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.?Kii.vv .11 iv. i'?, issi
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8 insurance.
Mist* Anns Hurd will nm ti n nu ber
music ilavias tliroUKli the summer, and
mil Isr k*lt?<l Ul make arrangements
sith mj wishing instruction next
winter. _ _
Alard From!lie "Old Kells."
Editor Btrald: Bversisce tbs death
nf our old friend aud comrade, (). K.
Had, wini died in the |n*ir house of
lin* foiinty and now lies huried in the
gruuud* nf that institution, it has lieen
our intention to make application to
tbe Town Council to grant us a plot or
section in the Karniville Cemetery, iu
which to bury the dead of that heroic
baud of troys in groy, known as the old
Karniville (iuard, and who have no
burying ground of their own in which
iliey prefer to he laid at last BO red.
Tu that end an application was made
through Comrade Miller to the Council
st their In-t meeting, and lie it said tn
their hon.ir, there ssas uot one dtessot
iug voice. The lot lias bSSS selected
md deed recorded, lt le our intention
to have the remain* of our dead com?
rade removed from the 'mor house
ground* and reinterred in this section
nf our lieautiful cemetery.
Mr. Bditor Hie main ohject of this
writitiK is to show our ap|*viatinu of,
amt to thank all w ho have aided na in
thi* undertaking 1st, lo the Mayor
and Council for gift of lot. dui, to
Messrs Watkins e. Watkins for writing
nf deed. Ird, to Mr. K.J. Whitehead
br recording deed, and 4th, lo Mr. J.
K Garland for taking acknowledgment j ^
of same. All of svhieh was done freely
iud without charge to ih.
was about ali we Intended
writing when we began, bul when we
Kel mi the suhject of old Reba it is hard
, talking or writing, aud as you
has,- reqaeeted a statement as to thc
standing of the monument fund, will
say, when note fell due we paid
a curtail of ten dollars and live cents,
all the money we had in hand. Thc
tiote now stands thirty-three dollars
aud thirty cents. This amount our
uohle and true friends, tlie 1 laughters
af Confederacy, say, will lie paid in
full at its maturity.
We al-o wish to inform our friends
tbal with the aid of our good friend
and old eomrade, A. W, Drumelier, sse
have -Hided the style and given our
order for the iron fence to inclose the
uioiiunieiit, at the cost of flfJQ, Of this
amount Comrade Drumelier has se?
cured alum! one-half. We now have
b> raise the sum of $Sn to pay this
amount rn full wiitin the fence is erect?
ed. At some time In Ihe near fulure
sse will call in rsMSOfl on our many
friends te assist us in this matter. In
the mean time any who may wish to
subscribe to this fund can do so by giv
iug the amount to Drumelier, Miller or
Paulett. No matter how small Hie
contribution it will tie thankfully re?
ceived and pro|*-r credit given.
Yours to count on,
The Old Kebs,
A. W. Dkimki.i ku,
K. I) Mll.l.KK,
H. W. 1'Al I.KTT.
Mops the Cough
uml works ofT the (old.
Laxative Kmiiio-CJuininf Tablet* cure
scold in one day. No Cure.no l'ay.
Mee SK tents.
Kron! lim kingham.
Nkss Stork, Va, July IS, '<?!.
Tbe large Tabernacle which was Ire*
Bat balli by the Holiness l'eople, about
three miles from Anderson ville, has
been completed Kxteni-ive prepara?
tion* are being made for the protincted
?erviesswbieb will begis there next
Thursday evening, July 18, and con?
tinue for tea days. The meeting will
dilated by Revs L. L. Hanks,
. Hypes and other prominent
Kev. Walter Footer is holding a meet?
ing at Com-ord KapUst church this
He is ably assisted in his work
by Kev. Mr. Carland, the well-known
?*VasSgeliat, who has conducted several
very -iiecessful meetings iii Karniville.
aSaong the visitors in the neighlior
hasl are Misses Annie Ballon, of Hali?
fax eoonty, and BeillssSeite Newbauer,
of Lynebburg, al Mr. W. K. M.-Craw's.
Mi** Courtney Cos, el Farmville,
?*ud Mr. William Hannah, of Mi?is
*?i'pi, at Mr. M. C. Clean's.
Many other visitors are eXf-eeted in
Hie iielghlHirhiHKl during tlie week.
. Small lunn Kor Sale.
We have for s'tle a small farm of !?>
Sith good dwelling, stable and
nani, Ml the county of Cuml>erlaiid,
wined weean sell for |4Q0. tine third
ca*h, halame 1, J and ll years, inlerest
on deferred payments.
1 univille Kami Agency.
< i ell i n's I andy Charms Clo lil len.
Hie 1 ntii,iiifui rjsaay,
terell si lie.,, um au
?swered, tu , blne
i mk. ti a ,|.,ivy trout it- bed,
Vmi I.toke .a.! ,
""' "S' - -in . lie loves ??. ?oIi
Ile lon- nie, lie l?s,.s ??. ,,,??
"' '"?? - 'ne. .lilts}, Ml ,,?. ..
The Bassj ,? ?
Shs iauei?.lt, bat cass satall lear drop bold
S'"'''" He lltlirt tllllolll.
"He lona me ,?,. . ... i,,., ,?.??.
?ss ni, ssatajr, iou i.ii ilea, stn
N Imt Im- beoosM of the squirrel
family .'
Thc health of Un- -.ellon seems to
be excellent f,,r the *nmiii,.r leeann.
The telephone imw c.eel- the I.mn
with the Sanitorium.
Kim kin un - are big this season uml
berry gi uni.
our gardens are doing grandly lines
the almiulant rain*.
Mr. K. S. Paulett has recently been
to Ness York on business.
VI iss Boals McKinney i- at borne
from her school in Carroll county.
Thc premium li-t for our Kair is
iilHiiit ready for distribution.
Kditors sometimes have a day oil?
printers never.
Some fanners are already fearing a
dry August. Let's hope for thc beet.
"Kirst thing you knoss" the sim will
go down at six a'dock.
Many farmers are regretting that
they didn't sosv larger .surface in oats.
Let thr fanners renieinlier that brooks
straw cut at the propel time makes
good hay.
Major Otley, just from the oil
fields of Texas, ha- been -baking hands
with friends in tosvn.
Wc regret to hear of the -ukin? of
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
Tlie Normal building, occupied by
Mr. ll. M. Cox and family, i-receiving
a fredi coal of paint
We have bad -onie ss ai in .1 iv- dur?
ing thc -mumer, but oin night- have
tappa pleasant.
V 1. Smith, ssho has been
?riticallv ill lor thc post month, is
reported very much improved.
Monday s, bin's dav, ami
t- it ramed on that day the legend is
hat it will rain every das for lu day
Mi-. N. C Manson ami daughter,
> italie, .I Lynchburg, .ale vi-it
ng Mrs. w. lt. Berkeley.
Mi? Mattie Leigh Cunningham Itli
reeterday to visit friends In South
Prof. J. H. c. Winston leave- today
or s month's work in Bouthweel V\t*
'illirt, In the Hilliest of H. S. College.
Merchants look a little lonesome imt
he fannel-ai.-lui-y, and that means
iii-y nieidiiint- hy and by.
The editors of the State are al Loray
in- week having a "good time." The
ossn is dry, however.
Judge Floumoy, Who has heen -inn
Imo in Texas, looking ofter thc inter
ate of on oil company, of whicb he ia
iresldent, returned on yeeterdoy.
Vii-- l.C Dunkum,of liiickingliain,
rho lias been under treatment at the
Jthla springs Sanitorium, ha* rs>
iirncil home very much better.
Dr. Winston, with his two younger
ya, spool .Monday ami Tuesday of
In- sveek willi relatives in uni around
The Hkkai.u office is better supplied
iib material, am! better prepared to
xecule joh ssork than ever lu fore in ita
Some law of our farmers have been
itisticd with thc yield of wheat,
eiit'ially With thi- crop the yeal l- an
I! one.
Our road- hive been heavier than
ley were during Hie winter, and willi
ie heat added have made heavy pull
Tliose good loads of hay and oats are
ivading thc town from Hie nearby
uni tr v places. We welcome this-ort
I invasion,
Kev. H. H. Hawes, I). 1)., ss ho is thi?
nest of Mr. A. K. Hurd, will preach
. the 1'resbyterian church next Sun
?y. The old Hock and old friends will
ear him gladly.
Mr. Scott OOd family, of Claremont,
a., who s|>ei)t a month St UM Dithia
[nings Sanitorium, enjoying the
aler and other luxuries, returned
une on yesterday rooming.
Mis* Nettie David, from Meridian,
I a cu, -I of her uncle, Dr. Wnis
>n. She has the rather uni.|ue honor
ir a white person "f bSVlsf been Itorii
i Afica.
A visitor to Hie Constitutional Con?
fution always linds our repiei-ciita
ve, Dr. .Mcilwaine in his place, and
ams of no one more faithful or attcii
vc to in* (lutics. Dr Mcilwaine la
isshcre a misfit.
The rain storm of Tuesday afternoon
a- severe in the < lumea iieighl.orhoiMl
timberland. No bail ai hi m ssc on
Isi-eil, bal excessive ram fall, sshieh
i some pilli--, injured the growing
The pavements of mir town need
?elhauling. At many places, BS for
istanc in front of the I'.aptist church,
IO root* of the tooee have raised the
tving stone-, making walking rough
not dangerous.
We are glad Unit DOSS of our glrll
?e heading for the Philippi nea, and
? I WO WOUld have enjoyed letters from
lem under thus.' far nil cnn.iitions.
here is DO plOOS like home, and Suith
de Virginia ie tbe lissi pince for that
a tromp called at one "f our bomea
?cciitly and asked for tood. "When
ul you last COI and what ."' wa- sssked
f bim, Mid he replied: "Day I
saterday, and then nothing bul tbe
mrket report iii an old asper.'1 of
noise be sva.- Iiiui.
lt is actually good for sore est- ti
look at thal -pleiiditl crop of hay .shiel
boa DSM harvested and housed bj Mr
Will Hailey, li , I ,,- H not,1
and almost good enough for folk* t.
There are 1,000 hills of watermelon
"ii the farm of veteran I,. C. Amos tin
green and liourishing, hui
Uenerohl Bwell amt Ashby are m olin.
niaiul ami that noan-there are none
to" many.
During the ,,u -ea,,,,, jf our mer
Chonto WOUld advertise bargains they
would .lear up for another aSSSOO.
'Ho- H krai.ii rates are reasonable, and
U mool he thc bool medium known to
tin- section. Would bo glad wquote
It I- refri-iiing to notice the losda of
line hay ami oats dow being hrought
into town from oiirfarm*. Our farmers
ought to hreak up the haled hay trade.
Not to hurt merchants hut to help this
-.-. lion of Virginia.
Dr. Harding praocbed a noble ser?
mon at the I'.aptist Church last Sunday
night, Imfore a large and appreciative
audience. 11 ss as the third in the miiu
riea of union service*. The next
meeting will 1k? at the I'resh.vterian
Church, and Rev, Mr. Hunter will
Col. Walker's factory, built on the
old Bruce site is beginning to a?nine
grand proportions Foundations f..r
another ar.- being laid mi the lot West
of thc Planters Waielioii-c. 'This, Pm..
ssill bc bulli by Cl. Walker, and then
is talk of a third one, on the rear of the
old hotel lot. Farms ille may oin- day
he known a- Kai tory town.
Mr. W VV. J uk-ni ss ;i- rather
demoralized when sse nut him
after the luul had done its damage, hut
the next morning he had brightened
up ami rather thought he would make
a full i inp eitel all not of tobacco hut
of all crop- combined, am! the tobacco
i- "coming'
lt will ls-a-haine if the approaches
to mu Appomattox bridge are allowed
main unimproved until the
POOS again We un
. 'I that Cumberland i-ready to
?Ot when Karniville is ready to 00 its
- ire j i armville bsa more in?
tend in Hu- mallei than ('timberland
The Son rh Boston Neon: Kev. B.
ll. Thompson, ss lu. bm been on a brief
visit to our town, left for his boase Ol
Kaiiiis ille tin-ii. m. He preached an
able anti eloquent sermon ol the Bop*
ti-t church on la-t night, alu!
everywhere cordially greeted hy his
?ld friends ssho svere delighted to glSBp
his hand. Bul fess- minister- ever
gained a stronger hold upon the people
?f any Community than did Mr.
rhompaon during pastorate and r.-i
lenee in Smith BoStOO -'lue years ago.
County Court Has.
Not much of Interest In Court 'Thc
oiiowing justices qualified: Messrs
T. W. Crawley and T. J. Morris-ell.
lo-.-t V. I rving i|iialitied as adiiiini.-Ua
or of K A, I rs ing, with K. S. Taylor
'Thc standard Oil Company had a
tnt against K. T. Rooter, dlamiaesd,
Edward Matthews, jailer, sse allowa
d$18.10, and for board of a lunatic
? 1. T. K. Noel, con-table, ssas allowed
-J lo.
Nine deeds ood other writing have
iceii atlinilted to record during the
ooo th.
Warm folks please BOW l>ear in mind
('i idlin's phone is sixty-nine.
Kor Hie Sea Shore,
l'he Karniville (luau! will leave Bot*
rday afternoon for Ocean View, svhere
hey will spend lOdoysin camp. Otb*
r companies of the rcgiineiit ssill lie
here, and our hope is that Hie outing
,ii! prove abundantly profitable ami
Let every member "f the company
o ssho can possibly do so. Karniville
md bc svcl! repreeeUted there. Kev.
If.Thompson, chaplain Of Hie (iiiard,
.ill go as guest of the boys. Mr. T. K.
foal will leave today to make ready
>r the comfort of his comrades
Killed by l.ighliihig.
During an electric atormoo the night
f the llth inst, Mr- I'.everley Hughes
rsa instantly killed tn her home near
brock I'. O., thi*i county. She had
leased to retire for the night and ssas
duding near th. flWpVoa when the
ital Hash eaine. No one wa* in the
beinber at the time with Mrs. Hughes,
nt members of tba family in an OS
lining room heard hci fall and hasten
ig lo her ride found li ?' extinct.
What a dreadful thing it i- to WOOS
p in the night -nth-ring from cholera
lorim-, and yel cases ol this kimi are
erv common. The trouble, however,
rill never become serious if you koopa
ottieof Pain-Kilmer ol bond, for ll
. a remedy that never fails to cure
hulda, ci ami-,?l im rh'ica or dysentery,
void substitutes, there is but one
ani-Kiiier, Perry Davis'. Mee
Mses i.icts.
Kki.I'KN, Va., July 17, ol.
Mrs John Morison nod children, of
liebmond, are snooding savors! wsslu
?ith their MBt, Mrs. K. K. Allen.
Mi- H. nine Overton, of Trod way,
lu. ha- been visiting Mis.- Antysli
lien, returned home Monday.
Miss Roby Roosnolefl Monday foran
(tended trip to Danville and other
MIOSCS K. Maud ami Oladys Allen
?turned home last Thursday after
uitea long stay in Pulaski coiinly.
Mr. Hanilette Allen SSSSjI several
ayi la-t week with relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hines, of Cresve,
nine Tbuisdsy.
If SOOT feet ON tender Irv a pair of
Bros. soft and easy wearing
Kleiiimg A- Clark, Agents.
Cridlin's Cream ('.a.!- < Customers
Buckingham bli,Ts,
Nd ss Shirk, Va., July la, 'u|.
tOP ll-ndd: Tiirinti- are coin
plaiiiing of tba |HHir yield of ss heat and
the laleliess of tba i urn crop, tim
ly to freshets.
A |<etiUoti is in circulation, which
?il signed by -onie of the llio-t
iiilliiential men of the county, a-king
that Mr. Wm. P. Bille beoOOM a candi?
date for the Henate from this district,
c'ii-i-ting of Ap|Hiiiiattox, Bocking.
ham and Kluvanna ronntit?. Mr.
Kllis is one of Buckingham* nn.-t [Kip.
ular citizens ami one whom all will Ik?
proud |o honor.
Mr. Hampden B Nicholii- ha- de?
clared himself a candidate for Iloater in
the House Of Delegates for Bucking?
ham um! Cumberland counties Hel?
li niau who will do honor to the two
counties if elected to repn-ent them.
Mi-s Hallie Haskins, of Houston,
lassa, is paying her annual rieil lo
her mother, Nrs H. B. Hit-kin-, 0001
Buckingham C. H.
Mrs. Thoma.* Ellis, of Ness York, is
visiting her mother's family.
Miss Annie Blankenship sod broth?
er, of Kichmond, are visiting at the
home of Mr. Iv V. Anderson, of Auder
boo ville,
MOBBrS Barrack KortaM and Mahen
S. Jones are home from William and
Mary College, where they won distinc
lion in all of their studies, the fm mci
receiving one of the scholarships.
Mooan Miller ami Kdward Mcl'raw
aic at home for their usual siiuiin.i
Mr. Krank.Oilliain ha- returned to
Bichmond after spending two weeks in
Bu.?kingham vi-iting relatives and
Miss Julia A Forbes, of Olenka, ssho
bes den visiting at Buckingham
Springs ami also the bOBBO of ln-r
grandfather, Mr. Bonis D. Josee
returned to her home.
The Tabernacle, near Aiiders</tiville,
i- al*-.ut completed am! the HoliOOl
People win begin protmasa ksrvlea
thereon the l8tboftbtomootlT Large
crowds ara expected to attend.
Plotractetl service- iK'gillll il! Colic..ni
yi-terday, OOOdoetod by Kev. VV.
Karin ing Hues Pm.
Editor Herald: Farming does pay.
I nu-an some farming, and I have a
SSS iii hand. A friend of mine, friend
if Prince Kdward, friend of Bouthsidc
Virginia, bought some year- ago in
fOUI county a small trad of land fm
rvhicli he paid eight dollars an nen
ile bsa been working Itjndlciooslyond
.sell evil since and now has I teen offend
I fly dollars au aen- Booeeaeral apeeo*
ation in Wall street wouldn't lieut that
mil SUCOSSOes lo Wall street are about
orara os oaeooaeen In lottery schemes
slule sshat thi-one land owner ba?
lline in I'rince Edward all other land
issuer- in Prince Kdward may do. I
aw a letter recently, written from
Minneapolis to a dti/eii of Prince
Edward in which this i ii (ju i ry
ia- made: "Are the lands in your H i ?
ion advancing'."' Send him a copy Of
be Hkkai.u iu which this appears,
ml adil that if lie wants thc name anti
ddjOSI Of Hie land owner to sslioin I
rave referred he can get it on applica
Tba Waltha!! Bros, near Hampden
lidney, are among our farmers worthy
pedal iiii-iitinn. I dooot koow bettei l
r more thoughtful workers and an air
f prosperity pervades their land and
Kline. Wnen I lind such worker- in
bte, "('oil's Country," J wonder thal
ny young men will go to the cold, tin?
iest, the cyclone, thc blizzards, the
liddell and trying changes of the
Wil.l VV
Bess than a year ago Judge Hundley
ought of Maj. A. K. Venable, his place (
nosin as BdgOWOod, some mile and a
alf South-east of Farniville, contain- ?
ig just eighty acres, and having on it
une old and well nigh worthless .
uildings and DO lire wood, for which he .
aid tbVrOO rash. Since then the Judge
as Ismght Fiacres of wood laud for
'hich he paid Jii'i an acre. I visited the
lace one day last week and found a
ew and commodious dwelling, old qi
riicturcs generally removed and an ri
ir of comfort and cleanliness pt-rvad- !
ig the entire surroundings. In addi- ,,f
M to the new dwelling house, other |.i
ess and attractive outbuildings have al
fen erected and many old-cars have *
een healed over.
Building year is of 000108 busy-year,
ml yet tba crop- 00 this, to ii- iii Vlf.
inia, -mall farm, are all well worked
od growing oir grandly. 'The lon '"
?rc lidd of com has been finished and 81
iriied over to the tender keeping of fa
?Dehloe ood chowar. Tho lt\000 bilk lb
f tobacco clear Of gin? and -breading "i
iciiiselve-. Tbl garden and truck th
atobOl abow thoughtful attention and OS
ie fruit trees are full of promise. BB
laving seen the crops I a*ked after al
ie lalmr and learned, to my siipprise, tb
int a son, eighteen years of age, and "I
ist from the V. M. I. with a coti-in of Bi
lu.ut same size and years were in con- W
?ol of the crop forces. 'Hie young Pl
MtleODSn from the institute readied th
onie in his reginn'iitals on 'Thursday ba
f the week Is-fore and on Saturday, tb
ad in working garb, was marching bb
dweeii the furrosss, head erect, eyes lb
i the front and waging destructive in
ar against the enemies of crop-life, of
II honor to the young Virginian fresh ut
?om classic shades and dress parade h
ho is not afraid of Hie sunshine or w
ard work. The Ial>or prohlem is be- ni
ig satisfactorily solved on some farms, ai
Bs]p Hundley is projecting other Ul
improvements aud I expect in the near Hi
iture to show strangers another model ee
inn in the neighl-orbood of Farmville.
I had not riajwed through the Bong- m
?osl farm for many years before this bj
ip, and was gratified to lind that Hu Bi
iicieiit and honored landmark was in OJ
Keellent condition. Mr. Barber came ?
l Ibis section years ago and after ex- to
tensile tfovol and cloOS obs'ising i
this and oilier lands, -elected ii BJ
piace to live in and forming aa a pn
lu- readily and promptly adopter
tbeberi method-of oui sut-cessful far
mer-ami -una-- crowned bis effort!
from tin beginning. Tbe crops of tin
present sra looking admirably ss.n am
the lands greatly improved since I la
saw- them. I hast- no when
richer growth of peas and they of ci i ii rsi
will lu- followed by a '-rup plea-ant ti
look on and profitable to the DWDM
When ni market.
I spenl a !? sr hours most delight?
fully on Tuesday ol tbe borneo! Mr,
A ll Arin-Iio: i thc lir-t
time In my life examined tbe landa ol
thal i in mei i mle section of Cumberland,
and ssa- greatly pleased suth their lay
and look-. Mr Armstrong'! fothei
moved from Peonsylvonia some twen?
ty-seven yea ougbl that farm
an acre, built a
handsome dwelling house, commodious
and convenient bal na sod ni
outbuildings ami made it one ol the
most attractive properties in that
county. He, too, come to uaasti
but found a warm welcome awaiti Ug
lum, soon foll mti, qui inst forming
habits and s/asa successful and highly
li -peeled Citizen ol thc -tale of lils
adoption through hie. Hi- mail
fallen on worthy shoulden .aid the
Industrial warfare on ibis plea
ing waged sith old I and
Mr. Armstrong's lieutenants, Wright
and Atltlleiiiaii, an- young, strong, go
ahead and will Un- yeal giVI
account ol theme ll farm is
unusually level for thi- section, of choc?
olate color ami admirably adapted to
the growth of iill the crops knosvn to
iiii- part of Virginia. There I- a inion
lill body of timber od it and altagetbei
ill ideal hollie.
Mr. Armstrong inade no mistake in
?"ming from the one-buodred-dollar
and of Pennsylvania lo tbe ten-dollar*
and of Virginia, shem be lived m
???is much mow ol comfoit and ohere
ie mode nindi mon money on the
apitai invested.
Mi ('lilford Wright, ssh" svmk- the
arm of Mr. B, L Anderson, tells me
har the yield of wheat ol this season
dil -nipa? that of la*! year, ami also
adi that for all other crops last sum,
mi'- drought was friend rainer than
I bia farm i- also a level one uni
ic it some most attractive
I am told that Petei Francisco lived
md hen I -ass a mw of one
tory brick bouses once occupied by
he farm laborers Perhaps ll will be
ewa to our Northern friends to knoss
bal negroes in Virginia lived In brick
ouses while theil om uer- lived
roodee ?
Mr. B iv Lipscomb with In- two
Hunger son- i- working thu seasons
inn of Mr. John Anderson, located iii
tie county of Cumberland, -niue four
liles northwesl ot Parmville. lt li
ne of mir bm! faun-, and ss hen under
ie management of the lots W I.
.oderson ssa- wonderful producer.
be low grounds are rich and WOUld
0 doubl yield lu bushel- of corn to
re, hut this year thcie ha- been
hi much water. The third planting
Poora, however,iolookiug svell, and
tb hand- ol!' tluic si ill ye!
h?i1 crop. Mr. Lipscomb's tobacco of
i,nun hill- js looking remarkably well.
bess earned WOTkon ting
1,000 pounds for market, and my hope
that tiny will get it. 'Tin- wonna
in- been acting queerly with tins
op. By common ooneenl they
leded 8,000 lulls 0( the 80,000 upon
hich to feast and Batten, and tefl the
st of thc crop unmolested
Mr. Lipscomb'- gorden and truck
itches .ne record breakers. Then ls
i vegetable known to this section
hich be ha- imt had or will not have
greatest profusion, lt is bard lo
timate the value of lUCh acre- toa
rm. Dinners minus vegetables arc
.Ila!!-, svith them, iii abunda
icc and well cooked, are lit for the
Tbe great remedy of ibe day is un
lestuuiably Pain Kui. kr. for tbs in
ant relief of all burn-, scalds, bruises.
c., and for pam-In tbe stomach aud
areli aa in suddeo
cholera morons, No family ibould
stood to keep bouse without it
ssay- by them. Avoid substitutes,
bul one Pain-Killer, Perrj
Price -'ir and Vic
I .11 int I- (lilli The MulleS.
oi cording ti isurei P irk
ore than half the deposits in tin
ate hank- ni ? ned by
That officer gi es on lo any
at iii the -oiithcrn pint of ll
e proportion of di ned by
e agricultural da?
ni I reSSarei Park make- Un- -tale
tilt after visiting the Slate bank- in
I part- ' md going through
eir book- and papen si Uh great cate.
,'weiity 'tun! to
Hi a hank deposit, bul
isv they are num
irk -as-. I am -ri-li.d that D
an half the di posits ni the H
,nk- are "is lied by funner- am! I
ink it a splendid tribute to their
-rling .|iialit:es. It i-due largely lo
a lamber and naval stores Indu
Southern Georgia an to the
manufacturing, Which has di-irib
i-i! cash and made a better market
r small farm nsodoote that formerly
..-nig, but tba raoul! is doa
ore than ill to the improved nidli'd
id w.mdiifni ? | iii't'ied by
e farmers in :? A-s class
ey surpass the french farm
eiopmeiit of the woman far
l-niit brought out
HM Park. In one town in
athwart Georgia thora ta a wouaaa
bo bSS S deposit of *rl^,?NHI in bank,
hich i* lbs proceed- of ia
n roon \i"iiiiiu/' Er
ss aim weather ki coining. Bi
wash good- before busing.
Furn ng ,v Clark.
A ss'iiiian'll dis hippy if she's mils
sun- that she'll lu- iln ni,,' j,i
the funeral.
Kalin in < iniilrtiiiiiitl.
A very desirable form of aboul 27J!
With elegant dwelliOg hon
superior outbuildings, io Hie count) ol
Cumberland, for sale Price
easj tenn- The buildings are hoi ih
Ibe money. Fine orchards, abundant
wadi -upply.
Farmville Parts Ageoey.
It ain't fair to the re-t o' the world
? lier tojedgee*. 'isbods by blosrif
(hie nf Hie Best laini* in Prince Edward.
We have for sale one of the Ite.-t farm
in Prince Edward of about 30t
dwelling hoii-e, -i\ ! |
elli nt orchard, abu ii
dint and pure waler, well lei.
f rnh loss lands. I
one-fourth cash, balance 1, J, i, ami I
int?is-.-t on deferred \ i
Tlc . ?? milli i- apt ?
. his han has a falling out
with him.
Karin Near ll.iiii|nlcii-siiliiei I ,n s
V?S od faun ot -oin.
m sight of ll . dm y,
iras, siablt
F SUM VI l.i I I' l I. S| Vol Ni V.
Beformen usually bondie their sui,.
s*. lt Idhi gloves, until it come- t.,
VV . . a:, -ell olie of ll - Table
iii the county, of mote tl, |
lieut buildings
PARMA i. ? \
Kaine i*a bubble that -SShet nin?
ia w im does ths taos!
v Borgsra.
One of the mos! de-irablt faun- in
Pl ince Bdwaid, < heap.
K.skmsii.i.k I . s .
A Woman in frool of a mirror natu?
rally feel- quite beaide herself.
The demand for farm- in this section
i-good. If you have mic you //.//(/tn
-di li-t it with ii- \ - ile, I
K sum vii i i F si.si V..I m v
Glittering geDenlltlei seldom pro
dine the god of truth.
A atsrgolu.
We can -ell you a nod tann
I land, ss nb tan dwelling, bam
:tnti stable, within 6 miles ol Hampden
sniiiev, im |700 om- third cash, bal
uni- i and :: veal*, interco) ' ii deterred
pas incut*.
F sun ii i i F sum Am M s
ll'- the la/;, iii . ii vii wont
ii. uk.
V M...I. I I .iim.
if you wantsmodel faun ws have
me to -iii! you. lt i- located in lha
nun ty ol Cumberland We will take
ileasure in -boss mg it to you.
Fak.mvii.i i: F sum Am \t s
The young feller tin t !ta\t- half lil?
li-cigar in a tlark corner o' the fro;.I
? pw hell he gm- lo -ec B gall 'll
mike a -as in' husband.
All ,|i|inin;illnv Kin I I.inn.
We have for -ale an Appomattox
iver form, iO BCies of bolbin louds.
sn all told, _' mile- of Karmi lille, good
Iwelling which we ian rall at low
Iga res,
Fakm vi i il F susi \,ii- s. \ .
Thtie- -ollie llllllg* the! C. Tyhody'r
.t to lind out tor hi?elf.
Paraville Booses Tm- sale.
We has-" fm -ale two -mall dwelling
one bruis, the oilier frame, in
he town of Pormvilk sable
Farm villi F susi Aol mi s
First-Class g?B^.
lur Inn-psstf?? ( atali'irnp. siliiri-.. I h' Tn., lur.
Get What You Ask For!
When ynu ask f r < indy
dthartic be sure ymi get them.
Jennine tablets stamped < . <
sold in bulk. A substit':'
lsviivs a i heat and a fraud. Ik-wart!
sll druggists, ioc.
Hoss SSS Wm** KM... ,. ?
I'r ll.'' s -j ir,,k.!:, 1': ... ir.;,. ,
r Situations Secured
at once ? '? sfrf-cia; .flus.
M3SSCy Collo?es
Loulssille. Ky. Montqwairr. Al?
Moulton, Te? Columbui. Ca.
Richmond. Va. Birmingham. Alt. Jac.ionsllli, Fla.
? IK
(TIT I ul III of
I ?
?tn ol
A e.,,
VU derb.
l.WF .(UK FKIYi;
l,i,M vii HF- HERALD
<The Highway of Travel
I idol ll I. i
i - ros
I*" Ul lu illellf.
' - fee! diiiing-car-cr
i the
Excursion Tickets Kow on Sale.
For tnii Information concerning mi.-,
schedules, route*, ,-al, nt ,,r
ss rile
Kn luiioiid, Ya.
8 ii Hards ii k Ooo. Pom Agu,
laington, D r
Mountain Resorts
Inti liniitii Humes
for ***? lt III III?? S- |{iiil|i|e|s
(J real M ' - tirsnd
I .
..ni and Kefte-inii: s reeling of
Kneriry and ' | the Kare
si uti iit.it 11 Sa .Nu Mosquitoes rn Kim k
in this ravoato siuion sat situstco thc
liriflniii liol Sprtl i. i SS lute
?llll'lll: I .lill Sprlll > '
N ilural
i - t:| - lin r
-. I'll.- Alli L'hllll.S Helli, al iH-aeli,
it. lin Inter mon) lintel, ni Covington,
iii, and i.iii.r well-known Health and rleav
i.i Iptlve Itt rn i l*amphlets and Hum
Itel ll ? 'l ia no U Bl
irk. I Otti ces ol Hie I'lli ll il. lo
. anil . on ni. ! ai: linea, or I
ll. VV. Il I.I.I If. loll. Pass, sgt
v nisroTosr, D. c.
IN Illili KKK -cl I UK t'l- I UK (IK
i i 11' i . ii Kl ni Um , .hu,:v i>r i'm.
lbs iiiii ins ni .inii. rm.
ulm Kinkell liniiililt
i a-!
lilllie Kinki M I i.f.-lMli, lil.
. | lis.eee
lob i i ai k
ll Ullin tile aald .S moe la,? kell. Vial .III
tnd iiiii iiml
Vnnie Loeb
??ni nt ii, \ irgtnla,
bi i. s ni.in
to (.ml. .i Ino in
ni. Aini li li dared
.. .il In l.ulil Meek
?i, ami
a 11.,
aurlie - ie! i.i iii
ie Dell Iel iii ol ile I na liv t oin r.
\ . ops U
ss nu kui I ?
I, St. Ol JV I'.' ll.
ii Aniia
? mi lite .Iii in ni S.,
nat, 1001. al lin . nun -In.u-e, between H a. m.
ai . I -imii luke ilie depositions i.i
mba and others to bi ri sd In ni.mi?
nt, mus I.,,. srsriT,
Juli lath, UOl. I o-.l.
Vhf Swelter?
When rou i-an .I yolll-ell
I ? I I i .?un,
Sml.i Water,
.?uni Water [ova.
lui i si. An i ni ?
(riven to Phone orders.
ic Alps
.hats All,
Except it
Cures Dyspepsia.

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