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jJrmnsum (taprist.
Saturday, September 23,1905.
Intered at tLe Postoffice at Aooomao C. H..
Va., ai seoond-clua matt -r.
Election?Tuesday, Nov, J.7th.
(For Governor.
For Lieut-Governor.
For Attorney General.
For Supt. of Public Instruction.
For Secretary of Commonwealth.
Fur State Ti ensurer.
For Commissioner of Agriculture.
For State Senator.
For House of Delegates.
Hon. Claude A. Swanson, Demo?
cratic nominee for Governor of Vir?
ginia, opened bis campaign at Han?
over courthouse on Monday in a
speech too forcible and convincing to
leave anyone in doubt, who has read
it, as to the wisdom of his party in
selecting him as its standard bearer.
No one can read it and arrive at any
other conclusion in thc Ugh! of thc
facts aud figures presented by bim,or
fail to be proud of thc record whicb
the Democratic party has made in the
State. The speech, briefly summed
up, was a contrast in the records oi
the two parties, in which it was
shown by Mr. Swanson that thc Re?
publican party in Virginia to-day i
the same old Republican party of mis
rule, confusion and disaster, as it hat
been in the past, as was proven b\
him, in the record which it had math
of late years in Kentucky. Maryland
and other Southern States, while tht
Democratic administration during th<
same period had been remarkably
clean and progressive; so clean, ii
tact, as was stated by him, that ii
the handling of sixty millions of dol
lars by its officials there had beei
only one defaulter in the number.in i
sum less than forty thousand dollars
and the guilty man was in the peni
tentiary; and so progressive had i
been, for instance, that while "tri'
total expenditure for public school
in 1885, the last year of Republicai
rule in this State, was ?1,423,531.06
the total expenditure for the purpose
under Democratic rule, was $2,511,
093.20, nearly double the amount ap
propitiated for this purpose by the Re
publicans, that while the averag
term of public schools in Virginia ii
1885 was about five months in th
year it is now about seven months i
the year.
Mr. Swanson also contrasted th
record of the two parties in the Stat
on the debt question ands howctl thal
without leaving any stain on tb
honor of the State.it had been settle
by the Democratic party at a savin
of nine million dollars less than undt
the plan proposed by tha Republican
Mr. Swanson also showed sine
Democracy had come again int
power how the credit of the Stat
had been elevated and the progres
which had been made in taking cai
of the disabled Confederate soldiei
and the insane, in agriculture an
our many other industries?in even
thing in fact, which pertains to Ul
welfare and happiness of its peopli
and closed with "an earnest appeal t
the voters to continue in power tl
Democratic party with its splendi
record and the great and good n
forms it had brought to the State, h
made no appeal in his speech to pre
udice and did not need to do so. Tl
Democrats of the State have an in
pregnable record and with it he hi
the right to expect a glorious victoi
in November. There can be no que
tion as to the result, but as to tl
majority Mr. Swanson will receiv
Senator Martin is reported as putt it
it down at about forty thousand, ar
it ought not to fall short of that figur
perhaps, if the Democrats poll the
strength in November.
The campaign expenses of the cai
didates in the Democratic primal
have been reported and show tb:
Senator Martin in tbe race expendt
$11,542.02, and Governor Montagi
less than one-half of tbat amonn
$5,364.91; that the cost to Ur. Swa
son, candidate for Governor, w
$9, 840, 46, and of his competitc
Judge Mann, $5,346,25; that Mr. I
lyson who was practically witho
opposition in the race for Lieutenai:
Governor spent $2,600, and Mr. Cab.
"his opponent, about $.300. The cost
Mr. Eggleston, nominee for Superi
tendent of Public Instruction, w
$807.82. Mr. Hulvey, his opponei
and Mr. Willard, according to latt
advices, had not reported.
Former Governor O'Ferrall is u
conscious. Paralysis of tbe throat li
Bet in and death cannot ht* long t
layed. It is learned that while I
condition is considered hopeless he
likely to live several days.
Governor Montague will make ]
first speech of the campaign at M
dlesex Courthouse Tuesday. The
after he will speak regularly In did
ent parts of the State until electi
September 1905.
Lemuel H. Chesser and wife vs.
burnell H. Chesser and wife et als.
Decree confirming report of John S.
Parsons, special commissioner, for
>ayment of taxes, costs and distribu
Benjamin F. Chance vs. Minnie
Chance, infant. Decree divorcing
parties a mensa et thoro and settling
property rights.
Vida Kelly et als vs. Sarah E. Hill's
ex'or et als. Final decree.
Spencer F. Rogers et als vs. John
T. Finney ct als. Decree confirming
report of Spencer F* Rogers, special
commissioner, and removing cause
from docket.
Sylvester R* Chandler and wife &c.
vs. Thorogood Mason's admr. c. t. a.
fte. Decree confirming report of
Elizabeth A. Mason, receiver.
Kx Parte: Petition of Spencer F.
Rogers, guardian of Jno. T. F.
Rogers. Decree authorizing guardian
to expend ward's ineomo in his
education, for payment of costs of
petition and removing same from trial
The last will and testament of
Comfort Justis, deceased, was admit?
ted to probate and Joseph R. Riggs
qualified as her executor.
The Commonwealth vs. Edward
Jacob and Joseph Jacob, on an indict?
ment for felony. Tried, convicted
ami sentenced to confinement in jail
ten days eacli and to pay each a fine
of $5.00.
Town of Onancock vs. Luther J.
Scott. Upon au aopeal from a judg?
ment of the mayor of the town of
Onancock for unlawfully selling wine,
spirituous and malt liquor-Ste.,?two
eases. Convicted und fined $100.00
iii each ease and term of imprison?
ment in each case "ascertained" as
30 days in county jail.
Edward T. Hinman vs. George Vf.
Hinman et als. Decree authorizing
oonveyance to Covington V. Corbin.
Edward D. Waddy and wife vs.
Bert ie K. Powell ftc. Decree confirm?
ing report of Stewart tv. Powell,
special commissioner, and authorizing
investment of funds in this cause.
Ceo. D' Wilkins et als vs. William
B. Wilkins' admr. et als. Decree
confirming report of Stewart K.
Powell, special commissioner.
County School Board of Accomack
Co. on a petition. Order appointing
special commissioner and for sale of
lot on Saxis.
County School Board of Accomack
Co. on a petition. Order confirm?
ing sale made by school trustees of
school house and lot at Temperance?
ville and appointing special commis?
sioner to carry sale into effect, for
payment of costs &c.
Jas. E. Berry and wife vs. William
L. Berry et als. Decree of reference.
Wm. H. Pruitt, Sr., who sues &c,
Jas. S. Taylor's admr. et als. Decree
confirming report of S. T. Ross,
commissioner in chancery, and for
Howard Lee James et al, infants, by
next friend, vs. Mary Susan James et
als. Order for sale.
William H. Phillips et als vs. Robert
Phillips' admr. et als. Decree of refer?
Robert J. Taylor &c's guardian vs.
Robert J. Taylor &c. Decree confirm?
ing report of Stewart K. Powell,
special commissioner.
Edward P. Byrd and wife vs. Mag?
gie N. Byrd and others. Decree re?
instating cause and for vacation
Rosser C. Doughty &c's guardian
vs. Rosser C. Doughty et als. Decree
removing cause from docket.
Joshua A. Wise vs. Sarah Jane
Wise. Decree divorcing parties a
vinculo matrimonii, settling property
rights &c and removing cause from
Lottie E. Garrison vs Wm. C. Cole*
hurd and others. Decree of reference.
Henry J. S. Fox's guardian vs,
Henry J. S. Fox et als. Decree ol
Mrs. E. M. Ames, formerly of this
county, now of Baltimore, has movec*
from 720 West Fayette to 912 McCulloh
St., and requests her friends anc
patrons to call at her new home
where she is now better prepared tc
accommodate them.
Mary J. Barnes vs. Eugene W
Barnes and wife and others. Decree
confirming report of John S. Parsons
attorney, and removing cause fron
Helen Rowles' guardian vs. Heler
Rowles, on a petition. Order allow
ing certain expenditures for infant de
fondant, for payment of costs, &c.
Call on me for groceries, rnbbei
boots, oil skins, and every kind o
water tackling at my store at tht
Oyster House. W. H. Lang.
It. E. McCleary will be at T. H
Melson's stables, Accomac C. H.
October 2d, 3d, and 4th with 26 horsei
and mules. They will be for sale o:
trade and will be as represented.
McCleary & Meison.
Full line school books at
D. H. Johnson & Son's.
Ask for Bunk Trower, with Ne\
York Clothing House. 102 & 104 Bal
timore St., Balto. Md., the larges
retail clothing house in Baltimore
Tailor made suits to order.
Write to us for estimates on doon
sash, blinds, stair-rails and all othe
kinds of building material, hardware
paints, &c. Stock large, prices low
Mr. R. D. L. Fletcher will be at At
comae 0. H., the first day of ever
County Cogrt, to receive orders fe
the firm.
Cape Charles Ice & Lumber Co.
A Remedy Without a Peer.
"I find Chamberlain's Stomach an
Liver Tabb-ts more beneficial tha
any other remedy 1 ever used f<
stomach trouble,'' sayH J. P. Klott
Of Edina, Mo. For any disorder <
tin stomach, MHoUSUOSS or constipi
tion, these Tablets are without
peer. For sale by
?emlums Awarded at Keller Pair.
rs. Upshur Mears, apple 50
1 J. H. Parks, 2d 26
' C. F. Phillips, quince 50
' Upshur Mears, 2d 2*5
' G. W. Jacob, pear 50
' Upshur Mears, 2d 25
' It. J. Bell, plum 60
' G. W. Jacob, 2d 25
' U. Q. Sturgis, peach 50
' Upshur Mears, 2d 26
' J. A. Parks, crab apple 50
' E. B. Mears, 2d 26
' R. J. Bell, pine apple 50
liss Annie T. Jacob, 2d 25
Irs. U. I). Sturgis, cherry 50
' J. T. Mears, 2d 25
* J. H. Parks, orange 60
' C. F. Phillips, 2d tt
' R. J. Bell, strawberry 60
' Upshur Mears, 2d 25
' C. F. Phillips, grape 60
1 Kate Bull, 2d 25
1 J. T. Mears, wine 50
' R. J. Bell, 2d tt
* Nettie Beauchamp, honey 50
' Chas. Martin, 2d tt
' Vf. L. Drummond, best collec?
tion, preserves 2 00
' U. Q. Sturgis, 2d 1 00
' U. Q. Sturgis, best collection
jams and jellies 2 00
' W. L. Drummoad. 2d 1 00
Canned Goods.
Miss Ella Mason, peaches 50
Mrs. Vf. li. Mapp, 2d 25
' M. R. Doughty, apples 60
' U. Q. Sturgis, 2d 25
' M. R. Dougbtv, pears 60
' G. W. Jacob, 2d 25
' U. CL Sturgis, blackberries BO
* G. Vf. Jacob, 2d 25
' U. G. Sturgis, cherries 60
Miss E. Susie Mason, 2d tt
Mra.W. L. Bull, strawberries 60
4 L. J. Kilmon, 2d tt
' Leonard Helote,whortleberries 50
' J. H. Parks, 2d H
1 Leonard Belote, corn 60
Miss Margie Belote, Sd 25
Mrs. J. T. Mears, peas 60
' Leonard Belote, 2d 25
' R. J. Bull, tomatoes 50
' L. J. Kilmon, 2d 25
' Leonard Belote,best c'll'tion 2 00
4 L. J. Kilmon, Sd l oo
Dried Fruits.
Mrs. Julia A. Bull, peaches 60
I L. W. Mason, 2d 25
4 G. W. Turlington, apples 50
' L. N. Bogga, 2d 25
4 G. Vf. Turlington, pears 50
' W. L. Drummond, cherries 60
4 Virginia Wescott, 2d 25
4 Vf. L. Drummond, figs 60
4 Virginia Wescott, 2d 25
Home-Made Candies.
4 U. Q. Sturgis, choc, caramels 50
4 Ernie B. Mears, 2d 25
* J. T. Mears, peanut taffy 50
4 J. II. Parks, 2d 26
4 J. T. Mears, sugar taffy 50
4 A. C. Justis, 2d M
4 J. T. Mears, cocoanut 50
4 J. H. Parks, 2d 26
4 U. Q. Sturgis, choc, drops 50
' A. C. Justis, 2d 25
4 U. Q. Sturgis, salted peanuts 50
4 A. C. Justis, 2d 26
4 V. Q. Sturgis, salted almonds 50
4 A. C. Justis, 2d 26
? Lou Kilmon, peanut brittle 50
4 W. L. Bull, 2d 25
Miss Emma C. Jones, mol. taffv 50
Mrs Anna J. Bull, 2d 25
4 A. C. Justis, display 50
4 U. Q. Sturgis, 2d 25
Ornamental and Fancy Work.
Mrs. W. J. Baldwin, infant dress 1 50
Miss Laura Corbin, skirt 1 00
Mrs. L. N. Boggs, knit socks 50
4 Ernie B. Mears, 2d 25
' R. W. Anderson, k. slippers 75
4 Emily J. Reid, 2d 50
Miss M. H. Costen, c'h't. slippers 75
4 Lena Belote, 2d 50
4 Ella Mason, knit edging 50
4 E. Susie Mason, 2d 25
Mrs. P. W. Downing, c'h't. edging 50
4 Georgie Ayers, 2d 25
4 S. Hoffman, splasher 50
Miss J. C. Mister, 2d 25
Mrs. B. W. Anderson, toilet mats 50
4 Emily J. Reid, 2d 25
Miss J. C. Mister, lamp mats 50
4 Margaret S. West, 2d 26
Mrs. C. R. Waters, outlined
table cover 1 00
Miss J. C. Mister, 2d 75
' Mary Copes, crochet spread 1 50
4 Josie C. Mister, 2d 1 00
4 Mabel Nock, knit spread 1 50
Mrs. Sarah Byrd,2d 1 00
Miss M. H. Costen, slumber robe
or afghan 3 00
Mrs. Lynn Bull, 2d 2 00
4 Arthur Saunders, child's
slumber robe or afghan 2 00
Miss India Lilliston, 2d 1 00
Mrs. R. Vf. Anderson, infant's
sack knit 50
' E. M. Jordan, infant's sack
crochet 50
4 L. N. Boggs, 2d 25
4 Arthur Saunders, infant's
cloak, em'b. in silk 1 00
' C. R. Waters, 2d 75
4 G. W. Jacob, stocking bag 50
Miss Josie C. Mister, 2d 25
4 , laundry bag 50
4 Minnie Belote, head rest W
4 Mildred Downing, 2d 25
Mrs. W. M. Turlington, darning
on lawn 50
4 W. E. Mapp, 2d 25
4 C. F. Phillips, spec, button
holes 50
' G. Vf. Turlington, 2d 25
4 L. N. Boggs, spec tatting 60
4 Emily J. Reid 2d 26
Miss Mary Copes, crochet shawl
or cape 7fi
Mrs. P. W. Downing, 2d 5C
Business Notices.
Puruc Auction?I will sell at pub?
lic auction on Saturday, October 7th,
all of my household and kitchen fur?
niture, among which will be some
antique and mahogany pieces, cook
stoves, 2 heating stoves, extension
table, washtands, cupboards, large
iron pot and many other things toe
numerous to mention. Sale to begin
at 2 p. m. at residence of Mrs. G. G.
Ailworth, Accomac C H.
Jno. E. Lewis.
Notice?By virtue of certain exe?
cutions in my hands, I will sell al
Eublic auction on Saturday, Septem
er 30th, at 10 o'clock a. m., at tht
storehouse of T. U* Hickman, Keller
all the goods, wares and merchandise
of Haiti Hickman.
Lee B. Kellam, Sheriff.
For Salk or Rent?The Stran farm
situated in one mile of Parksley. Ii
contains 300 acres, is in high state 0
cultivation and has an abundance o
esources thereon. Can be subdivfclet'
nto three good farms.
J. II. Hopkins, agent for
Mrs. Wm. P. Custis.
To Whom it may Concern?Al
persons are hereby forewarned, unde
penalty of legal prosecution, fron
gunning, hunting, oystering, euttiiij
timber or anywise trespassing on Par
ramore's Island, or any waters,creeks
guts or flats on or connected witl
said Island.
Edwin T. Powell,
John W. Richardson,
Notice?Farm for sale or rent fo
next year, 1900, where Mr. Samuel <
Abbott now lives, about one, 1, mil
east of Mappsville, Va. .directly soul
of Mr. David D. Abbott's. Apply U
Tully G. Fisher,
Pocomoke, City, Md.
May 23d, 1905.
Wanted?Young man to clerk ii
our stove. Apply to
T. S. Hopkins & Co.
Tasley, Va.
For Sale?The '-Taylor farm" at
irgatha lately belonging to Mr
igene Wm. Barnes, with the excep
>n of about 2J acres at the Nortn
st end thereof, which I will sell in
ta, the corner one of which is a
luable site for a store. The land is
gb, with not a ditch on it or need of
ie, is unsurpassed for sweet potatoes
id bas a considerable quantity of
nd already improved for trucks and
is a comfortable dwelling with nee
tssary outbuildings, good enclosures,
convenient to postoffice, churches
id schools, is about 2J miles from
loxom station and half mile from
Goodberry and there is a good and
Irect route from it to the public land
ig nearly opposite on the seaside
nd a Bhort distance therefrom. Prices
?astmable and terms accommodating
L. Floyd Nock,
Accomack C. H., Va.
For 8ALE-Skip-jack "Bessie,"
abin aft, will carry 150 bushels oys
ers, only four years old in good con
ition and ready for work. Having
o use for her will sell very cheap.
R. S. Milliner ft Son,
Lot:ustville, Va.
For Sale?My house and lot of li
cres, now occupied by me and 2J
cres of woodland?also 7 acres of
lyster grounds partly seeded and 1}
.cres fully seeded. For particulars
>pply to
Joel T. Stant,
Marsh Market, Va.
Notice -All persons having claims
.gainst tho estate of Thomas B. Hope,
leeeased, will at once present them
or settlement All persons indebted
O T. B. Hope for store accounts are
?eqneated t<> settle the same. If not
mid by October 1st they will be placed
n the hand of an officer for collection.
B. T. Hope, adm'r.
Good advice to women. If you
want a beautiful complexion, clear
-ikin, brighteyes, red lips, good health,
take Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.
f here is nothing like it. 36 cents, Tea
sr Tablets.
Wm. P. Bell & Co., Accomac.
Hall's Pharmacy, Parksley.
Notick?All persons are hereby fore?
warned from gunning, oystering, or
otherwise trespassing on the Handy
farm or marsh leased by me from L.
R. Doughty and others under penalty
of a prosecution to the full extent of
J. C. Spence
Temperanceville Bank.
Responsibility to Depositors,
$50,000?clear of all statutory
exemj tions.
Opened for business May 10,
Report of Condition of
at the close ofbusiness Septem?
ber 18, 1905.
Loans and Discounts.$18,267 99
Due from National Banks... 19,356 87
Cash. 2,672 74
Total $40,297 60
Profits, less expenses and .
taxes paid.$ 468 13
Individual Deposits subject
to Check. 35,700 86
Certified Checks. 6 00
Certificates of Deposit. 4,06*4 W
Cashier's Checks. 59 62
Total $40,297 60
State of Virginia, county of Acco?
I, W. L. Nock, cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement is true to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
W. L. Nock,
Subscribed and sworn te before me
this 19th day of September, A. D.,
Henry E. Byrd, N. P.
VlKlilNlA.-In the Circuit Court for the Coun
ty of Accomack, in the vacation of thc said
Court, the 18th flay of Hei.tember, A. 1).. 1905.
Music Sample,.Plaintiff.
Obed Sample.Defendant.
In Chancery.
Thc object of this suit is to obtain a divorce a
vinculo matrimonii from the defendant Obed
Affidavit having been made before the clerk of
the said court that Obed Sample, the defendant
in the above entitled cause, is a non-resident of
the State of Virginia, on the motion of the plain?
tiff, by her attorney, it is ordered that he. thc
said non-resident defendant, do appear here
within fifteen days after due publication of this
order and do what is necessary to protect his in?
terest!; and that this order be published once a
week for four successive weeks in the "Peninsula
Enterprise." a ncwspai>er published at Acco?
mack CH., Virginia, and also posted at the
front door of the court house of the said county
on the first Monday in October, A. D.. 1905.
Teate: John I), tlrant, C, C.,
A Copy
Teate: John D. Grant, C. C.
Mears k Mapp. p. q.
VIROINIA :-In the t ircuit Court for the Coun?
ty of Accomack.in thc vacation of the said Court,
the 19th day of September, A. 1)., 1906.
Moses N. Wimbrow.Plaintiff.
William 8. Phillips, Joseph A. Phillips and Dan?
iel J. Elliott, partners trading under the style of
Phillips & Elliott.Defendants.
In Assumpsit.
The object of this suit is to obtain a Judgment
for the plaintiff against the defendants for the
sum of Five Hundred and Kifty-three Dollars and
Forty Cent*. ($653,401. with interest from August
l.Sth, 190f>. till paid and costa of this suit.
Affidavit having been made before the clerk of
the said court that William 8. Phillips. Joseph
A. Phillips and Dani?l J. Elliott, the defendants
in the above entitled cause, are non-resident* of
the State of Virginia, on the motion of the plain?
tiff, by his attorney, it is ordered that they, the
said non-resident defendant*, do appear here
within fifteen days after due pbulication of thia
ordee and do what is necessary to protect their
interest*; and that thi* orderbe published one*
a week for four successive weeks in the "Penin?
sula Enterprise." a newspaper published at Ac?
comack CJourt House, Virginia, and also posted
at the front door of the Court House of the said
county on the first Monday in October, A. D..
Teste: John I).Grant. C. C.,
A Copy
Teste: John D. Grant. C. C.
James H. Fletcher, Jr., p. u,
To The Public.
We are in a position to iur
nish you with almost every?
thing in the
that the trade demands, such ae
PUMPS, and Pipe, Mechanics
tools, Farming Implements,and
many other things too numerous
tt> mention.
Pump driving, Tin roofing
and Repairing, Specialties.
All orders promptly filled
and at fair prices.
Yours For Business
Doremus & Savage,
Belle Haven, Va.
? ?
Tailors, Furnishers
The New Fall and Winter Styles Are Ready.
will be pleased to personally serve
his many friends from this section.
8, 10, 12 East Baltimore St,
Near Charles St.,
Baltimore, Md.
Tlie HM National Bank, F
' i
CAPITAL, $25,000.
, T. LEW1H.
aa. A. Hall, J. M. Bloxom. J. W. Broughton
'.H.Conquest. Martin Hall Jos. W.Taylor.
)r. Frank r'Utchcr.J. VV. Taylor.S. W.Matthews.
Established 1875.
Renovated and Opened.
s now occupied by Mrs. George
Vf. Ward, and family All need
lave no fear in giving them a share
if their patronage, as Mrs. Ward has
few cquitls as a hotel hostess. Heat -
sd bedrooms furnished if desired with?
out extra expense.
A first-class LIVERY is still being
run by me in connection with hotel.
Will meet passengers at Wisharts
and other points with team upon no?
tice by writing or phoning direct to
Harry T. White,
The difference in flour lies some?
what in the wheat and a great
deal in the milling.
The difference in price lies some?
what in the quality, and a great
deal in the selling.
Our flour is better than com?
mon flour.because it's milled from
uncommonly fine wheat, by an
uncommonly perfect process.
It is cheaper because we sell it
direct to the consumer at whole?
sale rates.
The jobber and retailer have no
place in our system. We give
you their profits.
A single barrel, or as much as
you want, at wholesale rates.
Write us for prices.
Eagle mils,
VIRGINIA:?In the Circuit Court for thc
county of Accomack, in the vacation of said
court, on the 21st day of September. A. IV, 1905.
William H. Taylor.Plaintiftf
Ella D. Taylor.Defendant,
In Chancery
The object of this suit is to obtain from the de?
fendant, Ella U. Taylor, a divorce a vinculo mat
Affidavit having heen made before the clerk of
the said court, that Ella I). Taylor,the defendant
in thc above entitled cause is a non-resident of
the State of Virginia, on the motion of the plain?
tiff, by his attorney, it is ordered that she. the
said non-resident defendant, do appear here
within fifteen days after due publication of this
order and do what is necessary to protect her in?
terests ; and that this order be published once a
week for four successive weeks in the "Peninsula
Enterprise." a newspaper published at Acco?
mack C. H., Virginia, and also posted at the
front door of the court house of the said county
on thc first Monday in October, A. D., 1905.
Teate: John D. Grant. C. C.
A Copy
Teste: John D. Grant. C. C.
Mears k Mapp, p. q.
Cemetery Notice.
Persons in Accomac and adjoining counties
wishing to mark the grave of a relative or friend
with a
in Marble or Polished Granite, can now do so at
a very small outlay as we keep in stock a large
collection of finished work of modern designs ol
the beat workmanship and at the very lowest
115 N. Liberty St. near Lexing?
ton also 311 8. Charles St.
Goddess Brothers,
Established Seveaty-FlYe Tears.
Steam Heat.
Hot A Cold Wate
Bath Hoomsi
Parker House,
A. PARKKR, Prop'r.
C. E. Townsend's
Livery Attached.
Pocomoke City
All Kinds of
High Gi'ade Whiskies k Wines
Bold by the gallou, quart and pint.
Send Postoffice Money Order oi
Check with order and your address
and Package will be shipped by Flrrt
'or a Good Slate Roof
'or a Good Tin Roof,
For a Good Stove.
?'orGuUers and Spouting,
-or Repairing of ali kinds,
?Call on?
Phone or Mail Orders Promptly At?
tended to.
Carriages, Carriages.
We are tbe sole Agents for the
Novelty Carriage Works, and several
atbers of thc largest manufacturers in
Ibe country. We bave the largest as?
sortment of vehicles ever shown on the
Peninsula, we have a carload of the
lightest surreys, also a full assortment
ot tbe very lightest and neatest bug?
gies, wire and wood wheel runabouts,
innbrellas.reed and speed carts, duplex
wagon gears, etc. Another car of light
buggies to arrive in a few day,
Lilliston & Custis,
OnaDcock, Va.
If so, write to the
?Davis Bro. Fropnetors,?
For prices on Head and Foot
Stones, Monument, Iron Railing
and all cemetery work in ger ?
eral, and save money.
Davis & Bro.,
Agents?W. H.Pruitt,Temperance
?Hie; E. J. Windich, Onancock
OXO. W. Abdbll. Bede Haven;
Bird St Drummond, Orangeville;
LLOTP Bmitb. Pungoteugn*.
JACK WRIGHT is black with
white points. Was sired by
Our Jack measures live feet,
well shaped, very active.
For fui ther particulars write
or phone to
Hopkins P. 0., Va.
Look Save money,
Parksley Marble Works,
Manufacturers of
Also dealer in
Wrought li on 40 cents r er ft.
Galvanized Iron lUcta per tt and up
Strong, J^eliable and Prompt
of Richmond. Va.
Insurance Company.
ol Hartford. Conn
of Brooklyn.
of St. Paul. Minn.
Company of N. Y.
Losses Settled with Promptness and
Lowest Current Rates.
We respectfully solicit your patron?
Kelly & Nottingham,
Onancock, Va.
25 Large Nickle Lamps to be Given
We will give to any customer making a cash purchase of ten dollars
$10.00) or over a large No. 2 Nickle Rochester Lamp complete. This Lamp
tanda 21 inches high and retails for $1.50 ea'dv
Every house keeper who has not one of these lamps in their homes should
nake good this chance to get one. We will take the names of the 25 custo
ners who get the lamps and when the quantity has been used up will show
he list to the late callers so they may know we have done as advertised.
Sale Commences September 18th.
tieiio! Telephones?Telephones. Hello!
The work of constructing our main lines has heen
completed, and we are ready to build the side linea,
and instal service at any point in Accomac County.
For particulars as to rates, etc., address our repre?
sentative, Mr. C. A. White, who will be in Onancock
for two weeks.
The Diamond State Telephone Company.
iieiio! Telephones-Telephones. Hello!
On Saturday, Sept 30th,
Our Store will be closed on account of
Holiday, and no goods will be sold
on that day.
There is a great difference in the toue of pianos, and also a great differ?
ence in their wear. If you have not confidence in your own judgment, you
have to depend on the honor and honesty of the firm with whom you deal.
We never abuse the confidence of our patrons aud refer with pride to over
two thousand satisfied customers in tbe Tide-water counties of \ irginia.
Every instrument is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer and by us. We
stand between the manufacturer and the customer to protect the latter.
Reliable uew upright pianos from $225.00 to $700.00, including the follow?
ing celebration.
Write for Catalogues.
A large assortment of second hand pianos aud organs at bargain prices.
222 N. Howard St.,
Baltimore, Md
L. J. MELHON. Organized January 25th. 1898. J. 8. MATHIAS
Greenbush Mfg. Co.,
General Herchandise.
The only rianufacturing Industry of Its kind on the Eastern Shore of
Virginia, rianufacturing all kinds ??f
for the construction of all kinds of buildings. Lime, Hair, Cement, Brick*
NailB.&c. in stock.
We manufacture TRUCK BARRELS.
Headquarters for PUMP PIPE, PUMPS aud POINTS. Pipe cut and thread?
ed for any lengths from j to 2 inches in diameter.
Thanking the public for past favors aud soliciting a continuance of your
patronage. Sincerely yours,
Greenbush Mfg Co.,
Near Accomac CH.
R. McKENNEY PRICE. We will bond you.
Prctical Plumber.
Steam and Hot
Water Hetaing
I carry a line of up-to-date supplies
in stock. Estimates cheerfully fur?
nished on all kinds of work. I want
you heating and plumbing trade.
Wind Milla and Hot Air
Pumping Engines a Specialty
Jobbing Work Promptly Attended to
Phone 231.
CAPITAL - - 1,000,000.00,
Wilt become sole security on bond* of Ad?
ministrators. Executors, Committees of Lu?
natics, Guardians, Trustees and al! bonds re
iiuired in Court proceeding; also bonds of
Treasurers, Clerks. Assessors, Sheriffs, Con?
stables, Contractois. 4c.
For particulars and rates address
Wise & Oldham, Agents.
Accomac, Va.
Benj. T. Gunter, Consulting Attorney,
Accomac V*

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