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...I ar.
! . I
I I Ililli
? iR R M 8I0G00D,
- DEXT1S1 *
' ll M'li.l.l.
M.I lu ailie.
\ I I wv.
. . - Vu
url of
I, tillie
. lunik
/? S. WING,
6mn Bay, Prince Edward County, Va.
?Sr>C" ie .'uni Federal.
l. Al criONEER,
U'HITE 4. CO.,
Medicines and
Druggists' Sundries,
i )i?tilled,
.lately Pure,
? by
Jos. Manmini.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
taloa all of the
a 1 kinds of
f ai,d never
I !
live \
many \
? I cen
d. IS
iii. Child
:.n *'*?'? Miriveonit.
*,r*td' id itt unnecessary.
Cures all stomach troubles
rVirrhi ?.' ibJcfl
. iimsstht Otx.-. ali
Aii'iti- .:i iiruu <Vaopaoy
.' in.--.iro S
* ? , ? ? i. lt.. VK. AWi.
Laxative Brnrno-Uiiininc -?*">*?
??-*? ?*t?r . ? roJd (- >a? als*/
Bnuci iii VANim n&
: \V I:
ll. I. (Ul H., liiuiri'ist.
Over-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
AU the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
The kidneys are your
blood purifiers, they fil?
ter out ihe waste or
impurities in the blood.
It they are sick or out
of order, they fall to do
their work..
Pains, aches and rheu?
matism come from ex?
cess of uric acid in the
blood, due to neglected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
over-working In pumping thick, kidney
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
lt used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their begin?
ning in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy ls
soon realized, lt stands the highest fer Its
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
and ls sold on its merits
by all druggists in fifty
cent and one-dollar siz?
es. You may have a
sample bottle by mail n.w of Swamr-Rw*.
free, also pamphlet telling you hr
out If you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
Si Co., Binghamton. N. Y.
are the most fatal of all dis?
iULlI 0 Guaranteed Remedy
or money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by emi?
nent physicians as the best for
Kidney and Bladder troubles.
PRICE SOc and $1.00.
Sold i.y ii. c. Caora.
Wa wish to inform mir ewtonen
in hiive nuiiiiii-iiffti grinding
sod Judging fruin tbs i-uulity t fthe
gnlO, ll Will I'llHlile Us tn tri VI' vmi
..1 ..r BETTER FLOOR than
wt- lent- aver been ailie i" make.
We an-ul-" makin!,' n niee urliele nf
BSOfJa fruin the BEST H uni:
cohn, forsopsrha i" tbs West
ern nieai niii'le fruin iiifeimr "in
.?uni offload tm tin* nun rift.
lin tht; farmville Mills
PlowBOd Meal, Which v.ej*!iatali
tn to gin nUstfceUoD. Tbaohlog
you for your patrol
(admiral Scliley
A Pure, unadulterated
Rye Whiskey. Tbe
Best for medicinal pur?
poses, 1 have ""t *?"'
largest stock, bul claim
tl,,. BEST of iii.- well
known brands,
Mm Club?^^^
lins nu superior.
ticllllioild Gul) ?
Ii;i< few equals,
toy Baor la nlod Uiat my Btne*
i- tbs I'.KSi' ke| I iii farmville
alon Hu- don of Rkhardson
guana teed.
I C. Wiltse
gells oothing bul
w li.il'** guaranteed bo?
be exactly sa repre?
'ou Can Rely
on wliat you buy
when it'l
nf him
That's worth everything
V M. nie I Farm.
If MO want a iiiiHlel farm JW luvc^
i- tn snit rea. H ls I'salerl In
univ "f ConbarlODd. We will takel
?asure in BbosrlOg >t *<> yml
Farm ville Fakm Adi
Hum Our Union,, I,, Knit.na Iii ult
Hill. H.-r ll ri ll Ll iii; 11 ii si,mu,I timi
tin- lu ii-liri iii. inu s?,,,,,?.
lady of
i .ni until tl
if.'lilli lint sli.lli it InllL-.
self ii aila :i revolver timi ;
pii'iona thal ? than
m. with
I in convivial
loon, nini i'.
int.. the plan
litiiitni her berni,
lhere waa n startled party of tippler*
Indeed. Straightway she commanded
lier husband in leave 11
gn home. Then she tuned to a maa
in the party who had demurred t"
? i in* place.
"YOU ? ' wife lit lim
i arked, quietly but firmly. "Yo*
Iiiui in e, and go right now.*1
Ile lieut.
turning tn '
. "vmi liliiiv mit ymir ligl
loch op this place. Eleven i>'el'>ek is
inn! if the i illagc author!.
? aol enforce tbs law, l will." she
the whole party left the place;
?onkeeper eli
ralkad away la the night, the
V..;i n with her Ininti still fi nu I.
handle of the re vol ver. Shahad
' a ithniit sninsliini^it, nnil
nat inient in her m n tows
applauds her net.?Journal Pr,
?liiini- of Hip Iii 1 ii k . M Illili COall ll*
llnac Milli (hr Miiin-i s,,,.,,(
for Drink.
When a prohibit to talk?
ies, the general effect Isa men?
tal blur. A prohibition orator who
eannot nttlc "IT lauris mi thl
tlie rum trudie until the audience i*?
IHng whether tWO lind two
? worth ineit
.address n DO . erthe
id ic* by
lir. Swift, n Ifethodiat clergyman ol
'it lint to I -
row dre!! when Ihsy Bron
ottered. Owing to tbs Umlted width
nf this column, it is decided t" omit the
genera] totals and sti.-k to thl
-. if the money spent ob liquoi
eor a and it would
'?.nil nf 10,000,000 familit
barral* of flour, i*i pairsofsbt
'" clothing, '? ' f pola
: soo poondaof meal (old sty le)
lin* dttall Mil would pay f'T all the
N la the Ualted sin"
I i.iie-liillf
iMinld pay fur all the farms in Illinois
? nt hs; wipe mit all mir nat inti
ty and town debt* ia one
rear; pay for all farm animals in the
United states in ten months, ami dupll
?ate all bank deposit* in two
t nf the rum t lilllie for a J BBI
than all tbs nuns that han
leen given for bena (uni forelj
lions liv all tho chnrchea of th<
ry from tb* time when mi
n the pn- int. It la I- ii'
. nt yearly fur education,pub?
ic snd prints, Par this enorm
leinliture, according to Dr. Swift, ws
ret 7." per rent, nf tbs crime nf flu*
mint ry anil :. - r cent, nf the
i. Bl ?
i. Y. P '
Mark, nf s|?.
eal opoa the human face
s instinctively as right,
B a Ni iv Ol '?; DI piper slates
he fact that ?
n i!t Inks by the pe
iiliur discoloration of his skin. Then
I, it apjienrs, a livery of v. hi
. ach "nc tin
I. with strict Indi
iiluality. In nt little corner nf the
I he the law nf life or the la*
? h. ('mihi wc hut trace tn ifs
itter end thc destructive
f evil we would d
? e distinctive mai i.i
1 in bodies.
I ..milli In fur Inri llnrlli. I...
- fully alitc t.- advan, eil
tats W.Cl i ? snots foua
ll* in Fort Wortl
u- iiiiii. ii,,n nf Will. Th is
I . I.,
f tlii
lgu in ; -
(lld topis lime Their Trouble*..
Mr. I'rim is Little, of BntOB !
uh., is .mr right] J
SO he hus in'i n mal
ilh indigestion and constipation and has
-ribing lo use fur tbon
Itara ti
in's St i un nell sad Liver Tall?
is and was soon teabag much better.
-.1 lett*! he SST*, "1 hie.
i .' ml now think
BBI WSlL" These tablets improve the
tbs stosasahs
rer and bowan. For sale by The
The carnation likes a sunny si tuat lou.
Hom Tu., \.,i,,,K , ,,?f,,,,- rn i,., \\,nl
fur \\ iilrr I lirnuuli a Hail
?i t un ..I. r.
.Sun ol'
I. U. II.
-Mait in.
stop Bring, snd bots.* d a whit
la his front
their v.
streeton of
burg when I
? ;i* mareil ii . t|iiiek
time, v. .. from
i.en. M
Inned to ball ob the marah, tl 1
t, rribly from
When i:
ghting. Ah
of cool
ul bat?
tery. This ;
when haman nature could it
th un?
der ls, a
have been h.st in the 1'
volunti . r fr..m
Ihe sprinpr. With a bi
over their I he two
? ? ?
lourney. Ai- ?? arith
? ?
I'he ti' iif* un?
injured, and qulel
teens, while I itched
arith breathless int cres*.
?very i hem st mck?
inn n. Suddenly, as if by magic, the
ire of ' I ben as
their return to the
mt frmn between the pei
cry, and, lifting his it to
'rmn ti
Hie "Iii ? i-rncd the i
>f the lads and pi
irir.jr. The i
>y the thirst;. a few
noments later they were pom
afrashlng water (binn their
1 ?
nen and boys of I
? the unfortunate ?
in blue in danger of a I
catii in the burni
rreat battle of the war.
I Trlatmlc In Mlileh \\>r<- t'mniht
s. \. lill nf lin- s,.,,.r,,| ll,lille.
of thc lilli \\ ar.
tullmlliind ii
he l'h.
ni rf*, qa,
t.-rr.line I..
"Alimit 1- I Kred
rieksburg, in Bp
mid alinut thc siimc di
: i . is the Wil
.i line frmn
inii nf thew- p..hits tO tbl I
ack BfSifl !? barg ? and
nil Will
ill, draw a circle
I mern
bl the battles of tbi
I aurel
ill. Bpotts]
oort H -ural
erhapt, been killed ai
in be no question that more men
ere killed immeiiiaitiy Bl
,rg than in
ll the 6.000 years
lat men have been fighting ba;
HtoteSn null Paraiysta
? .rimelt. nf thU i
ricken with partial paraly-.
?.z treated byan eminent
un for quite a while without relit
ife rceomiiu I
tim. and aftt ii "f il ht
\b -
obalo, Man, Logan county, W
jvcral otb
irtial pat i
f this liniment. Il i
idely kn sr, at a cure for <
i, sprains and bm | ,
f The Wimton Drug Co. mD
Truly Remarkable Story Told by
English Clergyman.
I ll III pi-1 I I'll lil I li si ,,, I.,,,. I .. -
a < SP] ul un nlil Mnrrlnm- I <-r
lill.iii. ir.i,ii \ lear of an
nt,..ur,- I hun h.
Ut*r u ny, allin.ugh i
1 fei; fl to the
' limit knoll .
Iliilt it
.1 the clerk that ti
.. hui thal another train
? prom
ill me.
ing a
? linnie nf tilt!
M hieh I ll i hid In t r;n ?
ce, however, the
rain 1 hail t
fur another. This
if just
. pretty
. n.
I i\ . i ?
neil 1 hilt he
??il the
. J "f the ehiireh. At
Hated, bul when I per*
.ii church,
ind proceeded to th.
rere n number nf
!,iih I fooh d"ii i
: Hy fell 1.1.
it time lief
t I tie
in t' i
ti..n thal
iually was a vi. n hmir
by rail, which answered ex
n in my dream.
My in ;.. I went to
!-. I was tub! that the train had
.ne. but thal ? lother
half an hnur, ead, baan*
fill i.'.ii .Ii ? ike a walk;
nf ort i. r. anti
n my rel urn t" 1! ? .i the
ni ly I
by the third
ii traided in rnj t
W hen. timi I arrived at
?, 1 if my
irprise I bal Ihe i ie..
? ? :
?,UC*t fur tl ?
? led.
1 went t" I lie eh iireh an.! entered the
if with
..f brown leather i"bi"
.m. and my heart paie a
mid when 1 opened it at rsa*
kial Kllen
-." te of the entry in
tail and returned to the vicar
Bjf tl" ld returned,
tter**of-f*et way, I asked
r the
giving dates, cte. At there
.'niue armed
Hut n ld got it, what was
be the
i thinV nf nnl_\ ..nc i
i tised
in m.
r the certificate, as it was of
nee to a family of
r had
in affluence
s a larpe fortune
lon of
e certificate In que
l I ni.ir- li,ul of llnlrl.
font of pure guli! weighr
?03 peta
I'l Ilene l.illilliellt
? .rfu fur rlieninatl.m, tlralna
.-.., nil paint. '
it, at
?ii limit Co.
ur fall Bolt BOW KleiniDK A
uk I'uaraiitie a lit. Hampln now
Mop lin
on Uri:.:
ul I tbe itu" for goin?
Hoyne eau pha*eyou id pr lee
d ntyle.
The waters of the Caribbean will
float BCSt winter Int of
Tb- Cant** Ameriean warships
which ha. been as
\aial Mnnru.fra ,
ships nf tin- North Atliititie Bsmadroa
? about
the middle "f november, sad kl I
the Smith Atlantic squadron at Ba?
hia, bi a m-eks later,
while Admiral ( mu ninshit-ld will
gather tba nsuls of the Kiirnpear.
squadron at Gibraltar, and it
? baas .a tbs I -lands.
will sail acron ti The
arith all avsilsbli
torpedo boat* und destroyers, will
mobilise at Culabi r Porte
i ni Qo*Bl .. abuut
the tir-t "f January. There, f"r two
moats*, ti" ;
drilled. Six ..r rei. iiattle
ihip*, twice a. many cruisers, and
I smaller vessels, bring?
er inure, will
COmpon the .lei! fur
this impressive game nf war.
maneuvers, nays the Youth's Compan
inn. will SOBOaraf* a healthy rivalry
? ii the divisions and pun
The "man behind the gun" will be
drilled in the art of loading it quickly
.ind pointing it accurately, ai
appliancei for improving speed in load
ing w ill be I ? les this, the
I the licet w iii lie -,
i tn thc problem of the ..
of Porto liieo and the appin.
tlie pr. , ian canal. The war
panie is not wholly play; it is a prep?
aration fur possit*!* emergencies inci?
dent tn the enlarged responsibilities of
the Dall
"Traveler, tu thia land might pain
(011-1* and Letter ImpmsloBa nf us,"
. . ,, said William lt.
A nirr lean Lite
Karie, uf
.1 lt. Iletl. chuBetK t;i,uhl?
rk Commercial Adver?
tiser man, "if instead nf visiting
\.n *i i.rk and then hastening fruin
tun, fruin llostnn to
Pittsburg anti fruin Pittsburg to
Chicago, they should take in the
-maller towns, live their life fur a
feu-, dm-, baaooM ntarated with
their stmoaphcra. A traveln in
l'rnnce will imt kOOW Krnnee marls
sn well if he made a dash fur Paris
an if he tunk in the dear little town
in the nntbaaal and na th* m
[ think ynu will find a truer ?
-inn nf American character in our
-mall towns. Within city walls one
-ii easily Into a mere
type, and becumes so mitti rial in the
(Of the gulden pud.
In tl;.- sum ll tmi us ynu may be n
lealthy, happy Individual contact
filth Unit simplifier of nil things, na?
ture, must make you so. And the
ife itself is ao delicious, with its
aim, its hospitality, its general gu,,il
viii. Kveryone knows everybody
.<! ft is like living with a
| family. I am sure of this,
?n: American girls make mun.
?f f..reign Visitor*; but the
lumber WOald be increased out of
iii proportion if then penile peen
mt knew mir small farms, fur tiny
???r mid mon winson*
i iran girlhood than
mir proudest elty can b
It is lint to be wondered nt that a
>*arl necklace "collected by a de?
nian" sold ii
110.000. The thought of u tb-.
g about collecting
il Kidd, In the Chl
? rest to
he most ordinary transaction and
es of the theory
hat mir period of usefulness ceases
ritfa death. I sh..uld dis
.ute the story had we not read it
n a Sabbath newspaper?tin.
ep"'it"rv "f useful and diierting
M:iti-tit-s fruin the public libraries
f the United Mut.-- show a rapidly
?ip demand fur work* of flc
i'in, thc pera*Btag* "f 1.ks nf this
iletl for being reduced below
0. There is ii gi Halag demand fur
ooka mi history and technical sub
**rt*<, political economy and other
uliieets that, srlll be worth some
ling to the reader after he has ?s
iiniliitcd their contents.
A Typical Ninth African Mure,
ti. li Lance, nf Bay Villa, Baadays
iver, Cape Colony, conducts a Siorc
Si mt li Africa, nt which eau
teed anything from the i
al "iie-die to an anchor." This store
I in a valley nine miles from the
ii and about twentv
u- mill - flinn the nearest limn. Mr
arson atys: "I am favored with the
I farmers within a radius of
drty miles, lo many of whom 1 have
i's remedies. All
stiiy to their value in a hom
- tdviee is almost out of
Hob. n it li lia oe* mile sf my
is perhaps sixty.
within tbe past twelve months,
ni fniirteen han bet a ai
cured by Chamberlain's Cough Raine*
,-. 'I'tii- inii-t -linly be a record."
or sale by the Winston Urn
There are not lass than 8 282 dilleretit
i lisli inhabiting tin- wult-rs of
nierieji north of the I-thuin- of l*an
l he Wurst Itiriu.
Multitudes are singing tbe praise of
ie new discovery which it msk
on sick |icople well anti weak
inp what they eat,
-ing and sweetening tbe st.
id hy transforming their food iuto the
nd of pure, rich, red blood that makes
ni feil gund nil over. Mn Trsnflll, of
roy, I. T., writes: For a number of
isrs I was troubled with indigestion and
rspepsia which grew into the worst
rm. Finally I was induced to ute
odol anti after using four hollies I am
direly cured 1 heartily recmmind
odol to all sufferers from indigestion
? pels. Take a dose after meals
- what you eat. Anderson Drug
urea (old in One Day.
ivative Hriiiiin Quinine Tablets.
Il druggist* refund the money if il
iis to i ure. E.W. (J rove's signature
on each box. 25 cent*.
ailapl.-il for Mimili,* Ma nu rr. I urlb
and oilier Material. I njiirluii.
to Ki-iiiii.r llnar..
Po* hauling niiiiiiire. earth.
ste, a good farmer doe:, sot Uki
I his farm i
since il will BOt pre | .ni ap
i thl road ni
-eil fur all kinds nf trork as it
nib when better BUB ls taken sf it.
good plan tu bau- BB BXl
to be used for th* rough work.
If the fannel di l
the trouble of having SBOds SI
box, he may for some kind, "f rough
and dirty ivrk, such ns BtOOS and
manure hatilinp. replace the DOS nilli
roagh boards I.-iiil loosely between the
standards in the old way. This method
TT? 1
has some disadvantages', howi
thc bi it ti un b.i.-i rda arc apt to iv.uk ont
of place and the side boards to fall
ilium at tba b.i-t provocation. It is
lie-t tn gu to n little more trouble .uni
Bm Bf* the boards as illustrated in
Pla*, 1. Use the required number of
boards, planed on edges, to suit span
hitmen standards and nail ur |
to two or three eronplnn to hold
them In place. Biaga the boards nt
side so aa to stand up supported bj
the standards when on the wagoe Bad
fold up when not in use. (lr tin l
may be put on on the outside, having
back of bingi board*. Tin
sideboards will then turn out instead
V7<s fi
Bf in when folded and will just turn
in far enough to stand erect a
tho wagon bcd. The enntrivanet will
occupy but little room when
use and may be set up against it cor?
ner nf the wagon shea. Another wnv
lo overcome the m.-iintiisadiunt I
loose boards on the bed la lo have
?sch sideboard and the bottom board
immediately under it nailed and
ttrapped together as in Fig. 2. A couple
if cleats nailed M the: bottom will
leep them In place when put on bed,
md tbs required number of
joards laid between in the usual mau?
ler will make the wagon ready for
service. In making either of the ar
-angements illustrated, the fa:
expected not to go to any great
f workmanship.?J. 0. Allshouse, in
?liio Farmer.
lome H.ri.i.ii. Wh, the Ural t|unllt.
lin. >r<-ea>nril7 to ll,. Mi,.li?
lli th* Shade.
there are many ques*
ions about curing hay. Bal ?
;ri?ss runtiilns inure moist nix than
hut which stands until dead ripe, and lt
larder to cure. Hay Ia grass with
he water taken out of it. The water
I removed by the wind n Imf bi e.-rn
ihile the sun Is shining glvini
ayniakiiig condition. The easiest,
ray for the water fruin
lie plant in through the
Vhen these leaves are tiried and
Hied first of all there will be BOO*
iderabla water left in thc stem, and
his will BBOn "ut very slowly. WI er,
he leaves are lt ft fresh, they nick mi
.ump the water rapidly frmn th*
tem, snd thus dry lt quickly. Cut
own twa trees in full leaf. From
fie tnke every pi- ?
nd let the leaves on the nther
y wither Bad die. Ymi will fi?
rst tree wet and Boggy, while the
thar is dry having bera seabed mt
amped by tbs leaves. Then Hiing*
xpfnin why the brit bl y i- B
he abode. 1 I r? not wlth
red, but keep un pumping water
rum the stems uni "-neat
ut. Clover especially ls best rand
l the cock. Its thin, broad
re quickly wilted in th<
bile In thc pile thev keep nt wurk.
I* must ntaenl er that som.
les of curly cut ii lain over
ono ponada "f water In erarj t"n
nd thnt l.'.oo pound* of the water
mst be tnken mil in n short time!
ne i.i-,.i, i I , th.- teililcr mok-t
ich B useful Inn- tool ls that It
rinks |h* stem nn I l'1v.*s 'he water
chat -j.e. Tt nil Nev*
rattle In I'orlo Hli-o.
There ls no spot on the globe where
ley ralie better milch cows and beef
tttie than in Porto Kleo. ... It
ay not lie generally known
ord Dorbaai toeh with him to Eu
,pe In the etphteenth century e man
pr of Porto l!ieo emu nnd bred them
?in at-nck, thu* producing tn*
imotis shorthorn Durham, but sash
, nevertheless, the ense. . . .
id water are most plentiful, the eat
e need no hunting nor care WOOteO
?er, and there Is plenty '
iem in of the island?a
imblnatlon sf aOBdHJOBB that fore
isdows a bright future for the cattle
using industry in !
leo Agricultural Journal.
In the use of paris green nnd Ion
>n purple ns Bpraybsf material lt
necessary to make new applica
ona each time tb* powder ls washed
I by th* rain.
I Ilo/i ii Times a Mplit.
Mr. owen Dunn, of Henton Fer.
a., writes: "I have had kidney and
4.lib r 'mu!.le for ySBTS, and it I
had that I was obi up al
sst s dozen times a
ived any permanent benefit from any
edicine until 1 tried Foley's Kidney
are. After using two bottles, I am
ired." Sold by fl. C. Crute.
Tho Best I-rescrlptlon for Malaria
bills and Fever is a bottle of Goora*!
iwiBi sn Chill Tome. Itm simply
on and quinine in a tasteles* form
fo care. No pay. Price 60 cent*.
No Hair?
".My hair was falling out very
fast and I was greatly alarmed. I
then tr ed Ayer's Hair Vigor and
my hair stopped falling alonce."?
Mrs. G. A. McVay, Alexandria, O.
Thc trouble is your hair
does not have life enough.
Act promptly. Save your
hair. Feed it with Ayer's
Hair Vigor. If the gray
hairs arc beginning to
show, Ayer's Hair Vigor
will restore color every
timC. Il M t bottle. All amalita.
r ,t mi'iif yon,
tend n- express
y.u a bot ? rl.t th- BSBM
A Unrest,
J i All Li ..- , lowell. Mats.
Anderson Drag Co.
thal 'in be obtsJaad
I imper*
? g, rminstlng
qualities, It ia very Important if
Seeds obtainable,
by pur
Wood's "Trade Hark
Brand " I Farm Seeds.
Wood's Fall Catalogue Mis al
Vegetable uni Farm
Seeds I r Poll I'lantlng, Seed
\\ heat, Oats, Rye, Barley,
Vetches, (irasa uni
Clover Seeds, i
I .il l'alill"..'ile and
Seedsmen, ? Richmond, Va.
That's what you need; some?
thing to cure your bilious?
ness. You need Ayer's Pills.
Want your moustache or beard a
beautiful brown or rich black ? Usc
Buckingham's Dye
|aaa.a*eRjSjaJS*MrS P Hil'fcCo , Naahua.N.H
alcuin Dentifrice.
Nothing adds more to personal appear?
ance thin I:' 'ii and
and ?!
' i i; lm,:s.
prevent -' ruy s al I gena
life, lt I pumice
ii. iuki lt ls s;x tlT"**S as
? les as pure, and six tunes HS
boa Ask yuur'
I tur Alcalln.
I ric- Samples at Dentist*.
Hold by li ? . CRUTE, Druggist.
uRfyfr. g; f r colleST
OF McOiCiKE-"-:
vu. I r.
?**** *ia*ar**e*aas
If your watch don't run just
ight, bring it arottnd. Will
ive it a thorough deaning and
aarantec it t<i work
rety dnj after that.
Jeweler and Optician,
door to Plontcr'i Bank

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