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ttfflON 1
? I I I ' *1 r r i i * ?j ii i
a cross-mark on your paper, before
your name, made with peii ami ink.
k<?s" indicates that your subscription lias
(9f expired, or is due. and you arc re
?S* spectfully solicited to remit or re
An infant child of Mr. Benjamin
T. Melson of our town, died last
Half Moon island, ort' Hunting;
(.'nek lias been sold by Browne,
Jacob & Co., real estate agents at
a satisfactory price to northern
Mr. Leo B. Kellam; of Loeost
ville who has been taking drawing
lessons for several mouths past at
Eastman's Business College.Pough- .
Keepsie, X. Y., returned home last
Mr. A. T. Johnson, by virtue ofri
power of attorney given him, will
sell on the 2Sd <lay of May, valu?
able real estate, improved by
dwelling &C-, of Win. M. Ward,
situated near Locustville.
Mr. Geo. W. Nock through his
attorney. Mr. A. T. Johnson, will
offer for sah-.at public auction, on
the 2<)th day of June, next, his val?
uable farm located near the railroad
erossing, opposite Fair Oaks.
Mr. B. B. Ewell at the solicita?
tion of numerous friends has con?
sented to be a candidate for Jus?
tice of the Peace at the May dec !
tiou in Metompkin district. He
has served the people very accep?
tably for many years in the same
Ar the primary election held in ;
Lee District last Saturday, Messrs.
Levi 11. Hoggs, F. M. Sturgis and
Joseph W. Mears, were nominated
as candidates for Justices: Thomas1
C.Kellnm for Supervisor: Alfred .'.;
Lilliston for overseer of poor and ?
L. James Gunter forconstable.
The first Quarterly nie?.ting of
Accomac circuit. M. P. Church will
Le held at Leemput Saturday and
Sunday. May 23rd, 24th. Quarterly
Conference will convene on 2Jd at
2 ]?. m. Preaching commences on
Sunday at 11 a. m, and will be fol?
lowed by communion service.
At the special term of the circuit
court held on the 12th inst., by
.bulge B. T. Gunter, the suit of
Win. P.. Pitts vs. ST. Y., P & X. li.
K. Co.. for damages, by consent of
]un ties was referred to William C.
Mapp and John T. Fiuney, arbi
trators mutually chosen, with pow
er to call m an umpire in case of
di; ugreemen t.
Mrs. Sue Holt of Belle Haven is
just from the city with a fine line
of millinery goods, mid extends a
cordial welcome to all her friends
to call and see her. She proposes
to sell cheap, and we think it safe
to add that purchasers who are
guided by her taste in making so
lections cannot fail to be pleased
with the bargains they will get from
Mrs. Elizabeth Savage of Belle
Haven, is at home, witn a large and
well selected stock of millinery
goods and feels confident that she
is prepared to please both in qual?
ity and price,ndt only her lady cus?
tomers who have favored her in the
past with their patronage but every
one who will call to see her. Her
reputation in her line of business
is too well established to need our
The superintendent of public,
schools of Accomac, writes us, that
at the Su)>eriutendeui's conference
held in Richmond in February last,
the work of the pupils of Miss Lou?
ise Ti nder's school at Horn town
was pronounced second best pre
sonted and gained for Accomac an
honorable certificate. The names
ot those pupils who made up that
?oil of honor are Misses Sunie Gibb,
Carrie Massey, Willie Petti r, Sallie
Wallop, Libbie Watson and Mas?
ter Edgar Farrow.
Particular attention is invited to
the card of F. C Rowley & Co.,
commission merchants of Philadel?
phia, which appears in this issue of
a^iiE Enterprise. The gentlemen
ca ho have given the firm permission
co' use their name as reference fur
t0, -lies conclusive proof that the
i is first class in every respect,
firm has had business relations
many of our farmers, who will
EastTi. e jjjg.Q as responsible pecu
arapton un(] know that their facili
seliing trucks to advantage
OTnrali IKnrltCt.
Hog anil chicken cholera still prevails
to some extent with us
It is a boy, ami Mr. George Bull is the
happiest man in this section
Our farmers are planting corn and pre?
paring their grounds for seed potatoes
W heat and oats are looking well, and
gardeH vegetables have been greatly im?
proved by recent, rains
The trees of every variety in our
midst are loaded with blossoms, and the
prospect for fine crops of fruit is good
The public school at Pocomnke. of
late under the efficient management of
Mr. E. Kellam and Miss Fannie 1-mg,
closed i'n ~~ih nit
Our merchants have returned from
Baltimore with am pie supplies of spring
goods, and are prepared to sell them on
the most reasonable terms
Kate Hall, an elderly colored woman,
much respected by the white people in
this neighborhood, died suddenly on
Friday ISth. Her husband, now de?
ceased, always voted the Democratic
Among our truckers Mr. James W.
Halt "takes the cake" on strawberry
culture, and the honors are pretty even?
ly divided between Messrs. .lames Cor
bin and Robert Hall, as cultivators of
the onion
A handsome two-story dwelling is be?
ing erected by Capt. Henry Ball on his
Taylor farm on Messongo creek; and a
similar structure is soon to be begun by
.Mr. Cornelius Corbiu on his premises
near his store
yi nppftblirf;.
Our meadows are swarming with
marsh bird.
Mr. Win. C. Mapp lost a valuable
cow on Wedhesdy.
The siding at Edmonds- Crossirg is
completed, and the buildings will soon
be in course of erection.
In default of licensing to sell the old
?'tangle leg" at this place, the worst
sort of a dry time is prevailing
Mr. John B. Sturgis is erecting a line
mansion on Holland Island, the proper?
ty purchased of Mr. Win. J. Fosque.?
This will doubtless become quite a re?
sort for pleasure seekers.
Candis Davis, colored.being seriously
annoyed of late by the ghost of a late
deceased relative, had the body disin?
terred, ami all the worldly goods of the
deceased placed in the coffin. Since
which, she says her ghostly visitor has
not been seen
Messrs. ("borge A. Edmonds and F.
0. Boone having recently visited Cape
Charles City, express admiration at the
great work going on there, and praise
most lavishly the courteous reception
met at the hands of the otlicers of the
railroad company
Fair Oaks.
Messrs. Wm. M. Turlington and
Douglas W. Trower left for Baltimore
on last Tuesday, for their spring stock of ;
The camp-meeting committee will
meet on the 2ord of this month on the
camp ground, to make arrangements for
th?? meeting, commencing August 6th
The growers of radishes who are sa?
tisfied with the present low prices areof |
those who believe "that man wants but j
little here below.?' Our farmers are not j
possessed with that happy way of think?
The berry growers of this section
meet to-day at the Grange Hall, for the
purpose of fixing the price to be given
to berry pickers. All interested in the
berry trade will find it to their advan?
tage to attend
Work on the "siding" on railroad at
this point, was commenced last Mon?
day under the supervision of Mr. All
wine of theX. Y., P. &JS. B.B., to the
delight of shippers in this section. It
will be completed by the time the berry
season begins, and we predict that the
conveniences thereby and otherwise to
be given by the railroad company to us
will make this an important shipping
Edgar P. Allen, son of La B. Allen,
died May 10th. aged 26 years
The vote polled at the primary elec?
tion held here last Saturday was veiy
Mr. John W. Lingo died of consump
tion, after a lingering illness, Tuesday,
May! 1th
Mr. M. T. Wise thinks he will be able
to ship strawberries the last of this or
the first of next week
Sweet potato sprouts enter into all the
conversations of our farmers at present.
Mr. Joseph S. Bull has put out this year
The citizens of this neighborhood
don't seem to be much interested in the
court-house question, but think they
will vote for it to stay where it is
Capt. William Jones, a worthy citizen
of this section, died of heart disease on
Friday 8th hist., aged about 55 years.?
He had started toset his net for fish,
when be was taken sick and died before
he could be carried to his home only a
few yards distant
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Winder arrived
home from Florida, last Saturday.
The cantata which was advertised to
come off here at Whitsuntide, has been
A five cent counter is an attractive
feature at Fosque & Bro., to those who
wish to invest their smail change judi?
Another new dwellii g will be erected
soon by our enterprising townsman Mr.
R. J. Bell, and the fourth he has had
built in the last two years.
A very small vote was polled at the
primary held here hist Saturday. Messrs.
F. M. Sturgis and L. James Gunter the
, candidates respectively for magistrate,
aud constable, received the largest vote.
Two topics at present seem to be agi?
tating I ho public mind in this locality,
First, the mails from Accomac C. II..
via Pastoria to Mctompkin, have been
changed to three times a week. Tins
clmugc Iras caused very much dissatis?
faction. The people getting mail, at this
office ami Mctompkin cannot see why
they should be treated in this way, in
view of the fact Hut they occupy one of
Hie most prosperous parts of the county.
Their interest must suffer under the
present mail arrangement. I am happy
to say however, that I think there is a
good prospect of the daily mail being
restored to us.
Second, the removal of the court?
house. The people of this neighbor?
hood have now opened their eyes to the
injustice and wrong that have been per?
petrated for many long years upon the
good citizens in the upper part of this
county. Justice demands equal con?
veniences as well as equal rights and bur?
dens, and our people concurring in the
sentiment, have almost determined
unanimously to remove the court-house
Mr. A. J. Mears, dangerously ill of
late is convalescent
The primary election excited very little
interest in this section.
The young men of this vicinity have
organized abase ball club
"Roads and the work upon them"
have been fruitful themes for "chin
music" with us this week
A party of gentlemen from New York
came to Wachapreague City via Kellar
a few days ago, for recreation
Mr. W. F. Fleming, who now has a
steam saw mill at this place, will soon
have a grist mill at work also.
Maggie, a little daughter of Mr. N.J.
Kellam, 5 years old. came alone from
Philadelphia to Kellar by rail on the Oth
Appointments of Rev. J. IT. Amiss,
Presiding Elder, M. E. Church, South.
Third round quarterly meetings, East?
ern Shore District:
Atlantic. Sanford's, May 10 and IT.
Accomac. Conquest. May 23 and 24.
Merlin, Bishopville, May 30 and 31.
Onancock, Locust vi lie, June <> and 7.
Pungoteague, Oak Grove, June 13
and 14.
Helle Haven, Upshur'sNeck, June 21
and 22.
Wicomico, Asbury, June 27 and 2s.
District Conference, at Capcville.
Eastvillc circuit, will convene July21.
Camp-meeting, Turlington's ground,
Pungoteague circuit, will commence on
August (i.
Proceedings at April term. ISS5:
George T. Clayton, .1. P., paid into
court >&.50, fineeoUected of Henry Kill
man of Wm
Order requiring Wna. D. Cropper, ad?
ministrator of John Massey to give new
bond at next term (1st day)
Certificate granted Edwin J. Foote to
obtain license to manufact ure oil, etc.,
from menhaden
Orders on county treasurer in road ami
bridge matters were entered in favor of
surveyors and others
The following fiduciary accounts were
confirmed, to wit: Audits of estates of
Edward Churn, Henry L.Wessels, Mary
Ann Ward, Edward Kilman, Maria
Ashby, colored, Louis Crockett and
Elizabeth M. Floyd's trust accounts,
orphan accounts of Benjamin T.. Otho
B. and Virginias. Mears. Gabrielle S.
Mapp and Edward Lee Ilickman.
Orders to purchase materials to repair
bridges, &c, were entered forCustis
Northam. Levin R. Lewis and William
R. Parramore, surveyors
Road surveyors were appointed as fol?
lows: Littleton .1. Tull vice Wm J.
Johnson of J.. James K. Harmon vice
William T. Killman, Calvin R. Glad?
ding vice Marion J. Poulson, Levin T.
Crowson vice Louis F. Ilinman, Geo.
Evans vice Ilayward B. Keaton
Retail liquor license H'ere granted to
Samuel C- Mason at Masonville, Wm.
T. Mason and John S. Gaskins at Hol
deirs creek. Milton Marshall at Ball
wood, Dougherty Bros, at Pitts' wharf,
Wm T. Harnes & Co. at Hunting creek.
Ilinman & Churn at Leemont, James R
Ilickman at Matompkin. Littleton F.
Marshall at Ne* Church, Geo. F. Par?
ker & Co and Wm.C. Hall at Drum
mondtown, Rowena F. Davis at Atlan?
tic and Wm. Summers at Winterville
Bar room liquor license were grantrd
to Littleton S. Sample at Shilo Valley,
John C Otwell at Horntown; John E.
Parker at Onancock; Nathaniel F.
Chandler at .Cashville; Phillips & Shields
at Pungoteague; John L. Trower it
Bio., at head Bradford's Neck; Milton
Marshall at Hall wood; Hiram P. Foul
son at Messongo Bridge; J. C. Barnes
& Co.. at Deep Creek; Wm. T. Bloxom
and Jno. S. Gaskins at Holden's Creek;
John E. Bradford at Locustmount;
Samuel C. Mason at Masonville; James
Harmon at Belle Haven; Jas. R. Ilick?
man at Matompkin; Thomas Harmon
at Onancock; Hinman & Churn at Lee?
mont; Wm. T. Barnes Jb Co.. at Hun?
ting Creek: Jacob & Doughty at Bdle
Haven: George R. Coleburn at Chinco
teague Island; James T Mears at Rop?
ers' Branch; Dougherty Bros., at Pitts'
Wharf; Flavins J. Bullman at Powel
ton; Arthur H. Drummond at Bull
Run; Littleton F. Marshall at New
Church; Walter Scott, Geo. F. Parker
&Co., and Wm. (J.Hall at Drummond
town; Rowena F. Davis at Atlantic;
Edward S. Johnson at Tin-ley; William
Sommers at Winterville; Wm. D. Lew?
is at Mappsville; Edward B Justice at
Parksley; Wm S Waterman at Guilford;
Isaiah T. Johnson at Leemont; Edward
T Burton at Point Lookout; John B.
Blizzard at Foxes' Island; and Archr
Campbell at Locustville.
License to keep an ordinary (hotel)
were granted George E. Winder at Pun?
goteague; Alfred S. Kellam at Towel
ton; Chas. W. Duncan and James E
Matthews at Chincoteague Island; Rob?
ert M Powell at Franklin City; Charles |
A Hurley at Horntown; Dulfield Sav
age at Drwmmondtpwn; and Bcnj. T.
Parker at Onancock.
The Coin. vs. Jas. E Matthews (in?
dictment for permitting unlawful ga
mingathis Ordinary) Deft, plead guilty
paid S11S.05 fine and costs into court;
forfeited his license; and was recognized
with surely in penalty of $1000 for his
good behavior for one year.
A special Grand Jury returned into
court, an indictment against Augustus
F. Wessells for maining Shepherd
Downing. "Not a true bill." An in?
dictment against Win. S Kellam for at
tempting to murder Thomas 0 Parra
more; defendant was tried, convicted of
an assault only, and lined S-r>00 and sen?
tenced to six months in county jail
judgment suspended for 60 days to al?
low defendent to apply for Writ of Er?
Last will of Nathaniel F Conquest partly
John E. Ames qualified as Admr. of
John II. Ames, deceased.
Authority to celebrate the Kites of
Matrimony was granted Rev. Charles A.
Grise of the M. E. Church
The Commonwealth against Solomon
Gunter,.John Ilainblin,Nathaniel Lang
The N. Y., P.& n. R. R. Co., Frank
Wilkinson et als. Charles Wessells (2
cases), and George Finney, (on indict?
ments) were continued till the next
The Com. vs. James Lang (indict?
ment for assault on Joseph Dunton);
defendant tried and convicted, and paid
fine and costs SI 4.37 into court.
Same vs. Edward Ii. and .las. L. Jus?
tice (indctment for permitting unlaw?
ful gaming) Nolle prosequi entered.
Same vs N. Y.. P. & N. R. R. Co.;
defendant plead guilty, was lined SI and
costs, indictment for obstructing public
road near Fair Oaks
Same vs Nathaniel Lang, indictment
maiming, nolle prosequi entered
Same vs Charles Wessells, indictment
meiit for assault and battery on W. F.
Poulson; defendant tried and convicted,
and paid line and costs $33.73 into court
Same vs John William Beloatc in?
dictment fur selling liquor without li?
cense: defendant tried ami acquitted
Older entered exempting Hubert Her?
aus. Sr., colored, from taxation
Accounts in criminal eases in favor of
George E. Bull and Wesley T. Melson,
constables, allowed and certified
Petition filed by A. W. Marshall and
others to extend Muddy Creek road,and
order appointing viewers
The Commonwealth vs Isaiah T.
Johnson, indictment for selling liquor
onSu iday, defendant tried und acquit?
Same vs Archy Campbell and William
C. West, indictment for permitting un?
lawful gaming; defendants tried and ac?
Same vs Isaiah T. Johnson and Ren ?
jam in T. Parker, indictments for per?
mitting unlawful gaming; nolle prose
qnis entered
Eliza Drummond's estate committed
to sheriff for administration
Order extending time of assessor for
District No. 2. William T. Mason, to
complete assessment of lands, ?fcc
Liquor license refused Win. Sommers
at Muddy Creek, and Alma J. Read at
Hoffman's wharf
Annual report tiled by Win. R. Piura
more, surveyor ot the roads
Lsst will of Robert II. Milt s proved,
und .John .1. Gunter & J. W. G. Black
stone qualified as administrators with
will annexed
Order entered for Hannibal Fletcher's
sommittee, Charles P. Finney; to re?
ceive dividends declared by Farmers
and National Exchange Banks of Nor?
Last will of Wm. Hargis of J. proved
and ordered recorded
The Commonwealth vs Wm.S. Kel?
lam, ihdictmen?for impeding adminis?
tration of justice; nolle pntsequied
Same vs same, indictment for carry?
ing a pistol concealed*, defendant plead
guilty and paid line and costs #34.33 into
Kcal Estate TraiiNfVm.
Real estate transfers in Northampton
county, during April, 1SS-5:
George Isdell to Elkana B. Cobb, 36
acres near Birds Neststation; S750
William L. Scott and wife to Orris A.
Browne, lot No. 030 at town of Cape
Charles; $188
Same to Hannah A. Clayton, lot No.
3S4 at town of Cape Charles; Siso
Same to Susan C. Bosher of Newport
News, lot No. 325 at town of Cape
Charles; $171
AVilliam P. Reed to Susan E. Fletch
er, one-half acre near Ward town; SS5
Commonwealth of Virginia to John
Walter Williams and A. F. Cobb; grant
NO- 30,458
Charles E. Godwin and wife to N.Y.,
P. & N. R. R. Co., 2 acres near Bird's
Nest station; 840
William L. Scott and wife to Severn
B. Travis, lots Nos- 010 & 620 at town
of Cape Charles; S305
Same to Benjamin F. Kellogg, lot at
Cape Charles:VS260
Severn B. Travis to Wm. T. Travis,
lot No. 610 at Cape Charles: ?155
Obit nary.
ALLEN"?Fell asleep In Jssus, May 10th, at his
father's residences near Cradrtockvlllo, Edgar P.
Allnn, In Uie -J6ih y?or ot his ago, beloved sou of
Ira B. and Mary A. Allen.
Farewell, Edgar, now you'ro gono
Out of suffering into rust.
Iisrems as though two you now
Loaning on tho Saviour's broMt.
WILSON.?At her husband's homo, In North?
ampton county, Va., April, !Hth, Frederlka
Fautli. wife of i. W. Wilson, Esq., ugedl9yo?rs
and S months, llarrlod 14 months before she
was happy In her husband aud her home; but
God ordained for her a higher and liuller sphere
of blessedness. Threo years ago she was cou
Ilrmed 'In St. John's church, Portsmouth, of
which sho was a worthy and usoful member. It
was with sincere pain her pastor gavo hor up
from the little band of workers In his llock.?
From a close acqualntoge and knowledge of her
character, the writer can say he never knew a
lovelier spirit than dwolt in this dear young
Christian woman, Dlflldont and quiet, there was
a spirit ot Intense dovotlou to Christ and Uls
cause which made her most useful in every
good work. It senmed c bright and Otting
close of a brief and earnest life as we itood
around her grove in the dusk of the rndlng day
with a taper to give light In reading the commit?
tal service. Farewell, lov?d one, in hope of a Joy
ful resurrection. J. D. P.
Enterprise only Si a year.
Come.?Mow Millinery and Fanny
GoihIh at Miss Addie Waiden'a store,
near I'astoria, where she will be pleased
to see her friends and the public gener?
ally. She has the latest and prettiest
styles in shape and shade, with all the
novelties of the season.
F?n SALE.?A bagatelle table, newly
covered and in other respects in good re?
pair for ?25. Geo. F. Parker,
Accomac C. II., Va.
Fon Bent.?House and Lot in Mol
estown belonging to Mrs. A. P. Nor
tham called Plateau Lot. Apply to
Ben T. Gunter, AccomacC. IT.
Or Jehu D. Wimbrough, Modes
town, Va.
Mrs. Walter J. Hall, of Messongo is
now in the city and will return home on
Monday. April 27th with a line line of
millinery goods, notions, A\c.
Notice?Sam Bell, purchased at the
sale of das. FL Ames, will stand for ser?
vice at Lilliston's stables in Drum
mondtown every Saturday
IL Lee Lilliston,
W. B, Coxton
Challenge?My three-year-old Mor
rell colt will trot any four-year-old in the
county for ?100 G. Welly Coard,
FokSale-A good cow fresh to the
pail. Also a calf 5 weeks old on reason?
able terms Elizabeth A. Lillisron
Eoit Sale?A five-gallon cow. soon to
calf, has an immense bag. Price ?7-5.
' 0. A. Browne.
Notice?All persons having cattle,
sheep, or hogs on Wollop's Island are
herehy.notified to remove them on or be?
fore 2?th inst. Thos. L. Birch.
Agent for owners
Fon Sale?Bonneau, gray colt, one
year old. by W. Morrill. dam Katie
Didn't, registered thorough bred. See
Bruce American Stud Book, vol. iv.
page 255. Katie possesses the blood of
Lexington imp. Australian, Revenue
and Eclipse, the combination that pro?
duced Drake Carter. Katie has line
trotting action and speed, and so has
this colt, lie is offered tor sale that he
may be kept entire. Price ?250.
O. A. Browne.
Floyd A. Co., corner of Pratt street
and Dowry's wharf, Baltimore, Md.,
tnanafacture'a high grade Rone Super
Phosphate, which has been thoroughly
tested and proved satisfactory. Their
"Truckers's Delight Universal and
Peerless brands have no Superiors for
early vegetables, Corn, Potatoes Jfee."?
Consult your interests and use noother.
For sale by
W. E. .Jacob & Sons, Bell Haven
O. W. Godwin. Guilford.
R. E. Floyd, Northampton.
Subdivided into lots.
Pursuant to a decree of the Circuit
Court for the county of Accomac, pro?
nounced on the 10th day of February,
1886. in the suit in chancery therein
pending, in which Tally A. T. Joyuea,
Jr., et als., are plaintiffs, and Arthur
Watson et ux. et ids. are defendants.we,
the special commissioners by said de?
cree appointed will proceed to expose to
sale at public auction, on Saturday, the
(ith of June. next, at It p. in., on the
premises in the town of Onancock. the
tract of land in said decree, described as
the College Property, and for the pur?
poses of sale we have dividedsaid prop?
erty into the following lots:
Lot No. 1?Is the western part of the
College..Properly containing by actual
survey 14.30 acres, upon which is the
main residence. It is bounded on west
by College branch, separating it from
the lands of I. W. Bagwell, follows said
branch and Onancock creek to Titlow's
brauch which separates it from the lands
of Dr. O. B. Fiiineyand Lot Nro. 2, then
up said branch to the new street tobe
opened, designated as College avenue,
thence along said streetsouth 7C by west
1.29chains to a post, thence still along
said street south lot* west 18.25} chains
to College branch.thv point of beginning
Lot No. 2?Is bounded on the west by
the lands of Dr. O. B. Finney and the
Episcopal church lot, on the north by
Main street, on the east by College ave?
nue, which runs south 21 west 583
chains to Titlow's branch, parallel to
and 2.S feet distant from the line of the
lot of R. T. Ames, thence it follows Tit?
low's branch to point of beginning; this
lot contains 1 03 acres.
Lot Mo. 3?Bounded on the west by
College avenue, on the north by Titlow's
branch, which separates it from the land
of R. T. Ames and 1). J. Titlow, on the
east by lot number IS from which it is
separated by a line running S 15} W,
parallel to College avenue, and eqtli-dis
lant between it and Joynes street, and
on south by a cross street running S.
74* E from College avenue to Joynes
street and on said last named street dis?
tant 3.31 chains from 1. W. Bagwell's
line. This lot contains 1.25 acres.
Lot No. 4?Has a front of 99 feet on
College avenue, beginning at said cross
street, and runs back 272 feet between
parallel side lines which said side lines
are perpendicular to said avenue.
Lot Mo. 5?Has a front of 09 feet on
College avenue, runs back 272 feet be?
tween parallel sidelines, which said Side
lines are perpendicular to said avenue.
Lots Nos. 6, 7, 8, and 0?Arc exactly
the size of lot No. 5. each being a front
of 99 feet and a depth of 272 feet.
Lot No. 10?Is bounded on north by
College avenue, on north by lot No. 9,
east by aline running south 15} west
equi-distaut between said avenue and
Joynes street, and on the west by Col
branch, which branch it follows down
to the point where said avenue inter?
sects said branch. This lot contains
1.65 acres.
Lot No. 11?Is bounded on west by
lot No 10, on north by lot No. 12, on
east by Joynes street and the line of it
extended till it reaches College branch,
which branch it follows to the point of
beginning. This lot contains 1.24 acres
Lots Nos. 12, 13, 14,15. 16 and 17 are
all of the same size, each having a front
of 99 feet on Joynes street, and running
back 272 feet between parallel side lines,
which said side lines are perpendicular
to said Joynes street.
Lot No'lS?Has a front of 3.31 clinins
on Joynes street, by which street it is
bounded on east,is bounded on south by
the cross street, on west by line separa?
ting it from lot No. 3, which line it fol?
lows to Titlow's branch, thence down
said branch a short distance to a post,
thence north 19- east 65 links to a post
on I. W. Bagwell's line, thence along
said line to Joynes street. This lot cou
tains 1.50 acres.
Lot No. 19?Begins on Joynes street
at a point where Thomas Johnson's line
intersects the same, runs back along
said line south 74 east 4.67 chains, thence
in a westerly direction along said John?
son's line to the line separating it from
lot N 0.20, which line bears south 75} east
thence along said dividing line 4G7
chains to Joynes street, thence along
said street 1.57 chains to point of begin?
ning. Upon this lot there is a dwelling
Lot No. 20?Hasafront of 1.57chains
on Joynes street runs back 4.67 chains
to Thos. Johnsons' line, between paral?
lel side lines, which lies south 75} east.
Lot MTo. 21?Lies on both sides of
Joynes street. It begins on said street
at the point where the western line of
Lot No 20 intersects the same, follows
said line, running south 75} east 4.67
chains to Thos Johnson's line, thence
aloug said Johnson's line till it reaches
1 the point where the line separating this
lot from Lot So 22 intersects said John?
son's land, thence it follows said sepa?
rating line which hears south 73 east
13.15chains to .loynes street, from said
1 street it follows a Une running south 52
west, which separates it from lot No 22,
-.l2? chains to College branch, which
branch it follows dowut" Lot No 11,the
line of which last mentioned lot it fol?
lows to Joynes street Upon this lot is
a small house
Lot No 22?Lies on both sides of
Joynesstreet. It is bounded by Lot No
21 from which on the eastern side of said
street it is separated by a line running
south 73 east 3.15 chains, by the lands uf
Thus. Johnson by Lot No 23 from which
oil said side of Joynes street it is sepa?
rated by a line running south 74? east
2 chains, and on the western side of said
street by a line running South 73 west
1.23 chains hy College branch and Lot
No 21. On this lot is a house.
Lot No 23?Lies on both sides of
Joynes street. It is bounded on the
north by Lot No 22, east by lands of T.
Johnson,south by Lot No 24from which
it is separated by a line i milling south
7.S east 1.40 chains and by Lot No 27
from winch it is separated by a line run?
ning north 7H west 1 20 chains and by
College branch. On this lot is small house
Lot No 24?Is bounded on the north
1 by Joynes street, upon which it has a
front of 2.0(1 chains, by Lot No 23. by
the lands of T. .Johnson and by Lot No
25, from which it is divided by a line run?
ning south 73 east 1.40 chains
Lot No 25?is bounded by Joynes St,
Lot 24 aud the lauds of T. Johnson. On
this lot there is a house.
Lot No 26?Is bounded by Joynes
street, upon which it has a front of 2.03
chains, College branch and Lot No 27
from which it is divided by a Hue run?
ning north 79 west Upon this lot is a
small house
Lot No 27?Is bounded by Joynes St,
upon which it has a front of 2.S2 chains,
College branch and Lots Nos26 and 22
College avenue, Joynes street and the
cross street are to be reserved for the
benefit of the lots abutting on ihem re?
spectively. They are all 28 feet Wide ex?
cept that from the point where Joynes
street crosses to the east to College
branch said street is only 20 feet wide
1? Five per centum of the purchase
money must be paid in cash on the day of
sale, with liberty to the purchaser to pay
as much more on that day as he may elect
2? The balance of the purchase money
will be divided into three equal instal?
ments, for each of which the purchaser
must give his bond with satisfactory per?
sonal security made payable to said com?
missioners respectively, six, twelve and
eighteen mouths afterdate with interest
from date
3? The title to the property will be re?
tained as additional security till the pay?
ment of the whole purchase money
4? The premises will be at the risk of
t he purchaser from the time the same
are bid off
5? Upon complying with the terms of
sale the purchaser will be let into pos?
session on January 1st, 1SS6, but the
rents for the current year do not go to
the purchaser, but are retained for the
benefit of the parties to this suit
li? Upon payment of the whole pur?
chase money conveyance by deed with
special warranty of title will be decreed
the purchaser, the cost of such convey?
ance being borne by him
John J. Gunter
J. W.G. Blackstone,
May 0. \S5 Special Commissioners
The above named special commission?
ers have, before nie. in my offue. with
sureties deeihedsufficient, execute'! the
bond required bv the decree referred to
m the above notice.
Test: M. Oi.duam. Jr., C. C.
Quickest and Only Daily line between
Hosten, New York. Phila., Norfolk,
and Old Point Comfort.
Stations. Mix
Leave a. m.
Old ft Comfort
(Jape Charles.... 5 55
Clieriton.*0 22
Kastville. 6 40
Hint's Nest. 7 05
Ex more. 7.33
Keller. 8.00
r.'tslev. 8.30
Parksley. 8.51
Hallswood. 0.21
New Church.... 0.50
Hoc mmke. 10.20
rYdelia. 10.40
King's Creek... 11.00
Princess Anne 11.20
Loretto.11 35
Eden. 11.45
Salisbury. 1.00
Williams. *1 12
Delmar. 1.2-5
Arrive p.m._
Baltimore. 8*25
Wilmington ... 5.50
Philadelphia... 6.50
New Stork. 10.05
Arrive p.m.
p m.
12 35
*12 45
fl2 50
fl 13
f 1 30
fl 47
f2 0?
f2 17
f2 32
f2 45
2 58
*3 07
f3 15
3 20
*3 26
*3 32
*3 58
3 45
*3 50
3 55
N.Y .
p. m.
0 15
10 25
f'O 42
flO. 15
f 11.02
f 11.53
*I2 11
?12 17
a. in
3 15
7 00
New York.
Malt im ore.
8 35
11 56
7 35
Leave p.m.
Delmar. 12 20
Salisbury.l- 30
Fruitlaiid.*12 35
Eden.*12 39
Loretto.*12 43
l'rinc.essAnne...l2 48
Kinar's (Jreek...f 12 52
Adelia. *12 59
Pocomoke. I 07
New Church.... fl 21
Uallswood.fl 37
Parksley. fl 53
Tasley.f2 05
Keller .f2 22
Exmore.f2 3G
Bird's Nest.f2 50
Eastville.f*3 05
Clieriton.*3 15
Cape Charles.... 3 25
Old P't Comfort
Arrive p.m.
p. m.
*12 45
2 02
3 55
5 00
5 30
5 50
6 20
6 45
7 13
7 40
*8 00
. 8 15
p. m.
*2 45
*2 51
*2 5S
*3 04
*3 00
*3 30
*6 22
9 30
Crisfieltl Brauch.
- Mix.
Leave a. m.
Crisfield. 7.00
Marion . 7.25
Kingston . f7.40
Westoyer. 7.57
King's Creek S.10
Arrive a. m.
O.L"t Ex.
a. m.
a. in.
O.P't Ex. Mail & Mix
Leave p. m. p. m.
King's Creek 4.47 3.00
Westover. 4.55 3.15
Kingston. f? 09 3.40
Marion. 5.19 4.00
Ilopewell. f5.32 4.20
Crisfield....'... 5.45 4.40
Arrive p.m. p.m.
"f" Stops for passengers on signal.
* Does not stop for passengers.
Trains 9 and 10 run daily; all other
trains daily, except Sunday.
H. W. Dunne, Sup't,
Princess Anne, Md
R. B. Cooke, Geii'l Freight aud Passen?
ger Agent, Norfolk, Va
Cor. Commerce & Water Sts., -
Norfolk, Va.
Mrs; U. B. Henderson is opening
<i full line of choice
Mii?nery and Notions,
consisting; of all the novelties cfthe
season, is selling them at the low?
est city prices.
Hats from 15 cents to the best that
can be desired, choice Ham
burgs and Laces,
extra cheap.
Toilet sets,
Holls. Jewelry, &c.
done at the shortest notice.
NOVELTIES received weekly as
they appear in the cities. A cor?
dial welcome is extended to every?
one at
Tocomoke City, Md.
WAD.DY lOpii
Accomac C. H., Va.
Hutes by the Week of Mouth ^lveu on Application.
Livery Stable.-* Attached,
ind passencers convoyed to any point of the Pe?
ninsula ? Ith Comfort and Dispatch,
and at Low Kates.
Hacks will Connect with all che
trains of New York, Philadelphia and
Norfolk railroad at Tasley station.
t with
Goo. R. CofFroth & Co.,
wholesale dealers in
and manvfacturers of
330 West Baltimore St.,
Tobacco, Pipes, Etc.,
9G LrGnT Street Wharf,.
Thirteen Weeks.
will lie mailed, securely wrapped,
to any address in fhe United States
for three months on receipt of
0>'E DOLLAR. .
Liberal discount allowed to Post?
masters, Agents and Clubs. Sam
pie copies mailed free.
Address all orders to
?Franklin Square,-N. Y
Dr. I.<MVl?iJ. narmuiiNon having return?
ed to his native county from lia'.tltnore, and lo?
cated at OuuucouK for the practice of
,ii i_i j, otters hU services to the puhltc
H'*!'ic a graduate of run Ualtl
'^jTfY-pPT moro College ?t Dental Sur^ory,
1 1 1 and having had some experience
In practising his profession In that city, ho may
be relied on to cxecuto all his work In the host
style. H? will visit Druiiiniipudtowiievcry court
\j. and cai n'w-iya be found at Wartdy's Hotel,
jnico: Market St., opposlto Baptist church
- j. UAltMAXSOX. D. D. S.
Onancock, Va.
Accomac county, Va.
Dealers in
Dry Goods, Notions, Hats, Caps,
Boots, Shoes, Hardware,
Crockery, Queens
ware, Groceries, &c., &c,
in fact everything useful and orna?
mental found in a country store.
Flour a Specialty.
The lot and tenement, consisting of
dwelling house, bar-room, ollice with
two rooms, blacksmith shop, two corn
stacks, and belonging to Mr, A. W Bow?
ing, situated in Bridgetown, Northam
ton county, Va., can be bought on
reasonable terms, payments made to
suit the purchaser.
For Kent.?The office and blacksmith
shop, and corn stack, for this year.
Bridgetown. Va.
George I. ^Benson.,
Accomac county, Va.
in all its branches done promptly, cheap?
ly aud satisfaction guaranteed.
Horse Shoeing a Specialty.
Arrangements have been made with
Mr. Louis D. Drummond at Grange
ville.to have all necessary wood work in
connection with his business done on
most favorable terms.
R. P.Bayley&Co.,
I3TP0?TEI>S of
Queensware, Lamps, Clocks, &c,
John C. Justis & Co.
Hunting Creek,
Accomac county, Va.,
dealers int
General Merchandise, Shingles,
Laths, Lime, Lumher, Bricks,
Hair, Windows, Sash,
Doors, Geor?
gia Pine for oyster
shafts, also, Oyster Shafts
already made.
""patronize home industry,"
watchmaker and jeweller,
Main Street, O?ancock, Ta.
The above named firm also keep h
variety of first-class JEWELRY, 14 aud
18 karat Solid Rixos. with or without
sets, Gold and Silver Watches,
Clocks of various kinds and prices.
The most beautiful Lack Pins and Ear
Ditors ever offered to this public, and a
general line of Jewelry, such as may be
found in a first-class city Jewelry store.
Call and examine our stock of goods,
and also our machinery for work.
Cirdietree Hill,
Worcester county, Md.
J?. T. miXX Prop'r
This hotel located immediately ot
the railroad, recentlj built, and
with rooms large, airy, conven?
ient and newly furnished is
now open to the patron?
age of the public.
Special accommodations provided
for those fond of gunning,
fishing. &c., on the wa?
ters near at hand
and charges
James Bally. G. Frank Bally. Lynn 0. Byr4
James Baily & Son,
Dealers in
174 W. PRATT ST.,
M. W. Gladding,
Commission Merchant,
S. W. Cor. Pratt & Sharp Streets.,
Baltimore, Md.
For the oale of Potatoes and all kinds
of Country Produce.
J. W. Hunt & Co., Baltimore, Md.
W. H. Marshall, New Church, Va.
P. R. dork, Agt. E. S. St. Bt. Co.
Baltimore, Md.
T. H. Nottingham. Northampton,
Shipping Letter, J^J
Liver? an! Mm Stalles,
Accomac C. II., Va.
Jienry Zee Zdlislon,
Keeps always on hand, for Sale or Ex?
change, a
Select Stock of %orscs.
norses fed by the day, week or month
at reasonable rates.
Passengers conveyed to any part of the
peninsula at bottom prices aud with
comfort and dispatch.
(Formerly It. Mason & Sons)
Manufacturers of French and American
Candies, Fancy Cakes aud Crackers,
NO. 145 and 147 W. Pratt St.,
Baltimore, Md.
geo. w. abdell & bro.,
Belle Haven,
in all its branches done at their
place of business promptly, cheap?
ly aud in a workmanlike manner.
Jlorse Shoeing a specially.
Our numerous patrons in every_
part of the Eastern Shore are. given
as reference as to our proficiency
?n this class of work.

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