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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, August 16, 1901, Image 1

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V()l" XL_ FARMYILI.K, VA.. FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, L901. NO. i<;.
",'trili ? :
s . fran,
,t K Yarrar.
le uml
1.. Has n|-.(,ii anti
v ? ont VV.
' I I ram laen
alien and VV.
Ka an.'., rt, A. K. Halie
' t u I- s
?iw,v?rtniein w I Usvlditon, st \
' ltll|.l K Marlu..
? rall,, ami .1.
B't/*t.rrKr's- ' ? ? ri uml
?i-ami WI'.
SS. t'linlelt, .Ir.
i, r o! Iles Pillie li.i a.. rt Klee,
uni I. K. l.iL'on.
, I'lanl I'. T. Wicker.
M. Kol.c-on.
'.ii.''?'* ?'?*? ""iK
,.? r M BIDGOOD,
- D KM" I ST. -
?,Hl K ovki;
UwOffioe ami Remdence,
Bnckinghatn Courthouse, Vu.
Notary I'lii'iic ssiHi Heal for Buckingham
- m..I Vc know icitriiicnt-.
innlc ill lineklllK
ilo\, (Unit.irlanil anti ITlnee
si rURNl V-A1 LAW.
Will prac!ice in tie- Courts ol r*iioei ku
surd ami iiil.ltiiiiiiii; conni le-.
uvrr tin- |hi-I<illicc, hanns Ile, Va.
' [T; _
Appomattox, i'rince Kdward
ult,itt e.iunilea. Supreme Conn ot
. lllnl l'. S. I OUI 1*.
' Ivsnial, I 'll 111 -
ul ni Kl. lu,ion,I.
paid io i.iscs tu bank
Will practice tn both suite iiml Kel,tal
?a Building, Main r*K.
t \i;si\ ii ; i.. \ \.
i; S. WING,
Green Bay, Prince Edward CoiiDly, Va.
i' nu -nee in Prince Kdward and ad
in Un- ami adjoining
DR Kit rule.
Medicines and
Druggists' Sundries,
? tall) Compounded.
Sterling Silver!
?lae Repairing. J [If[LUI ~~^
Ha ? I ii.tui Attention.
Jeweler and OptidaUL
? carefully examined
ami pmperly titted
Randolph-Macon C liege,
Ashland, V v.
? 0 STARK, I). D.. President.
Next -. --nm ss ill begin
SEPTEMBER 19, 1901.
1 ' i ? Bim special Informa*
ii"" appi) I,,
J> '- i'll lei
and SMOKE 1
1.11 can t* rurel of anv form of t
well, drong magneti< I
thai I wand v,?"' ,v ?*?*?' MO-TO-BAC,
ikrB weak men mi
"? J Jins .... BOO,OOO
y"*a- All druggist*, curr guarao
?**MliLiV cu, Lbiisgu ut New York. 4J7 a
Us tin- I s.-rela,..,, ?,,.?,. \,|?p.
timi of \ .illili,i,,r th,. ||,,?,,..
ss ii,- t .1, i .n.1,,,1 i Beam.
Odors an- sui.tl,-, withal searching.
In dealing witli those in Un- kitchen
un ounce ni prevention is ssoriii at
ire. lin- h. ai v -m.-li
offensive of all comes more
inything els,- fr,,,,, slopp
Hputtering user, tillich a un little
care in inn , men! prevents.
The acrid smell of burn! or scorched
ely painful so much
so thal 1,, t(,
he tlmt iii. , ,, ,,,,. ,.,?,Uno,
nut burning. Leaving unwashed pots
anti stcupans to dry and simmer on
the range is a fruit fal source of ill
odor- easily remedied. Dissolve tst.>
ju.innis of washing soda in a gallon
ol' boiling water and keep a in,tile
of it handy. \- you eni]
se--els pom- in so,la water un inch
deep, shake it svell all around the
ami lease until washing time.
If thc pots uml puns keep warm, --,
much the l.ct ter thc soda ssi I do its
ssork more perfeelly.
Unions, turnips and all the ,-nli
tribe, Which smell to heusen.
mas has,- their scent s.it hat
abated by a little care in tin- i,
The odor conies from their essential
oils, which volatilize. If the
tallies arc prepared -tune l.rs !??
fore they are wanted and left to
soak iu sscak. cold staler, rinsed lind
put mer the tire in fresh, cold ssa
ter, they throw up ihi- essen!
) in thc form of a -cuni. I.e:
them coinc to ;i l,oil before putting
in the salt, and -kim tait chan.
After thc snit is in add a dash of cold
water it ssill throw up a -econ,I
scum, which must lie removed ut
once, took all such vegetables un?
covered. A lid strengthens ihe odor
tenfold and makes it more offensive.
Another preventive is a breatl erust,
viii hard ami very stale. Drop it
imo Ihe ssal.r jus! ns it -trike- a
boil and let ii sim ten minutes, then
skim i! mil. Most ,,f thc oil still
conic tsiih it; further, Ihe
crust ssill hast- kepi ii from vaporiz?
ing. Cauliflower nol quite fresh al
-niclls tremendously. Thc lies!
thine for il i> a scald in stink sall
water, boiling hot, before tin- enid
soaking. If the heads arc lng eui
them into piece- ho ts lo make sure
of removing every hit of discolored
Hun when summer heat pul- un
open fireplace oui of commission, a
quick li re. as of st rats-. ,\, ?
light shavings, even newspapers, will
set up a purifying draught .ind help
to free thc kitchen of unpleasant
odors. Failing an open fireplace thc
kitchen ought to hate a range hood.
There arc hood- ami hood- at al
,nv price sou choose, from the
big burnished copper affairs, in the
greal hotels, io i he modest sh, ct
iron contrivance, ss Inch i- an inti
part of so man] among thc i
.tos.s. There is a movable hood,
working up and down like Ihe
..p dc-k, lhat 1- in theory
Ul a hood ought io be ssiih
bing to sparc hut in practice has
? rosed much less satisfactory than
lu- stationary ones.
\,, mechanical contrivance 'can
wholly make up for the lack of care
ind intelligence in the cook not?
withstanding ii ls a fact thal a hood,
tell set. in a large measure tallies
itiat the fumes of food. lite mau?
ler of s.-tiinc nil depend on tlc
uni location of thc Hue. Thc lower
?d^r ought io I.,- high enough to be
|Uite ont of thc ssas, set not so high
is to cither nu ll thc ris
endlng hot air column, lt maj
betterment, for no
Hrecl material benefit, bul a ??
I show thc money to lune
urn sscll spent.
?o name pre-cut and es,
omfort, all things keep much Inlier
,, a ss.il ain d I -oneil- are
icr of sell ing ssill tl.'pend oil tlc
mt the cognizable condi
iolis that Kn tal lie!,I. mst .Hld inns!.
fetal tarnishes and fain ic- decay
is ice a- quickly in heavy ami musty
in that ss hich is clean and
.hen ssith neither hood nor
it least luise a rrum
,el ten'il.ti,tr. 1 ?'dy a lin
nhl- with a ssi.his flaring month,
rooked IhhI.s and uncross upper end.
I should he Bel in the stall BDOVC
he range, with thc flaring mouth,
i hich (ilise- osor and downward,
? the ceiling. Thc n
the Hue. j
aough in secure a good dr
ency of this device, a innkc
hifl at best, depends mainly upon
,? ami smoothness of thc Uar*
n,l the tightness of the
(?nine in Ihe Hue. Chicago Record*
Kill. II.lor of Onion*..
lt may not he generally i
hat ;, -prc; of pal-Icy ssiih a dash
f -ult talon after one ha- eaten
will entirely remove Ihe dis
!?? odor from the hreath.
? ..Wv*
t f > y.?p
Icca Illa Snvlnur'a Kater and from th.
llrnnUnril'a I'nth Knlrri th.- \\ ?, ?f
*"i?l.rl,t> ii u.l lllnhleotiaiiraa.
When the h.-! morai results ft,Holt?
on unusual or abnormal event, any
discussion of ita natural or supernat?
ural agency cannot change the fact.
Many believe that there are aaeaeaa-ea
iron, Heaven more direct than the
written revelation; and the believera
nerallj those whose experience
rs for their Un,h.
\ y< ara ago, in a country tovsn
of ss est New England, lived a drunkard
locally knott ii aa "Distillery Struck Ji
coll." In his early manhood he I ai!
been thrifty, industrious ami temper?
ate, thc husband ami father of a happy
family. Both he and his young sui,'
had inherited sonic property. Jacob
the bricklayer had a good home, ami
looked upon as a Halag man.
W In li he ssas aliont ga seal - old the
offer of a jul. on a distillery chimney
came to him, ssit.h a promise of high
a sklsled workman ts;,s
wanted. He accepted st ith some reluc?
tance, being an abstainer himself,
ami disapproving ihe then almost uni*
use of strong drink. While at
ssmk on the job be acquired the taste
for liquor, through the example and
persuasions of his mates, ami his th,ss li?
ssa ni c,incr began.
Such is thc sior\ of the ssas I
hi- name. For IS yeal I' Hliery
Struck Jacob" ssas a sot. Ile did m.
I imt l.il a shiftless life, spending
his time with the loss anti ribald COBB*
pany found at any tavern ssithin Kl
or 12 miles of his home.
Alcohol ss ca kc ne, I his ininti, and even
partially paralyzed his body. No one
believed that the drinking, swearing,
staggering loafer could be far from
the drunkard's end. So one hut his
v She prayed for him. and hoped
and waited. Ile never abused his fam?
ily. He only disgraced them. Iii his
cups lu- often boasted of his "good,
pious stiff" and his smart children.
linc August nigh! lie caine home
front a long spree, ami isa ni lo beti
uml si.'in quietly. This ssa- ? grate?
ful circumstance, for his nights ai
hollie were Uni often so noi-t a- to
suggest incipient mania, in the morn?
ing he ilrc-std, washed lind sat dostn
to breakfast with thc family. Then.
Instead of his pipe, he found a pocket
liil.lc and svent our ami sat lintier a
. ri ad. Ile nad all tiny. lie
teemed to hast- forgotten his drink
iml his tobacco. Hi- children sson
lered. H's ssife watched him. cried
soft ly to herself, ami whispered: "God
tulJ* him:"
lor six months Jacob spen! most of
tis time reading and meditating ami
fathering back bia hst health and
itrength. By thai time he bad worn
mt one ltililc and procured i.I her.
Gradually and quietly be began te
.peak of his changed feeling, and to
leek his old associates in dissipation
hat he might carry to them the mee
il redemption. They laughed
ind called hun "loony." ( hureh-ineni
v, r- heltl aloof and distrusted him
sheii lu- asked their fellowship. At
a.-!. modeatly, he dated the revolution
if his life, and told its cause ss hich
o him never ceased to he a miracle. In
i dream, that Angual Bight, he had
ccu tin Sasiour.
Ihe behavior of thc renewed man
dence enough of his aineeritj,
i ssa- not until 3.1 years later that
ic died, a beloved and humble old
hristian. having outlived all his finn?
is and became totally blind.
an Imagined vision thal
h.tiioed the sot into a saint, thc fancy
s as no leaa a His inc s isit. lt ssas sin li
dr,-,un as Hie Hebrew poet defines
n the thirty-third chapter of the
lOOk of .loll. ? 111 [ Ol ll ti 'Tl.
Hum uml 'loins. neath.
Speaking of the recent killing and
,i two missionarii - bj cann!
I j riser, liiiinea. the I'm Hand
ian -as ?: "I ?' ri do
aries because t Int has.
li hostilltj for t tit- in aa
ar faith; thej db
beni ? iioii-coiisiimt r- of
um ami tobacco, their th sh ia tar more
abatable than that ..f ans other type
f vsliite mau. In the judgment of a
annibal, Ihe nu.ti of a missionarj li
, ?
?pt the flesh of a yoong child, another
ohio i- of tobacco m.'! ardent
I ; ? ? ?Mom
he lise- of American ami Enro
for il. - inple ri nsoii that
ii. ii flesh i- -" Impregnated with the
asor ,,f alcohol and toliaco a- u. he
s ulipa at of crow a,
and "iii. i' cai rion ann*
miling bil vi*.."
Chicago Man and Woman Worklnsj
Out HI lira for Show of Affection
on a Unas Street.
In relating n street comedy tha Chi?
cago t hroniele starla in with tha as?
sertion that Thomas Bweeaej -nts he
did not kiss, Amelia Amind. If hi-did,
he Bays, h.- isa- not looking anti he
cannot remember having first ,111
braeed the womaa and then bugging
her on a public street.
l'oliccinan Kelleher, hosvever, nays
?>u st it ne.sa to the kiaaing episode.
It ahoeked the blueeoat to anck an ex?
tent that he arrested both, OB charge*
ofdieorderlyconduct. Sweeney la bi sr
figuring on Ihe errors of kis-ing In
public by working oat a fine of f.'i and
costs al ihe bridewell. The woman hi
at the same institution. Tha fact that
she consented to lu- kis-,d in puhlic
uml by a stranger ssa- considered
greatly against her ami therine in tha
case ssa fixed nt $10 and costs. NoW
urie ia wondering why it is mai
rion- for a woman to kiss ? mini than
for a man to kiss n woman. The police
ure (lil itlei! on the ipie.at ion.
(itiieer Kelleher travels a night beat
along Habited street. He seta and
heiir- mans things ami he has grown
accustomed to peculiar sighta and
- Bl sight ob thal thoroughfare.
Hut the puhlic kissing ssas too much
even for him.
Sweeney is a laborer mu! kl team old.
He silts he is not aili erse to ko
rm miters of the fair sex when thej do
not object. Miss Amind is .')* years
old nnd she does not deny that she ap
preeiatea a good kiss and sha ia aol
ashamed to ki.s in puhlic. However,
she ssill not admit that she wa- kissed
bj Sweeney. Neither will she dens it.
l.i.m. O'Connor aak*d Officer Kelle?
her if he was i,pp,,s,d t., kiaaing.
"Oi um," declared the otlicer. "Ol
elver tsor kissed exeipt liv nie moth, r
and histor."
*{<>aro Heernlt oat tmntty linty Maa
Jual a Little Mixed Hui Vol to
Ile Trifled With.
A negro recruit and the officer of
the duy figure in the following little
story from the Philippines, written
home hy a Kentucky rolnatOSI to the
Lou Us ille Co ti rici-.! on rna I:
"A negro recruit on outpost duty,
who had been rilled with stories of
the Filipinos' torture of captured
American soldiers, hud let his mind
run on them until his terror canned
him to gal his orders for the day into
i pretty bail mess. At midnight the
ilttcer of the day svent the r.tiiit!-.
When he struck the 'rooky' he was
:hallenged by a scared negro.
" 'Halt, dali; who's dat."
"The anawar ssas: 'Officer of the
^>-t jt%
\ mug
MAgala the sentry tang oat: 'Halt,
lah; ss ho's dat?'
"The officer then asked him; 'What
n Sand Hill ssas the matter? Why
lidn't he knoss his orders?' The ne
?ro said: 'I does know mah orders.'
"'Well, what are they asked the of
iccr, and to his siirpri.se the aiisis.r
ama hack:
'? ile sargint don tole me to halt
on three tLines and den shoot sou.'
ind ssith that he cocked his rifle.
"Vmi should hate seen that officer
print for a tree From there he
sd thc only argument of any avail
citIi a coon H.- cussed him so hard
hal the nagle forgot all about shoot
Bg him. Half an hour later the of*
,.,-r ssas able to come out from his
idiug place and ..Use hi- proper or?
el's." _____
Improvement oss Telephone.
The tclephomu'rapri ls an impr.ne
icnt upon the telephone, and is com?
ic- into use In Berlin. When a person
peaka through ? telephone, and the
?ersun whom he desires to c,.minimi
ite ssith ls absent, the B
rioted by a tape machine, and he
i.tv read It on his return.
Bees That Hase Vn aila*.
stingles- bees have been found in
tie island of Montserrat, and British
ataraliata are trriag to encourage
ic propagation of the breed, svith the
ope af supplanting the bees which
ave stings.
!fc*7 Interfere s?ni, nli.il ssith a
lli.rae'a ll incl ion.. Hut Si-or
t linne Serioiia Min
There are nut ny cha
. hut it is
! doubtful if th. J
any of them. The b I ped iu
Un- stomach of the horse from the
- lad by the
lomewhi re on ri,
Where the horse cai lick Itself I .
The rigl f the equi
ls lilietl With a tell cly ,,pj
?? that -eci .
and to thc tougher lining ,,f t*.e ]eft
dc bots attach then
hatching out. I
tough lining by fis,, small hook-, hut
they are not provided with rn
anti hence cannot cu. They are nour?
ished by th.- absorption of dif
footl through their -kin. 'lhat shows
why there i- na truth in the -lory that
the -t omach of I he horse II sonic! till* .
eaten through bj I
thus destroy ti.
cannot, and do ;
here to the lining described tin
one season till lha following i]
when in the coiir-e of their gronih
the hooks let go anti the h. tl
ried on down through the Intestinal
track until they are voided. I
subsequent growth t,, th,- matured
gadfly aced let be detailed. Then the
fem., ii lind the
round g,,es ,,n ,a? before, N,, med?
icine that cnn he given th.
kill the bots. Anything ti
through Iheir -kin- will fr I
the stomach of the hors.
can be doti,- to net rid of hot-, .uni no
fear need l,c entermined that th.
going to d,, any great dam
icr-,.. Mature does not plan ti
?troy in such tremendous
would ensue if the boll.ld i
lining of the borse'i stomach. They
imewhal ssiih
lion, if present in enormous numbers,
hut in that tuts only, ami the ?
iy ssith all truth that he
knits ans serloua case of equine ill
.,. solely to hots.
Kanaaa t'nriti.-ra. After Tsvent s V en ra
of i: s |.er lenee. Ileelnr.- Il the
Heal lis cr Slntle.
Ihe picture, from Kural X.ts Yorkl r.
sh'ists the style of pigpen thal
of Kaii-as fanner.- claims tnt- given
? -ult- after .'o j cn ?' c\;? ?
in that line:
"Wc have tried everything, fi
tight barn with a little ss inti,,sv in the
south side .ind ii store in thc north
aide through 'wigwam
to a bunch of grass in thc Held.
the merita of thc pen ihoWn, the most
mportaal ls 'lo- large hinged door on
Hie south side that adnu! - -mi, to tin
whole of the pen and ket ,
ind warm. We never hasc stet or ill
smelli' Hate thc ref slant?
ing; at least 45 degr.es. 1
Un- i a li lida o, high that the north
Bindi do not blow in the pen- whea
the doora are open. Then, .again,
the roof is high at thi center yon can
get into the pen without bumping
roar head. A furner eats enough
tumps in life without going to a p _'
ten for them. Thc fie.ire will
low the pens are constr
livelfe-foot roofing boan!- are ,
hat 4 'h -id., ami
U/i on the north; width of pa
height on
.lill -uss haS 7 feet Ol 1, Qg ' ll. (
? p, r pen. We
ISO pigs is ith that
.printr. At a month old wc put the
Itter in open shetl-. We found it did
mt pay, io hast- built -i\ more
? olern ami (Kiter Itlaenaea I auisllr
Are i nt.a.-.1 hs Da*) snil < <>n
eent rnle.l I .....la.
Ume of th.- greatest finality
iin.uig boga i- when thej
iel led
im. on the dry ard mi
nods, sass the Indialla Farmer. I
?hat is the cond.'
ife. Whin
he Boga arc t urned in to t he autumn
tubble fields and left to cll
Irv. concentrated food trier.
: hog cholera or any other dist
iccurs. that is thc time, at least I
? rally speaking. It ls ai
mich ?'??
re mort prevalent thea, but h.
he hog is forced Into a condition which
Bahes him ino-- ie U, the
- prevalent.
lo animal, not ett-n ninn. ss as es er in
? '. the human ll
n,,w - t," much to risk hil I
uch eoudit
dong with these concentrated fo.
u oeeaaioaal loeeuleol ration. With
he abundant opportunity [ I
din. clot.r and rape and beeta, arti
boki i, aad i sc: lilage,etc.,then
easiui why he should be abandoi
he conditions w hich i' ?
eath. ath "f the
ear when an oe ol ra?
hm contd not h.- prov ith d I
'hia. ss ith pure water, wo
jin !. d throw ol'
leatly freqoeol to kill whee subjected
u t-wiidiiiun* intiling- d
Aa Kst-clti'iit iiinl Basal 11 V|i|ilinl tr.
rn .iti nieiil lo I'resenl til llun
sjet from limul i nu
li, draining the cellar ol
house, barn or other farm built
low pi.ices, lome a need
An excellent arrangement for th
. which is a,lap' ier tile
drain or ordinary stone ditch, i- shown
in the sectional illiistrali
une dimen?
sions aa tl ra in or tile, and two or three
feet ill lei ff one em1
ra ii somewhat beveled, I ,
of not too stiff leather anti cut
?quart tie smaller
de of boa on beveled end.
Nail thia on a squs re p rd (c),
just enough smaller than leather, to
ing mi al! four - .f the
to tha top, or abort*
- i making the com?
pleted taite and tats. r thu
abai frat tached
to it thc valve, slip another bo I
enough for the purpose, and
aboul one foot long, to protect the
working parts of the device.
down at the point it || to be
I in drain, and removing enough
I Ile, ff they are Used, for thc pill |
lit the salse boxes lightly in place, the
il box toward cellar. All sudden
high stater backing up ssill dosi
md be presented from cir
le ss a
ibsidea, tbe salsa- will open and
allow waler in cellar to escape. If the
\altf is applied in boa Ju
still ssork perfectly.
If il to hue trap arranged
bj be hail to the ra I ve
at any time for removal of rubbish,
etc., make if ai described in every re?
bel with the larger horizontal
box on outside of tulse seat. In
of a horizontal box, i rt leal
(tending up to thc ground
level. This may base a hinged lid Ul).
rn- be otherwise coter,,! Thc illus
trations show how the nap will look
ti he, so arm aged. J. 0. Viii.
in Farm and Home.
Ness VnrU Mule I n r.r Cia I Wt* Ililli
I lies I un ll,- llnlll is I ts S it)
SI,i,lent tc Bl !>?? n-i
Thc road question aeema i
putt- a problem to -oise, ami the
trouble appeara to b.- the enormous
?xpei. ida recent*
y built under the supervision of the
-tale ?
r mile, ish,u .,
nacadamized road can ba built much
lo I,uihl , I you
-sith all 111
/.. do no excavating, em
doy ii ?. nor is it
o nae a -team roller. \- for ?
at mg, lt ls tm for there
ire s.rv few road- in the country
mf a risc of a foot would
iciutit. .Vs for the any
tandy man thal could (Trade a Ri
?one on a
i foot thick, ii
title, ami make it lia inches higher
ii the center. As for the steam roll*
?r, the weight of Ihe -toms will pack
hen,-, he-, and I fully believe, from
nee, thal steam rolling .
Commence to build ? road al tha
nd where yon get the matt
(commonly called
er; then p I
brough a two-inch rino; then
svith about tito
to finish road, making a - sou
i> abc
.nd the other half bri
sate t i mile for s road 11
lou nt ry Hentlem
\\ orl.l VV ill Sr.fr "lane.
l'he department
ion, announces thal the world is la
-''ll fol
? viii if lin
ne of food products should
.holly exhausted. It
i thal th
.a.rl'l alon,
iuli/ed chef. A
rn In
of w hich
I Iii lr **,. itt I* Unt.
All Satlicvillc
iprovi imnt
in ike health of Mn 8 I' vv bl
si ho had for a Ic : ucl untold
? ? hial I run
:? \s
.od our
W ;i ivtly
Ippt. Bron*
chilis, lill l
I Ral long
\S .? in ss, ,
' ,lk.
lu < uri a ( nhl in One Mat.
llltc I'll' Illo lOlllill,, :
-I- refill.il Hie ni.y
if lt fails I
lille I- on ,
lt ld || I. lilllie- Ililli lo
make them.
HIBBS lae t Bag*.
ami aerial oil Un (old.
I .
ii one das No 1 'ure, no |' ij
Price -i cents
ku ti noan, \ \,
- i iini
: un a
vc- .I
I Hie
I lol,!
\. , V C
? . Ill
Laxative I<romt>i>iniii
Itt, rec -ir.* ti col.I Iii one illly
Mi k Headache i nred
i ,'t
A laine -i, . . d by
a!" I
ain- I'
What a Ld it I'll-.
ll lhai inii i
?Dow complexion, a jaundiced look.
notb patches and bloti bea on Mc
r trouble; bm Hil-. - \. s
the lisei. purify lae
ilootl, ic uks, rich
?oliipicvi' Il tl White A
I J.I il Ifs cl, 'Iiul:
.'Mi require thal the
ind on, ,,f
he penallii * bu rlolaltaa, thi* I.
.: ,1 bj I lk
i hitit!'' 11 , ll and
. alni toll
? rei hast' tl . inlshmeal
litlicled upon you. I'
\ nd, l-oii H lier.
ure- IMii uiii.iUsin ur I alal ill .illel' illl
I I*. I.lils.
I; i; li Ikitanl un?
it 11 n I men ts, doe
? ui inedicinea have
? aches lo i
um- ,,i i,a k, swellings, lose control
t muscles, lalo ti ?! breath, i laging in
-hms dist ll ?
i throat, tiuii
;ln ii lake B. H H ss Indi will
ure i i by mal
, ss i nmg
ri din < oinptii. I ? ,
?oi testimonials of i un - by H H
: ul give up in ,h-|, ni inn l ry
Hood Balm. Med ree fl an
Wll'e !
ac li iiii in it Dieu I
? ' ind lovable,
s song on a |
Out of order or unitrurig, there la
mes snd unhappiness. Just SI
-? health. A woman rn ghi ss v ?
> fly without wlngi ss to feel v>
?ell while the organs that make her a a
re vf., -
i Thara
.sands of women sufferings iently all
vtr the country. Mistaken rr.
-nee. While there la no
dmirable than a modest worra:
I the I
deration should give wa/
eld's Fems!': itor lt I
rs i lt La
is safest an
rt way to curs leu
-rrhea, fading of
ns womb,:
ess, headache,
ickacho ar.d g*rrv
?alwesitr.';!*. I Jil
ill be as' t I
OOm, es*
. uhave
tea ex; ?
sther io
. edies.
fa ara not asking
43 rn ade
ippy thousands of
can do '
A fr**>
ir BQADrtrio
iitlantd, Ga.

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