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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, October 02, 1903, Image 3

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iRMVH 1 I ll KR ai)
Tht. OUcsi K.siikiit ol' .annuli. States
An tvpcricii.c I hat Ctnimands
my kidneys
me "f j,
my Luck. I
?iiiiul fi
u -nil the
n giving
l - Heals
tl Witch
il.l for
r blind,
? ?in
Main "I lin I- ol'.i l.iki Opiiilo.l.
ink the
? dy iitnl
i lure n."
a lot of
f. hr.
> driiK'
ly, tx.tli
>f liri ut, ai I
ifymi want
al I
For i: m.
Imtli weil
:i knowing boar
lt want-.
Did iii One Hui.
i band
o.ii try .un.
multitude ol
. Chan
- .1 ..
lea ;
. l-l. le? I hil
1 nlaim-,
-mg tba
i ii. in in, in.i Lead \,,_
Kop lill eve ..ti Third -Meet I[ j,.
ig "
-iinnioii" crop b targa aod tba!
:i bard winter.
rhlaquapini ne -.nd gooa
iiuvcii't had one
- the nldnlgfal ami
sacrifice the tiawn.
Havey ru aecured your arab) f..i the
Who What When M instills'.'
hod) i- going to tba WboWbal
When Mlnatrela. All new th
ile touch of frost hal made u?
Ita the value of a blanket again
What would -onie of mn- fellow
towtumen do if all our storea ci. .-ed al
bud down v
in.- pt un ny hil- oiine and gone.
? work and 'bave OBS*
f'i a load of prim
Hunk- it hke finding money
Mr. Wright Barber baa cul thai eora
ami baa actually shocked it on thc land
mi which il |
I Miall righi now anti
though it would rerni
Mr. and Mi-. W. A. Mee, "f Pow?
hatan county, spent thi- week visiting
Farmville relatives ami friend*.
Mi- \ inderaonvllle,
Spent but Saturday ami Sunday visit
d-,in town.
Mr. Herbert Davie left la-t Saturday
Bight for Welch, W. Va., where he
?I a position with the Norfolk
ami Weelara railroad.
We know at li , ;ith-ii|e
Virginia fannel a Im expect! to Bell this
much a- hi- tiirin coe!
him. "And thi-. ir- no joke."
?,, Hi i'l.iu Ward anti
. the leading coincdiali
? ?! the c unity, are all tin- BBBBOB with
? ha What When Min-trel-.
-x-icty of I
ti-t church will give ii novel entertain?
ment in tlieArmory next Friday nlgbl
?iii. I'airiiiii/.. them.
Tbe unique comedy four. Au
c.,m. dy I..ur, are | makiBg
-cry harmonious with the Who
.Vhen Minsl
. armville Omi tory Am
will meit In Council chaml*.-r, Thtir
t lu- i
the iir->t meeting foi -..me moothi a full
Hon. Meade Haskins, ..f Nottoway,
town un Finlay la-t in the
lof a client, lune deali gently
with him and he wa- greeted hy a
Bamber of friend-.
Kev. Maxwell Robeson, t I
1 tin- pulpit of the l-'.pis
eop.ii chinch morning and evening of
clay, and Kev. Mr. Davie, of
Cumberland, preached al the Presby?
terian church at the evening aervlcea.
Di. m. ucl wlibee lt announced thai
ia- will be in Farmville prepared to
consult hi- patient- and all other- a bo
n Saturday,
October, 10th. Dr. Menai le the wel|
Mr Leon Pollard, of Bucklufbam,
iwn thi- -ea-..ii collie of the
ll :i "f apple- we lo
the Nickle Jack variety, larije, -hape
ly. juicy and after being gathered for
i,d eating apple.
Particular attention H called tu the
in.lil m the First Part of the
WboWbal When Min-trel-, who will
:,i iii.- (ipaia Hooae, one Dight
only, as i! is OompOBad of the pink ol
the vocalieti ol tbelmlnetrel -lage.
Mr. K. H. Ki' ; . .cl on
. k from Europe. He
ls vhdtlng bli brother. He will return
to Baltimore Monday where le- will
eminence hi- thud year in medicine
at John- Hopkin- Medical lu
Hie \.uni.ii Laundry.
? \t to lo,dillie?,"
and this ii the lnaiiucimeiit of the
mined tu -onie
The laundry i* now under full bead "i
-liam, and le a ptaee of real Intereat
ihe w:i-li tub i- ii tiiiiiunioth rotary af?
fair, moved i lupplled with
,i .-haime- of water, soap, blue
i- kept Inoooataal bioUob, and
during the week lunn clean ClotbB)
te- bed and tahit
"of thc entire -.-hool The rim
| ? : (.Hilled Witt
hundred- ul boll -. Blade I" BJOVe al
linne than a mile a minute rate and
; very much mun
., any trusl "f tbe country
Tin- di.\ nu vc the bur
ii ihe iiu-cl li i- done with it
and thin the ironer- moved by steam
cioin-, towi
Burh hi iblng load >?- givai
tin in by Ibe -it nm fi.''-. ''"I farbe
low-, Hannels aud otbei fringed attach
mi nt- have Hull final tomi,.- !.i tin
i iind.
, ii, linet.>l>< - and m nu- -i i ni
cii he il.
Hu- iti-mutf". aud we feel Mire Ilia
I - m ive Hie liol!
. ived
. gt of nc plaoi
, ..I Heil lucan- that lin
? i tboogbtfullj
\mth I ai?.lina Mal ? Ai-rii nltiir.il lan
O, li.h.r I'.i-il. IMS.
ihe Boutberi
ii lound hm
N ' md. icttiti
?- in Norn ?
.ni iel, Lynch bur,
. for llal
round trip | ut*, Includlni
- u, I., nu* Kau Uroundi
17th io ?.Mid inclti
i in i. linn limit < >
system o
leutnatiam. /
? -nil. It is Hu
rd rheumatic reiin-dy, lavativt
Ai Drugj -
,,- hand mad, am
I i..
kill tan
turd- Bith "nc -t"iie, the wi-e Kuy BBB
a shot gan*
'I'lie Pi iin.iii Vul,.
i he i"t ii., i Rda nd Deal -static prl
mais paaaed quiet]] al every prednel
in Hu- coin,iv, uid Hon. J .1
wax nominated tor the Houat of Dela
rate-over Mr. TtsOBBBI H. Bruce, lo,
IM majority.
The vt,, hy precinct! f..r th.
lati\c cali.Udale- w a- Bl follOWl
iel- Owen Bruce
He. I ls
Rice . Bj
Brier*, , o
lf-a.rlitiKtt.il Height SB
Oreen Bay . ss us
Won bam
. ls ll
L, J - 'or -ii.
|-ervi-oi of Fiiiiuville Ihsttict over
I R. Venable t.v a majoritv
Of lin./''
?niiiatcd fol
Dietiiet ovei J. B
Harris ami ll. a. Giana opposing can
a v rlaaklaa received the nomlna*
tiun for aanenriaor fron Leigh Dtatiicl
and W. ii. Htiiii.ar.i and K. L Dupuy
from Locketl and Hampden re- '
Maillol lo Bay,
TWO I.ii-lii ll -.tolll liu-hels
nilts, twenty Kaii"ii- 1st Wa.?
Kuli nf ll.iiinr.
Por the week ending Beptembei %
High Sch.)..ii Spencer Ari
Irving Aim- 'i ic. Henry Forbes,
Tuckei Johnson, Kllen Smith, Lintot)
stables. Marjorie Thompson, Ord way
Wilson, IVtei Winston.
GradBe: i. Lissie Gilliam, Lottie
Martin, Elisabeth Sinith.
NO l.polt fol the nlhet .
What ih. - Eal lae Day.
A Herald representative waa curious
tu kin.w how (hey fed the girl! al lin
Normal and Wen) to learn.
i: \ I L'S- I i"K a nw.
Beef SO lbs. for bn rordin?
ner, or of muttou 100 Ih-. Tu two me di.
Buttai io h.s.
Pron . ..ii-.
Flour Jin ll.-.
I l.il-he!-.
.') .|l-.
d' /.
Milk l5galloni.
IO gallon!.
Irish potatoes l i
: barre).
_' bushels.
Pickle 81 qt*
Lard ~ lbs.
From I lo -i\ bai ? .ith.
. in
ll gala, Blanc Mange
i di /. ':111s peaches.
ii by an accomplish?
ed bouee keener, prepared hy a chef of
long experte) ce and "f rate Kilt*- And
then when tbe bell ringa and tbe wai
is mi what ti ri n c. lill- the air and w bat
destruction i- wrought.
Bodies and minda "i uer daughter!
ganerally, thoughtfully eared for. What
more .-an mother Virginia do '
i in ii- Day.
Thc morning opened la .loud, bal
?HiKKle the sun -bown oat, the
air wee cool and bracing, the thoa
traine arrived during the night and at
un early boar "f the morning the
crowd hagan to tlirunK our stn ?
ana often ami a bo
can blame the little ones or li
wanting to "aaa tbe animal-'.'"
We cannot And it in .mr bearta to do
so. Weare dlapoeed to think that the
la-t circus crowd wa- the bl|
them Bil and it did look so this tum .
i boteli
I \"d to their full capacity, while
IB of mir hollie- -wtiiiK wide
..pell IO rec .i
?-ce the uiuiii.il-" and the little OOM
w bo imiii' a nh Ibo one purpoae of "Ko?
mi" to tba show."
Of the exhibition wc but voice the
opinion of all who witneeaed it when
thal it was mi,- of the beal of
its kind.
We did llll-s the old tillie jokes of lin?
dow ii and the iib.rt- ut ri.Inn: of the
mule, hut still the modern -I.
improvemeit OB the ancient. Sui.
ii uk. d thal there Were 6,000
itrangen in lowe ami thal 9,800 went
under the tent. We were tuld that the
"i a day, and if BO
there was nu profit in coming (fl Kinm
\ iile. Mr. Wallan- i- saul, BOW!
i.e a vary rich saakea money
The W I.ire occupying
Hu- new -ton- house ju-t below Mrs.
-. ii Hoi-ton-old -tami. They carry
a handsome line of Di
Notions. Lail.c- from the country,
who ure in Hie halul of shopping 10
this city, wu: to know thal
in tba real "t tba store i- a parloi
e-taLlishoi especially for their c unfurl
whcic they maj rea) and have (ree use
of the t 'llette.
Ten Thousand I hun lie
in tba Tinted Slates have Bead tba
l, unman A Marti on Pure Palnti.
Church will is- given i
quantity a benevei i bey paint.
Don't pay |1.5? i Killen l"i '?
oil (worth un .cul-, which \ .ni do when
om buy thin paint in a .un with u
- paint label .ni h.
make 11, therefore when you
ms "t paint,
? call.!.- I 1. A M . and mix
?ia gallon* of pure linseed oil with it.
You need only foBI gallons
M. I'.iint, and lluee galloUl of lill mil
ed therewith t>. paint a gu
* | alnted w ith Hu se paint
Is yeal-.
These celebrated paints ate tali by
When a woman bagloaio u?crt bel
rights she ? i wrongs.
Brake ini? Mi* Boase.
Quinn, of Cavendish. Vt., wot
robbed of bia customary heaitb bj In
il Chronic ConatJpetion Whan
Dr. King's Nea Life Tills broke inti
hi- hun*.-, lu- trouble eras ern -
now he's entirely cured.
f guaranteed to can White .v
j Po'i Drag -
laxauve fit 01..0 Qainirie
Cures a Cold in One Day, Crip in 2 Dayl
on every
fytn+l^u* box. 25<
He w ho iBODfN lo hrt-sh a banana pee
from the sidewalk i- ls.-nt OB doivf
| K""d
I mini) I unit Pr..!
.i tenn ..f ih.
court winch adjoui i
day, the Sib, raaui.I I
nioiiniiK, bavtng a conaldi
Indictment! for selling whiskey to try.
bi tughl iu the following
William Sl'innaii,
set Ung whiskey; John Mosley,
selling whiskey; Phillip Taylor, color?
ed, selling whtskej ; Artbui W
?ailing whiskey.
W. H. Burgei wa- tried "ii
melli No. j f.u Belling wblski
. ed.
Phillip Taylor waa oonvtt ti
. ?
Arthur Watkins wa- BCqultted.
i w au- Blade io paj
.1 each of I'.... -t him
for Belling wbiakey, Tbeotbet indict*
? .-aiu-t hun
oflense, were nolle pi
John Mo.-cley wa- not lo court, hav?
ing'forfeited hi- hail liond which whs
William Slimmm had iel I
up tu late yeaterdaj -
explained by counsel that tbe defeodanI
ty op account of Stu lab holi?
In all the.i
it ion by Mr.
Thoma- Whitehead, of Lynch
Hi.- colin appointed Mr. i. .1 Vi 1
-er lo lill the unexpired term of tie?
la! e K. M. Burton, a.- Sn pen ]-. 1 of the
Farmville district.
?mister] OaeBbar.
I will have my mlllinei
'?III illili Till, iud unite all Ile
town anil \ Icinity :
w lu. li i- full and complete,
il. II. Him.
Iii*! of the i.e. Inn I .
In. smith i- 1 . i.e rongratu
thc successful launching of bl
coarse foi thc season 1903-tM, :
sentatlvc audience gathered ia the
Opera House on U-i Friday evenina
il Well
nut lor the entertainmenl ll
evening ut the .\
highly i-hitilau.aa" ai well a
instructed by Mr. A. F. Howard win
ile carri)'I
to point anil pel-mi to pet- iii of interest
th.- wide world . icluded
wiih a |.ui
Nights in a Bai room. Weal
lo |)r. Smith and to Mt. li
Hog and Instructive evening.
sum Reward, $160.
Ibe re.id.-rs of this paper I
rn- dreaded ?
been nhl.- I" cure in all 1: -
rh. Hull's '
is the only positive CUl*e le IS si
Hu- me.: b being
il minimi di
I he blood ali'! if t in
sj stem,
lion nf '
rengtb by building
stitutiu doing
'-.. 'lin- pr
much faith ll) its eural io
ter "ii ? ll.Ired I'
for list
1 .i. (in-:
-old by Urilj .
..ls are Hu-1
np. ra Boase.
that coinn
Ut 1-t, 1903, all pe: - lng the
Opera House 00 ri :? ? --ill OB
required to pay for day
cent-: for night n 1 ? This
Hali a BlanT
\ 1.1 apb. ip hon.- DiagaeBt*.
ie gre pb -i
mun. "I was calling on m
he told me of il then. Ih
of hi-, while on a viii! t" California,
had de
that this cough WB! of a tin
nature, and bc
- about that, I
"Well, for the doctor to goal! I
to California would have
sive, and for the patient to ha
tu Philadelphia would bave been nu?
lli tm- 'I irapho
phone WB! called in. Thc sick man
ked into the machine all bis
ly ni) I .:n-. I '-. ii be 0 D| le I
it, and then, with the help of an lo*
?bree milli. ? of hi
: "ii the
sensitive cylinder,
?? riie onie line wa- wonderful, ihe
Philadelphia doctor.elving the
graphopbont ii un-d that
ii-iimi -
Live one, and th.it hie heart 1
serious! Iel me
listen to the record in I
I heard Hit
in a weak lag hi
sy mp tome a pun hire, -in :i. i.
on. Than I beard hun
lag. Then I heard hi- ie
iii an mid, Irragulai
?? Thanka to the graph .phone,' the
1 diagnoaed
though my |
side ii.
I 1,n* tta-BBsBtisB. and l at nt iii ledi'
1 itu- -tnt I 1
be awful :.
shoulder blades, shifting paini
cully i-.
hotic p .
of rbi- in thc fi.ni
hawking, spitting, dropii .
- Hying I.--:
1 ing afb
1 cured ;
ed f..r chronl
? ? for mi)
while or lifter ?
neb. t!
suppl) uid nol
iiirKf 1
and writing B
1 mau who siltun
are worse men 011 earth than himself.
".billin- \(ti)ii)it.
- -ill think tba
1 ad, bul after I tell you
u bat BB bl ? while
and w hi ic
will not thin!
ide with In-r uncle,
Mr. C. many
We all will he -orr;.
Ml!. L. I). Her
- lor her hollie in Danville, Her
many friends wt i- iori*"
lt. L, li.mk rn and family have
left for their h..un in Dan
in Hampton.
lb v. J M. W. F. ;
church the
fourth Hunday. \\ ?
will be accomplished by it.
inklin left la
day for her work in Lynchburg.
Mr-. J i and little Kiri, uf
-. Mrs.
s. J. Franklin
Mr. L. 1'. Camile visited in the
Abilene neighborhood leal Saturday
.iud Munday.
We ho| e by it,
. .'iirilie
litil on
? lober lltb. I lui
eel sympathy kobb out tn him .
? illdit.
..tain Arcbei
Worn lek wa- hui i.i by tb
in Hu- o iu> ierj al i
church -
i.ne daugbtei au.I ! mourn
OUt willi Hie lily.
with chill-. Wc hope h
Mi.-. J. J. Franklin,
and liti
I il.V. Wbl :
I lei
with her again in 0
Mi. J. J. Franklin will jun .
-holt w lille
Unite Hall Whit-perli
Wm n. Hali.. V
iii-11 .. .d mie
m ill in. ?
* lone
wheo tl
D the mids) ot Hie lil 1
.?ii account . f lb.- lllu
ciiiid, i- already I.
and if i
.i | ouring ..I | ir him.
Mr. Il M. Whit..
White Hail I
though immersed in Ibe earea of this
.'ion ha- found tune io bring to
w biih nm- wi ll ii;
Two nf ihe leading bunine** men of
the plat .'Hid J
a ard.
communication with all thc world.
?k lone
Wbltl luther
than "I. i though ti
ashing at thc Ililli"
(ioll fol
?mt far from
: r tin- artlfl
Sheppard* >lnd*.
, i-|'ai:i.-. Y ?
Mr. ? ? .ah and wife, of
lys this
: tinily
Mr-, [ra 1'
uh her
til of mir i -noil ol
in for theil . I-, and
all the talk of CU'tiug down tb<
Mi. ami Mn. Aiiinir Hacket! are
?..uni of moving "ii tin
pan of relit'
l like I ) haul
? mu i.
Adelle Atncuil.
Al'U.I.K, Pl
bill, ll i tight,
curing up splendidly and theyantki
..lithe market in the near future ami
Mr. J. I). Terry tefl on M 1
f.r Rlcbmond when mpleh
d lae Virtdaia Medical
for hi- bappj
manlier bava won hun inuny friends,
bat we will l?e cjually glad to B*l
him when he returns next June witli
il; lng colors" snd*ols new title of M.
ll , mel III- I ''lue
I ll.I...n" iii In- pocket.
Mba Lissa* Keynoid-. ol Pl
ber school neal Adelle last
Wa ariah h.-r maeb -
ia w dillie-, and welcome her
Kindly to mir heat ts ami li
by the "yoaog and gay" ut Mrs. Ola
.11 tbe -iib. The main feature
.1 tbe evaaing waa "Flinch" In which
: Hie KUt-ts palticipai
lui. refreabmenta I follow*
ol hy ks.V .batter and ineiry laiiKhtcr
lui inii-ie wa- rendered by
Lissie Baldwin and Mary Flam
? ?ii the plano. At ti late hour thc guests
left for their home- with happy hearts
and rec.'lle. tunis nf u most enjoyable
W. Thornton Cunningham
and Adrian Terry visited at the heine
"f Mr. Oeo. Hooker on last Sunday.
Mi? Belle Flam, who has been on a
radi tu relative- and friends in the
n.-nilli"irbiHsl, left on last Hunday for
Hlxburg where she will visit her uncle,
Mr. Beni. Coleman.
Hire ll. pol Hot*
Ki. i.. Va. 9l | I IllB.
Mr. Mint.ni is carrying on a BB
un t-tiiitr- at Beulah Hi.-cipli- church.
We wish him much succeaa.
Mi? Marmal.-; Siintb-oii i- -;*:ndiug
llii- week willi Mrs. K. i'. Boiidiirant.
Mba Bile Shipman BBI returned
after quite a l.'iiK visit tn her
brother io Roanoke
- Mattie [and Lena Frank are
visiting relatives in Ap|M)inati
i S.-hool will begin
Monday, Oct. Sib, with one of Amelia's
and one of Prince Ldward's mow)
charming and popular young bsd
i.iiini Kal fogg Holland
and ll. Flla Shipman.
The protracted meeting Will com
lb Sunday. 8
morning and night.
"lt was almost a inirin'le. liiirdoCK
- ??ired of a terrible break
all over the body. I mn vary
gratefu Wea)
? il, I 'orin.
Lem ?!-.- i- ne in .ry ih ll
\ ( an l.u DyiBepela.
I hud Dyspepsia in its woratform and
felt niiscrahli- mos) h11 the time. Hid
no) enjoy eating ntitil after
kodol Dyspepsia Cure which bal
pletcly cured BM. Mrs. W . \\
lor, Hilliard, Pa. No appetite, I"-- of
adeena, eon*
b, sour rising-, in*
pail and all stomach
troubles are quickly cured by tl
.1. Kodol represents tbe natur*
ion combined arith
stell known tonie and i-eeon*
? ? propertiei. lt cleanse-', purl
- imach. Bold
Winiton I'.'.
Conceit oftei i a" man into
I mil. -mn* ul a I'm -I.
Lev. .Ino. 8, Cox, of Wake, Ark.,
lor 13 ye-. d from
Jaundice, I consulted a number
of physicians and tried all torti of
medicine!, hut got no relief. 'Then I
began the use of Klectric Bith
feel thal I am mw cured of a disease
thal bud me il) ils grasp for twelve
If you want u reliable medi?
cine fur liver uml Kidney trouble,
stomach disorder or general debility,get
Klectric Bitb taranteed by
White ,v Co, i lui;
Many a man's popularity is due lo
w hat be
Bette. 11'.in Pills.
? ii ii-k.-d 1:.
what wny ure C"hamberlain'i Btomaeh
and Liver Tablet! superior to :
d liver pilli
eaaler and more
il io take und their effect
- I agreeable that one hard*
ly realizes that it i- produced by u
medicine. They no) only move the
bul improve the appel il
aid the digestion. For -ale al 2
Winston Drag Co.
If troubled with ? wreak digestion ny
Chamberlain - od Liver Tab
i bey a ill do you good, i
Winston Dr
A man has a funny bink "ii bis face
when the laugh is mi him.
Only one remedy in the world that
will at". biness of tbe -kin
in any part of the b - < lint*
Herald and N. Y. World, ti
(ii.iiiib.rlaiiiM im-li Ihincdt,
ne win is aeqoainted with ita
.| tb.uni
Cough h.-m.-.ly. lt not only earea
?ni grip effectually ar.
| manently, hut pu- ?
lulling in ('nenin.,
cough i
ineily is given, lt contain! no opium
or Other harmful -ni iniy be
given as confidently to a baby n
inlult. li i- ui-o pleasant i
lil of the-e I . il into
ration it is - g that
people in foreign lands, m areli aa at
borne, esteem this remedy yerj
and very few ure willing |
other after having 0
-ale by Hie \\ instOfl l>r U|
\ man bi | i i aaaarily thin
you BBB see through him.
s.oi? hm li-uiii Boil h.
"Our little daughter had an
luck of wi igh and
land, nf Ann.mk, Y V*., "but, when all
oilier remedial failed, we aaved her
life with Dr. King - - lovery.
(>ur niece, who had I IB in an
I Hus wonder?
ful medicine and (?? rfec) ly
weil." Deeparata throat and long dis
ld to Hr King's New In?
ns to no mhcr medicine on earth. In?
fallible for Coughs and Colds. 60 cents
0 bottle! guaranteed hy White
- free.
i alway- tlc .lilt if|
-in remain- incii-ulable.
V I'eliec) 1'aoii,- Pill
i- the one that will cleanse the -
set the liver tn iictinli, remove the bile.
clear the coinplexioii, c..
and len. Hie mouth.
The fatuous lillie pills for dor .
work pleasantly and effectual.]
Witt's Little Early I'i-.-rs. Bot
of Lafayette, ind.. mys:"All other pills
I bave rued grip.' w bile
le Karly Il?
ly perta
Drug '
It's -irange hut true that Moating
.|. bis w ill sink a oorpofatton,
) BBB! ?<( Lockjaw.
Lockian, or tetai I by
a baeillUI or gerin w bicb exists p len ti
fully in street dirt. It ll
long aaexpoeed to the air, hut when
curried beneath tl in the
wound* cause.1 by percitision C
by rn-ly nail-, and when I
eluded the germ is : tivity
otiil produces the most \ Irulenl
know n. Th eeo ger ms may be destroyed
I und all danger of 1 ided by
1 applying Chamberlain'! Pain Balm free*
- thc injury i- received.
Pain Balm li antiseptic und
cuts, bruises and like injin
without maturation and in one third
the time required by the usual treat?
ment lt is for sal.- by 'Thc Winston
Drug i
A mun i-- .melun.'- bil OWB worst
enemy, bul hei- more likely to lie bis
own U*l friend.
Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the news?
papers is sure to know of the wonderful
cures made by Dr.
Il Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
I I'V-'if""' li ,ne t"lrea, kidney, liver
?S rV*'tvT-fy *-- anc' '>'a*,*-er remedy.
"I uTlr^ay/ r lt I* tbe great medl
-1 f?-f V l^ -^1 ca' ,riun"P'" ?' ,'"e nine"
IVJJ\ { Ufo teen: h century; dis?
covered after years of
scientific research ty
Dr. Kilmer, the emi?
nent kidney and blad?
der specialist, and ls
wonderfully successful In promptly curing
lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trou?
bles and Bright's Disease, which ls the worst
form ol kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root ls no) rec?
ommended for everything but If you ha /e kid
| ney, liver or bladder Irouble lt will be found
Just the remedy you need, lt has been tested
j In so many ways, in hospital work, In private
I practice, among the helpless too poor to pur
. chase relief and has proved so successful In
! every case that a special arrangement has
! been made by which all readers of this paper
! who have not already tried lt, may have a
| sample bottle sent free by mail, also a book
' telling more about Swamp-Root and how to
j find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When writing mention reading this generous
offer In this paper and
send your address toi
Dr. Kilmer 8c Co.,Bing-1
I hamton, N. Y. The
regular fifty cent and Rom. nf svsmp-Root.
' dollar sizes are sold by all good druggists.
? ii.mi
October 6th and 7th, Tuesday and Wednesday.
All New Faces This Season.
A Fete Day For the Ladies.
The Wost Perfect and Complete Minstrel Organization Extant.
A Iln-t of European N
WBig Laughable Vaudeville and m
Specialty Acts. _ ,l
brities culled from tin- rank- ut' tin- World's Poremoat
Artists. Meit- than any other Minstrel
organixation traveling.
A Galaxy ol' Operatic Vocalists.
50 PEOPLE 50
Lauded by the millio
\.?t a cheap priced txnmbiaation. 35c, 50c, 75c
? u -alt- at Crate1! Drug Stoic
Matias lin ile* Hi
-|..(i-ia ur indigestion it
it no lot . : > t.. live on milk
the whole system ba**
. "trey to diaeaaa. Kodol
- ? iina.ii
- tn digee) Hui ii-*
of the wli'ile-iine fmsl thnt
?ii. itii'l i- ii never fitilini"
cure fur indigestion, dyspeneia anti all
itomach trouble!. Kodol aigeeta what
kee tl rtoaaael
Sold by Tbe Winston Dru
W \.M I I' I MIHI I I.
meas sueeaasfni. I ?? --111- >-.i
I beg to announce that
my opening of PaD and
Wmter MILLINERY will
take place on
OCTOBER ."th and 6th.
Thc public il cordially in
"rited to call and hiapei I
tnv goods. No cardi
Airs. C. E. Chappell.
[ liaitoaaaoBBea tii.it I am
now | : bow a ni"-!
late line af -iiiuj'ie- fur
Y"lir lina-iiie liiken iiinl c>eiy
-uti li df work ili.ii. .
I lal ymir cli.tlie
Made at Home,
lil uni mulei hil KUUi.-llil.-c.l.
M> prleaa ara Jual blar|i aneaajt-i
to iii.-nre yoa tba BE8T work
in;i.u-liip :iml material. A
trial i- svhut I \aaiit.
THIRD -1 Kill
?Li .'.?'''.-?-?.X..A:,
Ladies Ready Made Skirt-.
ing Gooda?in lad efeiy.
thing to bc found in an
I -.oo.lsantl Notion SI
Yours topi
Main Farmville, \ a.
The growth ol our shoe
l)iisini*.s is abundant
proof t i
are honest and depend,
able. Wc sill shoes that
arc better and dharrni
(rom others. It you an
looking tor a good, me>
dinm-price --hoe. look no
further. Conic herc ami
Tnii leason'i righi
shapes in v..
-c all.
Except it
Cures Dyspepsia.
McAlpin Dyspep"ia|Reniedy Co.,
Fsraillli, Va.

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