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every day at D. (j.
IceCrer.m (
j. J. Di''1'.-: ' . b-ft Sunday for Fin
bol'lpy !" ill nKKe in teach
ing 'school ,' r the next several mouths.
Popular Boo Sliricllef'ird was ia town
Tuesday vuo' hii f.'ieml.i and cns
Uiroers. .
There will ' no preaching at the
freely!"' inn t hnrch next Sunday on
account of Ir. Mickel't absence for a
meetirR iti Tailohnseee.
Kennedy's l-i ti vo CoiiKh Syrnpacte
gently iior. the bowels and thereby
drives the r . J out. of the system and at
the same it. alinys inflammation
and st"i) ii i i'.athin. l-hildren like It".
Sold bv w. U. I)hv!f.
' Mii-B Battle TbrewVllle spent' a few
banns iVomhiy tiiieriiooo io tbe city.
v. 'us n run le to OirrHbelle where
,nr veter. MiHh Dnisy, In 111. The
i 'I i re wtll reniemben-d
hy th h-)1h df our 'town, both of
ttm lmvii.K fi cln-rs ii) our. Nor-
u.h! u l i" I du.'injj il s In it ye' r.,
Xrxt Sun.luy Dr.Ivey. beloved pastor
of ti c I iijil i' :l-ir h. viil lull t the lust
ten H-- : Iti hie i'lilll'h 'iii r to h's )CH-.
t!un A' )i" hi riling s-rvice his theuiM
ill ! i- ! iniiV . ii r of His e i i-," mid
lu the c-.-i li k h will UH lh text.
".Ifrii-i i:!lirij; " A onJiHl in.d tdrls
f'i v. : ri v i t :. I ? it: is 'ix'uv'ed 10 ill! who
v. ,11 10 v. i r.-i i with the'l'.iptisl. con
gb'.U ii 01. . day.
I.awltr, fiiei-Iilu'R (Mt of the
Oslaiuto IjIs I r.-i of- the Methodist
.hurt h, bs V.jf guest of Uev. and
3! rp. Frd Blui k bin n from Friday to
Monday. The reyi rend Kciilhuiiin fill
ed Ihe pulpit at tin! Methodifct church
Sur.Ji y moiMi i; n ti evening, nr.d hi
two se) n, nr. u. re powerful rnd uplift
ii-. A t 'the, h i "i ir ! eervice tVe ii.fnnt
Kin .of Jv. .nil. Mrs. lilackburn
received the ordiiii.r.e of I aptirm.
There is one .repiirntinn krown todny
tlmt will prouipiiy help the sl( .pinch
Tliie id rvouol. 1. .'t'jl uiei nil classes
of f kJ, and It ii' i ii it thoroughly, a
thai the use nf K io! for a time will
without doubt l.i." Knvone who hue
Houiicli disorder or ft(,inni:li troubles
Take en U.f" tiidny imd C'litlrue It for
the ( hri i time I Til' riceesf-iiry to Klve
you uiplcte relief, hmlo! is Bold by
w. i;. i.vis.
Leaf liil l.rc; from the
various fhtins
..i . ' . ... i... ,. ., I.. ,,,,.,l.f I., tlm
mmii iimuiii.ii' n'.i
pai.U.ot luiiii-e in
f.ni:e i f n on h!
t.H ikii g' t i.c '
h. II -, tl lit. h"i' ;
la rge
e 1 i
I uiu'wllies
and ai
;.-,i' engiigi'd in
i, Ll.e ljii-kiiiir f
;,. ilo
,iiH step
Til.' !.
f is In 1
V lo.:..' I
,s s prt--'y totuii'i
t, as '
to I
p. In the
I.e cm p t;
il the i' ii
tl bc.'l! I'..e
i,,e,.i!tiiii thel
.. s ii errilv on !
, se Lama onj
!. ,
lit : i.
firi' 1,
The i
r '-,
fkllllr- u'
farm j n'
i ai i'y,
.-op 1S il
to their ut-I
and f'rti:" i-t ihejiluritera
-cin'i'y '.T hi. in room,
hii n.i-; '"' on" in every
rON-G r
..nchincry Bargains.
For Urfront Sale
10,000 Feet Capacity.
. nil 1 . 1 . : I rt . '
r.OlIoive row-i' Keiurn
j.vjic.i ' rwi r Ll
v- ,. M H ( 'mill .ii tO.
1 ;). ,iV Ki.-r.
--.ii ! r: cl.e: mill outfit complete
GO,boo Capacity.
W r IN'turn Tubular Uoilcr,
! !;;.'le Machine 'l'wo Saws,
ic I .ic.cr,
,y (ai:;.!-'!-,
u-.-l '
I ul i u .:--'- i '-S
I bb J. narris epeot a few dava in
town last week on a visit to Ms wife
who la the uest of her parent., ir.
and ilu. H. V. Morrow.
By reason of prent of other niitter
iDtereatlm; nei'htxirhoott noten from
Pinetla and Luther are crowded out
this week, .
Rev. C. Fred Mlackburn left Tuesday
far Perry to attend the teamon of Dia-trlct-
Conference , no in progress at
that pUce. He will return about Sat
urdy. . t,
Mrs. L. J. Hall left yesterday for
Mayo, but before' leaviDg she ordered
the Knterpriae Recorder wot to her ad -
liress that nhe DiiKht keep In touch with
happenings at home.
There will be a Win picnic at Kllaville
on atuidiiy, July 18th, Madiaoo and
Suwannee counties will unite io
celebrating the completion of the new
bridge across the Suwannee river at
thatplnce. Everybody Is cordially In
vited to attend and bring well filled
i aakets .
Lost, Strayed er Stclen: A brown
pointer puppy. Seven months old.
While Bfoi on Ijrmidt ard both htnd
Ai MVerH. to inline "Fnu.k." Were
leiitlin "nllHr wuli hocklp and rhig.
Lavt, (fniiijj el"it of to'An bbou
tWO Vi 1.1,'lt,
l!eannahln rewovd i
will tie i.'iid fur lii return to Carroll I
Smith or editor of this paper.
At l.er liei.utiful niul hnspitdlilc home
TueFdny afternoon Mrs. S. Alex Smith
enacted nmciously tije role of hosiers to
the lueiiiliPie of the Faptist Minday
s-chool and coi-ttregntlon. The affair
coriniKted of n"wa'eniielou cultintj'and
niliny of these delicipus product of the
vine were provided to appease the ap
petites of the guests. Mrs. Smith is a
famous hi iat.es and her guests on tMs
ocensioo enjoyed to the fullest her hoe
pitality ami good cheer.
A well attended meeting of Madison
LoiIro, No. iT, Knights of Pythias, was
held Inliie Castle Hall Monday evening,
and the lueinhers listened with plearnre
to irspinng talas by Kev. V. Fi lvey
and others of the brethren. If these
talks do not lar fruit which v ill tend
! to the enlivening of the order and an
increased weekly attendance upon the
purt of the nieniliersWp, then we fhiill
hediRlpolnied.' 1 he principal busi-
nefdof the evenln was the election of
the following ofiii ers for the ensuing
... . . l1 i .
term: J. Aewnian, i. .j
OriHio. V
( W. It. lvey, I
, ., . ,
Le'lie, M. ol w .; A. u- u. "
C. II am ii ton . I. u.; ', w.
These ollieers-elect will pe. innmiieu
hv W. ,M. Burton. L i. -., at me
meetirs to be he! J on Monday night,
20.tli intt., and all are; sskou io uem
the date in minu ann u ue
the lune net for Installation. W Hys Bnd
men w-re discussed for the biiil.huL'
up ot trie lodge aim iui .r .
t.st therein. The next meeting of me
l..il; will he held next Jlonday rjigl.t.
u i. i,ni,i.,l tlmt. a trreat n -milier cl
Ml." i li m i.. ,'. - -
the members may he present.
inmiwr jiuin;.,
Looiitoi.1 at Niisliville, Oa.
Located it I'inetta, 1'la.
.icrand lS-lL.rsfj Power Engine
,. atcd lit Vonkcr, (ia.
J f V
. BouQuets.
The new heading on editor Colum
bus Smith's consolidated newspa
pers, . The Enterprise-Recorder,"
is neat imi attractive, anl makes
bis already excellent newspaper's
aptearanre extra One. Florida ' edi
tors all congratulate and wish him
increased business and much success
and wealth. True Democrat.
Tlie Madison Recorder,' its plant
and goodwill, have been purchased
by Hon. C. B. Smith and consoli
dated with bis newspaper under the
name of The Enterprise-Recorder,
Bro. Smith now bag a clear field and
we wish him an enlarged prosperity.
Jasper New.
"Lum" Smithy of The Madison
Enterprise btis s arted a newspaper
grave yard, the Recorder having
been bought by him. "Luu" is
f. t'l.. , tl ,1'UII, I.HVIU iiui in. null;!, fc' . J.
Ifiri hriulitenl. nrnl ftlilcftt. pdl.T' 9
tors in the niale, mid 1 he Sum,,
wishes him unmeasured (Tospcrit,
(iiiiiieaville Sun.
Tin- pPOilo of Mii lison are to be
and The
con: ratnlati!
tin f-i(;t that
(,,! hu B. Smith, tint hi ulit and
high-minded (ditor of the M tdison
Kiiter.'tie, has ahsorhed the coin
peting p'lpcr, The Recorder, e:.d he
will tl.iiH be enabled to give tlio peo
ple cf l.i community heller news
paper service without a double tax
being levied on its business men.
Lakelaud yews.
From the business view Columbus
B Smith of the Mtidis in New En
terprise owes more to. religion than
he c tn repay in an average life time
Smith has long published one of the
very In st weekly newspapers in
Florida, but there wa a lliotn lu hits
business. The thoru was J. R.
Borland, liorlaud got religion .and
sold his Recorder to Smith 'who has
consolidated il with the Now Enter
prise under the name of the Enter
prise-Recorder. That was Smith's
only mistake. He should have tak
en the electio-plate name and brok
en it into ihe "hell" box and made
an effort to forget l'ahitka News.
. Coiiiiiibus B. SXiith has bought
the Mnlis-n Recorder, ami consoli
dated it with - his New Enterprise .
It is a case (? survival (if. the fittest.
Tie New Eu'erprijy i3 un 1 has al
ways been o tre li table paper while
the R.-corder hns, of lute, lo say the
le-ist, been Indifferent. Madison
will 1)0 hotter olT with one good
paper conducted on' the hijjli plane i
tiitit Editor .mitll occupies . than it!
Wddld lie with a dozen uf the other
kind. Starke Teiecraph.
Leon county shaded
erowcis are nowadays as
busy as
bees harvesting an excellent crop of
this very best cigar leaf Sumatra
wrapper shaded tobacco.
One of tlit noblest men in Madiaon,
Florida, it Dr. Benjamin Franklin
Muscley. While pastor there we were
with bim much on account of the illnes
and death of Mb noble, coDBecrated
wife. We were already very close friends
because of hit faithful help in our
church work and hit very frequent
special tokens of love. Eut his aflllctlon
drew u tifether with verlaslin
cliorja tender and strong. It was Just
like him to aer,d us a few weeks ao
00 cents for the Bock HUI liuptiat. ' He
rarely ever let our children pans hi
lire., v.el!-fli;eJ drun store wilhout
OllinK their haiuls and their hearts. It
is no unusual thlnjf now to hear them
speak of hiui. Nearly every child In
the city lools Ua.n him aa Fixtclal
friend. He is not t ronn of many words
he has i w.y of making children and
jioi!e who are In need love Mm.
Iloek Hill (S. V ) Bap! int. I'aftor
Mnrnli tlm. f.-t l.ni'ly refere to one of
M.H, .son's he'l and pureet cltiene, mid '
! nt lie fi.ys of him w with
k niif r . i .
JULY 9, 1908.
Proceeaints County Commissioners'
Munition FIb Jill lit 1108
jtiartlSOn, r ia., JUIJ ISV, l.'UO.
' The B.-ard ofj County Coromis-
sioners aietthis day in regular aes-
sion, all members present.
was called ta order bv the chairman
and minutes of last meeting
were read and approved. Petition
was read to raise Mrs. June Eiingfleld
pauper, from 13 to $5 per mouth,
and Upon motion same was laid over
until next meeting. On motion B.
P. Buruett, pauper, was raised from
$3 to f t per month from date. Ou
motion Aniiiooy Williams was put
on pauper list at f 1.60 from date.
Commissioner Williams reported
that he bad let contract to repair
floor of Blue Springs bridge to J. F.
Head for IjfG, county to pay for all
material. Commissioner Bishop re
po'ted tlmt lie had let contract to re.
i ,ii..'. ..;!U i.,;,l.. ,,v ll It
Pitts for 1 49. CO.
On motion petition to change vot
ing 1 1 it.e in (lislri'.t 10 was indefl
nitel v post polled . ' .
Bills were laUen up mi l p:i:d aa
filuvs: ,
J !: VYiIUiiis Imp uii.'..-.S 11 ii
Jutiri P:ivlfi bni inn pioiper and
Kh-Clric Potvrr On lifl.lt c ll anil J.ill pine 12 15
T Z M irtin on nnditiiuc 1IW limini
A ll Stanton ft-t-.ti r. iritoiiers lur.e M le.
II X W II lrt-y CV Wjnlii f..r co judge tl
M llutltirirf rt-i' l.lle ti. c ll f( live th
It .1 I'attemon m, air tae. IK4 , lull"!
J D Vi:( ulliniirh h.iuliiiic npini on ro.ul 1 5n
W 1. Cruie tirii!(e work l.'ifili
amuel Shaw Intp hritte. S VI
A I) .St.inton vntlng Ininth V. T 4"tt''
W M lioodiniui j p coht in Mooru ci.e a ,tj
It C Rt n. ci.ntt " " 5 10
I) (i Swotelcv tiper conn rnnvevinil to j.iil T 10
YV O ..ritfn ) p c.it Miuldot cute 1 11
Conmahlc " " ft
tVltni".te. 11 10
Co J.iilce cost Ma H:iype. caae 1 4&
Sheriff " " IK)
Co Indite cint VfrCollof case MM
Sheriff sj
Mherifl " " ' . ; 60
Co Indife report occupitional license for y ir 1 (.0
J V UUhop letttnir and In.p bridifc work 1U On
T IV Dale rti if and di. CO fund. :jl H
W ! Davenport liimbt-r and IfaulinK on road ' Ho
Madison Dru Co p.M tKMik .15
New limerprl.o piiiilUhlfig ?000
E J Vann recf uud itU CO bond, futill. bi li
Tax Collector presented report of
taxes collected during the month of
June as follows:
(iener.il Itevcniie SUM! 12
School -Vrt 110
, Ho:ul and llnilfe. .... 711 :ti
l-niennd Forfeiture 1 IK 27
O'unly llnnJ S'' 5'.'
I'.illa ol. no
Tutni c illirliiMis i'--' o'i
Wi-.t.i-n Unnm TcliKiai'l. 10.
(ii nrt ll Hevtiiur f1
fcrln-iol '. -t'rVI
K.uili .nd ni ife'in, ,.. . 0 1"
I- nic and K tf. itun- 121
Couiity II, ,.i.lt 7'-
:,i :I5
l'.,t il collections for June !f!'j-lT 01
and same was reecivsd and ordered
J. I'. Martin, County Ju.Il'o, pre
sented report of occupation license
isjucd for month of June wliio h
shows amount collected for State,
$1.50; for county, $ 75; and same
was ordered filed.
IioiidofG. II. Tediler.Supervisor
of Registration, was approved.
T. W. Dilc, county treasurer,
presented his books aud accounts and
made Bcttlement with the county for
the month of -lone. Same were
checked up and found correct with
the following balances to credit of
the different funds, to-wit:
General nevenur ". J5.44S.48
Fine and f orte. tore SHlfi.)
Itoadt end briilire. t.. lMet.67
lotil oi.h in Treasury .1TA1I0
which was ordered reported to the
State Auditor.
E, J. Vann, managing trustee of
Madison county Bonds, came before
the Board ainl made his annual re
port as follows:
To tHe Itntril of Cii'inte- C-n.r. if iii'inl of Mmli
.m (i.iiiny, Klnrnla 1 he lr.isti-rs ol ( i.nntv
Iv.n.'.s t i' iiiit tio-ir .nnnal reisiii i l reie.ptt and
.l,.!.,.,-.. ,'U- lt. .
A I ,! ...li-ii-M rine 1'inr 1-'. n't .. hs turn
.tl , . oi. tennis U, in, 21, , s, i',7 . J M, l.-l
Ii ..d i.'.. oi J i.ir.n h, toi .t S.I.. I .e coi lor
...... i. ... ,i,.i I..h, ,.e enlr i t r I .a r... . 1 1 . I lur
i t. , .us ol i- -o ... o a . In? Ot
ul Uvt.
One for $100 h.i not Been
onv lur ,jlll xld tw
i'.rIUOch:en.tlo be unl unlil III. iwn m
T,lrrr rcm4M oultandinK mn) nine Inifidiaf
"S.''iiv wM. w. i.'iui'i'iit
' , 'Xt' o. -i.-wi, w.
. tV- m- h,i W' ""d 1-4"i''a:
, 17rj,, ,,U ,.,taii.lliii 1U.IIXI.
Thee bond, (nil du. un 1, 1011, mill (tip l.w
milinil yuur duly to levy U aimuiilly .urticic
to pity the intcret th.rcon .nd Io tri-.Ui; . .inking
lund .urtioent to pj Uiein u m iturlly. 1 Ii. pi
ilnpled in tint cmintjr WM to apply th. n-noun
r.i.cd nnul.v hy isiation in cc... ol the liitere.t
on Ihe primi.l, to tl. cjllinK in bv you nd th.
payment by Hie tru.trt. at oult-idinn bondn.
Under an cl of the Iritlnture -lor tlie reliel o(
certain bonded coiintie. ihe Trustees o th. I. 1.
r und at. required to apply the prucced. ol the sl
certain U di lo the payment of lho. bonda,
,J until 1W)1 thl. (tun. and about on. ti.l'1 ul
,1,. h.nil ol tin. cou. ty that h,ie Ueen retired wa.
omd by that body, but they hv .iiice declined te
ciimoiv with the act, allurm that It wa. uncon,.
lluticnal. A. a con,.queiice the loiid haeirt
brr reured at rapidly aince a before lull. Th.
uiir.tiO" h.i. not veil ten aetlleo. htiouldit be
drcidid in favor of th. bonded couniien the better
ooirinin " U.afceven though any couiily nuy b.
OH.i it" bunded drbt In full, die proieed. ol Ihe
lie of th. land, n-ferred lo will l applied or.
ata lo the liornkt) debt of that oounty aa t Ii.
Ulule provide.. A. the time when the
onemion will be dorilled 1 uncertaio and the bonil.
tail due in l"ur year., there cciii to be nothing,
left hut fur you to levy an .inniMl t:ix wurhltnt ta
retire the oul.tamling bo. dt wilhout reference to
ant nros. nl '""n lle Uw relernd to. III.
h.l. . nl he liniinril .i,lelni-dnea of lHU .in lit
rtlm.l by i.n I, IUIS lV .'nK one Inurih of :ln;
nrituipil with interelaeh year aithout iiKreawnj
tn pr.-.ei I l-w n- fnlliiit.t:
l-,ltrr illr-KIm (c.if -,,(!) ,
Our f.mrlh nl lel iiil.letl, Silml " J IWI- .
Inltri-t .me vi-r on TJ"I .-() --J '
One fourth i.f H-Oa.l.l.il. .2Um.l 5r.a3 -lW-lt-li.U-r.
sl one vi-ir on IVW V-MIM . '
'.,,t t.",rll. n(ln-.ladl..l, '.'I. X J'.SI -l'b 11
M,.,i.Vfir,iiiJ'l'l lit Ll
Wni limrlh ..I Wlii I'I'I.'.I. Si'V "ill- I.'. -
Til -r f.Ul ..O- linmiihl lo V.nir itli'ntUV
ma '.v,N ,:j iilf in 'toll r I'm llii- N-il ' ' t-1 '
. ir.u , li. i I .ii'i .l, . . I ,. .. lli.H 111 " fl
he I. ... ' in ilu ii .y.m ;.t t liil.iijiil.' i . ,
..,i,i1l1 , . .('.'-. ni'-. ..: '.i ! ii tv.
,NVrAI.'llKl'OUT OK T11F. Till T1.K Of
Till'. Ml IS lS K M.IliOX CO us TY 2
;;k!.'iiia..'. s j
ll 17
j'I..V 8.
-a-h in .Miid .
, pr r I.e t .irn n il
.leirn lit,
1 , t.i.Ii
H5 If
Ana". 1
t'lis )n tit i-'lhi-i to
l. I "7
in Hi
is I!
n l
1. 1
Jill H
S. nt. 4. .
Ore "
.1 in. 2, rw "
Krh. a "
.Mi l., a.
Ap-. 1.
Mav. 1. "
June 1, " .
June 4. "
1M 7(
ra'c io trc4 R It Jk F.ti
i o tut o.
July 1, 'i ii cash r.l!.t.in, u cul
Ditburseincnt. ,
July 10 Ht ft lulnreil co-ipns Irnin tio-nts
lu 20 27 arn .Hid :.7 fnr t IO Unit h.Kir-t
. t Itink Miii1h.mii Voucher 1. ;C .
Aug .). '1 n l-ir-t Nut Hank of t:ldl-on, i
lionil ?1 I."- I'll inn1 V lo. S ki w il tt
iuttrc-l nvuh iinmatiiri-1 ciuipnn at-
tachi-d, Voucher . -
Sent. 4. I e do bold llfl ami interest
v.iuilii-ra ' lf.171
Oct. 1. Do 1. ,int coupon frmn bond 21 for
K Vi.utlnr 4.
Muy V. KiMt Nat B int. Talliiiintsiv bond J
yj for ra tt iitu-rcf. uinn.ilnrid coupon
ntt.iclwd Voucher Ti 52a 17
tune 4, 'I I list N:il Kink Mndisnn R nitrrest ,
cotljions (rotn Winds 1 17 llM.lud HUtm:"
c.u h is III. ur-l n.tert.t coupofi frl
I, un I 121 f-r .'"I Vomhi-r .
I.n -o im cmilsns (r,,,n llllsi,.Jf,i
linn.! in mt isiiii.t; :tj rs rm rc
I I I A I T an ml un i ili'lo lr..ni he
a II 21 ' :w IS tl1 'fl S." Ss PI A fl'
Mni ,.h !! in an ;i V Iu-r7,
lune H I )., ,1 1 int. r-st , o tp.u.s It in oonu.
? A i'l. I'O Von h,-r S lj;('
Initt '.".i, r-il f. is Muiiroi.. 'Fi. 1 l-T ii :f if,- in- j
ti rr-t i on 2! foiin ll ml - ".s n,,t on '
f..r rrm. tin. '!itt i linn! t.in .i- 2 II V ll 12
III A lo lot llu
-I .. -i!
:in.'.,cr Ii, 12
-i u
1 I'..
. Ii:
I: il l.r
I ! ,...
h.l ,..
r. r..
ct pr. nti-d
(.1 11 S..I
el li.il me, h.oul,
,Kl -et li.il.inri- tlis Tiiisl,
li ... ,i4'.s- .ni l e..ll ill f.
r, ,1 iil.r in.Ii.l all. llui
n Is I ir. will lean, llie oi
'. .'lievs .1-. f.jiwiws:
To nt-.!
nu n l iii.il
ollc :ie h
' (Ml 1 11 11
! II- hull-
7i.i (
ll I
itrerl ih ilur
b H4. .1 li '.
1 1 it a
2i ii li
Tot I
M.nli- ,n, Fi i.,
, A. I.I VlNiiVlViN,
1. J V.V.NN.
Ju.y 1, mis).
Ilv K. .1. VANN, Mil Tiiimic.
Whereupon upon the above sug
gestion by the Trustees th ) B mrd
drew Solids N 8. 3, 28, a-ld 120 for
-flOO each and Bond No. 0 for i.)0,
and called same in for payment.
On motion all road cooiininsionc'rs
were ordered paid for six montht
service of 1908.
On motion bird was ordered paPi
up to nud including this date.
There being no further busiocss
on motion Board adjourned to meet
Monday morning next, 9 o'clock.
T. Z. Martin, Clerk.
flc.:da ti'ts-u:
Th Great State Pfcr
' Dalt.Y Nt CLNDAV. n-r W.iVTR
Three Monti s 1 1 wj s , s,.,nun 11M
laeii. Uooltu. SiiUu
The S?T.nVccLfyTcs.rn:cnarJ
Itc fanner enJ U.'l Crovrr,
U' FVMftT t"n of 1h H -it W-t klf, ..
-il to Atfi" nili. 'I ' r. " I I
$k t . U '1 r r lt ti ' i . r i i t
iVtll us your nu- li , o.
fu'i.niTi' .j'l ' i it. C ! . ".7.1 S F-i-N

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