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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, June 12, 1903, Image 2

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Pilli l-HKl' KVKKk KKll'W
j i,.ii\i*i ....BdltorioodProprletoi
- airrioa:
nu >opy,one year. 11.00
?* ?' -'i m.'lillis. Ml
?? titree nintitiis.
?-.'Illl't Kl IB'
silllllll be
i to liia iiiKti h. Paraville, va.
LUI H NV, JUNK 12, 1908
The Doovllle Baa adBBonlabaa Hiat if
.lil have tbe tturltt buigb with
ymi, ynu vkuiiltl be wi.-e nut to confine
,|f p. ymir nwn juke-.
Nfter all
? can'l moai lo ba aaucb diner
ttiaf betareeotba Cbriatiooa ?>! Ku?ia
amt Hu- heathens of Turfcej
I ? iiibinc getting arith giving l?
t.t bring beaven amt earth logetbi i. to
get without givillg ia lu mk Ile Satan to
laugh in lu- sleeve."
"helter pound tba anvil and make
emil hui-e -line- Utan ihuiiiiI the pulpit
niul make poof -t tinnii
afr. Bryan has a female bog with a
litter of little ones about her, whose
name i- lu tu I, anti ssas giken to her
I'lie United States weather Bureau
employ- 1,400 traineti oiraanran at 180
-tatum-. No vkunaler, thea, that re*
porta are so often mixed.
fit,i citi/ei - "f Mathews county,
. and art- tu ta* tried
on a criminal charge fur refoi
?ell whiskey, il iw i- that for
"".Mary had a little lainL. t NN
Street he did go; Poor Mary does her
own work now -The cause you doubt*
A- Ilia 818880888 ad vault's and the
kt inter appmaiiie-, there are riuiiur- of
nf another -trike in the aiithracite re?
gion. Strike while the-uti i- hot amt
then let the people -liivei when the
weather is cold.
Kev. Dr IL MM te Henry
NVard Beecher, anti preacher of must
everything except the Goepel,flay/*thal
?j.si.iKNi a year here mean- li I here?
after.'' He may add that the preacher
wlm prostitute- the pulpit here will
lie in dancer of the same fate.
"What'stbe u-e running tue dekii
mit nf town, ss hen he take- lodgflBenl
tu anuther /" a-k- an exchange.
Plenty. "If they ktip ile "le feller
a-gwlne, p'raps dey'll gil hun ter de
i, after a while, eti drown bim,"
sejrs Brother William*. Atlanta Uoo*
Notwithstanding tbe foci that spain
b booted ami spurred out "f
llM Still Controls the -hue trade
uf that nelli of the Sea.-. NV hat'- the
N nnkci bruiher- going lo do alsitit it'.'
Ihe Avaociated Pnm reported Mr.
RoOBOVOil BB BOyiOg that the clored
Lrutlier is entitled tu a "-<piare deal.''
Evidently be baa i*een aalsquoted for
he must have -aid, "square meal."
l*.>e's manuscript ad "Tin- Kell
sold fair 12,100 in Philadelphia, i'oe
him-elf arnold Willingly liave auld it fur
one-tenth nf thal pine New Vnrk
laltuage wa.- right. "Au UUOC8 of
; illy la wiirth a pound of epitaph}
And uuw -mme mie recklessly silg
nt the OUtCOfllM of the ('ampin li
investigation would play a part in
future poMttofl nf the Slate.
Hardly nut-ide Amherst.
? Democratic may MB, wlm in
the rush of the flBOBOOOl of receiving
Mr. KiHD-tvelt pNOBlaed their flOpport
at the (Hill-mnde ni,iiiutueiital foul- nf
liie (iii Virginia lutrlieiiie **am%lMg is
Hie ne phi- ultra of all cooking, ni.d wt
have in Bedford the e.\|*ert-i WOO know
bow to do lt Bedford Demtsrat.
Our hmther of the Deimsrat, -aid
that to the Klk-, ami he was Strictly
right. Ha might have Balded, only
I arin ville i-istk- can l>eat ours
OM Ken Kutler -aid, "the Lord rn
making more people every day, hut He
i-n't making any BBOfe land." 1 hen
f"re ht u- trust te the landa little inure
than BOB been oar custom, lt remains
though death eoflfl
Welliogtoa tba "Ima Duke" aBob>
gtaad to hi- fisitinan am ame oecamoo
fm 80088 Wraeg (lune hun and lo a little
girl whoheanl hun. he saul: "always
uwn you Bte in the wrung." .Some very
-niall tuen would do well to gu and do
Kut very -niall men rarely
inea-iire to -ut h height in human cun?
dill t.
Andie* t aroegte loM this very true
uml-en-ilile thing tn an audience rn
"Iii America mme than anywhere
n three generations fr.mi shirt*
? res.' Than rn aa
-ingle hereditary fortune lo Vmerlca
win, hi-nut being spill up. Aii-tu
anh,mt pi ??
lure and entail, and mir law- kimw
-Inri sleeves lu -lurt -It-eve-.
Keep an eye on what jrou hove ur the
'?llier fellow well get it.
-ury nllii-ials rejsirt that the |*er
? apita wealth a.f the country i- greater
thoa ever before." Ami yet there are
I- upon ilimi-Hiial-nfa-aplias all
"ker tbs land that haven't a real tent.
ll mood Ness- lander.
And the trouble eoanaa la whoa ara
rem. miter that Kepuhlicaii |.*>licieta
promote Ibis eoodltloa and that ail
aider- and abettors ute iu-t a- erimia*
al as an- the principals.
all the mai
bookkeeper, wbo does not return the
mie you han him. Newport News
Kut yuii may designate that one who
falls to relum ymir umbrella as a gts?l
-ile Herabl.
And i-n't it curious that lhere are ar?
lin will re-cover ymir oM um
brella before tbe litter gate it? Rich
mond Times Diapatcb
?saatable fact that
even the mont skilled uf artisai
make it liftless?
lt dues i.Hik ns um Jilin Wilkes
!'? nth wuj. ,,nt bora bl die.
Bums Hms sim i IhotHeraM Buug Ite
Presidential ban net ta tnt lucc/e, ami j
the bojra mc gathering alsmt li tho
?.?units ..vii A correspondent nf the
Atlanta I .institution put- it iii thia
ll i l.alalaill nie UlC Hallie
vt lill kt bli li tu unify the pally and
arouse tbs people toa entbus*
ia-m Hint will dally un icn-c it- Hie
campaign pi-ogres-***, iiml ultimate lu a
gieiiti i tn imy Hutu democrat-j evei
ll is Hie wu.i: ticket. Bud Bflel
the victory it will ite Democratic to
Lil. i,, inc country, aftei nil, is Lie at
it- best. Where could il ??? betti i tuan
iu old Virginia, and in Virginia where
cleaner ami bapplei than iii tbe Valle)
ol the Sheimnduiili ' K"ckinghani
Nivv lu ie n emili, except up here In
uni un-iirpa?cd li BIMikt \ ?
Saleiii linie- Kegiatei
Mistaken, brother. Houlbahle Vii
ginia i- "ttod's Country," arne t health
conditions are better, watei purer,
wallies browner, biscuit hotter, neigh
bora more neighborly, gul- prettier,
milk anti luitlei Utter, Howers fairer,
shies bluer, sun brighter and Heaveu
in .titi
As nu Democrat aspires i" Benatoi
Daniel's Henatorir'shoes, be will con.
tinue io wear them. They lit i
he ea-ilv lill- them.
Jiihii hoyle o'Kciliv wrote down hi
Iruiililt- every doy, ami when ni aflti
yeal- he rind them ovei he dbl il with
smiles rather than tear-. Not all of
them, are imagine, bul a majority nf
(helli Bte are aplite -nie.
Honda- Ktagler divorce law was a
blot on tim Slate which will Ire righi
bord to wipe out, though the people
have ilmie all they could to cleaQBB the
record by relegating tbe legirdaton who
BIMCted it to tUC walk- .af private life
ami Instructing theil successor* te re?
paid it.
1 -pent three-fourth- nf my life tunk
lug a nulli"!! tlu'lar-. Tba nther fiuirth
will lie dev letl "i trying lo gel an
appetite to enjoy it.
hi Parkhurst -ay- the society ol
charities amt corrections wu- organ*
i/til primarily fur ihe purpose aif "gel?
ling the people that are in the real
ii-near a- possible t" the fr>>tit row
minimising lueijualitlca, encouraging
the lunn that I- lame in leg, brain, Ol
Batumi opportunity, ami that i- hy.
pocrooically jogging on behind."
Big Job, Doctor, but our good wishes
go willi ynu in yuur ell trt ta BCCom
ph-h lt.
?- in 7" stn- bml enough, bul thal
happened la a political body, "5 te I"
i- constantly bobbing up io tbe highest
OOOrt nf the lam! and tb.tl fl lou Lad.
Kev Dr. Kerr, lota of Richmond,
ha- gone t" Kalli.re. While in Vir?
ginia hi- millie wa- pronounced a
tbougfa written in., but since get?
ting lu Kalliniaare, he tell- the leportei
to proiiounee il Bfl the "err in dague
reotypeor a-the lir-i -yllableiii tenn
cutta." Which leave- the w h<-le mat?
ter iu profouud doubt
lill PlllMiHM IT HOME M.viv.
l're-itlelit KaHi-evelt Itt ll I lit < t lo
Wasblngtoo am last Kinlay, after an
of ??. days, hal ing travelled
14,000 inile- by rall, bee idas hundreds
of miles a ii stage nnd bona bock, dur?
ing which time be delivered l!65 speech.
es and inade vntc-. NN t an- glad thal
ii" bona '-ame l" him, either fruin
accident ur a?a.?in-, and mir hope i
tlml he will live through hi- term, ami
then ls* -lii-ceetleil Ly smile Stalwart
l><!.itt. 'iii" nimbi hi- already
linnie I the intn
('"iigte?man Flood is np
saying that Senatur Martin, like Sena
lot Danial will have a "walk tiver."
On the contrary It's going te ix- a- live?
ly a race a- even the ulil-tiine Virginian
winn?.-.I al Brood Rook. Moa logue
ami Bmx toa thoroughbreds ami na
man trna U-at them in a walk.
If the I'niver-ity ,,f Virginia inu-t
have a pre-ulent lc!'- lind him in Vir
ginia. If thi- craze uf gning N'urth fur
ni'iiey and men BoatlOUeC we will
lower mt" a cuiitliiiiiii of dependence
altogether lamentable ami regulable.
NVe ure -elf -u-tailiiiig if We WOUM
think so
Nilling Mt. Vanderbilt has packed
In- aiitutii'ihile and left hi- country
because Usa "roads are had ami tba
law- ngaiii-t (fleed -imply hiirrid."
Iii-grandpa bund a smooth road to
fortune and no law- agaiiisi get-rich
quick schellles.
Daughter- of .-nine nf mir rnli men
tired nf ihe (lull routine of society life
ara looking to the stage for diversion
Ptsir Hiing-' NV liv dotti tliey try
IVi/ei,.- (.' ,u tuvv ii uf 7issiinliHhitauts,
excludes from its limit- nil sawyers
edi ton ? ?! negroes, not al*
lowing those elaaaea of cltlient to aa*
tnltlisli a domicile. N limn willum!
an Editorl
Hamlet and nu Hamlet !
King Edward baa asked fair mi In?
ii |16O/X)0 a year In his salary,
making it ?-.."*(? i.uhh. Ami yet w.?
luld he la hopelessly in debt.
Wi ii see int" the future, hut w
'?un (08 a little into tba past, ami
reviewing we-ny thal Mr. Cleveland
baa "deserted" twice and Mr. Bryan
me. k- !? Democrat, the lal
ter baa tbe "inning-."
The editor ol tbe Norfolk Ledger
a man with "bia future behind
liim.'' Kvidently he hadn't adopted
ns his motto,'
ihe aralon an still doing great
damage la many portions of tbe cooa*
tic, Hie city nf St Ia* .ni-- being B 100801
vi,mn. Then the in? tai properly ka
mullen-. reported
If Richmond d'a-- gu "dry" -"Un?
tiling iiiu-t lie linne tu clear that James
Roosevelt amt Kali ! Kali '
Sb,ml the man on the spot who
wrote of Hie 'Taw days in Jun.
I .un Nour l.n ing.
I headily endorse a I
lt ,i ii. i I ? in ymir pajH-r not lung
rinee, to tba efleel thal Balam an able
isitlietl tuan >t,,rk- inutlici -tumid be
\ limn hoi tba right |0 feed oil
i c.iu.nilly who dues oaf earn lu?
lu, id linic atc a liumls'l nf BttOOg f
ii ia-11 in and around laniiville wlm du
leal nnd y el vt hu il" Uni rontribUl.ie
Hiing bi lim e. iiiin,,11 good. Pul UH ]
such to ktuik in let thom go Bssewbeio. -
lhere I- DO room f"r I tptptt here, ami -
they otlgbl t" lind Ihe -ann Inn- the
civilized world ovei kN'e aimil believe
in all wmk and in, play, hui all play -
abominable, T, '
t area ler Ibe lliiekeas.
nn . have often woodend a-we have
seen a wink mother hnltlllig the lug.
fut, cb ur ly baby while Ibe strong fath
by Ic'l'ling hi- hanii- NN e
w,nilli ne glad in call Hu- attention of
nil -nih tu nu- motberlj i|ualitles of a
diminutive bonum rooati > In oui town
vth" In ip- I" It-ctl thc len little ban?
tam-ami when sleeping lion cooees lo
ibe , liilili,-ii nf thc bantam family
gathers full one half of tbe brood uniter
bis outstretched wings and beeps them
warm aud snug, l.-t tbe stalwart
liii-i'iui'ls "catch on."
Ihe low lands of this section are u
|Og given OVSI I" wee,I alni willow ill
large part. Corn enough cook! ba
roode for our uan and -nine ka mir
neighbors, .Mr. ll. A. Stokes would
.nme Hunk >>t abandoning in- loo i
grounds tbau lie would of giving up
bis lull-, and tbs result is thal he ha
"I'uni li -ell " Tbe same i- true of
Boona of nther-. lt might to lie true
of all owner.- of low grounds. A- it la
they an getting to be "low grounds of
>i|iiii rel .Viireit).
Herald: Are there a- many
bi rda singing In the tree hips a- there
wt-ic vt hen you and I were lioys".' I
think ii"t. Often I ride fur miles
through the w.I- Without hearing a
iiaa|e, nini then the squirrel* are scarce
too. In year- gOOC hy, we barely drove
a mile nut into the country wltboul
seeing the little animals flying bo the
mad .-nie ur .iu?ing it ju-t la boot nf
yuu, and ii"vt the sight i- a rare one.
riiey li.iveui baan shot i ut of the
country, for nobody ha- a "s.|iiirrel
-tew" nutt .i dny- nmi a braider fur
breakfn-t bi still nre, Me ought to on*
courage tbe return of tba birds, Hu
squirrels ai.tl "old Mollie Uottofl Tails,"
Thanks for a bouoteoua strawirerry
??rup. Now for the rn-pls-rrie-, dew
and Mack Iterm- lin- i- 8 gfortOOfl
uld earth, notwltbalaodlog mi-under
-liiiuling- ami piutc-l-.
We sn.uld -till ba glad to have the
nub. Introduced Into Karmville, aa we
ire quite -ure that wc have those
among us wno hava boom enough lo
it Without harm la I lieui-elves
?r uther-.
No Wonder Some raruDille People Are
v. rj little real night after night
Veiy little Comfort day after day.
Tbe conataol Itching "f Pile- oi
Any Itchiness of tbe -kin i- a taaupei
Dunn's Ointment i- a never-falling
? ure.
tarted by Karmville dtlaene Ibe
all itchiog -kin dial
Mr- ll ni Oralle, widow, who liena
00 High street, -ay*: "A -mall spa,!
BB on my hood apt>earett and
the Itching wu- very annoying giving
me considerable irmilile. Tba lir-i
application of Donn's ointment, pro?
cured at II U. Crute'a drug atora, stop?
ped the itching. I continued lbs treat
flaaat and tbe eura waa tho neall la a
very -burt lime. I have nu beal tallon
iii re" iiimendiiig I luau's Ointment"
Kur -ale hy all dealer-. Prn-e "Si
cent-, Keeler Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.
V., Bola agents fair Ihe Knited Htates.
Bernambet the name Doao'a ami
take 00 sub-titute.
"Hie. nf Ju.lire ..f ...Ul.lv a'.iurl.
lin mv ill. , Vi... .lune ",tli. I'?i:.
Tu the lb.a,I,il officers ol linne Kinari
a ninny .
Hon IT aaf sib, alni, nf mu nevi coa?
st I tut loll, lim an i,,|ii,.te,l to i-'lve lieu
binni- ill Ille lune Lr III aaf ami endri. Slum la I
ynu fni! ttl <|,, .,,, ymir (illili Ui-,un,- shi-hiiI
mi lal .Hii.v 1888. I M.CSCYS,
i nags.
I VkLMllh 1.
ions lodi i,ni lo Um tatala a.f ii,,
iu, i. I' I;,,', i:-.,:i era requested lo coon
forward sud seltk st once, and all peraoni
li.iv inn rlalms against the estate ol Hu- bib
T. P. Kohertson will present them fur settle
iiii-ni. pai in h. Kobirtsok,
Ji.'-II. Kv ulrli.
Wc Im ki- ju-t received n '
car-load each nf
Imported Portland
Anchor Brand Lime.
Lei n- hare your ortlera,
Paulett & Bugg.
riik- .i,."s Pre ciibe it, Drujr&ists Re*
ioinmend it, Mothers Praise it,
and We fpiarantee it.
Mu a uni f.iiinvt iii Hu waka nf -ii Immy
VI baa la I lin. dreadful lll-a il-a lilli
er. ?'). uii Iii, in, lil .liol MIK llieir li, nilli Hil,I
.,., ii al i rt ain in uiiira ,i iv burry Ina ibe ru
i.i un i inii (rave, when Kelium'a sure Core
fm Imbi;.?-linn bs- linnie .(? nunn seeming.
is marvellouseura-sot not a,nit Indigestion
1 ' I' ?? , , ind ?s<ui.r liimiiliilnt ' in
childi*, ii'
som in Im .i wi,,,n-iii, uni retail druggists
ami eon ni is stores on a written goal
[I and
kidney Trouble Makes You Mlstrahk.
Almost everybody who reads the news
tspers ls sure to know of the wonderful
cures made ty Dr,
Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
tie gre-at kidney, liver I
nd bladder remedy.
li i ? tba great medi- j
'numphol the nine- i
"h century.
? fi sL-r y
__| i s, lentlfic researii.
t^V-?\?, Dr. Kilmer, th- ?
' nent kidney and blad?
der specialist, and ls
wonderfully successful In promptly curing
ame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trou?
pes snd Bright's Disease, which is the wor-t
orm ol kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root ls not rec
immended for everything but If you ha te kid
ley, liver or bladder trouble lt will be found
ust the remedy you need. Il has been teated
n so many ways, in hospital work, In private
vractlce, among the helpley too poor to pur?
chase relief and has proved so successful in
-.very case that a special arrangement has
>een made by which all readers of this paj ? r
i/ho have not already tried ll, may have a
ismple bottle sent free by mail, also a book
elllng more about Swamp-Root and how to
ind out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
tVhen writing mention reading this generous
>ffer In this paper and
tend your address to
Dr. Kilmer & Co.,Bing
lamton, N. Y. The
?egular fifty cent and rtr,m? <,f swamp-Rnot.
lollar sties are sold by all good druggists.
M'mi i im.k, nI.v mistake, hoi ri
in- i., Svniiiii,-Koni. Hr. Killin i -
-illili,ip Root, uni He
,,u, O, V.. .v. iv bottle.
5 Liquors
< Mtier one pallon <>t < *ltl Colon?
ial Whiskey, I full quarl honks
in boa $3.00
Keystone Rye, per gallon, $2.
:ja, nv. Brood st ,
Da Ba B
" Bugs'
Jfo ic of ferine
come jfargain8a
Good Pills
Ayer's Pills arc good pills.
You know that. The best
family laxative you can buy.
Want your moustache or beard ..
beautiful brown or rich black ? Usc
Buckingham's Dye
50cll 0? {Jugful,ir R P M. J,C0 . Nllrltlt N -
Session of *) Months in ali Grades.
In thc Hhilf SCHOOL -iil.ji-.t
'tiialieal are
Penmanship, History, Literature,
.anguage, Mathematics, Science, the
Inman Body,"and Laws of Health,
Iritieg and Speaking.
Tenn- in Un- Hh.H BCHOOI
.ir 8888801 aif nine iiiniilli
tH'IIUtll M. SMITH, M. \.. I'll, h.,
I'riin i|i.il.
.. i. vcoooa
I M. ('(1X
i. kV! PA (JUETT, ' nm
ItuHril tit Tr,,
N Mir. CI.ICItKH (lit- ;, i ? u I i i ? 11:.
fl illili III'nf ll,.
.uni. nu iii,- miii itv ol May, 8 ll:
aa-ainri- N. lt...I in m.
, li.miill-.
isaru 111 -1
ulm F. Jone-mel Marilin N Imi. - hi- inf.
uni Hie 11 ll killi VI ll eli I ii ri ll ni .billie. MUN.
ileeil. Ila-Orge P. .Mill-, 'lea- il , mil
N. Mill-, alee .I , lia il- nf .bini H
?I'-, i h. I.ll.lalil
iile l.bjeel of ibis -un i- Um - ?
-till-nf vi huh .Int,li li M
maaeKM'tl, Hint ill-lrlbuliuii nf lb, |
b. roof.
Ami un uMlilui ll Inn lpg l? en Bl
led Ihal ile defendant* the eltlldren nf
<b. anal
a.i N. Mills, dec ,i . b, .I- ..I .loin, k.
nu- iee ,1.. an noknoa a and bi I ?
. mm r. -nb nt- ol Hu - Illa, il I
ri, i'-al Kihi tiny alu SMSSI bSTS still,in
in , ii ibu ? afn I dui publication bi - ?
iiviiui! univ I,, ia,-, -ut !,, |,,..,,,| Du r
ii.ere-l Iii Hil- sun. Ami li |j nulli, - ,,r
i-real Ilia! lt a OP] ll, Pl Ol I" |'lllill-ll, fl
,, ,-k fur 1..iir vie.-k- in the rarma ill- ll
nd that a eopjr tat posted al tbe lr..ni dooi
f Hu-1 i.urlliniise nf Hu- i un nt v am l.n rir-i
SJ ul lim neil ti un i,llb, i-uiinlv eotirl.
A eoyp T
I I NV ni I lil KA D, Clerk.
Watkins ,t WlUk". p, ?,. june* ll.
lliubier Urinary Oraaas.
Jrojisy, lin.alt- Trouble!.
rxvii t become discouraged. There ls a
jure lor j on. I?
rlin.' Ju-t -uiii
L, I Could
a ure re
- Free
So oneartii lc adda bo much
In tin- ."itt lin ? ? i :i
m as ;i stylish,
i lur lint's ;d way a have tqat
dainty, luindsoinc eflci t, op
|ii"ri i.itral by thc l.idifs, .-uni
ur .ur always careful tai -~nit
u-ta imcr.
Mrs. C. I.. Ul .ITLLL.
Wickless and Valveless
Blue Flame
The Absolute Safe Kind
The Mountie and Autosyphomoto
li -. : doesn't have
tal anti we'll
tell you nli(mt tlinn. Wt pay
< lr y< it miiji! ask thc editor
al Mitt I ?
(,.NKIiNI.L". MA
No sppetlte, loss c! strength, nervous.
ness, headache, constipation, bad breath.
general debility, sour risings, snd catarrh of
the stomach are all due to Indigestion. Kodol
cures Indigestion. This new discovery repre?
sents the natural Ju! es of digestion as they
exist in a healthy stomach, combined with
the greatest known tonic and reconstructive
properties. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure does nol
only cure Indigestion ard dyspepsia, but this
famous remedy cures al! stomach troubles
by cleansing, purifying, sweetening and
atrengthenlng the mucous membranes lining
the stomach.
Mr. S. 3. Ball, of RiT.rjvood. W. Vs.. stysr
I wii troubled with sour stomach for twanty roan.
Kodol cured ma and wa ara new ulina ll la mik
Isr toby."
Kodol Digests What Yon Eat
Bottlai only. $1.00 Sirs hoWlntJH Mmes tba Wal
alta, which ms for 50 cants.
Frspau-sd by I. 0. OoWITT * OO., OMIOAQO
Stock of
Rubber, Leather
and Gaudy
Ever Carried in Town.
Wc .-11 - a i have n full linc "t
Rubber Hose,
Hose Couplings,
Nozzles, &c.
C. M. Walker <S Sons.
pta I
?? inllly
I k UM ki I.I
as.*, \U
The Best. __
Hall li-kens aod Kn -ti
Its ni ul! Kn
o/a l.i-,1 Hiv un
kiln ii yon wi-L niiv tiling in tin?
line .f e ibib i lui nt-. Wa vinni ba
imi ai Dalila.
iiiiu: phone No. i | ilro.
Gilliam Bros.
rn rn rn* ? ?.?.????. m.: ?? . .* ? . i|g
Thc growth of mir sh,
business is abundant
proof that J
are honest and depend?
able. Wc sill shoes that
.?uv Utter nini different
from others, lt" you are
looking for a good, me?
dium-price slide, look lld
farther. Come here and
T li i s nenson's rig li t
shapes in weights t"
please all.
gmtmamWntrWmt^maw^*m*mmm*^***# ????**??-???--mmmwmaapww ****** Wfaw**?W* .
^-f - Jr
are the most fatal of all dis?
iULlI 0 Guaranteed Remedy
or money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by emi?
nent physicians as the best lot
Kidney and Bladder troubles,
PRICE 50c and J J.00.
, : i < ? i ? ?
tSBf,-. I ..I,,.
I ll ll ll I s I I II s ISI.I ISM -I..I ,
a. ..i.i
I ,U. al, l.lilli. H. ll... ll. .Iii.1 I ill. SI, ll. I,
I lill,,ll- tlii Ililli.I.
I. I'...ie?l>.r?. Trail
WIISllll. ..!. 1 " lt. Il.l I... I ..In ?
. . I... ll Mull. Ill .I
SI.HI Mi.ilI.o,. Sa,1.1.re. 1*1111.A.. PA.
.ii thia aai.r*.
and m a ss t
Styles of Millinery ri ii * 1
NoveltiesshoNN n in Parm
villc, can Ix; had at my
store. Call .'ind examine
Mrs. H. H. Hunt.
Kcad This and Ik Lkwikd.
'Keilli in'
Sure lin- vt lu, bil?
lilli rm
A. lt. Armstrong, Ks imt I
U Wllllama, i -. J no. .1.
Johnson, s
Ville. Va
I. kV. ll
limul.-1- I
t tn app iiiiiilriil
,a| nlba-r
Sn! '
Keeps Hies fi ? 'in hoi ftes and
cattle. Kill*- nil vermin. 1
gal. ciii with spray, $1
NaCl III ll. Hlill.'L'1-l.
ll ls thi
ll; Kl. ia- VIRGIN! I
Int', I
tH'Klll- 15th ?
HlS-ls E. Main st., Ult Inna,ml. fa,
NVe nirry t In-liirx.-l lin.-nf WHI8KIK9 ami NVINKs n, Um Booth, Will
?Li|i (' n D i>i\|ii--. ??i Miaiitiiil-. n|*niii| nu Hali-faaia.ry referem*. \
ii i.i urn a .f 801 pitts IstoS* will La* bund a few ailia-la-s handlrd b*
i-, vi/
Hann il I ? .ll -t pst (Satoo,
i ? uti!, I jrsois old. j ni ?
liucknsr, Kentucky Itnurtimi., Sit " "
llixhsplio, Straight. IM ??
(Ithson, i year*, om I si "
(nb-ni, V vear*. nhl . I (Si '* "
Old N U. ?'..rn J (si "
DnOMStle Holland Gio.. -'Kl "
Imported " " . KUI "
oid Nu Appia Broad/.,. I I.
- . Ulara! . sn "
11.lint-.-hm- Illustrator] ealalaiaassa! aa oppHeatloa Plaaatra-sotlsa this
1- .|-.i vv ben I'lili'i iiik.
Leaksville Woolen Mills, Leaksville, N. C.
NNf un- AG K.v l's for Un- well known Lsoksvllls NVonii-ii Nilla, Tba hara
tiumberof patrooa who'haveha.1 tlu*ir VFOOL asanufoetiirad by Un- obi esiai..
lished Nhll-i-Un-iri-t a-.-iirain-*-nf tlie i^l ALLI N of lbs work dons by tfcssj,
I'.iimr ii- youl NNi nil, .-nial wt- will forward it ba UM inill
I Lev will ni.-iiiuf.'ieiure it nil SHARKS i,r for < ASH mba N.tin-, I'.lankeU,
Coverlet-, < ".-i--i in.-ra?, Jenn-, Manuel-, t'ar|?*l-, Art Hqoaits, Kuga, Baan
Holli'-, Skirt-, hu? (i.?H|-, BM, NVrite tliein or emi-iili ti- for -.nii|,|.-- a-nl
lilierul icnn
t'aitiiini--ioii Marabouts sod Agricultural Maa lunery,
This Should Interest all in Search of Health.
-I luise ii-eal v our ("t, nee nt i .tl- 'I I'm, S>4 Aluna Willa r. anal
Ilia! -|.e;lk ton lllKll'lv III |.lal-e all ll. Aller SalnS lt S fc-Sr ia'- 1 en,li,I I'll Ililli lt
ss.,- alanna nu- um,I, ir.I, kVbile iii v n-.-i,, mi In nilli li.t- I,.. n ii ii lim ni 11 kihhI. I
liave siilb-ri-al a'ainslaleriitile from inn riiiill.-iit uii.t.-k- ul i li, munt i- m. especially
in lita* lull and mni.r asarmna, bul lune uni iiml:. pain -in,, uslns vniir prepara?
tion, U III,il lill,bull,li,lit |,reva lil, ,1 a "a lorelle, nf Hie ill-i i-i . ll i- my n|,lli:iill,
lint nilli il 1,'iiihI tnllle 1,111 ll Mire lllon.1 plirllier ll- Ha al.
IUM.N 1. I.'iki \-, Iks, Va.
??Thi- la to nerti fj mr dauf htrr Waa l.nv In-.- -uk -i- ll- ..ne.- n ui.iiiHi, vi on li I*.
. |,i,,>ir.tt, i ul I illira Mi. -int, r,-,I tnim emmi i|,aii,,n anal bi.nl,I. r Irani
a. iniiiie nf i our c.iiieeiiiriiii ai Waler aha Ssa Sssa ls par*
i imanpa
L.T. DICK CY, kluy.,r. IJovlBftSB, Va.
Uur GOOOSOtntod Water never foils 80 proilili.' Kassi re.-iills, ami vie
Iio|m- yon vt ill not Li a few dollars -tami botWOSO ynu and -*i*nl health,
i ,/. baittle- 'i , vu La, ls,,/. bottler*, -1. S.ibl by all drOOUtela and inn
Planters Bank of Farmville
CAPITAL, $43,425.00.
lbs- u General Hon Una Raslnasa ami i- praporsd tn "Mei
you everv fitailllv a i>li-i-tiiil willi prudent Nankin-'.
Your Account Solicited. Interest Allowed on Time Deposits.
T J Iltvis President. Vf. G. N'KNkini, I'ii-ln.r.
kV I*. Vknaui.K, A-.-al-.laut Cri-hier.
<' M.NVai.kkk J. sf. Coora R Nt lu lui.s
s. nv. l'At i.i--iT H. A. HrtiKK.s H. K. Kauai
2,000 POUNDS
Bacon cured by Mr. H. E. Rich?
1 car of Corn and 1 car ;of Oats
guaranteed to be
Also fine lot Seed SWEET and IRISH POTA?
Buying a Plow thia Spring '1" nol tl" so until vam
li.ivr seen the.
.?md let ns slunk k mi kk lu it i- the best.
Near business section of town.
For particulars see

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