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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, March 27, 1903, Image 3

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N 'i the
ll. ?
n .1 iin
- tn ply
b lUfbl Hie
\ stael as
paid i
ll .Hi r, lbs pi ice pani
iki.i sad ind for tbs
Irs, I. Vt. Price.
i March
Utli. I ? ' iclicl of
' nee Ed*
ii i daughter <>f
nu, who
the elVu-ie.it
1 in the
.-iv Won
i.-ii and
,.f all who
eaui. -villi her.
Uti I, Which she
ll among
the old .-r nee bcbooI , i
I i
I liiirch, under
.! M P,
. !i ot" her hi|s
i! nf her ebildren
ii lhere they
ic died,
aud hi ? U I'liried in
fri endri
? ? them was
. nindi cannot he
I tin- welfare
of 111 I
ii her, tl,
: Providence
i :ill timi -lie did.
Slit-1 . od npoo
all who kui w lui, hi d the world has
heeii n , bavlag lived
in il.
lie.ii ii of Hr. Faaabaa.
Mi I .ther ..(
our tovv 1 \\ . Vaughan.
died la ii niie in
Mh year
with paraly
I came,
from wlie ii hops for birt
I be funeral took place
ind the intel ineiil wan
nd burying
groin: : atv.
Mi of au I ii taut.
,ter of Mr. aid Mi-. S.
If. PS - ri,I iv morn?
ing at 10 tait and
severn,' fuaeral took
place from tie -vatiirilay af
tern,kc (inducted I j
Dr. iv,:- kened parent! have
theearue-t heart lympetby of all their
I'litlicnni In ??li.irit.nar.**
lilli il the difficult rule with
admiral ind won the
ute Ca?
nadian girl is highly gifted ind, with
out a doiil.t, : iiaiiiatic
liefore lier.-London (int.
I raageltil (..uland.
. .: d, the well known
evangel inaoal Intonating talk
.li itt the Baptist
norning. Mr.
Oarlaud u-cl 1 the State,
Bbewiag the location of churches and
- .'.? where no
ctnirclics of any denomination exist.
He stated that one Virginia county,
having a native population of ten
?1 mid a lloatiug population of
three thousand had only alxiut two
hundred proteasing Christiana within
Resolutions of Kespii I h. I. I'. Holli lt.
ii his divine wi
, ied from the lal.ors of time to
.nd enjoyment of i l-rtuty, our
P Kol.ertsoti; and
sd with Farmville Lodge Na ll A. P.
h in a
private and un there
I. lliitt in his death, Ihe Lodge has
bat a valued niemlier, the fraternity a
-timing example, and the hrotberbood
. .lion.
ti in ins departun, the town
and Btati
i faithful
. rtue.
-n.ill chcri-h lu- ineiii,,ry,
pr,nt i,y ins uprightness and eedeavoi
ate las vii:
?eal i"
I to the town paints for
put,licatiotis mid ba ipread opoa the
s, |
ek Vi i' aaailttee.
H. \i
Hair Hates i? nerida.
u. md hoine Reeker*), via
, ie-d i.v,
,. the e
after In March and ?
Air 1..:
lo .Manatee,
ii, in Mana
ne way,
iud trip finn U,dimond:
nm of
l, Well
.-iuds of
v.ll pay
for th.:,. ,. tlrnt
l> I*. A.
?^?eJtoutt. Va :?l Va
? III lllllfiilln;
Von lava voiirs.ir aaalaaiil
At ti >|iiurt, r ad. '
? mi la Ibm teeotij,
Aii.|;v,,ii wall until v
Hill J..1111 snr. Unit vin, ? ,',i io.
W I.. '. .v.... v e I, io ne.l io ataj Um |an.e.
Don't miss lngoinar, the Itarbarian,
nevi Monday night.
? lay is Sunday tu Farmville h.,
far a- saloons are concerned.
Mr H. Il (.munn, who ha- I
v week-, coi tunics very sick.
Mr. J % M. I ;,v mic returned Tliur>
day from a bu*ala*? trip to (jeorgla.
With Us scores of electiic Ullin-, the
new paneagei station will be ;t l-eaut.
Mirv Anio- returned home from
her school, near Prospect, Wednesday,
Thc N'oiuiiil Behool edition of (he
Herald will l,e watched for with gnat
.1. ll. Couch, ,.f the Religious
Herald, wuk in town Tuesday in Un- In
I his paper.
Mm. W. EL Spas, with mother and
daughter, an- axpeeted t<> return to
. iuiuville next wk k.
Tbenwaaa heavy fr.?t jraaterday
morning hut we hear of no dao
TbaParasvlUe Qaard win again bs
the eraeb cosapaay of Vlrglalaaoldlen
Help the boyi make it so,
Mis- Flora Thompson, who 1 .
in tba Sanitarium at Roanoke, has re?
turned home greatly improved.
The armory looks better with il*
"Stepoff" flout. Still room for im?
provement willi the paint brush
Mr. J. R. Cunningham, who has
laen on a vi?it to his mother, returned
Wednesday to l'adiicah, Ky.
Cul. WW K. rle-i-r. pored a- K
.!..,? extremely ill, which i- sincerely
regreted hy his many frie.-.ds.
Mi John H. Lightfoot, a will known
lobaeeoahtl of Richmond, was a vlsltot
OB the Farmville market lliis vv
Mi? Howie, of Raltiinoii. Ml
HakK in's milliner, returned la-t Fri?
day. Thi- is der fourth season with
this h.
Since Captain E. Sett Mai tin as
- limed charge as captain of (he Farm?
ville (iuaid, ten new men have Is-cme
Rev. Dr. K. H. Harding left Wedin
day for BafteM N.C, lu- future hom.
His la-t sermon preached in Farmville
-v .- heard Sunday,
tillite a BBBSber of Farmville citlzeui
I the lecture at Hampden-Sid?
ney college Monday afternoon, hy the
1 i.-ideiit, Dr. Mcilwaine
gb! wrick OB the Norfolk and
ra near Rice, Widnesday morn
< ii if. delayed traine of botb freight aad
passenger trains I'.r a short time.
Il ? BenUe Una, who baa bean spend?
ing several weeks in Farmville with
relatives and friends, will leav.
row for her home in Manchester.
Many of our |>eople taw Jul:.
lowe years ago play Un- part of l'ar
thenia, and Rachel Lewis m ti
role loses nothing by comparison. Bee
lier Monday uight.
Ihe ApiximaUox was as far out-ide
of its hanks last Monday as it has been
before this year. 1 .et her rage so long
BS H'S Itt a season when no harm BBB
tte done i?> crop-.
Some fanner- vic notice, put the
cloth on the plant bsd as soon as it hit
been finished, others don't. W lin tb
are right '.' That's a practical question
which ought to be answeicl
Receipts BB the Farmville tobacco
market the past week have been very
light, and the ,'Hering- ve y interim,
due to the unfavorable weather. Large
receipt! are looked for next a
It i- .-fcliloin such attractions ,
appear Monday aud Tuesday nights in
ra House are seen in tow ns thc
size of Farmville. Come out to wit?
ness "Ingomar the Harbarian."
Uer man, worthier citizen, tru?
er friend, nobler Christian gentleman
ever lived in Farmville than w;.- Ri v
Dr. Harding. We follow him to tiis
new duties with a blessing and a sigh.
Two petitions are liefore the legisla?
ture, one for and the other again-t the
repealing of the dis|?eiisary act. What
the outcome will be uo one 0 ,
It ls pretty dry about town in the
mean ti mc
The recent rainy weather put our
roads aud slrcets in unusually bad con?
dition. Dunug the long summer
mont hs is the time to mak.
weather proof. I*t's not forget this
w hen the dry days
The Y. M. C. A. Star Course foi
lataV'OI came to a successful cl
Monday night. The Course upon the
whole was the U-st the town has ytt
had, aud indeed as good a~ any city
atloli has given.
There will be a musicale by Mi
Minor's class in the Opera Hones, ob
Friday evening, April '.rd. An enjoy?
able evening may lie expected by those
fortunate enough to attend, a- Mi ?
Minor's ch) abilities as a musician and
teacher are well known.
How to remove foreign bodies fi.'iu
Ihe eye, mr aud nostrils is a part of the
useful information given in 'Tn
, i.s," one of Hie series ,,f medical liand
boaba l? ing issued by The Mutual Life
iiipany af New York, and
-ent on ropiest to those who BOldlBSS
?lie HoineOnice of thc Company in
I ,,rk City.
Judge Walkin- smiling.
toad N.w-1 I
Senator Asa D. Watkins, of I'rince
Fdward, returned to the city today,
clad in a smile and spring coat. He
?v and chip|?er, with ey
and clear.
lt-a girl Thi. I This
;i four kays and three
Kiri,,. BJ i. and ic lill-t ike,
ami makes melody around the house.
And she is pretty as a pictui
I bc judge wa- bu-y reestetai
gralulatioiis of his fellow-men
ng I hem timi he
Hie young men of the body
iii pill easy to buy, eaty to take
to the liver,
Ilcalli or SI-- Hettie K1-.I. spencer.
Ail. t au illness of about four
Bottle Kiah Bpeaear, .,i,le-t ihtathtti
of Mr and Mrs Sidney A -peticcr, ol
Rival, Ittickiiighain c.linty, died of
''"ii-iitnptioii on March Oat, MB, in
thc lath year of her age. Thc funeral
iiud interment took place al
Salem Methodist ehureli.
She was an uiiu-ually bright and at?
tractive young linly, and by her gentle
manners and unselfish di-p-'-itioii won
ni and alb dion of all whom
-in- naas La ooataeL Barty in life abs
made pn fission of Christ, and joined
Salem church, of wind,
consistent tneiiil.t to the tune Of
ber death. Bbewai con.-,?iou- alases!
t" liie la-t, atnl called f"r her Hihle and
1,,jin-!,-ij tbal sollie of her favorite
hymn-be-ung to her, afier which she
fd! quietly aad peacefully asleep in
J Sits.
iiitiful shan to a beautiful lire.
m. nra
- full. r. vi h. n
Iii, ir ... i (Hint;
ll. marks v. I .-il, ts fellini;
an.I li-i. ii- !.., adi con.|
Ile I,I,ls tin m t, -i ? r(>r it,,.
pathway baa grown t.... tteap;
An,I I..I.I..I In tulr Krccn pasture, ll
In- loy. .1 (Un - -|e, ,,.
? Illly, il- ll III..:
Inisli l.i re-t,
fUj pillows, -,. lei.,Ici?
ly on har breast;
U ii ar. nov. the trial- an.I
Uml nna.le tlu-111 ?..
Kt* willi many a toothlafl pro
ol thal their I
not iiml i int r raca is ran.
Wt) *B may lest n- calmly WltM
our work like tin
'lill tildi Vie a
NI lo Ililli to keep,
, Hie -Oe. I
kt IV . t I,
I. U.S.
Winsome Miss Kai Itel l-cwi-.
b mi
Mi? Kuchel Lewi-, tin- pi,piant and
talent.-d little actr.-s, with lui
teat company, op. ucl a lliree nights'
saaageBMNit at tbs <>|?-ra House last
night to a large ami well pleased audi?
ence of representative Aiiiia|iolitians.
The play pteseiited wa- " I ngomar,'.
the tam.'ii- dantedraasa la Ibui acts
Although "Ingomar, the Harbarinn,"
itbei strong, deep.clanlceJ play,
yet its manlier of prssSBtaUofl wai the
audience from tba start, and held Its
attention and admiration to the linl-li.
Mi? Lewta, wii.i j- |.ttie, dainty,
witi-oine and charming, wa- intlin-i
a-t itally received, Her character af
I'aitlieiiia wu- a pleasing one, and gave
lull flOOpa for emotional liding, of
which she look every advantage.
it all times with
disliiicttii-s, yet ber Voice is soft, geli
i \cellciit thing iii
w. 'imii," and in -onie line- it is like
? -t music.
Min Le Wal'Support i- excellent, iii
Ai " Ingomar,*1 Mr. John
F Richmond is un actor of rare ability.
He lui-the g.I fortune ti possess S
magnlfloeal itsgs prmence, sdeep, sse>
.odious voice. Mr. Blchiaondlsgrace
f ii 1 and SaSJ in hi- iin-vc linn!-, and his
acting is characterized by a certain
finish and techBlqtM that at onCSStSSBpi
him a familiar figure before the foot?
lights nnd an artist in his particular
Polydor," Mr. Fred Reynold
wa-an excellent character. Miss Law?
rence as Myron's wile, was good. In
the character of "Theaim" Mrs. J. C.
Wolfe wa- ca-.v, ci.-weful and true to
nature. Although the part wa-a-mail
one, Mr-. Wo'fe made the most of it;
her crace and beauty enhancing the
character she Impersonated. Mrs.
Wolfe i-the wife of Mr. J. C. Wolfe,
,..-er of tbaeompaay,
lin!,,-.1, h. summarize, the per-.tine!
of the company ii is far superior to the
average. They are ladies and gentle?
men of hirth and education. Three of
the men In tin- company are graduates
Of Princeton, and one la a Harvard al
BBBBBS, Mi? Lewis, the star of the
company, Ls an artist sin-1- posnned
of peroone! Biss.milhan la a ssarbad
:uid the lines.se of her Work in
? ic i?it tbs pleasure and SfltbBStaBB)
of her audience as the prodncti.I
the play progresaed.
Hull of Honor.
Farmville graded school for the week
ending March JU.
(trade: 7. Margorie Thompson, Peter
Winston, Kugcnii- Full well. Charlie
6. Johnson Wootton, Carrie Blha
Annie llidgood, Louise Cray, Virginia
:ia (iilliam, Ha-il Jackson, Cray
I'auUtt, Qerawala Wing...
4. Frank Womack, Lillian Lice,
Louise Bacbo, Mary Trayior, -
Tin,nips..u, Della Wilker-,'ii.
rtrude (lillian), Mary Orange,
Kllllllctt Wel.stet, Samuel Wootton.
1 Fannie Herman.
1. Kverett Wilker-.n.
Hr. Hanlin.;'- Lecture.
Dr, K. II. Harding's leetuie on
.?uni hi- That
tbs Opsn HOBBS la-t Friday night was
well attended and the large audience
li-teticd willi great interest to the pro
litalile lessons drawn from the charac?
ter and charii.leiisti, - of Hie '(ireat
Cham" Of literature.
The Dxtor was very happy in his il
Irartratioas and Mtafstnertbs lecture
itself w;tsa literary BBB).
IsnSStMtBBJ Led n lc
Dr. Ridiiird Mellwalae gave a most
:ng and profitable lectui'
hi-tory aud inlliieuce of Hampden
Sidncy college mi the educational life
of tbs coiiiuioiiwealth, at Hampden
Siduey, Monday, iud. He tl .
hi-l'TV af tba instilulion from it- ?!
i-.i-t flaeeeedlag lbs eJetl war, illustrat?
ing the JBssBOan "f the college by the
work dont'by tbs alumni a- sta
:.i- and miiii-tei- 1 !i>
a-t.Ire? wi- well received and would
.'ed in mani ethel
--?I vamine \ttur-elf.
Does the house need painting au-l
l made up your mind to BM
the "ju> in order t.
save a dollin ot two? Now, bsfbfejrot
take tl ? just pau-e a
? the baan.
rapt you to um
-.a! la,, ml I'amt It's alwayi
areful afterthought.
. ?? I-, ? vi w da* - i etona.
ire make* tl
neysand bladder right. Conti
thing injurious. Sold by li I
special Osanefl IsstJafi
lsd meeting Of tin- T-.mi Conn.
eil wa- h. i.l I ii,-day Bight F.vety
ll).-ml.. I of !he I nilly wu- pu -cul, the
: Hie meeting being to take up
and discus- the di-pen-ary qncetloo.
Dr. Winston, Dr. MsSgead uml Mr.
W. i. <'iaik vv.-ie pranBl as lae dla
l>ensary board.
l'h- Major inf,rtned the ('..lindi as
.1 had been called li order Unit
, rinull of the di-,
had called u|hui him dunne lin- di]
wnii the information thal ll
had purchased some stock, rented a
? Bptoyt 'I a mamie, I and wa?
le, iilv t,, open up and do bii-ii,.
tliut the dispensary would probably le
. un.runic.
Dr. laidgood, of the hoard, l ,
slaged I" addle? Ihe Connel!, ll
that it was true that the board had
nude preparations f.,r Starting the l-u
for I * ni ted StBtSJ Invn-e. He -:tid Hint
in the opinion of the I. .ard il wa- tlc li
duty under the law I I proceed at once
with the dispensary.
Mr. Gilliam moved that Hu?
nty board proceed with tbs bminen
a- tba law dla
mid to the motion.
Mr. Morrhiexpressed lias bis optn
iou that there was at pre-cut bo legal
diepeaaary board, tba term of one
member having expired and no MCCI -
?OT appointed. The view nf Hie situa?
tion a- taken by Mr. Morri- S ?
curred in by all except Messrs. Gilliam
and Davidsou, Hie latter gentleman
prefering that a third uiemlicr of the
board be Immediately named and the
iiii-iness opened seeordlng to plans of
the beard.
Di vYlBOtOB, of tbS board, a,I :
the Council at some length. He
ty thal the attitude.,f the Coili.
m d intagontstle t,, ii,,
action. He siaii d iel reiterated that
no one ...ni.1 p..--il.lv ll leg! -elli-h Ol
, motives on the pint of the dis
pans uv i,. ul foi .i
promptly with the di-p-.n--ii.v. lt wa
f,,r nothing bat the good o tbs town
which prompted sad bern in
ttntrworh, Tbeboard waodulngonly
what the Council had really two yeui
? rated them io do. Dr, w Ina.
? ,1 il.i Mr. Clark, w bon term
bad aspired, wm i holdover member
until his -nc. . Inted. What?
ever wa-done it was hoped thal it
would ls- without ill feeling and bl
.?haraeieii/e.l by ll.A ttl |
Herald tbal then wat Jual one o*
two tblngi which lbs Connell could
do?have tn, di-pcn-arv, or nirry out
the law as -ii-laiiied by Um coull of
Dr. Bldgood, who li chairman of the
dispensary board, inlbrassd tbs Doon?
di that lbs board bad smptoyed a
and tbs rent of the boii-e would I*
?bool fUtt per nullum Hi.uidn't
say what ainoiint the -tock they |.ro
possd purchasing would Inventory.
:' Hu- Council
Tbs Mayor said thal then would bs s
bili befbn tba legi-iaiure lor tbs repeal
of the law and that in view of Hu- fad
he thought it would have been better
had the dlipsnoaty hoard ooma before
the Council before taking tbs -tcp- it
had looking io the SBtsbHshmsnl "f u
At this point it b. came npp.ueiit that
tba Council would uni approve the tn -
Hon ol' the di-pelisary b .ard as legal
and binding upon thc town, wi.
Dr. Winston lobed: "Isthiaactionon
the part of Un- Cuinci! incant aa au*
tagonisiic to tbs di-p( n-aiv I, .aid ,>i';
it a mere .(nibble'."'
Mr. Wall was ipiick lo reply that
while he acned in put with the
Board's statements regarding the law,
etc, BS did not like the word "quibble"
Dr. Winston, Bs said bs nev?
er i|uibbitd at anything. Hs
always what BS meani ami SHH
-ibie to any man or set of mell for
what be raid; but if hs found hs had
done a wrong bc wa- pi..nipt lo apolo?
Dr. Win-ton withdrew the vi .ml
"quibble" need in his remarks.
Major Marlin didn't bsUeVS the di
pen-irv board had acted legally la it
plBBS for business au t f.-lt unwilliiig
to re-elect Mr. Clark BB the board or to
i at ali arhUs tbs petitioai srsra
? the legislature.
Dr. Anderson (.Mcred the followinc
motion which wa- ranted
"That in view ofi Ihe fud that the
term of one of Hie di-pen-uv board has
expired and BO legal ilispen-ai*
now e\i-ts in Hie town of Farmville,
tbs Council hereby poet poon action
in tin- s sbUsblag a dlspsn
sary in Farmville until its neil
Kvery in.-tnl, r ,,f th<- < 'oiineil voted
in the atlirniative on Dr. AadStSOB'l
motion except Manta, (lilliain and
ti, tbs latter not Voting either
Mr, Divnl I the Council
that the arc dynamo ut tin
plant was out of lix and that ai.
frmn l'luludeiplnu had Nen wired for
io overhaul it.
A lelecram was read oflWillg ?'JuO for
the old engine winch wa- lorindi;,
ii-ed at the dei trie plant, and OB ui"
timi af Mr. Wall sainted,
importna! -
ordered and the Council adjoin
( Instil Saloons.
1 tnler the leci-lative act authorizing
I di-pen-:iry for the toura of Farmville,
and ptoiiiliituig all
thar thea the town from nlltm
ardent -pints, tn. - l
Hieir il.sir- b. the public Saturday
uiglit, and since tl..
has ls. ' ir as is known.
,:-lM'ii-ary board v lu. li
posed of three nu
having expired, and an
pire April 1Mb BBBl
their pla.e of business la
with C. C. Jackson as Hie I
salesman, and Q H. lb- N
the pla A arising as to Hu
1 legality of ac ? board trau?
aem has caused delay.
ItMtemh lo Pul Un.
ry tim
-cc bfC M Wa.
:ght. c
,*ei of every lort.
IVniilil-H, H.Mirr,.. lion of Hi, Woodall
I' pe.
: much
? I fi-1. nd, Lli j
'i of au
i'-. Among than I I
il ni .nilled with gold and the
! Hannibal inscribed on both
which ' lcd hi
Amdin : hemp rup,
cadi end and d..ubini in the middle,
Hu- . ne w ith w lin li Haman WW hung
Bl Shii-htii pal tc. Another Hie low?
er jaw bone of 7. .ben, lal. lyn
from Um Hi rcolani tua, and
still another, a rum bly pot*
Isbed ami I naen bed with Dumetoo*
? hyi rogliphtca, certain I.
ting tba I'liarmii i
Mr. L, D j
a Woodall pipe for a
ms lo Buckingham about
in Fairfax eounly on I
S bell li . lng Lord t
crittit, boaided witb tbe Woodall fam?
ily and foi med a slr..ng attachment to
lbs three bro! ? Obidiah and
.Nallian, encueing w Hil '.hem in ath?
letic-pott-, especially wmUii
Ing hil Icl-uic holli-. While wrestling
with lanac one (lay bc accidentally
threw bim scran S rail i
ins hip and thereby crippling him for
When Washington wu- appointed
generalissimo of thc continental army,
Nal bin Woodall followed hun to thc
war and lided on I. I of lils
alda. H. .i.l- killed in thc battle of
Brandywine. Theothertwo brothers,
. .-I Obadiah, cann- to Bucking?
ham a- d in a bend
Of the Ap; OCBBUOX liver calied Devil'
Bibow. Ii iiwestof Fool's Corser aad
is u romantic spot. They , un
farming and married, Obadiah leading
to tbe Hyannis*, altai Min Mollie Ca
BOU, tbs Icaialc Amil in Of Winni's
mountain, whoeuuld throw any of the
boya who dared to wrestle with her
and enid carry lifiieii gal!oii- of water
on ber head in a tub up a steep hill
and was the tenor of all woiilo
ii, after ber
husband'- d- al b, B .trill W. W
i willi lier in a scull!,: over a
il! lie had levied, alni
luctanUy compelled to draw bli panel
in i.rdi r to lid Inm-eif of the difficulty.
? d lu- ni-piiat!..ii of tbs
a bis thigh w !iich remained
i light angle to bl
after tin- above nan it Ilia
mould, which slid remains in I
!' wood
i bod bored in Um middle
of the tup part of the bioA with SS
inch augur half WSy down f"i tbs b"wl
sad another lo the middle of Un side
tbs bowl, willi a ; inch augur,
both boles lined with powter, then tbe
bloch woe rawed In two acron i
die w ith a very line baud -
i together with wooden
Thc old man told me it i
penrtraBlahing pi; bun s
I -weet oil ? ?
lu- nioiild- with.
d all his |
Mr. \\. D. JonWSS long us be lived
and afler hts di iili lc- -ni Bob con?
tinued tbs - .un.ni witta Mr. L. D.
itb, and then his
-on Dick followed thc trade for a while
ii noa sbandoi i d ll
unknowne i
1 In pip- had Ittl
ty and it is I pity that the m I
ture of tLem ba ? been iu|
well may my Old friend Lt, 1'
"Oh, f.-r a Woodall .
I belie. Dick (Jordon,
abo bsa lately married Wu- charming
Mr, W. c. lieut'- to work his farm on
had a Woodall pipe, by Hank?
ing of which be coiild ->
Ici-uic boon, lt would bring buck lo
memory Borne nflafnl ideas ,,f ?
which h .My lost by I
sojourn ia Richmond, and thal iii- and
lol. N. Kio ok.- would make Hilly one
of the lim-t crops in tbs neighborhood,
excelling even Hill Davis Un
tanner. Robbs* ii v: i m. d.
How Ile Stands (hi the HUpcii-urj (Jue
y cen?
sured for having signed a |s-|ti:
ing for Un-repeal of a law paned DJ
our Le oas twe yi
Now, lir-t, I am ina,le to appear inOOU
-i-teni on llii- .pi. -li. ii, bat will ex?
plain: I I a |>etitioii by :i
cili/.-u some twelve month- or I
rahing tbs Legletaton to give Baa Dav
PBPratJ : I signed it, and in len than
mlnnti - ' edied ai ti
.nd him "Ul and
Inform him upon
ny name from the
petition. I fluppon d Itali
done until a member of tbe Legislature
told ms tiiai my oame wm on Um peti?
tion. I am under the Imprenion thal
thc clerk told ms Unit he Informed als
employer of my ri .past to rem
litton, and by lu
Bvllan to comply with my request I
wa- thereby nu-i. ,
It appear- to BM tint one who pr,,
feaan to be a Cliri-tian would nevef bc
willing to i irtnet in the
Io his fellow
iii ni or by Biking for siieh a 11
doiiig Un-, w. in Hit
traffic and ninney is kept ll
of all tb
er-. \N bsa to.,, th
k of Itqnora, rent a ho
ploy one or more agents uml lake al
district about tit,-thirds of the lin
oust of net gains on Hus tratli.-. Now
. unfair law a
.ave it
oar (own, peraoas nba ur. rilling ll
ruo a saloon
tuen Uv
and I am relieved "f any. I am nov.
for a har-n-oin. I
main idle when I could :
n w, others may b
willing lo run a D I mak
-,, bul
am not in it.
il.l add tba'. -el ma;
drink less, but as St. Paul said, "Sha
Herald aud N. Y. World, fl.00.
PanpUa ParagiapbSt
I'ami-I in, Va., March |
Mr. J of Cut-ville 1*.mi ,
i- vi-iting his uncle, Mr. Robert Reaie,
1 h.- \ iicii.ia-Carolina Cliemi.
pauy have completed theil
rward to large
sales here Hu- - mea.
Mr. Anbury Shorter, of I tBWB. Va.,
is vi-iting relative- near here.
I ll Payas i- vi-iting her
- at Darlington Heights this
Most of the public sch.sils will lie
mit in a lew days, and then for a long
holiday for the young BM
Mr. I. liam vv ill ..p-n up
D a few day- 1 li?
lias otu |
Mr. .1 | ill.
Mr. W. H. Ligon has started a tele?
phone line from Hixburg to Tamplin.
Mis. M Han i Iii- bad new railings
put around her li itel yard. It ,
an improvement.
Mr-, ('harlie Mamn is visiting friends
and relatives at BrooklMal, Va., tins
tildie teeeaat.
i'i;. Fn. c.,., Va. {
March 18, I
Rev. J. H. Conch has resigned his
.'.- of Spring Creek Hapti-t
church, and ? i preach his
?ion on lao! Sunday. He ha
peal d'-al ,,f good since he lias
bSSfl pastol Of thal church, and his
many friends un- sorry to give him up
Mr. Willie Hooker left for Lynch?
burg yesterday, where he will accept a
i willi Ding u -I Hr - in the
nt candy Wi
We are very sorry to re|Hirt that Mrs.
i ti very sick, but
-bc i- now thought to be improving
Mt- l i retursed to her
hoine on Sit unlay. Silt, afler a very
Vi-it h, relatives and friends
in Lynch
Tin- Wheal i- looking well and -.-. BM
'o in- annually good.
-piing exodus of the colored
population ba |BB, aud the
majority of them have either gone
North or I i the mine-, and lalior is
1 In- j . - 111 fall i
iii,,tin-r euilh hus thrown BSUs BU
grave w im. r die-- and has donned ber
Cay spring robs,and truly iv.
that "Hie spirit of bean'
hali- Iaik.
Va., March, 24, 19.
Mrs. II. W : children, of
Richmond, me the aunts of theirauut,
Mi- J,.im w. Paster.
Mi Frank (lillian vi-ih-d friends
mar Rim Satur,lay night.
stand Anderson, of Farmville,
i-the guest of her inuit, Mi? Nannie
Mrs. I'ann," - visitiug re
:. Farmville.
Mr. J. linell Gilliam cann- home
Ii in RichBSOOd last week. Wc un?
clad Io welcome him back to the neigh?
Mba Maud.- Bruce i-much improved
. I writing
I'rospci t Pleknaji.
PBOflP* i. Va , March Ll, lan.!.
lg th..-.- who have been ill and
are improving arc Dr. Alsoji and M>
ranen Dbi Ii sad P, B, Heil.
Mr. William Carden -pent Wedin
night in the Hill City.
Mary Byrd, youagest daughler of R.
W. Brigbtwall, left ben lest Friday for
Taint Creek, W. V I M will
? lu "The Shelter?
ing Arms Hospital."
Next Moll,lil.V evenillC, Pl
High Sch.hi! will hold it> closing ex
l, afler which the ladles of the
Methodist Church will nil refreshments
for the benefit of their parsonage,
.nd all are invited
to attend,
Mm. Maiy H ...ker, of A.Icon, ic
visiting Mrs. J. K. Harri-, Sr.
Mr. w. H. Robertson, who tm
been wintering al Ashville, is ex|>ected
much Impri
health, wc trust.
Mi- at bel
father'.- home. Bon Hill, for a few
LrarUagtos Ueighti Hut-.
D via im.ion Uki.ni ra, V I., I
Mardi 25, I
Dad on tbs loth cf this month at Hu
' Mi N I Dillon, Mrs. Flviit
Dillon, Her remaini
were laid to rest ta tba graveyard neal
Eva Raker has returned to hei
home near ll I ..my. She re
.it trip with lin
Mr-. Cora DriskUl, who
eft at tbs Home and Retreat ii
Lyn.?hbiirg, ; h nie enjoy
mg goad health.
Thc ; tad look
ing well.
Mr. Th..imus Atidcr-oit will I
v home in a few days.
Mr. Nathan Hell, near I'littn
oin- of b
I ebb n I a, t-.
Pl ii,kn, Va , Mai
? Ibis iieighlsirlnts
have lini-lied selling tobacco and ar
? ased Wilta prion thal they ar
very uncertain alsiut planting any thi
year. If tbs
We hive had a .pia illly of rain il
the last week H; .er (hal
for two years.
left t
seek 1. - re, aaya tbei
he wi
og li water lhere wm n
mail yesterday, (luees son.
I Las; - J Chaaea
?l wm playing in the Heidi and ran ml
[l a wire t'euce cutting him very badly.
Hrier) Bri. r-.
Hi'.ikky, Va., Mardi, M
Mr*. I;;le Jeffries ia visiting uer title
Mr-. G VV. Redd, near
Dupuy, receoUy -\* nt neural weeks at
-citable hollie, hut rein,
Friday last lo Worsiiam.
Mrs. Win. C. McKay, we a;
i., -uy, coiiiitiiies qaltS -ick.
Mr, W.T. Womack, win has been
in Hiclunoini for some lui,,
home last week q We are
glad'to hear ln-ii- iuipiov mg.
Mr. W. 11. H. dd. .f carmel! .
sk with his parents
uear bl
Mr-. W. B. Cba| pel ind htile child?
ren returned 1,
her mother at Hriery View.
Mr. R. XV. Hilddy IBBSBttJ
valuable bird dog.
Messrs. Foster ami New. .nut will
leave Ibis week for .\
l.iilii-iilmrg lad ter.
-i M.i ku C. ll . Va., )
March 84, I
On la-l Wednesday eteniug at Wil
M. taodsatebnreb, in tbeesttean
lower end of Hu- <-minty of Lunetihuig,
Mi? Link, I. - Hawthorn, of Hruns
aieft county, wa- natrtsd t > Mr. john
H. Fealln-rstoii, of Lunenburg. The
maniace cereniony wa- pell ? med bi
Rev. BaSMflB D.-y. Sonic four or live
hundred people were precut at the
Wediii'-day niorniiic at '?' o'clock at
the resilience Of Mis. Sue K Roi
,.f Amelia OOUBty, Mi? Su.-ie Holmes
Robert-on will be married to Ml
Bragg, of Lunenburg county.
Mr. William J. Hragg, Jr., and Miss
Minnie left tbi- morning
to attend toe reception to be given at
Mrs. Bm- i; i.i n-ii - Inssday night
; before the murun.-. lb.ir future
home will be in Lunenburg.
Mr, ('harlie Allen is very s,ck at bij
:i tin- vicinity. He BM had
UM grip which title, ted bi- lune- very
Mr. Austin Folkes' little -on Wins?
ton, i- -till -ick from the tfleetl d'ci p
pneumonia and improves very slowly.
The crowing crops arc looking ad?
mirably w-ll and the farmcis uie tops.
ful ufa heavy harvest. The last rainy
si*-ll lim imped.-d the progress of plnw
Lag for tbs -om crop but will make tbs
phustaaad gran grow which
?onsolatiou to the fannel-. We
should lie thankful for all b I
and re-igned to what we have BO pow?
er to avert. Ha- bird- -ing and the
- l.liHiin and we SBSSkl strive to
lie as happy as any of (i ..I- , .
IiirmtHie I.Itltia Wat. i
The 1 ? y test, pottflOl in
ling, Drildool, At tbs top of lbs li-t
of 11 this water.
Delivered at your home iv. ry day
and Sunday.
"I owe my whole life tn Hunlock
Blood Hiller-. M-rofuloii
ed my body. I nested b
B. H. H. luis I!
woman." Alj- I - Hutton,Berville,
The reported strike of the i-olliii
- a ill not bs so bad if ikiIhhIv
yield- lo tbs temptatinn to nn, uk
that it is a grave matter. -liallimnrc
Probably your physician has told
yon thal roon monia, is incurable.
ia made in mi
m well us in otherthlngi. ElhennMctde
is a discovery. Il positive!)
rheumatism. At drugg
. I'r.incut Painter
Rseeatly remarked tHat tbs finish
ami result! o Liquid Palal
wen- Incomparable And it's true.
? C. M. Walker iV BUBS
IHiulili ls Huns | ir-l
lu tbs manufacture of (
Taint. For thi- reason it Deeann*, las
heart of every -oti-ible painter.
P? -ale by C. M. Walk
The Bean Brail* Seen li.
Tbe poof sin fit.-.- fairly cries aloud
for lietter paint. Gmo Bsal Liquid
Taint is a panaOM for all boil-.
For sale by C. M. Walker ,v -
Keel tbs stetessent of ParmviUs
Lilhia Spring- ('-?. I'pper left hand
corner, tin-1 i
(.reen s,al Tain!
Keil.ct- credit iijMHi the maker and
? -ali-fadion ii|. UM
And ii- alon.
ile hy c. M. Walker A -
I ii.I vi vt vs PO CALL -'?
Ph I lad, Ipi,la.
lin m.rill.- Tami World
Are UM staiiiicln-t advocate! pure
paint for exterior Use. They indorse
Creen Sui, to a man.
ale by C. M. Walker A Son-.
|,,( un- a (obi in (lin- Ibu.
Luvutive Bronto Quinta
if it fails t,, cur-. K. WC roi e's signa?
ture on euell b
Cures Cancer ami Mood Tolson.
If yet
itching ?
mouth or thi
take Botanic Blood Halm
kills tin- poison in
al, hard iwi
- and paini
-t cate*
of all ki
Mt R
, cures ion
marran, Mthnia; never fail*.
Thia ilrnttur* it od every bot of tba re"BoiD*
Laxative Brorao?Quininc Tabiew
Bm naur tat* tim a aoM it* ?**? say
I.rwn Seal l-a Modern Pilot
; ve?t jet,, Century users. Purity
marks its making fiorn beginning to
ale by C. M.Walker A Sons.
breen Seal.
Is b. paint what the modern search
light is to the lacteal rush. It acts m
i lo light the way to long-lived
te bj c. M. Walker A Sm-.
Haw or Inflamed I.ling?
field rapidly to tbs wonderful eura
: lidding qualil lee of Foley'l
inil Tar. It prevents pneu?
monia and consumption from a hard
cold settled on Hie lungs. Sold by H.
The Yield of U. S.
4 Per Cent. Bonds (1922)
compared with the returns on
the 5% twenty year gold bonds
issued by
The Mutual
Lifb Insurance Company
of New York,
Richard A. IfcCardy, President,
is shown in a ledger statement
which can be obtained by
aa iim-'mi, vi
W. I'. VENABLE, District Agt
V ? ? ? ? ? -'? - -~-~> < ............. >
Monday and Tuesday
March 30th and 31st.
First apjs-arancc in Farmville of the
Eminent A ct rem
Rachel Lewis.
riie Classic Comedy.
11 Ksn.w NIGHT,
Comedy Drama.
- OB xale at
Crate*! Drugstore.
That mil' -tuck ol'
for the Spring la
NEW and ol the
Intent and noa!
Artistic Styles.
Notice of onr opening will
be giren Inter.
Mrs. C. t. CHAPPELL.
.. ..,;.;_)
Von are invited tonto ad
mir first showing <?.
Spring Millinery
rVednesday. Thursday and Friday.
April Kt, 2nd and 3rd.
Baldwin's Millinery Dept.
Mks. K .
Thats All,
Except it
Cures Dyspepsia.
HcAlpin Dyspepsia Remedy Co.,
l.rmtill!, Vt

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