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^FKH?A. rsi l'I I MHI.H n. 1901.
Trrdwaj Ta inkles.
Tun'SS AS, V I - 1901.
l),nr Herald. Ymir weekly visits
arealaraya eoj ?yed, and the lirst thing
nne lock* fm I* to see if there ia a letter
frmn theil P.O. lt seem- strange thal
?ssas of your many readers of Trod way
deal *end you items every week In?
stead of waiting for a .seini-ocfH-ional
our neighborhood bas been very
(fay for the pasl tell day-. On Tuesday
nf la*t week, there was a lass ii party
given by the ladies of Olive Blanch
Methodist church, at the residence of
Mr. Dibbrell Klani. The heautilul
grova sm- illuminated with Japanese
lanterns, showing svith advantage the
tallies fairly groaning beneath then
sseight of good things to t*at. There
a*ae quite a lively contest between the
In.v- when a bandsoine cake ssa- pal
sp IO tie voted for, to lie given to tile
prettiest girl on the grounds. Miss
Kha Hancock, of Charlotte county, se?
cured the largest nutulier of votes
Owing lo the Inclemency of the sn ath*
ar tbe crowd waa aniall. The sum of
|181 - realised.
On Thursday afternoon ther( ssas
a lawn party at Mr. Hosvard Saden's
given iu honor of Misses Virginia and
Bead Seiden to their gneeta, Masters
John Booker and Frank Baldwin, nf
Farinville. The lawn presented a pret?
ty picture with the many children in
bright costumes playing all aorta of
( liildi-h gailles, and svhen lliey Were
Invited in the dining room to partake
Bf refreshments one of the tosvn boya
produced Ins camera and asked iht
lii|ss|o|i |o take the picture of the table,
with the lovely centre piece of fruits
and Bowers,
Tlieie ssas a (lame al Mr. Philip
Yonge'-mi Wednesday Dight and an?
other oo Kinlay night al Mr. Beldon'o.
The iaUei ssa-a farewell dame given
by the young people of the neigbor
hood to the "Hoys'' who have been
linnie for the last ten days mi their
annual visit, Messrs. Tom Yonge,
(iooilridi Overton and Fred Hunt.
The parlors were well tilled svith the
select dancers and the scene a nio-t en
trancing one. All the girls wore lovely
evening costumes, the gentlemen in
full dre? siiit-i und such music as only
Ifsssn vv .r-iuini and Bookar, of H.
S. College, can make; they were not
allowed even to stop he! ween sets, hut
the "two step" waa followed by other
round (lames until Ute prompter would
call out, "partners for next asl take
their plae< - I
uiitrytolk* were treated to a I
real cake walk by one of Farinville'.* I
drls. I am re.|iic-ted to give
the names of those present: Mi-se
Miniiie. Belle and Mary Yonge, Kate
ol Parmville, Annie Allen, Flu
shy, ofCulpeper, Indie ami Her?
mie Overton, Maggie and Elva Han?
cock, Klto Swan, Kreda, Pattie and
Virginia Sadden. Ihe gentlemen were
Sam, John and Goodrich Overton,
Toca Yonge, Krcd Hunt, Emmett VV'o
inack, Messrs Hancock, K. T. Kips
comb, ll. and J. Allen, Mr. Hooker,
Marcellus Harris, li. J. Wnrsham, Jr.,
and others, whose names I cannd imss
Belle Flam has returned home
after a -lort vi-ir to this neighborhood.
Robert Bradshaw,of Kice, i* on
a si-it lo her father, Mr. James Over?
ton. Min* M-I,y is also visiting there.
-V linfred Yonge is at home altei
a delightful summer in the mountains.
Fanner- busy cutting tobacco; their
wives are canning, gathering dried
Normal girls getting ready
lo return to school. Some of our girls
will lease -nun to !?
Brown author!
loguaranlee perfect satisfaction In lit,
-? - ,'iiples.
II. !>. COBB s\; Co.
Educate Tour Bowela With Caarareta.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation r
wc. -Sc. It C. C. C. fail, druggists refund money.
Warm weather ls coming. See mir
wh-Ii gooda before buyiug.
Fleming A Clark.
Taken look at Fleming A: Clark's
Hoe of negligee shirts, lt will pay you.
A fess pair of men's -hoes for $1 a
children'a 60c. a pair at
mug sV Clark's.
irk are taking mtiers
for men's spring suits. We guarantee
a III rn rn, -
Un . | ion in- Children.
?X" With a Tail.
The ?'C" with a tail is thc trade?
mark nf Ca*JCaret9 Cindy Cathartic
Look for it on the light blue eitamclcd
meta) box! Each tablet stamped
I < < Never sold in Hulk. All
druggists, loc.
Hie Fallen Leal.
? ll ' Well, lilli, e .
?Illili 11,1 WblCh it Lfl.VV
? I ll,e lillie ie
Vmi tnt.tu n a ,las ni two;
io Inn rs on it- w av
lice.in-. on ti,,, toil
Another, lu Un- ernie Of Ood,
Will tieck Ute Linnell -?,,,,,lal .
. ami I l?-at
Sollie liuiiiriii-i - liltt.i
Kui inen forget ere yet Un- ??
I DOS lier duck ls .liv '
ti" ? saning in
I lie Old, nal-l.tsllltili.il ,v
Ni. matter nhill lils mirk ur ulnae,
Num.. nthcr niall Int- rl-cn 11
Ami tills Ins plnci toilnv.
Mi** Louisa Wootton i- visiting
friends in Smithville, Ya.
Mi? Leta Wall, of Lonenborg, is
-t of Mrs. .1 H. Wall.
Mw- Ma,,. I'cuis, of Richmond, is
visltiog lur si-ier, Mr-. Rober! I
The public schtM.i of Parmville will
open it- nexl session mi thc letta inst
Mr. and Mia. J. H. Wall and sm,,
s|Kii! last Sunday at Meluniii, visiting
Mr. H. Y. Baldwin, ot Manchester,
'mir his patents, Mr. and.Mr
H V Baldwin.
Mr- J. Hunter and Mas e J. Hunt?
er, .Ir , of Richmond, are L'uc-ts of Mr.
and Mrs. Roberl Fiear.
Mi? Robbie Blair Berkeley b
sumed her music rl;i?. Terms made
known mi applicatio ..
Miss Fannie Bdgood left Tuesday
for Kip-Haps, Elizabeth City county,
where she will teach school.
Miss Klia Burger, ssh,, has been
spending several weeks in Norfolk, re?
turned to her home Saturday.
vi -- H,s.(,. Martin, sile, attended
the unveiling of the Charlotte m.uni
meal returned Inuiie la-t Saturday.
May he you don't think much of
rice, and yd it i- the principal food of
at least one-half of the people of earth.
Mr. A. K. Oralle, who ha- been
spending tbe summer at thc Rawley
springs, ha* returned much improved
in health.
Mr. Booti Martin, who ha- been
spending tWO sseeks at the seashore
and svith friend- in Nm folk, returned
home lasl Sunday.
Col. Joe Lane Stern will ins|iect the
Parmville Guard on Monday, 23rd Inst
Every member should prepare for the
important occasion.
We were shown a single leaf of to.
bacci this week from thc Held of Mr.
Kniint'tt Richardson, in Buckingham,
which inca-iired 25x37 indie-.
Mr. K. Scott Martin ha-heen elected
assist sn! secretary ind treasurer of the
Parmville Building and Trust Co.
This is a good selection hy thc Hoard.
Thc High Bridge is nearly comple?
ted, the svnrk of finishing up Hie la-t
span i- being done, 'lightening holts
and painting ssill not occupy so much
M's~ Ruth Eskewand brother, Maa*
te; Jefferson, who hist been visiting
their aunt, Mrs. J. K. Whitehead, re?
turned to their home in Charleston, W.
Ya., Tueaday.
Richmond Newt: Ihe manann*
the Farmville Fair in providing a prise
For any couple willing to He publicly
married should not omit a small -um
for the divorce.
Rev, Dr. Harding will he away next
sunday and there will Ik- no preaching
it the Presbyterian church. Hr. Hani?
ng under appointment of the Presby?
tery will hold installation services in
Appomattox county.
inor McKinney's "contingent"
?Npeti-cs were Hie smallest in the hi ?
orv of the State dilling the la-t tsven
tra, Tin* wa- predicted when
sllency refused to wear a du
mit at his inaugural ball.?Newport
\. tM //< raid.
Kev. Mr. Thompson preached an in
itrticfive and Interesting sermon on
he occasion of thc union -eivice, at
ba) Methodist church on last Sunday
?vening in presence of a large COUgre*
jation representing the different COU*
rresjatlona of the tosvn. The choir ran*
lercd difficult and excellent minde,
The svife of a Methodist minister
n Weal Virginia has been married
blfSJ times, Her maiden name ssa*
Partridge, her dist husband ssa-nairn d
Hobin, the second SpaiTOWand pr.-ent
me Quayle. Then are nosv .WO young
(tobias, one Sparrow and thee little
luayrss, and tbe family lives on Jay
.tied That lady surely is a hird.
Richmond Dispatch: Buckingham
I producing line gold just noss. Mr.
I A Weet, of that county, ssa* at Hie
.thee of the Commissioner of Agricul*
-terday, bringing svith him BBV?
?ral nuggets, which were practically
rich in the precious ore. Mr. VVe-t
ledared that they were Ihe ridi.-t
?vcr found in Buckingham, and ssoiild
?ompare favorably svith the baal of the
Among the lawyers from a di-taine
who attended circuit court here this
sveek were the fellowing: Meanie. A
H. !>ickin-mi and H. W Anderson, of
Kichmond: W. Il Smith, A. H. Arm?
strong and Wa. Lancaster, of Cum
I: Judge W. H. Maun, of NottO
w.n. K G Southall, of Amelia; Judge
Miller, of Posvhatan; Capt. rim*. Wat"
kins, of Charlotte: W. C. Franklin, of
When a man die* nowadays the lir-t
thing they a-k i-: "Wa- he insured,
?uni for how much'.'" The pap'
generally winds up the (.hilliary svith
Ibe amount of insurance. Soon obit?
uary notices ss ill rand Bomatbing like
tb,-: "rOtOf Jones died and left a wife
and two children. LOBB fully covered
by iii-uraiice." Or if the deceased Bl
not insured, it will read alu mt as fol?
lows: "John Smith i- dead. He
leaves a Wife. Total loss; no iiisiir
Mi.? Patterson i- al lu,me ft rn In
summei outing.
Many of mir girls leave for Hid
-chool- lill- Week
Mr dev, tanti ki,-an,,,f Buckingham
ssa- in IOU n Ulla ss.-ek
Mrs. A. F. Howard lias returnei
Mull! a vi-it to ftielul
Dr. P. Winston ami Master Peter
fefl We.h.hay for Kichiiiunil.
Mi- Lelia F. Pot-tea, of Bucking
ham counts, Waa io ion n (lu- week.
Mi? May Pauletl will reen nae hoi
music d,,.., od Monday, the I6tb in-t.
Mr J S. WI,uley, of Kichmond, i
apetxling eeveral daya hen- thiaareek.
Pennie Berkeley -pent la
imlay am! Sunday with friends in
Mr. Jame- H. (.ray, of Peter-bun:,
ssa- in Farmville yesterday visiting
Ground ha-been broken at the corn?
er of Third ami North streets for a
brick -tore house.
Prof. Arnold anti family are occupy.
lng tte house of Mr. W. H. Rotertaoo,
in thc Weal End.
Mi- Nettie David and Mr-. Dr. !'.
^ Ina!. are s isiting in lUehmond
am! Manchester.
Well, sve haven't been to sea-itle ,,r
mountain top as yet, and here ssc are
'fa! and line "
Mis* Fannie Wells, |g Hie gue-t of
Mi?t- Maud and Della Carter, near
Darlington Height-.
Mr. K. A. Kite, of Philadelphia, is vis.
Bing his father, Mr. P. H.C. Rice, and
his friends in Farmville.
Mi- Kli/abeih Ycnable, of Jackson
ville, Florida, is visiting the family of
Mr. Henry W. Kdniotuls.
Prof. J. H. c. Winston. Master Bev?
erley Win-ton, and Mi-. I A. Wood
son, who attended the Pan American
Exposition, have returned.
Mis- Vivian Wright, Who has lieen
spending thc Bummer in the country
hollie of Mr Whittaker, ncir Amelia
Courthouse, returned Saturday.
Mi? Sallie K. Johnson and Miss
Bolah Ulenn, of Rtehmood, Va., were
in town -hopping this weer;.
MiSBMattieK, Amos has gone |,i
take charge of her school at Roanoke,
the session lasts nine months, In-gin?
ning Sept Hill.
Mr-, p. o Man-on. of Lynchburg,
who lui- been spending the slummer
svith lier sister, Mr-. Elton Berkeley,
returned home on last Tueeday.
Mi-- Dearborn, of nTetooncounty, Ls
the gm-t of Mi-s Sallie Stokes, at the
beautiful country home of her parents,
Mr and Mr- W D. VI. Stokes.
Mi-s.Nelia Kogli-ton, after a vaca?
tion of several weeks, spenl pleasantly
at her old home, HampdcnSidney,
returned yesterday to Haltitnore.
Major Stanley Martin, of Danville,
Who -iiicecdcd Major J. H. Martin as
Major of the Bid battalion, 70tfa Ya.
regiment, ssas in tosvn Thursday.
The nesv moon is said to Ire a dry
moon. We ssill tell you later. If lt
i rain for a week don't say it has
been a long, long time between rain-.
Mrs. H. F. Allen svith her children,
Mis-Carrie, Masters Fdw-ani,Benjamin
and Clarence, Who have been visiting
Mr*. Wade, returned to their linnie, in
Norfolk, Thursday.
Mrs Walker Blanton, of Cumber?
land, WM in tosvn, Monday. She gives
Hie cheering information that the peo?
ple of her neighborhood are preparing
lo make exhibits at mir Fair.
The excur-ion Monday sva* nol lil,,
?nilly patronized. Labor Dav was
mt generally observed by mir people,
mly the banka and po-tdlice taking
ld vantage of the closing privilege.
Mr. S. J. Koherlson, of Prince Kd
.vard county, has an old violin, made
n 1742, hy Anthony Stradivaius, which
- one hundred and fifty-nine years old
lt will lie on exhibition at our Fair.
Thc contract for putting down the
granolithic pavement between Rich
tnl-on'- s(,,re and Harrow's market
imise, has lieen awarded Mr. K. ll.
hick, who had thc making of mir
na,?adam road between here and
Mr. Walker Scott, the courteous,
-bilging and ellident book-keeper at
lie Planters Hank, WHO has been en
oying a much needed rest In the good
,1,1 county of Mecklenburg, will return
,, his duties tonight.
Mr. J. H. RnaasJI, who fur several
? ii- ba- been the ticket seller for the
Norfolk .v. Western railway here, has
tccepted a position with a railroad
?oinpauy at Columbus, ohio. Mr.
Il left Saturday for his new home
Mr. W. H. Kidianl-in'- faithful
amity mare received serious wounds
A t'dne-ilay night from Hie barbed
,i nc around her pasture 'I'lie injury
raj attended to -dcntilically by Mr.
\. A. Cox, and at la-t accounts tlie an?
nuli wa- doing svell.
The speech delivered hy Kev. Dr.
Mcilwaine batters the Constitutional
'onveiitnui la-t Saturday, sva.* brief?
i occupied not more than fifty or sixty
nu- in the (illida! record of the pro
?ceilings -but it sva- to thc point and
. effective a- if it had occupied
ive or -ix columns. Dr. Mcilwaine is
ni exceedingly -tronginan, and hi- in
BueOOS for good will, we think, ht felt
in the Convention.
Richmond Nm -. Thc Hes s. H.
riioiiip-on, paStOff of the Kapti-t
?burch at Farmville, is in the city
today. He was sent by the Ap|>omat
to\ Association to pre-cut a document
to thc Constitutional Convention ad?
vocating the "Majority signature"
niea-ure mi the HqUOC license amt
Be Will also be IO Kiehnmnd mi Sep
tt niber IT, si len the temi-erance rally
will !>e held, ami will bl mic of Hie
iles togo before the Convention
at that time.
lanni Mle lleiuis ratit Primal s.
Pursuant to a call wIveiH-ed b
Chainnan Dr. vv. K Anderson, th
Deinoc a ic primary ssa- teld lasl Tue.
Amy ttik'iii. in the ('ourUiouse.
Navet hi- :i more spirited m.. inn
I Irceil held bs the Democrats, the I ii rs! I
contest being for Instrocttona for t 'nun
tv Chairman and candidate for Hu
Hon-,- of Delegates For Chalrmai
two mimes were tiefore the primary
Capt H. M Burton and Mayor W. T
Blanton. There were also twa riama
presented for tbeHoUBBOf DelcL'ate
Ttey were Hon.J.J OwenandCapl
Jim K. .Morton
The courthoii-e si a- tilled to its ,| ?,r
with party men frmn -all over the di*.
Hid ami never did eiitl,u-ia-u.
a higher teti-ioi, - were made
hy Judge Watkins m advocacy of Mr.
Owen, and by Major Venable f"r Cap
lain Morton and Mayor Blanton. A
ballot was token Ural as to tte House
candidates, which resulted iii Mr. Owi ri
receiving M and Captain Morton M
The ballot WM next -pn-ad mi in
strudioiis for County Chairman and
Captain Kurten received ST and Mr.
Blanton 88 i
Delegate- were appointed and in?
structed to vote in the County < 'mi sen -
timi in accordance ssiih the al,.,
suits. The delegate- are Dr. Winston,
W. T. Blanton, J. W. Overton anti C.
K. Cunningham
The District Committee ssa- elected
as follows: Dr. W. K Anderson, K. J.
Verser, J. F. Walton, J. Y. Kice and
F K Hundley.
Mr. Olsen's nomination fol the
House of Delegates is now a? med. In
fact, since the withdrawal of <'aptain
John K. Morton, announcement of
vs Ililli is printed elsewhere iu the Hi.it
ai.u, there is no opponent to Mr. (Iwen.
Tte primary Tuesday night demon
strated the fact that oratory has not
lied frmn the land. Ihe Dominating
speedie- of Judge- Floiiiiioy and Wat
kin- were of a high order of excellence,
while Major Yenahle, ss ho alway- be?
gins by saying that he is no-peaker,
invariably make- a strong presentation
of his cause
.lutiL'c Ptournoy'a tribute to tte old
('mifederate sol,Her glossed ss ith the lite
of the charge, and ssi.11Iii see the
Baatea leaping from the eye-of Coin,
rades Miller and Paulett sshile it ssa
being delivered.
lt ami T.iiin.igc who aald, " Next to
the luxury of making a good apeech is
that of lisleniiiL' to ott
The Fair A ira in.
Thc punt?ion i- moving and the
show will open mi tune- the "greatest
mi earth," to be technically correct.
The advertising committee baa been
particularly active of late, and every
nook and corner of Hu* section i- be?
ing Invaded with attractive display
matter, [nquiries tor space for exhib?
ition gooda, svarea and iMrchandiae
and for entertaining thc crowd arc be?
ing daily received.
Tte cooria of adjoining <? untie- are
being visited regularly and ss ide ann ad
internal La being awakened in what
promises to be the best of Farmville
Fairs. Attorney-! iencral Montague
ssill be svith us on UM lirst day of tte
md will make the opening sd
jress. The marriage will tak- place
iii tune, though the courting may yet
have to be done.
Major Martin has thc tournament in
hand and that mean- DO Bttcfa ss,,ni BS
rail. Meean. Yenahle and Jackson an
irranging for the races ami they svill
nit tolerate any but the Itcst. More
han one farmer has already cut pre
ilium tobacco, ami more than OM i
?ra/y ipii)t has been linished .'or first |
alace. ;
One of Um lee-ding bands of tte State .
rvill furnish the music, ami thc Opera
House ssill bl the -celie of nightly and
Host attractive entertainments.
We feel sorry for the fellow WOO |
teen*, already caught some ,,f the en
hu-ia-m which the promise nf a BUC*
?e?fill exhibition assakens, and to
ill sin b sst-say kindly but earni-tly, ?
.nike up !
A. lt. Armstrong a ( undulate.
A arri tor aaya: The people In the low
?r district of Cumberland 010 very hap?
ly over the announcement of Mr. A.
I? Armstrong as a candidate for the
i,,u-eof delegates, and ssill give him
heir undivided support (or the place
if honor lie sojustly dasi
Circuit Court.
The circuit court for tile fall tenn
sagan .Monday, with his Hotter, Judge
Hundley, 00 the bench.
Several Importna! eases were given
:he jury and concluded, and late se
ertlay afternoon the BaSS of Hatcher
IB, Huck, was being tried. Tln
-uit for laVBOII brought by a negro hand
iv hom Mr. K. <i. Huck bad employed
n blasting rock for the macadam road.
Hatcher received very serious injury of
he right hand bf the premium
plosion of dynamite. The cast- had
?mt been concluded at the hour of
'oing to press.
in tte casa of the Planters Hank of
Karmville vs. Gen, Knbanl-oii, tin
ury found for the defendant.
In the suit of W. H. Burger VB,
Wa-h. Hell, the jury found for the
psalntiaT. 1 his was for a -mall strip of
and running from the Siuthern Ikiiiii
iry of Burger's farm, up PB the DOUM
if Bell, which is situated BU tile public
road, mic mile South of Farms ille.
A < orrection.
r ll-rild:-I did Mr. 1 -
Bucker unintentional wrong in la-t
- Hkkai.u iu intimating that hi*
vines v. : of foot as to carry
his BBSJOOS into adjoining c,untie-.
I caught four of them mi this side af
the river since then and they were loo
big to te twited anywhere axeapl by
Bueh notaeaaa Mr. Backet drives, and
were of Hie lim-! type
On nu: Go.
' .i|.t;iin Moitun Wi I lui i a ss*.
/'?/ mi. I',,, mdt and Supportt rs.
Having been -elicited by CitlSSUS ll
different acct Inna of tte county to an
in.tillie mv-eir a- a . al.. I n ln'e for Ul
House of Delegates, I very el
did -o, a- my opponent hail been in
the lield (,?? BOOM lune I expected
then b in;,'ht. a canvass bm base bOOO
sick for BSVeral sseek- and am noss too
unwell to go oui ami do any work.
In justice to iny-elf ami friend* I
it beal to withdraw from the
lidd under these circunistai' ?
thank my friends and al! who have
lusen nie their support.
John R Momob.
Millbank, Va 8 , 101.
I Ile \\ niall, nu Prim,in.
WoRSH sm, Ya., Aug. Bl, 1901,
At :i rneeilug of the Democi i
Worsbam I)i*lrict, this day held, lo
elect Delegates tu the Oouoty Conven
timi to be held in Farmville on the PJth
of September, to nominate a candidate
for Hie legislature, the fol'owiog tide
were elected: W. A MoCmWi
J H. Carland and C. H. Katison.
Before the election of the doh
took place the following resolution ssa*
unanimously adopted:
"We, the Democrats of Woi-hani
Dis'rict, in meeting assembled, il"
hereby pledge ourselves to support the
nominee of Hie County Convention to
be held in Parmville mi the PJth d'
Iv I. Di itv , Chairman.
I ll. lilt KINsoN, Sec'y.
leiden l.icls.
ld.i ion Y.s., Sept Uh, 1001,
Mrs. S. J. Allen wa- called away
suddenly mi last Saturday to the bad
aide of her daughter, Mrs. K. |). Cal?
houn, of Beiapringa, who is ni with
typhoid fever.
Miss Bessie Calhoun left last suck
for lier home in Pulaski county.
Mi-s Sallie Allen, of Tredsvay, left
Sunday, aller spending two weeks
with her cousin, Miss Alc.se Allen.
Mrs. Johnnie Heigh and family, of
Norfolk, returned last week after an
extended sisit p, her Blotter, Mm,
M.utba Allen Ah' Bennie, the girls
arealready a/earing king hs
Mr. Spencer Boya! apenl several
dav- lae! sseek ssith bi* COUSlO, Mr.
Compton DI
Miss Annie C. Allen, of Tredway, i*
visiting Mis, |-; Maude Allen thia
Mi-s Ruby Benson spent last week
at Meherriii ssiih Mr*. Capps,attend?
ing Bervicea at the Baptlal cbareb there.
A large number of mir young |K',,ple
expect to attend the picnic at Douglas
ti. \ I Kinlay evening.
Kev. j. vv. Tyler returned to bia
charge al Louisville, Ky., tesl Finlay,
after quite au extended visit to bis
mother in lass. Mrs. Bailie Btokaa.
The "George Hudson Mission Band"
will meei ai Kanes Saturday night.
Ali arc cordially invited to attend,
Kev. Dr. Munal pie ched a line
-cimon Bl Kan.- Chapel last Sunday
evening. His text ssa-, James 1:12,
?d i- the man that endureth
temptation: for when in- j- tried be
shill! receive the cross n of life."
Hie Fanni ille lair.
ilUciuiitiiiit lin.
Weare told that the Fiirinville Pair
Association i~ working hard to in-ure
i Bucoaaa in it- exposition next
'all than ever before achieved.
County fair-tl,, a great deal of good
md would do a great deal more ginni
f the people took a more lively Inter
?st in them. It tea good thing for the
opie of any county to gather lo?
rette! every sear and display their
induct-and-wnp ideas and cultivate
he spirit of sociability. In this ssay a
-onerous rivalry springs up between
?itl/.cns and then la an additional stim
ilus to every farmer svhen he feels that
ie l- grossing something to boexbibi*
ed at the annual fair and to be mi?
ni nd by bi* neighbor*. Tlu-e gather
in.'- also have a tendency to develop
md cultivate public spirit, and the
mater the public spirit in any SOBS
nunity, tte greater ssill bethe proa
Tin- Farmville Fair is a well edah
bibed Institution, and sn- hope that the
[?'air this year will Ik- Hie best ami nu.-t
'iithusiastic ami most enjoyable that
te people of the progressive county of
I'rince Kdward have ever given.
fanni ille Houses pur Sale.
Wc have fur -ale two small dwelling
-.one brick, the other frame, in
he town of Farmville, at reasonable
Fa km v ii.i.K Fsnsf Am wt v.
Prompt Pai mint.
I-'akmvii.i.k, Va , Aug. J7th, 'ul.
Mr. ll. ll Ih rb I'll, Fur "ir dh , Ya.:
Io-'au BIB*?-1 teg to thank ynu for
the promptness with winch you base
banded me check of your company in
rilli payment of the policy OB the life
,f my bile husband: lt ssa* at ymir
solicitation Heit he applied fur tte pol?
icy in February la-t, and of COUrSS bul
rue premium bad been paid, and yet
|uat so soon aa proof of death rea
ihe linnie ollice the check, payable to
BOl throned you. Such
ibould greatly promote tte bu
.me? of SUCh a company as you repre
rent Very rMpectfully,
Mr*. Miami! h. [aron.
A Model Karin.
If you svant a model farm we have
roe toonil you lt is located in the
Bounty of Cumberland, Wewin take
In showing it lo you.
Fa km vi i.in Fakm A
Summer Heat
for bowel complaint-. QieOO app es
nnd cm tmiircrs produce them aud
Pkkkv Davis' Kain Ku.i.kk
Hiern. To the troubled stomach it
alni. Hie wind is a.
i. ami the trout. ? Every
-t iii the land keep- Pain-Killer,
o one should I-e without it in his
family. Avoid substitutes, there la bul
mic Pam-Killer, Kerry Dasi-' Price
i Sus.
and talk to us about the next I.kli
in ?-bringing printed Hiing
lill!. .?? rmi ways
Non cu, attract lt, draa
ll, p'ead dr ll. a-k I
in-l-l on lt. ami c. lii
mind it
Which would voil ' .
do unh \ I :m
noiincenit ni .'
SS ho tu a k e -
thing- to Bell, rn ss In
thing- fol I.
Hung to -ay to the public
The ssas that smi Bay it
ia is importaol at least bj
what you say.
Wi, I
lin sias Voil -as ll I
Printing that cannot be
tumid down, mi-laid, side?
tracked OT over-lookiil i- the
kimi sse do,
lt l- di-tingtii-hctl print"
ing?printing that not only
nias, but ss Indi Illll-I lc
printing ss h I.- h
di i -ii t -mipls a-k. but
which demands ain! I 0B>
maid- attention
An- m.! Hu -< di,
(eristics ymi nant in your
printing? Then come la
t. folder, circulai or ottei busl
Herald Job Office, #
\ (ard From Mr. Morton.
Mu.i,hank, Ya., Sept. 2nd, 1901
Editor Hi mid: I noticed in your
Issi Issues can! fruin some voter mak?
ing Inquiiy >** to bow tbe tanti,
for legislature stooti in regard to g
lor Martin. I have bean -uk BVSI
?ince I announced mysell mcandidate,
iud so base not malle any 0%
\l.v viesv-base been vetj pronounced
ii regard to Mi. Martin. I has ?
wayo opposed him and his methods,
Mher matters ] would like to BXpiesa
ny s icu s ,,n bm it |g t,?, late noss in
bc canvass. John K. Mokiiin
ann Near laVaaadefl-SidBej Per Sale.
We have a gootl farm of SOCae Po
nie-, in sight of Hainpilcu Sidney,
Vbicb ssc can -eil cheap. (,.1 dwell.
ng, barns, -table, .Vc
F.skmvu.i.i Pa KB A'.i \, s .
HncUiiiirliani News Badget.
SlIKI'ISKI'-. V A , Sept. I, 1901,
Editor lb ndd: nar?. Ml Hedinger,
lynodioai Kvangcii-t. preached three
ay* la-! neck at Nesv Store church.
te attendance waa good, aad I ls rn
hal arrangement* ?ef0 made for cti
Bging a regular pa-tor.
Kev. N. H. K'beitsoii preadietl at
.myrna la-t Saturday and But
Our young men continue to go aw as
lr. Qregg Kican, tte handsome son of
Ir. Cleveland Klcan, left la*t Satur
ay to make hi* In,m. al Charlottes
ille, Ya, and Mr W. Q. Ctute will
-ooii to engage lu burineaa lo
We hate to BSS our young men go
way, but they -.-em to pio-pei, and it
mk* selfish to want them lo -ta.s hen
li the beCkWOOda, when lhere are SO
nany inviting BBBnlngS fol them in
uainess welsetere. Asanevidenoa ol
he success of our Buckingham boya, l
nclose you a clipping from tte Aim n
an Elevator and (.rain Trade, giving
-ketch and portrait of Mr. P. ll I -
an, one- a CttlaSU nf Sheppards, and
u -event trespondenl of
our most interesting paper.
There are many others of our Buck*
ngham boya who have achieved a very
irs of stsCcsaa in varioua
Barta of the Clllli
The problems we want lo soi
H>W to keep them here, and at lin?
aine time give thcina chance tortes
,* they do el-csslc
A ll a nra in.
We can tell sou a good farm i I
.cns of land, with fair dwelling, barn
ind -tade. within 6 miles of Hampden*
udney, for ?7m. One-third
ince i ami 2 yeai-. Interest on deferred
? av meiit*.
Kau si vi i ni
lt will cost alin,,-t a- little t'
?our ( 'lot III- made !? i lin a-.BS to buy
bein ready lo WOOS, BBS VV ai.amaki I
v Bros ii - - uni
H. I '
I .inn iu ( ii in Inri aii<l.
A very iie*irable farm of abo ll
Sith elegant dwelling boUSS and
ulterior outbuilding-, in lbs coUl
timberland, for sale Pi
aary tarma The building- are ss,,nh
te money. Fine orchard*, abundant
ratei supply.
Farmville Kai in Agency
Your Lifeawayt
foti can be cured of any tor using
asily. be made well, strong, mag
lew life and vigor by taking HO-TO-B AC,
hat rn ikea weak men itt
en pounds in ten dayl, (err SOO,OOO
?urea. All druggists. Cure guano.
et and advice FKBH. Address -TI .
IKMKEY CO., Chicago or New York. 4J7
S iasall tarin Im s.ih .
We have for-ile a -mall farm of 40
i sith good dwelling, stable and
mm, in tte county of Cumbei
Vbicb weean sell for KOO, Ons third
?adi, balance 1, % and I sea; -
ui deferred payments.
Farmville Farm AsjOUCy,
HKKALliand World only $ KW.
Coal I Coal I
Noss i- the lune lo buy your ss intel
Mal at Bummer prat-. Htapite tte ad?
are aili -eil Virginia City, Ban*
ncr, Thacker Splint, and Pocahontas,
all first grads, al : - 00 pei ton, w a
liing Alina I.iuii| ;i g.I cal)
at tl 50. All aixea of Anthracite Coal
ii leam!.
a* before l,u\ in-, vie ll ill ii . i t
- ?! corni etil
BARROW ( n.vi. < 0
Sample- of pgji ami Winni Clothes
tn n ad| f.,i inspection. Thej are
beautiful, 111) ( 'obh ft Co"
Ulled thc Heal lanns in pi inn I ilnnial.
We base I ! mus
iii Prince Kdward ol aboul ami .
? im d dwelllog bouse, ala barn-, stable,
tenant boun iii, bani, shun
duilt III d | aVI ll tell.
I lich low landa Prii i : 1,4100.
i.ie-fouiib cash, balance I,
Intereel on deterred pay Bients,
I- sksii ii i i Farm Adi ni s.
Tte best !?"! linne
Hurtman, foi i IV.T. D
,tmr**mU\ CANDV CATHARTIC - '*?
lie. iota '** liBlllH Vial"*"" [innraiU.
Genuine stamped C. C. C. Never sold In hulk.
Beware of the dealer who tries to sell
"something just as good."
V . .lin.lille I .11. **.ll. .
We "ih i i"i bb ? rsa "t ran
aliiibic land, svitliiii t .s i mi.I
Hampden-Bidney, siithy.,,,,,1 inapt
mellis, windi nc can-eil ..i reaaoustile
figure- and on ea-;, lertns, Apply to
All \|i|n,ll!.l!|.,\ Ititi I I ,Hill.
We have tor sale an Appomattox
user faun. SO BCIM of bottom land-,
189 :ill told, j mile- ol Pal ni', lilla
dwelllog ss Indi a ll al loss
I' sum sn ii F susi Ali Bl v.
Wall Paper III i lets, both
iu price- and -ts lea of print, i
Ciitllin - I !? un < i. !- < 'I i. iii.i
vv inn li Iks please dob beau In mind
Cridlin'a phone i- sixty-nine.
[fyOUl feet are leiidi i Irs a pan ot
, wearing
Pit mn..' .'?- i lark, Agi Bte,
BS cl
Furniture He plea- - In pi
A maiiuf.icturing plant ni I um
villi- for BBle, lp|
ni Ille Perm Agency.
i. Carts are "all tlc
il III p Ili?
lli!! -isle
Thats All,
Except it
Cures Dyspepsia.

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