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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, December 12, 1902, Image 1

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i WhkaT
s ?
\- K. Cralte
ii* and
< .itllM.m
K. I..
ind W.
I : n in l.i rt Hint
and N.
it. Jr.
ll ,k.-r.
I. s. Hart.
*,rM J GILLS, M. D,
omer oven tirst national bank.
? i>. m.
jj-, R. M BIDGOOD,
Lancaster & Mcilwaine,
. * VUBOIB _
? Offlos iu
? S ll N OTT, VA.
Mo.;, Prince Edward
?nd Chat - ? reine Court or
Vlrf mm aud I . -? i ourts.
1 U.M'. IU ' . VA.
y ,l-.iHr,i. t'l-.tn
Court ?t Klchmor.d.
il ..lU'iition paid to cases lu bank*
A! *W,
b State and
Office*. KlrtiHrilson Hulldlnt;, Milln st..
1 A KM VI I.I. K. VA.
r> S. WING,
Bay, Prince Edward County, Ya.
IbwXwtrts:?State and Federal.
* >
NKI'AI. Ali'lHiNFi
KAKMVIl I.h. a \.
this and adjoining
eounlies. Chan.'
^yHITE 4. CO.,
Medicines and
Druggists' Sundries,
Preserl pt lons ( areli! I ly Com pou uded.
LaTRACT of vanilla
miy sdaltssatBd. wk
; dlrsat fp.iu the
benn. Pure irr.iuiiti BBB
ll.i.) Ul IF, llriiirirM.
When in Need
DRINK, . . .
Call roH r??
Henry Whiskey.
Always tin some.
Mild, Mellow
and Pure.
- -1 by
KvKMVii.i.K. Va.
Bh*n -"SBBJ8 ti. Kl. tiii.on.l, dont Ssl
)tlsni | t? n?
'?'nih. Rcataiiranl on the Kuropean plan
win** and Liquor*., ini|>orted and BSSSSSUC.
- *ll Hie year round, a s|,i-<-tultv.|
Half-shell, \*r aaSBBa, M SBBtB",
Half.fry, bj ,vllt^
Ham anti %p
il ts.
Everytbini" iimeam.ii.
905, 90? E. Broad St.,
BsaaYaaaafll fr,,m the Oily Hall,
KlfliriKiiid. Va
Session of ? Months in ali Grades,
in tbs mon BCHOOL mt-Jset*
?tllllitll .'UV
Penmanship, History, Literature,
Language, Mathematics, SdaaXa, the
Human Bodv and Laws of Health.
Writing and Speaking.
IVriii,- in tb
Bf nine munthy..
KIHI Viii. M. SMI I ll. M. \.. l-l,. J..,
Prim i|i;tl.
?*. W. ,
Co Cbc public
VYSBSS- toHiin-.iini'f timi Bra have
opened h first clasa.
Market House
Howsskaspan aili srwayi
baal nf Kiesh Msata,
The ladies are invit.-.i t,. in-jift-t the
Marks) ll
.tn,Kin,us refrigerator lot ito!
i Imphal m
I'll. INK NO Itt,
V ii probably knew that fur
fii*t wi- hiiw
in these gBBds. We carried
nver len*, than haifa th,zen fruin
la-t -ea-on, SO that mir pir-ent
If you want tlie LATEST pa**
tern* ami LOWBBT Bli
eall nu ii*.
Paulett, Son k Co.
Lad if-a, sss
K S .Ml.ISM -t..l
?l?-fn??- du
.rn! i.al lo***
.? I l-arli. ula,. I..ti
.1..nilli. ;, 1 lt. liff lor l^tdlrs."
a llf.il. lU.IMMI a. .-*.,?! b)
.ii.mi ??.*?, sa ssa a is** rr. rmi_4., PA.
Maali..) isl. . ......
""elebrated H. II II. "sle.licine is not a
nert- perfumed lubricating oil, tlie ap
llication of w hit h serves only to amuse
ind occupy tlic patient, but ism reality
1 scientitio combination ot* pOWStAD
?hemicals and patent drugs, which
lavethe marvelous property of going
iraiirht to tlies.iit of the pain, Brbers
hiv art upon tho lytnjiliBtics in such
iiiianiii-r, thal tbs lilllie o'tba pain is
iBBOt-bed and removed. It does not
natter much whether tlie pain be due
oan abnormal swelling, to sprains of
he joint*) or HtraiiiH of the muscles or
snaonSj to rheumatism, lumbago,
leuralgia, sciatica, to toothache or
?eadaeba, all of tnsss sjoonleklj re*
ieved bj the magic ellVct of H. ll. EL
S"o other medicine or liniment BBSBBS
oe nial itiu tba rnj.idity OT certainty
?fits action. Often a single Ihoroiiirli
ipplleatloa eaaass the nala and dis
lomfbrt to vanish, as if by ma.'ie.
The EL II. ll. is used only externally,
t is -.mt tin in a ~5 cent bim and abo
anne bottles.
Tlie signature and portrait of the
arentor, l"r. D. Dodge Tomlinson,
,00 North Third St., Philadelphia, Pa.
b printed on the wrapper around each
Kittie. Hold by ttraggfstB, A slightly
maller sample vial will bo delivered
?y U. B. Mail oa rewipt of So cents
n stamps.
Dizzy? Headache? Pain
back of your eyes? It's your
liverl Use Ayer's Pills.
Want your rr beard a
beautiful crown or ri:"- Mack ? Usc
50c?. ol drug-gut. or R P H. ' ItCo. Ns.liu. N H
My pa B* ? '?..,-.?" Wt ul to
Ila- -
u ' ? ?; ? me.
Hs ki u
M.- I?, va lt all.
? 1 t,i sinrti
? ru lt was
il aral" _,
so) th,' prize
.i rfy
Bu) when ),.. t, Ila ir ?
.My gi
An' nev..
r in
My btsi - tint way.
Just laugh*- ami -
My BTSI boya
Th* Mm. us j
An' av!,.
fl lt is "I ?
She says 'nt I
they arrows ap to mm.
!i>cau?* they know ' .. y wera
An l.'ll their ctt'lrln n f
13altlin.,r?. Ami
I The Long Corridor. I
^*_*?**^k*?s_B*?,^^?*-??*t^^*_* ?
Hy John K. Oskiem. ;J
Wlli:.\ Edwia Dumble, bob of old
Richard Dumble, the million?
aire brewer, fell la lore arith Henri?
etta Si-ho.ilir, lu- "men i li it t his
father would oppose their manage.
ihomors ni Harvard, ;iin!
Henrietta was studying music with
Ma.I.inie 1 ri>,,tiiii- in Boston. Mrs.
Bean, the girl's chaperone and aunt,
hail warned the youth thal the at?
tachment mast be brohea. "Not that
i or Mir Selii,tiler object, fol JTOB
are a aies Loy. Edwin; but roar
lather would rather see you dead
than allied to tba Schouten hy mar?
riage. Why? I can't tell you go and
ask your father "
twin, hurriedly packing a hag,
rushed t,. his parent'i big Nea York
Minted i,nt the story of his
],,. e for Hie pretty music student, nnd
demanded the reaeoa for thc antic?
ipated opposition. There was ii quar?
ter of an lu.ur of storming an in?
coherent damnatlofl by tha old mar.
of every thing connected with the
Bchoulera, and a sweeping character?
ization of the family tli.it brought
the young ,,i;in to his feet almost
screaming with rage before nn ex?
planation waa offered.
Then old Iiunihle said tersely:
"Old s.ti.Miler wns my secretary
once. Vour motlier was fii*
he trott*-d her around to BBS wh>-n
he found ont that I wanted a wife,
and I married her. Def OTB your
mother's death Beholder married his
.coonil cousin, n ".ionian of BO fam?
ily, nu adrea tar ssa, who kai
trying to get a bold on me ever
since. Tfcll di.lighter lias been shipped
from St. Louis to BoafOB to study
this fol dc-iol French singing, and -
mark my words, boy nnd to taks
you In! You've been taken in, too,
easily enough."
"Put," the old man's voice was
raised in anger, "von must not see
that en n'"
"Creature:" cried young Dumble,
starting np from his chair. "?'
must ii..! suv thal again I Henrietta
Scliouler is the dearest, best girl on
curth, anti?" Kdwin cont rolled him?
self with an effort.
"lhere is no use wasting words be?
tween ns," saitl the father, speaking
quietly now. "I cnn never consent to
vour marriage with thal girl?1 BBS*
not OP neil ni to have you see her
again. agrees with me.
Now, will you give BBS your word ns
a gentlemen-as my son not to try
lo BBS her if you g.. back to ( mil?
bridge V"
"No," replied tbe BOB. "I lore Hen?
rietta better than my own life. I
shall marry her, whatever you lay or
.lo." Then, for a time, thc two
The father turned
from his gai i to pa<9S Hie
thickly carpeted Boor of Ids big of?
fice, and presently the son was ra IBS
urlng the Opposite limit of th" room.
. for half an hour. At last the
Old brewer Stopped to face his son
ind say:
"I am quite determined that this
marriage shall not take place. Vnu
ivoulil tin well not to try to force it.
1 am prepared to g.. t,. nnv extent
IO prevent it. Now. gc hark to ( BBB*
I.ridge with this thought before y.ui
I abai! thwart every attempt
iou make to see the girl and will
in;il:e it absolutely impossible for
mu to marry lier. I hope yoa will
rec,ocr from this nindi.
Ide .,),I mini's tones were so even,
so controlled, that the boy suspected
i disposition to yield. He bl
[.lend, saying thnt tlie girl was wor
ihy, beautiful every I liing desirable.
Hut tba thunder cloud began to
?ather, and the incoherent pleading
ippsd by a fierce oath.
"ti., now, my sou. before va,- quarrel
"arther." said the old mnn quietly.
Voling Kdwin went back to l nm
iridge, lenving his father to .-iii hour
,f fierce anger, then a Bight
vf planning. When the rumble of
the milk carts In the deserted streets
innouiicrd Hie morning, the old mnn
preai home iind t>, bcd with a smile
if confidence.
"lt will be unusual, and a little hard
io Bsaaage, bot it e-oat kart them:"
ie mattered before going to sleep.
Mrs. Sears, BS Blotter with Mrs.
schouler, was entirely satisfied with
sit of Fd win's visit to his fa?
ther; the youth came back to her
iretcli'-d aol his arms towards the
rirl, and cried ..ut to his father for
>ity. The old man llnished his talk
B the girl. BBSs went out, paying no
nore kasd to the boy's cries than
o lbs wind thal rattled the window
Then lbs two young people began
,1 curious imprisonment that
twentieth century chronicle
ias ever recorded. In an age that
ost.-r.-il intrigue and inquisition, old
lambie would bu ve been a master
? lotter. Now bs was a shrewd, rich
dd autocrat with a purpose in riow f
wnicn ne wu, oetermiaea to accom?
plish ns ijiiirkli ns possit.ic.
Tiing reasoned tbs obi mnn; "Once
iii ;i thous;,i, | __pa n ,,,.,,,
and a woman will love one another
better than life. In this practical
raga, tba proportlofl i
eat down to on,- in [0,000. vThal
? for lin- divine passion, hist?
ing throagk and beyond tbs
of life, is the Impatience of young
years, the desiri of | child f,.r thc
moon, tbs changing whim of an
.-ager age. J ,-,n thia qatck tlnnic to
while hint and it will Mum die to
.?old ashes. Now if Ed-ward is of tbs
arear oat t1 ?,
in dally sight of his ii.'sited one, tinil
i (,ine bink t,, nie a wisc boy. and
no law will be broken the girl will
ga unharmed. If I,,- ,., tl,,- BBS Ifl
sad tbs girl is tba i
(for that sex is certainly more im?
pulsive, why, thea bat, psi,nw: hs
Tbs br.-vv.-r kn. w huninnit J
, and wat. i : iment
with eoaaoeace. Old Bchouler was
wii.i st tbs dlaappearaaos of his
? r: the little world in which
tbs Schoolers snd M DMrred
was in n turin,,il; but old Richard
Dumble' d a wider orbit!
ad to the old mnn,
aad the world, or that part of it that
fill tell over the Voling people's ;if
fair*. had to fall back upon the the?
ory >.f aa elopement.
ted by tha world, mini
tri 1,1. grim, close monti
supplied with the comfort
amusements of normal young peo
dwtn with b,?.ks .-md gym ns
sium apparatus, Henrietta with mu?
sic, tba
the two priaoaera ps ss sri their days
in maddening proximity. The corri?
dor wns far too long to permit the
lender whisperings that lovel
monly usc; Indeed, ih.ie aral always
the bellowing wind as a rim! in ..ny
exchange of vows. Bat there was
lbs language aad eternal
tru*t that could ! 1 in a
Clutching nt vacancy.
in,,, Ucl the young mnn?
i they say but lora thai was
rewarded in the end'.' Music.
such as she knew, sp,,k" to Heaiietta
,,f love that blossomed in a free
young breast iind here tlie
that whirled Bp tba! precipice face
turned her plaintive notes to a thin
ivniiing. The grim faces of the Bore.
nits, passing in and out. silently,
for the jangling of thc big
keys, oppressed the spirits of both.
f desperate recklt
ISBSed the hoers they pared their
ro..ms, in nnd ont those aorridor
Bp to Hie line beyond which
t wars death to paaa; and i
lespair came upon them.
Winter gave way at Inst to
ind even on that bare mountain Inp,
tbs World stretched away from
ih.ir view !.
mini came to renew thc lovel
-ion. N.,t once had Bdarin taken p' n
o write his defeat; not on, ?
Scarletts failed t.. gabi courage from
i fresh sight of the m:in wi,,
ur. Sometimes, in a lull of the
rverlastlng aaoaataia storm, ti ?
?ailed to one another to be brave and
Tlie ea rt li wns released from the
-rip of the snow, nml J
'nine out to clothe the trees OB the
leantiful New Hnmpsliire hi.
a*t tin; little lakes that dotted a
.road, green valley shone up to
hs prisoners like bright
)n a warm, full I,,,-om. Life, throb
jing, new, eternal, woke the Bama
.f love to white heat. The ,'??
st mun seemed impotent, unreal,
lbs cry of mnn to
nnid, lind of the spring to .
learts, swept the lovers' reason nnd
'ear to the winds. A greet cry, 'ike
i challenge to God, mug out from the
my's lips.
"My love, do you feat '?
KnA the ni.sw.-r. keyed to an sxaltaal
illili, rang back.
"Not with you, my sweetheart I"
"Ah: then com.-." With tl
'dwin Sprang forward to meet the
incoming rush of the flaad girl. On"
?BBp over the white dead li'1
he Boot wns creaking like thin iee.
["wo steps, nnd it wns swaying like
nan's net. With the touch of
mild to hntid, the frail foundation
plintered and fell with a crash in
vliicli were mingled the terrified
lilies IB of the girl nnd the exultant
rrj of tbs lafstnated lover.
"Sir. mv master bads BM lo
p.-r wbeaevar yon bj
ut"." Da led. unBoniprehendlng, Ed
vin numble glanced up from ? I
.f broken beams t, ?? I vu I -
oned. deferential set-van) st ids side,
?xtending te liim b square folded pa?
id-. Hi ht wildly for llen
ietta. She wns lying near him tn nn
neongriious heap, looking about in
if wonder.
Thc youth opeaed tbs paper and
"If you nrr> the one In ten thousand,
nd risk death for the Kiri, you t
ter. Oo and be marri- to me
it once. I hope you will not be hurt
.y the splinters.
"Richard Dumble."
"Splinters:" What kind of sa aftcr
leath dream was fids. Tbsfl young
bimble looked up, to see the gnp
ng lode in the corridor Hoot hardly
ix fe.-t above tbs lawdust-eovered
[round on which he sat.?If. Y.
A nasty Ton n. ,
"The other d ? I spot,
I was called I sd had
iccasion to take down an address.
no pencil and paper handy. 1
rrots it "uti my linger in tbs soft
oal dust on th? bili er."
"I wouldn't tell that, mamma. f,,r it
cflects upon your housekeeping
"It does nothing of the sort." said
Irs Tenspot; "for when I went back
d an hour to get the address fresh
oft-oml dust had IBtlreiy obUtU
Th* War ll Oftea ls
"Now, what do you advise me to
"Will you set on my a.!
'Then why do you want it?"
"Well, if your advice coincides with
ny intentions I'll feel a gos I
etter snii-h.d with myself, nnd if
I doesn't I'll put you down as a fool
rd area-* feel sny worse."?Chicago
- Honey and Tar positively
tires all throat and lung diseases. Re?
use substitutes.
Sticks to It That She Was Married
to H. M. Bennett.
Writ., from ll rr Serin.Inn lu limy
Ana 1 nii.|ilrac> ? >rw Jersey
A.Hli,,rilli-, t nnlilr lo l.u
< ala Mi..i.iK settees.
wiih tonsil .
-. War*
. ll lhere
is a lx>r mpsd-apmar
I heirs of the
il from hi t place ..f bid*
of the
the wh know.
1 am li
"I an
the cot
tOB, a jUSt iee Of th'
Ij. tbal
tl,nt Dr. l.< Ht
birth to a ci
.il,ile I was In iii ?
lim that these ta
and rn] of the
w Ililli
. that I ".-, -
and waatcd all.
?? I',, tx gin ?>?. lib, I
I am n
all I I,nie t.. live f..r i.* m\ son, whola
15 years old. I an ; itisflsd
ULURA li!'.
(Ac Ire e.- ) to De?
as ith (bl i lie w ill, and I do
noi wa i
isa of Mr. 1
. life, hut fl I
? Ime. l wa
feel I 1
"Mi ol ,,1 pro
anti Uh
? i . tty
nj bo]
from the disgraci ?bick
. iiiiu if it .
ad myseU wi
For mv . ??'?
I w lahl 10 know tlie
truth. thal I might
f,,r ll J car*. He I
ant! I i- Two
iv him. Ile
? truth,
illili he lind fnlleli ill hoe iv
ad timi now
B willi Iii* fi.lilia.
igreet!; Wedrovsto Joa>
I preferred to
liave tl.- ? ;-Hillie at that
? ill
t. would cause a scandal anil much
? ritici-'!
it n time. I;
??I wai erith Mr. Bennet) sim.
"boobs! before
- ir bim. H- If I'd
bi/e ofl ral hi*
?abs ii
i .billilli.' ll BBS full
ie in*i '
ind bringing Hiern up to
een him winn ol
ill. to the fb-or, and the?
aurora Take. Their Plaee.
There is neither thunder BOI
i ? rolf.
"" hat's In s Name |
. thing is in tbs Bams ?
, Witch II I '
?cU'itt .v Co- of Chicago,
rom \\ Itch Haiel that is a ipeeifie for
irotruding l'i ? ? burn".
lairs has nu equal.
V?k for DsW
.ni of a liv.- -nake means ene
nh * at Urge, of a dead snake, enemies
lead or powerless.
Baseball, Golf and Yachting
Gossip That is Timely
Nearly 4.000.000 p- trance
ttt* to ball games in the several cities
of thc major leagues this seaton, ls
I *p,rt I hat draws well on the dee!ine?
les of the National and Ameri
. claim they bat i
with lbs exception of a few
chilis that, by rei.
orbitant salary lists and pub!
? in of a
is cash balance, i
rga anny if patrOBI of the big
tl.,-ic were nt ienst 2.000.000
patrons of Hie langBSS iii Hie pros?
perous cities that bare bo major
I the figures OB attend?
ance for ttie season,are not wholly re?
liable. The practice ?.f withholding
sttendaaee in Ki
league cities has been firmly fixed liv
custom, and, he is indeed a fortunate
sporting writer who can eoms within
bKl of Hie real attendance at the games
he reports, "tim ..ing" la thc general
. of getting the attendance, be*
I c Ni,li,,uni league club owners
maintain that the patronage is a
of revenue to their clubs the
same ;.
nnd to a certain extent it is
f the public's business how
pay admission. "We cm
asked to show our books," said a club
i t, "iity more than could the
public demand of a department store
its di, lat of receipt*. The
people go where they Bad Hie best
ill, pay for it, and we try io give
ira for til cir rn on ey."
On the other ham), there are some
clubs in the American IsagBS tbal
make a practice of announci
cially to the pres* the exact attend
' lal Bf i lie Nntional leagl
nates, who has a clash in thia city* with
the rival league, keeps a book in
which ba lins his own club's attend?
ance figures nnd the exnet con;
paid admissions and "deadheads" of
the rival club. He minces BO words
when he soys the published loCOBBtl
of the rival club are padded daily.
Taking the precarious data at hand?
the daih reports-as a basis, Hie figs
I OW thal tlie Amcricnii
| etty where there wns
Hid with the older league, outdrew
tter. Leal j sar tbs Igai
ii,.mil leagi . ttend*
ance WI nger than tl
i, league. This yeal thi
? ?
i leagBS outdrew tlie N.
New V,,rk. the Ka*
in drawing power w ii!
.. while the
champ; - of the An
II .id with more ti Bl
Here is a table bal
? IS" of Hie total attend
l.oth leagues this ]
N?aa ^
PiltaburK. 241.S3 Chicago.
?? ??? ? ?.
phla . 112.061 Baltimore .
Total ...1,681,21_! Total.11*06,16
st st st
Golf 'n^Rain
"Huh. them wimmen'l! be shippin'
Per Bahia' ob the Georges fu*t thing
W," remarked the skipper of a
?chooser that was tied up at
Boston wharf when I had endeavored
lo explain to him how Iks contestants
n's national golf cham?
pionship at the Country club, near
braved the Newfoundland
hanks fog, mist snd bea vi dowaptyat
,f rain to compete in the big event.
few lu.ur* out in that
nasty weather on the banks with our
r wt aid take all the sportiness
nut of them wimmen," hf resumed.
A. J. Snell wanted to attend a party.
mt was afraid to do so OS account of
^ains itt hil stomach, which he feared
BUTS. "I was
- to a lally friend,
Remedy will put
pun in lot til" party.' I
I bottle and take pleasure in
that two BOBBI cured me and
have a good time at the
is a resident of
r Hill, N- Y. This remedy is
for sale by The Winston Drug Co.
"I want tuh know, do they 1 |
fun in plnj in' in hard rn
lt must bs said fur the "gameness"
of the women who played in thi
, I IVt nt, thi ? ii golf?
ers who trudge over Hie links in all
f weather would t
\ n th oliy, the
in the mist a mi rain, until I was thor?
oughly drSBchsd. Coltl and
chattering. I take the car
to the comfortable hotel la B .
Hut ninny of lbs p ?
Mi.s He ker, si?rinrd t<, .
for the [niling rain and the ti
ti if they were sp:
perfume fros
Bt Hie grissfi
salt who commanded the fishing
?r and who had I
golf club, could not un, .
"theta willimill could st;,n' th,
when it came down thal way." Ile
if BS ever kt.ew t | ft) the big
golf eli. . bat are
.: with hot .. - bower
Bad that after a ctn,ch on the
course a an I Ith I ikon et
and a change of clo Hiing, itep
dining rc in, her face all aglow- with
healthful circulation and her appetite
? -MBaroas ssssl Hie
steward BBB set forth.
Small wonder, then, that Miss II., Iv?
er, who intends to go to Scotland
next spring to piny in tournaments
that are sever postponed by the pro?
verbial "Scotch lni.ts." di a
vering tiinl played thr, I
on the Brooklyn course with licrlmir
the only protection for her head and
in a ti.in shirt wni.t that UBI I
by '.he rain a few moments after tie
first tee waa left behind. She is a true
golfer in the eyes of the strenuous
throng, because of her defiancs of the
The receipt of tbs
.ter Yacht club's challenge efl be?
half of Sir Thoma* Lipton for an?
other rac? for the America's cup is,
of course, the pr inc i [sa I feature of the
ynchting world. Sir Thoma.
to "lift" that cup next 3.-ar if I
skill and brains will seeompUsh tha
tusk. And il w 111 astonish fi fl
if, before the yachting 11
I .-ar. public "pit lon veer* to
Lipton so strongly thal tlc ?
"Let the cup go over tl,.
again." Ii was no surprise to learn
by cable that Sir Th..mas had il.nl
agata. Tha psrfaaeti ?
of the New York Yacht club after "iii
gesting" the "mail from Ireland"
t interest "bl gemini
r does the rt
whether or not some member
: club will share fl
Tliotnns Hie expense nnd worry of
building Shamrock III. What the peo?
ple desire to know as quickly Bl
hie is: Will I pie at?
tempt to make the he cup
a mntter of their own close corpora
tios or Mil they permit a free field
for the trial raceg, the best yacht to
have the honor of meeting the iii itish
( apt "Lem" Miller, a salt of yean
of experience, will be saibi
'umina. Tlie lailer, during her
ilouble defense of I he cup, w ni
ly piloted by that famous
Capt. "? rr-. Humor has it?
and the thick wall* of thi
Yacht duli cannot keep |a ali I .
T.i.rr will be the j
on tbs deck >,f tba new- Hei
great repute
;.liked of for a proa
. the cup trials, is Cap) '.'?
S. Dennis, of Ureenport, I. I 1 Bps]
Dennis, too, has a national and even
itioaal flams f,.r skill in han
.chts. He is flow I
. mg master of the s. '?
yacht Elmina. He has some
about sailing that are i
over liv Hie "Napoleons of finance"
who will pay the bills ne. 1 .
to the defense of the rap.
When ll years of age. Mr. I), 1
nil commanded! a fishisg i'o,,p, and
nid-timeri will recall when in t!
diner's bay regatta* he sailed the Min?
nie Rogers and defeated some great
rival*. He has had charge of yachts ga?
lore in sailing seasons, and if he suc?
ceed*-, in piloting a trial boat first in
the proposed race- '
er, Capt. Dennis will have the 1
of a great people. With a crew that
he himself will select, he will ea
v the Ilriti.h ipoftsmaa that
the task of lifting fbt as
well be abandoned.
t (.,-od Cough Medicine.
I From o
I find CaamberkUn* Cough i
is an excellent medicine. I bal
suffering from a severe cough for tbs
. months, and it hal efl",
cure. 1 pleasure in 1
mending it. ?W. <'. B/OOEBBB. This
lest and
most respect. ,1 residents, snd ;
voluntarily given in good fm'
'nay try the remedy and tx
fited as was Mr. Woekner. 1
inedy is sold by The Winston I'rug Co.
Hi. Heat Prescription for Malaria
Chills ami Fever is a bottle of OBOVK'S
I ..sir.: Ks--<ii i ii. Tonic lt is simply
iron ami (punine iu a lasteless form
N o cure, No ptsy. Price 50 cents.
Fur Kent.
dwellings, six rooms each.
a| ply to VV. P. Yk.naiu.k.
Have just titted up s neat dining
it in lbs rear of my store.
unshed al all hours at reason
\ ii ii - -leaks aud other
products a specialty. (Jive us atrial.
Wall l*:i|?r in greatest variety, Ixith
- .iiul -tyles of print, at Doyue's
stiip That Coagb
., IIhvIiI'sCoukI. sJ rup
- will testify, lt l? Hie
. . Bl centa at
, i w insias Dras < o.
light Dai* On His Hack
I trltb lao a;.plications of Dixie
Liniment it will cure you.
I io.,
og your Serve
ICft and Ont) lt
! Of < ixlit days 1 had
? I -
i .mi now out and to
Vert truly yours.
m.iiikm, North View, Va.
I v i n. nii.l W" iloullrugt'o.
' lill Hie | for going
hoyne ,-iin pleas Bl lu pi iee
?ind style.
No per*>iti who tefl B. Itody
will bs haaatad ky it*
t Time!) Topic.
At thi* s,.;l?,,n of coughs and Colds it
is well to know t it |,,;,-y's Honey and
I'm- is the gi Sate lt throat am. lung
ires quickly and prevent*
- fr,un a cold. Sold by
: ute.
Tu thank a pstBOB for combing your
bair will bring bad luck.
\ ? ubi Wine.
of lodden changes in
; ber terrel notice that a hoarse
voice and a heavy cough may in
rads tbs sanctity of bealtk In yourovvii
( 'autiOU* people have fl bottle
nf One Minute Cough Curs always st
Ininti, ll. II. Wili-e, .Madison,' Qa.,
"1 hui indsbtod to one Ita*.
ute Cough Core for my preseal gaoi
health,and probably my life." It cures
told*, Lajrrippe, I ronchitis,
tia and all Throat and Lung
One Minute rough Cats
?nts the phlegm, dru .s o i, Hie in', ti
iii.itioii. neall sad soothes tbs mucous
membra tbs lungs.
\i,.let's.,n Drug ( o
To Ibr.w I, iii combing out of the
window i* bad luck.
This || not n gcnil., wok! I, it when
you think how liable you arc mil to pur?
is only remedy universally
known and a remedy thai hus hud the
largest sale of any medicine in the
OS 1-'is for the cure and treat?
ment of Consumption atul Throat and
Luna troubles without tosfnglts great
ity all thees years, you will he*
iliiiiik.nl we called your atti'iip'ott to
Bosci.'s German Syrup. There are
-o malty ordinary cough remedies made
by druggists ana othera thal are good
itu! cheap for light colds perhaps, but
f,,r -cvere <loughs, Bronchitis, Croup?
ind especial!] for Consumption, where
there i< difficult expectoration and
coughing during the nlgfati aad ibm a
re i- nothing like German
Syrup. The 26 cent lits bas jost basa
i.itroduoed thia jeer Etagalar slai Ii
eents. Al all drugp
, - tail causes bim to
\ Nen Ibiiir.li.
las old Wendi of Chamberlain's
? tn. dy will be pleased to know
timi tbemanofactureraofthal prepara?
tion have gotten out a new remedy
. hamberlain'i Storaaek and
Liver Tal,:. :-. nnd that it is meeting
with mu In ths trentassnl ol
constipation, billiouiness, sick bead*
sche, impaired digestioo sod, like .1
i bess tai,'' aaar to
take niid moie pleasant in sffsel than
pill*, theil they not utily move the
? ii Improve tbe appetite and
correct ny disorders of the itomach
snd liver. For Hale by Tbs Winston
Tickling a baby will can-e the child
te stiller.
Wc would like to a-k. through the
;olumns of your paper, if there is any.
person w ho has used i.reen'tj August
Flower for the Cure ol It,digest inn, Dye
pepstasnd Liter Troubles that liss not
been cure1 ami ue also mean their
"li, fermen
tstion of food, habitual cost, I
dj -pep-in. headaches, .:
le-it!'.- Iii igs, sleeplessness?- injfact,any
? acted win. tbs stomach or
rbis medicine lins l>een sold
,'or many yean in ali eivillssdcountries,
ind we wish to oorrespo-ij with you
md ssad you one of ont books free of
?os|. If you never tried August
trj a 28 c.-iit bottle
never known of its failing. If
1 b rig ii.',r,' terioOS j. tbs mat?
er with),, i. The 26 cent sise bas just
leen int.,,.bi,'.-il this year, l'egular
lite 75 c. Ms. Al nil drugi
G. G. Gbern, Woodbury, N. J.
I (you boast of your good heal tb,
jioiiii.l wo. ,| iiniiie.liHlely with ymir 1st
>r you will bse ,ine sick.
Mauled: A good farm of IffJ acres
.villi gout uni We bsve s
i i f,,r jon.
Farmville Fsrm Agency.
lou knoii Wini) Von ure Taking
When you lake Uro- ('hil!
Ihihc because lbs formula in plaln.y
;, rintel) oh ev.ry tattle showing that it
* limply Iron ami Quinine in a taste
.? f,.rm. N'o.ire. No Pay. .'-o cents.
Laxative li-mno-(luiiiineTable)*cure
, .-..ld in one day. Ho Cure, No Psy.
L.i l.rippe OaagB
i . lal oiiifti nyrtip of pur*
, d Cherry, ttest
- .,,i all throat an.I i u uk Iron
White A Co.
md Wb,-i..n 1'rnK Co.
PpCatBS I "ld In One Day.
lake Laxative llronio Quinine Table's.
All druggists refund tbe money if it
i. W. < ii,,ve's signature
is oa each Isix. ii cents.
H \i. "lerTSSBd Hone Liniment
i. (trains
.1 for both
cunts, at
|i,,n't d upofl by taking
rfi red for Foley's Honey
ind Tar. BokJ bj H. 0. Crute.

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