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finnnsuia (fcRlnrpria.
Saturday, July 8, 1905.
Rntered at tie Postofflce at Aooom.o C. H.,
Va., as -""cond-cliss m?:t r.
Tho Democrats <>f Ac< omar, 6W cr
more, tn at the courthouse on Moi -
day, and as pre\ iously announce 1
Governor Montague, Hon. C. iN.
Swanson and Lieut-Governor Willard
were present to submit their claims
for the offices to which they aspire.
G<ov. Montague waa (but Introduce, i
in an appropriate and captivating]
speech by Commonwealth's Attorney
S. James Turlington
He began his speech with a de
nunciation of the way in which
United States Senators had been
elected in the past and showed that
it was a failure by the number in olhce
who represented special interests ami
used their high office in the interest
of tho few, forcibly illustrating the
correctness of his remarks by holding
up to his audience the records t f
Quay, Platt, Cannon, Mitchell an.l
others, and stated that the Junior
Senator of Virginia despite the objei -
tions to the present mode ot electing
Senators, had never iu his cleve 1
years' sen-ice used his vote or ii -
tluence for the election of senators by
the people. That he had dlsregarde 1
the declarations of thc Legislature,
the resolutions of the May Conference
of lst>9, passed hy a vote of :;; to 11,
and the resolutions of the Rielnnon 1
Convention, all tor election ol sena
tors by the people. That the inovi -
ment fora Primary at the Roanoke
Convention was mainly defeated by
his efforts, and that he had only joine 1
tho movement when it was an assured
The Oovernor denied that he had
abused Senator Martin but that bo j
had the right to discuss his public
record and that 11 did not show tba |
his qualification, as Senator were bo
superior to those ot everyone elsi
thai no one else should have aspirations
tor the office.
In discussing his record, he stated.
that the Junior Senator had never
secured the appropriation of a dollar
for any river or harbor in the Firs!
Congress District; that the bill, under
which ^-j-t.ocx) was appropriated tot
Richmond College, originated in tin
House ot Representatives, and tua'.
small amount wus all lie obtained foi
Virginia of the $1,300,000, which tin
Senators secured tor their constitu
ents when the bill was amended ii
the Senate; that in the settlement ol
tho accounts between Virginia ant:
t.c United States, the amount was
$5,:>0 and not |1,700,000 which he se?
cured for the State as was shown by
sports submitted by him, and that
while he commended him for answer?
ing letters promptly and doing de?
partmental work, that wan not all
that was required r>f ;? Senator ant
the standard had to be raised, it the
people were to rule.
The Governor having been re jties
ted to reply to questions published in
this paper by the Drummondtown
Martin Club, did so in a wa}
elicited the commendation and ap?
plause of the moat <>i ins audience.
The questions were
Why did he, a< Governor, refuse to
sign the bill placing the statue ol
Genera] Lee in Statuary Hall?
Why did he approve thc bill remov?
ing the jail penalty from violators of
the Sunday liquor law?
Why did he pardon two men from
jail in Elizabeth City county sent
there for keeping a crap game?the
lowest form of gambling? *
Why did he continue in the employ
of the Southern Railroad when he was
district attorney, and as such officer
was required to sue railroads for viola?
tions of the interstate commerce law?
His answers were that first, that he
did not sign the bill to place the
statue of General Lee in Statuary
Hall, because many of the citizens ol
the State did not approve it, that
many of the Northern people did not
want it there, and the name and faint
of General Lee was too sacred to him.
greater as it was than either the citj
of Washington or Statuary Hall, tc
show any great desire to place it any
where if objection was made, am
because the time would come whet
the people of that city and the natioi
would gladly ask that Virginia sent
his statue. He would not though veU
the bill, au he was requested by Gen
eral Wm. H. Payne and others, bu
permitted it to pass without his signa
Second, that the bill removing tin
jail penalty from violator- of the Sun
day liquor lav.- was accepted as 1
measure to promote temperance b
the members of the Legislature and s
unanimously passed by that body t ha
it was useless to veto it.
Third, that he pardoned the tw
men in jail, one nearly dead wit
consumption, upon the recommend!
tion ot the Commonwealth's Attorney
the presiding Judge and the attem
ing physician.
Fourth, that his duties as attorne
for Southern Railroad and Distrh
Attorney did not conilict, as he cou]
institute no proceedings against tl
railroads unless ordered to do so 1
tho Attorney-General or Interstai
Commerce Commission. He was wi]
ingto go before any tribunal ai
compare record's witta the Jnnii
Senator on that question.
The Governor closed with a tribu
to the aspirants of twelve years aj
Who had been defeated by Mr. Ma
tin, and contrasting the experiem
of Fitzhugh Lee, (Jen. Hunton ar
Hon. Holmes Conrad, will: that
the Junior Senator, said he at lea
had had as much experience tittil
him for the office ot Senator aa M
Martin had at that time, and he hi
no reason therefore to make any clai
f<.?> re-election on that ground.
The speech was eloquent, forcible
ind convincing and deserved thc at?
tentive hearing and liberal applause
which it received from the beginning
to thc close. In presenting his views
he resorted to none of the arts of tho
demagogue to catch the support of
hit hearers, bul presented facts which
appealed to their reason and backed it
by logic so irresistible, that no one
open to conviction could doubt the
sincerity of his declarations or fail to
realize that as United States Senator
lie would be a credit to the State and
an ornament lo any body in which he
might be called to serve.
Congressman Swanson was next in?
troduced by Mr. L. J. Hyslup, of Kel
lcr.and made aminteresting and forci?
ble speech in the interest of his claim
for the nomination tor Governor. Ho
said, in part, that as Governor he
would do all in his power to secure
better schools for the State and
favored the appropriation Of one-half
Ol the surplus which would soon be
in the treasury ot Virginia for that
purpose; that he was tor better roads
to be built by the Government and
by the Stale with the help of the
people themselves; that he would en?
deavor lo see that all thc public in?
stitutions ot the State were run ac?
cording to the bes' business method.;
that he would strive to promote the1
interests yf the Jamestown Exposi?
tion and through it to open up to
some extent our great resources and
advantages to the world,and that the
oyster question was to a great extent
a local one,to be controlled for tho
most part by those who knew most
about it and were most interested in
'-ts growth and development.
He spoke of his boyhood ambition
to be Governor and dwelt upon the
office with its many responsibilities
and ditties, and the applause with
which this part of his speech was re?
ceived showed that the audience al?
most unanimously desired that his
ambition in that respect be gratified.
He is in the lead of all thc candidates
for Governor on the Eastern Shore
and will doubtless continue to be to
the end of the contest.
Lieut.-Governor Willard was next
trod ticed by Senator Gunter and maxie
so good an impression, that the senti?
ment seemed to be universal that he
waa good Gubernatorial timber and
if his ambition was not gratified this
time he would bc well to the front In
the next contest. His speech was
very muon along the same line as
that of Mr. Swanson.
Hon. J. Taylor Elly son was also at
the courthouse on Monday and made
a few remarks in announcing his can?
didacy and nothing more was required
of him to secure the. votes ot Acco
mac. If there is a Democrat in the
county who will not give him his
support, it has not come lo our no?
harmers Please Take Notice.
I am now in position to furnish vou
my patent barrel. Would be glad to
send you sample and till your orders. It
will lu.- the barrel yon have been look?
ing tor and which will give you satis?
faction under all circumstances, lt is
the same barrel when the sun shines
and when it rains. Vou need no house
to store them in. You can put them
out in your field for months and vou
?viii find them tight ind strong as when
nut tiicie. Tliey are always ready lor
ase. Tiuy an all alike, no big ones,
no small ones, all just the right size
and the price is right and I can supply
yon anywhere on this shore. I a.-k
you to give me a trial and you will
find the barrel all I claim for it. I so?
licit your patronage. All orders by
?nail or phone will have prompt at?
Yours, &c,
John W. Taylor.
Hallwood, Va.
May 17th, 1W5.
Child Not Expected to Live From One
Hour to Another, but Cured by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
Ruth, the little daughter of E. N.
Dewey, of Agnewille, Va., was seri?
ously ill of cholera infantum last sum?
mer. "We gave her up and did not
expect tier to live from one hour to
another," he says. "I happened to
think of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy and got a
bottle of it from the store. In five
hours I saw a change for the better.
We kept on giving it and before she
had taken the half of one small bottle
she was well. This remedy is for
sale by
B. S. Ashby & Co.,
Accomac, and all county agencies.
Business Notices.
For Rent?Storehouse on Nandua
wharf. A good location for mercantile
business. Possession given at once.
J. C. Boggs,
Nandua, Va.
Notice?Our sheep will be penned
and sheared on Parramore's Beach
June 26, 27 and 28 and both wool ant
sheep will be offered for sale at private
contract on these days. A boat wil
be at Wachapreague on Wednesdaj
morning, June 27th, to take all t<
Beach, free of charge, who wish tob<
E. T. Powell,
J. W. Richardson.
Puk Rent?For year 1906 mv fara
near Mappsburg Station caAed tin
'Stewart Farm" on which Mr. Savagi
now resides.
M. B. Hopkins,
2313 Maryland Ave.,
FOB Sale?Late Flat Dutch cabbag
plants at 10 cents per 100.
Wm. F. Bayne,
.- Tasley, Va.
For Sale?Two farms in the lowe
part of Accomac, near Craddockvilh
Va.; one containing about 90 acrei
about 30 acres cleared land and abm
?in acres woodland; plenty of resource*
four room house in good repair an
necessary outbuilding; onecontainin
about 38 acres having three rooi
house and necessary outbuildings; P.
particulars address
John L. Winder,
Reads Wharf, Va.,
or Jno. S. Parsons, Atty.,
Accomac, Va.
Norn k? All persons having clain
against me will please present san
for payment on or before August ls
John Henry Tindall,
Greta, Va.
Notice to Oybtkb Planters?
you are in need of a watchman wit
Box 21,
Exmore, Va.
Notice?The Onawa Social Union
viii hold their annual fair near
Uappsburg Station, on August 15th,
ind continue four days.
Alexander Booker, Sec.
Notice?The Central Agricultural
Fair Association, colored, will hold
^heir seventh annual fair at Tasley,
Va., August 2_d, and continue four
lays. S. L burton, Pres.,
Jas. D. I'zzle, Sec.,
Onancock, Va.
For Sale?Old M. E. Church and
enough ground for another building.
A. H. G. Mears.
For Salk-Corn at the '^Folly".
Appy at once.
L. F. Nock.
NOTICS?Those wishing water trips
during thc summer on seasitlo will
god-good service on a fast comfortable
boat, the Launch Virginia,at moderate
prices. Will take parties anywhere
from Chincoteague to Smith's Island
aud can carry up to twenty persons
comfortably. \\ ish to thank friends
tor liberal patronage last year and so
Iciting continuance of same will try
to please them in every way.
Capt. L. T. Stevens,
Wachapreague, Va.,
or If. E. Mears,
Keller, Va.
For Salk?My house and lot in
Belle Haven. For terms apply to
Mrs. Margaret S Mears,
Painter, Va.
For Sale?A farm known as tho
Bowls farm mar Oak Hall, good high
land well adapted to trucking of any
kind, containg 170 acres, about one
half cleared land. The farm is im?
proved by two dwellings and other
buildings. For further particulars
write or see
John A. Fletcher.
Oak Hall, Va.
Notice?I offer for service my regis?
tered Cheater White boar. Fee $1.00j
or choice pig at 6 weeks.
J. F. Ashby,
Exmore, Va. j
For Rent?For the year 1W)6 the
"Main Place" of the Floyd farm,known
as Sea View, in Custis Neck, near
Accomac O. II..ami at present tenan?
ted by Mr. C. S. Watkinson. Maid
place is a fertile and productive high?
land farm, requires 4 horsens to culti?
vate it properly, is eligibly located on
Folly Creek commanding a fine view
of the Atlantic.san, has a large and
conveniently ai r uiged dwelling house
and all necessary i uk buildings thereon
and ls plentifully supplied with resour?
ces for manurt . Apply to
Cai t. John W. Rogers,
Onley, Va.,
or Jas. G. Nock,
Onley, or Wachapreague.
Not a cent wanted, unless you are
cured. If you are sick and ailing,
take Hollister's Rocky Mountain Toa.
A great blessing to the human family.
Makes you well?keeps you well. 36
cents, Tea or Tablets.
Wm. P. Bell & Co.,
Hall's Pharmacy, Parksley.
Notice?Thia is to inform the public
that we are in the barrel business at
Unley station and are prepared tofur
nish the fanners of Accomac with well
made, standard size truck barrels on
short notice.
Savage & Harper.
Notice?Farm for sale or rent for
next year, 19ix! where Mr. Samuel C.
Abbott now lives, about one, 1, mile
east of Mappsville, Va..directly south
of Mr. David D. Abbott's. Apply to.
Tully G. Fisher,
Pocomoke, City, Md.
May 23d, 1905.
To Whom it may Goncern?Ai
persons are hereby forewarned, under
penalty of legal prosecution, from
gunning, hunting, oystering, cutting
timber or anywise trespassing on Par?
ramore^ Island, or any waters.creeks,
gu?s or flats on or connected with
said Island.
Edwin T. Powell,
John W. Richartlson,
Wishart Point
Transportation Company.
Come lo Chincoteague Island tia
Bloomtown and Wishart Point.
Bloomtown 6 a. m.
Chincoteague 9;30 a. m.
Bloomtown 1 p. m.
Chincoteague 4 p. m.
Chincoteague 9 a. m.
Bloomtown 12 m.
Chincoteague 3:30 p. m.
Bloomtown 6:30 p. m.
"Boat leaves Wishart Point eyer}
evening at 5:30 for Chincoteague am
leaves Chincoteaguo at 6 a. m.
We make connections with all traini
and leave on sharp time, unless mail ii
late. Boat will wait for passengers, i
phoned, for Chincoteague on local traini
in the evening for extra pay.
D. M. MERRITT, Manager,
Chincoteague Island, Va.
Artist>c Monuments
Cost No Mohr Than
Plain Ones In
White Bronze.
MARULE lt entirely out of date. ORANIT
loon Kt'ts moss-grown, discolored, reijuiri
constant, expense and care, and eventual
crumbles back to Mother Earth. Resides it
very expensive. WHITE RRONZK ls strie
ly everlasting. It cannot crumble with tl
action of trott. Moss-Growth it an Impost
tilllty. It is more artistic than any ston
Then why not Investigate it? lt has be?
adopted for marly one hundred public mon
ments, and by thousands of delighted cutt
mers In al) parts of the country. It has be<
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llshed success. Many granite doalers ha'
bought White Bronze ior their own burl
plots. We have hundreds of beautiful dosig"
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see them if you are Interested Inamonutner
headstone, marker or grave cover. On recei
of a postal card will be pleased to call wi
designs and sample of White Bronze.
Was awarded both gold and silver mudall
8t. Louis Exposition overall competitors.
Agent for The Munn men tal Bronze C
of Bridgeport, Conn
Come to the Feast.
Kat drink and be merry at my ex?
pense for three days, July 7th,8th and
l?t h.
Wishing to show our appreciation of
the patronage our many customers
have given us during the several years
of our tinniness ciircer,which has some?
what prospered ns, we will on the
above dates only deliver to any person
the following Hat of useful articles for
?r>6 ceats cash:
2 lbs. granulated hu gar 4 cents.
1 bar German family soup 2 '
1 lb. beat lump starch 2 '
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1 cnn best shoe peg corn I '
I lb. best ground pepper lo '
\ lb. best blended tea 15 '
] lb. best Moen and Java e'offee 15 '
Total 55 cents.
Call and ava:l yourselves of the bu
nan/a before it clones.
Yours for tinniness,
Pungoteague, V a,
Two hundred and twelfth session be*
gins September 14th, 11MJ6. Two
courses: (1), Collegiate Course, leading
to thc degrees of lt. A. and M.A.; (_),
Normal Course. Tuition free and lion rd
at reduced rates. Building renovated
and newly equipped, lighted with elec
tricity and aupplied with pure arteaiuu
water. Bend for catalogue.
PnVdent.M. A..LL.I).
Carriages, Carriages.
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gies, Win anti wood wheel runabouts,
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buggies to arrive lu a few day.
Lilliston & Custis,
Onancock, Va.
Notice to the Public.
I am no longer with L. W. tlunjy
Company, but can lie reached by mail
at Pocomoke City. 1 am prepared to
furnish all materials at coat, saving
rou the retailers large protlt, aud will
uistal nothing but tirst-clava materials
giving my personal attention mall
work. For estimates on all binda of
steam heating and plumbing supplies,
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ing Company.
Pocomoke City, Mil.
JACK WRIGHT is black with
white points. Waa sired by
Our Jack mea.urea five feet,
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For fuither particulars write
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WM. T. J. LEWI8,
Hopkins P. 0., Va.
OF toCMCINE, r^n?,nad'
H_D!C:!f:- DENTISTRY -pharmacy.
_ -. ( STANDARD.
First-C ass iN methods.
itiilogut, aidrtm THE PROCTOR.
Choice -tock of seed, guaranteed te
be sound. Four varieties, f'2.00 pei
9t*F___________ ISALI8BUKY, Mu\_
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jtrong, {(.liable and Prompl
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Company of N. V.
Losses Settled with Promptness an
Lowest Current Rates.
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oirrcR^rROM a oicYCte
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2 Mappsville, Va.
A lau ruuiioiers, Kagles and Blozom
Specials, Send for Catalogues.)
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Dealers lo County, .lao (Jeneral
Bloxom & Son.
The Hallwood National Bank,
CAPITAL, $25,000.
Patronao- Solicited.
Viet -l'rvsielrnt.
< uhler
Ja-A,Hall, J. M.Bloxom. J. W. Broughton.
R.H.Co-<iueat, Martin Hall Jos. vv. Taylor.
Dr. Frank Kk'tcher.J. W. Tuylor.S. W.MAttlMWS
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If you can't come and examine our stock send us an estimate,
if we do you no good we can't possibly do you any harm.
HjHi an. Doo? teens also Sera fir. ill Si_j,s aaa Kinds,
$mc tfca vUWWaxw. Eavata aid tyaxavfttt*.
If you are going to paint your home come and buy one quart
and try it We k_ow y >u will usc no other?If, gallons painted
the Onancock Hotel one coat. Figure how many feet one gallon
Oil Stoves, Coo. Stoves... Sanies in Endless T.rietv.
A full line of Rudders' Hardware, Cutlery and Carpenter',
tools always on hand.
1 ast but not least we are Horse Outfitters. We carry every
[thing that a hon>e needs, such as Harness, 8preads, Collars,
I Pad*1, Kl) Nets, Boon, Bandages, Hopples, Bits (of all kind.),
j Toe Weights, everything you need for road or track. We can't
tell you the half, come, and see our stock and bo convinced we
have lots of inside bargains for tho outside world.
Onancock Hardware Sash and Door Co.,
Successor to
Onancock, Va.
Carriages^ Road Carts, and harness.
I have the largest and most complete stock of
South of Wilmington.
Just received a car load of Carriages and Road Carts at all
prices. I also have my celebrated makes at reduced prices.
Come and look and you
will find everything kept in a
first-class Carriage and Sad?
dlery establishment and you
will find everything as repre?
Thanking you for past favors and asking a continuance of same.
Geo W. Covington,
New Church, Va.
?eopgetowra fl?apble \K)opk?.
Jacob T. Chipman, Pr?pfi?tor
. . .DEALER IN. . .
flomiuments, Tombstones, <_kc.~^
Iron Fencing and Galvanized Railing a Specialty.
II. Loo Lilliston, Agent.
Crisfield Ice Cream Co.,
?(Successor to)?
Wm. S. Richardson and the F. W. Shivers Co.,
-Manufacturers of
Plain and Fancy Cream, Water Ices,
Frozen Fruits, &c.
'<^sm 'Near Ice Plant. Crisfield, Md. ??k^3fc
The plant of the F. W. Shivers Co. having been purchased
and added to that of the Crisfield Ice Cream Co. gives us capac?
ity of 1,000 gallons daily.
The new plant now in operation and all orders will be fill
ed promptly.
Can ship by Express to any station or by steanaer to any
wharf on Peninsula.
Carroll Crockett, Manager,

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