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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, January 19, 1900, Image 3

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I-'I'IPA . .JAN'I Ut. ' l'?"<>
J and frjjood
ling well.
? in willi Iii- vs
W. Va., i- vb-itiug
i. kingham
'cl- nf tobacco licit'
bund red.
irdson, win* for
i* from
itb and wi
. m.ii nun*.
\ struck thc town tbe
1 one nf mir tel
i-iy. He wa?
il ami brick in
House are for the
Tb* i lani Mon
in.ni election, is
- but a little
in- mon tb in which thc canvas
. uni production
. * Romance," has
i-'aiinviiic Opera
tbe night of Wedin
i A. Twelvetrees, ol v
* hi baa been visitlug her
lotte, v C., tn
? be ".11111 Crow" bill
ire will meet tl
Dthfl nf mir white citi
r uti comment is beard
in i.ii".-m..n by thc colored people
lt is i i subscription h-t
I ami favorably
i ii|'.'n fur tin- establishment nf
aimihcr i'.tnk in Kurmville. lt is tn he
Institution with a capital
spited thc negro
? mi this ,i;t\ was tn have
i inn- at Cumber*
It i- learned that
n will nm take place before
Ibe . ireh.
: ug in Toau
R. and J. W. Koeme-*,
tiugham county;
Coleman, Appo
J. tm NV. Blanton, H.
iud county.
.unity nf ruck baa been
i lina* tn Hamp
Kingsville, ami the
for work. Why
m places first ?
ihat this w.tuhl Le ?'.-*-11-1
? imberland has five
the Stable nf Mr. \V. 1).
I having ?
?uid he usefully em
- a inter ami
I 1- ll'it *|n|,.
nnt announcing the ap
: Mr. H. W. la?
ni' (ni. li. VV. I.
nberlaud, tn Mb
complisbed daughter
n, nf Richmond,
. ?? will take pis
... 1900, at 10*30 a. m.
On thc night nf the 11th inst tillite a
luing, thunder ami rain
I ai in ville. The
inusual thlug occurred about the
: .Unwed the
nontb hy the worst si-ell <>' ''"lil
liown fnr tinily y*-ar-. W c
ime v> ill not be true tins
; j ike mi i temper?
as forced to apply
i- . stimulant fur a
. : that tiMinii Sunday.
-nt couldn't wait, and the
I ? li* m. *ii.-nu- generously eon
i lo the tehef of Bullering bu*
I mic- M hen we
tuff," no matter whn
... i times.
iey dou'l object
and "Sam"
: their pictures "took"
. ... and thougb a
? ne old
I lla-h of eye which
-.then they not only
i- but carried the gun
in a hen occasion oflered.
: ?? ice in having the
' Home located in Prince
mei 'hey wt iii lt I
kee aud singing
mg may they live ami
- thal al th*- approaching
lion mir citiaens will
. the question of the
prater works.
in- proposition,
tic c..lill.illilil* nf th.
uni tin- water plant,
i machinery do the
?rk of lighting mir town
n m toa n is ii, . \
ningham, which is com
ft i Noel, R. \\.
Vi N Cunningham all
young in yen- bul
nih iii px peril
.till Willi. I
open th. ii tb mm 4 iu tin
building i>p|MM*ite Ibe ib-j-ot, w I
public in Wail! of an.vlhii.
hold goods a ill be wt
courteously tu.id il Look out f<
advertisement in the Hm; mu.
If we may judge hy Hie li
c.iiivet'-ali.ins on the sui
w.en, there i
vival of Interest lu m\:<
in c..l..is and in vt bite; alu
nalim- amt beautiful ? ?. 'In
Uinii nf lin- ;. Un
imu ni id
introduces in tiie Kebrunry uti in lier
- mc dainty specinu un
broideries iu an ai Untie pla
uieuted hy de-igus ami i
structinna fm th*- il- ? lady
readers will, no tl tubt, hail -
pleasure thi- initial lost al nt
new depai tment, which w
cap thc efforts nf ihe \
i/nr tn make tin- ch
nc a delight tn it- | ?
w iii he well Wort II th*' w I
unman educated in nt
in iv uni be a subscri
copy nf thc February
any Uewsdi a
Mr. Wainn 1, di ff.rd, nf Ma
sett-, ha- receutlj purcbaxi .1. tit
ithside Vu
a portion nf the Hurd
itu- that nf Mr. j;. I-; Hu
wiil anon bring i
borne ami be and thej
ii-. Mi. (lifford bas a
favorably Impressed willi
gs and w um hand
ami we doubt imt thal II
hail much tn du willi hi- choict
nome in Virginia The faun
talked with ii rful ami lu
loyal tn their homes an.I m
thi- made the citizen nf Mw
want tn live with such |
bora. No mie would kuow
nf his own accord c.mc in re*
neighborhood of pe-tsiiniHtt* tl
lei-. There arc other homes in thi
sectiou for sale, ami all rn n who
love tiie section ii tin m ...?
cu pied hy good ami tn,
Southside Virginia i
tl lim: earnest work in th
imliicin. | 1 by
ymir manner nf welcoin
-.in iiml ?.* in...i \
Mi? hi t Sharp wi- .1 ..ii h
? I t\ by tin- death of bel : i
I'he fi! 1.1 t;u inn* nt ti be giveu
school by the Aunual
? ed until after ? H
I be -eui":
Wednesday, and every om
glad to Imat thal tin n
In. l-'ia/. r i- lu Richmond in i
of the school.
The examinations for thi
class beglu on Moudaj
through tbe ?
Baaj < mi 11 i. i ii l
The Brat county cnn
new year was a busy oue,
case of interest being thi
prosecution of William v
Lockett ilistrict upon
burning a number of foddi i i
-ta.-k- belonging to Mr. L. H. v.
In the absence of Judge Wal
1'. K. Watkins, of Charlotte, aud Mr.
U. 8. Wini*, of this county, i
Watson, a hil*- for bis di '
imployed Judge H, W. Flournoy aud "
Mr. Walter A. Watson, nf N
I'wii days wera consumed lu ta
testimony aud arguing the ca
ihe jury, resulting iii the a
ihe accused
I lu- \.ininti s,|,.,,,|
The hill providing for an appn
Hon of r'i.,HM? lo assisi in the i
if teachers al the State Female Normal \.
School, m i- iii-, lissi I bel ire the H
Finance Committee Wednesday
nt' oded to defray one-half of tbe b
uni tuition of one young wi d
ounty and h>wu In tl
Capt. Todd, nf Augusta, tb
?f the hill, advocated it mi th
[hat iimie teacben
h;it those turned mit hy tin- Normal
wen aunt i i??r to any ni'
Krazer, of the normal, made an
address, dealing w nh thc fal
Becta mi thc ."slate nf edueati .1 :?
rs in the public sci
h.- hill as a public measure. Mr.
1'urnbull, chairman nf the trust*
the -ch.mi, stated that thc scho 1 w
imt he specially beueflted, a- tin :
tilden ts than tic ui' for
iVitb tin' means at band, bul
iicmleil il as a i:.I D ' ll'"'
icnelit nf the Slate at I
i--i.' by.
?..,, |. (J ..titi th, \\ In i 1
A Washington
; lyi I.
leason'e business seems bi be il.
?ipa! occupation ?i tbe
ti pi. -tnt. Thc pa-t wen ?
prolific in rosy forecasts for '.in- I
teaed mi calculations from tbe .
good iceni.1. Whi
itively few, nw lie' I"
weather ami tn Ihe fact th
many nf the il* aler- have ls
?vcr their booka instead ol bun
-ustomera, probably nu one t
otherwise than optimist -
?? I be si-ruitlcanl featu
bicycle tra ic during thc past y< i
lieeii th* -itatly int r* t-<- In I
for bicycles from th..
known aa '-n.it ty.' il lui
ii wa- that society Wi
ure nf its nea fad, ami that ll
imt be many month*
he through with thc bicycle for al
time, Imt the fact nf th iii.it ',
lhere ic
i,ic inter. -t"i In cycling a- thi i
I,,.hiy, ami then lank I ' ??'in?
stantly augment)
Hkkaiii ami World aid} tl 80
? As*t .I mil In .|.. i n tl Cit).i
I ,v nell I mi
Mr llciii\ Archer Allen, an
ami bighlj respected residenl ol the
died rening, January
ii hi- home, Nu. loni Jack-nu
Although in feeble health, be
? ii for -..nie yeal- activelj en
in thc tuba-.business with bia
In in- last Hines**, he wa- pa?
ned, ami accepted thc
. \u'r w ith unswerving
While aufleriug ai tunes
il ? resulting from an af.
I of lin- heall, he wa- imt con*
I fatally ill until a few day- ago,
" \t in- would have wished
if. With hi- family gathered ah..iii
i"U- tn thc |..,t witbOUl
Hld with.Ult fear, In- met his only
Mr. Allen came tn the city ahmit
ii - .. . from ncai Farmville,
lu Prince Edward county, ami became
I .. i: h the linn of E A. Allen
i..Laen manufacture ra Here
a 'linet hut Industrious life, .anil
- few months ago, he wen) regu
!? tiie factory.
rai I 'ii gentleman
in Un- full meaning nf the word. He
I ? ?? '1 ami loved
by all w ho kr. w him. In hi*, home
I rn have hi- friends ah >ut him.
' inned m other daya tn move
best of Prince tad ward's society,
me in tin- city hail Un- flavor nf
-?mic hit- m the country. Un
in- manner was, his in.
wa- potent wiih all of b
Hi- millie, generous nature
' i him t > all whn hail thc good
to know him. lu Prince Ed?
ward, he lived at lvi-t (lill, the hmm.
'. In. Merritt Allen, and in
ill tbat country he wa- greatly hon
I li- unselfish ami anlcnt ,
waa fully exemplified in our late
ieetional war. ami thc beauty nf his
fha .. ter ei .deuced in his
inuiurmuring acceptance nf hs u
li" wt- I member rn Weetminster
'burch, in thc wt Ifare ol which be
? interest. Mr. Allen
' >t ii by hi- w ile, two sims, ami
r*I I In. ..I. lit. I.li la
1 intj Aa Hs In
i lin' proposition of Delegate
I for Hie State tn ilp?
ili' annually thc -uni nf ?*-.",,non to
dp tn nm. girl from each county
H .in obtaining an education
nile Normal School,
ntemporary thinks that in tak
p tin State would he giving
; help tn our commou schools
i i. ? nine competent teachers.
I from tliis, wc are clearly nf
. thal Un- Slate should do -nine.
for thc liiL'her education of
l he discrimination against the
ul- nf Virginia cannot he justified.
:. i- a large kum nf
i. in order to give tn
nh <>( Virginia the vi ry I., -i
'.ii advantages, nut vt ry little
? in behalf nf the otnei
-. we, Rich
Ami h. vail lc -nil nf
lu ?'ni Dominion.
I .? I'.n .Inn ii Ititi Kitti.
A petition BlsTned hy all tin- court
nf Prince Edward county, ami
number nf citizens nf tins town,
ill he presented at an early 'tay tn
? nf Virginia, asking for
? iii;.i.al pardon of I leorge Clark,
u, -cut up fur fifteen
from Farmville fur burglaries
un mil ted here about ten years ago,
t will he ii called hy many nf mir
lt Cl rk ami two nthcr white
.ii- il Fox ami Haley, commits
il tlc ni'>-i daring burglaries ia
. . \. i i.imwn iu tin- section
R .hini.nd ..Hi. "i
nd brought back here for trial.
.inong Hie plait- broken Into and
:i Farmville mi thc same night
;i wa* Ihe pOStofflce. The trial
? a memorable one, and it
,i nf thc Richmond police
. a iiumhcr of day-. Foi and
nfessed to committing the
urglaries, hut exonerated Clark in
Still, the latter's guilt
arly established, and fur the
i de for hi- liberty be waa
. i vin- longer term in the
eiiiteutiary than the other two, theil
?niciicc being for icu years, lt trans.
inti alter thc trial nf Clark that he
? I ..I outvie' from Jnilet, 111.,
ml it waa -md that in- hail also served
term tn nmie in Pennsylvania The
etitlon which will he presented to
I . m. reads aa follows:
?? \t tit.term of the ('minty
mut of Prince Edward, mic < ?
mvicted of bouse breaking
i mir town, breaking Hie bo
Paulet! A: Snit. I'min thc linn
mviction tn the present he baa
i convict. He shows
,-idencesnf repentance; n-s i- growing
i.i ami i- becoming feeble, I he pax*
, - whn were injured and thc eoniiiiu
sj iiu-h the clime Was c'.niinit
thai he ha- already Buffered
uough, -'"id we earnestly ask thai
ccellency will grant hun a con
it ioual pardon, (hat be may have thc
pportunity of spending hi* la-t d
,. a- best he can re.
.nu hi- misspent life."
11 ti mi 11 In, I nu III.I Illa. wara.
:.ll lu- .111.0.
? .\, though tbej ure lint
? I n. tr) Impossible r. rn
- timi a Ll.I dis*
ppllcatlon <<r
? ?
purified. When I
i he btssl purl*
. um k
-h.n A
lin.' of Indies cap*- Very cheap,
ii pliisn, beaver ami melton.
Fleming a < laik.
?*n|.. i ? l-.ti - M> , lin
I ? i . ni.ml., i ... li..
Board ol Hupen leora
tbe.nihiy meetlug held i I
Not a ihiin' of public com ern w t
dtitie i \. tpi the allowance ol i
of ai.lint- :u- nii-t lin- i.my.
wera as follows:
' ?* Int A I n . ?
lim. io m. I,-, rut lons for pnup* i
? 'nu,
u m Klrhard. ral. I
I l ||., .
K. 1.1 intiiKs, road supplli -
u.. K. ,t .
<'. M. Waiker .? Hon
CH,.i, road -upi
Dr. w li
r. h. Morton, Itisiirancti i
i..... I. i
Co., rations fo -
poa patients
K. I.i iranse, guard smallpox pat
Ur. .In- .... Ititi III J;,-.
i 'll* < .nm. -. ri pall Inn bi Idjii -
lt. V Jones, repali
'i. W. Hui.n*in, repairing
i. w. i n 11 [.m. nun .> Ina roads
Ur. Kt
\. K. i
W. r. '? ... luauraiic.
W. I i ?
w w
I i'. Haskins,.
it. A. Haskins, keeping muli -
i ii. i i..... m.* M t.i.i i,,i.
The first entertainment given al the
Randolph lintel since ll baa
der the management of Mr. She
waa au elegant hud .-upper givei
day evening to tbe Flouruoy
Club, aliss Virginia Armistead, ?
h..-I.-.---, received the guests with
ful cordiality, Hi-. John ll tm
J. K. Spencer, aa hn-i-. presided with
the ca-c of Benedicta rather than tbe
supposed awkwardness ..r bachelor*.
Almost every member of the Club
waa pre-cut and a few otnei \
were Invited. Tbe old | i well
known in Farmville merry-m
win- bright wnii.sweet face- and
ty evening gowns, and until
hour the bouse echoed to thc strains
nf guitar and mandolin as weil a- to
thc tm i mal cl .-haller nf gay voices.
The -upp.-r wa- deliciou
served, thc birds being the tropb
Dr. John llainlcr- recent hunt,
rhougb all Un- meetinga nf lin
kaie been pleasant, the members unite
u declaring this the mos! enjoyable of
Those present w< ie: Mi-. .1. \\
i myer, Mi-. M rris, Mi- Shi I
Misses Venable, Armistead, Walkin-,
liar, ic, McKinney, Stone, Berkeley,
'?si lull. Carrie Morton, Bettie M
md Virgie Morton; Dre. John Hamlet,
Robert Hamlet, J. R. Bpi
A'. E. Anderson; Mi
icw, Cralle, Worsham, '?'. :. Judd,
'alli, haver, Wilt-c and Walkin*.
S. I tull,. \t t lit. III.
Frank Blanton, son nf Mr, c. W.
Manton, Jr., mel with a -?
nost painful accident on tbe afteruoon
if thc hitit Inst He wa- fouud
ly thc -nie nf thc road Buffering
i compound fracture nf une nf bil
i boree he had been riding ii
allen with him. Dr. W. E. Anderson
ittended him ami ai last repoi
rae doing very weil consideri
eriousness nf hi- injury.
h.uni mt Bi ra tm.
Sheppards, \" \ . .1 m . ?
I tor Herald: Mi?
lled at the residence nf Mr. I). I
ard on Sunday and was buried Mon?
tray afternoon in Sins rmi Ct mi
lev. Dr. Haidiin,-, rn' Farmville, con
lucted tbe funeral services, kl i
*a- weil known in Farmville. sin
raa the mother of Mr-. Daniel E. Pol
tnl and of Messrs, B M I i and J.
l.n ry Cox. she wu- st years old, aud
i.nl been fur more than haifa century
faithful and consistent minn
be Presbyterian church, of her it rio
inly be saul "Blessed are the dead
rho die in the Lord."
A VIlKllllr* 1.1.11)' III Ut. I .....-'... I.
Virginia baa ? faithful represent
n Hie lian-vaal in Mi-- Ella A|
I Nottoway county, tbe head i
luguenoi Seminary for gil -
Valkerstr. General Joubert,
Mitch inininaiidcr in-chief, la
iresident of ber Board of Trustee*!
ia- been extremely kind and coin
te. Thc achool wa- suspended shout
ictober i llb, the girla returnii
heir bornes, and all of tbe li
naklng their way out tn thc -cap nt-,
xct-pi oue, who remains a
Lgnew's companion. They sra uoa
eacbiug the girls lu tbe toa n of '?'?
rstroom, and abide In oonfidenct
he [-ord will provide. Thc last li ttei
rom Mi-- Al'hcu'- companion,
re now dan d ort..in i 18th, and came
v Delagoa hay.
Miss Agnew la tbe sister nf mir fell->w
iwn-inaii, Mr. W. B. Agnew, with
he Anderson Dru ?
Tlir 'Vt '"I "
Tin- "season" bas been a good
ml the "weed" is dow rolling in.
he fannel- wno make it good and
andie it carefully go hmm- ba
'he inspectors aw busy, bright and
iinyant. Roads still good though we
ave had an abundant rain.
11., l.n* ni (lim.ni riga*.
Thc "local option" fight is on In
millville, and every niau, M
nd child, in the town baa unquestion
tl richt tO take position ill that
mt .me nf lia i- or Will lie just Hied
n losing our tempera or in saying un*
.ind things of those who differ with
i-. Let u- bc a- /t-ainii- and sa
?I a- wi' caa i e. evei nm ml
towever, thal "the greatest of lb
sharity." Intemperance In a ten
mee fight is nmsl tiii-ieiniy
I wide di;'
ligotry, between earn*retness snd au
tween one's best In i fl.ui
.'- meanest in boto. Lei tbs -
-fe be decent, and when the tb
i let ii* bow I" it until
nth tune when th*' cmitest in
iroperlj renewed.
Thc nest foot mat i- thc genuine
lui timm, for -ale bj \\ T. Dm rn-.
Tbs weather La getting enid.
o Fleming a. Clark's and order you*
,* int* I V jacket.
H. ll Wi ii kt tl
lill S u. |. . ,,| me
? i real luxury lo
? Iii-iii Bul tiny are by uo
nd work upon them
* lin let Up. < If fl.ll'
- Mic scraper in the
nm- tn pile up dirt in the
il there ia much
ll Un-. The mull
miy, I am tedd
' d at didi i.
.1 ara fat, aud strong,
not employ then
"i tue entire
Sui hil' bottoms after
a ire Bottom" the
ling i lu ni with rn.-ks,
of them, bridging others and
ind ? ciy mie of
u | ices ai
I i i, aud are dreaded by all
me willi tobacco
ii ?; .1.
lu it. Dun't let
lab enougb ?
rd the millay." We
imt to make it. Thc hcav
i'n borne by any people
ld . ls, The
I and injury to thc
r. ti thing ol thc li
;i of their snug
ni n ready to work
' the world thal we
. our ways," bottoms
In. \ ? -iii;.
Hui killi. I,.tnt Iii |, t
I V *., Jan. 16, 1900.
. totber mai
lOtb al I p. m.,
,-. Jol
? parents, Mi. Willi
t'ingiua, was n
i igbter of Mi.
Her attendants were:
I Mi. T. M
I lavis ami Mi. j. Davidson; j
md Mr. \\
'?.limy Hackett ami .
.Ii .1 i. Hackett,
t turned out to
mai ried. She b i
. ni all round bush
. aud i- a lady of bigb standing t
.i .miy. H itber ?
?i baa been j
. rn" for years, Thc t
? : one daugbter left, .
declining fi
i- Imine :
few remaiuiug
i . tbe woi ?.
I out. Thc ero]
?ung n
. , .
ptiou, and what neg]
.. - ? i-e- an old .
fur 1(
.mt hire themst
man bas -ince ber
demi ' ber
lr. W. Cl lent.
.. n( unnecessary kicking
b* palen!- of school .|
. icc! nation ,|
by the county Behool .,
.i most de- a
? ? bilst m nthcr neigbborb
. apprecia*
? Ination pn
it . scbol* {
-. children told t|
: much rather his cbildreu t]
i risk their lives by r
-Rora. _i
H. ni B.
I ... I* I i .on l-t lilt n .
:..\, Wv., Jan., 17, 1900. a
? rhera was a party ri
Mr. A. C. Allen'.-, nf Ti vd way. '''
Prompt- li
. tiie danciug Ls .
kept ii|i until after midnight. ?'
? i >ck refreshments i-'
undaucp, Notwith- "?
? ? mency of the weatb- ri
rowd present, il
ul were Mi-s Mattie ''
Lynchburg; Mi-s Mary b
Pam pl I ua < llty .
k, of f<
- Maude um! ''
;i, and M
All* n, of Trad
Daw-nu, ?
Jim and Hauy Pay ni
- mi and (J.iricb I'
? i . Arthur ami
Emmet Worn- {|
iud Merni
lin. of Hampden
Mission Hand
t-saturday night.
ame had l1
. . - me of tbe mem
ml "i there being only s ''
Sting. That lieiiiK
' meeting to elect offii ere
i , presi
- etary, and
treasun P
ted to Mr. !
I am | I u ? S id ne;
, iswering tbt
os at our las! I
. ai Hr. I-.-- rsolc
, med until oui
'., - - inuit
i a sp
B progl uuine fur *
bi ' mi ?
daughter of Mr.
.i Alk I-, i- noa quin
Sal irday
I Huuda, - I. and
Mt. ? I '.visited oui ?
-pent from Tbursdaj morning until
wuii \Ii ? Annie ('
Allen, ol I
t .>m. >i.i tint.,, i,,, i, ,
Editor Herald:- I mel recently witta
itleman from New j
mc that in hi- nome tm* n, nut
much larger than Farmville,
were mme than twenty manufacturing
plants, big iiml little. He
Isbed to kimu how few wc have
three. Farm*. Hie Manufacturii
? ?., iiml th< I
ville Mills. Knh doing good work
and making money. Why not i
ll ./et,
had, the brain ia herc and tbe n
What are we waiting for. -
imetblng to turn up." Our duty
i- to Hun something up. Why wc
don't manufacture bs"
bi mc. And the same is true ol -
hat-, clothing, cotton cloth, wa
- .. a ?. i Who
will follow it up witta si metbiug j
cal? i sra iu .niel and kl
them cnine in quick and lively.
i *. tut u.h. ?
Poultry 1
herbs ami
of finest quality, aud -
(satisfaction wherever
md for Bale j J 3. v.
Farmville, Va.
rn*.nt h..i 11...,1.1,1..
Washington's Farewell
Before Washington left the Presi?
dential chair, by very careful <|.
lion with bia cabinet and otbei
laing und rewriting tbe a
tl times bc enunciated bia
well Hi
thrilled with tbe devotion of tbe
lt i* touching to note I
elation lo the vs
lUSC lie n i- -. much
ninian fe. lim:, so much of heart, 1
nighl | w ird nf the round
id sentences, it will ever be s favorite
locument. Bul if we ure willing to
?uiiccde that Washington n i
vi th tiuiie powers and not a den
ve shall have to own thai lu- previ*
nm ni ii?t have had some limitations.
He ami those w bo labored with bim
ci tandy bad nn idea tbat tbe fringe ol
birteen colonies would stretch and ex
end until they wi re forty-five va
Iceni Slate-, covering an unbroken
err!tory mora than three tba i
ncr could they haw
:i thai methods of transportation
multi make San Francisco mot
.--ii.ic tn New york than was Bostou
.. -; nor tbat tbe telegraph
.?mild most widely -cp.ua
?d portions ol the country aa near one
out ber n- earl) neighboring 8
or thal th
lysterious influence so that a thou
md nun - should - of a divi
ton thalia wall. Neither could I
i. that with the .
*r ri tory of thc Cult. tin re
rou ld enme instead of pun
i ru l pursuits tremendous manu fact ur*
-elopmeuta tbat together with
uuing have caused 'hi- com
radically tbe richest iu it- n
mis of any country in the
lu-r could they know of
ie disappearance of tbe war vi
tal aalled i favor of those thal
repelled, leading to coaling atatious
ml diplomatic re-sdjuatments, N* Ith
r could they have foreseen tbe decay
ig p tin and the brutality
.? of thal
and finally tbe inti 11
ut the purely d ?m.?
c allan- of Spain I love
en Heness rather than cruelly.
gbteou ir than rapine.
I be fringe ??f 1776 epn i dural
\ pan-imi over Louisiana over ripauisb
uni tea, "-. i l e ? sa and tbe V
ml the geuiua of the I ? iking
icc baa caused it now to bj
irtain distant island- of tbe Bea, mak*
ig u- ? md witta England In
[retching progressive influences around
ic wm ld. The c..nully that lives,
rows; witta growth
ith chaine nui-t necessarily i
-?adjustment or calamity. I
' tue vole* of Washington could noa
e beard, I think thal be would I
ml tn maintain thc liberal construe
mi of hi- own message in view of un
ii development. Thc pasl had
for him; tbe pasl b i
ii-. Vet in meeting the
ul :t blind follower of Ibe past, bul
dj us ted himself magnificently to tbe
resent sa ne met it, and ne would
intend for mir liberty In thc
traction. A glorious past belon
i, an equally gk sent ia
ere; only diviue wisdom can :?
future Will
,.; hut If -i l wald I" I
bal future solely in thc light ol
a-i, -he will cast the darkness of bi i
wu shadow upon tbe path ??? -
bc will be doing inc ?
hat Washington, tbe
f bia day, would not nave done,
ic..i.ibm Hi -I
niim.,- incid mi of which Mr.
,,hn (' Philadelphia, - -
ubject, I by hun ai I
I wa- in a ini.-i dreadful condition.
ly -km m yellow,
unkeu : pain couti
v in back and side.-, no .
dh un.wu,
'nice I
'ortuuately, s friend advis
aud to m.
nd Burpriae, tbe first bottle m
mi ut I ? Dull
? . :
man I know they
d robbed ibe gi
iciim." No one siiuiilil tail to
hem. Um.'
\ hid
Blankets, blankets all w<
?le "i W:*.:.I I'm '"'?
ii .in u cold
< I i m hms, throat
tnv nature, who
' I Ute a, will lie pre*
ttl, nf I'uschee's
I i burge, only
i i" one |K-rson, and
' without outer from
r lung mundy ,.Ver bad
I ;man Syrup
h> ;*l! tbe civilised world.
ms nf bottle*
I .iii- ilrinrglsta
i ll il and Lung
ed bi phv.-i
ottlc will cure or
haters in all
' i r.*t.r.
:.?!." -a\s Pr.if.
in my travels in uil
ol lue WOI l. for lin- la-t tell
(lc having
l I -\i i than any
-ia. deranged
. t Lr coosUpaV
- and -aiesinei),
.mi,* oflloe positions,
? i . ? nt lui bud feel
- babita exist, that
..I ls a grand
ll .I injure the Bysteffl
Kceilent for
iligi -nun." Bam
:i i Crate's.
m ull civilised (-nun
i . ? ni. i
will inipi.c : -ht. For sale hy
H. C. (
. I otb i.riisb guar
i the bristles fur Boss,
H. ( DfUggaSSj,
ii carpet simples.
md (letty.
Fleming *vYlark.
lie ami r*iultry
Foi -ale by
H. ( : i Kuni'ville.
i alway* on
. -nt lu Our Day
imo Quinine Tablets.
VII druggists refund thc money if it
'?'. , Gi ire's -mnuttire
Tho Ono Day Cold Cure.
.. rm.itt .-.Choco
l i .ly taken as candy
mc i- -i-cnt in
..il. 1. mt..ruble. Vou
au ma buy li g oue of
a prosperous year,
ire of your put
Prouipl attention and rases insurance
Tai iii i ck Paii.kit.
A 'I lioiisiiiitl Ton-;lies
- the rapture of
\niiie i ; iii. Howard st.,
i b ii abe found tbat
ciy fur Cou?
ll had completely cured ber of
ial for many yearn
i- inleii. All other
uid give lier no
? this Royal I 'ure?
bi pain in my fliest
md I ' ,' soundly, some
. remember doing
i ling its praises
be I iii\ t-t -.." So will
Dr. King's New
? lbs Throat,
i ami jd .IN).
\\ inti- it Co.'ri
tl I liiiaiitccd.
mu ll I. Itt ADI KKTIBBasas,
The Heb . ; -"licit udver
ted among itH lo?
ni new ld umild prefer that
i . niiiti cuhimiis raf
f.r advertise
icnta are low i ipi dally on six
n.nths .'uni yearly contracts. Tbe
ir advertising among the locals
,'hich I i u Ito this pu|?ei
. hui..ii, will be rigidly ad
\ i ENTfl |>er line
ir the : '? and / st ts ott |>er
? ii iii-crtion of
I, rte wini have
iintractswitta tbe Hkk.u.d for regu
BJ heretofore,
of mn omrn
er lin rj m-crtion of
i anion-,' the local
u *iii- lapallssj.
? ids,
lon hills,
. ards,
. ? . nd-,
leta punted,
, want J..D printing <?f any de?
vi.- and at
call ai the raaWl
MU lt I. Itt ALI*
.. p ri vate na
?, rest, ubituaries
il-, tributes
lutions of organ i/.a
ariil be charged
... .mts per lina
thc Hkkai.ii. PObbV
, QOt .-M-cptinll Will
Farmville Herald
Tlirice-a-week New
York World.
. . rot hm.
Kariuvtlle, Vs.

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