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i;vKMMlli: HERALD.
H;ll-\V VI '?! HT9, 1901
Hiickiiiirlnini Nena.
I lg ">, 1901.
r Herald. Thia i* the season
nc*, protracted meetinga, Ash.
,,d ail scit-s nf gatherings of tbe
. There i* hardly a day during
the minimer when some sort of enter
taiiiineiit i- not " going on." Yet mir
tnlkn coiiiplHin of ?? hard times " and
v of money. When the fad is
the averairc white citizen nf Bocking*
ham doesn't ss,,rk over three days |q
the week, and the avenge "ciillud
tiMtlier works aboul one and-a-half ?
slid hunts the helter part nf thc bal'
?ni* nf lu* spat' time. These are fact*
and I think investigation will prove
them so. Bul after all. Why not .
Why should not our free Virginia |>eo
ple Im time? Dum vivimut,
Mr* M. F. Gilliam, widow of tbe late
I-hara it. Gilliam, was buried at tbe
family knaves aid. al Mr. Tip (Jill*, on
last Sunday. Mrs, Gilliam had Keen a
steal nieiniie of Concord church
for more than forty-list- yean
[ am requested to ask that an error
io la.it week's li ndii Kt- corrected
? irtielia Davis ai id Mr. ll. W
still be married tl luth,
M oday), at lu a.ni . and Ind mi Hu?
ll th a* slat ttl. ^^
.Mr*. Laura R. Jones, of South Caro
Ima, will spend the remainder of the
Maimer with relatives in Bucking*
Cap' f Richmond, is at
the Buckingham Springe.
lief. Mr. Robertson preacbed ;tt
Sm vt na Sunday, to "an overflow
egation." Our people like logo
tu church ! and we auapecl tha*
nf our representatives, in thc Conven?
tion at Kichmond, would be surprised
bow inany christians there aic.
St least in the rural district-.
Mi? Bessie Carter, of Proepect, is
?Bending this week with Mis* Edith
Mr. Ii o. Baldwin lias Keen quite
ll is hetter at this writing.
Tu :.*?-? I (Tank T.tinka.
v Va., Aug, 7, 'm.
Mr. Willie ('arden, ss ho recently
ssiiile superintending tlie mowing of
Iii* hay, accidentally stepped in
front of Hie machine and had his font
iiearly cut off, is very much lietter.
Kev. K. Wootton Oaborne preached
at Appomattox church un last Bundey
murnini; at I Kin. Miss Minnie Balley,
nf Portsmouth, sHiik*, "The PricetoM
A crowd of many iieople from t li in
place Will attend a picnic at Mr, Mat.
-. Buckingham, cn tomorrow.
< luiiheil.uul ( ommiiiiii ation.
Cl MBBRLAND, C. H., Va., A ilk*. 6.
A piotiacted meeting is noss- in pro
it Tarsvallet Baptist church,
Rev. w. H. Lawson is being assi-t.ti
BJ Kev. Jih'I T, Tucker, of HicIiiikukK
All-day meet mi's will be held e:di
?lay diiriiiK (he wetk.
The Baptiste al tins place hope to
balManew house of worahip In the
Hear future.
Thc contract for enlarging the ssaic
ssOOae baie bm Keen let, and the svmk
will commenca very soon. The con.
Htriiclion of the nesv tactnry of M
Clippen .V Adams still he begun in a
Hhort wliilc, anti the linn will he doing
business by thi- fall.
A Dumber of the city folks axe spend*
hu* the summer lu-Ibis county.
Mi. Carpenter and family arc at tbe
Vaughan ll
Mr. Charl* md bte eon, Mr.
Aubrey Spence, of EUebmond; Mn.
A. ll. Lloyd and bei -mi, Mr. Grenville
Lloyd,and Mi-, s c Welalgerand lier
family are at thc Bed Boae Inn.
li?es (iray are visiting their
relatives at Northfield.
Mi-- Booker, of Portsmouth, is vi-it
ti here.
Eubank, of King William
county, is visiting Mi-- Conon, at
tba Pollard, slaughter of
H'm. ll. K. Pollard, who has Keen
spending some time with Mi-- [na
w*< .-:_?-!, ha- returned linnie.
ling A Clark are taking orders
for men's spring suit*. We guarantee
a lit or tm sale.
, des and Insect Stings
and Kilt- pured quickly and surely Kv
thc prom|,t us,-of Purr*, Davis*Pain*
Ku.i.ik. If you have not a bottle in
yuin home do ind los,, a moment in
procuring one, aa you are apt at any
tune to he stung tis r*oteonous lt
snake-, or bitten by centipede
Ky directions on wrapper around h..ult*.
Avoid substitutes, there is imt one
Pam Killer, Perry Das i-.' Ki
.md 50c.
? h.lim'- I landy Charms ChiMn n
BRIEFS AM) personals.
Lil. is Iii,..
In Un- Iron, ,,.,,_
lu Hie lo, .
lol,tue, vi ir
is lau,I.-,,- ?
lt l0|, VC, ,,,,,
s"' Ifhl the abort
111 :"' "n Ut leo.|||,c |?
ition di cv - to a close. Born for
ii- Kut KUd fm- Parmville.
Chin,picpins nil! soon Kc upc, ami
then the "small hoy" ssill i.e in it.
Watermelons "to hum" dow. Hoss
much better thc half than a sin-.-.
The nights an- cooler, longer and
mon restful.
Actually some nf thc least- ai,- al
ready fading. "Wc do all fade a- a
I'.iil few business men in town afford
om Nmic Imt Un- rich can af?
ford it.
Wc are always willing tn do th,.
complimentary ad hut in thc mean?
time iiiu-t live. A hint i- sufficient.
Work in our totiacco factories si hi be
slack from noss until thc opening of
next -elson.
(llorious rain, and glorious crop- uow
i , "I I.i ss hom all
blessings flo**
youi printing done at home
for the simple fact (hal local printers
spend their money at home.
Elaborate dinners an not always
net ded by men ni a hurry, Imt they
do so often want a quick lunch, or, if
you prefer, a hasty snack,
Hmi. K W. Hubard, ssa* j|, town on
Monday. He n>,.k* a- though Kich?
mond had been to him a summer n
suit of lineal sort.
Misses I'o-icl, ,,f Macon, Ca, ssh,
have Keen at M i - Berkeley's, have gone
to Washington, I> c., mi a sight-seeing
If everybody in this section Isn't cat
rying a life insurance policy it is not
because some agenl hasn't advised it.
"Thc woods i- full of Un m."
The motto of tbe State Female Nor*
mal School i- a good one: "One pur?
pose, di (fenn I paths." Colon?White
and gold. Plower Daisy.
Kt t >ic another moon sse an going to
have somebody talking aboul Kail
-hap.- and Kail styles. 'Ihe ulta of
an overcoat just n,,ss is simply horrible.
\\ e doul,t if lhere arc children iu the
known world ss h,> have had a mon
comfortable summer ii,an ha- been en?
joyed hy those ss in, have -pent the
tillie in Parmville.
If r. Clibourn'a gardeu ia a model "f
neatness and thorough cultivation.
Every indi la mi duty and all the inch?
es emili,med do contribute Immenaely
tu the comfort of the household.
Low tieck and short sleeves don't
strike ua aa being just the things for a
ralny-day-excunion, and yel they wen
in evidence mi la-t Monday on our
It is cheaper to Kuy roasting san than
. llnlii I! Coal cover
il of stealing 30 ears from a lield
of line corn. They ss,-ic svell developed
otits, however.
The Kau lulls ssill soon Kc ringing
and the Kail horns a blowing. There
ssill then Kc music in thc air, and "hot
times" in lossn. You can add some
note of harmony tn thc music. Will
you du lt ?
Hid vmi ever kimss a summer with?
out its dull days in buaineaa circles?
Then why complain nf thees day-.'
Tlie farmers have Keen and arc "Ku-y
to the brim," ami that mean-, a- ste
have before said, buoy day- for the
merchant hy and hy.
Then waa tbe usual crowd in town
mi Saturday .'ind it seemed to Kc a buy*
int; crowd. Nol a- many watermelons
aa we expected, hut enough tu make
som,- people supremely happy. Soda
milk -hake- wen tn the
front and beer hy im mean- in rear
Kev. Mr. Campbell, nf Appomattox,
preached at thc Kapli-t church la-t
Sunday morning, and at nigh! at the
Methodist church, when the fourth in
iee nf union -ci ? ? helli.
Kev. Mr. Southall occupied the pulpit
of the Episcopal church in the morn*
iking ??!' restaurants we verily be?
lieve that a Virginia lads ss ho kimst
jiist Imss to pnpan and -civc ...
hie food could make inoiity hy opening
in Parmville a lunch counter. Cool
milk, ci i-p plea, sseii made sandwiches,
irse they mus! "go."
'lin- roads leading into parmville
should be made tbe beal poseibte. Pbey
furnish ihe life-blood, and ssithout
them Parmville would die. Lei tn be?
gin tbe good work at linnie, and lir-t
g.1 thc approaches tn mir Ap?
pomattox Kudla Wa beg pardon for
alluding to thia subject again. Itaim.
portance make- us do -.,.
Farmvilh md ssi,ic open to
receive worthy ami ?! pie no
matterwhal thc color of their -kin
or the character of their deed, bul
when the lassie-.* land here they ale
likely tn land in jail. We arc BCCtta
tomed to quiet and orderiy living frmn
our ossii people and will exact it frmn
others. K.x, iii-ioni-ts ssoiild do stell
to make a note "f thi*.
Rev. Di Hast,- occupied thc pulpit
of the Presbyterian church again on
today morning, and preached a
noble *eiiiimi limn the text: "When I
am weak, then am I strom;." Tn the
natural man thi* is fiHtlishness, hut tn
thc spiritual niau it is the wisdom ol
Qod. Paul -aitl it under dbtnaaioi
conditions and knew sshat he ssa-talk
lng about, Wc think thi- ssa- miult
plain to those who heard Dr. Hawei
mi last Sunday,
I In Toa ii Council meet- nexl Tues
What weald Parmville be without
Work on High bridge la piiajiesalui
Unaly and will soon he completed.
Mi- Ruth Kskew, of Charleston, \V.
- Vlattlag Mr-. J. K. Whitehead.
Mn, ired. Glenn, nf Lynchburg, is
visiting lui father, Capt, R M. Barton.
Mi-e- Katie Morn* ami Willie Davit
ai'- Visiting relatives and friends near
Mi- Katie Rusaell, ssh., has Keen
visiting in thc mountaini, returned
home Tuesday,
We don't begin t? believe that the
peach crop of thlaaectton was a good
mic this teaaon
Mi-t- Kate, Crace, and Mary Van
denlice, ol Suffolk, are the goeeta nf
Mr. ami Mr.* Vandenllce.
I nins ille ha-thc booorjual now of
entertaining itrangan from overy sec?
tion nf thc country.
Mis .1. R. s,,..|,c.-r, of Lynchburg,
who bas been visiting the family ot
'.I Winston, returned home to?
Mr. Theodore Low, su|K'!intciidcnt
Norfolk A Western railway, was in
town looking around again kiel Wed?
Gel ymir bunting In time for the Fair
There ssa- a great Struggle for it on the
tir-t day nf mir last Fair.
What a pity that the mses don't
bloom all summer. To get then moo
the pocket hook will have to open
ss ide.
Thc bicycle seems to be (ailing into
"innocuous deauetude.*1 It i* aboul
Unit- we sick- having thc "auto" iiii
? ?ui -Ired-.
Mi-. B, P. Allen, ssith her children,
Mi? Caine, Masters Ed wald, Benja?
min and Clarence, of Norfolk, is at
Mm. Wad'
Mis* Pan nie Booker and mother, of
mouth, who have been visiting
the family of Col. R, A. Bookar, re?
turned home Monday.
lintier is scarce and high for the
leeson. We saw a happy house wife
recently who hui just sold at 25cents
a pound.
Why not have a public square in
I'ai ms ille? Kut ntisv thal ssc have
made thc suggestion an all Mlfllclenl
answer bas suggested Itself.
Remember that only ONE couple
can ssin thc pri/.e fm murryiiii* under
thc auspices of the lau Association.
Ii WOUld he svell lo apply in time.
With a s*eaaonab!e August we are
going to have thc heel clover yield next
Spring esci s,.,-ii in this jMirlion of
Virginia, and this ls Un saomeof the
Smile ladies report remnant bargains
in mir dry gooda stores. All ladies
should knots of them. The surest way
of reaching them is tlmm-di the eol*
omni of the Hkkai.u.
There are three harhers in town, and
set -onie nieii only shave mice a week.
a two-day-old beard isn't twooming,
and a- the day goby, and Hie heard
continue! to grow, conditions get to lie
The ali ia tilled again ssith ramon
of tbe building of a ness In,td mi the
site of the old one. Wc have heard it
?tated that *_'i,lHHl WOUld he put in thc
venture. That's linne tun much, and
it would pay.
WC have reason to believe that ina
short tune WS sviil he permitted to pilli
ii*h thc tads connected with Um grow*
?I the county of ('uniU'rland, of
thc most rcitiarkahle hay crop ever
raised iii Virginia,
The Herald Joh Office is more thor?
oughly equipped fur doing satisfactory
work than ever. AlaigS line nf nesv
type, rules, borden and ornaments have
been put in stock at considerable cost,
and sve invite inspection of our samples.
Aa ste didn't have mir usual lirnns
st uk stets mi the Fourth svhy not name
a day and still have its The Ingredients
aic mon plentiful and eaters just as
willing. Lei stonie noe coiled Um wet,
appoint the time and place, and we
will all he there.
The Cotiimi ? ionci'* Sale of the valn
able Cumberland tract nf land, known
a- " Inglewood," Which was advertised
to he soltl mi the Mst tlay of Aiiirii-t,
baa been poetponed until sometime in
thc neal future, to be made known
through the columns nf the Hkkai.u.
'?Eternal vigilance is the price of
liberty," and STerieaUng reminders
may gut our City Fathers tu look after
thc approaches to the bridge across the
Appomattox. Farmville's future, in
some measuro, depends on exit and
ii,or,.s- over this particular mad. It
is one of the main artcrie- aVVmg ss hich
Hots* thc very life-blood of the town.
iiiiiii|iileii-siiinci Brietta
ll SMI'IUN B. H.NKV, Auk,'. Jg |901.
The farmers are not cnniplaitiiiik; nf
dry weather, this week, nor have we
heard the road nieii say anything
aboul Um dust.
The Hill ha-its usual quota of visi?
tors thi- summer. Aumin; Hie latest
arrival- aic Mi? Cornelia Latimer, of
Pnderlokebarg, the guest ?>f Miss Mary
Carrington : Misses Martin and Irv?
ing, guests of the Misses Knick ; and
Mr. Lucas Bedlngar, who, sse believe,
expects to make this home until he can
take rn e uir-e at college.
Mr*. Powles and Mrs. TbaxtOO, who
have been vlelUng friends and relatives
m Cress e. Va., returned Imme on Sat
Dr. MellwaltM returned hume last
Mi-s Mamie Fowlkes is visiting near
K ittgfa Creek, in Charlotte county.
Mi-s Emma Venable, stlm has Ihh-ii
Bttettdjlng UM Normal Institute, at
Staunton, returned Friday.
Price Kniiur.
A very prettily arranged, and iinpu?
*isely per tbl BMd marriage wa- salem
iii/ed la-t Tuesday, nt Meherrin Depot.
The ciinjraeting parties assn Mr. J.
H. Price, a well-Jtoovvu young hu-in>?
uian of lai-iiiii/ind, and Miss D. (Jert
rude F.winv, daughter of our popular
County Trea*****f?r, W. H. Kwing.
The proees-imial arrangement was
unique In oooeaptton ami beautiful in
execution. Promptly at high noon the
bridal party arrived betta the Pie*l,y
terian ('hiirch doors. Fir-t of thc party
entering the church Were Kevs Thor?
ium Clark and Hugh Henry, while up
the op|Misite aisle proceeded (he nrgan
ist, Miss Agnes Wootton, of Farmville,
accompanied by Mr. Daniel Winn, of
Am quickly as Mis* Wootton had
commenced to play Lohengrin'* Wed?
ding Mardi, the superb Von/. <k Quar?
tette entered the church singing sweet
l.v a- they marched, " Faithful and
True," The (piaNette immediately
preceded the following ushers : M- --? -.
H. N. Ku ing (brother of the bride,
M. S. Pries i brother of the groom)
Edward O. Haskins, u. W. Price, s.
D. Walton, S. H. Wilkerson. H T.
Morris anti ff. H. Street.
The bride approached the altar with
her maid of honor, Miss Cordie Ewing,
ami (he groom with his liest man, Mr.
Julian Price, of Greensboro, N. C.
The ceremony over, the bridal party
stile driven to the old hume pl |
the groom, where a sumptuous repast
wa* served, and an hour later Mr. and
Mrs. Price hoarded Hie North bound
train for an extended Northern tour.
On rt turning their residence aili Ik- in
Attesting the universal popularity uf
this young couple there were many
gift- from loving friends.
Witherspoon -Wicker.
Mi. John Crawford Wltbenpooo, of
Rockhill, S. C., and Miss Eli/.abelh
Wicker, of Farmville,/ were married
Wednesday night Bwt. Dr. Harding
otliiialing. lin- tcreiaony was per?
formed in the home of the bride'- pa
rent's, Mr. and Mrs. O.JT. Wuker, and
was witnessed by nilly thc cio-e-t
friends of Hie family. [Ihe home was
prettily decorated for MM occasion
The bruie and groom had for theil
attendants ths following: Mr. Georas
Wltbenpooo and Miss Irving Wicker,
Mr. Will White and Mles Kate Wick
er, Mr. Janies White and Miss Kelle
Wicker, Mr. James Wilher-poon and
Miss Kllen Duvall.
Mr. and Mrs. Witherspoon left mi
the midnight train fur an extended
Wedding tour North. On their return
tiley will reside in Rockhill, S. C.
Vu!ice lu Telephone Subscriber*.
Hereafter until further notice, Hie
office will lie closed mi Sundays from
7a. m. to8a. m., and from II a. m.
till _' p. m.
Jato. K. Marun, Mgr.
All For Fun.
None wounder! and none dead mi
thc lidd of honor, is thc report we have
from thc soldit-r-boys who went to
Ocean View "a outing." We did hear
of big disgust mi the part of one private
in tlie rear rank, who fited and tilled
with enthusiasm as he pulled out of
Farmville at PtOBPSCl "f sea breeze and
surf bathing, had it all knocked out of
him when he reached the end of ha.
journey and was immediately armed
with a spade and put intoa ditch. He
isn't booked fur the next encampment.
The above paragraph ap|ieared in last
sseek's Hkkai.u, aud, mucli to mir sur?
prise, gave oflense to some memUrs of
the Farmville Cuard, svhen it was in?
tended as a little pleasantry.
"Fired and lilied with enthusiasm,
is altogether lieeoiniiig to a soldier, and
using a "spade" la al times as honor?
able as handling a gun.
The record* of the Hkkai.u give U-t
evidence of the Hkkai.us interest m
our military company, aud we are glad
of the privilege of correcting any wrong
impression which may have lieeti crea?
ted hy a innocent paragraph. The fact
la we only take the lil-erty of joking
with friends.
Hand Amputated.
An unknown negro man met with a
serious accident last Tuesday at High
Bridge- H 'H reported that be was
stealing a ride on a freight train and
ss bile crossing High Bridge he fell Oil
the car. He managed to save himself
from falling from the bridge, but BOS*
tamed a mashed hand necessitating its
amputation that afternoon.
A Real Need.
Editor Hi raid:-We ami a restau?
rant In Farmville. An up-to-date one.
a place when a tam ena. get a lunch
for tell cents, or order a dinner which
will cost anywhere from -."> cents to
1800. Keepit clean, have food well
(?(Hiked, rescind promptly to order and
the thing will go. I hope it will.
Ki'sv ami Hi miky.
The Meaning ur "Lad)-."
The much abused word "lady." is
mtslitied direct from tbe early Anglo
Saxon, and means "loaf-giver;" for the
highest ideal of woman in thone days
was lo be a good manager of her house?
hold in every particular; bread was
then Hie real stat! of life, Tin lulim
ntor fur September devotes its illustra?
ted ctn,kery article to the subject of
bread iu its various forms and every
"lady" shoiiid study the article.
The best foot mat is the genuine
Hurtnian. for saie by W.T. Doyne.
Overheard at Niagara Falls?"It
-, eui* a pity tn see all this water going
to waste," remarked the clerical-look
ing mau, with the white tie. "What
good is it?" asked the man with the
impressionistic nose.
"I want a hat, the latest tile,"
Said lie of teuder years.
The hatter cheeked a weary smile,
And made reply: "The latest style
Hai holes in fur tbe ears !"
When a fellow is arrested for bread:
of promi*e he must expect to tie held
for court.
Our Behool.
Our school in both Hi departments,
tin-1 .laded School and the High -
betonga to all in Ibe Farmville Dis?
trict, and li?
nne ,,f ymir mpnaentativea in thal
Work. I have felt it appropriate t"
make to vmi s,,mt- statement*.about tbe
school, and to -eek to bring it before
M an object for your Interest, love,
and help
We read of millions given by the
Wealthy to found great institutions ,,f
learning, public libraries, and other
benefaction*, many nf which thc lound*
er* ssill inver ase Farmville is more
than equal to ono wealthy man ; in
addition to her other public works still
nd -he, will n,,t individual men mid
women that I,,vc the boya and ?
the town and district, Unit desire to do
good in things that are lofr.s and per?
manent, give voluntary aid to the train?
ing of the young growing up around
lliein'.' I tit.t Write BB making for
Un school or pupils any claim on the
ground of right* ; I merely bring thc
school before you a- an Opportunity of
doing |
lu ymir school las! year the number
of pupils enrolled ssa- 119 ; thc daily at*
tenda; c Dumber
of school months ssa- nine, the liiiin
iier of school days laugh! (for all boll*
A.re made up waa nine tlmea
twenty, or iso.
Thc number of leschen la four. The
number of hours the school la taught
cadi day la lix. Thc leschen meet to
dtecuaa tbe ssurk regularly once a ss eek,
and sleekly report- arc -cut of cadi
pupil's work and conduct.
The boys and giri* have brought
credit ii|hiii the -chool, ami upon Hie
toss ii, and (for which ssc herc publicly
thank thein upon us their teachers
Ymir school trustees, Mesan. Verser,
K. M. Cox and B. W. Paulett, and the
Clerk of the I'.,,ard, have been cordial
in their support of tbe svmk. But pub
lie funds are limited to (tated pur
A publicacbool still always med pri
Its Wc base received -nell out
il ,,f all, y,,u thc citlxena of tbe
town, in a body through ymir repn-cii
, thc Town Council, by au sp*
proprlation of USO, gave thc school a
nine months session, making it in that
I like all ,-ity public schools, .'tnd
like all private schools, and all colleges,
and universities, Your contribution
gave mn- month's employmenl to ymir
teachers and one month's schooling tn
a hundred of your boys ami girl-.
The Herald always gist- u,,. invalu?
able help of publishing free of charge
the sleekly RoUt nf Hm,ur, and many
other statement- pertaining to the
school and stork.
Tn other individual- mir and your
thanks are due.
Prof.Cridlio gave us, mool kindly
and voluntarily, a month's training in
singing, thc benefit of which you sasv
in ymir schools final exerciei - Wc,
you, all owe bim mir special thanks ;
a- sse do, also, mir true and faithful
friend-: Mr. Thompson, and Docton
Frazer and Kline, and Dr. Arnold
who lind bapplnesa in kindness!
courtesies and doing |
A lady of Cumberland gave the
money f'T fifty hymn-book* needed at
our morning wonbip of God : ti
Symns, No*. 1 'i. I mention the title,
as tu aeed inore, especially awi* copia
irith tin aol
Another friend ha* given thc High
School thc nae, next year, of thirty nesv
and well-selected book- ai,mn gmal
men, women, and drrd- "f M 'deni
Life-like portraits of gnat and good
men and women | ramona Boones in
History, appealing '," patriotism, noble
aithfillne? lo (iod ; pi,Mir
humanity and kindness ; pictu
hmnc and affection ; picture- of Nature
in her grandeur or beauty; pictures of
beauty, strength, grace, health ; ideal
of mani.1 ami womanhood.
Ifould you iml Ih- glad to have -mb il?
illi?- banging upon thc stall- of thc
ninnis where the youth of thc toss ii
gather and work day by day '.'
Would it not ls- a happiiie? to you to
feel that */00 had helped in bringing in
that beautiful ideal, or other- that may
appeal even more to youl heart '.'
Richard m. Ban ru.
?ajar aUrtia wm Betlre.
The resignation of Major John B.
Marlin, of Farmville, a* major of the
Thin! Katiailimi of tba Seventieth Reg?
iment, has been -cut to Colonel < iorgo
Wayne Anderson. Major Martin
UremenI is mi Meount nf busi
Major Martin waa elevated io major
several month- agu He sta- captain
of Company I- Farmville-until pro?
?iel Andcr-oii ssill forsvard the
re-ignation to (.oscrnor Tyler at mice
for his action.
Heath t.r an liifiinl.
James Kelley, the infant son of Mr.
ami Mr* lt. L. Dtiggfi inlay,
August :ir<1. ft'1'1 wot ?furic! Sunday
morning at 1030 o'i og to
the illness ,,f Mr-. DugCer's brother,
there were i
Educate Toar Bowel*- With Cmr-areta.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation I
10c, SJ*. If C. C C. fail, druggists refund money.
Noun small larina.
tot H> rani: Many "f '"ir farm?
er- make sad mi-take iu attempting
to cultivate ton BOCO land. With
this a- With nther human en*
? i- worth d"ing at all
tfa doing well. NOW and then,
however, I Hied suth a -triking de?
parture from the old rule.
Mr. Alfred BaWtMT, Whose farm i*
located |r muot Booti*
Farmville, owns only lome Ti
and is making every fud of it tell. IK
cultivates about 90,000 billa of
i and every other crop kn .ssh to tlii
.11 of Virginia. Not brine,
I erop|.e.l the work i- well doM and pro
$1 00
IV edd
Ins itatioii*.
Subscribe for a Year
Boult nnd Job
department. .
We do all kinds of . . .
Book and Job
Color Work a Specialty.
done promptly and al I
? ? o
The Farmville Herald
- alltl
Cheek I
n Advance.
Stable. I stable
-?|iiares and patel* ia
and, I presume be will rarely conic t,,
tOWn WitbOUl something to -ell
*| i-e not th,- day ,,f -mall thing*
God-given maxim, and sus,, men an
Influenced by it
Persons ssh,, would know i,
trim ami train grape s. -lum I
Mi. Kail"!'- and leam jus-t how bc
I the "vine.clatl lull-"
of Italy an- kept m na mon |
condition. By the was, \u. r.
ssork* but one horse and hi- fields
inu-t lu- plowed deep enough or they
would nol yield beth r than other fields
in the sam,. nslghtorbood.
I doubt if Mr. Barber paid mon than
1700 for thal property, and I would
Mk lo kimss svhere a like iiive-lnieiit in
farm land* is vielding au areli.
And -till another. Some Um.
ago Mr. T. A. Calhoun bought 127
BCrea of land, a portion of the farm
mice owned by Mr. li c. Anderson,
for which be .
provementa on it e mslal of a -mall log
bouse, barn and stable. The soil la
gray, eaally worked and very respon*
-iv,- to got ,i ti, almeo! Thht ll i- re?
ceiving, and almadj clove! ha- taken
thr place of shrub, and flourishingCiopa
that of broom sedge, Then ia a vain*
tile body of woodland on thc } .
young orchard and a apring of pine.
dellcli ii- ?
Mr ( ali,..un i- cultivating some
lulls of tobacco thi- \i |
corn, ha- already cut fair cr ,
wheal joying thc
outcome of a number nf linn
truck patch- -
All thi-, mind y,,u, at an Investment
-luiiic hold mit any such pi
that'.' Kan a young Virginian hope lo
.tell hy obeying thc advice ol'
<treetey, and "go Weal'.'" In a
short st bile there ssill bc a nest :
mg crowning the hill overlooking that
glorious -pring, other larger and more
convenient out buildings, and instead
of cooking his own roe
has Ing a faithful companion
defier bauds mil pu pu.- the
ami a mon kindred spirit st iii dethrone
>u? I'
What these earnest ami thoughtful
workers an accomplishing mi small
tann- iu Southside Virginia otic I
? io, ami after all I doubl if man' i- in
.1. lien -all-la, !oi \ \s,,rk the
world over, Nb millions lt, bul bettei
still, gooll digestion, -
au easy conscience. < If i taine lb
lind, bul a tired ii >iiy is easily n
Not -o wilh a tiled I,iain and st c i
Ami l! OUghl to i
bend that uul iii tlie country and mi
farms thc thought ami of
? ii Loin ai,d
I m.nie the count
,i di farms n minda me
of the "small boy." 1 knots
? old, st ho can top t
ju-t like a "little man," and Un- father
tell- in- wasn't ten mluutee In learn*
ing boss. Noble boy ol a nobli sin-:
I no svhere lind ni my travel- linne
attractive property than thu of Mr.
W |i M - , finn i- i
-mall a- ile-, i ii \i% bx?? n describing
above, icu I- lt -o large a- to Im- neg
: even ill the cruel-. ll C m
lltblliatlotl of li,
lowland ind I * the er
thi- section ii ha- no super) ?
n- to bc thc boin lasses
du,-limo i- an ideal country
home Large and al ball
and porches, turrouodt ?! by an i
nd bedecked tilth -.
and :, i id comfortable look*
.?an make it. 'Ihe or*
unusual!) I'*1**
at, and I can bear Willing
t,, il,. f the fi nit ssl,i.h i
I tied I
"hine ri!,t>nn" on the basket of i ?
th 'Uhft friends in tbe fronl
porch during a -hort -top on a :
warm July day. And, then, tb i
?tinted rapp!/ "* . ' lt would
Keary summer will
without ice waler nd libitum. The
fathers before them wen water-drink
? ibe"flrat stater." In
tiona of mir country it might n
safe habit, bul ssith u* lo
Ictl With ?
I dui heal a "jolly
:.t| who went with me to thi
homc, and who bad it be?
ad that it be pta
. i to lat the world
knoss- .,f ti . of Uk- bom
live in in rtootbetde Virginia. Il would
old. Os I ll
v Petition im iii,- Kui,iii s, i.i.
Tn tht /'' n/i'i of i
I think it righi to state thal si Um
meeting of the 1'omi Council lo ba
held . August I dh, I
-hall ha tied tbe petition given
helots. I mike Ihi* -iatcniciit in . imr
that, I ll lu* duty lo
lt, lM ni it know ,,| ||u. maller
and be able to ,| i
Bul I do not belies, thal thc petition
i- opposed io youl md it still
be a happiness i ? mc .1 In thia and la
other things | may base toni love and
support, st hen I .lill righi. I -hall a-k
ibo Council io appropriate rho, (he
amount of thc -alain- of thc pr 11
(exclusive of high acl.I fees and lbs
other thief i. achers
Tu l/ll 1
1. gai tut 1 . representative of
.1 District *fhool, ami,
asl believe, of tbe citizens of the town,
I a-k the continuation "t Ihe appro
a made !?> sou n. the school u-i
ii,, ie,pu st ig baited on Hie reasons
approved by .sou then and mi ll.
dill,mal mc 0, vt huh sou
? an able lo ? -' u bethel youl
11 misplaced 01 bas
becll til-.ippl,it ed bj I
education "t Its 1 mi,lien ami
south I-, wea 1 in ol the iim-t
important cutt 1 ] .ci. <! lu a
mts n, and educations . es an
among tbe - 1 1 toa n
eau bs
men tbal * uea. I 1-1
:, tour school em 1 m -|.
,1 thc t"M I
,11 privl
. .
. light
. j I Iii re bs ii,
li you
i| . ropriatioii bet tune, in
addition to the saned buuelittj a ssclwoi
bung-upon a community, tboae ssh,,
c aid iu tb iU ol Ihcir
childi. lt of
tbe tallinn I uf a toa 0, ? In111
aelvee, a huge proportion 11 the money
I lated aCCOUdly, '?' ' au-' Ol lu i
yoii -au Hom ihe
i-i;,- expressed themselves in
theil pin
of the money used In 1 h<
11". icli d in a WOy thal i" in Ill?
ili 1. persona than .niuo-! ans otbef
stat in ss huh the asms aiiioiint of
money cou ? ,: i|,M-s
.-neb g.,.,,1. amt thal I- an UOUOI ami
. traction to thc town
Bil usu! M .?Milli.
li Daisies las worM.
\ licim bsa cs er
?? 1 oi ibe exciteuii ul
tiiat 1 iu ??! bj I'i King'a
Ness Discovery for Consumption, li'*
-I- base U-.m mi le ;
\ icIim, llliption, Kiieunioiiia,
Hem 1 ? Bronchitis,
red to
? bealtli. li Co u-h- I
Asl bm 11 is Fever, 11
. d Whoop ' b ll I* the
, the stolid, lt
?, 01 refund 1 Kitties
Wann fa (i In mind
I lldllll* plioln 1- -I vis lillie.
1 he linn uni woman ssin, complain
I' -unim. i make
most ado ol' mulei cold.
, ; ur of
.-, wearing
Kleming A dark, Agents,
Genuine stamped C C. C. Never lold In bulk.
Beware of the dealer who triei to sell
"something just as good."
Thats All,
Except it
Cures Dyspepsia.

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