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Juiibu;.* ifculupiist.
Saturday, July 15, 1905.
.ntere.1 at tte I'oitottiec at Acoomao C. H.,
Va., ai leoo-d-olau matt ir.
A number of tho ettie, end coontie
in the State ait inp upon the sugges?
tion of Chairman Kllyson, it is grati?
fying to learn, have assumed the ex
pense of the State primary to be held
August __d and the most of them, it is
believed, will reach a favorable eon
elusion in the matter. Accomac is
included in the list of those which
have responded favorably and all
should be willing to bear their part of
the expense of a primary. This method
of making nominations is for the
benefit of the people,was adopted be
Osm. of their demand tor it and they
will not allow it to he a failure, if the
eounty committee in each county will
do their duty in the matter by giving
them the opportunity to bear the ex?
pense of it. Thc necessary sum will
soon be in hand in each county if they
will pass around the hat asking for it.
A challenge sent to Senator Martin
by Governor Montague to meet him
in joint debate at Manchester to-night
has been declined and the indications
aro that Mr. Martin docs not desire
to meet him on any other occasion.
Mr. Martin, in fact, says that he has
arranged and outlined his campaign
and prefers to carry out his own ar?
rangements and speak at times and
places ot his own selection without
reference to the appointment of others.
He should have Bald, perhaps, that he
does not desire to have the people en?
lightened through a joint debate as
to the issues in the present campaign,
or it may be is unwilling for the peo?
ple to judge between him and his op?
ponent and their respective claims for;
the office or realizes that he has mn
the ability to meet Mr. Montague
Discretion is sometimes the better
part of valor and Mr. Martin, doubt?
less, thinks it is in declining a joint
debate with his opponent at this time.
Seuator Thomas S. Martin and
Judge Samuel W. Williams addressed
a small crowd ot the voters of North?
ampton at Eastville, on Monday. In
regard to the speech of Senator Mar?
tin there is very little to report. It
was the same old speech and full of
the same extravagant claims of his
distinguished services to the State
which he is daily making throughout
the State. The speech of Judge Wil?
liams, though, was an able one and
worthy of the close attention and the
genuine applause it received. In
presenting his claim for the office of
Attorney-General he discussed the
school book question, declaring for
the single list, and took an advanced
position on the subject of better
schools and better pay for the teach?
ers. In the course of his remarks, he
stated, that his district gave the
largest Democratic vote in the elec?
tion last fall and as the only repre?
sentative from that district appealed
to the sense of fairness of the peoplt
of Northampton that his claim shoulc
be recognized. His speech was wt 1
received and,doubtless, made for hin
many supporters in that county.
Hon. William A. Jones in a lette:
recently given to the public says ilia
Senator Martinhasdeliberately claim
ed credit for work done by othe:
members of Congress. He otters evi
dence to show that Senator Danie
effected the settlement between Vii
ginia and the United States by whiol
we were relieved of tho payment o
millions of bonds held by the govern
ment; that Congressman Kixey intro
duced the bill for the payment o
navy-yard employees for overtim
during the Spanish War, and no
Senator Martin, although he allowe
the labor unions to thank him for it
and that the Jamestown Uxpositio
appropriation bill was the work t
Senator Daniel and not Senator Marti]
though the latter, through his friendl
claim the credit for thc same. On
extract from the letter of Mr. Jonesi
given below for the information of ot
readers-that in regard to the set th
ment of the debt between Virgin!
and the United States and a caren
reading of the same will show th.
he is not, as he claims, the "who
thing" in that matter but a very li
tie part of it. Mr. Jones says in par
One, if not the chief, claim to po
lie gratitude set up by Senator Ma
tin and his friends is that he il e
titled to the credit of having adjust*
the long standing claims between tl
United States and Virginia, and.
often has this absolutely noondle
assertion been reiterated, that the
are perhaps many people unacquaii
ed with the real facts who honest
believe it to be true. The credit f
this settlement is chiefly,if not wholl
due to Senator Daniel, but for whoi
affirm the whole question would be
open and unsettled today as it wash
a century ago. It is within my p
sonal knowledge that it was Senal
Daniel's brain which conceived a
worked out the plan by which th(
mutual claims were settled and nix
which the United States was found
be indebted to the State of Virgil
in the sum of ?5.50. It was Sena
Daniel who secured the consent of I
Appropriation Committee, of wh:
he himself was and is a member,
the passage of the resolution um
which the settlement was finally
fected. It was Senator Daniel \\
first secured the passage of that re
lution through the Senate as
amendment to one of the regular si
ply bills. Senator Martin neither c<
ceived the idea nor formulated 1
resolution and his connection withi
subject was entirely perfunctory,
did not require either initiatory
tlon or parliamentary knowledge ut
his part. The conception of the id
as well as the plan of settlement ii si
was Senator Daniells. All that Se
tor Martin did, or could have do
was to refer to the Commit tee on lie
lutions the resolution in the form
an amendment which Senator Dar
had the year before prepared and
erred to that committee, and the
adoption of which in the Senate he had
ecured. It failed of passage in the
louse, and hence the necessity for its
?eintroduction in thc Senate at its next
lession. Senator Daniel then being
n attendance upon the Constitutional
Convention, his colleague, Senator
Martin, again offered his (Daniel's)
imendment, an entirely perfunctory
[bing, lt will not be claimed, I think,
although I may underestimate the ca?
pacity of some of Senator Martin's
friends tor making claims for him,
that he secured, or could have secured,
the passage of thiH resolution through
the House of Representatives. To be?
come operative \i had, of course, to
pass both houses of Congress. And
yet in the face of these indisputable
facts it is claimed for Senator Martin,
if indeed, the claim has not actually
been made by him, that he and he
alone is entitled to the credit for this
settlement. There never was a more
groundless and imprudent claim.
This being,as Mr. Jones says, "one,
if not the chief, claim to public grat?
itude set up by Senator Martin and
Ins Mends" the voters of Accomac
surely will not feel that they are
under any obligation to support him
on that ground. Has bc done any?
thing in the way of securing appro?
priations for the First Congressional
Dirtrict to entitle him to the support
of its voters? Mr. Jones says not in
the following:
The hundreds ot thousands of dol?
lars which I have secured for the
water ways of my District during my
service in Congress (to say nothing
>f any other appropriations obtained
by me) and that, too, without the
slightest assistance from Senator
Martin, who is a member of the
Commerce Committee of the Senate
having special charge of river and
harbor appropriations, tell their own
story. 1 am entirely content that the
records of Congress shall speak for me.
Hut if it be thought that I have ac?
complished less than I should for my
constituents I trust I may never be
guilty of detracting from the accom?
plishments of any ol my colleagues in
>rder to add to thc sum total of my
Free Scholarships.
Thc following scholarships arc of?
fered to thc pupils from the public
schools of this county prepared to ac?
cept: University of Virginia, Onan?
cock, $50; Washington and Lee Uni?
versity to Chincoteague $50; to Atlan?
tic |60; to Metompkin |S0; to Lee$50;
Pungoteague 960; Onancock $50; and
to county at large $50; Pres. Lyon O.
Tyler, State Male Normal, Wm. and
Mary, Williamsburg,to Accomac coun?
ty six scholarships, value, each $53;
Pre*. J. M. McBryde, V. P. I., Blacks
burg,to Accomac county four scholar?
ships, value each $:>0; Pres. J. L. Jar?
man,State Female Normal, Farmville,
t>> Accomac Co. two scholarships,
value each $30.
Very respectfully,
C. C. Joynes,
Onancock, Va., June 28, 1906.
Child Not Expected to Live From One
Hour to Another, but Cured by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
Ruth, the little daughter of E. N.
Dewey, of Agnewville, Va., was seri?
ously ill of cholera infantum last sum?
mer. "We gave her up and did not
expect her to live from one hour to
another," he says. "I happened to
think of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy and got a
bottle of it from the store. In five
hours I saw a change for the better.
We kept on giving it and before she
had taken the half of one small bottle
she was well. This remedy is for
sale by
B. S. Ashby & Co.,
Accomac, and all county agencies.
Write to us for estimates on doors,
sash, blinds, stair-rails and all other
kinds of building material, hardware,
paints, &c. Stock large, prices low.
Mr. R. D. L. Fletcher will be at Ac?
comac C. H., the first day of every
County Court, to receive orders for
the firm.
Cape Charles Ice & Lumber Co.
Business Notices.
Notice?A light red cow of good
size, (now with calf at her side) has
been on premises, near Accomac C.
H., since last summer. Owner will
please call for her, pay charges and
take away.
Charles Crowson.
For RENT-For 1906 the Green Hill
farm, near New Church. Apply to
Mrs. Nettie Jones,
Bloxom, Va.
Lots for sale. Apply to
Mrs. Dave Mears,
Painter, Va.
To Metompkin Beach ani>Rettr>
? My launch and monitor will leavt
Folly Wharf e\ cry Thursday,2 o'clock
tor Metompkin Beach, taking passen
gers on the round trip for 25 cents foi
adults, 15 cents for children. I au
also open for engagements any daj
in the week to any point on the sea
W. H. Lang,
Accomac C. H.
Notre?A light colored old co*
which has been tropassing on me cai
be found on my premises. The owne
will please call for her, pay charge
and take away.
Walter J. Spence,
Quinby Va.
FOR Sale?My house and lot atOa
Hall, Va. All buildings new. Th
reason 1 sell because I am going West
J. Ernest Tull,
Oak Hall, Va.
HcHHAii iou Cedar Island?Er
gagements must be made in advanc
for launches or enteitainmentonCedi
Island. Waddy House will be let ft
lodging. For details see posters,
ira F. Burton,
NOTICE?1 am prepared to tal
parties to Cedar Island in my ne
launch, the Ira B., on short notit
and very small charge every day i
the week (except Sundays) and hot
to gain part of your patronage by tr
ing to give you a safe and pleasai
trip. Respectfully
H. S. Lane,
Wachapreague, Va.
For Rent?For year 1906 my far
near Mappsburg Station called tl
"Stewart Farm" on which Mr. Sava]
now resides.
M. E. Hopkins,
2313 Maryland Ave.,
For Sale?A farm known as t
Bowls farm near Oak Hall, good hi]
land well adapted to trucking of ai
kind, containg 170 acres, about or
half cleared land. The farm is ii
proved by two dwellings and otb
buildings. For further particula
write or see.
John A. Fletcher,
Oak Hall, Va.
For Sale?Late Flat Dutch cabbage'
lants at 10 cents per 100. I
Wm. F. Bayne,
Tasley, Va.
For Sale?Two farms in the lower
art of Accomac, near Craddockville,
'a.; one containing about 90 acres,
bout 30 acres cleared land and about
OacreB woodland; plenty of resources;
our room house in good repair ami
iccessary outbuilding; one containing
kbout 38 acres having three room
louse and necessary outbuildings; for
mrticulars address
John L, Winder,
Reads Wharf, Va.,
or Jno. S. Parsons, Atty.,
Accomac, Va.
Notice to Oyster Planters?If
ron are in need of a watchman write
x> Box 21,
Exmore, Va.
Notice?All persons indebted to the
sstato of Abbott Davis, deceased, are
hereby respectfully notified that pay?
ment must bc matte by August 15th.
After that date all unpaid claims will
be placed in the hands of an officer
ror collection.
H. T. Davis,
When you want a pleasant laxative
that is easy to take and certain to act,
use Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
tablets. For sale by
B. S! Ashby & Co.,
Accomac, and all county agencies.
For Sale?Bateau, 16 feet long, Hog
Island build, good sailer and well
S. A. Milliner,
Accomac C. H., Va.
Where are you sick? Headache,
foul-tongue, no appetite, lack energy,
pain in your stomach, constipation?
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea will
make you well and keep you well.
35 cents,
Wm. P. Bell & Co.,
Hall's Pharmacy, Parksley.
For Rent?For 1906 my house at
Kellar. Apply to.
Mrs. R. T. Walter,
Kellar, Va.
For Rent?The late home of John ]
Finney, deceased, at Einncy's wharf,
poeesalon to be given at once. It is a
delightful home with everything in
good rcpair.hasbeautiful lawn,garden,
stable* ftc.
Spencer F. Rogers, agent for
Mrs. Susan A. Finney.
Notice?The Onawa Social Union
will hold their annual fair near
Mappsburg Station, on August 15th,
and continue four days.
Alexander Booker, Sec.
Notice?The Central Agricultural
Fair Association, colored, will hold
their seventh annual fair at Tasley,
Va., August 22d, and continue four
days. S. L. Burton, Pres.,
Jas. D. Uzzle, Sec.,
Ona.icock, Va.
For Sale-Corn at the "Folly".
Appy at once.
L. F. Nock.
Notice?Those wishing water trips
during the summer on seaside will
get good service on a fast comfortable
boat, the Launch Virginia,at moderate
prices. Will take parties anywhere
from Chincoteague to Smith's Island
and can carry up to twenty persons
comfortably. Wish to thank friends
for liberal patronage last year and so?
liciting continuance of same will try
to please them in every way.
Capt. L. T. Stevens,
Wachapreague, Va.,
or H. E. Mears,
Keller, Va.
For Sale?My house and lot in
Belle Haven. For terms apply to
Mrs. Margaret S. Mears,
Painter, Va.
Beautify your complexion, with little
cost. If you wish a smooth, clear,
creamlike complexion, rosy cheeks,
laughing eyes, take Hollister's Rocky
Mountain 'Tea, greatest beautifier
known. 35 cents.
Wm. P. Bell & Co.,
Hall's Pharmacy, Parksley.
For SALE?Late Flat Dutch cabbage
plants at 10 cents per hundred.
J Vi. Landon,
Finneys, Va.
For Sale or Rent?The Stran farm,
situated in one mile of Parksley. It
contains 300 acres, is in high state of
cultivation and has an abundance of
resources thereon. Can be subdivided
into three good farms.
J. H. Hopkins, agent for
Mrs. Wm. P. Custis.
For Rent?For the year 1906 the
"Main Place'' of the Floyd farm .known
as Sea View, in Custis Neck, neat
Accomac C. H.,and at present tenan?
ted by Mr. C. S. Watkinson. Said
place is a fertile and productive high?
land farm, requires 4 horses to culti?
vate it properly, is eligibly located on
Folly Creek commanding a fine view
of the Atlantic ocean, has a large anc
conveniently arranged dwelling house
and all necessary outbuildingstnereor
and is plentifully supplied with resour
ces for manure. Apply to
Capt. John W. Rogers,
Onley, Va.,
or Jas. G. Nock,
Onley, or Wachapreague.
Not a cent wanted, unless you an
cured. If yon are sick and ailing
take Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea
A gnat blessing to the human family
Makes you well?keeps you well. 3
cents, Tea or Tablets.
Wm. P. Bell & Co.,
Hall's Pharmacy, Parksley.
Notice?Farm for sale or rent fo
next year, 1906, where Mr. Samuel C
Abbott now lives, about one, 1, mil
east of Mappsville, Va. .directly sout
of Mr. David D. Abbott's. Apply t<
Tully G. Fisher,
Pocomoke, City, Md.
May 23d, 1905.
To Whom it may Concern?A
persons are hereby forewarned, undt
penalty of legal prosecution, froi
gunning, hunting, oystering, cuttin
timber or anywise trespassing on Pa:
ramore's Island, or any waters,creek
guts or flats on or connected wit
said Island.
Edwin T. Powell,
John W. Richardson,
Farmers Please Take Notice.
I am now in position to furnish ye
my patent barrel. Would be glad 1
send you sample and fill your orders,
will be the barrel you have been loo]
ing for and which will give you sati
faction under all circumstances. It
the same barrel when the sun shiu
and when it rains. You need no houi
to store them in. You can put the
out in your field for months and y(
will find them tight and strong as wm
put there. They are always ready f
use. They are all alike, no big one
no small ones, all just the right si
and the price is right and I can supp
you anywhere on this shore. I ai
you to give me a trial and you w
find the barrel all I claim for it. I s
licit your patronage. All orders 1
mail or phone will have prompt i
Yours, &c,
John W. Taylor.
Hallwood, Va.
May 17th, 1905.
Hosing Out Sale. |
We must vacate ou August 9th,
tierefore have decided to discontinue
lie Mercantile business aud offer
lor Entire Stock at anil Below
They must go regardless of cost and
di who wish to buy goods at whole
tale prices will do well to come and
look over our line and buy what they
ivant. The prices will surprise them.
We have a
Larg, and Assorted stock,
such as Ladies aud (.cuts collars and
curls, all kinds of Neckwear, Ladies
and Gents, Misses and Childien's hose,
a large and well assorted lot of Ham?
burgs and insertions, Laces and Em?
broideries of all kinds,< ients tine shirts,
drud's of all kinds including Warn.ru
Safe Cure, Kodal, Peruna, Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery,Lydia I'ink
hanis Vegetable Compound, Celery
Compound and Walpoles Cod Liver
oil, a large linc of Hardware, Tinware,
Crockery, Dishes, cups and saucers,
Lamps, Ac, 100 men's and Boys line
straw hats .5 cents each, many of
them wortii 50 cents and $1.00 <fec.. Ac.
As wc are going to close out lt is
necessary that all our store accounts
be settled and all persons owing us are
respectfully but earnestly urged to set?
tle up by August 9th. or they will find
their accounts iu the hands of au offi?
cer for collection.
Thanking our friends aud the public
for their patronage since we have been
in business, wc beg to remain.
Very Respectfully,
Leemont, Va.
Two hundred and twelfth session be?
gins September 14th, 1905. Two
courses: (1|, Collegiate Course, leading
to the degrees of _f. A. and M.A.; (_),
Normal Course Tuition free and board
at reduced rates. Building renovated
and newly equipped, lighted with elec?
tricity and supplied with pure artesian
Water. Send for catalogue.
l'rec'de-t.M. A..LL.D.
Carriages, Carriages.
We arc the sole Agents for thc
Novelty Carriage Works, aud several
others of the largest manufacturer s in
thc country. We have the largest as?
sortment of vehicles ever shown on the
Peninsula, we have a carload of the
lightest surreys, also a full assortment
of the very lightest and neatest bug?
gies, wire and wood wiieel runabouts,
umbrellas,reed and speed carts, duplex
wagon gears, etc. Another car of light
buggies to arrive in a few day.
Lilliston & (Justin,
Onancock, Va.
Notice to the Public.
I am no longer with L. W. *Jun.?y
Company, but can be reached by mail
at Pocomoke City. I am prepared to
furnish all materials at cost, saving
you the retailers large profit, aud will
instill nothing but first-class materials
giving my personal attention to all
work. For estimates on all kinds of
steam heating and plumbing supplies,
address, Peninsula Plumbing and Heat?
ing Company.
Pocomoke City, Md.
JACK WRIGHT is black with
white points. Was sired by
Our Jack measures five feet,
well shaped, very active.
For fuither particulars write
or phone to
Hopkins P.O., Va.
'lite uuiereuce iu Hour
lies somewhat in the
wheat and a great deal
in the milling.
The difference in price
lies somewhat in the
quality, and a great deal
in the selling.
Our flour is better than
comm on flour, because
it's milled from uncom?
monly fine wheat, by an
uncommonly perfect pro?
It is cheaper because
we sell it direct to the con?
sumer at wholesale rates.
The jobber and retailer
have no place in our sys?
tem. We give you their
A single barrel, or as
much as you want, at
wholesale rates.
Write us for prices.
Eagle mils,
Boilers and Engines.
Stationary and Marine Gasoline Engines, Machinery of all
kind*. Mill Supplies, Belting, Oils, Saws, Boiler Feeders, &c,
Columbia Dry Cell and Edison- Leland. Batteries, Gasoline
Engine, Cylinder and Lubricating oils, Dynamos, Spark Coils,
Switches, Propellers, &c.
L. W. Cunby Co.,
Salisbury, Md.
N. B. We have a large well equipped Machine Shop prepared to do any
kind of work.
L. J. MKLSON. Organized January 25th, 1898. J. H. MATHIAS
Greenbush Mfg. Co.,
Genera, ilerchandise.
The only fUmufacturlng Industry of Its kind on the Eastern Shore of
Virginia, Jtanufacturlng all kinds ~>f
for the construction of all kinds of buildings. Lime, Hair, Cement, Bricks,
Nails.&c. in stock.
We manufacture Titi*CK BAUHKI.S.
Headquarters for PUMP PIPE, PUMPS end POINTS, Pipe cut and thread?
ed for any lengths from :J to _inches in diameter.
Thanking thc public for past favors and soliciting a continuance of your
patronage. .Sincerely yours,
Greenbush Mfg Co.,
Near Accomac C. ll.
Pocomoke Marble W?rkM,
?Manufacturers of?
Marble and Granite Monu?
ments, Headstone.,
Tablets, &c
Pocomoke City, Md. |
Selling Off! at Cost.
We will sell all goods at cost, except
groceries, consisting of
Dry Goods, Notions, Roots.
and other goods too numerous to men?
tion during the month of July, to make
room for large new stock of
All are requested to give us a call
who want bargains.
N. H. Flour Middlings at fM.OO per
ton just arrived.
A F. M.
Notice For 30 Days Only.
I will sell at a special cut price all
makes of sewing machines. I sell all
makes in the latest styles, a $25.50
machine for $17.50, a $65.00 Standard,
Grand for $32.50.
A $65.00 New Home for $32.50.
A $65.00 White for $40.00.
A $65.00 Wheeler & Wilson for
A $65.00 Singer for $35.00.
Wheeler & Wilson 3 draw Box top
for $35.00.
White 3 draw Box top for $32.50.
New Home 3 draw box top ?30.00.''*
3 draw box top Standard for $27.00.
All goods guaranteed end delivered
free. I do this to cut down my stock.
I have bought a big stock of sewing
machines. 1 buy my machines and
pay cash for them and I can save you
money. Sell for cash or on time, and
will take your old machine as part
payment on new ones. Always carry
big stock of Farrand and Weaver
Organs. Can save you money in
organ line.
Cheap for cash or easy payments.
North St., Onancock.
jtrc-ng, Reliable and prompt
of Richmond, Va.
Insurance Company.
of Hartford, Conn.
of Brooklyn.
of St. Paul, Minn.
Company of N. Y.
Losses Settled with Promptness and
Lowest Current Rates.
We respectfully solicit your patron?
Kelly & Nottingham,
Onancock, Va.
For lOO.pagtCatalogui, addrtti THE PROCTOR.
Americas Most P_iu^cTVVtoiiJ>
l uv, . .-_...,cir, l.a^iL> KU. iiluAUU
ipecials. (Send for Catalogues.)
We sell more Bicycles than any tw<
Dealers in County, also Genera
Bloxoni & Son.
Hie Hallwood National Bank,
CAPITAL, $25,000.
Patronage Solicited.
Yiec-I'tesidt i
Jm. a. Hiiii. .1. m. Btoxom, .i. vt. nn'ughtoi
B.H.Conqu(-t, Marti- Hall .los. \v. Taylor.
Dr. Frank Fletcher j. w. Taylor,.. W.Mattbewi
We ha ? e recently purchased a nc
hearse a d outfit, and are now prt
pared to fill all orders with neatnet
and promptness.
We also have a full linc of coffin!
caskets and all materials for buryin
the dead, and removing them froi
graveyards to cemeteries. Pine heai
always on hand.
We kindly solicit a share of yoi
L. T. Crowson __ Son.
Telephone Call
Choice stock of seed, guaranteed t
be sound. Four varieties. |2.00 pt
Salisbury, Md.
3-28 2m
Whole-ale and Retail Dealer in Building Material, Building
ardware, Feed, etc.
Arc you going to build, if so it will pay you to inspect our stock of
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Mouldings, Stair Rails, Newels,
rackets, Porch Trimmings, Building Hardware, Florida and North Caroline
bingles, Ceiling, Flooring, Cypress Lumber and lathes. Ueorgia Pine Heart a
We are head.(darters for
Everything in the Feed Line,
i large quantities and sell at the smallest possible margin, Hay, Corn, OaU,
ran, High grade Middlings and chops.
Our Carriage, Wagon and Harness Department
i full and complete, we invite your inspection before buying.
We also carry a full stock of
Joal, Bricks, Lime, Cement, Salt, Terra Cotta Piping, Ameri?
can and Ellwood wire Fence,
''arming Implements, Disk und Peg Tooth Harrows, Planet Jr., cultivators,
dows, etc.
Do you intend to paint your dwelling, if so use
Iirshberg, Hollanders Htag Brand, R. M. Paste paint. It is the best and
meapest (One gallon makes two). We carry a full assortment of colors.
If you wish to contract for a building give us a call. Our Architect, W.
VI. Bowen will furnish you with latest designs, plans, etc., and will Jo your
work in the best workmanlike manner.
We give you a few names as reference of work done by us, O. L. Ewell
Augustus J. Parks, Columbus Bundick, all of Parksley,a_d Will Matthews, E.
W. Russell and Ashton J. Lewis, ali of Leemont, Va.
We ask a share of your patrouage,and assure you that any orders by phone
ur mail will receive prompt attention.
Parksley Coal and Supply Co.
A feast tor the eye and a saving of your bank account is
our motto in the following lines: We mention first
We have one of the largest and best selected stocks on the
Shore, such as Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Mantels, Mantel*
shelves, Gable Ornaments, Porch and and Stair Work, and we
have it all in stock so you can see just what you are going to get.
If you can't come and examine our stock send us an estimate,
if we do you no good we can't possibly do you any harm.
Wia.fiw and Boor Screens also Screen Wire all Siz^s ail Killi
If you are going to paint your home come and buy one quart
and try it. We know you will use no other?16 gallons painted
the Onancock Hotel one coat. Figure how many feet one gallon
Oil Stoves, Cool Stoves an. Rannes io Ente Variet?.
A full line of Builders' Hardware, Cutlery and Carpenter*.
tools always on hand.
horse: goods.
Last but not least we are Horse Outfitters. We carry every
thing that a horse needs, such as Harness, Spreads, Collars,
Pads, Fly Nets, Boots, Bandages, Hopples, Bits (of all kinds),
Toe Weights, everything you need for road or track. We can't
tell you the half, come and see our stock and be convinced we
have lots of inside bargains for the outside world.
Onancock Hardware Sash and Door Co.,
Successor to
Cnancock, Va.
There ia a great difference in the tone of pianos, and also a great differ?
ence in their wear. If you have not confidence in your own judgment, you
have to depend OD the honor and honesty of the firm with whom you deal.
We never abuse the confidence of our patrons aud refer with pride to over
two thousand satislied customers in the Tide-water counties of V irginia.
Every instrument is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer and by us. We
?itand between the manufacturer and the customer to protect the latter.
Reliable uew upright pianos from $228.00 to $700.00, including the follow?
ing celebration.
i* Write for Catalogues.
A large assortment of secondhand pianos and organs at bargain prices.
222 N. Howard St.,
Baltimore, Md
Carriages, Road Carts, and Harness.
1 have the largest and most complete stock of
South of Wilmington.
Just received a car load of Carriages and Road ('art. at all
prices. I also have my celebrated makes at reduced prices.
Come and look and you
will lind everything kept in a
first-class Carriage and Sad?
dlery establishment and you
will find everything as repre?
Thanking you for past favors aud asking a continuance of same.
Geo W. Covin ton.
New Church, Va.
Crisfield Ice Cream Co.,
?(Successor to)?
Wm. S. Richardson and the F. W. Shivers Co.,
-Manufacturers of
Plain and Fancy Cream, Water Ices,
Frozen Fruits, &c.
*<^m 'Near Ice Plant. Crisfield, Md. ^^
The plant of the F. W. Shivers Co. having been purchased
and added to that of the Crisfield Ice Cream Co. gives us capac?
ity of 1,000 gallons daily.
The new plant now in operation and all orders will be fiLl
ed promptly.
Can ship by Express to any station or by steamer to any
wharf on Peninsula.
Carroll Crockett, Manager,

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