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mmralmr Maafthljr Meetly, Aad V*
oat BosIimmo TnuMMtad.
At the regular monthly meetlni
of the Board of Supervisors of the
county of Prince Edward, the fol?
lowing members were present:
Messrs. J. L. Hart, chairman; R.
H. Walton, K. W. Fuqua, F. H
Kauffman, and Dr. Holladay. The
accounts as shown below were cer?
tified for payment.
j-JalvU*, Aloarai,
A. D. Watkins, att'y. for Coat.
9 months.I 360.ot)
T. H. Dickinson, sheriff and at?
tendant of Board, 9 mo. 356.00
Horace Adams, clerk for court
9 months. 325.00
?orace Adams, clerk for Board
of Supervisors. 9 mo. . . 30.00
Geo. D Davis, supt. of poor,
? months. 112.60
J. L. Hart, Sup. and lnsp. of
roads, 9 months. 56.20 I
Dr. W. M Holladay, sup. and
fcup. of roads, 6 months 62.00!
K H. Walton, sup. and lnsp.
of roads for 6 months. . 65.00
K W. Fuqua, sup. and lnsp.
of roads for 6 months. . 72.20
V H Kauffman, sup. and lnsp.
<tt roads for 6 months. . 56.20
W II Burger, Jr., overseer of
Poor, 6 months. 10.00
R. A. Davis, overseer of
Poor. 6 months. 10.00
Bedford Brown, overseer of
poor, 6 mouths. 10.00
T H. Vaughan, overseer of
poor, 6 months. 10.00
J. S. Bradshaw, overseer of
poor, 6 months. 10.00
\.*lsiui, county policemau I
6 months. 25.if
J Gills, Physician to
Poor. 25.00 L
- I
I' m ??tv
Kl. Hubba-'l. cn fm atc,
t Davidson, rations 10.00
.Mrs. V *t, rations I
li E Baldwin, rations
| | B 'ii, rations 1
at ons. . . 16.00 q
\V Farrar, rations 3.50
J Sam Harris, rations . . 3.00
BUM I Bro., rat's.
T V Brice, rations. 7.00
. -a* Co., rations
*.* rations . .. 5.oo
: inalljr, rations. ... ll
. Hart, rations . . 13 00 n
ighaa, ratlom
burying pauper
R .Us wi I Bi I
ii ne t. supplies .. 4 .08 ********
tb ditching ... 35.L'5 t,
I.limber Co . sup 14.52 ,,
Co. *-..;?!*
work on bridge 1 I
w uk on b
* a, i'
? l-l",!. ** ll
an, i aj mi nt on (li
. 17..
\ork .
M.- I in
? ???ii and lamb 'I ]
.ni w
I lunatic
ol lun.
.1 I' . ex. lunatic
illy, guard lun.
arrest of
etc. . \. 3.7
am. const, guard- j ^i;
1-5(' St
? al. . . . I*..75 ry.
ar. . 3...
inst! ar . . 3.0" g "
?strar. . . .
. building storage
. 300.00 tali
minson, sum. cor
. 1.50 L"
r juror. . 1.00 ,io
? ?fi, cor. juror 1.00
I In, cor. Juror ! " *
1 nu ]
Klain. i ?(?>?. electoral
. 11.90
raw, member of
I...... ]
? .lee- snil
11. *???<> Z
ls i
1. 10
thi. ,
. ! ou page fr. , jjo:
?.in, cor. Ji
cor. juror. .
??-. jure
uror. .
Cremtnte and Hi* XnUned Mm ic Law*
ConU-ng hs Farmville.
Creator*, tba world famed musi?
cian and band leader bas been en?
gaged for a matine j rt the Normal
! School Audltc lum with 50 pieces of
j tbe most accomplished musicians
I tbat could be selected frc m a world
! wide range.
This ls the costliest attraction of
| any kind that has ever visited
Farmville, and will no doubt be ap- j
predated by all music lovers of
the community.
Stoddert Chapel was the Rcene of
a beautiful wedding on Wednesday,
j when Miss Myrtle White Ligon
j and Mr. James W. Crute were mar?
ried. The ceremony was most im?
pressively performed by Mr. Fu
i gate, the pastor of the bride.
The chapel waa decorated In ever?
green, white and yellow chrysanthe?
mums. The same color scheme was
carried out in the. bridal procession
and at the home of tbe bride. The
church decorations formed a trian?
gle and the party stood in the shape
of one. The girl attendants, with 11
the eiceptlon of the first walter,
who was in yellow, were In white
lingerie dresses with broad yellow
girdles, and the same shade of rib?
bons for the hair. Each carried tri?
angles made of ferns and chrysan?
themums tied with ribbons. Miss
Grace E. Garnett was the manager,
and Mr. J. C. Garnett was the mas?
ter of ceremony.
Mrs. Elisha Madison played Men
delssohn'8 wedding march while the
party entered single file, one com?
ing up the left aisle and one up th.*
right, crossing in the center of the
triangle and standing so as to form ol
the triangle. fr
The following six ushers formed tl
the broad side of the triangle
Messrs. Edmund Garnett. lien r
?A'aiton. Corlese Blanton, Tom Scott, lu
?\sa Smith and Sammie Brie.. Fol- a?
owing them came Miss Annie Hg- vs
>n, Anderson LlgOB, Miss Ellen l
m. David Ligon and I nie wi
Agom up the left aisle and Merlin of
ni Bron a, Loala w*
.gon. Ethel Ligon and Joe Oar- j,h
lett up the right The hn..'*
1 in white silk naaaalHM rn
rimmings, carrying a show
uet of chrysaith.'inui
n the left with her mai
i whit. s ii ii w
nd ca< il :i boquei
ttryaanthemoms tied with tulle.
The groom am! his baal man, Mr
lettauer Crate antoni the '"
ght. During tiw eeremonj Lo- '?'??'
engiin's wedding chorus wai soft- th<
played and the minute the !??
pronounced Lobengi
I. and th.* party '"'
? *t by couplet lo \in- et uti i
ind followed the bride ly
[> the 1* iiiiiie,l- i.li;
tely for the home of tin* brid.
.. hei .* a re e ?' li n
?red th* ii- oi
lui and a regular old \ .|>- Bpi
tf ter the r<
futuie pr<
;iny friends. T! 8 '?? 00%
? ful and numei ?
Wo wanl yi i; <?
ral "ii
eek, D< c. 19th to Mi, and dlh
are Duvall. Son A Co
i ai
HoUdaj Gifts:
We will have on consignment froi .
?. 19th to 2.J th, from D. B. Ry- '?
id & Co., Jweelera, of Lynch burg, ('h*'
large and beautiful stock of fine Cia
amends. Watches, Brodies, Rings, \'U1
aeele s, Scarfplns, Cuff Locks, Jt .
cklaces and every class of jewel
Also Toilet Ware, Silver Wa.
t Glass, Brass goods, Leather M
ds. Umbrellas, Opera Glasses, &c. Ligi
lt will be a pleasure to have you
Da and look over this beautiful
play and Mr. Thos. W. Johns will
;e pleasuie in showing you. Or- "
s solicited and promptly filled. a"d
gi av ing free. *"rc
J. A. Carland. Druggist. <*o~t
-2 3 <?>?
oring us your "Prescriptions
no ere too difficult for us to "oc
ately compound." White Drug
?nuiiie Ila
?i aobttftata ls a dangerous make- A
ally In I The PePs
u fi" Foleys Honey and Ta
es coughs and cl ls quickly and ****
stitutea. Bold by all dru
'be White Drug Co. .sell Foley's D<
ley and Tar.
A ttptaadld Hiiflpor Aad Kancy Ar
txle* Of ExcjuliiU" Hmlgn And
The ladies of the Brcsbyterian
Church held their bazaar on Friday
evening of last week, and if "happy
the bride upon whom the sun shin?
es," then happy must have been the
promoters of*a bazaar which follow?
ed a day radiant with rich sunshine
and given during an evening from
which had been driven all shadows
by tbe queen of the night moving
across the bosom of the sky in more
than regal splendor.
The entertainment was held In
the lecture room of the church
building, tbe doors opened at 6 p.
m., and there was revealed a verita?
ble bower of beauty The expectant
:ro*d began to feather promptly,
ind soon the seats at tbe tablet
were all taken, and a bevy of girls,
iriistically costumed, served the
lumptuous supper gracefully, quick
y, winsomely. Fair maidens pre
ilded over the booths, and pressed
he sale of their wares pleasantly
.nd persuasively
Congenial groups met In social
(inverse, and while aiding a good
ause had a good time Southside
'irginia matrons had aeloetod the
laterials for and superintended the
reparation of the feast, and Mrs
leador had put to its h. st test her
-iill In the frying of the oj
Special mention should be made
r th.- artistic designs which came
tb the well directed hands of
ii* members of th.. Sunday School
Mrs Dr. Irwin. While
ained in things scriptural, they
ire haem taught thlnga practical
; well, which enabled them lo male
I'uahle am! contribution
a worthv cause. More of earnest
irk, more of s mora
thought and can- 00 tha part of
mian and more for tha caOM of
e Christ OB earth, in the MTTlce **
which h.-r i* ngs and
gliest hopes are entered The
:e:i,ts amounted to |217.26
Mr I anim Patterson, of Buck- an
?rham S.irings, and Mis.*, Myrtia ?P
inner, daughter of Mrs. M. L. ac<
inner, of Karmville, mare 0nlt<
tho holy bonds of matrimony al ***t
99 O'Clock, p. m., Wednesday, in tin
? home of the bride on Main St ''?''
The Ber. Mr Proctor, of the tl"
Church, officiated. 'I
de, who is u young lady of {|"
inning personality, was becoming w:i
i ni a going-away suit of wa
ie With hat and | match. thi
Immediately a.t. remony wa
iple hit for the boo
rn, at Buckingham ia!
where ?
mdoi ed them bj '
a as
... much I.
i; ?ll ol II kimi'. t() i
Itodderl Khool, for week ending '
?Mollie i?.
Blanch.* Agaa, Hlanton Badgett. llia
> Smith, Lena ParMj imogen '?''?"
on, Walter Smith, James Bad- dre
Ila Claiborne. Albert tm
Hazzel Hyatt, Clyde Smith, Ar- ? '?'?'
r Crate, Chriatlaa Ligon, Baaala 'ntr
ibot ne. Mary Badgett. Sammie mm
?ry. Annie Claiborne, Bessie and
gett. Woodfin Ligon, Edna Faris, cast
*a Smith, Florence Claiborne. day
lisses Grace Garnett and Ellen ret*
>n, teachers int0
"hen your feet are wet and cold, in i
your body chilled through and |arE
nigh in m expcaui s fake a b.g .j.
i of Chamber.adi's Cough Reine
bathe your feet in hot water be "f '
going to bed, and you are al
n to ward off a severe
For sale by all dealers. \ |
he White Drug Co., seri Cham- by (
lin's Couth Remedy. a 8e
lazy liver leads to chronic dys- *'r**
la and constipation ?weakens jn la
Doan's Regu- ter '
?nts per box) correct the anf|
, tone the stomach, cure con- ,
it ion.
- tata
an's Regulets are sold by th
:e Drug Co. the
ihk tatar or tmb hkkikm and
?^peetfcas Strong. And Of PracfteaJ
The bankers of "Group 4" gath?
ered in goodly numbers at the Ma?
sonic temple on Saturday evening
of last week, where the following
well arranged program was fault
rendered :
Meeting called to order at 8
p. m., by V. Vaiden* Chairman, cash?
ier First National Bank, Farmville.
Address of Welcome: J. L. Bugg.
cashier Peoples National Bank, of
Response: E. P. Miller, I
lent First National Bank. Lynch?
Address of chairman, report of
lecretary, report of advisory cora
nittee, unfinished business, new
Addreua "Group Work and Its
Relation to Association Work." J.
Vllliaai Miller, Bresldent Virginia
Jankers' Association, Pulaski.
Address. "How to Advertise for
kountry Business." J. J. Scott, cash?
er Lynchburg Trust & Savings
lank, Bedford City.
Address: "The Plutocrat and the
"arson." Rev. H. T. Graham, I) I)..
resident Hampden-Sidney College,
'arm ville.
Address: "The Importance of
lalntaining an Adequate Boaarra a
nnd." Chas. C. Barksdale. Chief t(
auk Kxamiiier. Richmond
Address: N. P, Gatling, secretary l
irginia Bankers' Association, of
ynchburg. Ift
Address: "The peculiar RaapOB
of the Country Cashier''
il I'ettu.-. cashier State Bank
Charlotte County. Drakes Iii andi.
Address: 'What I Know About ''
inking " Colonel Rober! B Berke na
V, of the Kai ni vi ll< Heiald, Karm?
.11 of officers. in|
The * me,
'?paled under the tasteful din
m oi Mr. B. M. Cox. his Henton- ""
I..hu ai,d Robert ' "
toilet, .-md oenrad gracefully and
nsoiiiely bj Mi-sis CourtUOJ Cox.
rrtla Towns, patt
.* McCraa and Florence Clayton, }"
d who had as their guide and in?
ring baler. Mrs. .lamison. the
lompllahed matron ot' the Normal ?
With appetitee aa keen as was
;. air of the wlntOI '? evening,
? bankers and their friends gath- lf
?d about the festive boin d. and by
>ir vigorous aaaauli added the l"
eil done" to tin* aiieadj well ' "
- nurnoo i.* *
li the rn al. at leaat the wi il
s sft informed, a...] lad '''
lum ai
foi her and tn.* compan- ,al
? 1 to he most congou
.Ul ""'
tin* croup, preeided i
. ,. .
i program. Ti.
t hr
ii- "l)'
ll to bankers and aa
,11 ol ,hil
t would be no wast.
inieiit upc i: them, ni
? from them us.-mi :
ipractlcal. Most of the a |
ip- r
, but when cigars had been n*
.?.I. t r N" I Oattlilng
oduced Mr. Geo Bryan, of Rich?
ill; Cashier Hurt, of Blackstone. '" '
Mr. Jos. Godwin, of Fin- mar
le, who though the hour of Sun- *]
morning was drawing neai
the pulses of brother bankers
quicker beating, as tin
ly and eloquently told of the
sing needs of the great Q
fthich civilisation Itself has so
a dc
lu Cullala then fell on om*
func- _
I in the hinton of Farmville cutg
- thro
ilmple Sifagu-vd For MltUtmm, Thot
rs. D. Gilkeson, 326 Ingles Ave.. hou8
DgatOWB, Ohio, gained wisdom
"My little girl had Dl
? ld and coughed almost hy t
Inuously. My sister recommend
I Honey and Tar. The W
dose I gave her relieved the nigh
mntion In her throat and af- brim
jsing only one bottle her throat Care
lungs were entirely free from ey a
Since then I always 't at
tie of Folev's Honey and conti
house. Accept no substl- drug
all druggists.
dev's Honey and Tar Is sold by TT
White Drug Co. H ibm
"t>??nlwel|. I Charge Thete, Fling
Away Ambition; By Thju Sta
Fell Tts* Angel."
80 the Immortal bard wrote, and
. recently one of the m?st gifted
teachers of the Normsl has repeat?
ed the injunction to members of
one of her classes. And ts there
no such thing as laudable ambition?
The word simply means "going
around," hustling ss lt would be
said now-a-days. And may not wo?
men and men too, go around, hus?
tle about, accomplish things and j
do no wrong?
Cowper links study and ambition:
together in thus using studious of
soi.?, an I et ambitious not to
siiii -a vain, bttily may be abused,
and ambition become a sin, and so
may sleep, work eating exercise,
Aspiration ma> bc substituted,
but I* 1.0 Letter atora nor so pleas
int to the ear
"Aspiring lo be gods, if angeli
Aspiring to be angels, men re?
As topta pLtH il. Each may be
ibused, arid yet Ml ching wagons to
itsrs ls KUI work well worth tbe
Mrs. Pattie Erambert, widow of
he late J. R. Erambert, died in tbe
turton home, on Third street, on 1
he morning of the 9th. In her 83rd \
ear. ^
The funeral services were held 1
t the house on Sunday afternoon, /
t I:St o'clock. Rev. W R. Proc- ?
?r, pastor of the Methodist Church, Jj
?lated by Rev Mr Fugate, pas?
ir of the Baptist Church, and Rev.
'. E. Hill, pastor of the Presbyter
n Church, officiating. The burial
as in the town cemetery, and
Mowing were the pall-beai ?
Acth.11 c. Crate, Herbert
okas, '' B Zimmerman, Dr. W 1
'ls. Hugh Gilliam, C. B Cunning
ran ?H b Cralle, Joa I
irland. Jno A. Scott, r C Plum- r"
.-inri* the death of her husband.
<, Chas Garnett.
.-inri* the death
io died in 1 sss. sh.* had llTOU in ta
? Burton home, Rs light and JojCT "
I "winter flower" giving out the
and fragrance of the sum
?r time, the mother In [Braal, th ? ??
igeniai and baloTod companion of ..
ung men. She saw but little of
d.i world during the eveni, g
but her home-.nfluence wein
fond the home circle and wa
. n upon the larger circles, *w
ial and ht at
? time of her death the oldest to
lug member of the Fannville Me- iUtl
idist Chin ch, the church of her
lice and l< .
rhe privilege Ol the writer
.stand at her bed-side as the end
"* near, as it was also true of
* last hollis Of the life of her In;
id, and it was strengthening I
? to s ? u 1 mi 11 ly and tri
pliantly the Chi
0 ha
and then :!it
ons of th.* gi* ry beyond. and
ajar, looked in
?Il tile
lOg? Did the fe
lae her to imagine vaia
Was she :n Of
o. no. her faith wis "aub- "' '.
The suh
ice of things hoped for. the evi
ea of things not seen. She had
1 her Bible and no doubt lov
y lingered on promises like this:
Let not your hearts be troub- .
ye believe in God, believe also
ne. In my Father's house are
ly mansions, l go to prepare a
e for you" "Let me die the
h of the righteous and let my
end be like his." JJ*
rom a happy home on earth, to
pathless, sinless home on higV
..ur advertisement in this sup]
Duvall, Son & Co. ed f
.- 0
ires baby's croup. Willie's dally pro-,
and bruises, mamma's sore .<? iee
at, grandma's lameness ?Dr
nas' Eclectic Oil ? the gres<
lehold remedy.
,_ in 3
p. Thomas' Eclectic Oil ls sold Tl
he White Drug Co. reno
- In
orse than an alarm of fire at agai
t ls the metallic cough of croup
?ing dread to the household
fnl mothers keep Foley's Hon- supe
id Tar In the house and give basil
the first sign of danger. V
i'ns ni? opiates. Sold by all n|
_ amir
,. t-, , . repo
e White Drug Co. sell Foley s
tf and Tar.
wttiHT asi'y: iii I hum Ul.
Hayer BlMrtoa JVe^dlng Ai?l AM
Mamhrrs I'mtCTit.
Council met in regular session om
Tui?sday evening, the reports of the
seigeant and treasurer were read
and appro-.ed and the following ac
0* unts were allowed:
Blectrk Lght bills.1256.36
?s. ll.0>
Eura B. Klam, copy. 1.2?
Garland & Martin C>., ins.. 146.00
F. H. Dav.s, street work.*! 10.00
Frederick D sinfectant Company
disinfectant. 65.00
Wrmville Herald, printing 161 2f
Leslie Fogus, rem. horse. . l.Of
Duvall, Son ti Co. globes.. .80
J. N. Meador, police. 18.00
T. S. Whitlock, jail fees . . 6.00>
Leslie Fogus. paid hands . . 3.00
M. Laskey, fire coats .... 9.00
Chas. Bugg A Son, supplies 2.46
Paulett A Bugg. feed. 24.99
Laynes Grocery, rations .. 12.00
3. W. Paulett A Son. pipe 161.8*
Pk D. A P. Co., lower sew. 13 Cf
Fa. Mfg. Co.. lumber for st. 25.31
blaire Love. sten. work .. 12.00
LO. Jenkins, shoeing mule 126
i. A. Stecker. street work 67.3*
V. A. Slocombe, grano. work 184.2$
V. A. Sloombe, st. work .. 1 339.20
I. W. Anderson, arb. water 267.41
ilex. Ham'lton, arb. water 125.00
:. T. D. Myers, arb. water 250.00
I. L. Dugger, rep. leak . . 6.50
y real eatatr ... K.H89 8S
p?rwi?l?iiUU*,.. 122*58
' li*w?n*r. 4610
' i-forlu* 7M 74
poor ta* ??? S
electric lfbt.-.- SUI*
fines IS (TS
capitation .Wt*
penalties. ttt
Sale nf o'.l th.,'. % tS
interest 3 IS
.laneeon haiH last report . ii -?4TS
. ??! ..*.) from Sergeant " 116 6T
salary account paid ? $ 38*i S7
Are 71 ?7
liicht " ?
ttSOtt . l.?00
finance " . i?i ?..',
extra |.*' >..uu
hand appropriation ?
Mt! poid !
Tol.J.nce J UH 9H
Hy balance $ h.%1 IS
am't. brough' forward fmtn last year f 4.423 SS
?isle* to .lau- rti..T74 3*
t 7U.7H7 8S
warrant* paid 1.7.31/7 tt
ance on hand S 3.481 SI
The connell b" I that by .
toe of a f( "lution of the
dy. the Ifntnal Telephone Co,
ia preparing to enter tha town and
en a ? oli. re?
ttie rea lution arith th*?
tm ot bavins but ene central ex
in town . mii
K"|<. .'' ..rk
?-. I Si
i ?? t wt low?
ie or wa*
der $-',1100 bond to the
rk by Dae lat t would aol bs
of January.
ch li iruiu
? ? ton ii ordering it
I'he Mary Bland alloy -.-.as again
> committee urging its iinprove
nt aud at th.
'he fire apparatus was repot'
K'>od order, and only one fire
0 last report, that being
burning of tho Rooea raafdoaoo
Second stt
irmission was granted Mrs Chap
to extend her Main street store,
addition to be of wood and cov
I with tin.
he committee in charge of the
lect of deep wells as sources of
)ly for town water was continu
or full information,
rdinances were reported and ap
red on the subjects of collecting
trie bills, delinquent taxes and
license on pool tables. In fu
? bills must ba paid with
| dapa, or out go the lljrhts.
?ie alley to the blgb aehool was
iprovements on M^p^fitreet were
n considered ^O was a
r bids of experts to
tho work on percentage
I. And lt was also agreed to
re competitlc bids from electrlc
iginecrs to make thorough
iaton of the plant and make
rt as to Its present condition,
(Continued cn page five).

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