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parma ille, VA., FRIDAY, MARCH 5, moo. ?
MIS iiml Tliny lim SHi:nri:
Itinir Hiiihts,
" Interesting meeting
ul in the Courthouse
? Saturday.
?n tin- session was
ind this \\
Walthall. an hum*
I to tho giver ol' all
- - on tho work of
-oil. Such praying
Qod made thc country
? ?': ? who carn
'thors by
nol brows
lOted . ? ? ? vilest
? lina, who
I this and
? '
[y ai '
I .ra mong
i other- ell?
? ? mi the
.melia, Brunswick, Din*
: Mecklenburg where he
it work and in
?..liners were waking
essity of self-protection,
followed by Mr. W. H.
who though he kept his
? liking made some telling
' into
.-? obtained his education
? 'linds and between the
ia sympathy with those
learning in that sci
er-meetings aro not only
instructive and no
ld go hy without .?
eld. In this
iin thi rganiza*
bs in i if our
irefully - . (mined,
: then
thu l.nntaqinn nf Eaton
which he feels
participate, says that
i.-ut attends a wed
the bride; when
? ra! he thinks he is
Such a spirit tn
Ivertising. ('old
rider the skillful band
understands and
ibject. To be earnest
Put enthusiasm
nt; put your ad*
l ?. .? newspaper
..- a chai
of Farmville
I ' 'liva
is \llHiilion.
\s ht
aSM Kl
armful drui
. mot!
- ? t.y A
Kev Mr. McFarland, now of North
Carolina, formerly the beloved
of the Baptist Church in this place,
whose appreciative letter we gave to
our readers in last week's Herald,
was only with tis sonic two years, and
yet during thal short time became s<>
n lin- place and the people
that lie enjoys -i weekly letter from
them and therefore renews his sub*
scription to Farmville's only paper.
There are others, and we record the
fact in sorrow, who have heen living
?rc- of year- whose
name- have not as yet appeared on
the list of subscribers.
The man or the woman who would
be a help to neighbors must live in
uch with them, and so living
gets interested in them. Such are
our wants to know all that concerns
them that there may he ready sympa?
thy for sorrow and for joy. Bind your
. OU with "hooks of steel. "
and if you would keep in living touch
with Farmville and the surrounding
country, read the Herald. Remember
inly two cents a copy, just the
on one letter.
Taken to Richmond for Treatment.
Mr- Barbara Fallwell. of thi- place,
who has for the past two months heen
a great sufferer from a complication
of di-- taken to Richmond
on the carly train Tuesday morning
for treatment in the Virginia Hospital
Her daughter, Miss Virgie Shepherd,
who had heen at her bedside for sev?
eral weeks, accompanied her. Her
many friend- hope for her speedy re?
\ friend in Farmville expressed five
gallons of water from thc Pickett
Spring to a friend in Maryland, and at
once received a letter of thanks. "Al?
ready I feel better. Don't fail tosend
me the address of the owner. 1 must
have more
Heath ni ii Vi!iii:r..l)l?! lady.
Mrs. ll. K. Miller, formerly i
but who ?
. ih her
Mr. <
? -
v. ll. M !
\v. j. (iii:
Sati. a cheerful ii
Farmville. The farmers were with us
in goodly numbers and Main
presented an animating and animated
appearance. Glad hand-grasps were
given and ?
"How is all?" were heard on every
hand, and "How is all with you'"
was given in reply
Hone buming plant beds and well
ahead with the plowing of the ?
turnip "tops" and eggs, smoked jole
and wood "to burn." Children well
and learning at school, Sunday-school
cv.-ry Sunday .md preaching once a
month T.iv paid and no more ot
"Sam" Watkins until anothei
rolls round. I! \nd
Nut ITimil lint dratitied.
it, an
rly sci
Heavy, Impure blood makea a mud
, dy, pimply complexion, headache
r> n.-iu-ca. indigent ion. rtiln blood malu
you weak, pale, sickly. Iturdoc
. Klood Itnier- makea Hie blood rid
restorer* | erfect health.
We notice that some haled hay is
still being sold in this market, nol in
sucli quantities, however,
sons gone hy.
We make no war on the trade of
our merchants when we express the
hnpr that the time i- not far in thc
future when every hale Of hay sold in
Farmville shall come from the farms
of the adjacent territory. When it
? n demonstrated that our
ran he made to yield four tons to the
acre it is idle to say that
not be grown in this section profita?
bly. What are known as peculiarly
hay-growing states make no betti
port than this, and it certain.)
no more to grow grass here than it
does elsewhere. And the farmer who
it musl be certain to hale it.
The das for loose load- of hay for
market i- gone, lt must be pressed
into convenient torin for handling
without wa
We have made no inquiry on the
subject bul sincerely hope no farmer
is buying hay in this market. lat
this be done by doctors, lau
preachers, tuen hint- and manufactu?
rers, but by fanner-, never.
Grow all you need at home, and
then have-onie for market. And how
much more pleasant to cut hay riding
on a mower, rake it with the aid oi ?(
hone, lift it with machinery and then
haled than to he worming, suckering,
cutting and housing tobacco
When those si\ negroes, ( :
with murder and arson in the county
of Powhatan, were brough! here for
safe keeping, and marched through
our streets, four men -hackeled to?
gether, two women following hard hy.
i and depressing. The
devil is thus getting in his work and
the millennium is yel to come And
non that the ohject-loson has been
seen and the i .- be?
hind tl -ill it have
upon Will they
simply .-av, "white man just punish*
? I to die i '
in hun
alike of 1
Have U
The (iirls Have Inn Itu: Facilf] hi?
lo* lt Ton.
On evening ri
if the Normal student hody. se*
for the purpose, gave an en?
joyable, laughal I linment in
the Auditorium in which members of
the faculty were made to move
the Stage hy proxy. The imp. |
Hons were thrillingly true to the origi?
nals, and as the teachers and ol
took in the show they had the rare
privili ng themselves as oth?
ers sec them. How closely and criti?
cally those giris have I.n studying
those '? -ice with fault!
curacy they have caught on t
gesture, stepping, tone of
.'Alls. ten ' etc..
and since these thin.
hould he careful not
only a- to what
and move
hini;e Elwari leaclieis M Meet.
Silver lea.
thal '.
e doctors could not Cure, had a:
t me up. I lon Buck
i it sound and well." Infallibl
nil .-km I'.ruplion- I
ltheum* ll Burnt
; el I'llf-. V>c at Whit
I ..i a loud, i v\ action ol I
?- els. a single dose ul I loan's Beau lets I
k enough. Treatment cute- babitui
i. constipation. -?> cent- a box. As
your druggist t..i them.
SI8.202.23 [SST YEAR
Uiimiilnn l.iintriliiited Heart] Nil.Jiin
il State's nuances and Kidije
nay SI70.8I.
Thirteen dispensaries lu Vii,
lasl year paid thc -tate of Virginia
rls.L'UJ 2ft iii taxes, or nearly |
each. Abingdon lcd the li-t, pa
marly - .ol thc total, wink- tildgl ?
way, m Henry county, made the poor
est showing with 1170.81. Following
ale the ann.tint- paid hy each of the
Abingdon dispensary
Itovdton dispensary . s|o ^t
< o,,uland dispensary . 1,1
t&mporis dispensary
Farm. Illa diaoensari '-'?','HI IM>
l.eiL'h IMatriel dispensary
Franklin dispensary
Martins. Hie dispensary I,
Pulaski dls| ensary . -.
Ridgeway ?? 170 81
.-coil-' Hie dispensary . 7hh 7J
Virginia dispen ai>
ly dispensary. ssi '
Total . .*is,jo'j 23
Where Was the Deacon?
ii .lone-, the greal niau
little village of Massachusetts, whose
outward piety was of the vociferous
order, hut whose charity toward his
fellow men was not as abounding as
it aught have heen, was dangerously
iii, and his hrother deacons, impv
with the custom of issuing bulletins
from tlie sick rooms of prominent in?
dividual-, decided to follow the fash
irjSj., with th-- following result- i
6 1'. M. Deacon .Innes i- in
' 7 I'. M Deacon .Jones ha- ral?
lied slightly.'
"'.I P, M Deacon .huies ha
"ll P, M. Deacon Jones ha
parted for heaven "
Thu- tin- bulletins read at midnight;
hut early in the morning some unre*
??? mortal who did not love the
evidently pa?ed that way,
"ll ... : 7 \ M Great coi
hore, Deacon Joni
Satisfied Stncklmliler.
Mr. J. C.
ch;'t with him.
Ile !i ,(|
and v.
0, Ih- added. "I am an old
time tobacco grower and am going to
Continue to grow thc weed, and when
tlie hoys go into the cow
business I am going to pull the purse
vu- tobacco magnates hard
and strone. No more low prices in
minc. "
?al i there was a merry twinkle of
his eye a- le- laid it V.-s. the fariii
;i grow tobacco and raise corn
too. and make living profits out of
each. We feel better hecaiise the
farmers feel hotter and after all they
are the authors of all substantial pros?
perity. Subscribe for the Herald,
help us make it the better and thi
ipi ti . .tiler.
lin; Ump Iteaiilitnl.
i\ lather.
of lit
? it a
' ?
Kui Diseases ut The Skin.
e IN ' - ol the -kin -nc
tb i. -ali rheum and ba
characterised by an li
e ten ? iud smarting, w bich o
ten makes life a burden and dist url
sleep and rest. t|uick relict may I
- bad by applying ( bambei1ain's8al\
- [t allays the itching and smarting ?
ii most instantly. Many cases ba*
k heen cured hy it- use. For -ale l
Thc Winston I >rnlt < 'o.
Re*. '
lennon in I
the Anti-Saloon I il Highland
Park Methodist Chun
Mr. Hatcher said that he did not he- '
lieve m abusing hark
in many instances they were driven to '
the liquor business becau
percei I tiers, to whom
other avenues of making a living were '
ie extent limited by reason of '
their lack of knowledge of thi ;
lisli langua]
Mr. Hatcher, however, did not fail '
to make it plain that the League had
the ,!,,.,jng ,,)' all saloons in mind as j
its ultimate goal. Ih- denied that the j
waa in pol.'
Calline attention to the fact that '
more than a third of all the saloons in '
Virginia are located in Richmond and
Maude ml he did not believe '
it proper for some other section of ,
thal Richmond must
go dry Ile wanted the communities
to vote out the saloon themselves.?
Richmond Evening Journal.
The walking luxury is spreading in '
Farmville. (In a recent Sunday two
of our manly hoys wanted to see
"Cirandma," and dashed off sixteen i
miles over mid-winter country road
h her home Nor did th..
once to catch breath, hut simply kept !
up the pace until they had crossed ;
the threshold and received the wel?
come On last Sunday afternoon one I
of tlc Normal teacher- and it wasn't
amati with two of the giris as com- ?
pantons, hurried over to the country I
home of .Indee Watkins, returned hy I
Maj.ii' Venable'! and were at home ?
per, fresh roses blooming on
their cheeks, and with appetite
fore which roll- ii! and old
ham fli in from the field
of batl
Lanie himjrtiij.ilmiiN. Helpful and tn
jovahle Sermons.
I Iur chun ? di open on last
Sunday and the pews were filled.
Mr. .1. W. R. Chenault, a student
dolph Macon, occupied the pul?
pit of the Methodist Church morning
and evening, and preached to the ac?
ceptance of large congregations on
each occasion.
At the Episcopal and Baptist church?
es the regular pastors were on duty at
the 11101111111,' hour of worship. Kev.
er officiated at the evening hour
for his people, hut there weil
it tlc- Baptist at the niel |
of the church.
At the i
Hill, of tin- Rivera
Prntitahle tntertainment.
,,llt ? ?dh " ^d*
g mit it. and how would
_ wr?, unless
brought te
make thc mom
won, to the I-ord. Nol
the men flatter then. il the)
le money make:
r. They have active competitors in th*
1 when the sisl
t- they know just what hot use to makt
m4 hoer, no "chaw." no poker, no DOO
I- room, ami th. ; the Dione]
H.-rald and World M.". .
rleasail and Interestimj Meeting af
the Hnspitahle Home nf Mr. and
Mrs. S. I). Halton.
The Farmville Chap- ,Ugh
ers of the i . met in n
nonthly session on Thur
: last week in thc hoi
ind Mrs. S D Walton in es
?ille. There were i lai-ee number of
nembers present, and bu
pily combii
R. Baxter Tuggle, "
d' the chapter, read the entire ?
Hy-..11. about which so n
las heen -aid and written. President
Uderman's letter bearing on ihe
'?ct, and Miss Hyson's vmdicat
natter it W8J decided to take ic
'mn, though Mi
"As a Virginian I can not
new memo
And when the business of tin- n
I been transacted, tlc |v
ers were invited into the dining*!
where delightful refreshments .
lefved. By common consent thc
neetino was one of the most pl.-.
n the history of the chapter.
Those present were:
Mrs. Robert Miller, Mrs Hal Kc
minds, Mn \v. H. Berger, Mr^
-Vicker, Mis. Carrie Morton, Mr,
:am Watkins, Mis* Grace Walton,
Un Ellen Berkeley, Miss Lizzie Rich
irdson, Mrs. Drumeller, Mi
ruggle, Mr-. Chappell, Mi
Richardson, Mis- Kate Verser, Mn. J.
I.. White, Mi's. .!. I.. Jarman. Miv
Fohn Walton, Mrs Florida Fitzgerald,
Miss Kockett Walton. Mrs. Sim V
ton, Mrs. Emily Venable,
lack-on. Miss Nellie Miller.
Elizabeth Houston
leuly in her home at the
She had not I
to her fr:'
l'hc bUI
? lld that though thay
than a mill
exchanged daily letti
pure love. The ties of caf'
breaking. There i- comfort ii
thought that there arc others that will
endure forever.
The following acted as pdl-laa:
C I. Baltimore, W
caster, Branch Crawley, .1. T. Thomp-*
ion. ii. w. .!. Hills-, (i. Richard
rou imagine that the wot
printing a li
Kdition i- child I play, you just don't
know "nothing shout it "
Think of th
tend with. W<
'heir ?.
with which
Art Headquarters.
counter.- in his duna -
circle " article
oui ihe aid of the salesmen, i
eiiiy adding t ? bli it
? ii ?
itove department
,.; ;,t those Japanese adi
Unlike Hobson,
thi little tolks beyond the -ca-. How
illy he bal
from thc lol I >u'tlaut uf
the arti-tic Consult him as to home
and table decorations.
Sweden. Norway. Iceland ind
mark have given the municipal fran?
chise to women.

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