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\ I-:, rrnlle
aile snd
W I' Ullllam
A >uid W.
K. I..
mid N.
tl, .lr.
I'. II.C. Rios.
- Hart.
^M j GILLS. M. D,
i i. vt. fm I
ornct over first national bank.
- p. m.
LbbwbsbbT at Md Kaine.
- \i I. wv,
? V|R(;1MA,
?Oases iu?
NKK lil ll.I'I Nil,
ll feb.)
TAM fl IN lil V. \ \
. .mri of
a o bstsbb, R. h. watkins.
0RN1 1 AT LAW.
?i Slate mu,I ,
Green Bay, Prince Edward Counly, Va.
sbTCoukts: ad Federal.
* In this and adjoining j
i moderate..
Medicines and
Druggists' Sundries,
Pt*-, folly I'orap.,
I- fcqueatly adulteratad. Wa.
PU lind fn.ru the
l*-an. Pur** groaaS -1
ll. I . ( H7TB, linim-M.
When in Need
< H .-i good, bl
DRINK, . . .
Cali, mu =r
Old Henry Whiskey.
Always, the same.
Mild, Mellow
and Pure.
Bold by
Kai;mvii,i.k. Va.
I- nu |.!nn
KN E. Broad St.,
tn tliiTity Hull,
Itiiliiitoiiii, Va.
Session of 7 Months in all Grades.
In tin- ll H'M SCHOOL -ni,.., t
ct mi it* 1 sro
Penmanship. History, Literature,
Language, Mathematics, Science, ihe
Human Body and Laws of Health,
Writing and Speaking.
Tarsal la tba Hlii'l 9CHO >'
?aloa of alas mon'
Kl) ll UM) M. sMIIil. M. V.. Pk. I).,
I ' \ I.llsKll.
?*. mr, I'.vi iii;
Co cbc [public
Wt bap to munnin.v thal ara bavs
opened a lust class.? . .
Market House
IIoti-ekee|>ers will alWBJS line lbs
bast of i
The ladies are invite I t.. iaapsctths
Mirket House.
A corn ni od ions refrigerator fur -tor?
in," BOd ket-pini" Aleut-.
I'llo.NK NO. 1-H.
Y..'i i.rolial.ly know tbal for
several yeats BBS* BPS have
in these good-:. We cai iii il
over less than haifa dozen from
la-t season, so tliat our pu -
if you want tba LATEST put
tern* ami LOWEST prue.-,
call on us.
Paulett, Son k Co.
. itt H-1..1,
ill,Li* I lint KO
lo make ap an ultim swell shoe. Alioth* es
-', ninl turned
I S -^ .--? .'.J .-? ""? i? .'J -:? M ?-? -IJ ?,
_ n
Every man lias intlivid- I
uah ty. The right sin'
for one is never the exacl
Iv right thing for anoth- ;.->
er. The idea ol'mir ;. a
. . w
is to please each intlivid- :,
ual, anil to do it at a -
*?<) little beyond the j ?
ordinary store that there ''t
is no economy or excuse .,
for keeping away from it. .,..
Te**t our new stink liv
one of our fine Suits?all .'
sizes-,-ill weaves?all vj?
wanted colors and mix- u?
tures. Bj
1 1.M. 1 UN h
"About a year ago my hair was
coming ont very f.ist, so I bought
a bottle of Aver's Hair Vigor. It
stopped the falling and made my
hair grow vsnr rapidly, until now it
is 45 inches in length."?Mrs. A.
Boydston, AtchisoB, Kans.
There's another hunger
than that of thc stomach.
Hair hunger, for instance.
Hungry hair needs food,
needs hair vigor?Ayers.
This is why we say that
Ayer's Hair V;gor always
restores color, and makes
the hair grow long and
heavy, sim * Mi:*, ah irsnisis.
.Pilli lls , I .
jut ii hoi
ul row I
.lt Al : li ?
saT*sT*saaa*MM*?ajaa**a*?ao iii !!?*>-t?f^s*s*asiai
Anti get our
prices on.
Just received in
Car Lots.
C. M. Walker k Sods.
* r' - ? / . / \WkFuW\FkJ?fl y
. . ^ . ?
N<? better dentrhice
Anderson Drug Co.
rn T- " r
m a a Mt .an iii,---'-? .?'? -ii'h ---
The growth of our shoe
bnsiness is abttndant
proof that
arc honest and depend?
able. We sell shoes that
are better and different
from others. If you are
looking for a good, me?
dium-price shoe, look no
further. Come here and
This season's right
shapes in weights [to
please all.
r-J-JW, *.',*? ? ?? I ?? |iis?ffiia?aj.
E. C. Wiltse
Sells nothing hut
what's guaranteed to
be exactly as ivpn
-i-:itt d.
You Can Rely
on what you buy
when it's
of i:''" ^IB*.
Th it's wo!th everything
bern ordered bj/ ii,iii tn i
Soldi' rod f-flflty of drank*
c-nnes in oas year arl] bs ibbubsi
from tlie sm].
tot the
war resat
rr the firM : ?
ir,e 'l , rei
Tn Fl
shout |50 ..
..f iii* em
plojrat of French ra
$31 a m.,ntli.
Tlie i
Of tn
5.4 per e- i rcent.
take Maand, sad MJ iiiird.
De tiredest peoplt
J for I f.ninri
re.?-The \\
? i
knaie'* lang
Duty is what we think ab,,nt
or ure I
'? ?
Wi SW pi-.,til liv I ru;!-, jim: iffier
llrr I li.nrf
"V,,-. muli ehoeTate Isdj! ' sa
Ham iii' i
? ?
".\ ,. Indeed,"repl - I ui.ite.
" 'kim- -
vah ll..aa s'ti.i-,. r. ef ile.v ain' -"ot iltit
kin I'll sal itrswbsrrja as
?Philadelphia I'resa.
|-fe* stri-ntiun. Liff
Mri Ktii.kt-r?I Bari ;
rhsri for thi lo r?-.t
bl "inter.
M i a Boeker?Aad af tn I
Mn. Kt i, ker? 1 shall ?<> sou i where
for the winter tr. rest ti
mer?N V Time*.
What He Was Aller
"Tour daughter'* all the worlil In me."
Th* yoiinu man sal.l with ri.lrtl,
lha father qui, kl]
,:>? Braal las
;. _
hits tin- lu,|,- ,,:' otb
" If your Vinol is such wonder,
ful stuff, what's the need of hail?
ing about it so much in the paper."
A remark heard in our store.
We answer: We advertise Yinol
because we have found it a
Ws advertise Vinol under our
own name and with our own guar?
antee, because it is different from
the twenty medicines my friend
abided to. For instance, it is aol
a scent preparation. It is cr,
by physicians. It has a surprising
record of cures right here in town.
It has our absolute guarantee of
money back if you are not i
Wc advertise Vinol to increase its
usefulness. We may repeat, but
wc remember that the great Sena?
tor Benton said, " Ding-dong is the
most effective argument," meaning
that you have to say a thing I
many times before you can get
people to believe it.
So wc want to say once more that
lieve Vinol will do effective
work in ninety-eight I
one hundred of debility, nervous?
ness, insomnia, bronchitis, hacking
cough, lung troubles, and the
obscure troubles of irritable and
fretful men and women.
Mail Orders Supplied ]i,\\\'r l:\pressPaid
are the most fatal of all dis?
lULCl 0 Guaranteed Remedy
or money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by emi?
nent physicians as the best for
Kidney and Bladder troubles.
PRICE 50c and $1.00.
Kohl l.y ii. C. Cai
Monuments, Headslones, Tablets, Ac.
Iron and Wire Fencings ?*P*?--*^***-*
Yuk i'kmkteky and Other '"carossa.
CAPT S. W. PAULETT, Farm.lll*. ha*
tm n un
will furnish i-sll-nate**"-*- particular* to all
who apply.
rn:: era of drink
The Rev. Frank De Witt Tal
mage Sounds Warning.
Hi- *- ii ni ii,.,.. . M| (.,| |.,. ?,,|,.
iniic iii ii ii,,,,-,,i.-ni Bataan]
ll..- s,,|,,,,,,,n|,. S,.r|?.?|
? ?( lliloalriilloa.
psuh, N. T.]
toni ;ili --nod pexspls
to Balta in ;t movement iiL-:iiiist the
Knut nml growing oatioBal ?
drink. Tba t.-xt is Prarsrbs
-'. "At Un- lust it I,it.-il.
:, Ilka tm add
My i ra l.i-i-n dead aboal
Six Uioiillis. Shire his demise 1 have
letters from many
lag BM to d*>
I of the
- i\ hii-li wi-!,'
aahiaC I,.Ur filtllll*
always rani true in his hatred fm- tbs
lo our
nhl ami hi-i], the tho inotbara
who lune ilrtiiilo-n - ? ives
ul-.'-li liiisl.iiuils Bgbt this
relentless enemy ot God sad tba
?wet io ta
tt-rs t! ,,.-f mill
n upon the temperance question.
But 1 speak with . pm1 poss
iiiiiii in.'i.i.v to gratify i-iirio.-iiy. i
SrSBt ? woman illili child
who bates tbs ssJooa sad abs
: for :i combined
thia arch Bend >.f tbs csatarlss
to look upon bm BS a lirotln-r sad a
comrad I be eol
? try toe ot tbs Intoxicating
eas. Ai srarj opportnulty, aitb
i, I will thraat ;tt this
tine mo -iii be ny aim, ns
lld bs tbs Him nf ?
rally, arith all the
Influences st bia command, tbs rna*
: this hitherto larlndbb* sad bb
i-..i],|ui-r.-ii toe of the haman race afaj
Iva to aaa tbs tiny
when tin- fangs of this mighty i
shall have 1 ? ?! alni w hen
bara crashed and
Bsmbarsd nader the
of tin- gasps) anny.
Tba Bail of Intoxication -
Hs loaf, slimy, tuMin.
BTSt STSry lund Uti SIB visil.le
walk of life. Tin ie is hardly
a mnn or woman sitting befon bm who
BSBI relative
wlio has beSB CBTSSd I'.v tie- fatal bite
of this craw lim:, Insidious emmy, per?
haps that near relative was a father,
a motln-r, BB illirie. BB aunt, a 1.lather.
. a Witt, a husband or I
: us ean say wi- have not
only had one, but many i
sad fiM'ii'i* wbo bays anas doini into
dnmki,, Rat they ba?
the boil,'less and humanly help!
paded earthly existence of the drunk
ur,I. Bi bb aa I am preparing '(
in,in neus ll published that a man who
hil S tilled Blgh pliers ill I
. it ry. who bore B name b.red
lu our history, bas Issi bbl Ufa la s
brawl In which BS would in-ver have
been invoked if be bad not Indulged in
Ung drink.
Solomon e..mil,ired the sin of intoxi
I'.-iiion tu tin- wsitbtngi mid ta
and to tba silaging of ail
adder becBBSS Bl tbal l,i
H. I],ellis were e\i I y where.
lied with a constellation
Of their
was the home of the puff adder, lyini"
half buried in Un* sand. Every swamp
was the retreat of tbs water riper. Br*
erv hill tot tbs Uar elm a
warning hi-* or i i unto
j many ,-f tbe eountriee of the
-un with pois..!.s rep
ihhi in?
habitants annually dis fro
pi.liv that they BP
Innumerable. We bear Heir lii-s In
: live ball. v.
I OUt of Jilli.
?ry palace. Wa and them lying raider
. s of the Ii,
altar, as weO n* iii the detention boa
BttalS for tbs patient* who han- their
Ung serpents
of delirium tremens. We Bad ii
but itstesmen paralysed by thi
nf this add, i i. little
frightened sparrow might tremble iiiiil
"-reach until shs fails Into ti.'
mouth of tbs buckanaks which bas
I her. We Hud that eve;,
of tbs ministers who lill tbs pal
lied i,y tbs Bight of the Bsrpeat <>f in
t the rich br. wer
Uiay be tbe l
- .,r the wealthy ilistilb t -
Hy may be the larges! coatribal
tba lilian. rial luppor) of tbs church.
Theta ar-' f'.ur di*tin, I
hating t ,1 of int,,vi
Og and |, li
warfare, 'll '
pent sf bu." iiian'a
br:?in. dethroning bis reason and Utter
ly ruini
kind ..f Important work, iii
chant BS srlll enter Into wild, . -
- until often his whole fortune
be will
unlit himself for the sickroom
lawyer BB will ruin his praetj
cause b- in the
courtroom as he once e..uid pisa tl
everywhere tis*- cry will BS
about this poor, drunken mental wr-ck,
ns matter In what sphere of life he
muy i; wayl Make way!
Mm alone! Ile drinks! lie
) il r.-sulti of a man's mind
long weakened hy intoxicants are very
We read with amaze
lueiit how a boa constrictor can swal?
low down a calf or kid or deer ap?
parent;.* s wider than the
natural size of the serpenfa throat.
Hut every country boy has seen the
Ajion a small scale.
A. snake with a throat hardly larger
than your Iii ll give chaae
to a taree, fat toed. It will then gather
together the two hind len of the toad
ann ny suction slowly draw tin- whole
body .lou a Its throat and into the
stomach, ?['hen. if the reentry hag
will pi.k up th.- maka by tbe mil and
snap him ns he would a whipcord, the
serpent'i moath will ..pen ami th.- toad
will 1?- ejcted, alive and well, ns was
.lonah when thrown from the mouth
of the big Blt after he had been
royaglag for three days in Its internal
cavity. Hut, though the stu.I.-nt of
SStpSUllSuSJ may wonder at the size
of a bi,' Pud wM fa a BB ll *tiitke is
able to swallow, his wonderment SBgM
- BOtblBg compared lo Ihe utter
ihment with which h.- s.-cs tbs
linne meal which the serpent of in?
toxication can swallow after the brain
Of Its victim has been wrecked by
-bink. Without any apparent
effort lt BBB swallow down tl
chant's store, the minister's pulpit, the
lawyer's ottiee. the BBrgeoa'a operating
table, the mechanic's bench, the BS
gBMSf-S engine, tho sea captiiin's ship.
And, mark you, In order that the Sol
oinonlc serpent may accomplish this
fast its villim a,
? be liitoxi.-ale.l all the time.
All that the minister has to .!,?
bli pulpit ls to reel as a driii,
Just once. All that the engineer bas
to do to wreck his train ls to be draak
?just once. All Hu.' physician
do to make a wron. uni kill
his patient ls to be tfrunk?Just once.
'in account, therefore, of the 1 ?
meat of a man's Intellect and tlie un?
seating of the human reason through
the iiiiliieiice of the wine cup I hate
ibe Solomonic adder with au Intense
I hate it with unutterable
loathing, I hate lt as Ged wants ev?
ery christian to hate sin.
A drunkard's heart tbrOBgh tl
of the adder of Intoxication n,,t only
: heart, bal I
ln-art of an Inhuman i..
In order to drink a drunkard ls WflllBg
practically to go to any extreme. Ho
is ia :i,ly to let wife and children starve.
I hara known two drunkards who
Ililli: to sell Heir own 'lesli und
blood into a life of crime In order that
iii.-y ralght Ket Honor with which to
satisfy their diabolical thirst.
two drunkards were not BMfl of the
I rank. They were nun
who w.-re born In as good families as
yours or mine. Hut why c."Minne in
ital Is there any need of my
1,-scrIbing how the serpent of
ii,,n c.in destlUj I man's love
for his wife and his children? Ka In
I it; In
inInls of the divorce courts we
reed it; In the horrors of the I sf Ul BM*
.,,',ls we cm prove lt. I., t us
pass on In our Indictment of tl
? pent of tbs wine cup.
Solomonic serpentine evil de?
stroys a man's soul as well as tbs tem
porn) usefulness of his brain and the
loving power of lils ln-art. This is not
int subject to teach. It is not
Bl bats BBS many of us bs
dear friends, who have met or
are today on the way to meet a drunk?
ard's doom. Hut, my broth,r. we must
bs Hue to the living as well BS BO the
dead, If you had a loved one who
was ron tempi's ting tbs commission of
S heinous crime, what would you do?
Why, you would gt) to tbal friend and
say: "Hri'ther, if you do this ymi will
have lo pass many v.,ns lu jail. If
\ou allow your SBgry paBBBMlS to rise
inilt murder, you will have to
sit In the electric chair or stand under
the hangman's noose. That ls the law.
That is the law which has Peen car
ried out in many Instances in i
and will bc carried mit in many in
M in the future."
Now, my friends, what is the divine
punishment that will be Steted out to
all WbS have been slain by tbe sting
of the Solomonic adder? I.et me read
part of just oin' verse from the divine
criminal code. Shall tbe drunkard in?
herit heaven'.' What says the epistle
i . ?.?rilli li iii nsV "Ba not dec.'iv.il;
neither letterers nor thieves
nor drunkards shall inherit the king?
dom of Qed.*" There is no Bead ..f
leading further. That simple Pauline
sentence covers Ibe whole ground, lt
0 harmonize with the leeland*
i of bell, which is to h.- ii great
ice palace, the walls of which ale cov
ered with a huge mass of swat,ing,
swinging serpents.
Tb.- Solomonic evil cannot only de
stroy a i a mother's tem?
poral and sternal Ufa, but it ruins
IdfBfl al*,,. beCBBSS tl,,- draak*
iiiberil.-ible. The
ilrunkai : pun the
led by
I of blood Into the veins of tbe
faller's children and his children's
children. Brery physician is ready to
testify that it is far easier for fl
drunkard's son to become a drunkard
than for a child whose parents hare
aSTSt bSSB cursed hf tbs sting of the
fat.nl adder of Intoxication. So, wy
blether, as the MfthsmaitdSB mothers
look litton the serpent as s:i, rd and
?Dow the venomous cobra to crawl ln
^' their little
? you. If ymi ar. ?
f drink, are not only de?
ll your own souls, but you are
lag the Immortal lives of
ara generation. Hy looking up?
line cup when lt ls red yoi!
ne preparing tbe way to look Into the
| to Baba, to the
liing tongues of your children's
cliildrc. who shall meet you at the
t scat of Christ to arraign you
ii*, the cause of their evil Inheritance
uni to < 1 to curse the day
you were born.
Hut my subject ls vast I must fore
go Hinch of what I would Uki |
in Brrstgnlng this terpentine d
and pus ,,n to briefly
with which, by I
,I.-troy it. And lu this
C db I slnill let touch ou the
r?,wcr Bf DBI ballot, box. That la a
theme In itself.
The sure antidote for the poison of
the adder sf intoxication must be
found for Christians, tirst and last and
time, iii the blood Bf
Christ, lt ls right to use human agen?
cies for the cure of Inebriety, but I be?
lieve human agencies will always fail
tbsy are blessed by BBS divine
by the power of tbs Holy
As a pastor and preacher and
i Bara personally
i , cid In the rescue of many
drunkards. I have helped lend s..mi?
lo the reformatory Institutions. I have
taken Diem Into my own "?BBSS and
mein medicines from the drug
1 am free io SSBfSSS that all
these human agencies failed except
?liose victims of ?trontt drink
have thrown themselves Into the arms
of Ood and clung to Jesus Christ sa
their only j*anour.
Oh, ye victims of the wine cup! Ob,
ye helpless men and women w |
long struggled in the raSBBtleas ?
the Satan!,- serpent, which ar.- tb
lind more merciless than those of the
Kreat serpent, 120 (sst long, of
Pliny once wrote! I bag sad plead
with you to seek resews from your
besetting Kin in the Mood of JeSBS
Christ. Divine reenter
John II. Hough. Divine ri i
ment saved Francis Mu
of Pittsburg. Divine n i
can s.ive jroB if you will live M
to Chtist that Christ can and will live
close to yon. 1 livine re ?
alone can save the drunkard r
heading toward ii drunk.i: .
This premise being true, that JeSBS
Christ aloin- is the oula *
for tbs suicidal this | drink.
tbs ti.vt st.-p iii our temp
niation should be to Bpi B all the
CharlhSS In our Christian land fur
great temperance meetings,
minister of tl*' gospel should :
and continue to preach tl
teetotalism. livery pal]
church should bs a broad, wi,
before which the vi,Cms of
drink Couid bow .-it the throne I I
fur mercy and thi |
trembling hand sign the temp
pledge and blot lt then ami tit. i
their falling tears of [icMteneo. The
church of tbs Lord -t niuat
aud shall lead lu this luccesafnl tem?
perance reform. The church of the
Lord Jesus Christ can d
loon if she does her full duty, as tbs
prayer meetings of tbs coonta"]
ing destroyed the political can
of Robert il. Ingersoll for the govern?
orship of Illinois. The temperance
movement will fail, and surely fail, if
lt ls carried on purely as a -
movement, lt will win, and surely
win, If lt Is carried on as a divine
movement in which is enlisted tba
strong arm of a church inspire.) of the
Holy Spirit. It ls bf you that |
for a gospel charge against th
shops must tnt BS BOBBI
Lastly, and most important af all,
with the help of the church of Hod, we
sh,,uid try to kill the adder of
drink by making our >i\ il !
stringent tl at ibe fOBBg should lind ll
almo.-t imp,.* at the w lin?
eup ev, n If they would, ll ia ,-asi. r te
keep Phi yoting men from acquiring
the evil habit of strong drink than II
ls to reform one debauched drunkard.
It ls easier Io prevent than ta reform
sin. I suppose the chronic drunkards
who have sSSB drinking for twenty Of
thirty years will timi their poisonous
serpent ot tbs wine cap no I
wileri- they may be. Hui it ls |
by law to protect the young I)
Bible by law to keep liquor away from
the young m. ii and tbs young women
It ls possible to protect I.
eratlon so that they may in.t !..- aide
to find this adder's lair and to feel h I
foul breath or his |
And not only by stringent law -
UM destroying wine cup bs kept from
the young, but the young sh.mid als..
tn- taaght srbj lbs o*-baacbiag imiu
ence of strong tlrink ls kept out of their
reach. Tbs evil n stills of indulgence
In the wine cup should bs taught in
our public schools as well as la OBI
Sabbath sch.M-,|s. They should be taught
upon the public platforms as will as
In the private home. Tba >
strong drink should be presented so
clearly and .vehemently to tba
that the rising: generation should some
day by the grace of Oed bs Bble to
stand Bp in their niiL'ht nnd .1.-clare
that America must and shall forever
be free from the evils of Strong drink.
They shall be able to declare it willi
our in lp at the church altar; lb
to declare lt In the non,
planks of our great political ;
they shall be able to declare ll at the
ill hallo! box; tln-y shall bc
able to declare it by teltglBpB
nuinleatloiis I,.lore a sin cursed, alco?
hol poisoned world.
Christian men and SrOBBSB, north,
east, south and west, ht BS Bl
all rally to t!
the minister* tie pulpits to
this work. Let the laymen consecrate
tho pews. May we one and all be
ready to die for the tempi
but never to surrender: Bevel M
lighting tbs saloon and il
power until we are summoned before
the great white throne of I
lever, never lot up In tbs sting
gie SgalBBl tbll hemispheric evil until
tbs home and the church and the
kingdom of Oed shall f.vcr be free.
May t;.?l fiVS us one and all super?
natural stn iiMh for p ? which
is before the temperance canes of the
church, of America and of the fl
? (.omi Cough Miilliine.
I lind Chamberlain's Cough I,
i* an excellent medicine. 1 lia . ?
suffering from tugh for tbe
ta esaetad ?
??ure. I
mending it ?*w. c. w.,, kxbb. Thli
pinion of one of our oldt -
most respected residents, and I
iiy given in g..,,d faith tbal
maj try the reniedj and I
Winston Di
A woman's ide sf Bbowfag a man BBS
loves bim Bl te Safe bim bow uri li he
leBBS ber.
What'. Ina Name .'
Kverything is la tin- name when it
. Witch lln/.-l Salve. K. C.
De Witt A Co., "f '
-ollie years ago, Incl to make |
from \S itch Hazel that il
For Blind, bleeding, i'ehing and
protruding Pl
- and all skin diesel -
Salle has BO equal. This has gi
to numerous worthless i
Ask for DbW
derson Drug I
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Digests all classes of foo.!
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bens (ind sw,
Got. 0. W. Atkinson, of W. Vt
1 have used t. nunilier of In.'
Kodol snd have found il to lie a very
effective and, indeed, a powerful reme?
dy forstomach ailim niiin-nd
it to my friends.?Anders.-n Dr
lin- ll. st prescription fur Malaria
dillis and Fever is a bottle of Grove's
r.*.-*ii;i.i->* ('hui.Tonic. It is simply
Iron am) quinine in a tasteless form
pay. Prb-e ."si elita.
lor ?SSS.
Two dwellings, six nit BM each,
apply to VV. 1'. Vknahi.k.
I ;, neat dining
the rear of my store.
.ll bonn at reason
\ , 11,, ni'.* -ti ?ks iain) oilier
laity, <'ive us a trial.
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. , ,'?-, variett-, both
,f print, at Dnyue's
Stop Ihal lough
I. pr. i ,\ i.l .1 ...ijili syrup
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. a - . Dcm* i'd.
Eight Dai* On IIS Hark
: willi tun iipplleailons of Dixie
i wlil eu re you.
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ot move ami
I ara nov*, out ami to
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?all Hie go" for going
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? .-le.
V lunch tuple
Al this .cns,,n of coughs and colds it
i ey'l Honey and
. -1 throat and lung
remedy. It cures quickly and prevents
Its fr,1:11 a cold. Sold by
? ute.
AdatS) bad a wife ?Bads to order, but
-be turned out to lie a mi-lit.
ii Wafs.
loree aa) of ntdden changes in
i In Breather serves notice that ft hoarse
i. ital ii beiivy cough may in
?iiiv of health in yourown
home. Cautious people haven bottl'
of One Min I ire always at
hand. I.. II. Wiitse, Madison, (ia.,
?I inn Indebted ba Obs Min
i pl.,1,111,ly my life." itc
c,ugh*, Colds, Lagrippe, Hnuichitii,
Pneumonia and all Throat ami Lung
trouble-, i n,e Minute Cough Oars
.-ul* Hie phlegm, draws out the intiain
h. heals and soothe* ihe mucous
membranes and itrengtheni the lunns.
I hug C.
matrimonial broker is respnn-i
ii'e for Bavay broken bert-.
I ant inn!
' a gentle word- but when
,ink how I mb le yon ure mil to pur?
lin' only remedy universally
known nial a remedy tbiil has had the
bug.-st sale of nny medicine in the
? ir the curs and treat*
? nsumntion and Throat and
Lung trouble* without losing its great
nity all these years, you will b>
? d y<111r attention t..
nail Byrop. Tln-i'
. co igh remedies made
ggi-I-alni others lloit are good
I,,-ap for light colds perhaps, but
,tn-ln 11., Croup?
ind sspoelally for Consumption, where
- difficult ? ? -ii and
coughing during tbe nip tad bbbbb*
mg-, tli'r,' i* nott I ?i-rmall
**) rup. , I JOS) baSfl
introiiije.'il thia year. BagoJas sias ."?">
Al ail ding
PolilicHii- ttike undue lila-itu* in the
of liberty.
A Nen Itemed).
of Chamberlain's
Cough I,'.-me.ly will bc pleased to know
irs of nml prepara
oul a new remedy
lin's Momach and
il li i- meeting
Willi lll'i ,' .neill l)f
*ick hend
d digestion and like di
I heel tablet! ure easier to
,i iii ellet than
pill*, lb,-ii they not inly move tba
i.'.w.ls. bul Improve the appetite and
ri] disorders ,,f Hie stomach
. e Winston
Drug i
After a man h i- bl I D into a rn) bot
low altair aod got oat of it, he is les
luspit ions ol' women to believe that
. li-..nuother is -int try
...ii.i nim.
jj Mts. I.
lld Ilks to uk. through the
at y.nr piper, if there is any
ibm Greens August
ire ol indigestion, Dye*
II rerTi .ublei that has not
,1 we also mean their
- - ir -|..lunch, ferme u
f food, habitual eootil
dj ipepsis, bi
- Iiyaet, any
?i.-il aaiib ihe stomach or
- medicine baa been
for many years in all civilized countries,
A iiii lo cr;, ipond w il li you
: you one of our bonks free of
cost. If you never tried August
try a 25 cent bottle hr-t.
i known of its fulling, if
-liing more aeriona ia the mut?
ter witb ),,ii. The 26cent site has ja_b
ic d ilo* ).-ar. li.-gular
At nil drug;.
0. i. GBSI *-, Woodbury, N. J.
W ben a in a:
play .a strong
.-ard by . rei ind ki*sing Ins wife.
Mantell: A grani larin of I.Vl acres
with gis-d improvements. We have a
: '-r for you.
Karmviiie i'arni Agency.
Von knoll What Yob are Taking
Winn you t.u- rBBtslSSB ''iiill
lull.c bc.-Hii-e the I imula ls plainly
punted on ev, haming that lt
i-.-imply Iron and i/iiiuiiie in a tante
BeassMI No Cure, Nu Pay.
I.l l.tljipe ) ..Ugh
ry. lve.t
imr irou
Men who haven't any B)
BBBB*j lo show tba) they I
).. ( un a (old in One Day.
ai-. Quinine 1
All druggists refund Hie money if it
1. W. (iiove',1 signature
. .ents.
Sim and linne Liniment
for rheumatism, strains
'or boin
r ii ce ut*, at
-.OD UrUKt'O.

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