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Has, as usual, the tin-,
est and largest stock of
Fine GOLD Jewelry
ia Town. r
I I-
Is this picture bf your hand? We'd like
to know just to find out if you drop your
dollars carelessly or heap tliem together in
weekly deposits iu some
to bring them forth again, refreshed and
) sometimes double by interest compounded.
) Header, keep this sketch in mind till its
story of vreal or woe to YOU is answered '
I Never too late! Our doors are open daily.
( from 9 a. m, to 4 p. m. .
)The First Taiioi)a) pai)k,
Capital, Surplus and Profits: $100,000.
'jur 'Phone 76.
' Ii ,Trosui fresh every day at D. O.
Albert Zipperer Bpent Lis Fourth of
.1; holiday In Jasper.
Fur Sale: A email Iron safe. Cheap,
jijjly at this olllce. i tf.
Mrs. Chandler .Jordan left Sunday
.,r her home In Jacksonville,
!BreeJlove'e ice cream. all flavors, fresh
-sery dsv at Madison Drug Co.
3 v.. nranil'ns- of West Lake was iD
'own )ouday looking after business In-eresta.'
R. C. Keanis, a promiueut business
::itO or oirrnonH,wH iu me uuy ujuhuhj
Seed Corn, very prolific. Call on K.
V. Dial, see aampl and l?ave orders for
,t years seed. 4w.
Mrs. George A. Davis returned Fri
1T from visit of several weeks to her
jollier la r&vo, Ga.
Use Dewitt's Little .Early RUera,
aaot little pills thai are easy to tak
Sold by w B. Davis.
Mr. A. Livingston left Sunday for
'odiiu Springs, On., where Mrs Llv
igiton Is spending the summer.
Miss Louise Nixon arrived from her
"me at Gainesville Hlotidav and Is
ow tlie guest of her uude, Dr. A. I.
Miss Kathleen Thomas expects to go
o Jacksonville tomorrow for u visit of
"in length with her : sinter, Mrs,
'twiiOlar Jordan.
Col. ttnrulall Walker nf Valdosta
IDf Sunday la the oity with Mrs.
Valker tod the boy who are the guests
t JUrs. P. S. Coggina.
One application of ManZsn Pile Kern
1r, for all forms of Piles, soothe, re
does Inflammation, soreness and itch
rf frlie rOo Guan.ntfd. Sold y
P. Moseley.
an. Columbus Smith is now in Mon
!lo where she went from Pablo
:A an last Friday. Wa are axpect
f her to return home this week.prob
''J to- norrow.
Lockets Chains
Watches Pins and
All ood and gifaran
teerl, and engraved
,FKEE of-charge. : 1
Gut Gl SS N
I will sell niy entire
stock of Cut Glass at
Cost, and Spectacles
at Half Trice. : :
Madison. Florida.
-rs. tymstroni
V & Barrows,
Laurie Ccticbrs ar-d Optbalmolo-
( r -7S
Mr. nm, ) , N ,( j A ii;ath,v r Ml)
' 1 B'.T.Il'li.. JAi'K-i')'- ' LI K, 1 I "A.
Apm.i ri 'in i n i h 1 1 t fr..m
' tin. IfH.i.ng A in- ' i.-.n 1 )('!'
iin ( a wr'i kv i I- -t h !! in
'' .-it.'M in ..' :.i k hi i. v i'ih 'or t'.e
-l ! enr. I, ui'l'il l.ii fi-i.i. ' '
! c e tioiiMi' w-lh 1 -
' ' !.M. i . ;U (if ! ( "V
J N .. i r . I L-y -, t hio h 1 1 1 1- t i 'w-.-i i !
riiT, ..,. , . ,,; .c. !-::
' :th. i :t... 1 1 .... il-i -
In- ,. i ; Hi -;. -'
, , iu- !,. ... r ;.; I -
' '1 .. .-;.. :,. t v ,',..!! K-.'. . !
An,,;. . ( i , ,, v i- 1 - !
Miss Sjsie Mi-Cnll is again a gutst
of her e'mtpr, Mrs. C. C. Carroll.
Russell Vann handle Arnold Bro's
shingles. Call at his store for prices.
Clinrlie Currull spent last Sundy in
Live 0k on a visit to his sister.
Mrs W.P. Head of Tampa Is on a
visit lo 1 er parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. D.
lorn nun went un to Greenville
Tuesday spending several hours in that
thriving town on business.
Miss Clara cnggini ia at home pgain
afU-r a delightful visit of several weeks
with friends and relatives in Qulncy
and Monticello.
My entire stock consisting of shoes
notions, groceries also full outfit of
tore flilures fur sxle at and below cost.
L. H. Pattikson.
Hon. J. Ellis Blanton, one of the
county's Representatives in ths neit
leu ielatnre, was a business visitor lo
the city Tuesday.
The School Bosrd and Town Council
held tbeir regular, monthly sessions
I'uesdtiy. Tbe official proceedings of
both bodies will be published next
week. .
Dewitt's witch Hazel Salve is good
for cuts, burns, bruises and
scratches. It is especially good for
piles. Recommended and sold by w. B.
Mrs. C. R. Ashler and Mies Lilla
Fralt-igli letunied from Indian bpiiog,
Ga., Monday afternoon. They have
spent two weeks most pleasantly at tbe
delightful resort.
Plneulfs for the Kidneys, 30 days
.(rial $1.00, Guaranteed. Pineules act
directly on the Kidneys and bring relief
In the first dose to backacbe.weak back,
lame back, rheumatio palns,kidner Bud
bladder trouble. They purify the blood
and invigorate the entire system. Sold
bf B. P. Moeeley.
Misses Annie Beggs, Mary Burton
and Ruby Drew returned home Tues
davfrom Ellavllls where they bava
been gues's at a delightful bouse party
ffiven bv Mrs. R. L Mlllinor in honor
of her young sister, Mies Barnard Mor
row. The little ladies enjoyed their
visit to the fulUst degree.
We have Wu shown the floor plan
of a oozf and commodious cottsga which
la soo" to te erected by J. J. Newman
for a Dome. Contractor W. H. .Good-
bread bas the j ib in charge and be tells
us that be bas been asked to submit
plans and bids for several mors homes
to be soon erected iu our town.
f). RDpl,.p nt Vltitn Wia . HAVri! '!
have only taken four doses of your Kid- I J
ney and Blmhler Pilis and they nsve '
a for me more than sny other me i- of'inue
, . . L... ., .r.l,,i,i I nm afill r-itinv KtC.
icine u v.r, - VI Tub
Ihe pills " I want a perf.-ct furs Mr. .Ui
RarWer refers to DeWltt s hiclney and yi Hl..
w...,l.ir IMil-.. Sol3 bv w. B. Davis. ' i-i lt
' . Nee.iie Wo
T.ai-t Tin ts '")' evening on the 1m n . -1 u. x,
flf the Metlio.l'.!.t ihiin h the Kpwortb A k it ' iarJ.-.fc
. ,,..! no, the nTi.ni tiers of the h'-rni, tto.
( (.r. h with a wateriueh.ii feas-t. The ' .. , ,
finsts ,res-.nt, with the li'sts, E'.iin- j j.-a,., . ,, ; Br , ,
LndfnliV a Imiulied, Nu'iiiiere of I itomiIk I to liuiM
" .' v...,..i I- J .,,,1 ti.ewoik in thee
f.oe matein.e...:. c i - , r il,r( , v
Breedlove's ice freac.hll flavors.freeh
every day at Madison Drug Co.
Parvin Blulock is spending a few
lvs with relatives in Valdosta.
Cecil Robertson, a prominent youo
man of Jiicksonville, was a visitor In the
city Tuesili.y.
Mi-s Willie Hineley has returned
from a most plessHiit visit to her broth
er, hyd Ilineley, of LiveOik.
Edwin Bla'ock came oer from Val
dosta Frldny afternoon and remained
until Monday morning with bis parents,
Dr, and Mr?. Blulock.
Operation for Piles will not be neces
sary if vnu use MacZHO Pile F.emedy,
guaranteed. Price ulle. Sold by B. F.
J. P. Taylor of Greenville, who was
nonilnnted county commissioner for
district 8 in the re.-ent primary, was a
business visitor in the city Monday,
Robert Cobb, the popular salesman at
Smith Mercantile Co., left yestereay for
Greenwood, S. C, where he will spend
a well deserved vacation of about two
Bees Laxative Cough Syrup for young
and old is- prompt relief for coughs,
croup, hoarseness, whooping cough,
GeDtly luxative Guaranteed. Suld by
B. F. Moseley.
After delightful v'sit of several
wcelo with friends l-ere. Mrs. J. F.
Gardner -teparted M-ii.-iay morning for
Oglelhoip , G '-. where t-hs will spend
some time beture returning lo her borne
at Fiva, Fla.
Walter Patterson, our popular and
accommodating young telegraph opera
tor, epent last Sunday at Currabelle
where there is a great attraction for
him in the person of a certain pretty
young lady who attended the last ses
sion of tht Normal school.
Yon Think
Itan liiii"'
your surplus earning or income, you have
the rifcht to choose the institution to re
ceh eyour deposits. W'6 pay 1 per cent,
annual iuterest compounded every 3
months and all we ask is fair and im
partial inquiry as lo our stauditi"; in the
eyes ot men of affairs.
iroeee ! eai
Georgia & Florida Railway.
Valdosta Southern Division.
Lake City, Fla.
Colurooia College offers spleDdid op
portunity for young men and youug
women who wish to fit themselves for
ui-efulness and succee In life. While
we aim at Mental Culture.the Practical
. , I.J I .l l Tr. 0,. la
is noi overiojuou "-j ""I"' '-i'"
The urbanization of the College into
the several schnols covers the entire
Education of the KtudeDt: '
1. TifE fc-cfiooL of Academic Grades
P Ktiaratorr to Ihe C.illege Clanaes
II Tiik School, Or Lin utM. Arts H
Covering tne LangiiiK-s,the 8ciences
Mathen:,;i'. K0.
III. T.'1' S hooi. or tint Aars
M-i I' i ;n. flc
L or re i agog i
'f. Bi Bi a Study
i. i . -iiniuus Culture,
. . ' 1 E-.3 -Book
,. i . . I -to.
, 'if ?OMK?TIC
i. iress Milking,
i l-K.M iir AI.
a. in. a. in u. 'Ji .
C.4: f.4."i 12.50
a. iu i. iu. p. ni .
e.50 O.flO 7.-I5
a. iii a. in a. m
10.04 10.04 8.0.r)
n. ro. a. m.
5.85 5.35
n. m a. ro. p. m .
6.50 6.50 7.40
p. m. p. m. a. m.
1.50 1.50 6.40
5 3 1
p. ni. i. m. a. m.
f 4 .00 4.30 9.S0
4 25 4.57 10 00
4 32 4.57 10.00
4.43 5.20 10.30
5.00 8.35 10.5i
5.10 5.48 11.10
5 30 6.15 11.35
n. ni p. ro. a, ui.
Lv Mncon
G. S. 4 F.
Lv Montgomery
(A. C. L.)
Lv ' SavannaD
(A. C. L.)
Lv Bruins viek
Lv Jacksonville
(G. S. Jfc.F.)
Lv . . . . . i Wavco's
' (A. C. L.)
(Volilosta Southern Division)
(Valdosta Southern Division)
Lv. . . . Vaidosta, Ga
Brighton, "
Clyatteville, "
Olympia, "
Pinetta, Fla.
Hanson, "
Ar.... Ma'iison, "
I m mi m
Ar 4 25 10 35; 4 25
p m I a in 'p in
Ar, 6 15 8 OSj 6 15
p ru p m.p in
Ar 1 41,11 59j 1 41
iNoon'p inlMoon
Ar 12 40 9 25,12 43
P n
9 00
a ru
10 30, 6 05!l0 30
a m
8 15
7 45
7 35
7 20
7 00
6 48
6 25
p in
3 30
2 68
2 48
3 35
2 15
2 oo!
1 40'
-a iu
S 15
li 00
t6 40
a m !p ml a in
Daily, f Sunday only. Ttlephoue Stations: Valdosto and Olyoipia,
Ga.. Pinetta, Hansoa and Madison, Fla.
A. Pope. J. M Tlbseb, v Ii, F. IIoltzendork,
Trutllc Minster. General Manager. Commercial Agent. ,
Augusta Georgia. Augusta Georgia. PougIa, Georgia.
Florida's Higher Educational Institutions.
University of the ,
State of Florida
Gainesville, Florida.
A h ink-grade insliUHioo for young
men,' offering- Literary, Scientific
gineering.-flgrijoltural end Pedejogical
eirn I-,.. -ni' wil snuiDDed lab
oratories; tboro'.gb icstriotion, both
theoretical -and practical; careful au.
pervislon ar.d dlacipiine; high moral
tone . , '
No tuition chniies to Florida stu.
denta. OlLer errenses very low. For
ctalogue and information, address ,
The State College for omen
(Florida Female College.)
, Tallahassee, Florida,
A College for Women, without a par
allel in the doutb, em bract ig a College
of Ltberal Arta; a Normal School; a
School of Industrial Arte; a School of -Fins
Arta, offering instruction in draw
ing, painting, piano, pips-organ, violin,
voice-culture, elocution, and physical
culture. ,
Forty Florida counties and seven
states represented In the enrollment
lust seseiou.
Fine new dormitory, with rooms for
one hundred and sixtv girU, just
completed. Plans for oilier extensive.
Improvements are already made.
It or further Information or catalogue
arita to
, President. '
t i-.
nie, t the
Union .Manufacturing-- Gompany
pyerj bm,y I
fruit ;f the
- eiii.-ntly vu:
; rl:,g t!.i-
li of the p-.icculer.t
they couhl ciiti
The Htlair was
IrligMfiii rveil to
iX-ers f t? e ch'i-' h li '
i.l as u.i)
:i.e Tit
ry nwy
'-rs a iv.ir.ii-k"
We mn at Iu
i,t the n eM
r 1 I -in '
I S.-im. -if, . !
huve t..'ii
Mllil'P-1 Mil,1 !
Ifll'TltS. I
lioii.w of- !
i t,4: ir-s.
(iNt'Oi'.ronsTF.l) tJMiKii the tA ut fi'::U.0
i t
VAKUrACTUMNS or . ' '- ' I.
I Floring, Ceiling, Siding, Mouldings and ;
llouse-Building. Material.
Zk rccnxillo, Mori c3 i ,

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