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SXTjUKDYA; April 2.~>th, 1SS5:
Knt.eml at the Postoflice nt Accomac
C. II., Va.. as second-class matter.
A decision ot'tlie SupremeCourt
of the United States, in the Vir
Cjnia coupon eases, was rendered
la-t Monday in favoi of the bond
h dilers and against, the State. The
''Riddlebergereoupnn killer"and all
o'her acts of the Virginia Legisln
tu e. which forbids the payment of
taxes in coupons were adjudged by
the court unconstitutional, in that,
by them t! e validity of the State's
contracts with the holders of the
bonds was impaired. Such the de?
cision, briefly, anil the effect of it
must be. that hereafter, when cou?
pons are r tiered in payment of tax?
es, they must be accepted. The
tax collector who hereafter at?
tempts to enforce the payment of
taxes in money after said tender
has been made, by levying upon
the fax] over's property does so at
his own personal peril. Such a tax
collector; in other words would, be?
come an individual trespasser whom
the -taxpayer and coupon holder
has the right to treat as a wrong
doer7" and that being the case, of
course, he will accept the coupons.
Such is tin- dilemma in which lhe
decision of the Supreme Court has
placed ks. That it will operate as
a great hardship to Virginia we
believe. But the evil great as it
may be, and. whatever the finan?
cial straits to which it may reduce
us has to be met, but how is the
question? It cannot be bv a repu?
diation in whole or in part of the
debt. The Supreme Court being
the court of last resort,-its decis-j
ion must operate as an effectual
bar to any such proceedings. It
seems now, we must pay the debt
either wholly, or in part by a Com?
promise with our creditors, if that
can be effected. Mr. Roy a II the
counsel for the bondholders thinks
that the creditors would agree to a
compromise. If they will not. then
the present rate of interest must be
paid on the debt and can be out of
our revenue arising from present
rate of taxation, if the editorial
writer of the Baltimore Sun is cor?
rect, without any serious detriment
to the State. An extract from the
editorial to which reference is
made is as follows:
-If tbe amount of TLor in laipon
falling due annually were greater
than or equal to the entire revenue
of the Stare, the effect of the cou?
pon contract?which the court pro
not; trees equally with the constitu?
tion of the United States, "iire
] ealable by any act on its part"?
might, be disastrous to the public
schools and the judicial and ad?
ministrative machinery of the
State, but happily these interests
do not consume, it is stated, more
1 ban about $1,400,000 out of the
revenue approaching ?;;.0(JO,ooo in
amount, leaving nearly 81,000,000
to meet the ?1,400,0(10 of interest
accruing annually on the entire
The above extract, colors too
highly, we believe, our prospects
f ir the solution of our debt trou?
bles and if correcr, would not be
acceptable to the people. They do
not believe, and in that opinion we
concur that a debt created "in
sin and iniquity" as much of our
debt has been, should be paid to
the last farthing. The remedy
which will relieve us to a greater
extent of the burden, which the
debt imposes upon us, other than
that which our creditors choose to
give us, we hope will be found.?
"We fear it will not be.
The decision with all ?ts evils,
happily removes the debt questiou
forever from politics in Virginia.?
Mali one and his henchmen may en?
deavor to use it as a hobby to ride
into office, but no one will be de
ceived. They have had control of
the whole machinery of govern?
ment and such laws have been en?
acted as they willed but all to no
purpose. They have not only
failed to accomplish what they
promised, but have also pi evented
us from accepting the provisions of
the McCulloh Bill, which would
have given us some relief and was
acceptable to our creditors. JTow
deinagognery on the debt question
must cease, and we can only hope
by ignoring it as a party question,
to select our best men as legisla
tors, and trust them by wise legis
latiou to relieve us as much as pos?
sible of the ills that now so sadly
beset us.
Gen. Grant ot late has so much
improved m health that he now
walks or rides out daily. Au ul?
cerated sore throat and not a can
cer, it is now said affects him and
he may recover entirely, at least
there is no prospect of his early de
inisc according to the latest bule
Attorney General Blair has be?
gun proceedings in the CircuitCourt
of the City of Richmond to recover
the State's money deposited in the
Exchange National Bank of Nor
f?ik, which recently suspended.
Senator Mahonc is reported as
saying that lie will pay no atfen
tion to the circular sent him by the
Cameron wing ofhis party, ami that
he regards their action as a piece
of impertinence.
Rev. Thomas Spencer, a colored
Rapt ist minister of Norfolk, was
convicted in Petersburg recently,
of house-breaking, lie pleaded
guilty, and was sentenced to live
years' imprisonment.
The case of William R. Smith,
charged with embezzling State
funds, was taken up in the Hustings
Court last Friday. Some trouble
was anticipated in getting a jury;
and ir was mi this account the case
was taken upattheehd of theweek.
Postmaster General Vilassays he
has l.b hesitation in saying that the
Vilginians who have been presen?
ted to him as applicants lor post
offices in theirState are the best
looking i ilicescckcrs he has seen
since he came to Washinton.
The Virginia Conference of the
African Met boil ist Church has just
closcdatAbingd ui. About lUOmem
bcrs weie present, including some
of the most distinguished colored
men in the United States. In the
ie, or: of the coin mil tec on t he stale
of the country, leference was made
to President Cleveland's election
and his sentiments toward the col?
ored race. At this point great ex?
citement was show,,and the con
fereuee and visitors burst into loud
applau o.
About (iffy ex Confr derate .???<??!
diors of Lyiiehbhrg, Va., publish a
card earnestly urging the nomina?
tion of Gen. Pitz Lee as the demo
cratic candidate for Governor ol
this Stute. Tln ysa\: ??(icii. I.oe's
peerless record as cirizi'ii and sol
diel endears him tons, who proud
ly followed his banner in the rime
that tried men's souls. In I he storm
of battle and the clash of arms he
was the soldier's friend, ami bared
his breast to the storm of death,
and snatched victory from manv a
threatened defeat. 'Peace hath
her victories no less renowned than
war.' and his record since the close
ol hostilities points to him as the
next Governor of the Common
wealth. We are as loyal to him
now as we were when his bugle call
was answered as by one man, and
insist that he may be induced to
become the next Governor of Vir
ginia "
Dan Mace, 1 he famous horse jock?
ey, died in New York on Sunday,
aged 51 years.
At West Point, Ga. a fruit grow
er has sold since 1SN1, iiiTli.OOO wort li
of pe.u-hes from not more than fifty
acres of trees.
Mr. A. 15. Lowis.of Poughkeepsie,
N. Y., has sold a handsome seal
brown coach team to an agent of
President Cleveland. They are
sixteen hands one inch high, and
be shipped to Washington to
the President in a day or two.
The Charleston, S. C. Presbytery j
has adopted by a large majority
the overture from the General As?
sembly of 1S84 striking out from
the Confession of.I'aith the follow?
ing words: " The man may not
marry any of his wife's kindred
nearer in blood than he may ofhis
own nor the woman of her husband's
kindred nearer in blood than her
The Supreme Court Declares in Faror
tne Bondholders and Ayainst
the State.
The United States Supreme Court
rendered an important decision
yesterday in the group of cases
known as the Virginia coupon t/ix
cases involving the validity of the
recent legislation of the State with
reference to the payment of State
taxes in the coupons of the State's
bonds. The decision was against
the State and in favor of the bond?
holders on all material points. The
court holds that all the legislation
of the State which attempts to
evade the obligation under which
it rests to receive the cottpous of
its bonds in payment of State tax?
es is unconstitutional and void, be
cause it impairs the obligation of a:
contract; that the tax payer, hav?
ing once made a due tender of cou?
pons in payment of his taxes, is un?
der no obligation to pay such taxes
in money, but may rest securely on
his right to have the coupons receiv?
ed when offered, and that a tax col?
lector who attempts thereafter to
forcibly collect such taxes by levy?
ing upon the taxpayers' property is
not shielded by the legislation of
the State, but makes the attempt
at his personal peril. The court
holds, furthermore, that a suit
brought against a tax-collector for
seizure of a tax-payer's property
altera due tender of coupons is not
a suitagainst the State but is a suit
against an individual trespasser,
acting without the legal athor
iry of the State.
The court holds that the act of
the General Assembly of Virginia
of January ??Hi, 1582, "to provide for
the more efficient collection of rev
emu- to support. Government, main?
tain the public schools and to pay
interest on the publiedebt,"requit?
ing tax collectors to receive, in (Its
charge ol the taxes, license taxes
and other (Ines, gold, silver, United
States treasury notes, national bank
currency, aud nothing else, aud
thereby forbidding the. receipt of
coupons issued under the act of
March .'>(), 1871. in payment there?
for, although it is a legislative act
of the Government of Virginia, U
not a law of the State of Virginia,
because it impairs the obligation
of its contract and is annulled by
the Constitution of the United
The State passed no such law, for
t cannot, aud what it cannot do in
contemplation of law it has not done.
The Constitution of the United
States and its own contract, both
irrepealable by any act on its part,
are the laws of Virginia, and that,
law made it the duty of the defend
uul to receive the eor,| in s !e:ider
cd in payment of taxes, and ?icoiar
c?l every step to enforce (he tax
thereafter take i to lie a wrong.
The opinion was delivered by
Justice Mathews. The Chef Jm
tice and Justices Bradley, Miller
and Gray dissented. Justice Brad
ley delivering the dissonting opin?
The dissenting opinion has ref?
erence particularly, to the ease of
A?en against the Baltimore anil
Ohio Railroad Company, and the
fundamental ground of the dissent,
as set forth by Justice Bradley, is
' that this proceeding, and all other
proceedings on these coupons,
brought here lor leview, are, vir?
tually, suits against the State ol
Virginia to compel a specific per?
formance by the Stale otheragree?
ment to receive the said coupons in
payment of all taxes, dues and de
mauds. However just such a pro?
ceeding may seem in the ab-ract,
or however willing courts might be
to sustain it if it were constitution?
al, yet, looking at I he case as it
really is, we regard t asdirrotly re?
pugnant to the/eleventh amendment
i f the Constitution, which declar?
ed that the judicial power of the
United States shall not be constrn
ed to extend to any suit in law or
equity coinmcli etl or prosecuted
again-a: any one ol the United States
by Citizens of ..uother State or by
citizens or sohj. efs of any foreign
Slate."?National Republican.
Pnshhnt Cleveland to Join the Vet?
erans >\{ ticiiYxburti;.
Iu pursuance of the plan adopt?
ed b\ the veterans of the lite war
to visit each spring, some one of the
celebrated batt'e lie-'d. of the Union,
the pilgrimage will this season be j
made (<? Gettysburg. The time fix- |
id tor ihe viadi is May -l.h and 5th.
The great . ucecss attending the .
previous visits of the veterans to !
l'redericlc.diurg und el-ewliere,: nd j
the wide interest manifested by the
old soldiers of htih armies indica?
tes that the. ({elI\shing meeting
will nut only be largely attended'
tun highly valuable, from an histor
ical piniil id'view, and lull of inter?
est to the participants in the scenes
enacted therein i-nl.v two years ago.
The meeting will bring together
numbers of the most distinguished
men of the land. The President,
with his Cabinet; the "Wsir Gov?
ernors" and present Governors of
the States, distinguished officers
and soldiers of both armies, and
men prominent in the councils of
the nation, will honor the occasion
with t heir presence. Not only from
the vicinity ot the field will the vet?
erans come, but from States North.
Smith, East, and West,soldiers and
civilians are sending assurances of
their attendance.
The pilgrimage is made under
j the auspices of the First anil other
j Corps of the Army of ihe Potomac,
out the invitation covers every offi?
cer and soldier of the late war.
In order to accommodate the vis?
itors tLe Pennsylvania Railroad
Company will sell excursion tick?
ets from pointson its lines to Gettys?
burg, on May I'd, 3d, and -1th, good
to return until the bill inclusive, at
greatly reduced rates.
Colored Callers at the White House.
Washington, April 17.? A dele?
gation of colored men from Virgin?
ia called upon the President today
to present a petition in favor of
the appointment of men who would
not use their offices for political
purposes. Tue President received
them cordially ami said:
'?I have listened w ith much inter?
est to the words in which jon have
addressed lie, ami I am glad to
learn that you are determined to
claim only the rights and privileges
of citizens by a -proper perform nice
of your duties as such citizens. It
has been said that eternal vigilance
is the price id' liberty. I desire to
remind you of this, ami to say that
the vigilance to which I refer is
based upon that intelligence and
thoughtful consideration which in?
duces you to see and apprehend the
thingN that pertaiu to your interests
as citizens, and to gain a knowl?
edge of these things in your own
way, and without being blindly led
or cunningly deceived. And when
this is fully accomplished the day
will come?which I, for one, will be
glad to see?when something bet?
ter tban race or color will divide
che political action of those who are
citizens of the United States."
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Reference: North River Bank]
VIRGINIA:?At a meeting o/ftlie
' Board of Supervisors for the (ouii
ty of Accomack, April 13tli, LS85.
Ordered that in accordance with
tlic Act of the General Assembly
of Virginia approved Nov. iSr.li,
1SS1 entitled "An Act to permit|
the qualified voters of the comity
of Accomack to vote upon the
proposition of a change of location
of the County Seat," the qnidified
voters of this county he permitted
on the "fourth Thursday in May
next," to vote upon the proposition
aforesaid; that those favoring slid
change uf location shall deposijiu
a ballot box prepared specially .'for
that purpose a ballot on windfall
be printed or written or jmrtly
printed and partly written, the
words "For removing the County
Seat from its present location to J
the lands owned by the keirs of
Harry White, deceased at t point
where the New York, Philadelphia
<& Norfolk Railroad passes;'1 and
that those opposed to said d?nge
of location, shall deposit in said
ballot box a ballot on which shall
be printed, or written, or partly
printed and partly writer the
words "Against removing the
County Seat from its present loca?
tion at the village of Diummoud
towu." Audit is furtherordered
that the eleik of this Board do
make all necessary arrange meats
for holding the election afore?
said, including preparing.ballot|
boxes, ballots and poll boocs. And
it is further ordered that tjis order
be inserted in the newspipisrs of
this county and remain thirdu till
after the said election sljall have
been held a.s aforesaid.
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A. SI. A. M. I*. Jf. P. M.
.. 9 05.a 20
. 9 17....2 32
.. 7 25.. 0 .2 45
.. 9 ::.->....2 42
.. 7 35. 9 44....2 .Vs
.. 7 4:t.. 9 54....3 07
.. 7 51J0 03....3 in
7 511..in IS....3 29
S0??li)2'.l....3 4(l
.10 34....3 4.1
..in 39... .3 49
-111 4C....3 55
8 25..10 5:1.4 02
Wyoming - ....
Green during.
Bine* bird.
Ml. Pleasant...
Stath Koail.
Now Castlr....
Bal ll more.
.. G 40..
.. C 50..
.. r, 54..
.. C 52..
.. 7 OCi..
.. 7 13.
_ 7 16..
.. 7 22..
.. 7 27..
.. 7 28.
.. 7 33..
.. 7.3S..
.. 7.40..
? 7.51..
. H.IK)..
.. B.n5..
.. 8-0?..
.. 8.17..
.. 8.33.
.. 8.2H..
.. s.:?..
New Castle.
huito Roud.
Mi. Pleasant.
Griten Spring.
D lipon:.
Bridge vine.
..11 04.4 12
.11 10.4 17
a sa_u in.* 15
8 43..11 17.4 24
8.39.. 9.31..
... H.55... 9.42..
...12.4D...12.4 >..
... 9.42...10.32..
P.M. P. it. A M. A.M
.. 5 21... 3 01..11 35... 7 32
.. +55...12 10. 9 40... G 35
.. 6 25... 3 50..12 35... ? 35
.. G44... 4 02.12 49... 8 4M
- 6 49...,
.. 6 55...
.. 7 01...
.. 7 Mi...
.. 7 16...
.. 7 18...
?12 55.... b 55
.. 1 00... 9 00
. 1 05... 9 05
.. 1 09... 9 10
.. 1 18... 9 27
... 9 31
7 25... 4 31.. 1 27.... 9 36
7 35... 4 38.. 1 36... 9 45
7 40. 1 41... 9 50
7 47. 1 47... 9 56
7 53.. 4 S3. 1 53...10 1)3 !
8 04... 5 04.. 2 04....10 14
7 58...
S 04...
H 07...
S 15...
1 5K...10 07 ;
2 U3...10 12
.. 8 2*
_ 8 32
.. 8 37
B 08.. 2 14...W 22
.. I! 21 ...10 29
. 2 27...1I) 34
.. 2 31...10 44
5 34 . 2 36....10 49
H 45... 5 4.V. 2 4S....11 02
... 5 52.. 2 55...11 09
... 6 00.. 3 03...11 1H
... 6 10.. 3 16...11 28
. 3 20.?11 32
.. 0 SO. 3 29...11 43
.3 41. ..11 54
. 3 50...12 05
New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk Railroad Ex?
press. -Leave Phl.adolplila 8.56 a. m? wrok-days
i and 11.10 p. in., dally. Leave Bullimoro 0.20a. m.
7 35 p moTKlmluylou 2.40 a. m., week days,and
11 56 p. m., dally, stopping at Dover and Deimar
re'guiarly.aad at Mlddletowr,Clayton,Uarrlngt en
nud Soatord to lwtvo passenger* from Wilmington
and points North or take on passougers for Dot.
m>ortli-boun:l?Trains leave Deimar 12.40 a. m.
and 4.00 p. in., weok-days. Dover 1.58 a, in., and I
'5.15 p. m.i arriving Wilmington 3.10 a.m. au4 G.25
p. m., Raltlmore 6.45 a. in. and 9.05 p. ra., and |
Philadelphia 4,on a. in. and 7.10 p. m.
New Castle accommodation Trains?Leave \\ II
mlngton at 6 15 a. m. and 2 50 p. m. Loavo Now
Castle atll 25a.m. and 4 53 p. in.
Smyrna Branch Trains?Loavo Smyrna for
Clayton 7 23, 8 42. 9 50, and 11 05 a. m., 144, 4 15,
4 4-'and 7 43 p. m. Leave Clayton for Smyrna
7 34 8 52,10 03,11 16 a.m..1 55,4 26. 4 53 and 7 54p.nr
Couuectloa?At Porter, with Newark & Dela-1
ware City Railroad. At Towusend. with Queen
Anno's&Kent Railroad. At clayiMi, with Dela?
ware 4 Chesapeake Railroad and Baltimore and
Delawaro Bay Railroad. At Harrington, with
Delaware. Maryland & VlrglnW Rallioad. At
soaford. with Cambridge- & seaford Railroad At
Deimar, with Now,Vork, Philadelphia ? Norfolk, i
WlcomicoKPocomoke.and Peninsula Railroads.
CHAS- E. rUGH, General Manager.
j; R. Wood, General Passenger Agent.
will mako tho spring xonton if 1 Rfl.l In Accomac,
S25 tu Insure a murowlth foal, or to insure two
inures with foal, *jo; money iiuo when satisfied
me niaro la with foul: tlS for Horvlco* tho scnaon,
or for two rttaroH $25; inouey duo by tho 15th or
Doforoncn as to pedigree. Capt. O. A. lirowno
St, JaMEH was Hired by W Morrlll, record 2::ri
in a iifth lioat over a haif-mllo track; 1st dam
Bet Dunton, hy Soba*tapool (Fuiiiruss'i; 2nd dam
by Scott; :ird dam a lino inure or Washington de
I auoiiI, raised by Mr. ben Nottingham, of North
! ampton county, Va.
\V. Merrill by Winthrop Morrlll. 1st dam Fan
nlc, (dum of Snin Curtis, record 2:24) by old Ea
ton; 2nd dam by Peddler (thoroughbred.)
Sebnstftpool (feiitroaa'i by Whitehall, he by
North America, dam by <Jn<;k of tho Hock.
North Ami-rlca by Sir Wultor; dam a pacing
Sir Waltor hy Hickory, dam NotUotop, by Imp.
Cncji;.ol thoHock by Duroc, son nf imp. Dlo
innd;rlniii ltomp, by imp. Messenger.
Beult by Bull In Peyton; dam a thoroughbred
mnro. Scott woe a good race hoist: aud a slro uf
Ilm- .slock.
Unllln Peyton ny Andrew. 1st dam l'ocahonta?,
by American collpeo; second dam Dray Tall; by
Aiuorlrnn Eclipse by luiroc; Ut dam Minor's
Damsel, by Imp. Messenger.
Ifnmbrliio by imp. Messenger: 1st dam by Imp
Bnurcrunt This howo Hireil Abdollnli, slro uf
tlygd/k's ll iinhl.'Ionian
Duroc by Imp Dlomed; da:n Amanda
From the above pedigree it win i-n scon that
St. .1 * MRH possesses iho b!o,..| of ||iu trotter,
lutcked by the Htaylng qualities or ihn thorough.
bivii. which Irncos in direct line to lite fountain
head of the tn>Uur. viz: imp. Dlomed an>l m.ss
Meiigor. W jiuitIII. his sire, campaigned well,
and won bisrace... |ii large fields nftor hard
fauglil bulthw. Kr?m llw lulus or ."???liastapool
hav.'.lescendod trailers, and It was his danghicrs
thai clroppe I sue!: flyers as Sadlo and Lltln Ih'll.
sr. lAitm Is ran developing Into ? trotter, Ml
g.iic Is pun- and even. Indicating progress. 1
gave him RtW?-m|lo dash last Aughst. the last
half was trntlrd In ]:22 by a siop-watch held by
Thomas C. Kol!.:iii. EOcinftVlllo.
This horse is worthy <if tliu attention of brooders.
St. 3ittes la a largo, strong, wcii-mado hay
horsn, one mud ankio whim, und a star; full
main'ami lall. lit; Is, lO; hands high, ofgreat
NilbKlniiceUiroughxiltj hand and lire* Of n Uior
"iighhro't. with natural lofty crest, an abun?
dance of bone, ami strong, ordy le;a.
aVi'or further pariVulars, apply to
Locust villi-, Va.
G, Welly Codrd,,
Carpenter and Builder.
Accomac C. II.. Va.,
Dwellings, Storehouses, Clinrclms,
lniilt by the day or contract, accord
ing to the latest styles ami improve
incuts in architecture.
Plans and Specifications Famished
at reasonable rates.
References?Mr. George W. Kel?
ly. Onancock; Messrs. Jno. J. Black
stone and .lames H. Parraoiore, Ac
comae, c. ii., va., and other numer?
ous patrons.
Agent of Patented Ready Roof?
ing, warranted not to leak. Sold
at one-half the cost of shingles.
new church,
Accomac County, Virginia.
L. F. .Marshall, Proprietor.
board, 81.50 per day.
Livery Stahle Attached.
Passengers conveyed to any part of
the Peninsula and met at Pocomoke
City aiid Pitts' wharf upon notice that
n conveyance is desired.
J. H. IUnD, * G. THOS. 1HRD,
Oarpeutor. Stasou
39 Wt BMW & iIS?Sa?
keller station,
Accomac county, Va.
Contractors & Builders
Have a large cores of competent work?
men constantly employed, and will make
contracts for building houses on any
part of the Eastern Shore. Dans, speci?
fications, estimates of Churches. I louses,
Harns and Bridges furnished on short
notice. All shop work finished with care
and dispatch. With an experience of
several years as practical mechanics, we
believe we can give perfect satisfaction.
Thanking our former patrons, we re?
spectfully ask a continuance of. their pa?
tronage. J. II. Hl KD & l'.HO.
Pegs leave to inform his friends
and the public generally, that
he keeps constantly on hand
of all sizes and quality; and request
all those needing the services
of an undertaker, to call
and examine his goods
before purchasing
His trimmings are of the latest
styles. Orders for funerals prompt?
ly'attended to.
Worth of
Having concluded to close out my en?
tire slock of Heady-Made Clothing, 1
will sell stylish Spring Suits during the
month of March, at Half Price. My
stock on hand is large, and worth at a
fair valuation. ?1'200. Your attention
is especially invited to prices below.
Men's di..p?nal suits (all colors,) $10.00,
former price, j&O.UO.
Men's diagonal suits, (all colors.) $9.00,
former price. $18.00.
Men's diagonal suits, (all colors,) $8.00,
former price, $16.00.
.Men's blue flannel suits. $15.00, former
price $12.00.
Men'scassimere soils, (all wool,) $8.00,
former price. Slfj.OO.
Men's cassimere suits, (all wool, )$4.00,
furmer price, $800.
Boys Clothing sohl at Same Rates.
If you would be convinced, call and
examine for yourself. You cannot fail
to rret a tit in our large stock of clothing.
Ileinembei to ask for cheap clothing
when you come to town at
0. B. Lilliston.
C. H. Bagwell,
Civil Engineer ami Surveyor.
Onaucock, Va.
Will attend to surveying and di?
viding lands in Accomac and
.Northampton counties.
J. A. Tatkm
J'. Vf. fjomviN
L. J. Turlington
J. A- T?TEM & CO.,
Wliolesale Commission Merchants
In Peaches, Berries, Potatoes, Eggs, Fish and Oysters, &c,
264 S. Front St., Philadelphia,
Consignments solicited. Returns made promptly.
Shipping Number 264.
For tlic sale of
Strawberries, Peaches, Melons, Peas, Sweet and Irish Potatoes, Etc, Etcr
154 Reade Street, New York.
Branch House: Del; Ave. & Dock St., Philadelphia.
Consignments lsolicited and Comma made promptly. Stencils and Market Reports furnished on
a i plication,
(Chatham National Hank,) v? v .
References:\ Tliuruer, Whylaml & Co.. (-Ne" 'fJ!kLlt>'
f Also, Principal Mercliants and Truckers of the Eastern Shore.
Sjiecinlties:?Irish and Sweet Potatoes, Strawberries, Onions & Eggs.
73 and 75 Clinton street, Boston, frlass.
REFERENCES:?Nathan Rohbins, President of P. M. National Rnnk,
Boston; Hill Bros., corner of Park Place and Greenwich Sts.,New York;
[j. VV. McGee,Laurel,Del.; J. C.Mathers, Miconopy,FIa.;orBiwlstreets
Commercial Agency;
GP*E. W; Harnes, Esq., Woodberry, Va., is soliciting agent for Acco?
mac county, and will furnish stencils, cards, etc., on application.
Manufacturers of and Dealern in
Vlain, Japanned and Stamped
! toves, Heaters, Ranges, &c, &c,
Lamp and House Furnishing Goods,
Metallic Roofing, Plumbing and
Gas Fitting.
104 and 10C Water Street, 34 and 30 Roanoke Avenue.
Norfolk, Ya.
The proprietor having leased the buildings Nos. 1G7, 169,171, & 173
Main street, and fitted them up in nVt-class style, with all new furnit?
ure, be is better prepared than ever before to accommodate trade and
the traveling public generally, and sneh as Merchants, Fanners, commer?
cial Travelers,:? ml Business Men generally will find to their interest to
give this house a trial, with lodging at only 50 cents mid s* splendid
Dinner at only 50 cents, and everything so cheap on the European
plan and served in style by polite aud attentive servants, the proprio
tor hopes Irr strict personal attention to business to share a fair portion
of the public patronage. Regular Dinner at 3Q cents.
8 W. Market Street,
Sash, Doors, Blinds,
Window Glass, Paints and "Oils,
Window and Door Frames, Patent corner blocks, Stair rails, Balusters, Newells,
Jfi jFull Line of ^Builders Hardware, ?c.
All goods received direct from factory. Any Eastern prices duplicated
IT. Bom Bro, & Co.
Accomac county, Va.)
dealers in
General Merchandise, Lumber,
Shingles, Laths, Railing, Well
Tubing, Lime, Furniture,
Fertilizers, &c, &c.
ng^Fnrniture sold at Baltimore
prices, stock of building material
large, and shipments can be con?
veniently made to any point on
Eastern Shore.
Jainieson, Fanssi-lt & Brown's) Com?
The latest, the best, the chenpest
of all commentaries. Quotation?
from more than 150 different wri?
ters. Each cue of its authors of a
different-denomination. Nowadopt
ed as the standard of the American
Bible Society. Er. Vincent says:
''?It is the cream of all the commen?
taries, carefully collated by three
eminent scholars." Sjmrgeon says:
'?It is the best commentary issued
in the last 50 years." Dr. Thomp
son, President of Otterbein Uni?
versity says: "It is acknowledged
as the best commentary on the
Scribtures in the English lan
guages." Price, 4 vols., old and
new Testament complete, cloth -SS,
half morocco $10. Apply to
Rev. W. C. Vaden,
Ouancock, Va. ;
* i
Grand, Upright and Square.
The Superiority of the "StlcfT" Piano? 1?
rocogulzed huiI acknowledged by the hf^t?^*
musical authorities, anil the demand for tftCIU id
steadily Increasing as their merits are becoming
more extensively known.
Over all American and many Euro?
pean rivals at the
Paris, 1878
Have the Endorsement of over
100 different Colleges, Schools and
As to their Durability.
Tb?}' are I'crfoct in Tone, aud W?hW
maushifi, and Elegant In
A large Assortment of Second-hand
Pianos Always on Hand.
General Wholesale Agents for
?TSend for Illustrated Piano or Or?
gan Catalogue.
No. 9 Noeth Liberty Strebt,

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