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The De Soto County news. [volume] (Arcadia, Fla.) 1898-1924, May 20, 1915, Image 10

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itisfwsW itisfwsWslteoF
1f1 o ca an
+ ls lsi
i r
Mr 1 1rap
rap o oIle
Ile Ile6BfA
6BfA et4 a
I 5 c I
1 1u
u digw ° ° b bburn
burn to hip hipyarn
yarn > slteoF 8uhdJ 8uhdJBlock dd ddi
i Dl Dlf
f f Dfr lal A dg Y Ym
m wclalmina prove e
Y t0 tk fO110P111 Pro 117
1 thereef > otawltlJLot 2 It V VI
t Block 7 of thotown oK oKWrlda ZCu ZCuyt
I yt Wrlda being a part Par cf JQ e a
quarter of the northeast nott4 et
Section 22 i
Township i ittwn eo eocost
cost nn1 Lot 9 of fi ock o
town of Avon Park bhg hig + ctftart Lwrrt
tbo southwest quarter of the soutlic
quarter of section 22 z township
nouth range 23 cast lying and t be >
in DeSoto Count Counare Florida arc n
each of them are required to ap appi
ta the hill of complaint in tbU cni
en n the 3rd day of May 1010 sarao I
tag a1 rule day of this court
It to s hereby ordered that this
C flee be published once a week weekt I j
t r twelve consgcutlve consi cuUvi > weeks In ibo 1X1 D Ds
t r rpublished
s t0 COMty News n weakly newap
1 > published In 1nIye3oto DiSoto County 71
d A 4 i In witness whereof I hare he hecal h
I xt my bated a afebru myr H
seal this 3tt1 day p o of Febrttnq myrl6 l6
16ca1 < cal JL L DUnHAU
CBcrk of the Circuit Gout fOeSot fOeSotCounty a
County Florida
By Mary A Move Tteptq Wimple WimpleJones Vlerk VlerkJones
Jones A Jones Solicit olleftQsg for VB mp1a1 mp1a1I > Pa11 Pa11ant
ant antA 1 1A
I A true copy of the orlrlnalVA orlrlnn 1 1Olerk
I Seal A ACounty
Olerk pt the Cfreblt etio etioCounty
County Florida Floridasuitor Cru5
By Mary A hL Oeputy lcrk lcrkd
r1r d oz ozd
d Notice r fIP wit ny nyTkpartment
< Tkpartment jurdaya woo f fLand
l1 Land Oo y o lnterea 0 Or + u
pt1tl Aw suitor eY ItOr can Offoj Offojrot AROson
rot rotalready coaJl e
1 flee ln t An Ant
t flL ti 1mcs 1mcsti
fum fumWe d darc
tell We ore noguhe lIot qlllte i
1 yea what else t tsold
sold Id for
some ot t
already toollttle too tooItle tO
give Jltlp Itle his too tO co cohis g goon 4LAIIJ d fro k ktep p
I h COnlnlllllt commu exact Is Jp word ords
1 + th thtt j eel eelFlorfdn e Ib
sltlon lIon
i i i I10 or any nil 1lase 1 da g gr o t Itm
1 In One CllII lIJt tm 1111
S f A 1 bUJlng lroperty tlle flier fliera
> ie e c clo e hl lla
a S w al etta R sad hll bu1e
Ill any iooke fro ropprlJ erty thn that t Is t GN
I I 11iOOO ookll for Alladln fl to
St 1 1 People nlthlu vIf IIh11l i the
t eight years yearsI JparsIr
r 3 j 11r Ir r
cliumnker thllls hit hitclous
develop thla thl sectlou < tlOII
jr t > I I good roads and more r
i tf i hlghvAy Gell ° stc
s we e be
dred to get It nlll II be
o ot
thou thousands
f i t the south Florida lInds ot doll
I Ii scutlent > UolI
j that A rtodfa Ii f
I 1 hollld
I clous hotel hotelre II
i tpr more m ° re to IIlOOWWodatlons the
f I With rail ronds demands e ot f
1 tI and d the gulf is Ie ICodlllA to
aUrnCthe It t 1111
S indeed
t tourIst tourIstThe
I I The tOllrht are
r ± t more re that learnhtg n
the tbPJ should
j north n < > rtl Until not no t tl
at a t least
l I 11 The genet 1eOeral IIIlddle mWdlep
Irlso COlllnlPllt Wa one
1arlso that 1 < 0
i lDalnel red III t them themI
11 a Pullmans Uote ate this late Jntpcrowded >
0 w ere
I 2 ern IJCOple crowded with jth jththey
t whldr hlel 10
r I i t flUrprlM I1l1l1kllll thinkhlr Us Wall n I II It
t i j + fill left Pit the tee s had prill prilli prillfill p en
jt I 1 If jl Iallt 1011111 y
i Ieeks eek
I 80me gam n ni
11 1 j t I A ft allze Uzc that PeoPle 1f hPllllh ealtharn af > 1111111 II IllS IllSI
t I l
means cane cane1
3 Wealth ltb
I 1 Florida FlorIdas more moreI or
I la
S Sv
t I3 f tt 111 an nUractlon Its II III
tcib I f Wflh good health Heel Heelf
et and
5 I y i meat ot the letter adel ndVes
1 i I
V s 1 I mone money > J making toss IOssllJlltls IOssllJlltlsI llhlrs
x t f t tract huudrela where the stole Irlll il aar 0 < 1 1I
I I i tens It noiv no r nit nttiir nitt
t II lir IIJ
r J 1 4
i There
aO ar a
I J v j 1 t flonH1I Florlda llIrlda 1I1I1III but mbe the > er r ot lire r rit I
H Hj it tho one
1 J r JOO 0st < jt hnlOrilllt is I lIe rs lg g
I 1 r 1101
tl I are tile
I to t get groll
Ii Jij i 3 for tlwr what 101 they theyh ore Clllltd artltleda
h f I r I their I dtrust lltrus fruits rulte
j < According g to
I i 1 1 a oLlnlllallle t4rrc thlr the best Iutormatl luformntlt
t I It If t all abllJlCd l lad 1111 to Seems to toI tolaic laic 1If 1IfIt b >
4 JIIIJ lay 131
19 i 000 hollt
I l1O 1JIeS CS ot toOO 10 <
Jj trult
fl J mate Basing our
ea 01 a eat
It COIfcIlIUs ot
tall 10 Ig hdervlea Opllllous 01 0
J r 1 packers e and lag moro tllllll GO
1 Ae grOWers
i aTerliged g less lessl lessIj tbon this fruit bOI
l Ij rI 1 011 the tree or a lews I S gala s tlian 40 n cell f44000000 f44000000This gdlts0ppppp gdlts0pppppThis HOOOOOOI ir Is per bo
S1 This has not notS1 been b < Min < > n due
lietIhat leers els that to lop lo mar
low 101
retali retail
I J I marketI market J
I url
1 1x
ra ra1enon
1enon 1enonraft
raft 004 I It
t 4111 me
i ter
Irv Irvgtiitantei
f f 1
111 thcaet
of RIp rhlcl ho
4t I + IOHt chutttua chutttuaeat
eat on sit sittupont tupont tupontIt
It la
du dueeutest
eeutest 3 P Pyour
your 4
t vial No d4 t tI
I aLlP60p Qataer i
today h
r O U
I IRO roptre roptretd td sh wbr Llel
b 4 w tilt tiltoia
a Co111Je 1
oia mado lug flip t
i0 hlt ct Shen a wax n me salt room roomare
are there err r
are arer e
tha tale SP V Vtha a ts tso3
o3 onfe gtiitantei gtiitanteiof a aattrertlr
Ut of attractloi attractloihat attrertlrb
b one or uarnn r
n w awltY lOdaJ i at
SSlllcsldes o to be
c + ltnr In At 100 as asc
r9 t tttont
c hlSi Its Itsan an r
ttont + saf r r 1 t h
Pr00f 9 Vlt t OA L Lyear C
year u S Scith H
cith cv 0 e
n r
ou sh Stt Pcr tlf tlfQtn j
ter l doh you youIt
Qtn iro ° i It to ymt ymtn
t n l l
tt r
y r a rRecdvcr t
711 rq Aprtl lRf lRfiytl
iytl II tPdl 4r i
ue sholl eliottid III IlIroll ollh orlIlIlznllo J
fr Sclllwo1er IIdrertlse lt
Imatllana laUJall lIl PSIKr > er 1s S Iho
nre ud I s 10 10laUJall
7 It9 Just J ertbellJeL nOlflUal
WIi SSell II try agt arr1t1fo o SPak ti
trY to IIr le y elmm ha on till
Jllonlllg lonhtg
Jhiji ll allllfl iln ers ev f the care < 4USe01 u o
Shlfflf Prp p rl orpo i
bll tPh IJ In e
e hire
in n
ml 1IIUd
amItake tni serlll
e even tbollb thougb Netter InnlzMlo > elter than Any AIIJono ot the thex
x at random IIIat lint We bare
CIIIe Called u IOn a 1
1 offered to 8I1gg t
slhle th the 11
b0 t II clly eft y ot trllll mtIIIOd tile SIt mork marketln lIn lInt
ne ll > t stz Ix Ior worst t hat
or waKlnatlon ma glntlon our ourW m mll mne
r unhesltalingiS coneelle 11
sar sA y W Q
It ire e no now air alrea alreavorth
will cOIJ1r Som feting > ellnr with a methOd a OJ o o
than thlltl the tfo o grower Cnn o othe J
th the At r rCould Could
self der the de deth
forlllnale tor deteotIII II mar OtlstactorJ
him himars bUDars you 1
ars a to nil nilhcllevos We 1 e Ilaelll base in a
nil WInd
hcllevos hcllevosrlsts ll for COIJIPletl two or the three
CtlP3 Pa rr rs An Any orsanzatloll organlzaflonot ot the
and ra eat than What Olle of tile Plans Is s
10urSls ° rlsts we re now hl1le hn
SUllf suggpSt > st Ihese 0 It w
the III Inkex kp mOd mndJ 1 lI10rs < Plans ono lit a tlWI tlWIthe tfm
Ire rerJ comnwDd 11111 Cllre agree > e elf ellh
x or modify f fon rOu
an ant and lutistrent Ou a rent fJuetoll
lutist Jliu ha have on like thIs nls
retl1fIJ re opinion
ot deAlr tom Ire to hI i ot and you youfor yout I Iretl1fIJ
Vay strce serrl M
t ° l1ere Is Isot
ot OPPortllllltJ PPorhmft
8111 y
In lug you
ot eler ballot ballotot had
7e renl f < of
reo erlce Will
growers you OU do
1111 111
tho not
actlou look
liS gap
north Presum lre811111Iton t tlon
our nsalstanr 118 lstallee < III for Ibe they n nl nl1I0rlh
grea great
need needs OdlertHlllg
IIcoII tlho ho 1111 th thgrea
3 ldllflslnl conlrllJute to tile f fl flIIcoII
0 In 1 It
1 half
Cl cmraeP 1Ie ot a nl ntv
to rl rlIbltn rathan
than C
lalloll from the rlCtllt ec p ot an inv
Ier Iake nkea tronlle I 1 secretary ot the SI
Jlrolement rorement
all1 Club
Irrlng to
OUr cam
air for Wcular > gl1lar 1l pcj pcjI rIlle nt trlend flour 10 their nexi
011 Chlds gf0 Pant
at I
on on I
at Ull sat satet Salurda aturla lakc le
et 1111 III treat l May Iay Mth Ith
lI t thowsehcs hct e1re5 They The y
11 1 harb ha rh > oM
orue Cue Aslr h vlsltors sltors to
11IId II anot bflthing thlng
general RooI 6001 hoatlllg hoatlllg11IId
not tor f0 r the time It It
tact were
that I
tllcky lock y eatfll dating 110 lire In gent D
ers and 1 Yellow leg6ed p
Ills like k mother chicken c41i1e0sers chickenoulI C kell kellIr8
to W Ie 1I0ulll oulI hie ou used to take takethe lmketo
011 the date ale deslAllnted 10 Dear Point Pointon
Lakes Improvoment for the 8 Sher Sherlnke SllrerLakes r rfill
things iy h fralr05 Iahes Club never dots
u a ail >
ODoot laltelldollce nltendalee
their uPon uPonu
glad lea makes a
Ihes high fill that Ill sure
day urel f
A1 > I A S lTl a
Acsordh Acsordhforty g 10 the I P1
annual Ie Ie10
forty ot fC > >
OUr feportg Orh of
the It Is oti co cofortJ
U use e ot oi flldobol obol s sbon that thatthe
the lellll Is s 010 away to tell tellthe
In Jollder hl
1qUor Producllg OIIDIt JSo al
bo bod < <
lJ the SOl SOl1qUor
wInd gad gadf lnJ boc
llowins d > epj7Cii a tl tltba
tba Atlanta
t ordef 141 141council council round ids idsfated
j > HtaW4 fated to o Dhlp any AAYaLrabandbhlDip F
fr ntr8band aLrabandbhlDip > b by > it tile thojtlon re retlonn
jtlon i5r it cot contra contraor i
tlkrlq OarInt JYr JYrr r t
r f > om Wro of p peAehar
eAehar iNA too tho
ry en t slip r
h0 4l
or rCoq oofl stuffs ute to I l
gidfl Noew Ded i n nI
I tral country countryly
ly INti ntyal e eCll
Cll r 6
l tit the thoi
d h i e executlv executlvfiyorabl tgcutlyfar
fiyorabl fiyorablthe far orabl
I the apternor apt appiernor
ernor ernorug re reI
ug I Prod rrodihcy Prodducat
ducat lu
c londert londertcrops
crops T Twith
with our
t kettng a aC
Ii IiI IiJIIn C Dl they ral ralfair role roleto
to fair pil pilveceUitl
I 1 vegetable veceUitlassist vegetableI
I da farm farmasslsto
assist asslsto asslstothe on onr
r the theth
th thOeorea the thei
uch r ra
a + o i
rU Oeorea r a foa foaobbo
obbo 04 father fatcrother
rfiltI fa bey bey17trigwr
17trigwr Po Poother
other ill illless diA
P less It Iser Is IsIbeckoulni
er m Ibeckoulni Ibeckoulnitlon beckoulnlon
lon pssMPt ietion tlon In Intnte Indot
dot FfardanrcUtnt taro ll llnio It
this cl
nio niou 1 1Imtfeun
Imtfeun the
J Jt
t dre drebaCnt t
baCnt Apr 1
11 11tslyh0
1 y yt
tslyh0 tt
t t
t raq1
md t
4 r r S7hcae tyotyla 6hvpld t tdatai
< datai by Atcadtnns
po o try to >
11 llvo
0L uP to this
truth about tare
t r or Ilta DoselbIJltles js
J 014
11th ie allould
all ree reedS
5Vuue 1i to
dS merit then thenfirst
first f re uf es the troth la aft
11 SrC
ire a ould seem
s Jmpds
P G of rte ernmcnt which whichoat
oat Ivlr pl J th the the tieoplq
etb l lB as a political twxc th
dl 17 hero n Nr hear
hsar the tcatlmwt
rigy sie1 es Deeserelt
Oil ° u beef tie nh toCed to admit dama rue
slltlous t
ell him have eziated
mrl ne fe
scheme1Ulttn hocWholly
1 tea There ix
teltere the Palitleni hardly an In
bS boss Is not b
JIIn JIInIro plans plansbS the anlted inters
there Pro
Iro Irobd grow are rrry 7ew
bd better tel t1 lalltlcAl boss does Instances x
welted not reeelVe
will willIIOII l support of the
toe gambling gamblinge
IIOII IIOIIer m barroom and the
tlese 1
er elements
to toou Suplart
j hLa
solidly and whatever o nfr1Id
may receive reteis e from iatronOge
res1Mctflble re ji
for forf there pco
Jou ou ouUust are always
zene some good
who c
UustIbe can be tooled
this thistime time he has been flub most of
lla dIAlallcal e to tietnetu
rule ire
It is fast lashrgg trust that t
n lll when pur
lit 0110
Shlef to name ti
of his
a ° lash tarty There 1
ell f party rir czar czarly Wore Cruel than that of of th i isummer
ly SCllL GROES G s
Jorlda Is s tile Ideal
111101 In Wblch pal state In u tile
R school
be moat 8uCsstul garden mny ma
1 13 The schools
botln usulIl
III late Ie
tall While lll1e much summer or early earlyconnect enrl
alolll these lines SUccessful work
tho schools ot tile has b boon < < > n clone In
Jet the schools further north
es810n CS lon durInA during the seleralh are not III
vllIh and
Is the tllI1 time simmer
for t
FlorllJa gardening
Is a land s
gardens may be wheres where
the year round Practically all
IIIrdpI and 1 not ot to huge
connect roDlleel1d a aaay
> l Is 5 a great every rural
A t few te mistake ell
don agO In Jhuntl °
We pawed making an auto
with cules 1010n8 loaded
untl that these Upon jUfJulry We pr r
rowers Were netting thebet bet
rolyersarouDd around i 300 tile
° OllOrtunltr PP Is 8n acre Wllot OAc OAcrolyersarouDd
too school you r u
rDlentlnl tn for
R Wit wltu ex
Ocher Who Is the Soil and thl t11trry ry
Ildltlons and Its wllllns tp study IOU
crops wI6 Ill be the adaptabllhy to toer
Ret and bold Who eau W
a Job
more lIo There 18 that
e to be
add the tact toy is learned than find
eCIJ tbe thebooka book and
6 < YO
3 >
J 111
1 1t 1lIARcn
us 5 5The
1 1zM
zM t i1M
At i1MAt a abe
feg re13o 4I
of all 1 be pro proen pro proIflorlda ¬
Iflorlda en en tr trproper Ire
xuceensh Ing good goodboraHoue
boraHoue eroerl us holrirer
proper roper m msr r rcan 0
duoeeaa s
ad r selling what
silk market where flre of
+ can nt tiyAcureU t red l tot or my mynd nr I
and nd ttejns a crops the tbefll poi
fll JuUln In to succeed aucxssIfl Pgt Pgt7tj
7tj ye > a Jn thin matter matterirood y yCcaf
irood of all tho tboreoumm thoi
i recommy reoumm 4 tt ttfar t tJ
far a 4 p plaston
J buref r > a aUulooei
laston Uulooei Uulooeike > flee c ce
+ ke < e ail allact1 allact1s nett nettthe
the rkW I IHds
Hds Hdsill
ill D + gemeat r ra
a Y be ° fu1 old to
1t cads Yself is iss isbe
be nroduel hotieople 111 s
s decldedlt 1 s bleead
nt course it wilt bd le rna rnadream
s dream slut tuff ami amibn u
q li g titles but urrerthnq + At AtI t
I e a thing which iho l u
cal the lnh Val rmndl r
bn greater portion of oft t s oh rC3 rC3ls
ls a dcu5cratl dew ratlq < wovenitnj wovenitnjan moveminn Uh
µ >
t la a Ployemunt tnrwar
an Will will pdrroJV permilatJ5 produce produceat
I A 160 p cultnra cultnratd
td tdJ
J t tG tG1W
1W Ile > n
a wlfh
t7atrt d q qri
c b
r rahould
ahould t tet
et pier
t r rnmunl
goal d dnt
nmunl y
at that need neeUfeut IY 11r1D101iN
tc tC11 The ° POOr old TlwcsVI Tlmes U
url manages mannwpr
feut fit 10 get
on l
aide e ot tb c
fJlle gueatl0ti tlOI
ontluunl 101101 Its eIther f
Luiufl1 LlJ thtdA treatment
I blood hlO 1 J and traIdy fialy is 10
> > 1t
fble III SOIl auuAd < 1d aseJ Wnen
and IIi fl a
la pr Peti < sl > Paper aJer has lost Jc sed t tauuAd thai theof
of the here II re III 1 8fi SI Au A s Sees res ot t
1 tttchj such ft from VJlnt VJlntcon AugUSllDe tlel vIenkInt Xo
exist edl
Way he
lu lathe tbe IIlwlIJVOOIJI or5i or5i1pf tor alOed th h
suIt Suffering 8J1I1Rtby yal 1pf t
and for
con tau those ° fcnsU ns
Tho ho lia liahere bare
the death to belesH Lrouglrt rollght 1nJnt nJllr
I lhete e e drell It Itlloy womell 11111
talL l olE > hat the be iaa 1011
TUtSUOlon Tlmea
ked line U0l Oa desre
up with
wthJhose f lass
ably nazi nail lubliNttlon8 llrletl y j
here so much uch to tothol mou that thntlire are d
thol lie nealnst 1rusalan Im ImlenJ 1J < UHSlon mo1ldPublic public oalr 0
lenJ m mIthl
Ith Ithl th lust manfestly y pUblliltt1
the I n
o oiteal
oPlJO oPwalte llte
iteal Augustln Augustlnlie Bcerrd eccjrt dntefltlna
lie So Htr stran stranyou
a dller Ilitrrafsytbat j hot t tbeee Jl ahoutl 11IHII 1esf 1esfso
80 Sran Ye e that ONnl Opialp a nlll fur
he should be 80 mUCh UI1Je8 expreeakus tpf P tfn
1IJ tdnmferat0n
writer titer has heard fIIrilood
e urents lIen Is Ill thl ihiy more talorahl farorahhc
Talon by the
that the Record rIm fh
rnu much b than allY condemns
t lUres 111 n a long tOllnd Onfld on
101 dOllllllp88 was thne The TImI8t Times
IIIrds pros 1110 HUt1erers os SyulPathetlc IIJ llitbctle I
t 8hould shonit be borne a8 was others b
In n nllld
tllnl to becallli be calm that It w WI WItllnl
urea It seemed and tansert COnserllIth atl
liS It
lug others
to see 110 hos were IrJ t
R Peak ok We non ellelllolltly they COul
headed lIgrest to you
felollS lint
who ho
IIal 11111ead wrote before
to COOl JOI JOIIIal yo
r off Ura tlrnt t
read you
JOllr heated agate Ogahlread
nar wo le s
what yrou OU s said lt and then
said It pith the calm the Ia Way
III and
Words thought
ot the TllI1es
the trIIn UnIon QIIII
limy foolish Youl You l dOllblJe
you OU
Neer your
gelltlemen lemen
ae llet up DI Tho e stuff when
such OCcJilllon h Is 1 OU nrl nrlItying IIrlte to
ftYlns Non that 1 ere Illghl ldghly
you ou
RO back and rod hOle COOICd
serve bow foolish It Jou wrote
to COunt lit least lepera a end 1 then thenIlipse
you write again II 1IIIIIdrea
tlms Som durIng Ilipse Ilipset
SOWebodJ fly
serd1l8IJ you a IIIIhl t
It JOIl Sleak t5 ak take lobeCords takeV taleserd1l8IJ
Cords I llInlllll1alo llInlllll1alorords
AlACl I I ti
hate long C
the relations o ot the ll h
bel1etn Ollnloll OllnlollIhe
m loJ1ft should be eWlloJerl eWlloJerlm
too malagelnellt mana6emepU wore U would cordIal d m
wr wrI
6 BE E Er EyQ
yQ r wa
Ii T + tha
g 9tO her
as to toa tote1
ro rob roc7 c7
iTt ihittr ihittrfloor
f ftrl
trl trlo
4011 ht11Ui ht11UiriAitrr f Vf kfl hip hipt hipkfl J JUlUilfgJ t I Is8t
UlUilfgJ riAitrr I
fp fpiM
iM y yA
A Man 1111 1111i
I r = 1
t i > ff < lcD 1 1t 1t
r g tax ttfllh taxtfbor t Dl Dlorl
lh Ctirietlp tfbor tfborbe k orl orlte o oDe
tamedB b M be dltlnc dltlncOD De ttln ttlnprobably a
e lU t t cneetl fa fab fat OD If IftamedB Jo Joa
a probably probablyhretpulcf ptobsblylaid Pro
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I est in n telling telUnlabout about It an ad adtablJ e
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The distinguished editor of t tMJJ U UIIInlees tie
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AURtra Is 1186000 a etm cO cOFrallkturter
Frallkturter rter Zeitung Zeitungn
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