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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, December 05, 1902, Image 3

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;\|\11 I I Ul KM.D
cnuui rene
I in mir
- i
-* r
' I less ||,_l(
.** W Ju.
in.l's au,I
| v.. me.'
\ oreti
C for
- burns,
- ?
i that fruit
Hunt lt t
?. Ulled.
. Jk.
i ?- nay
nee to
? I milch cow ami
lin! repair.
.. i I..I I .lillis.
0 uid fir land*.
. nave Mich
US and we will make
Farmville Karin \
i vin.
IS vmi imus iv imi him:\
iMSSlBieii.lutii.il oin Well Know ii thi*
1 hambarlain'i
:t to all in
need a:i. - im colds and
It i*
i'h. I>? r
-it hely
eiires all throat and
mu the .p.iarr. Is.uu- musical com
assort I nun lin |;. font *?< BBSS.
?iteiideiit, I'ruiity
"After trying all
medicines we
i - Honey and
il. I lind it tlie ti
hot poker."
tills in
roi fa;: n, "iek head
..f my family.
high miler" a lien
aae thrill, in her upper rtgi?ter.
I ure* Chi init.iti.r I .itiirrh sMSB all
? Ne l.iil*.
ill.>-i(l Hain
etopge;, iii,mi. nts, doa*
?. ? ii. ines have
I m.ne-,
lose control
. i. ringing in
tiiroa) thin
i; !;. which will
by making Mood
I. Drat
\tlan ta,
, advice
Wnte today for
I'nile. lin...
illy the
. ? ni ihe
? v don't oee
like running to a
I tliey uulk
' . |
mill (o
smoke i
let him ,|
I out.
Kl.I' la -Ul lt III ULT.
ba i
iii Karmville.
i-ork : i
Aili I*
\ rfolk A
1 Nanking you
SM pa,
\ - \ 1 > J i ?
, .veil as
; re of a
^-straight and narrow
P*0' sa wall.
t'hllU'e of I'ostnu
l-'llt h!l-. B|
I Mr S
??!??-->. ai
Jr, a:
il assist
? ?
Hie en
held USS OsawSa over BBB) half ll
I ut eh
him, the chief .me bsiBf that
i resident of K moville,
and tha! I,;- p. i- .11 al aMuni m wax
imt given to the duiie- ,.f tn,- ,,iVn ,?
Mi. Kirhardsini Bras fol BIBI If BSMst
"t I?'iimville, during which
tune the patron* were f-nt'iftilly and
elli-lenny *.io.| H.. prontsss
?d if tel hell |
.- evi-r bsfbrs i;;v. ii td . pul.ii,
I Bill, if i.essary, devote h!s
eiiliie time to tl-..' dui es ,,f (lie offloi
i . lass el
the ' !1 iMiall- Ni.
While Mi.j .i Venal le, of Ha t mi. ne,
i- pi-j-ctmggr.ai things f.r 11 unpdeii.
s..im-,, srarsspsctfallycall bli attora.
tion to the BBfgSkti;ni ufa tr..Hey line
the two pi,,,-. I, We U-lieve
the venture ia ,i,,l of course
would I* tue v-ry life of tl
Ru) honored and ainim:
lille one ol tba most ai.
tia live summer ie*...tis f,,r families
91 Ita. A* the llet!.Iii lis?
ten announced throm-h it*, columns
the health rec ? rd of 11 iinp.l.-n-Siilntv
Italy, timinie, and heall ti re
sort-" the world over are in isSBlBllll
Koli of Honor.
Karmville graded school for the week
ending NotasBsttsrtt;
HiCb Betieol l)9SBesf Armi-tea.l,
living Armstrong, Balls Gllllaaa
QiadSB. 7. Bsa RaSTSS HoOPBT.
hard If. smith.
?). Ix'iia (lilliam, Basil Jackson, Tom?
mie Li
I. Krank Woniaek, Olive Harris,
Watkins Kearney.
. Bath Cawthorn,
Kimmi Webster, Samuel Wootton.
-. Howard LtgOO, Kannie Kerman,
Mattie lleruian, Henry Kohiii- ni, Clara
Skinner Myrtis Skinner.
1. Fields Coth, Busts Wilson.
l'llllllC l.l-t lill- (or I'tccni'ier.
Judge Hundley will deliver tlie
public lecture for Decemlier in the
Subject, I. |
day life. May a large nu;i
"?oi-mal M.| -,,,),?,.
Mi** Nora W in:- went hOBBS with
Miss Kdna Klean OB Friday, ai
hack Monday.
Missen Annie lire-ham, Hattie Kelly
and Lizzie James went home with
i Vaughan to Bpsod
On Itt-t Friday Miss LcSslSB v'aughan
took Misses Lutie I'larke, Katie War?
riner aud fuji rn Harrison home with
her to stay until Monday.
I'essie Carter spent the holiday
at lier home iii i'rBS"
i.ney Maaasa, arho liad bbbb
called home on accunt of illness of
her mother, returned Monti iy.
Misses C.nilling. W'oodrult, Stone and
deadening attioded the Y. W
?oiiference in Staunton, Va.
-ailie Crowson, fr..ni Acc-ma.-,
entered school Dec l>t.
.Miss Mary Word Boisseau visited her
home la PriB0B OlIIWJI thf week.
Hr. Harr, who ? iiolding a B
Hellings at the Kpiscopal church, ad
lressed the girls in the Assembly Hall
Miss Kruce Morion has gone to her
lorne la Orange county, to gave liei
?yes treated.
Piaf. H. L. manton lectured in the
i.ly Hall last Kriday night.
Oyster "Mipper.
Tlie L;elies Auxiliary of the 1 M.
?VB an oyster MBfSM sBSl I n
lay night from which the sum of f'jn.ou
ia.-, cleared, i
?njoyahle one to all who attended. The
grSBSSS were well conked Bl
n,.-t appetizing manner, while Hie
? Miished throughout S
Are Me llianUiii:
r* .i the Herald who alt'i
, at the Mat hod tal
burch, on Thursday of BM
Hit-list li.vmn l?K.k a:
gala ti.- !..vmii wh:
i-ed mi that .st.i*m!i. thev m.iv BB
omewliat sui)Ti-ed at the thii.
aid ..r sung they were thankful for:
Fain,'' "dii-appointmen;
'cross,'' Bl Ir-"ii BB
Ot hara BOl BSisssd the mark widely,
ind now are we tliankful BX such
- BS well as bright
..hui a* w.l! Bl
frown as well a-s smile.' I
iv that ne should no! I
do ask ara aral Amt if vs are not,
on't lei any nott,
y iu the church of Cod, and to
he Cod of the church.
and uium the authority
f the inspired word, that it "is a fear
il thing to fall into tlie hands of the
? d," bal isn't il SaSO B fearful
,h-*j ? ? ii,- ' Tin- I- mitten hy
hsifajd to sing that hymn.
Dd iii, 0 baa been thinking of it since.
bSssSBa. Iifli> thSB my uube
Ni.m Isa rs aa hasaa, with
liter, for rent cheap. Apply I
I) L. Tua vi.uk, Jk.
Koli of Honor.
. ?,l N... B, S. lt, Dickinson,
F.I 1 wood Atkinson, Kllie Overton,
lartha Overton, Marguerite Watkins,
atsy Watkins, bSSllS Overton, Kva
arawata, Krank Nat Watkins, Ver
n K.-ster aud Minnie Foster.
tBciflicMn. i
Mr ?? r\ l'aulett. Jr, ure
rn BB Mr. aid Mis
1 M KutB n OB BM -eiting.
Hie Misses King,
in their subuiban home.
LU, I M . ,,f tbs
I Mink, weill lo Li.li?
lli .nd Wedneeda*- evening.
? ! Ml- I n .in;
? "k. B ! Mr and Mt- {,
A l.uul-ai daring the past week.
Ill prob?
ably bs ready for inc..ming and Mt*
| 'ing passengers by lie li. -1 of the
Lfl B liar.
- ?'.1 of tba . i .,. ,,??,.
yable one ).. the
larne audience which ult inlet U , .1
ll.-.lay night.
Mr. W. ll Cn,Hi,, called
h .me a. , byi -ickni-s
in bis haily, I. ii M .nd.iv lo rSBBSBS
ll Lnray and
' ity.
Mr M ulric ? \ l" urara, an attonwy >.f
Itu hm..nd, wa* iii Farinville mi Wed
il eliding to legal hu-i:,
- ? -i 'in Uaroo Telegraph Co.
Lesa Ibaii a month t I Christmas.
1'.. IhOBSof our reader- u ho li i.
many of liiem they BOBBS Bad go in
such quiet sue.'! "ioii that I
Blot) l .nell each other.
There ls BO further dang, r kYoU the
Ann.,ly IB-all, a..d if Ibe oiinei- \a Ul
hive a galvanized flout eic ld in
the bink time Brill he tm
ii fm futiii, ,,f the
Mr. Floyd ll (iilU-rt, BM of Mr. A.
liv returned from
a biisiiii , fun grad
book keeping, and Will make a Hn.-t
worthy and sfBeJent accountant for
any person or linn raqulri)
Mr Josspb Mam.oin, uh . li i
abroad linea last June vi-iting his
native country, Corsica, and all the
il lilies, letuiii'il hollie W ? ,1
light looking bale and hearty.
V'lir I'liristnnis gifts ju-t BS
for them, and don't wai' until tbs
thank you for lt, anti then wi,di the
- Il thanh j
you are not in ir.
!i "hal "ill la-t
longer and go further than any other
which will cost only one dollar, von
call get ai ihe Herald oflsCB. Unlimi?
ted supply and every mai,, woman aud
child willi B dollar, silver dollar if you
prefer, will i* Mire ts gt i
H I -scantly la mir pre
BBOeS that there wa* no BM in all
Karmville in actual want, Can tbs
-ame bs trutlifully said when the cid
- biting ami SSI SIS '?' Ami there
may bs B0SB8 here who sillier and
make BB -ign.
The protracted meetings which weie
aiiiiouiiceil to l>cgin at the Baptist
church la-t Sunday Bight, vvcte indell
nitely postponed on a.nut of the ill?
us-,,; the wife of Dr. Smith, of Kich?
moud, who Wi ti il?i-t in
their conduct.
Tba Ladle's Auxiliary of tbs Y. M.
C. A. will open a Doti P.azaar BB next
Of Mr. W.T. Klan
(..ii next door to the l'laiitei- Hank.
Thc dolls which are of every -hape, Blas
sad color srHl bs foe sals at t-sasoaabls
pri SSS, UM proceed- thercfrnm to Ik.' for
tlie la-nelit of the Y. M. C. A. of I'arm
They tell us the engine ordered - BBS
lime ago for the electric plant I- being
L>uilt Bl the factory, and it is m-i there
iore, known how long ihe poor -ervice
BOW furnished will have BO Bl
inned, lt i-authoratively siat-.l, how
*ver, that the inferior lights sad due
tolcly to the weak engine now ni u*c
ind is no fault of those m , |
fl'lie uierchiint WbS keeps at it will
ind that adverti-ing I- the I ?
..-tiiieiit hS can make. The one who
- tbs opportunity BB stir up
? trill timi th.il he get- but lil?
le return from the Satori he has made
ii han- good stock and |
Ih.w that stink. Tba one who make
: aid ke.| tly at it
viii appreciate tbs advantage it is to
ilxiut them.
i rn, um) m.w thc hoi. ale Bjtvil
i.-livered at tbs
Iii* ..f June. "Firs! ihuig yoii know"
I loaVbfS aga . ll -i WS <!?'
nirry through this life, and whittier
?.eliding.' Earthly hoi
. but what about UM
one" aud tlie "d- Bf the
i,ng lss>k la
'arinville. Dec lld. Tinder will I*
I if n I Ulled lo
Lkvbi bb Co.,
more, Md.
v. haime (Uti Ragas.
Herald:?An otd-ttaav
um, who i* employed hy one of our
i roached hiinj re
satly with this liiqaliyi "-Captala,
, itaow whot de eullud folks
i taking :i|i desi- collect -..ii*
I i he captain.
Why I .allow de eullud folk
gain. Do you think I ought to put
iv nioiiey in it?"
The captain tlien explained to him
ie ell..rt Mr. Wise wa- making, and
,,w they had already sent lum a large
un of money, whereup-'ii the old mau
lid: "They don't get BOBS Sf my
louey. I can live under any laws de
bits man can live under."
And wa-u'i he right'.' He is an nld
BBS darkey, none of your free school
But John has already much of their
ioney aud now (he fun ^fuu for Johu;
on. Reader.
Ililli I.III-.
dead ami mattel
?tarted unnoticed, and li?
the fal
in forcing ul..I..
: IhS tillie- ol ll
growth, v.ry mu.h iii a minority. A
right ld
. ,lay un.I, I I.
Hie enduring things of this
world grow slowly. The liiiuii-.
turi-. Intended I . mould mid sha|ie this
world tn hi- mind or to his will, takc
tieaily thirty , li in- matur?
ity, while several generations ,,f - m
of Hie lower animals will h.-.w ihrivcd
and pa?.-e(l away in thal lune.
Tbs veiy beal thing ia tha warid for
a young mun, -..intone ha- Bl d. ls fol
bini tn Bisrsrtrlats himself arith s bbIboi
. li mike- lum -elf forgt tiing*
throwing in lilieially and witho ,t bops
.ld tbs best of him-. If for the
sake of the eaoss us loves, a aiinority
CBOSe make- a niau w..rk, and bop.-,
and struggle, li makes him g
tbs -ti. un m-ii -ni of Boating
with it. To BBS a hum i\
it i- :i live li-h thal can pu-h through
the wah i; il- :i dead one (hal ll .it-.
Tal we cannot adi -j.,, a.Elation with
a minority cause miles- at tl.
lime we tbr,,w on'a word of warning
? Mind fan illcistn. 'I',, ba in ?
minority i- n,,i absolute proof thal a
cause is right,else lbs boui
iisdf ia iii bs terribly narrow
minority tecti sn righi nml tbs
arong. If miaoritysblp proves
right, Hui! tl
forsaking duty to IbssnaslTSB and their
hallies, aad wondering afar in tbs
mids) ,,f ihe B I a Canadian
winter, ".-eeking tbe light," an- right
a'lil the real of tbs world is wrong. A
minority idea t.. bs righi mus) bs foua*
ded OB tbs great principles ol comm -n
-t ass, common ni
achieimont. To -tick to a minority
italy and f- rocioii-!y a
gh tint minority Idas
If any sound mind?
ed co-operation, is ;
mind for gradual tonoftouefa with the
. itng warid and it-.i*. Ifs
mlnoritj r, what
? tbars that ;i bas tbs lo?
in it'.' Ju-'
it a waste of tune and of ea
ii for a fanner t i eulin.i ?
that nf .?, or for a hen to
-lt "ll prill,Us
Then too, anotli'i maj bl applied
lo mit,only .ails. - w bl I, tin J
knocking ;it mir hearts for recognition,
lo they pstanade us away fruu the
luty lying next lo I and '.' Il" ti
[hey need Io be li",ked Bl
* a human failing to seek afar oil for
:he thing we ought to do in-'
?citing our baud resolutely to the
plough of duty lying in our own Balda
In good humor Dicken- tells of tbs
n glected comlitiui of Ihe children of a
?voinan who wa- giving le r whole
bought to tbs neglected children of
who did BOt know they wu.
leglc ted. Ixiwell, in all
ii this human tend.-my in his '.
i ? iti'li-t fill poem aimil! Bli
Hinch for the Holy ('rail. After wan
lertng tin- world over to -h,,.i i,
?otion and to seek his r. wm.I, he found
bat tba beggar who had bean -
,i hi-g:it'-nil the tiiii.- typified the
'hrisi to lum.
humanity, ladiffs
etit and iilithinking, i-, alway- baa
-<ii, mid p..s-il.ly alway- will be lifted
ry the purposeful minority. I think
I i- Kiucr-.,ii B bo -av- "Kv.'ry |
.s lazy ss he dares i
cry lazy, itidiM'.rciit, unthinking, and
ll average of human progress is
niy BsalataiBsd by tboaa who, feeling
he tlinll of abroad life, and hun.
i-n ing purpose within them, do BO*
arc to !??
aa I SSS
iii murillo:
lu ilu*ky mines.
Ami tl.< -
shall tin,I thal Truth ll
All,I ll.
lu Bale I
The following items will bs -
iction on December 17th, 1902, for
ish, on the Tarin of H. K. Han
laing Boodurant A Anderson's farm:
ifty barrel- of nice dry .-..rn. IO
I.K-k- of nice -talk fet-ii wi,li -hurk
i, BBB good farm hOIBI
Igon sod farming Impli D
id all household ami kuchen ftirni
re, including a new ..- anti
IS good heater. VT. E. I
lloli't W.i-lr.
fl-rilli!: ?I bav,
Int- omi'.-id :>' ld , in
hich the fodder, tops and shucks
ne bsssa allowed I i go i , wasts, in
B -pring time sash tilings will ba
>rt!i their weight in gold, and yet
S B BBSS goes OB v-ar by year
ing-. ought ii-.l to SB. I am ""BB"*
ith-ide Virginia
ough is rais.??: Bf f"?id for
?u and liea-t t I supply the ioeal de
sii.l with much io spare, and ye! we
on buying haled hay as )hough it
isa patriotic duty. Saving in the
1 would prevent wauling in the
ring. CK'
Nd memory is short euough ever to
get a fancied wrong.
I'miijiiin rawagraasas.
?' of Mend*
?f \|r. and Mr-. Edward
..lided ii- ot
ti ,,f dinners "before tbe war.'
of the Mason, with a28
IT) with. After tl
all rep:. k church )t
.1 ll. Couch psrforBi the
marriage ceremony fir Mr. J. IL I'ayne
and M. 'borter. Tlc
w.-r.- all draassd mw:
gamly tiiinnicil in whits tull
I white oht.i
Tha bride wes dressed in dawn
li with white veil and
.let of marchall,.
M .! ,', I: , i., , . j ... .1 the
webling march. HiSBB) Mud I'.iytie
ii!nl Hallie DsFsid wire the Mower
girls. Tbs s
Mr. Harry Kayne ami Ifiss Lizzie
Shorter, Mr. Krnniett Womack and
. - i',rt"r, Mr. (ieo. Wilkin
?oa and Miss Catty Sb..Her, Mr. H.T.
ferry and Mi-- Mattie Metkeley, Mr.
I.. II. l-'o-t.-r mid Mi*- M. I. Ander?
son, Mr .1 Singleton and Mis- Mary
Dillon, Mr. Jim Shackleton and Maa
Dillon, Mr. - let and
: i Braneb,
After tbs h. I bridal B0Bs>
piny left for Mr. Kayne's home, at
Pamplio, where B delicious supper had
h. .-ii prepared in I.r of the bride
and gio un.
Music and dancing was kept up until
-ni ill hour-.
I.iinenliiirg Letter.
Li nj sn BO C H., Va , I
I, INS, f
Tbet ii :i sBBSUl given by
r ll , ob Friday tbs SStb of No i
?inti thirleeii knights entered the eon*
-! ot vi hun were star riders
.-ix out ol tbs thirteen tied for tbs
without niis-ing b ring, which ws>
iBtdsring ttie
ti iek waa maddy after tbs recent rain.
:>wi| at the tilling
a ul also at the coronation party.
J Wade Kow Ike- and Win. J.
ii-i of knight-:
? Ihe Finner Hoy:
I I BfBgg. No Hops' i
.1!. K. Mar?
shall, li- K. Hragg, Luie
- Hal,-hilt, Lost Cl
ii, Ivanhoe; W. J. Hragg. Jr.,
Morning Bl ir; \\ Q. Marsball
Kippling Waves: Bf, K.
Plying Cluiil: A. B. Arvin,
A. I! M PowlkSS,
rsful knights were Mr. W
a Mai-hall, who crowned Mi-s Mary
II inly ?|iieeii of love BOd beauly; Mr.
K. R Marshall, who clowned Miss
lid of honor, Mr.
Iii. Bl Igg, who cf.lund Mill I
?nd maid of honor; Mr. H. O.
ing Hurd maid of honor.
After the coronation music aid
tahara la lbs bm
if the evening and the many friends
med to IBBOibS Hie spirit
and w ith sin h a coin
iiingling af merry roieSS then- -
? art in all Hie throng.
?lime the Kipper, a bountiful om-, s
iiagiiili .land-.
liveliest sakai With ornamental icings,
j of fruit- ami lbs fr.-sh cut
i fragrance ami fresh brilliancy on al)
?ii,', and tbs lovely blossoms
Ul smile a happy welcome to
?vuy |
ti a'.tcmiaiice will ever have
.. morie* of this happy 0
md will often give mauy a sweet
bought to the plca-i.n- of that gath
ring of fi lu.I- where ea. h bright
mile, sweet rippling laugh Bad
lord of cheer called forth a hap:
?in kindly lr
Capt. M, Kennon, Hie chief engineer
Kai -
ad, dined at Mr. Wm J. Bra
ay. Mr Hr.i. ng him to
: ineiiburg C. H.
Kev. J. A P i--I... and IkS Lev Mr.
ISBltb, of Carroll enanty, arc conduct
ting at Ebenezer iv -
ian church, which will continue until
ssl Monday.
Minuit Leigh Miishi-s.
Mi. I.ku.ii. Vi., Du-.:;, INS,
Mr- H. A. Hun! left Monday for a
i-it I., i Parap
Mr. Win-ton Clark i-oin again after
old. i
Mi- Luther . veral n
i ,tb h-r .laugbl.
e. who is attending sclesil al 0
urn .-piing-.
BST, J W. Shipman and Mi. W. L
lark B at Mr. Judson
? I; do| h., i nu,-ii and John
- .tirJay ami Sunday With
iind- near Overly.
:ii r.-p .it thal M
roiifuieil to
f,,r lbs pist mouth, is greatly
M.-i- .!.- I Clark and I li.
. vs trip to -
Mr. K. )'.. Wilson, Jr., SBBBl Satur*
ty night with friend
Mis* I. attn. Millet sad larother,
B Ith then auir Mn. (iaruett,
' i iverly.
Ilillllpili-ll-Milllil llerahliiig*.
II VMl-l'l ?
Mr*. Watson, from Amelia, is the
r, Mr-. W ii
.owing you iu the
i iy, and re
iinlil Monday. Mis- Lucy
ml.is.n, at Mrs. Holladav'.- Misses
nilli, Whitley and llradshaw, with
I Hailes, st
i. Hani:-:''-, and Man Krank Jones,
BB Hie training school.
la Moore, will not return to
Mr. and Mr-. J. S. Mcilwaine are
: at Dr. Mcilwaine s this week.
s.illie Dickinson was here yss
rdav. She gave a pleasant account
her school at Hriery.
Mr. Kodgers, who has been under
r ar Dr Kfllam
ii I!! Hill
nun h Siarss Mr- BaSsJSSB w
him Is-t .-. ? ?
I hpsk ThsklsBsffl.
Tiikih k, Va . I
We had s beautiful rain on Sunday
lt would have been a fine tobaiv
if lt had not lieen so cold. Hu
f the farmers are still sirippini
it for the market.
Ihe Mid and turkey hunters are stii
on the go, although the deer and opfKB
sums a: h year, if they ar
not, they keep out of Hie way of th
Mi-- lltssie Kui-ker, af the Norms
SchiHil, who has lieen at her le
Mir, rk, -ik, i- better, and returned t<
her s.-h,h,I, Monday.
Miss Kul>y Hanson and Miss May
mi.- Md raw, of Ke'iicii, -pent Satur
day and Hunday with Mrs. NV. C
Woinack, mir Keysville.
Mr. Charlie Kio has gone on a visi
lo bi* nephew in North Carolina
Preaching services will bs held ai
Douglas Sunday evening hy Kev. Mr.
Hrh ri Ilrii-f*.
IlKIKKV, VA, Dec. 1, hlSB,
Mr. NN'ill D. Heed, clerk of (|,e Mid?
dle WarehOBBS,af Karmville, lias been
at home ipiite sick for Hie pa-t week
We are glad to say BS i- DBttBI and ex
lieets to return t<> your town in a few
I Henry will leave thi.
we.k f,,r Hichiiioiid, where -he will
-pend the Christmas holidays with her
Missal Hutaaes Wombs*, and Maud
MeOsbss ipaBt Saturday with Mr. and
Iiiiuel Lacy.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B < inuit, of Cum?
berland, visited relative- ntar Briary
Sk. Mr-, crant was returning
from a vi-lt ts lier mother in Charlotte.
Tiny left for their home on Thursday
Mrs. Capt. T. T. I'ettus, of Meherrin,
passed through our village bslay, re?
turning home after a visit toherdaugh
tsr, Mrs. I,ee Morton, of Eureka Mills.
llMTl) Ogles.
Ovkiu.v, Va., rf OB. aa, 1901
We would like to send you a real
BSWsy letter, hat everything is as dull
ami tedious asa twice-told story. Why
doesn't some one get married aud give
us something exciting to talk and
write atxuit I Karmville seems to be
on a matrimonial I." m
Miss Sue Cobler, who ha- heen visit?
ing MISSSs Lilly and Linda Walton,
Hied tn her home in Campbell
Mi-. NV. L. Vaughan is again at
? Mer a pleasant visit to relatives
in Mornsville and Davidson, N. C. She
reports the cotton liields what in thal
part of the old North State. Oue
planter near Morrisville, bad sixty
band- picking at one time recently.
Ii * i-* town hasonegin and two large
cotton factories. Mrs. Vaughan ls ex?
hibiting some pretty specimens of out?
ing manufactured there. From the
thrift and enterprise manifested in
ibis town of ?tn inhaibtauts, she
would *;. ..li, not West, young
p.-ople' Sin-.-ays she tlidu't see a po*
liceman in the place, and yet people
placed fresh meats, choice fruits and
iiiything they wished kept cisil, on
[heir ba.-k (-.relies at night, never fear?
ing they might bs stolen, and the yards
ire not even enclosed by palings. Tbs
-av tli-y never think of any
:hing being di-iurlied by their dusky
ii IghbOtB. NVe would like h.exchange
I ours for theirs.
Ailriaiiic Vrnnis.
AllKIAMK, Nv , Dec
Suuday being a fifth Sunday, there
.vere no services in any of our churches.
Mr. F. H. Illanton left la-t NVednes
lay for a ten days visit to his slater,
Wrs. NVheary, of North Carolina.
Mr-. Peterson, who has Urn -pend?
le time with relatives here, re
iirned to her linnie in Kt tersburg last
Mr. Ce irge Hedinger si*nt Thanks?
giving day with his family at Dr. H.
.. Klan'
Mr-. Jennie Illanton and daughter,
.1 ui, Mi-. Laker Blanton and
dr. and Mr-, s. M. Hughes were guests
,t Mr. K. H Hughe's Sunday.
Mr- M.utha Hughes I- s-i'tiding
sb with Mrs. Kaker Illanton.
Nile Neils \iig_
Nil.-*, Pa, Kn I'" , Va., \
Tbe frequent rainy seasons are tine
?r .-tripping tobacco, sud Hie farmers
re making good use of them txi.
egroes are doing all in their
ow.r to rai-e money ts tik"ht tl.
to ut Lui of Virginia. They are forin
ng clubs ami order to raise
lona*? for Mr. John Lucky
allow, he'll get a (locket full of money.
Milton Kpps c..!.ired) the mail route
iintractor from Nile to Klee Depot,
line near losing hi- horse last
.eek while attempting to cross Sailor
reek after a heavy rain. The water
rsabsd him. horse and jumper down
triiitii. He succeeded in getting out
sfely after a-hort while, Hun he had
i g,, down the creek to a plantation
ridge liefore he could cross. This
lakes several times to my knowledge
lat people have either gotten their
i-> - mired, or washed down stream
l th.-.-reek, for it is a deep and swift
ne. 1 lie head of it is about 4 miles
?nth a drainage of from 7000 to
md BaaHVIB t ii im ford, and
? of our su[iervisors say that a
- not needed there. I reckon
"f them were to get ducked
-Bas, they would say that a
ridge is necessary; don't you J
-si, hard and firm roads we
ave had all of this fall, have melted
way and are no more. All we haye
uud and water, where once a
NVe now leave Thanksgiving day in
ie rear, and are looking forward to
mott, the merriest time of the year.
Misses Clara and (ienie Falwell, of
mr town, spent from Thursday until
unday with their grandmother, Mrs.
. II. F.llington, near this place.
Miss Lucy Atkin-and.Mr. Sam At
ins have returned home after a pleas
at\.-it nf several days in the home of
er, Mrs. J. NV. NVebeter, of
Mrs..!, who resides near
armville, is visitiug her sister, Mrs.
A. Morrisette.
's Dalrjmg and Slmk Bl
ul OsSBflt*.
Hit B Dkih-i. NaN, .), IBM
number of times by neighbors an
la, and for their benefit I willgiv
a brief statement or sketch of I
?? f.r twelve months, bSgtBBifl
O. toner 1st, ling OctoU
1-t, IMt When I U-giin thi- I
I knew very little aleut dairying, am
my experience with st.sk nMag wa
very limited, but I alway- Inti a funl
lies- fur nice stis'k.
I sjieiit several .lava willi l'rof. NV
D. Saunders in the creamery) at tin
V. K. I,i K.lacksburg, Va., and Hu
point- I gathered there BBBBtBI
several daily pa|us which I took, 1
made ii U-ginning. Fir twelve month!
beginning October li-nl, I milk
saws whleh aasas fresh ail sasai
during the year. Some Wandry a par:
of the tim. PnSB the nine
sold 1,611 gallons of cream, which net?
ted me t L-l il ',7. Pna this taki
$160,00 paid for bean ami c..tl, I
meal and you have
of 1118,00 pst .ow j.r. tit. Thfodosa asl
include the rough f . Ac. I
estimate thal Hie skim milk, which
I give to calves and pigs, and the man?
ure will more than balance tin-.
i hired one hand extra, on account
of my dairy business, windi ,
about OlfOJMl Km any one to -
at dairying Bad stick rai?ing, he
must give it his personal attention,
which is true of most all business if
made a MBSSI --? I Had that ti
neaa does not interfere materially
with growing tobacco and other cro|?s.
They grow together very wei! and BBB
lie carried on together sn,-,-,?fully, it
is, I think, well for a man not to bl de?
pendent on any one Hiing fora living,
but have it so arranged that if BBS
fail- the other will Imbi him up. A lot
of peas, clover and other BttMBBSdOBB
ero] - have I ? OS grown: this. I'. ,.ur*e j.
improving to the land. A large quan?
tity nf manure can lie niiiile letti in
summer and winter. 1 lim) that I
make more and "Mattel manure in sum
mer than in winier. Thi- 1
top-dressing which
grain aud grass. The winter manure
n Ihe UpM
corn aud tobacco. Some will *ay you
graze your lu My lots are
grazed but little. I feed "orgliin:
almut SepteinU r 1st to D> Camber, and
then ci m in.i bay until
April, then rye for a while, ami |
on broom sage the remainder ol the
year, or until about Septemlier l-l. I
lariieve there are many dollar- hidden
in the old broom-sage field- foe MSB!
un- who wini will convut it int.. milk
and place it on the market. Ibe de?
mand for.ereain iu mir Stale is fargr. at
er than the supply. The bulk ..i'm hui
and butter consumed in Lirhuiuin!
Norfolk, Newport tfsws uni many
more of our Southern citi. -
the North.
Why not furni-h our -late with all
the pure sweet cream and Inn
wan!-, and keep our money in circiila
tion nmre iu the Smth'.' N\
many advantages over the Northuu
States; our climate i- ideal, ami
;i very little to keep the anima)
NVe can grow corn, psasand many other
crops that will not do so well farther
uorth. NVe have an abundance of broom
.-hire which produce- a very line
quality of cream and butter free from
bad flavor, and it need- no cul:
manuring or resowing. \
except tin- fencing is rsqalnd.
One might a.-k |ierhaps, w hat amount
of money will it isqatrs to begin a bu-i
ness of this kind. One having a farm
w Ith suitable buildings ami fi ii ?
stocked vi uh eight or ten |.|
would have la lay out ali.,tu |11
,-a-li for si!,., separator, milk
i ans, ja \ and many other
things necessary. I
ible, when sweet i nam i- ship
Bad. Immediately after the milk is
drawn from the udder, it psssre
through the separator which tar
all of the cn am. Ibe uiain then
passes right over au aerator anti
which reduce- the t"iii|?-ratuie :
SSS, lt is then pla ?
when the temperature is brought to
al-,Ut M
fight (ta Hld lie put
market |*eii
oe, but I hai <
?team for seven days and shiaj"
miles without (he use.T any preserra
tmuhle with .-.'tiring. If absolute
'leanliness is j
?aparated from tin milk BSSStS Hie ani?
mal heat is out, and then the tempera
lure quickly brought SO lo degree* mi.I
held there Ila
that it will imt -our f..r many 4 I
I am very much inteit-ted ni .i ,
md Stock rai-ing, and while my tx
rsfriSSsSB is very limited, I think
lafely say that if our farmers w,,uld
Micourage tin- line of business, it would
iring about a wonderful change for the
.letter. Mi i ? ? -nilling to us
it the end of each liiuith that I* now
?eing sent away Not only for
B BS land for MB cream in our
mt for cheese, butter, butter!:
ucli stuir This niigh! not plea? IBS
oinini-sioii in, i. lian - who furni-h
ihe farmers with ca-h ami BfaririOBS
luring the year, hut it would be an
deal thing for lbs farmer and the
nerchant, who want the
U. li. Cv I KB.
Bii.h Iliier Brieflets.
Fakmvu.i i I
Mr. Kl Overtou left this week to lill
ii-brother's place at the hourn nf Mr.
lim Lancaster lu Cumberland county
ie will heimlich missed by hisi
Vaughan, wi
ng the .Normal Behool th -
leveral day-ai her home mar Overly
week. MhBBB KatS NN irriin r,
'adie Clark and Key ton ll
, mied her
Miss Susie NVatkins rtritSss the
lome of the Misses Vaughan, of Overly,
ast week.
Mr. NVat.-on Overton, who i- fl
ug very slowly from atong
lesa, was reported not so well tlii
Mr. Ken Ligon we regreat lo i
ery sick, His friends fear he is threat
ned with pneumonia
Miss Margurette Watkins
"uesday night with Mis- EIIa< i
Miss Lena McNutt is visiting friends
u Karmville this week.
A plump girl makes a fat wife.
? -in A ii )onls, Texas, sf diph
ifterao Hint*-** of sixteen days,
only child of James and i'au
..mh, aged six years.
"Heh.lld my bouse is left unto me deso?
late. "
Thc only woman who don't talk
alxiut clothes all the time are "those
who arc dumb, and they look at the
fashion pictures all the time.
I he problem sf parents is how to
keep girls innocent without letting
hr through Innocence.
When a girl puts ou long dre
puts oil simple innocuice that is the
Is-autiful of earthly mantles.
JA more fun out of plan
things that never come oil than a
. man BBSS in enjoying tLoee that do.
ng originated in Ireland 22
; i years ago.
M. Yu-hiu, the Kussian teuor, has
rt 'I lu* -rates f r*..v?i.
?'-tend is to hold an International ex?
hibition of fashions in 190*1.
my, Kngiand, France and lt
| ly Canada with rubber balls.
Tba tonnage of merchant ships in
. ..ii r-e of construction in Crest Krit-lu
Mian at any time since lsi'T.
A dollar loaned for a hundred years
sadeosaneaBBBsd at M i>er cent, wii
amount in that time to $:.',.Vil,799,-"04.
'mated Baal there are 12,000
Nalia. The I nited States con?
sul there thinks lhere are even more.
i -h Wycombe Lilieral Club
possesses an aiuu-hair made from a tree
v the bite NN. K. ('I.id.-tone.
NVhile '..Val coal-cutting machines
sal in ihe Knited Statis mines
lhere ar !e-s than (ut mich machines
in Itritish collieries.
Our XJSOAJkM pa-se-igerspald ?119,
iiiriug the list six muiiths
n tbe Manchester cor|ioratiou tram
- elli.
In clor Mailes. . d, while,
brown am) Ma, k.
lhere are two varieties nf g..als in
Nialia tba long-baned uni the short
luiiahle in Creal llrit
am chicory is the only one grown in
; mi: ion ol Malta, about OjBs>
OODralies wholly for Its milk supply sa
are sad, sad days for the girl
who lia.-luxurious furs, for it's far BBS
wann to wear them.
i iii: ii. \ n ii- ks h ink OF i vi-.m
WI ititi, of
..f Public
?f vio<lulu:
?I tl \tllrrs _.
i'.ninty warrants..
l..*6 7S
... I laVa.aB.lM
.. 5 i
I. VV. U the lilma.
-n.ur Ililli the
lo the best of :ny
VI . ii. VknaiiI.II, rushier
I sworn to Ix for. nie th.*
. Public.
ll. M. Bl mos, I
ll. K. Baa-soar, ? litreetors.
0. M. Wai.Kan.1
< i
a- I have il. ci.|. d to close*
mir i .1 .ny
Men's Suits
Men's Overcoats
Men's Pant's
Children's Suits
Men's Hats
Men's Shirts
iu fact everything in the
nothing Line must go at
I (..me early l*efore ev?
erything i- picked
The New York Bazaar,
L. M. KOHER, Proprietor.
S ?
IMS All,
Except it
Cures Dyspepsia.
('Alpin Dyspepsia Remedy Co.,
fimlllt, fi.

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