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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, October 23, 1903, Image 1

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m.mm; nu; nu. ta.-!, hi li- for iiii; ri; ks km*, hope for un
? I rs AT Ul, ?
. ? SWING.
(mn Uni., Count)', Va.
i ? H BLISS.
Medicines and
Druggists' Sundries,
j jr R M. BIDGOOD.
- hl.\ I I- . >
I I . Ii UTI .
.1 s. M- n.w aim:.
. ?
iminations. . .
into examining ymir
Wc- arc careful
shall havi
they will Ik- com*
' ile.
Lenses Ground Properly.
Rims lhat Suit lour Face,
Classes lhat Fit four Heeds
f. r. BL-.MON,
Jeweler and Optician.
J. I', nilli r.oi:\
KK.N r.\ivn:ii
ss on Ciass. Wood ano Mfu
Uris- n.? voss Bt.hs
ns oa no Chi.gii I
-Mani -
ll vermin. 1
ll. i.l Kl ii. n
"Which I Now
-^il ri n't
sa pai.l
? ?
' ? ? ?
..- Yoas
W. P. YFA'Al.I.K. District Agt
Did Not Close For a
Heart Trouble Baf?
fled Doctors.
Dr. Miies'Heart Cure and
Nervine Cured Mc.
W.H. I
I Candies
Fresh Lot
This week.
Anderson Dreg Co.
Thc Farmville
mmercial Co.,
Commission Merchants
General Merchandize.
We curry a LA ROE -Tim K nf
Heavy Groceries.
Dry Goods
and Hardware.
Special I'l-ius la*fc on Goods
Bwus-lu in Lanjc (Juan;
i \i,v\ m.i.i: va
No appetite, loss cf strength, nervous**
ness, headache, constipation, bad breath,
jeneral debility, sour risings, and catarrh of
:he stomach are all due to indigestion. Kodol
;est!en. This new discovery repre
ler-.ts the natural Juices of digestion as they
sxlst tn a heathy stomach, combined with
ihe greatest known tonic and reconstructive
?roperties. Kodol Dyspeps'a Cure does not
inly cure Indigestion and dys^-psla, but this
amous remedy cures al! sicr-ach troubles '
-y cleansing, purifying, sweetening and
itrengthenlng the mucous membranes lining
tha stomach.
Mr. S. S. Ball, of Rirerivonil. W. Vs.. **?/**
' I suss troubled srlth sour sta?Kl for tw?rty y**"*.
Codal curad ma and ?* ar* now ulta* B la raiS
or baby."
KotJol Digests What You Eat.
lottias or. 5 BSBf 2M Bas** ts* W*!
raw, which s*: s (ar SO cania.
'rattarad by I. 0. DaWiTT A OO., OMIOAOO
Dil WINSTON UHl'll 00. i
Family Servants the Theme ot
Dr. Talmage's Sermon.
Hu.,,1.1.. V... allon Should llls-Mly
Hr H. uar.I. d aa Ona of Honor.
Wi .lunn'. li|i|i<.rluullr lu ll.r
Kit. liri, mid Nur.rrr.
'II!' ? . i lu tl,os. |
social ss
tm of I - i
me of tilt* first Importance la os
boner hh.i lu
?\ Lteaoarar srlll bet ??
>'ll. l.-t Illili int jo n
ti theme:
?a a pro
'..un.I trill li )
1 in the
? ?
rat, are tbs men \\:
? . -
?ii*' that bea*
J til till*
liff. Imt to the
-:. It may correct our vli-ws of
, - ii it ls noa
?(? lmli! steam if ara *
t is affi * principle,
arno, lu pi
'? lumbla
in |.pl noss of a family.
'""Le tn .:iiti.-s of u?e
-?) the -
1 ?*aslbl? t.. a woman of onllnaj
? - ??? .11 tiring
ly am) spirit
nilly, than that of*. BTerags
tenant K'rl. I pBBSS' to
besBtlfal qa
j Tj'prus little kliiKilom In a
?/underfill way. Brary place of the
.-oaky island which hst foot might
I or with rilli
liny human Ik-lng: bat lu a Ix-tti-r way
? tine. The tm ni i.l**
ic <<*rvaiit. .in the
rai :an in tbs
iltri-ss iu the dining r>
.aid. may li-. ?
is aermonlc thorne lins Its dark
- vii-11 as its bright It Is shad?
er by .ilotli
-?? in de?
spising it am) seeking other o
Haag in - I axial ditfl
,ii others; by slotli
:ie can do a duty j
srttboat ii<t
jig in character. Tbs kitchen or the
with a
?onsecnr tlc servant as a
queon, or it n -.Table ;,
a ,i classes of BaTT* ,
was that '. of workers
dearly realized that tn*
lea, no matt.-r how bumble,
and useful
The second class of servants was
??inposed of the sullen slaves captured
In war. They -were, for the Sst
disgruntled ami rebellious servitors.
They f..lt that tbs tyranny of fate had
placed the ciiptlv. - i upon
their BrrisCS, ami as BOOB ns ;
,en chance for i-s
rnpe offered. .re women to
J.iy serving In thc kitchen and in the
who act as ;'
they are captured slaves. Tiiey are
grumbling sgalnsl -k and
are spending one
half of their tln.e In finding fault
with tja . aws and the other
half in trying te find out a way of es
rape Into some other occupation where
they can have more liberty and iu
?reased emolu
The word "roysi" is n-1
itatlon. It li legitimately np;
my woman wh..s.i condtict In !.
iphere is nol.le and faithful eoadact
'which ls becoming or titting to a
Nor ls the financial e
latlon for hor service Inadequate. Her
)OlBBBStat*SB ia as large a* any other
mer In proportion to th* phys?
ical lattor and mental training which
lired of her. Trove lt? I will.
Compare today the net financial re?
turn* of the average servant and th..?e
nf the unskilled worker In any other
"..?partmentB of life. In our largo cities
the nurse girl receives at least |
M H-i.l J", per week, the gr?.d cook
I week.
?ress $1 pas we.'k. tba
bermald fl per week. That means that
each one of the household servants re
reives, BBSS)l||". wages mnnlug any?
where from $17 I month.
That la more than many of the well
rs In the large city
i.et. 'il.at ls more than the
average typewriter receives, for she
has to pay rent BB I
loBSSBtk ssrvaal k?'~
I nm talking BboBl the |irlncely net
Income of an int girl. Hut
If you are going to in.lire I
sa Sf | the standard
Of money then tbs servant giri
univ better paid, bat -
1* not laid off like the masons or car?
penters or tl" IS or like the
rho, though during-.
the busy seasons they re.elve Mgh
ure idle during certain months
of tlie year. Tbs royal dom.*
have ? Thus,
from a fina: Int. I would
- -nil dBagbtsTS
?k of the kitchen and the
tbs occupation
to yoe ' ai returns are
princely In comparison with the mental
ant which many of jon ar. able
to con?i*vrate to tl :- ?? ->
.-r advantage offered by do
l ls that its surroundings
are purer. The royal domestic is eub
s than are her
ho are earning their Un
QBSSB Victoria
in Windsor castle fur over fifty years
refused kuowlitL-ly to ghr ?
B of impure ami 1
Wicked I I servant girl, if ]
ahe enters a Christian home, can, as a
queen, choose her own assoc'*
f..r th.-ir Uriag oat-ido of t
walls of s home. With I I
often . .cw:
nml to -
young girl :
from t!
ever k
Iti in it rn:
k lu ti
-. lt ls
high ti:
town .!?
lie In tl ?
life tl.:
The roy ni .
contd n
? un ideal bc
r for the !?
help provide for tl ??
While the husband is oil
. In the
work wlthoiii
five np
nnd un
tera going to work as servants In the
kitchen, one by c
ii. are
"Hut," lays
alli not become a <\
live In boarding b,, wo i
just as
wives ???
No, my brother, I do imt tl.ii.
believe the Christian heme
rital institution for good In all
lea. I bthevs it is th* fur
itone not only of tbs altar of
of tbs tai
love an ',
live hall. If a man is not
i locality by
hns, as a ru'
Bf the chu:
father lived and ?
were bora.
? nie i? the '
destroy anarchy ts to
mnn can own a h.,:.
?Its upon his own truly
feels b* ls an American citlseo. He
to die for that country of wli
home ls
cst cur*' -
flay Is
without borneo 11 ?
rt j.art In bo
? ?
railing *
plead nt
iii t!." I
?ave tbs
No throne of nacl
that which makes lt for Uie
little ehlldn ?! lo gal
kitchen ami ri.
from the dlffi
"?onie ii ?
jf a wu
loor of all Batful n ing nn
1'hey m;,
lawyer, a isector, a
-nant, an nt:
?lse but a a
this ls what 1
those vo
bera and let f
It Ls
le bs a
a I it ls
aral for . In the gr'
work as a BB] ihe fields, as
. lands.
It la no- her to slave in a
ny of the c.
s she is filling today.
>n the other hand, it ls natural for ber
to be s nurse, a dressmaker, a cook, a
ii. aud
' ibis re
li . ? ft un
I ital,le
bal bj that
i hat is
:i take
I can
I have
I glory
to see a
:l.r..w it
In the lap of li,"
ng their
ll of work, so
ell. I i
rfc, but
lt time
ral spheres
? hoiiltl
*ror of
i nurse
? were
I body
. ,\v not only
Ked for three
es i . BBSBlaB
uabls chris
of life?
1 bj the rnv
e been
nu-n ls :ngs of
tbs little
i* a servant
man ,l,,wn to
-. In our pa
to the
I of our lep
I) ?
vak an
'?ho are
lives to this
line of
ike the
Bf your life
Pray, a
tatton In life
en tbe
? of your lit
s servant of
rt, your
of him ""s his
n. but so live that in the great
lef nf all a Od hast
faithful servant!"
> If your B
makes -' :s with her
y killing mos?
. your boys breadwlnnlng and
iking, and the dl
, nills will soon run out of grist
leny that k
for hysteria; but near!.
ls willing to that
troubles us, still we are not kept
wai tin v
low their example mora
than tin
A Wisconsin lad who might have been
rn went fish?
ing in.
Tbe open season for mistaking per?
sons for deer in the woods will sooa
be on.
li lille*, rm
Saar Wards ot \\ Isduro tu ilia Yeans
Mea ol To.D.j li> Hon.
Hassall Saar.
This eminent nnamier has t
in the American's symposium
cess, given bits of uiunsel and advice
? if young ?
ed, would help them on the high
road to honorable sun-ess. The fol?
lowing are some of tba i hnicest sen
"The most essential requisites to a
young man's success in life, to my
mind, are industry, economy, i ?
ance and a definite goal. These are
the most necessary factors in the
make-up of a young man who warns
to achieve success.
i have one sincere word of advice
for any young man - to suc
ii,i lt is this: That lintier no
circumstances should he yield to the
? Mon of gambling in stocks.
"The fefer of speculation has been
the ruin of thousands of young n.en
and the wreck of many fortunes, and
it will continue to cast wrecks by the
>> as long aa most of us are mad
to get rich quick.
B he should make lt a rule
I eek to put by a certain amount
of his earnings and acquire the habit
? ing.
rs are very few men who are
e to make a dollar, but the
making of a dollar ls not the most irn
jxirtant thing?it ls far more Im?
portant to know how to save it.
"The whole secret of my sue I
be expressed In the words?hard work
and economy.
"The fault with most of our young
men of to-day is that they do n
.ugh to bu
man who always tries to get
off as easy as possible and when work?
ing for others does as little as possible
for the wages that he ri
never get ahead and never amount to
anything in I
The greatest danger that lurks near
the path of a young man ls the danger
of getting Into the habit of taking al
,lrinka to excess, sometimes be
,s friends Invite him. sometimes
he thinks he Beads a stim?
.Ivice to every young man of
tu-ilay ls this: "Stay away ftoin
who want to make you 'a good
" A good fellow will never
' to anything In life, and never,
no matter how great the temptation.
no matter how worn out you may feel.
start the habit of taking stimulants.
sf makes a fine fire, but who
ever heard of any man using it for
feel under a boiler?
ag drink may make you feel
more powerful for a time, but it will
wreck your system as surely as pow
iler will wreck a boiler If thrown Into
the fire underneath it
rs never used any lntoi
liquor or wine of any kind In my long
life, and It ls my honest belief that
if lt was not for that I would not have
retained my health until n,,w.
Miling man who drinks not only
money for something that ls
han useless to him, but he Is
. ..niiniially exposed to temptations
that would not approach him if he
would keep away from strong drink.
To my mind no yoting man should
rm a habit of smoking either,
ll might injure his health,
but simply because the money spent
for tobacco ls wa*
Procrastination may be the thief of
it tobacco wastes considerable
of it.
A young man should make up his
mind to fall in love with his va
n exactly what I say no mat?
ter if it may sound absurd io some
No matter what your duties are, you
can always, if you really try. find
something In them that is really in
should maka lt a
te think of the Interesting part
only, leaving all thoughts of the mora
I ibis out of your consideration.
It is absolutely necessary to achieve
anything that t"ne work ls performed
willingly and cheerfully, not carelessly
and slovenly, as the finished work will
always bear the stamp of the mind
of Its worker.
If you fall In love with your vork.
if work lier..mts * soares of pleasure
then and then only, can yon
ba perform the work as wei as
d tra performed.
Dunner from Ethrr ssith tlrobollas.
Dr, Hewitt, of London, advises that all
s to whom ether ia given for
surgical operations require larger
iniantlties of th* anaesthetics and are
more likely to die from its effp
Bl that excessive smokers of to
UB with difficulty made lnsen
m ether or chloroform: be ad?
's for operation who
are alcohellcs or excessive users of to?
bacco should be warned of the danger
of sudden death following the use of
anaesthetic agents.
\ ( ur. lor Dyspepsia.
?nu and
lor. Hilliard.
i and all *'
? nattir
by Tha Winston Drag Co.
Aa I cly One aad Ike Thine ll Hills
I "or Ila. \ rrj I _l>
'.imillarity w:- si Jour?
nalism and periodical literature brings
(he reader in these days face to face at
sverj turn with tb,
"arrivlsm," and with dlsnertatione on
the modern tendency which lt repre?
sents. The word lr a ;.e,says
?rs. and the thing which it
stands for certainly has very ugly as
we can
dlamiaa.aa In
the ot I
so in our quality of Americans, espe?
cially. The., an.who
la rasped and abraiiled bj the
rawness resulting from the.lo.-trlne that
the most of the time spent Ir. preparation
for the achievement of the
lime wasted, and that the a
is simply tr, and to
leam by doing or enjoying Un?
learning to do or ? ? t hesi?
tate to say that lt Is the American and
bis Americanism that are prln,n
sponslbls for the doctrine. And he is
We have, in effect, a new way of re?
garding human existence and the human
career. In this particular Wt are in?
clined to apologize for this new way at
lt tb ith un
,ry aggressiveness that t)
only right way. In ri
ought to do neither
on trial.
thor "arrlvism" be humanly pos
-'ien pushed to Its topical limits,
whether lt will give us more ov
or less, ls what we do do rot yet know
and cannot re) * ls the con?
temporaneous problem, and on>
calling for meditation and -
I.rail 1'rncll May Ha lard Ju.t ns
Well as I'.-n nnd lou a,,,
Una M In. K noaa ?
The BB] should
extetnd lo the books, sa.
erlson. ll
The slnipiest is always the best meth?
od of expresatoa, Why use a pi
l,,ili|.r. mk ai
with a rubber nu tba end will supply all
deman limr, and a
Is tli> . va hy a retail
? nt should not keep his books in
nil? One of Chicago's
lses dots.
If pell' il is ll.se.l. ' KS USed
can be of cheaper pa;
lngly less expensive. Therefore. I think
a retail merchant's books should '
r indelible pencil.
. aster, cleaner, takes leas time,
and makes the correction nf errors
quicker and easier. Ink ls no safeguard
against errors or dishonesty. A man
can falsify and steal as easily through
Ink as through pencil.
liookkeeplng ls only memorandum
rork, anyhow. Make lt as simple and
easy as possible. Don't waste profit In
ink. It Is the little leaks that eat up tbe
profits try labor ls a leak.
I ?? in cheap paper and ;
bright boys or girls who can add and
subtra, t. and good eOBBOSBB sense busi?
ness Judgment to tell them how
tbe figures down so they will add up
something to show the movement of the
Work Thal Call, for lrll,l(r and -ant
? Illili- s|,||| |? lo.slna aad
I alehlne.
"Play balli'' said a stalwart looking
yoting man standing on a big truckload
of watermelon* backed up to the curb
in front of the store at which the melons
lie delivered, and a moment later
he had tossed the first big and solid green
globe to a man standing in the middle of
the sidewalk, who tossed it to a man
standing at the front of the ifore, where
the watermelons were to be piled, says
the New York Sun.
And then these three mm ', ?
watermelons going through the air till
tha whole load had been tr*
from the truck an,: - in a pll*
at the store door. This ls tbe common
way In which walermeions are unload?
ed, and In which they can be shifted a
good deal quicker than th*y could be
by picking them up and carrying
th*m In.
It ls strenuous work, and work that
calls for skill, too. tossing and catching
watermelons; but tbs men that handle
watermelons handle many loada thus
and get well accustomed (otha -
tha course of the season, and they trans?
fer load after load without mlibap.
I.ut even an expert watermelon catch?
er may muff a ball occasionally, ar.d
when*-' - "'np to gather
up th* frani. - beyond
?larh-nirarlad Road..
The Irish railways are said to have
more directors in proportion to their
size, importance and earning capacity
than any similar c I In the
world. They average one <!'?
every JO miles of road. In IfTi
an effort was made to ha-.* tbe roads
brought under the supervision of tbe
state, they averaged one dlre.-tor to
every six miles of road. At that time
there were 56 roads, averaging 4* mll-s
in length. They had 4."*o din |
solicitors. 56 secretaries and 70 engin?
Daaserona fishing;.
Killing fish by the use of ex,
ought not to be permitted anywhere.
The fate which befell two men in Brit?
ish Columbia who were using dynamite
in thia way was an Impressive instance
of the engineer hoist by his own petard.
They lost their lives by carelessness In
handling the explosive, and became food
(or fishea themselves.
_? lilli!.- Ill
and toast. Starvai
{?na am
you eat ?makes tbs
??old by The Winston l?r...
, ind N 1 World, fl.tW.
'.'iimaliaiti .m.) (.Uarrli "gedi*
i int- *? .il I
I write and
."?.ilin at..ure i
1 Balm B. B. ll -
blood which
i joints,
- cure.I li ii r. -
- stand -
i .... failed. M
Viloini Halm
as n la.*:
; cases. 1 mi?
mi:'-- tba
* of rheumal
ifter taking
rs and
. blixsl
permaaent and not
'. Kalin
ii iiii
ile.l Iii
i in,le qeaatitaSB to Hie
I oiled .-tates f,.r thc reason that they
I ? . ?? ? ii..i.i ilu-American
taite den
laaj Motin r* ol a ilk, opium t
my BBildrs
1 the giving
| "It ws B irdocK
f a terrible break*
;, 1 nm very
Mis* . i Iga \\ asl
' 'Ul.
liie Ivory chair aad f.t.,t?(,H,i pi
. I j - 'i?- M'siiarajaii
I ors B iii In- uni.,nc the royal
jubilee | led at the W
I kj.ni.
? i bj a
..?'?rm which exists plenti?
fully in a (t il
- ni tbs
?bbs or
tbs air is ex
,.ind produce* tlie n
and all danger of lockjaw avoided by
lin Balm bree*
,,ne third
. appe
If it ,i i liit
i labor in the
S i not ao blab aa la tlie
- .
Better Tout Pill*.
aakad Ia
aa hat ? . -
- I peri or to i I
i- and mun*
ibis thal one hard*
I by a
uid the
per bot) n Drag Co.
If troubled ? ith n ll ion try
(iitimli. - ii.ii ami l.i-.'
I I'n *cii|>lion fur Malaria
' i,i.iu\
l.i-i. li ** I lull Ionic I) i- simply Iron
(..ur. aMoii*. of a Pii. st.
A - . Ark .
- fl red from
?ried all B
Mien I
"I i disease
, nib ie tneill
:- and Kidney t
??..lt. lhat Ucl*
: leaving a Witt'i
- applied to
? Witch lla/'-i
re unadiilte
. Witch
rid fur
, les that
D v | | li .: I merit
,,.,! k.i ****i*-*i tm in latBBg
i tak< linne*. Tasteless (hill
Brass tbs f.rtiiula is plainly
showing that
lees form '
rh aad Works saTti
Ijit*- Ibo Tablet*
eurea t

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