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SATURDAY, May i>, 1SS5:
Kutered at tin' Postoffice at Acconuic
tt. II.. Va.. as second-class matter.
A correspondent of the Eastern
Virginian, in its issue of last week,
who seems to have neither a local
h dotation or a name, presumes to
spo ik for all the citizens of the
county cm the Courthouse question.
Whether he is a citizen or not we
aro uninformed by the article to
i Inch reference is made, and can?
not, therefore, say that he had the
right to give expression to his
v ws even in his individual ca?
pacity. If a citizen, he cannot, be?
cause he has assumed the inisno
mer of-justice" claim to be the
representative of the views of the
ma jority of the people of the coun?
ty. Surely they would not endorse
the unjust attack which he has
made upon the editor ot this pa?
per^ the citizens of our town and
the very worthy gentlemen who
it m pose our Board of Supervisors.
So far as we are concerned, we
claim that we had the right to the
opinion, that we needed a new
CV-nithom-e and that it was to the
interest of the people id' the County,
Cat it be located where it now is.
We arrived at our conclusion in the
matter, not by reason of any spe?
cial ties which bind us to the town,
nor because of any property inte ??
est we have here which would be
injured by the removal of the Court
house, nor because any influence
bad been brought to bear upon us.
which has cnu.-cd us to advocate
the continuance of the Court house
at its present site. We have
thought and acted for ourselves in
the matter and contrary to what
we believe to be our own interest'.
Despite the fact, that the newspa?
per business could be moie advan?
tageously conducted if its office
was located on the line of a rail?
road, we have calculated the costs,
the convenience and the interests
of the public and have been wil
ling to sacrifice our interests for
the public good.
No, no, Mr. Injustice, "no change
has come over the spirit ol our
dream"asyoucharge. We believed
that our Courthouse "had outlived
the days cf its usefulness" that it
was too small and too badly ar?
ranged to furnish the aceonimo
dal ions which our people need?
that we bad the ability to build a
uew Courthouse and we said so,
and do still. The order for a new
Courthouse made by our Board of
Supervisors, which they had the
right to do by leason of legislative
enactment had our approval then,
and would have our unqualified ap?
proval now but lor recent decis?
ions in reg. i d to our debt question.
In view of the burdens to which
our taxpayers may be subjected by
those decisions, while we believe
our people would be able to meet
them as well as khe tax to be im.
posed for bni'ding a new Court?
house, v.e think probably it is bet?
ter to err on the safe side and we
concur in the. opinion of two of
our Supervisors as expiessed in
The Enterprise or" last weok,that
it is better to retrace our steps, un?
til the finances of Virginia are in
a better condition. Certainly we
nie not for a new Courthouse as
"Justice" now seems to be if other
interests of greater importance are
tobe saciificed. The cumnt ex
peiis.es of our government will have
to be met, our public schools by
all men ns should be supported, the
expemcs of lunatic asylums and
other institutions of a like charac?
ter must be provided for and if
they impose all the burdens upon
us we are able to bear, by all means,
let the building of our new Court?
house be postponed.
In regard to the attack so unjust
Iy made upon our Board of Super?
visors, we need not say in their de.
fence, that no one who knows
them and is willing to accord to
them what is due to them, would
suspect either of them of being a
party to a dishonorable act. No
more honorable or intelligent set
of men can be found in our county.
The writer happens to know each
of them intimately, that each of
them has an unexceptionable char?
acter and we indignantly deny
that they could be the tools in the
hands of any set of men,as intima?
ted. What then, have they done
to ircur the onslaught which "Jus?
tice" has made upon them? Sim?
ply their duty and nothing more.?
For months before they acted up?
on the Courthouse questiou, oui
needs for a new oue wei e thorough?
ly discussed by the citizens of the
county and with rare exceptions
was disapproved of by any of the
citizens of the county. Recogniz?
ing the necessity for a new Court?
house, having as we believe they
thought and as we do now the sup?
port of most of the citizens, they
acted in accordance with the pow?
er, and in the only way they could, '
vested in (liem by the statute law
of Virginia.
Another wail goes up from our
unknown writer, who would have
you believe that he is the embodi?
ment of all justier, so unjust that
no one is likely to be footed l>y him.
He complains that the Harry White
land should have been designated
as the place on the railroad by the
Hoard of Supervisors. Suppose the
point hail not been designated,
would not every owner of real estate
on the line of the railroad for sev?
eral miles along it had the right t<>
expert that his land would be se?
lected as the site for the new Com I
house? (1 aided by that hope and
the consequent enhanced value of
their laud if selected as the site,
would not many have voted for a
removal of the Courthouse, who
prefer lor it to remain where it is
unless it should be placed upon their
land.' W ithsucli a sei fish interest to
prompt them and in turn to influ?
ence their friends, could a fair ex?
pression of the wishes of many peo?
ple have been attained? The ob?
jection m ule by 'Justice' to the Har?
ry White landshowshis inconsisten?
cy in another matter about which,
he discourses so eloquently to wit,
that the Court house should be
centrally located. The Board of
Supervisors by act na) measurement
having ascertained the Harry White
land as the most central point ol
the count \ what has" J usticc" to say
to tiiis? That he does not believe
it, of course, the central point to
him and those who think like him
could not be other than that point
on the railroad nearest their own
house-door. But it is impossible
with our limited space to notice all
the inconsistencies, of "Justice" in
the article in question.
But will it not occur to our read?
ers as a little strange that so en?
thusiastic a mover of the Court
i house as Justice,docs not enumerate
the many advantages which will
j accrue to us by die removal of it?
Is it not strut gm still that he does
not even attempt to refute the rea?
sons given by us in a previous ar?
ticle why the Courthou e should
remain where it is? One little idea
only seemed to occur to him of the
advantages of a Court house site on
the railroad but so small that it had
almost escaiK-d our notice to wit:
that everybody would have Mich a
nice time going to Court by rail.
In reading it we could not but
help thinking thai the millennium
was near,snch was the joy and free?
dom from care depicted, which a
ride to court by rail would give our
citizens of all classes, doctors, labor.
ers,merchants, gentlemen of leisure,
every bod v,uni il it occurred to us I hat
we would have to pay for the privi?
lege, that the cars would not al?
ways be found waiting for us, that
the Judge would not always be ac?
commodating enough to adjourn
j court to suit our convenience, that
j a free lunch would not always be
provided lor us if we got left by
the ears, and then the vision ol
beauty and glory which "Justice"
had cieated, faded, ah! so sadly.
Toe same cost and inconvenience
which dissipated our vision occurs,
to everyone who has given it a mo
ments thought and he will tell you
if questioned about it, that he
would prefer to go to court on his
own team or even hire one for the
purpose. With the views we enter?
tain of the matter in question, ol
course we c;:nuot do otherwise
than advise the voters to cast their
votes lor the Ci uithouse-to remain
where it now is, and we do not be.
lieve with "Justice" aud the thought
is unworthy of him "that the Su?
pervisors Ti ill speedily euer a pal?
ace that will send a chill through
the taxpayers soul and empty pock?
ets." On the contrary, we believe
in view of the unsettled conditiou
of the finances of Virginia that no
Courth ouse will be built at all?in I
fact, two of the candidates for the
office of Supervisor have promised
to do all in their power to have the
order for a new Courthouse rescind
The only danger of the palatial
structure being erected for a Court?
house, that we can see, is to vote
for it to be built on the railroad
and by the election of men as Su?
pervisors, who entertain such vis?
ionary schemes as "Justice" does
that a Courthouse on the railroad
is the ??fountain 1'ioin which all
biasings now."
T. J. Cluverius. the alleged mur?
derer of Fannie Lillian Madison
was arraigned for trial in tLe Hus?
tings Court of the city of Bich
mond last Tuesday and pleaded j
"not guilty." The venire of 2-1 sum?
moned was exhausted aud only
one juror obtained. Another venire
of 200 was immediately ordered.
Such has been the publicity given
to and the interest manifested in
case that't is not improbable that
several hrndred men more will
have to be summoned before a
competent jury can beempaunelled.
The counsel for both sides express?
ed a desire that there should be no
unnecessary delay in the case.?
What the result of the trial will
be no one of course can tell. The
representatives of the Common?
wealth claim to have a strong case
against Cluverius, but ho is cheer?
ful, and expresses himself as conti"
dcutol an ncquital. Circumstances
which eonuiet him with the mnr
der have created a public senti
incnt against him, although impor?
tant links iu the circumstantial ev
dence seem to be wanting. Will
limy bo supplied? If guilty it is to
hoped so and that justice may not
he perverted by extending mercy
to one who had no mercy for Iii?
The Virginia Hebt.
Mr.W.L.lb yall. counsel for the for?
eign bondholders, publishes a com?
munication iu relation to tie debt.
In this lie savs that the si: foment
made by him in Washington indica?
ting the plan of a compromise he
should recommend to the boiul
liolders, he omitted an import-,nt
pai t-!hat if it were accepted (In*
revenues of the Stufe at the pres?
ent, rate of taxation pJOcclitsou the,
hundred dollars) would pay the in?
terest on the debt as thus compro?
mised, leave the appropriation!* for
the public school just what they now
are, leave the expenses of the State
governmentju-d what, they now are,
and leave a considerable, surplus
over. According to his figures this
will be the result: Surplus, sifter
leaving appropriations for public
schools ami expenses of the gov?
ernment what, they now are, S 1,000.
Otid: annual interest under compro?
mise i\Si!l),W(i: annual surplus, $15)0,
000. Mr. Royall concludes as follows:
'?This surplus is snficicnt to pay
interest on the rest of the debt as
funded by the Riddlebergorbill, and
this statement does not take into
consideration the large increase in
taxable values which the assess?
ment now going on will show, and
which will be the basis of Ihe next
year's revenues. I have it from
one ol the assessors of the city of
j Richmond that the assessment has
! proceeded far enough to disclose
j that the value of real estate ill this
icily will be *(i.0(l(),00U more under
I this assessment than it was under
that made five years back. I have
if from good authority that the real
estate in Danville will show an iu
crease of 6l!,0M0,0(J0. From every
quarter of the State I hearot an ill
crease on a similar scale."
The decision id' the Supreme
Court on Monday in the Moore vs.
Greenhow coupon case will doubt?
less allay much of the excitement
caused in Virginia by the apparent?
ly very sweeping decision in the
batch of cases decided by the same
court two weeks before. In those
cases the counsel for the State ad?
mitted the genuineness of the cou?
pons in question, and the constitu?
tionality of the Biddleherger legis?
lation ol Jan miry 14, 18S2, requir?
ing every coupon offered in pay?
ment of taxes to be verified in court
before being accepted as genuine,
was not diseus.-ed. Its constitution?
ality had. in fact, been admitted in
the decision in the ease of Anloni
vs. Greenhow. In the case decided
last Monday the plaintiffsought by
mandate to compel the defendant
to issue a certificate of deposit for
coupons tendered in payment of !i
cerise lux without "veiideation."
The Supreme Court decided that
the coupon must undergo the scru
itiiiy provided by the ltfddleberger
"killer," thus compelling every tux
payer who offers coupons to under?
go the Vexation and expense of a
lawsuit in order to get his coupons
received. In a word, the sting of
the "killer" is left in unimpaired
vigor.?Baltimore Sun.
The Supreme Court of the Uni?
ted States yesterday refused a hear?
ing in the Virginia coupon tax cases
iecently decided, und at the same,
time rendered a decision sustaining
the refusal of the Supreme Court
of this State to issue a mandamus
to compel the Treasurer of the city
of Richmond to receive coupons in
payment of licenses. Thus two
matters are finally settled, if we un?
der.stand these decisions: one, that
it a party who owes taxes tenders
coupons iu payment of same, and
tlie^ are refused, the (flicer who
distrains for such taxes can be pro?
ceeded against as a trespasser: the
second, that u licenses must be paid
in money.?Norfolk Ledger May
Mar'riagrc of SlonewalP.s Daughter.
A letter from Richmond says: Miss
Julia Jackson, the only child of
General "Slonewall" Jackson, is to
be married, June o, to Mr. Win. E.
Christian, a prominent, grain mer?
chant of this city, a son of the Rev.
W. II. Christian, who married in
Petersburg years ago a daughter of
Thomas Branch. Young Christian
is an excellent fellow of fine busi?
ness habits, and unimpeachable
character. lie is about 21 years of
age, and stands high iu this com?
munity. Miss Jackson is small in
stature, modest in mien, and iscoi
sulered one of the fairest blondes
in Richmond.
The Mahone Republican commit?
tee was in a secret session in Rich?
mond Thursday night of last week,
with Mahone in the chair. Every
district except the Eighth was rep?
resented. A call was ordered to be
issued for a State convention to o-.
held in Richmond on the 15th of
July to nominate candidates for
governor, lieutenant governor, and
attorney general and adopt a plat?
form for the coming campaign,
The President has appointed
Anthony M. Keiley, of Richmond,
Va., to be envoy extraordinary and
minister plenipotentiary of the Uni?
ted States to Austria-Hungary.
Don. John Goode has been ap?
pointed Solicitor General of the
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Reference: North River Bank
VIRGINIA:?-At a meeting ol the
' Board of Supervisors for t he coun?
ty of Accomack, April 13tli, 1885.
Ordered that in accordance with
the Act of the General Assembly
of Virginia approved Nov. 18th,
1SS4 entitled "An Act to permit
the qualified voters of the county
of Accomack to vote upon the
proposition of a change of location
of the County Seat," the qualified
voters of this county be permitted
on tiie "fourth Thursday in May
next," to vote upon the proposition
aforesaid; that those favoring said
change of location .shall deposit in
a ballot box prepared specially for
that purpose a ballot ou which shall
be printed or written or partly
printed and partly written, the
words "For removing the County
Seat from its present location to
the lands owned by the heirs of
Harry White, deceased at a point
where the New York, Philadelphia
& Norfolk Railroad passes;" and
that those opposed to said change
of location, shall deposit in said
ballot box a ballot on which shall
be printed or written, or partly
printed and partly written the
words "Against removing the
County Seat from its present loca
tion at the village of Dnimmond
town." And it is further ordered
that the cleik of this Board do
make all uecessary arrangements
for holding the election afore?
said, including preparing ballot
boxes, ballots and poll books. And
it is further ordered that this order
be inserted iu the newspapers of
this county and remain therein till
after the said election shall have
been held as aforesaid.
-V Copy. Test. Win. TLB. CUSTIS.
\ B. S.
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timore Railroad.
On nnd after March 39th, 1SS3 (Sundays ex?
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A. X. A. M. F'. M. p. 3(.
Dolmar. . .. .. 9 03.2 3U
Laurel. - .. ..9 32
Senford. ..7 25.. 990.a 45
Cannon* . - .. .. 9 35....-2 42
iridgcville. - ?? T 3Si 0 ?^..a SB
iroenwood. _ .. T 43. 9 84V.;Jt ttl
FmrmliiBtou. 7 Bi-io 03....a io
Harringtoi.8 *<i- 7 MUO i?....:i 29
Felton. 6 50.. 8 U8..10 _:* 40
,'loln. KM. ..1D34....3 43
ulidde.6SU? ..10 3:1....a 49
Wyoming.7 us. ..m 10_3 .15
Dover.7 1:1.. 8 2.1..1U 03.4 M
Dilpont.7 16..
Mnotion. 7 22.. ?11 04.4 13
Brentonl.7 27. ?1110.417
Smyrna.7 23.. 8 33?u 07?4 IS
Clayton. 7 38. 8 43..11 17.4 94
Ureou Spring.7.38.. ..
Blackbird.7.4iS.. ..11.30.4.:i.r>
Towuseud.7.51.. 8.56..I1.35.4.4?)
Mlddlotown.8.00.. 9.04..
Mt. PteMAIll.K 08? ..11.S4.....4.69
Kt-kwood.M7.. ..
Porter's. . H.10. ..12.09.Jt.is
Hour. ?.28.. ..
StHlB lload.8.33.. -l'J.17.S.li
Now Castle.8.30... 9.31..13.24.....5.34
Wilmington. 8.55...
P.M. P. Jf. A.M. A.M
Phlladolphla.5 21... 3 01.11 35... 7 32
Baltimore. 4 55...12 10.. 9 40... 0 35
Wllmlnslon. 6 25... 3 50..12 35... 8 38
Sow Castle. 6 41... 4 02J9 49... 8 4U
Statu Road.C 49.12 55.... H
Boar. 6 58. 1 00... 9 00 j
porters. - 7 01. 1 05... 9 05
Elrkwood. 7 06. 1 09... 9 10 I
Mi.Pleasaut.7 16.115... 9 27
Armstrong.7 IS.9 31
Mldflleiown. 7 25... 4 31.. 1 27.... 9 3?
Townsend. 7 35... 4 38.. 1 34... 9 45
Blackbird. 7 40. 1 41... 9 50
GriM.?n Sprint. 7 47.... _ 1 47... 9 36
Clayton. 7 53... 4 53.. 1 53...10 (XI
Smyrna.HIM... 5 04.. 2 04....10 14
Brenrnrd. 7 58. 1 58...10 07
ifOOrtOP. ??*- - 2 03...10 12
Dupout. 8 07...
Dover. H 15... 5 03.. 2 It...10 22
Wyoming. 8 21. 321 ?.10 29
Woodside. 8 23. 2 37...10 34
Viola.833. 3 31 ...10 44
FollOli. 8 37... 5 34.. 2 36....10 49
[ Harrington. 8 45... 5 45.. 2 48....11 (r>
Pannlugton. _ ... S 5J_ 2 53...11 09
Greenwood. - ... 6 ?0. 3 U3...11 18
Brldgevillo. - ... 610.. 3 16...U 98
Cannons. - .3 20...H 32
Seaford. - .. 6 20.. 3 29...11 43
Laurel. .3 41...n 54
Delmar.3 50...12 05
Now lore, Philadelphia A: Norfolk Railroad Ex?
press -Leave rhl.adolp.ila 8.56 a. m., week-days
and 11.10 p. in., daily. Leave Baltimore 6.20?. m.
7.35 p. m? Wilmington 9.40 a. m., week days,and
11.56 p. m., dally, stopping at Dover andDelmur
regularlyjand at ulUdlutowr,Clayton,H.irrlugton
and suaford to leave passnngors fro.n Wilmington
and points North or take ou passengers for Dai
>i?rth-bouud?Trains leavo Delmar 12.40a. m.
and 4.00 p. in., week-days, Dovor 1.56 a, ra., and
5.15 p. m., arriving Wilmington 3.10 a.m. au4 6.25
p. m., Raltimore C.45 a. in. and 9.05 p. m., and
Philadelphia 4.00 a. m. and 7.10 p. m.
New Castle accommodation Trains?Leavo Wll
mlugtou at 615 a. m. and 2 50 p. m. Leave New
Castle at 11 25 a. m. and 4 55 p. m.
Smyrna Branch Trains?Leave Smyrna tor
Claytou 7 23, 8 49, 9 50, and 11 05 a. m., 144, 4 15,
4 43 and 7 43 p. in. Leave Clayton for Smyrna
7 34.8 52,10 03,11 16 a.m.,1 55,4 26. 4 53 and 7 54p.ru
Connection?At porter, with Newark k Dela?
ware City Railroad. At Townseud. with Queen
Anuu's & Kent Railroad. At Clayton, with DeU
ware A Chesapeake Railroad and Baltimore and
Delaware Bay Railroad. At Harrington, with
Delaware. Maryland /i Vlrglnl. Ralimart. At
seaford, with Cambridge it Scatord Railroad At
Delmar, with New.York, Philadelphia A: Norfolk,
Wlcomieo 1: pocomoko, and Peninsula Railroads.
CHAS- t. PUGH, ?enerul Manager.
J. Ii. Wood General ruseengor Agent,
win malen thu spring sonton of lHH,r. in Accoinac,
5-j.i iu limiirqn mar? with f?nl. or to insure two
innren with fn.ii, StO; monoydiiu wli?ii miilimDoiI
the innre Im with foal: sis for services tho season,
or for two murdfl $25; money duo by. Uto lBUi of
Roforoucn as to pedigree, Cant. o. A. Browne
St, Jam Ks wasslrod by W ^T<?rl?|lI, record 8:31
im nrih hont ?vor a half-mile truck. Int dam
Bei Duiiton, by Scbaatapool it'ciiiross'i; 2nd dam
by Scott; Ilrd ?am a Uno mar? ol Washington de
scent, ralsod by Mr. lion Nottingham, or North
anipton county. Va.
W. Murrlll hy Winthrop Morrlll. 1st dam Fan?
nie, (iIhiii <>f bum Curlls, record 2:21) hy okl Ea
lon; 2nd dum hy l'oddler (?ioronghbred.)
Sttbaatapottl (funtrotM-) by Whitehall, ho hy
North America, ilam by (jock or the itook.
North America hy Sir Waller; dam n pacing
Sir Walter hy Hickory, dam Nottietop, by imp.
(Juck of.tlioRnck by Du roe. son of Imp. Dlu
niud;daiu Ritinp.by Imp. Messenger.
Scott hy Ualllo Peyton; dam a thoroughbred
inaru. Scott wan a good race hoi an uud a ?Ire uf
Mm* Htock.
Ilnlllu I'oyton ny Andrew. 1st dam Pocahoulas,
by American eclipse; second dam (iray Tall; hy
American Ecllppe hy Du roc; 1st dam Miller's
Damsel; by Imp. xossnngor.
Wambriiio liy Imp. xoaaeugeri list dam by Imp
Snureroul This lior?o Hired Abdallah, siro of
liymlyk'M Hambletonian
Durou by imp D|6ninl;darn Amanda
Kmm tho above pe llgroo U win be seen that
ST. J/MEM poHHexaea the WwhI or the trotter,
nnckinl by the staying qualities or the thorough
bred, which trace* in direct line io tin; fountain
head or tho trotter viz: Imp. Dlomod and Mos.
seliger. VV Morrlll, his sire, campaigned well,
and won Ills races In large Hohl?, after hard
raiight balllc*. From the loins of .v-bastnpoo|
have descended trauern, and It was bis daughters
that dropped HUcli llyers as Sadie and Lilla Boll;
St. Jamkx Is fast developingIntii a trotter, Ills
Sale Is pure and even. Indle-tlllM! progress. I
gave him a IWo-mllu dasti last August, tho last
hair was trotted In 1:22 b)ra stop-Watch held by
Thomas C. K?lln m, Locustvlllo.
This horse la Worthy ot the attention of brooders.
St. Jisrr.s Is a largo, strong, well-made bay
horso, one hind ankle while, und a star; full
mane and tall. He Is if,,',' hands high, or great
substance throughnut; head and neck of a thor?
oughbred, with natural lofty crest, an ubun
dance or bone, and strong, curdy logs,
ayi'ur rurihor particulars, apply to
Locust villi?, Va.
(?, Welly CQ'drdfj
Carpenter and Bui.der,
Accomac C. H.. Va.,
Dwellings, Stnrclionses, Churches,
built by the day or contract", accord
ing to the latest styles anil improve?
ments in architecture.
Plans and Specifications Furnished
at reasonable rates.
References?Mr. George W. Kel?
ly, Onancock: Messrs. Jno. J. Black
stone and James FI. Parromore, Ac
comae c. n., va., and other numer?
ous patrons.
Agent of Patented Ready Roof?
ing, warranted not to leak. Sohl
at one-half the cost of shingles.
W. U. Schoolfield,
Agent of
R. C. CHASE & CO.,
?For the sale of?
"Fruit Frees, Vines, Orna?
mentals and Sfjrubs.
?Also introducers of?
Rancocas Raspberry
Wilson, Jr., Blackberry
Carpenlor. Mason
?8 m mm & mmi6
Accoinac county, Va.
Contractors & Builders
Have a large corps of competent work?
men constantly employed, anil will make
contracts for building houses on any
part of the Eastern .Shore. Plans, speci?
fication*, estimates of (Jliui clies.lloiises.
Harnsand Bridges furnished on short
notice. All shop work finished with care
and dispatch. With an experience of j
several years as practical mechanics, we
believe, we can give perfect satisfaction.
Thanking our former patrons, we re?
spectfully ask a continuance of their pa?
tronage. J. II. 151 HI) <fc URO.
1T. Mi Bra., & Co.
Accoinac county, Va.,
dealers in
General Merchandise, Lumber,
Shingles, Laths, Railing, Well
Tubing, Lime, Furniture,
Fertilizers, &c, &c.
CP*Furniture sold at Baltimore
prices, stock of building material
large, and shipments cau be con?
veniently made to any point on
Eastern Shore.
Norfolk, Va.
Amos P. Jordon, Prop'r.
Board per Day, 1.00, 1.25 and 1.50.
Bill of Fake.
Fry of Beef Steak.30c.
Pork Steak.30c.
Ham and Eggs.30c.
Mutton Chops.30c.
Veal Chops.30c.
Broiled Mutton Chops.30c.
Pork Chops.30c.
Beef Steak.30c.
Fry of Fish.30c.
Egg Omelett.30c.
Stew of Oysters.30c.
Broiled Oysters.30c
Frv of Oysters.30c.
Charing Dish Oysters.50c.
Half Frv of Beef Steak.20c.
Pork Steak.20c.
Haw and Eggs.20c.
Mnttou Chops.20c.
Veal Cutlets.20c.
Order Broiled Steak.20c.
Mutton Chops...20c.
Pork Chops.20c.
Stew Oysters.20c. :
Frv Oysters.20c. ,
Chafing Dish Oysters...25c. ,
Order Egg Omelett.20c. h
J. A. Tat Kit
J. \V. Godwin
L. J. Turlington
J. A.m TATEM Sc CO.,
Wholesale Commission Merchants
In Peaches, Berries, Potatoes, Eggs. Fish and Oysters, &c.
264 S. Front St., Philadelphia,
Consignments solicited. Returns made promptly.
Shipping Number 264.
15 years establi heu.
For the sale of
Strawberries, Peaches, Melons, Peas, Sweet and Irish Potatoes. Etc., Etc.
154 Reade Street. New York.
Branch House: Del. Ave. & Dock St., Philadelphia.
Consignineot? Selldteil nut) Returns m/ide pro-nj?Uy. Stoudls and Market Report? furnlsliod oa
n ; plii'.nioo,
(Chatham National Hank, ) ?? v. . nt.,
References:] Tlmrbw. Whyland* Co.. f *New loikdtj.
f Also, Principal Merchants ami Truckers of the Eastern Shore. '
Speci.dties:?Irish and Sweet Potatoes, Strawberries, Onions & Eggs.
73 and 75 Clinton street, Boston, ?11 ass.
REFERENCES:?Nathan Robbing, President of F. M. National Dank,
Boston; Hill Pros., corner of Park Place and Greenwich Sts.,Ne\v York;
J. \V. MeGee, Laurel, Del.; J. G. Mathers, Miconopy, Flavor Bradstreetf,
Commercial Agency.
E3PE. W. Barnes. Esq., Wooclberrj*, Va., is soliciting agent for Acco?
mac county, and will furnish stencils, cards, etc., on application.
Commission Merchants,
Boston, Mass.
tgTNo agents employed. Stencils and invoice cards furnished on anplication.
-Refer by pt rmission to
Capt. 0. A. Browne. AccomacC. II., Va.
John J. Hopkins, AccomacO. TT.. Va.
A. T. James, Locustville. Va.
Spencer l>. Fletcher, Jpukins' Bridge,Va
General Commission Merchants
In Early Fruits, Sweet and Irish Potatoes, Garden Peas, String Beans, Poul?
try, Eggs< and all kinds of Live Stock.
222 North Delaware Avenue,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Money always deposited w:th the'r agents, 3$jby & GonqUSSt,
Oak Ha!!, Va., *P secure shippers.
Reference, any first-class business house in Philadelphia.
Manufacturers of
and Dealers in
Stoves, &c.
Have removed their office to
No. 24 Nivision Street,
Norfolk, Va.
While tl eir store is being rebuilt.
8 W. Market Street,
Sash, Doors, Blinds,
Window 'Glass, Painfs and 'Oils,
Window and Door Frames, Patent corner blocks, Stair rails, Balusters. Newells,
Jfl JFtdl Zinc of ^Builders ^Hardware, SfC.
All goods received direct from factory. Any Eastern prices duplicated
t. w. Margerum. j. c. di.xom
Mannfactnrers especially of Sot
M sasb.
Walnut. Oak, Yellow Pine, Oum and
other 1 umher furnished to the trade and
delivered at New Church Station or at
Public Landing or at Hloodgood's wharf
on Chincoteague Hay.
Sawing and Planing done every
day in the week.
l^Coru ground Wednesday and
Ice Cream Water Ices an?. Costards
Wholesale and Retail
139 Hanover St.,
(near Barre) BALTIMORE.
Families, Steamers, Hotels, Excursions
and Picnics supplied with unadulterated I
it 81.00 per gidlon, in qnant it es ot five
{rallmis and upward, only.
gfA liberal discount allowetl to church
festivals and societies. All orders filled
it shortest-notice.
Pegs leave to inform his friends
and the public generally, that
he keeps constantly on hand
of all sizes and quality; and request
all those needing the services
of an undertaker, to call
and examine his goods
before purchasing
His trimmings are of the latest
styles. Orders for funerals prompt?
ly attended to.
Jamiesun, Faussett & Brown's Com*
The hvtcst, the best, the cheapest
of all commentaries. Quotation?*
from more thau 150 different wri?
ters. Euch one of its authors of a
different denomination. Now adopt?
ed as the standard of the American
Bible Societ}'. Dr. Vincent says:
"It is the cream of all the commen?
taries, carefully collated by three
eminent scholars." Spurgeon says:
'?It is the best commentary issued
in the last 50 years." Dr. Thomp?
son, President of Otterbein Uni?
versity says: uJt is acknowledged
as the best commentary on the
Scribtures in the English lan?
guages." Price, 4 vols., old and
new Testament complete, cloth iSj
half morocco *10. Apply to
Bey. W.O. Vadbx,
Ouancock, Va.

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