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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, May 23, 1902, Image 1

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HONOR Uti; nil. iw.-i, Hil,I' nu; THE I'l.l-l..M. HOPE KO II lill: ll ll UK
V(>l- X,L FARMVILLE. VA.. FRIDAY, MAY 23. 1902. NO. 34.
? X I
9 I
' D ,
Stai* s Ri tn
t i; t iiAi'rii.i.
IX*if W./TK1XS,
\ I WV.
* Aird CojiUj', Va.
ti i > A'l LAW,
ai mos i i "-.
Medicines and
Druggists' Sundries, ?
led. |
H. C. UKUTE, ~"~
A<. ... '
I* iiiMVii.i i. Va ?
| | |
a i a ... | -
? hil-. (>?
I 1 St., ?
m tbe City Hall, ,3"
-?.in..ml. \ h. | .
* wife.
- ? t lui- .Ilium.?,I t h.-ir ?
l?hl awaj
? l
, a .ka.
| lilli.
? tl 111 HIV ..Mil
Hi.vin. in N v v
S An A yened Shooting In a Col- ?
m orado Mining lamp.
* t
f(T HE Occidentally averted 1
I dies ur.- n..t oft-rn chronicled,
ii tem ..f that kind that
ire ?i.nh t.
ratio mining man lo a <-:i|*>it?>1 commit
!? f r.i group the other aftt
Di orreapondent ..f
the N. V. Sun.
"(tn.- nii.'lit. when t ripple Creel) waa
new ;ni.l raw, I'.iiT Randall and Alee
[?robb, who were partners in h claim
that hui panning out big, drifted Into
Bi ni. Murphy's canvas honkatonk nmi
HilT nml Al.i- Inui
been off the reservation for four days.
Both were pretty bad nun.
"Well, "ti this night BIA im,I Alec,
being I precarious-like on
their pins, nml neither of 'ena having
h.-ul any sleep for f..ur days and
?*? ere i.?i-h uIth each >>th*>r,
and the boya noticed that they were
moppy In tha way they talked
other. Consequently tbe
boya kept a -..rt o' toco* on the en
trancea tn thi- tent, sn's tn he at.If t.i
? proper getaways at thi
ful moment, in cnaa there waa any?
thing doing between Alee arni I'.itT.
"Afti r they'd both wetted down nil
hands three ..r four times Bill nml
Alee were naturally quite some m- >r?
to th.- Lu.! thnn before they'd cine
In, and they continued tn have fancy
h other fur some
Finally HitT ?
(.ij,rht of a dusty "lil ii..lin I. i
. ahelf behind the har. The
(illili.- nml case Iunl been loft with
M irphy by h rover who wanted
the pri ? back t.. 1 '??tu.t.
"'Sunk,' sn iii ltiff tn Murphy, who
nat taking thi- watch hims.-If behind
thi- liar, 'lemme have a peep at that
musu* h.ix. Maybe I'll play you a
rhum-. I tis..1 tn lie a heap nn thu
Buillf when I eras yoong nnd porty.'
"'Well, I never knowed that.' pot in
Alec, kind n' leering nml Ugly. 'I
knowed thal ymi ?:is n whole Int
ii .ll...ii i\..rk, bot Bot with
Un- i...iv. If I enn't piny n feater
?linne ,.n that thing thnn \"ii inn I'll
hand yoi over my half "f oor li"li" in
Iht LT..Ililli.'
"Biff, in tin* net "f taking the fltMIe
.ut of the box, looked np nt \ ee
'rom ender his stin^jry eyebrosra
* 'You're on, you Juniper,' he paid,
quiet like, considering Alie's
meering arny. 'You're nn Vt keepe,
md \"it got to stny frith thnt crack
.r trit what's cumin' to a Welcher.'
".Mee grinned satirically and eon
Idently, and Wff began lo tone np
it. We thooghl he'd only
ir-fluahing when he'd said
(mt bs could play s..me on tha thing.
ut we ?? by tlie woy he toned it up
h;tt lie knew something about lt
"He pol -"'i '? roein oa the bow, sal
own t-"'H t" lie more Steady, stink
he fiddle nuder his ehin nnil 1"
h Washer woman.' lt
idn't snund sn bad at that.
"Meantime we kept the "ff eye ..n
lee. We li^'iired tliMt Alee WM OUt
n n limb. Now, eonaldering the
n-ilt nf liiff's performance, we w.-re
-plenty surprised tn nutt- thnt Alee
idn't appear t" he even a little hit
? thal ihti he'd poshed
"We couldn't see thnt it looked
v tn suppose that Alec could
and up a feater tune than Hit! hail
(tented, nnd flint's why we v\
mished t" observe that there ??
?n whatever "f caving un .Mei's
"?Now, yu cattish,' s.ild Hiff to
le.-, handing nur the fiddle and the
?i make g.i thal chew n'
mrs alinnt fast chimes. I'll leave it
i thc litim-h. if yini've got me cp
? nd, the whole claim's your*. If
ie hain't got the g.ls, I'm
, mark a dead lins
nm that hole In the foothill mid
in're goln' to stay outside of lt.'
"Alee took ttl.- violin itml bOW with
? in still un li- lao Hi
id the Instrument and bow A-rwu
gb to cut himself "IT a large
icu from a ping. After carefully
owiag tlie chew in the left limul
mer "f his countenance, he picked
, the fiddle nnd bow again, tried the
rings like a man who knee
' nnd then began on
'* Dream.'
"Well, lt didn't tnke any of ns half
id nu'!' t. thnt Al.-c timi the ?
M-eknndlss uni that ha had Bill ?<
,it. .Me.* wat right there with
Wilt Hreiiin.' and th-to nie not kl
? r Addle tunes than that
- ' seal
Int while he played, but '
ike any breaks in his Angering or
wing, ami he tore off that tunei '>>
iter'n a runaway slag train going hi
down a mruntiilii sidt Well, whea
we Sk i ? stood,
al I-,!' lO
ward ti .
"We hadn't been a fl ed t.. he mada
um pl rt - ? exactly
*.. t he fronl and handing
dui n nm ,|- .peetira
i Hill mid \
Kaw T ll ii t I tiff's ileK ll.-le blazing ntl'i
? -i I,and \i.*is sort o' twid?
dling i
I -t ii.it
? ?
"Alt. ll,, iiml I ow
after hi
quizzically ?
hiid n chagrined, .-iii
look .-n I.i- map that ought tote
j,li nnd Inn
four da n,I he ki ., ?
i h.
himself up . ? hard nt his
partner, 'lemme tell you somethin'.
*, , .? m -'
".Now, it i? ? nstant,
when the hands 'if both men were
traveling toward their Lr|ins. 'hut I
Squat, heOVJ s.t ii
in dark ind with a flat
topped derby pushed back ' i
tending in tin- en
? ? ? * ? I h* *.
away tn,.] seen him in Denver the
w.-ek before.
"We nf thc bunch were ju-t ill.."lt
I timely hike when Biff
and Al.c were on tlie point >.f inak
Ing their gun play, when the little
man, who appeared to lu- quite aware
of w hat whs .
Hy np t< they Si ifront
\ oilier, and slmosl mi the
pinpoint "fi
.- tin in lii.th. and
from mie t" the
" 'I h.
"Bill and Alec both turned nnd
gazed with open mouths nt th.
*. ith the bald lien.I.
Neither of them snid B ii..rd, l>tit
- .I at hlin.
" 'Oh ld the
squat man, picking up the
men! from th'' bar and scrutinizing
it. Ih.'ii h.- picked up t'"' '*" *
sui Alec ."ntinued * I him.
" 'Yell, I May for you,' -in*! th'- lit?
tle mun. mid lie *:
np uniter hid chin like ns if it was a
pet kitten, and lu* gave a flourish "ith
and then lu- broun ht lt dow n
fur a
strings nt .in.* .uni then Hill
? .us u,-nt back int.. th. :
and they * every!bing
? pt tin* sounds that were '"ili?
lli*,' mit nf thal catgut and,
- tin* making "f war mt
Wits out fur tin* l ne uli
gathered around * man.
"lil.l miy nf i..ii ever l ear i '
Remenyi, th.- Hungarian i
p!,*ii V |k cause that's eh.. tbi I
II. ne ni i. Ile lind run doe n
fruin Denver t.. i i ;
what a nen \ mei can n
was like, and pr..nliiur around, nnd
scraping of ''l'he
Dei H's Dream,' he had Just dropped
hoiikiitonk on an impulse,
ng on.
"Well, I;, n ?
H.- Jost aureed that ..id thing under
Deck lik.- n boy cud.Iles a '
; lg with a hr..kel.
been playii -i two
minutes before every man in tl.
looked as if ', hud a -nen ki nf sort
?f f. hadn't timi.
aVith his life.
ililli Alec sidled over t.. the
i;ir i.nd leaned their La.-ks agalnat
J time that
..in s.jiiilt limn pulled out a
remolo that wat particularly meaty
md reproachful and full o' DManing,
bey'd exchange kind "' entranced
miles wit li each "thor and ? I
heir hen,Is sadly at each "ther.
"I don't kn iw what it was that .
? i u.-it foreign mini played. I never t
illl know. Hut I know that uhat he .
ii.ii.-,i ii,...le ii:.- feel lii<. r
Beting thi homo, and whea
reached my shark I tnt down nnd '
note 'em letters until dayll| ,
"When after ten minutes of stn
I 'nd np willi a l,,t nf .
nv th-iallga 'way doun "ii the (, String j,
del iike a brook gurgling i
0 its. If in the ni*.-!11. nnd when he ?]
?i.k the violin from under his
ith a sort of dreamy smile "ti his ?
udgy face, there wea nu amonnt "f ?
nighing frmn thuse fellows standing ,.
round such ns I never beard o
f a hotel f,.r 'lungers.' And none
f the Lunch seemed t,. Munt to look
t ca. li other ex? pt, Hut' inui llec.
looked n* each "Hut silently
lld sheepishly for alu.llt tim Tinn?
ies after Remenyi pu' dows tin* rio
n and mopped hi- forehead with a
lg white silk handkerchief. Then
itT walked up to tl tuns..,
eared his throat, inn! s.iiil in ,
int wm pn ''
" 'I'oiliier, I don't kn..iv ulm you
I ate, iii ir wh.ie you stampedes
mn. nor anything aboul yu 'ceptlng
hat I just keerd. Pm l kimw who
inn lind uhat I'u got. -Ml I . ?
ilf a Imle in the rock, oi'h some pay
II In - I'M, nnd that's ymirn. An I,
? \t tn thnt imle in tin- ground,
shack Hied up with the ritT-t
that 1'ie he'ii trittiu' to
ither fr yes rs. Wi
.uiii. tn... and here's the kej tn the
dim-k. Toke lt. Touch a omi
e whole fit..nt and lunn it down if
I ? tn bUt li's \.ililli. i
"Tlc Bmaied Rei
with his little heady brown
ea twinkling wonderingly, hut he?
re lie had time t" say anything tn
ply, Alee stepped forward, fi
m. cleared his tl f had
nc. nnd
" *\\ hick it
mc to tin* front and make good fr
.at my podner, n.ii, jost got
through tollin' you all. You win ont
the claim and everythln' on it Stn
und Miff don't f.-el ' I no riifht
ombrey timi can .h. thu,-- ?.., .-, Addle
ii bein'
the case, m.- mid I'.ilT, wm ju-t .-ashes
in, nnd glad to .I,, it, snd i
that's all.'
*? lin i meei ', every ii ord
nf it, i.,n. i;,t Remenyi tn,,i,
OVer the peculiar actions snd
uni,ls ,,f thi* tun roiitrh-limking mun.
He didn't understand the Inniruaffo
? ll, ami bs didn't know uhat
lng t.. f..rct on h
of enthusiasm and booserino s
inned out big,
as a tribute to hit gi
"With -i n nm.-re.I word nr two
he tunk ta bis shot i !?-, -
? tent, while Bill and
? ixed after him diaappu
Still Hillier tlie da/e if thal
morie they both beck?
oned all bends t.. the front, Mew the
outtit twice ar,.und, and then, linkitiff
arm*, they hiked *
bored up and went to a
il men
if l: ii,??nii. nf Hungaria, hadn't
flopped into that rs
t be moment h.- did."
\ Pr. li ? ll... ni t ...I..ii,.
A pr.-tty . t,.iii dating from the
..? of t he late Q leen \ >
' ? ?lined tO t: ?
family. \ - prtle which
formed a part of the bride's
ua. direfully cultured, and In due
time planted out. \\ hen the ; I
rm al uss mai i led spi:
for ber bridal wreath fr.un this myr
following ber
iniple, had one ..f the
? .red f..r till it 1 ?
slsed tree, which served for her
dsughter-in-law's wreath at thi
ilinff of the present emperor of tier
many. Ths custom was obaei
th.* imrrinije of tht
mid all other ..f Queen Vi, tm .
! grandchildien. There ls ;.l
ready, ll of this charming
. the making nf '
lui I I le I ree-. I Ith. ? ins at
family relate t.. tff- bouquet and the
g cak.-. Et ? mar
? i m ..f
re had the honor
;.f presenting the i (er con
fectionei Anding the other, neither
pai m.iit. I'i*.un Ihe
l i.e Princess and Ihe Telep].
Telephones can I" Tons
Instruments at times. One t
?- public dinner .it which he
e..,s to speak. During the meal he
told an equerry to send f..r a book,
lo which be wi sh eil to refer fur a fact, '
[rom Marlborough l
yaw the nt - amI
ihe hotel manager rang the royal ree
[dence up on the telephone \ft.-r he
ted made himself .
ivas a pittite of many minutes He
' n airain, until al
..siiiff all patience he litlerally shout- ,,
d: "Are you *
I., you mean by keeping hit
' in you And the
took or not'.'" To
illations caine the quiet ai
'We SK veil Sorrj tn keep you
our I" st to And
he book, which shall hu Beni "ii nt .
ince. Please tell my father ti
a nae hv in so i'm til ular." lt u
1 li
pea it will B
io the laat time, that t! ?
r rated a princeas through the
elephone. Mainly Aboul I
Military tlrth..ur..|.l. .
A British soldier, who li st this
tomcat serving in s.mth Afi
ently sent a letter te ths e si
cnteinlng a word that baffled the
naginatlon of every tlerW and "iii. ini
I. whom the possie uss sub
he nu- id Was Spelled
yfe." It was repeoted several times,
ned, Indeed, t" be the main
? ?f hu communication. \i
?agth it occurred t" one of the
irks to <*? i ll pinter, a
; imp.ned hy
??..ol accomplishments.
"(nil ymi tell us the meal '
- ? d the hril
nnt clerk.
ul think I enid." r< plied the
with mild contempt.
ell- vi ife. nf COOrae Whs- I
spi ll. sir'.'" London Kiln.-.
Uiini. n m ? .1.1.io:
"I in i
iks a 9 oman.
"Yes,' man.
? Iii rea him, and n
"j).. \mi l.oe me for ta} ?'lt ak
woman asks.
",\n, for ymir money," saj Ihi
it by uor,I of mouth, bot
?tinns, which speak even louder thnn
She does not believe him, and mar?
ts him. N. Y. Sun.
Mull., r 1 I..I.-millie.
Hewitt I - nd me fifty. will J
J,.11,11 1 will nhill I
?in New Vork.
"Winn atc you going li
?Mutt before I lend you tba!
.I l-.r Hums.
roorisl (sfter his ? ?
Thunder and
htniii. * ? r, qolckl
r want
?No; lil - Tuck.
I nuttier \ ler, nf ll
ligfft- It's hard lo Le poor.
Mggs Ntl ne.si ilj \ gri t
pie find it easy eu..ugh.? ? '
icago DMy .Nuus.
i .,i. i ...|.i. nulli Satiable f,.r
i. .r> Randa, i .linn.
-11. . i - I. .,,1 Sidewalk*,
I' ult lilli
. ? k fur
BIMI'I.i: KOAH lil
for the
E 0,
I li,,r I -I,.I.I,-I.m. ,,l I..nllal lo
III. Vin.Ml. I.il...-.- al Illl, ni I . . .
II. lu .11 ll..ul. .
? [ll . Il
.il cari ii r
ibo a!*? of iii*i
lay 1
.?.??? iii ni Device t..r Keeplai Ross
lilli ,,l Hie I numil M lille I'nllr
laa iii tin- si,,,,
ll".; i
le of :
id pol .
ul forward with. n be
p the
ll Imal thnt .
20,000 hoses.
H.ill-, lull- If Ni -'Iii tl ll.
Burns, ruts nn.l other woaadi often
: md !..
i lin* ia?
in r.l I' ,|TV. tl
a i un*. 'I bsd a ronotng sore on toy
lc Hm - - -iii llsrlly, Ysi
A few '
-kill di yield lo it at once.
n I'mg
I h. - als without bel og
? i.
Waals Others tu kunu
* I hm.* used I>. Win'.- Little Early
ii nii.i torpid liver
sud liny an . ,m glad to in
- in f..r I think u lieu tn* lind a
ling *.n* OOgbt tn kt others
know it," writes Alfred lidos, Quincy,
Ai, ii rsoo Di ?! '
I h. j ? un theil nun praise
neill iodulgs in du
Nu Lass ni i .m..
1 bart suki < bsml i . L'boi
OS, .111.1
.ii.,-i i>r out ..I cuffes ul, i
Illili! ll. 1 -old live I.
11 iiiii-lu 11 ths
iin\ si? . ;i Ho- nK>raiag ?
li. K i'm.i rs, I',_i.th, Uk. .I.
*.i.., be -ftii bj ''": shove tbs iii
:i with theil work
without ._. i lum . ^ i.U
simm.I .. ol Un- le m. iii in
ymir bi Ihe U lotion
I ll a
A limn -1 ii.-i iii. ? i.d- lip
oil lill* ? - 'lill 111. 'Il ot III- lilli,
N I.piii*.' ( niirli.
A ii.lilian \i Im 1. i mi: with
nn- in- . . -A in prevent eoj
-,, , - Iiniii H. Mit
soys; Dor three children took whoop
-un.a,, i, ..in linly boy
: uiini^
.m.- in. in I namul min | Cough
. ia ,,t lin ir plump
, better bsallh
Illili! i.il.I I I 1,1, .III il ll i?, ?
rt i mr oldest lillie
gti i won i. -yi up
i . 1 Ul i ll '.lil, , I'l.Nkhl llAI.I.,
Ats i ie h.niv i> lol
i nc w ii.-t. ii Dru
11,.- iiiau u iiii it pun mom
i.. ... ii ipi lo I '.I liar.
-. i..in nh. i,m.iii-iii i nnil .niel* isar*
I.. ii ll ..i- ..I Millerin*:.
* I bari been afflicted with
ii.,iii-in im i . - ii - .J.'-h
.?ii..;..,.. "I wai
,-i.niiiy nilli red. 1
.1 ol alni ul
? ?
., .lilli I
.nu ii.ippi in -ai ii bas uni lines tetero
. I IlC \\ .lislul, 1?IU^
\\ c ,.. ;.. love mir neigh
buniol .nml ui can get out of tbem,
lliin'l M.irl IffOBg.
Don'i itarl the tommi i with ? Iii
I We :il! kunu u 1, ,i .,
??-nunn, i cold 'ls li - the hardes! elad
nit .ii::ii iin*
I . Ill II.HV.
: i Un* M.i,ute t ,.|, di t m..
? ii i i ? Iii Min- . ui
ns, iill throat
ile. Acts
ni otu .*. Children .ike lt, ' Una Minute
i ,ii, j- ih,. lu -t . ougb medicine 1
? i, Om vt lon,
N.ll '-I h. vi i found snything else timi
*'ll. '1 -?? -lt.'iv illld ipliekll kl
\\ hi ii s girl falls in love it ls general
\ uiih a 111:111 after lui ..un heart.
>\uii'i liillnu Adi ice Uh i Paying
lui lt.
lu a ref. nt article i promlnt ni phy
I bte for
he phi licisn lo i.i ' lil- p-illetil- 1
.ul .ii.i ;i or diet
i. the imalleal i rient; be bas bot om ra
wit left, namely, lbs drag tisaleisou"
A inn i. -1 for chronic
iODstipeiioo, ilu- most mild sml
i li,iliiln rliiin'
u h & Liver 1 bi ploy ed,
?i followed by i oostipelios
- tiley leave Ilir lionels ju | ll Mt I i . I
condition. ; J 'll
'. ...
S M iuds, '!? ii we should hardly
iy Hutt ii iiioM uni mail ila - ??! watti
?ii tin- bl i
i.ike ,i Hummus M.m.
tlk-tl dyspepsia took tuck s hold "f Bte
Isrsh, well known sttorney of n
ex, "1 ol pep-in and
- bal nothing ht l| ?
i- a drownln ti I e straw ]
ul Kodol. I felt illl in .
'Hld BOd Well " Kodol i< Hie univ
? ui which exscily n |
|oicei ami cooss
-i- any
? in ii ii
\ Mimili. I* IL .1.
We bave foi mt borne In
ie country with 100acree of Improved
\n hour's nm fmiii Klcb
? I an ideal retreat for a tired
nil Farm Aoi ai \
C ."I
Bargain lu Real l -Lite.
\\. . ni -.?'. . . - of land ..ii
nuIv II;- er, tin*.- inih?iiilh of Ko <*,
? I county, at reasonable
garee. Good dwelling with fmir
, ,in-, tl I g .'"1 liiiriis. ll a
,ii-e. a. 100 acres "f cleared land,
?i u.i and timber. ;
w grounds. Apply to the
? i .mu \
UK KA I I Killi WwVidOmlV $1.60.
? ts
In I Hie a I nhl iii (Inc Dat.
Take Laxative Broato QoialoaTaMeta.
All ilriiL'tri-t* refund the ninney if it
fail-to cure, iv W, QfOTt'salgastura
la "li euell Ii"X. 0 '
faa kn.iit !>li.it Vim an-Ta ki mr
When ymi take (ir.i\i - fpOtt lott Chill
Toole because the formula i- plainly
printed oo every botUeahowlog that it
la simply li'ii ami Quinine iii a taste
li? I um. No cure, No i'av. 60
Ni' kw car in the newest ifeam ? ami
OolofS, ul Klt-iiniiK A Clark's
Mnp- Un 1 tillirll ililli Murk-tiff the 1 i.Iii.
I. ixatlve BromoQuloloeTablets'cure
a cid in mu-day No (ur.-, No Kay
Pries 25.'eilis.
O'l.ara' Private Mink
la something rich in (Mil Kentucky
Whiskey- smooth ai velvet; -weet a.
ii i. ,, h Drop in ut Hugh i ?i lara's
ami try it belora tin- -nppu i- exhaust
ed iiml foo'll linve lo hurry.
Hu* ld -I Pleat riptimi fur Malaria
I hill- aiui Kever i- a l-ittle otUkuvk's
i a-i ki k? (un i. Tonio, ii i- limply
iron and quinine ni a tasteless form
No cine, No pav. Trice -Vtt
Wi ile -lill Kll I Og till- fitllloll.- Jef
'i i-nii hut iii all styles.
t-leming A Clark.
Mop lll.lt I ull-ll
i. fol. ll llOP* lon. I'l I -l ll |.
nil cure it. a- numbi i- lt 1. Hie
n-l l.l. .Ililli. IjtrKe belliss w, ..lill, ill
. I M I nt toa Pi..
li (.lippi* I niiirli
?tired ii nh itr. Davids Oaoafc Nfrrep ?>( mia
. H..rein.nail nu.I SV n.ji li. i
iii .urlli tor rough't colds, ennui., eon.ump
i.'ii lir.iiiilnli-Mini all Hi ron I ii i>.I I ii uk iron
I,.--. Largs bottle SeeoU al Wm:, a i ..
ni \V In-liiii lunn I ...
I)Ml Nil le ililli linne Liniment
.-I.'.nh r..r rli.iiiimtl.tii. -*
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ille i.u'l surrounding country. Just
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?ld exdosiyelv by Pleasing <V Clark.
\ Mullel Farm.
If you want a nioilel farm we have
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minty of ifo io harland. Wa will take
ill showing lt to ymi.
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: Bone I.imiii.nt. lt Mill cure you.
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Why pay U tot a -Ins* when j; hi
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Clark's. Bostonian uml limn are
11 brands
Wail Kuper in greatest variety, lsd ii
priii-nii'l -ti li-of print, at lioyne'.-.
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federation Womans t'lul.s, I,.*. A11
II , May I t" 1 Travelers I'rn
iIim- A?01 iali.ui, I'ortlaliil, (Ile,
me i to 7. Mystic Shrine, San Kran
-.,., (al , June in to ll (Jolted <ir
1 Wnikmeii, Portland, Ora., lana I"
TD, International H s. Association.
?nver, i'"i, .lune !98. Knights os
rt blas, Sun hrutici-'-o, lal , Aoglial
to li iv P. O. K.iks, salt Loka
ly, I t.-tli, Aiiiru-t IS t" 14.
Writ.- for Information as to rates and
,tes of sale of tickets
Vi 1: nevin. M. K Bragg,
UeiiT. Pam, Agt. T. f. A.,
Koanoke, Va.
Vomen as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
^^ become so prev
?^N/ V that lt is not uncorr
JtfcaJU.^/ (or a child to be
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dls
urages snd lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kid?
neys are out of order
or diseased.
? Kidney trouble has
afflicted with weak kid?
dys. If the child urin?
ates too often, if the
ne scalds the flesh or If, when the child
.ches an age when lt should be able to
itrol the passage, it ls yet afflicted with
i-wetting. depend upon lt. the cause of
I difficulty ls kidney trouble, and the first
p should be towards the treatment of
se important organs. This unpleasant
uble is due to a diseased condition of the
neys and bladder and not to a habit as
II mea ss well ss men are made mls
,bie with kidney and bladder trouble,
1 both need the same great remedy.
e mild ar.d the immediate effect of
ramp-Root in mea realized, lt ls sold
druggists, in i.iy
it and one dellar.
ss. You may have a|
Ills by mail
pamphlet tatt- how ot i.mhh?i
all about it, including many of the
usands of testimonial letters received
?n sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
^0.. binghamton. N. Y., be sure and
ntion this paper.
DeWitt's ? Salve
For Piles, Bu "ns, Borea.

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