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VOL. Mil.
XO. 1
I Hm ri, W. I', (Jllllain
? ul \\ .
Ililli S.
? M
- Hurl.
^?M J GILLS, M. D,
liicRua "i'ii m. Di lONnen iciam
In I |i. Ill
- DI \ HST.
Uacastcr ii UhralM,
- - " ii:tiiM \.
I MHm in
Iii iuhmi,
li://,A7.\N<V WATKINS,
t \KMV1I.I I
KU ward, I'miii
? I Anie
ii lunik
?' UM Kl..
/? S. WING,
Green Bay, Prince Edward County. Va.
in- .-mil Federal.
h ,m:m\ ii i '
Medicines and
Druggists' Sundries,
tally ? oni f >?'
^ ARM VII.I h. V V
MANUl 101 DAN Of
Monuments, Heads ones, Tablets, ?c.
Iron hui! Wi iv Fencings -?:d1^^^
I ti iikk ruKi'osm.
CAPT. S. W. PAULETT, Farm.ille. bat
I- tr* ? i n*ii I Iv- iiclulti nttid. WE
WILL <;i\'l. IT TO VOC
Pl KE made <i11? ? t fruin Hi*
Pun fraaad rdIom.
H.C( IM ll. traffxfat.
I or hiwt
? NO. 319- ''?''"' March ".
i u rlutldtm
Khali :,-k h>i
II Ville Itllllilllii;
(IBO. W . srnir
lu Inuit ur trt-i
A. I. Mi Ii\ I
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This prvpaiatioo cont ins all of the
ts ai 1 digest;- all kinds ol
? mt ? !."f and never
fails to euro. Itallov ymtocatall
the food you want. Thi mot,* sensitive
cured afton , |,^. "j,
unequalled fur 'tl Child.
' h weak stomach! thrive on it.
First dose relieves. AUie'.unnecessar?.
tl stomach troubles
Thousands Hare Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know lt.
How To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or comm jn glass with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
f* ^-w, sediment or set?
tling Indicates an
-althy condi
of the kid
V neys; if it stains
j your linen it is
evidence of kid?
ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
pass it or pain in
the back is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad?
der are out of order.
What to Do.
There is comfort In the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain tn the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and tvery part
of the urinary passage, lt correcis Inability
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
lt, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra?
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized, lt stands the highest for its won?
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and $1. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery
and a book that tells
more about lt. both sent
absolutely free by mail,
address Dr. Kilmer &
Co., Binghamton. N. Y. When writing men
tion reading this generous offer in this paper,
are the most fatal of all dis?
lULCI 0 6uarantead Remedy
or money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by emi?
nent physicians as the best for
Kidney and Bladder troubles,
PRICE 50c and $1.00.
Bold bl ll U.Ul
wv wada to Inform oat nwtomen
wi have eommenoed grinding
ami jin l^i uk fruin the quality of Um
tin, ll Will eiiaMe ii- to k'ivc von
M pod or BETTER PLOUB than
Wi have ev.?r DOM allie lo make.
Wt matoo Making a Diet article ol
?adi hem nie BEST WHITE
CORN, hr ?porto* to Um Woot?
en meal made from Inferior eon
ami oflkfod mi thi> market.
Buy thc Farmville Mills
Floor and Meal, which we triiaran
ice to give aaUafaetton, Thanking
yon for your patronage,
Admiral Schley,
A Pure, unadulterated
Rye Whiskey. The
Beal foi- medicinal pur*
poses. I hare not tin'
largest stock, l?iit claim
tl..- BEST Of th.' will
known brands.
Premium Club _
lia-' in? superior.
Richmond Club?^
has few eqilftls.
fair Rear in mimi thal my ^l"?k
i- the BEST kept in Paraville
-iinv the dari of Biehardaoa
E. C. Wiltse '
Belli nothing but
what's (guiranteed t<>
l?e exactly .'is repre?
fou Can Rely
on what you nny
when it's
't hil
forth everything
of the gunine
, JU' ***** * *?** **.*?****
l"-So much to do, no little done!"?Cecil
To lt*':
-t give
t:r1m. stop awhile
. treal
Oh. do not ii'
I ard.
. li anT
d's unwon.
'" J A M not ? Ut dubby,"
j said tho girl who thought ol
.te. "I tapp ile trou
? bal I .'tm ont in the running.
I don't k11? ? w it. Bo Ole
.i^s, .'uni what Ol
?n woman,
"lt wm ?t the Comb and Brook
?Inti that I BMt her. Ethel ara
" "i\ oolda'l j on .
jer Vining Hook, d
j "U mean Um Oh
, who write*
-od to genius they don't
iiiutl it a bit.'
"-l hare worshiped ber verses for
er dew*
title things thal noire tl
iceni of apph
ionhl like to meet her. i
What aimless
kftemoon well spent.'
"'Well, bora she conies,' gurgled
"1 looked up and saw a ?porty-look
hajH ?
:-, t .-I u i ii Lr kn d with
f 'varaitj droop to her shout
len. She leaned forward from the
p, and a gun-metal cigarette
?ase dangin! from her belt.
"She had a tight tailor ahlrt with a
? own the front and hip pock?
itt. A scarlet waistcoat showed be
icath a jaunty little mets jacket, and
>er watch fol) was of h
;he had a stock tie with a horseshoe
>in and a flaring Panama hat like a
came over with a broad grin,
ind gave my hand a grip, then slowly
romped it right and left, it was moat
"'Well, you old beggar,' ah(
you don't mean to say you've forgot
en me?'
afeee I wa* somewhat stunned
>y the mode of address, and then it
aa* thal I rellccted thatafter all this
baldy the proper thing,
ng awaj from club life makes ona a
"I wm quite sure I had never met her,
hough, for her dewdrop poem had
nade such an Impression on me that
'<! hara recollected.
"'1 hardly think.' I began, smiling
reaklj, while Bahai looked at us in
letontohaaeatj 'that is, I aaa quite sure
'ie icier met you, but I've read you
rith much pleasure.'
"'Oh, break lt off, break it off,
hort, you beggar,' she eaidj 'you
? ry well we were on the same
ommitee in the Electric club.'
" 'Now I nm sure you arc mistaken,'
?aid, pleasantly, trying to ignore
cr fad for addressing me ns a beg
ar: 'I never belo:
" 'Then it was the Thursday P. ht
lub. What?*
" Tfot to that,' I said.
"'Oh, come! you're pulling my leg,'
ha said.
I erhsiajy la a breezy girl,
'leander is. I didn't know what to
I Jost smiled.
I were chairman of the recep
loa committee of tho Thursday 1'. M.
lub, or I'll pay for the dinner,' she
"'.\"e\er belonged to it,' I repeated.
was getting a iittlo tired.
'"il.cii the I | club. That
; it. I'm twisted, lt was the Do lt
" 'Never heard of th? club,' I said.
"She stared at me as if she thought
ia! I was lying.
"'The fact is. Miss Hook, I've nerer
? 'nan's club.* I said.
belonged to a dinner club, but
icre were ns many men as women in
'. Y"!t, the electrician, was
resident. It was quite a prosy, sci
ntiflc sort of a?"
"'Did yon belong tO that tough
ub'." she asked.
"Ethel broke in t^ere to avoid trou
"'Oh, how nice! Tell me about It,'
"'It was n beastly tough crowd.'
ent on Oleander; 'flint was where I
HciiMly. tough. A lot of the
erst, bounders I ever was tip
"'I snppose itt must have been if
?rn- ' I 1
"'Were there, I suppose you are
say,' shci eja-cnlated.
lag to say lt,' I
plied, 'l alwawa endeavor to avolJ
?lag i
she seemed a most unpleas
ii. There was noth.ing dew
?oppy about her except her fresh
"'You /rirls both wrote'for the Trl
. said Ethel, to break the
lenee. 'Didn't j
they hftd'to lower
e prfei Spacer
ld BM that, when I asked him why
lOj'd gone end dont it. "We can't
t N cent* for it if we continue to
?lat your stuff," he-said. Queer old
ter was,*
" 'I don't think we-appreciated him/
said, trying to g'ae a gentler turn
the conversation- 'When he waa
ne I realised thatdjl had Learned a
mi ol iniagi noni nun.
" Did, SB? Bgbl liim a
" 'll.. bc quite ? ?
form. .,id.
'"Well, you oughl to kn<
Ole* ai
"l:\ tliis timi- I bad begun li
thal ii limply
un mi
Link U> lier ;nn! pick! tl np .1
"sile pave fi umi of hone laugh and
B chuckling in a mi
sail] I,, Etbei
" 'od, ?!u-\ always iii ?
Ethel. 'She's each fun I She's the wit*
il in the club anil as quick ai
1 Sash.'
" "W ' ? r mc'
saiil I. 'and if y<, if like
lier, jii>t keep them "IT. I can't quita
"About a amati after Kt!
mc two ticket. I
Lnisli 1
" 'I can't bl ? : 'I'm
p-uinp tu Plortda, imt I irani yon to
go utiil ara -1
willi in-. .; mmh lu\e.'
"Bul I thought
and weakly capitulated 1
I nun lng arba! night bap
"Bal thal ?
. ami I toM her I
wasn't going and If .he
" T.ii
o bc mah fun.'
"80 i aeal rn ii li Mr-. Pail I
Olaaadi d on anothei
- gown ind 1
lag] Bbc 11
ii-. Imt I li
didn't ? down
<n tu talk
another girl, I p
er to her.
Hy the leanid over and
siun. lint timi's just w bal I I
She caught the lievre bctwei
?ad thumb and pave it 11 little
II fox teni' :
"I looked araoad am'
tinning broadly.
" "Oh, I said, 'Mi-- Hunk. I '
isn't if."
" Th ,n the
! girl, '\uu didn't
" 1 ea, 1 saw j on,' I said.
"'Will, you didn't kaow me then,*
she blurted,
"Toa er had a different
pying the derby.
"?Do j"'i atwajski
their hats'." she said.
"'Nut always; only sometimes,' I
"Mrs. Pairfai came to thc 1
"'I.n't it a delightful evening
<? lt is,' I said, 'lint I'm
10 easily scared.'
: ible thing to hn\ 1
? der.
" 'Yuii'rc nut troubled Ilia'
' ok,' I remarked.
"'Oh. I'm all right,1 she said. I'm
in earth and don't yon forget it.'
.'il DOt let me forget it. !
: said.
'"I'd hate to be a dead ol
"'I wish I could .hare ymir .
[ remarked.
"'Oh, bc clubby,' she said. 'Life ls
loo short to chew the ra.
lo thc trape/e. Lady Jane.'
"I moved out of ' ? aura.
Ber r. li
'cit and I knew that abc
"About three weeks nftcr 1
lute written nn the he 1
[he Comb and Knish club w ith tl
jmblems of thc aaaociatlon en|
in top. The writing looked ai though
t had been dune with I 0
? poliah. It raid:
'| nhniit
? hlirh and nial '
lot air of youi
j your*. iiI.i:amikk HOi iK.
?N. \
1'r.inf Sufficient.
"Why," said the man who ?
ng tu sell me a horse, "a
Of course I laughed scornfully at
his preposterous claim.
? "I mean what I say," the man per?
muted. "Look! When I pillion the ripht
land rein he turns promptly |
eft, and when I pull on the left
?ein he turns promptly to the right;
ind if I drop the rein and shriek
Whoa!' in a terror-stricken vice, he
noves off gently in the \ery middle of
he road."
!ere wat oculardemonstration.
. the man seemed an honest
'elluw.?National Tribune.
A\ hat Sae Feared.
"You look worried to-night, Wil?
liam," said th* rm wife.
'Anything u 1
-ant in
this afternoon and nearly punched
the life out of our person."
"My good; 1 the
power 1,chirm I w
iidn't stop bis pap. ;
Wlthnnt an Occupation.
the ti?h jerk ".it li?
kes me up."
-. I've just joined the church
in' can't tackle a mule wilkin'
"Well, what have you got in sight,
"Xuthln' 'tall. Done lost my spec?
tacles."?Atlanta Constitution.
La Grippe Cough
in earth '
throat and lin
ire bottle ?i reata at Whit
nd Win. 1
Lettes Kc \\ role fur ? I>>lBK
Si,Iclier llei hikI mir tu a,
Hil. .11 e,l Vt o I li er.
par! of tin lal day
ni llroadwaj Methodtot
Bl J. ii. Marlin, of
his lec
l.incoln." In siin
: 11 eyed
Bt. He
of Lin
; of his
- as b lawjer; of hi> bls
and of
political career, with Ita
bb polia
of Lincoln." he mid,
? | without some
, pathetic
aa ?ell
i li the coin in un soldier, lt was
ll to a
,111 nal ii tn
?ort to each
"Mr. ! down bj I
. If there was
inythlag he could do for him. 'I wiah
... ii name.
ittea by Abi
. ked up,
'Why, li thai
"Mr. 'Yes, and
know who I
in\ thll I do for j on?' The
"Nothing more,
von hold my hand ami
"Ami tl president sat by
? mi w 11li big tears
Bud of that dj lng boy until the
Bi ii.
I history and
nm will nowhere lind a more bcau
Bce than his letter
\ rember, ISM,
of death had
BSehold in a
I a tren then
pres deal himself.
?? 'Mi ? Bixby: I ha
?he mother of the
on the
I battle. I fl
I mine
? ?
|: Iel for a los? bo o\er
"\\i.. efrain from
? n that
I earn
of yow he?
il inly the
of the toted and
p pride that
upon the altar of free
\ braham I.in
oln lies in the fact that beyond all
nd enter into the feelings and sym
mthies of the common people, and in
t ba carried
he bm
? i ..tight out the na?
il and sealed it with his
I .un I mk In I.urge limes.
a battle dtir
hind a
?all fence. All of a sudden he said
. about terri
i hi ap more use
it home than I am here.' He started
, :i. ,in, tearing up
he ground.
?e have
re was enough stuff in
. I| to kill 40 men and tl"
ired ii.. e.' "?>'. T. World.
It Soaniln Heller.
"Is (.'holly really looking for a job?"
I .kim: for an
ta po
OBrSSM and Effect.
? Haunt their
? s me ill."
- alwavs did hare that I
iff ec!
I hi
in prtee my lina of i
wjteh goods. Now is tbe time
want tu close them
.I lo?k over them, yon
rill find some very pretty styles left.
W. P. Richardson.
Edllor nf "Thr Ur Irk layer a ad Sum"
Makes siiiiiv I'ulnlrd (uaarali
mi thr .Sulijrrl.
The editor of the bricklayer arid
Mason, the official organ of the In?
ternational Inion of America, in a
recent number had an admirable and
interesting editorial on the treating
habit from which we cull the follow?
The treating habit is nonsensical.
The only defense offered for it is
that it is the means of bringing to?
gether convivial spirit*; that it
BBBhea for good fellowship. Does
it'.' N"! always. How often do we
men meet who are on the
beat ot' tarana, and feel so good to?
ward each otatar that they invite
each other to "come and have a
drink." The drink is retinue.!, and
again returned, and so on until
Bober friends become drunken ene?
mies. It is no exaggeration t..
more than half the rows that land
principals in hospitals and morgues,
and Jails and scaffolds, begin mer
?lass." And vet there
nre those who Insist that the habit
I upon good fellowship, or at
ikes for it. On the contrary.
WOTS the habit W be tabooed, go.id
fellowship, of the kind that
ally g.1. would gain immeasurably;
and public morals w.nild be vastly
Oftentimes a man who is accus?
tomed to a glass "for his stomach's
sake" proceeds, when he feels the
need for it, to have a drink, as he
calls it. Once inside the srtloon, he
Fonoa, and because of the sin?
gular ethics of this good fellowship,
he feels in duty bound to invite
Jones to participate. And .1"
turns the compliment, and tile drink.
At this juncture, either recognises
an BeqnaintABCS, ind the circle of
good fellowship enlarges. Then the
new-comer, rather than be consid?
ered "small," or just to show that
he is as good a fellow as either,
proposes a third drink. And the
third drink is taken. A story Is
told; then the bartender, who has
overheard it with such interest that
lu- at once deems his customers
"mighty good fellows," sets up the
drinks "on the house." So jovial and
generous a bartender appeals to the
trio, and then another drink.
Bo the tirst to enter, who felt the
need fur a drink that is, one drink
emerges from the saloon more or
Vected, and finds thar he has
taken more than is good "for his
stomach's sake." Quite often the
little party, now a jolly, not to suv
hilarious one, and increased in num?
ber by one. tum or more additions in
the shape of those "g.I fellows"
who are always found about such
have found seats at a table,
and they remain tint ll the lights are
put out, and very generally until
they too are subjected to the same
treatment. So it is in this way that
a man drinks more than he would
were he at liberty to drink alone,
and according to his personal de?
sires, not according to a tyrannical
code of so-called "good fellowship."
lt is a mistake to suppose that
the invitation to drink always im?
plies good fellowship, for quite ofien
the one who invites does not .1.. *..
much be.ai-e nf any good feeling,
as from n desire to avid the ap?
pearance nf meanness.
Vtowod in nny light, the treating
habit is one of the worst of habits
It makes men drunkards Bj
their w j ll. When men shall have
gotten from under its tyranny, there
will be but one etona that will re
grel the saloon keeper; thousands
of homes will be gladdened, and good
fellowship will recover its dignity,
and cease to be barroom bm
Four saloons have been closed at
Atlantic, la., by injunction.
In one Pennsylvania county in a sin
pla jreavr nfrttgyaaj ??? spent for
liipior, and it was estimated that $11,
? f the amount callie from
workingmen Uiethreu Kvangcli.it.
A petition signed by 41 saloon
has been presented tn tho
city council of Kenosha. Wis., ask
bag for an ordinance making lt rf
criminal offense for any saloon to
serve free lunch.
Afier continuing a .
children at St. Anne's Catholic church
in Chicago, rec.'iiiiy. Bishop Mul?
doon administered the pledge of to?
tal abstinence, with a warning to
the children to avoid liipmr alt
through their lives.
At B repast following a meeting of
MO joli printers and smaller publish?
ers in Philadelphia, rei eui!,-, thrrc
wer? ii" intoxicating beverages. There
l.ad I.n ipiite a dohnts regarding
the question in the committee og ar?
rangements. The son of a White rib
boner helped ta decide agnli
"flowing bowl."?Pennsylvania I'ul
Temprrance Move Armin* Mrlkrrt,
The ant brae it e cal miners' s trike in
Bssletoa, I'a., began its second week
?C features tioiel to strikes,
but worthy of notice and emulation by
a'.l labor bo. ?
has requested tha* all mine-workers
hhun t: ? i V. Jius
sie followed this by asking ail pariah
ere to take Tuirnce
oath t" Corer the period of the strike.
The oath was rn it the
Catholic church in two most impres
one in the morning, the
lt i? to ba Imped
that this initiative will be foll, v
that tin men can be made to see th*
truth ...1 virtue of the total abets*
n to lifelong
, t i aloa Signal.
Wall Paper lu greatest variety, both
ti price" and stylee of print, at Doyne's.
Yon Know What Yon are Taking
A'hen you take Grove's Tasteless Chili
?cause '.be formula in plainly
Tinted on every little showing that it
s simply Iron and tinmine in a tsste
eas form. No cure. No Pav. 60 cents.
Laxative Broano-Uuinine Tablets cure
i cold in one day. No Cure, No Pay.
Price 25 coota.
Our line of footwear for ladles sod
?liildtvn ts complete.
Fleming A Clark.
Thrilling Experience of a Youthful
Cane lo America la Hm Boiler of
a Donkey Engine? Found a
Friend and Una I'rrnilltrd
to Star.
Rivaling the talcs of Mythical for?
tune bunters is the expt-rience of a
little Au.Irian stowaway in one of the
boilers of the I'mbria, ujxiii il
arriial in .New York. After tl
who is 18 years old, had t
15,000 miles in quest of America, he at
last was placed in the haast*ofa friend
who pr ra for him.
The boy's name . BO, and
he climes from Palma ttl, a prut ince
of Austria. Bil wandi I
more than a year ago, ? hes his fal lier,
a small farmer, guise him loo lim in*
and told him to gu to America. With
great glee the little Austrian left the
village of Bebenico, for he and Ilia el?
der brothers quarreled continually,
and he had a fun ? arhoM
he lunged to Join. After spem
of his florins, he reached Tri.
fell in with an
ing fellow, who, for the remaining Tn
florins, agreed lo embark If.
America. How) gave up bis florins,
and the stranger disappeared, lem ing
? iraged little lad to return to
ao'a father then appr.
him to a druggist, but the buy MM I
wearied of long hours and small wages,
and ran away to Triett, where he hid
in a steamship bound for Kgypt. At
Alexandria he stowed away in the
Fabyan and reached Liverpool a week
later. Then he crawled into the hold
of the Cunard Saxonia. Upon reach?
ing New York last spring he was de?
ported, after h* had obtained a fleeting
glance of the busy harbor. When la?
was taken back to Liverpool he evaded
the Kngllsh immigration officials, and
fur ll day* lived off crusts found in
the gutter-, but always kept a an
eye open for an America-bound ves
.Itine 13, .just before the Umbria
sailed, lu- crept upon the deck, looking
fur a UdJag place. A lantern waa
. in his face, and the sentry, b?
itevfag he was one of the cabin buys,
unbred him beluw. Without realizing
his danger the boy i rawled into a
boiler which furnishes steam to thc
"donkey" engine. This boiler was Bot
used throughout the voyage, or the
buy woald have been burned lu deatli.
ly stokers discovered bin pres?
ence, but instead od disclosing his se?
cret, they fed him during thc voyage.
Thursday, however, McKechan, the
refrigerator engineer, climbed aa top
of the boiler and proceeded to hangup
some of his washing to dry. Just as thc
engineer was preparing to descend he
was startled to see a head bob Bf out
of the opening in the top of the boiler
and then disappear again. McKechan
1 raw lcd m. r tu the mu nh ole and peered
into the darkne-s inside the boiler.
He could dimly discern the outlines of
a person, and he shouted to him to
come out.
i inse the engineer
attempted to reach inside and seize the
boy's clothing, but he waa severely
bitten fur hit pains. The engineer,
convinced that something wai wrong,
Chief Kngineer Hardy. After
a struggle and lome tight squeezing
past the tubes they managed to get
their prisuner up to the manhole en?
trance, and he was pulled out.
All laugh,d when they saw the sup?
posed lunatic. He was locked np in the
steamship's hus pit al and when the res
sel reached purt | \ itrorous search for
the buhl lad's (risa*! wai made. He
was found in Harlem and signed papers
Which permitted the young Dalmatian
to remain in the United States.
Mille of Brain It I'tei.
Much nf the larger portions Bf a
brain is composed of white matter?
that is, of nerve fibers?which hat
nothing whatever to do with real
brain work and which only carries
messages, says an exchange. Agairi,
I trusted, it is only
the brain cells of a very limited
(probably the frontal) region which
have tu .lo with the highest mental
operations. When, therefore, wc talk
about tho si/e of head and brain and
the weight of the brain, we ?
clearly understand that only an in?
finitesimal fraction of the three
pound*' weight or so of an ordinary
brain can be reckoned as represent?
ing brain cells?that are the agents
of our nervous governance. Practi?
cally the brain cells (of the cerebmra
of gr-at brain at least) bear no
larger proportion to the brain's mass
than the rind of a Dutch cheese doea
to the eatable portion.
Ilixie Nene and Bone Liniment
bett on earth for
?praln* and all pain
mun and beaut. Uni
White.* <
rheumatism, strain*
la HS eeiita, at
ron Co.
Get your fall ouit now. Klemioif A
Clark guarantee a tit. Sample* uow
on exbibition.
Stop That Cough
bestow lt stopa you. Dr. Davkt't Congb Hyrup
will ours lt as number* win taatlhr. It ta Um
best ob fc?rth. Ijsrire bottle* ? cents a*
White A Oo- tod Wluatcn l'ro* Co.
"TScTcartJ! are "ail the go" ibr goiag
babies. Doyna can plea* you lo prh*
and style.
A Cough
" I have made s most thorongh
trial of Avar's Cherry Pectoral and
am prepared to say that for ail dis?
eases of the lune* it never disap?
points."?J. E. Iiri(v.lron8on,0.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
won t cure rheumatism;
we never said it would.
lt won't cure dyspepsia;
we never claimed it. But
it will cure coughs and
colds of all Kinds. We
first said this sixty years
ago: we've been saying it
- >(.- iar tl K
ever since. *?Saar-*
Cornall your ii.i-t.ir. If h? ?3jm tafca lt,
thrn .1.h? sn- ll I
take it, timi cl<m t take lt. He ki?-??
The first lau of health ? *' Keep
the bowels regular." Ayer
are gently laxative. One ia a dose.
J. C. A Yt K CO., UrWeU.BlMs.
Anderson Drug Go.
are the best that can lie obtained
?free from a i
qualities, lt i- very important if
you desire to isenra nood ?tends*
nml ifix I'lirchsse the
liikrlu-t ^rni'ii - - obtainable.
'ibis you ean alvvi
cli.i-itn: Wood's :Tn
Brand'' of I'arm Seeds,
Wood's Fall Catalogue
about Vegetable and Pi
Seeds for Tall i'lanting, *
Wheat, Oats, Rye, Barley,
Vetches, Urass arid
Clover Seeds, i
Write for Fall Catalan and
priiv of any Si ?
Seedsmen, ? Richmond, Va.
Appetite poor? Bowels coo- \ J
stipatcd? It's your liver I '"
Ayer's Pills are liver pills.
Want your monstachc or beard a
beautiful brown or rlcb black? Use
Buckingham's Dye
>3ct,.otdnif>fi>?iO'? P Mi"4rnN,ilKllS.H
A?tJ It Si
ami "?
H..lil nt ?
Hold by H. (J. rill'IK, Drnjnitat.
If your w.ttcli don't nm just
right, bring it around. Will
give it ri thorough < leaning
guarantee it to work *
every day afte/^iat'

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