are glad to re?
port is much better.
The mayor bas Issued information
iiiat lhere shall he no tiring of tin
? Tucker-mi M un -lice! Good law if
ly and rigidly enforced
vhi-t club mel at the hum.- of
Mr Traver Tuesday night lt *
? roary of the marriage ol
Mr. and Mis. 'I ravi i. I be presents
tried and of practical value.
Many retUI ii-.
We would las glad if the boys would
pop all tbe crackers and all the baby
Dight and then give US test.
A volume of noise ls luspiring, bul ii
squeak noa and then ia nerve destroy?
Remember tbat ons week from to
morrow (Saturday) night, the greatest
minstrel attraction on tba American
will Ik- at the Farmville Opera
? youi -i nt- at i[rote's
A mei rj Xmas may aol bs i???
ry bul s happy one is altogether desi?
rable. To -cure it ^ive liberally ail
. i all -ni t', giVO, and receive
what i:- given y tu gracefully and grate*
ru i ly.
Mi. Quartet, of Ricbmond,
preached to tbe Baptist congregation
momiug and evening loot Sunday.
\ ill has been made ti any "n*. Ul
pastor of Hu- church Blocs tbs
declination of Dr. Taylor, of Appomat?
Wc du n,,t believe for amomenl thal
Farmville bas s single boy <?r young
man who would intentionally destroy
ty, There are, bowevar, soots
OS eviilcnceil hy the
breaking of tbe handsome plata kIh->
window nf Messrs. Duvall, Bobortaoa
,v i ,, ,\\? doeadaj night
nm merchants have 'nen doing a
good Xmas trade, 'lhere |g tune, bow
ev.-i. for much buying, and tbs stocks
of appropriate gifts an -till adequate
ta Hie wauls of all. BtorSS aic o| SO
until a reasunahle hutir of niRlit, and
bom* even tu the eutmtry is nu
bardsbip over such mods aud hy such
Mr. Frank8.Woodson, foraoumbsi
of years edit r of tbs Daovilla JJtyisfcr,
Bpenl asveral days in Farmville Hus
week. Mr. Wofsrjsoo Will vet]
launch a new dally at Ne wp,.il NeWO,
which, by n?e way ls tbs coming
, oils ut tbs south. At pi.-cut
Mi-. W.loofl ind daughter are at the
i u. Whitehead.
(ai*!- hilve boen is-ukI by afr. and
Mi-. I.bj I). Jones, Of New Stun-.
Buckingham county, for tbs oiarriage
of their daughter, atlas Btbylio, to Mr.
\\ Hey B. Mi-hi-. Tbs eertsnony will
lake place un Deeeinher ^Tth, in New
burch, alter winch an elaborate
,n will he given at Mr- -Nl(,rrlh'
hume, Buckingham Bpringa.
An almost total seJIpseof the moon
occurred Saturday night Tbs
entered the shadow al oM. Tbs great
eatdegr.t ohscuraUon was reached
al s_';, then to all appearance, the
? uir.-iv In thc shadow, A
Btroug glass showed a narrow run not
;*ti', ci. t. Tba oorfaee of flat orb cover.
,,1 was 988 i.'xxi of tbs whole. At 10X18
ti? queen of tbe night shone once m< ie
lit Ol ev.-r.
A galaxy of the enatliaal talent,
riogera dbmcers, acrobata,
tumhlen,Jugglers, two btf quartettes,
Symphony Orchestra, twu big
peerless Bond* aod ? sore of other
? ric;!it attrii.live f*-:itur.?, make
up the : in,.,ti- Wright's Original Na.-h
-tuiienls and Qldooo's Min-tnl
Carnival, tbs two manum.th nnn-trel
? moan - mbloed lotoooe, appear
. rc ai tbs Opera House, ona night
univ, itaturday, Deeembat sOtb.
Dr Tbackstoo's deotal raffles win i?e
...1 .Innmiry 1-t, 1980, hy Dr. P.
SS Heckham, dentist.
nin.li.l Mira, ll.,i,
big, worthy attroetkNi at the
Decembei Otb, ki
rn lunn-.iii minstrel ibo*) of 18 people
which cum.- bi re commet di i sa lbs i
funnies! ihoa on record. "Wright's i
Original Ni-liville Sttid.-nt-" ami i
Gideon's big Minstrel Carnival one of li
tbe biggest minstrel consolidaUous, i
represents tbs must liberal of amii
men! enteiprises In Ibis country, lt
carries46 popular eotertaloen in the
mool enjoyable variety of acts present
ad tu the omusemeot poblte. Fun
mus rampaot aod every feature is
high-class iu d 11 lilied. Every ad ls
different and then- i- nosnrfbil nf soy
?t, nu curtain waits to mar tb*
continuous round of pleasure. Bs perl
wire waikei-, acrobats, tbs famous
Occidental Quartette of Bingera, an
admirable quintette of mixed voices;
Jugglers, Tumblers, tod other Interest?
ing teat urea, ar*- bunched in enjoyable
profusion and liberality. A grand
Symphony Orchestra of skilled musi?
cians piny al ev itv performance and
two Lil' peerless Bands with IO soloists,
furin a feature "f it- attractive stree!
parade. Such an abundance of good
feature* ba 1 1 nc er i>.vu be.
fore gath* red into one combination.
Watch for is coming. Wall foi Its
*r\ 11 ll.-rii fraxy.
A correspondent of tbe Richmond
W ritiUg ll 'Ul .New pull \ew -
notes thal be called on Mrs. Ellis, who
wa- recent;. 1, iei-i'i a- cnnd from tbe
Eastern Lunatic Aaylum fur the pur
pose of asking bel ber experience Ina
mad bom* 1
.Nh-. Bills, with aself-poaecsolon hum
of recent experiences with interview?
ers, lawyers and tbe like, refused to
'?I was never crazy," she said laugh,
lng, "lin re wu- nu linn from the day I
woe taken tu iht. asylum to tin
wai role um d, w hen my mind a .
re kind iu m.- there,
and I was treated nicely. I a n el bad
tu take any medicine while there "
Mn I bal she remembered
all the Incidents connected with tbe
killing of ber baby, and with the
subsequent trial, bul sin- did aol waul
to ui* ai ,iu them.
Oltaa Oarasstl si mi ii it iou.
Miss Fannie Garnett, whose serious
by a uni away boree
was published io tbe la-i Hkkald, has
gi finally grown better -mee Monday
doctoi now cuii-ii|. .
poa! tbe danger muk and nope fur her
rapid si,-- 1 ..linell i.- still
at the residence of her uncle, Mr. H.
SS'. Garnett, but no visitors art al lu wed
in- patient
I.ix.ki.I I timi V\ Ith BSMBttl lon
/ tor ll' raid : I got a ten dollar
unitl pice,, al tbe Planters Hank the
other dav :iiid when I offered U> pay a
bill vvuh u in ? Ricbmood ste
clerk called tbe proprietor to examine
lt and tin pmpi iltur called in others.
lu the meantime I waited a- ii man
under suspicion. They dually pro
nouueed it "a-* good as gold," aod it
; from me aod my heirs 1.ver,
1 never did like the yellow stuff*. Iti
a coward. Novar fought a battle or
paid a tax. 11 ls univ at booie in
vauits like Munk- in cell-*, (uveine
mun. ) thai i-n'i afraid ofdayligbl and
tbs marta of trod ??
lil. Vhl K.
Chase Pianos are the Best.
lilt following art tbs results of tbe
wind coutesl see odveitisemenl
iir-t seveu are giveu. Tuc i'n-i re
15 fJO, Hu Ul Kl ii. |1 "ii each, ll i
tbough! that tin Chose Company will
abra award the next three a prize,
though not promised in advertisement:
i-i. Mrs. D. T. Ki un, -i.J-'T words
L'nd. Ma-iei Beverley Winston,
lld Miss l'.dith Taliat'errn,
4th. Mba li ' bel McKinney, 1,486
5th. Mr- K D Calhoun, Church
Wood, Vu , l.Jus '.turd-.
nth. Mi-- .iiial], Hampden
Snlnev, 1,089 W
7th. ' , Hampden-Bidney,
1,005 words
rbere wi number of eon
.\ rjeo contest will atari
SI )Ull
The Flournoy Whist Club.
[Command ?
A meal enjoyable meeting <>f tbe
whi-t duli wa- held at Hu- realdeno ol
Mi. .1. -a i 1 ... 1 -ui last Tuesdaj
lng. lt being the tenth anniversary ??!
the wedding day of Mr. and Mi-.
Travel, tbe members ut' tbtclob prc
aented them with numeroos useful
tin pn Bents \ moat delightful even?
ing having been spent :it cards, -upper
was served audit was midnight or
perhaps alter, w ban tbe dub relucl un?
iv niade 11; tlnir minds tu leave th*
tempting viand- and wioh the hu-! ind
many happy returns of the
day. May it lull t" the lol of Mr. and
Mrs, Travel lo * otertain tin
Ol an eal Iv date.
Kir.- works ai I"- the inn : Stealthy
footsteps un -elden erics
nf "Merry Christmas!"?then the
thrill that comes wilta tl"' Hrs! sounds
of Christmas morning. The father ul
the household gets np and tunks .mt
into Hie may dawn. The children
ah : Hu- children ! -prim; <"it i>f bed
ami gather round th.- hearth. Dainty,
i.iuctuutcd da:in,cs -land breathless
witta new treasure* ia both hand-. \
tumultooos cascade of boya tambtea
duwn ihe from steps, aod th.- day be?
lina, Long before breaJttaat the
youogtsl trades Ins new knife fur a
freon BUpplj of iiii'-wurks, hut all the
r.Kret Ui.ii 1- -un- tu fulluw in tbs brain
nf this tiaii-iiciiuii Cannot dun the
t joy m abundaol sparks ami
Christinas bera I in old Virginia
The Min cm. - np OVtf the sparkliOg
gnow, and altar awhile eborcb i*eils
riog "ll,: ring ont: Al dinner in the
big hi lek lliall-iutl Iht
mother looks across at tin- man behind
the mitfe turkey HCrene and smiling,
l\ Uh hi il IJ :iml nu ll.
kepi until now,
Au. i au old fashion I I ? the
lay, th*- w bites! tel in
?ut-kria-- I, tlders. Tin- richi -i cream
lows from th*- anti,pu- aiivei pltcnei
tl the head ut the lilllie Du 1 lu
"'?nd , liam tit for a king,
round when Moria
Ippeart in the doorway with a frail
?uk*.rn pounded nf all thc ds
mowo tu the most skillful bouse ki ep
r. This j- placed before tbs mist
hen foll iws nuts and apples and din
'.,i. Night cunio un - lhere
ire in re fi re-a irks I be Hrs! ital an?
on ih>- lad church ,
Facts From Felden.
I i.i ins. \ v , D.c. 21, I
Eil iti i /? Herald 11 mi?
mi Mission Band I sue
i recitations, and i
Baaed uff splendidly ,
Mr. SS. H. Kau I km
DOW vi-ni lg al Mr. H .1. and ,
? l{ Al
Mr. - pell, .,f smithville, (
iK-nt riaturd at Mr. -
Estelle Cha| mlthville, ^
lui -d iv fi :
mk C.tile,iiu. _
.Mi. S. ll Htarl i ?'.. ut i . T. .
aiy. will -pend lu- Xmas at Mi
Ali : "ritarb," w hat i- th.- attroctli
Ie will
tending B. I-'. I., i
? hum. lum ? i hm- Xmas. j,
ilicipating it nice lime (1
?ii i- ' ? , : will
<H Hall- |(
ii'-, lu - lav nigh! :i reception at Mi?
lt A len's, VV du?,I iv nighl an s,
ipi "ii party" al M.- 8 .1 Ainu'-, aud |
,*? lew nulli anoibei tune.
M. M.
I'l . .? III Um I l|.,llUhl.
A ('lu
ur.-and wuh iniii-h Innocent jollity (?
id ki,.diy feeling toward cadi uther r,
ie ('iiii-iina- n -i
issed i ;i prosperity
id Comfort iel ii- look hack at two i,
ui-tii- ibe psst. s|
led, pei plexed, nut daring tu h
alu-a -land .'iud ye! not daring to m
in, disobeyed g
, ded iiy < ?
a lng ii ss nt every tl
i'P wiih a strengthening foe at
?el-, Washington ferried bis shad
my over th' i lew days he.
re Christmas, ITT',. Me h;iti only
nm men tu ic '?) u.. of Hu?
ll tbousaud "i thc
u-iiiy, vet witta apparent fool-hardl
sw he lingered un Un- weal bank ut
i- If waiting fur the
eather tu form au icy bridgi
hieii th- British could march
iumphantly. The calm on:
ie mau seemed suddenly tu minnie
?inn of ins Impetuous boy
Mid. Instead of waitiu*| for further
ry from defe il
; doing tue unexpected thing. Amid
irktic? :uid killing cold hi- forces
dilly leer , . tell
(un the iin-ii-p dans, whu
ere needing ouly their own appetites
Trenton, slea m my ui them In tin li
ip-, cap! i'i b thousand ami
,1'ely h lek . ' britt
, foll vi ,1 lin, c
eek- "i -ic . splendid
dgniug ihai .
idged itn ' brilhaul
i the annal- of ? li ilix* '< warfare. In
? ck-lim breadth 11 inc -
a bleb be hi
indywiue because fm
I ',i public clamor ami
i-ki d an e itt In- wa- III
nani,iw n; thc elli my ill full
Philadelphia and passing
ie time witta parades and masquera
i-, Washington went into wiutei
uarters ai Valli - 1777. Ihe
ivlded lm the I:
,ic nu,,itable, imt n
as mn long be ore fuel, (bod and
kithing were sv i uni ly lacking. <>m
WU heall- COO tell W Pel her Un-*- itu
U tu comfort m a iii.''
nina'.. I m- ne , it bloody
ii iii iiii anon. thc i
boulders wi iud chafed hum
ni -id- through the
nen i, -du- wet.- given o
, i-e of tin
cor quality aud -mail quantity of
bait food. Thu- passed Christa
777. Though God ami mau seemed
i have forsaken th,'in, inspired by tbe
rm I nation nf Washington
nd by the stead} drilliug ot Steuben,
his n
nd nene enough t i lind nut Hu
lu- greal testing "t" the winter. Then
t weill "Ul >
mdei ??" in auoth i es of
tell tu think nf the manlv sort
r m,
lappycoodl ""w would
itu .1, i tbs
omparlson If tbe* i to -it
it mu tal
Moil*-) \\ un ?! I" ?lii>' "
Il-, like k it mulley to buy
bal rip and fall to pii
bey wea.L J. B. Lewis
. i traill*'--'! to mit
? I they
A. I.
We with jmu a happy Cbriotmasand
? mus new J
Paulet! A I'anlett.
i h. Village of Jim,, itown Wk* d Out
By I
<h, Hie afterm ,,. g*j,
n. the univ dwelliiiK
itanding in Jamestown wa
sumed by lite, li was nccupit
, mg ;ind hi- wife
found shel ti i neal bj in g reb
1 .ipiiiiii southall, t ..
yean aga this bouse was owned
occupied by tba late Dr. Philip i.
Southall, and in it In- son Dr. P. I-.
Southall, wa- born 7- ,. li
? Hun bouse tbat Jud."- |'. j,-,
lobnson, of Abingdon, used tu itop on
ij to ami from Bicfamood, a bert
ie annually attended tba -? --
be emit of appeals, being a bm d
ll that OUgUSt I'udy. He gea
?ok willi hun lu- wife Tlc.
06 I'm li'- Ol In ii Jost] h K. Jobi
dr-, j,,hu-,,n would remain with
lout ball, her nephew, utitil the r* turu
d' her husband from Bicbmond
he uid Revolutionarj soldieri of the
lelgbboring county wen- accustomed
their old commander in n
? nu limn Richmond, An.
in?- wen- old Major Cr ute, i
f our worthy county judge, J M.
'rut*', Capt. SS llltom Walker, tbe
ii her of your Mr.
Villiom SS'ttlkcr, ami al..I
. Imse name- I can dow recall. Th'-y
rould spend the time in recounting
heir vvtulik. ?hell
id ha!:
iant, would tell the story nf his
og intu tin- enemy's camp and t >
i nh hun a largs hogshead of
icuii, which was much needed hy mu
icu at Hu- tum- ile kepi th-' i
: bacon, a- a breoat-woi k,
..icu bim SSH and Ihe eticlnv . a- In
?neat, .i backward, drawing it aftei
: ii the
: some of hi- men takingasheep,
ut wa- duly admonished bj <Captain
"to lunch ligbtlj mt that sub
? I a- the old man had a hand in thal
Uah " Meaning by old man him
In** follow lug si ..I mi Maj
rule, Hint when he applied lu the
iveramenl fur a pension, John Kan
ilph, who was lu- representative ii
ongress, took him tu the committee
nun where he directed bim to remain
ntl! he Mr. Randolph could get the
immittee un pensions together ami
I ic 111 tu thc rOOm, W hell I e
tiiiltl request the maj,ir tu -ti ip and
i-piay.tu tin- view nf th" committal
i- many wounds, lt took Randolph
tmetime tu gel the committee to
st ber, and when he and tbe commit
?e entiled the ru nu they full id
ie old major already -Hipped and
?adv tm business. As soon a- the
lairman could restrain the almost
ible Inclination to lauirh ai thc
mle -tale in which In* found the gp.
Ilcant, addressing him kindly I,'
?ked the major noa many wounds be
iceived in th.' war. i, sir;
c in iii*, uni-,n. ami
in-Lu myself," replied tue major, lt
needless tu odd that the major gol
i- peii-imi, for the presentation ut' bia
alu d fOCtS Welt- ille-l-tilhle. ll ap
,"ir- that both Major Crate and (ap?
lin Walker lived tu Knut old
Among uii papers a letter a rltten
i ism ny in-. Southall to hi- boo, s.
i. Southall, was found a -hurt tims
go, in which the doctor wrote, "to
luriuw l -hail attend tba funeral ut
laptain William Walker, tbs beal man
ever knew." From ibis il ap]
Ital this nallam old heiu lived up
rants of 65 j 'he commence
it-nt ut" ihe war which he lough I
I urn ti the v lllage ut' Ja
iw ii, there i- nut one house noa stand
in; in u This i- the uid church
, by tin- I'- Bight]
'?'. itklns
? .wu tu ii- by tradition, (tradition you
now de ils mily willi Bl that
ie Would alway- take a stiff*drink ul
rblskey jusl pul
il tu pnach. I
mi know preocbers in those days did
totbing un tlic -ly. Poor uid James*
own I, I left hut its liane
h.- church, lu psadng you will -*??
io mie e.vci pl uid man .lame- "i
rho unlike I US .-1111111,' amid
he linn- ol I upon
ne mutations of fortune, Jim i- only
matching In the ashes which
lint remains tu him of his mice com
brtable hon nails, with
Vtileit tu build i 'I' him-, ll
B. W
KMl.in .nut Siui. ns I-mi nu i.
Editor J/- rt than a
.. century ago, tu i,?- accurate,
ont a ? ? id h in i
: .il, With li?
lli Cumberland county,
ormerlv tin of the late Mr,
Inu. SSillis Wilton. After that he
tough! 100 acres adjoining. Mr.
began farming Uni In Scotland,
md BO loyal ha- In- always been tn lite
?uid country" thal ba bas naen pur
ming Scottish methods in the conduct
it in- Virgiuia farm. lush
in- ha- poid atti ii11.ifi tu ibeei
Mle. timi tu f.I th "in lc
L'ruwu tun, This
Crop, I ' om- ut' lu- baot, l.nt
?inletlt it 1,Mike,I ills
Bcut intu |
by a n, I when mixed with
? a di-h lit fur
igbbreds. Of courts tba stock
.Miller biame. Nu -mt ol'
Scotland would allow in- -.,
, cid. Il .
often told thal n.? could i
?fully in tl"- stctloo, -
with worthless dogs, I asked Mi
ort of bis experience on that line, ami
tu mv d that !
lOSl hut /"' sheep hy dogs ill Hie -'.
raising theta n
Virginia. He added, however, "in
the meantime 1 have killed more than
' Um a. curate it,
iave IWfrolttftai
?I k* have been
il. |,
aiileda valuable
Mr. Stuart's two younget -.ms are
J u,; bay were bom
? baveJaaro,
(''' '"*'"" ; . .1,'ittis.succesa
00 tu in iu all
' .lind more
"neut. I have
-un the eon
,1"1"" kOdtbt
of lu- a
Ml ' nether of the
- given un axe
ring lilli tract,
"" ln daunted ho
? "Tillie phick,
4 tba atodal
ita. His gie.
while all
' du fa master.
-.nut her of
in a swojeet
rolltfl into the
? Dla (arming.
ooma the owner
Mt. Hogh
1 -nally go*td
"""'? High worked
kt took it
? me, for
? ml he some
M UM struggle,
. h.- is mon.
- "i 'Virginia
I i uni, and
which i i.nicer with
ll beal clu-.-t
' lillie of the
tba beginning,
md of .laired when
VStd BOM for
. mort than aaa*),
? ht mt."
lim over the place,
use, stables,
?Vc. and caine
i,-'t only Vir?
ginia boj . I iu the manor
i boos as well,
ring well aud
ss quiet eouutry
i Ilma enjoying
I rta! of body to
Which W .i - are stran
mure just such
?tl'.n tu Southside Virginia, and the
c | dune much
, devoted sou of
In- in .illili, I am
lu Un Iii.
? of -uhstau
.ial comfort buos i lideoos of eul
1 made bright
.V the ree pairs of black
l ry w uh the laughter of
Doocent cit,. ,- upmi it.
I>> I', -lui. ilnm.
By -i il we oller (1)
in, the Presby
lei ian | ms, for one
ieecivillg it,
Sol Pronouoctng
Uombin , Bible postpaid,
111 k vi i) fur one
?:7). Remit
.: the , ti.ii, Farmville,
If. -..Hilton-.
Whereas il han pie ned our Heavenly
. iui midst our
, md eminselor,
tv bo ir- baan closely
iden ti fled with tbe iuterests and his
i who by his
irtesy and in
1 and bless
- .f tba town
i'ouncil w lab ii record au
appreetatloo of
in- u ien fora is? it
. tbt death of
Di kV. W. H ton ile tuwn has
I u we lu veil
[hly hmiored
2 id. '1 imllj whose
loaf been
. || pr.'-euee of
-.'ind cur
aod coinineiiii
i ive, power and
, i, praying
His presence
ile may cause
bi ni ami give
, tbt "home of
ks will lie re
! e.ll.
? I ft VI.I..
, i prospattMa
; iletl tv. TaiiletL
Pai un f, Jk
* I'ricy
-ie next
-t place
Thom Trimble and
I Knnw it.
? | in this
w sodecep
.i-,',l hy
i heart fail
? mk of
tl ? tMeis al
i . potsos la
tack ihe vital
? i ,,;- Ives break
duwn etjl. Mien
gt ,,liiiiii..'.i?
mi ami iii ? Brights
.: ii?y trouble.
, ttoogh
Fust hy
?ecood. by the
.-i,le in a
foor boars,
? ?' sttwag ni
.. . ?_
lt *
Hi* infill itbeOreat
I'l.V-i ' . 7r0W
inkiod, sfjjv
? Kilmer. *ha
;. [alba to
ra to tbe
In prompt
' Vin if"
,. ;?! rsse
' ' Wafbam
...-ution tins
' .. ? ? '''

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