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Hay, Oats , Corn
A Millionaire's Baty-'
attended bv the highest priced bnhy
(Ide alist could Dot be cured ot stomach
or bowel trouble any quicker or surer
than your buby tf you five M:Gee'
liiity Elixir. Cures diariuT., dysen.
tery and all derangements of the stoui
scb of Dowels. Price 25 cants and "0
cents. Sold .by W. li. Davis.
Tarpon Springs is soon to live a
new jiasi-enycr and treigLt depot.
Twenty Five Cents is the Price of
Peate- '
The terrible itching and pmarting
incident to Certain skin dii ear-e, ii al
must, instantly allnyeJ b y applying
Chamberlain's Salve. Price, 5 rente
For sale by v. B. Davis & D. G. Smith.
There are only eleven candidates
reported for chief
of police for
Just Exactly Right.
"I have used Dr. Kicjj'b New Life
Pilli for.eeveral years, and find them
just exactly right," Bays Mr- A. A. Fel-
ron, of Ha rii-vlile, N. V. ew, Life
Fills relievo without the lent discom
fort. Beta remedy for constipation
biliousness aad niularin. 25 eta. at ail
.drug stores. '
The St.trke Car.ning Factory lias
new been in optiatiOD about two
Best the World affords
"lt grw rue unbounded pleasure to
recommend' Dm-lV 'rr..ca Stive
says .t V. Jenkins . f OW:, Hl' ,.
C. "I sm convinced it"b l. f b' ': r - ilvc
the world ntl jr Is. It cured ii Ion en
my' thumb, and it never (;uls t heal ev
Vrv Sere, buru or wound to which it is
iipj.l'.irJ. 2 ;. at all drug t'ors.
The Sum atm ee Ki.1- .of J.ive O.il:,
ar prou I bi J!i'ir armory .which
lias jufrt l.iL-u cu-npli'ted. , .
A Contended Woman '
is alw't.vs ocii'J i:i Tin- ' jine house with
i3.i',!urd's Huo.v Tii-,; nnt, it keeps
every member of ttje imcuy frte from
aches and paliis, it henl- cuts. burns and
, ecal.ls and cures rheU!r.:!iHm, neurit It ia.
luiiibaco an! all mu-cular frei.ss and
. t-1fne-s. 2-, 508 and iU -) a buttle.
Sold bv w. y. DaTis.
' 'The conti (n't for the election of
, t'arnej'ie and Ciiase halls for Rollins
Collete has been awarded,
j " .
i A Colden ' Weddinr
means that man and wife bave'livfed to
a good old age and onusequently havt
kept heftjthy. The beet way to keep
healthy is to (ee that your liver does it's
duty 3 '.." days cut ot 3t". Tbe only w ay
to do this is to kv-p Ballard's Herbint
In the honne and take it whenever your
l!v get inactive. 50 cents per Veil.
Sold oy w. B. Davis.
r 1 r i
i t
m I
r t-,.-
: if
C, ii'ci.
Will be Pleased to Quote Prices to the Trade.
Over Thirty rive Years.,
In 1612 there was a great deal of di
arrhoea, dysentery and cholera 'nfun
turu. It was at thie time that Cham
berlain's Oil in, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy wi first brought into use. It
proved more successful thon any other
remedy or treatment, and has for thirty,
fl' e vers maintained that record. From
a small begirjuinij its s'lle and use has
extended to every part of the United
Stat ?g aud to many foreign couptriei.
Xine druggists out of ten will recom
mend It when their opinion is asked, al
though they have other medioiues that
pay them a greater profit;' It can al
ways he depended upop, even In the
most severe and dangerous cases. For
sale by IV. B. Davie and I). O. .-m,ith.
The Delray Canning Company re
ceived tlie third car load of cans
for use in the factory this last week,
Chamberlain's Colic Cholera an!
Diarrhoea Remedy Would Have
Save-d flim $100 00-
'In 19'i2 I liUd a very severe attack
of diarrhoea,1' eaye R. N. .Fdrrar of Cat
Island, "For tevcr.il weeU-f whs
unable to lo anything. OiiM..rcli 18,
1007, I hd a flinrirtr attacu. c:;'l to.
Clintnlierlain's Colic, Cho'en ai.d D,
arrhoea Keineuy trhlch jjave n,e i.rompt
relief. I consider it ore of the be-t
ciediclnes of lU kind Id the worl !. aod
had I used it in 1002 believe It wou.'J
Lave B'lved me a hundred dollar doi-tor's
bill." .-old by w, E. Davinai.d U. ii.
Smith . '
A royal reception ' was extended
to the XIallovy Liner ''Rio Cli indc"
n.n blie entered 'I amy P.:iy on the
25t!i.- .7 " -
It Can't Be Beat
The t''!t of :i! teachers is -;erience.
C. M. Harden, of Silver C'i:;,, Xortli
','iiroiiiia, B4V: "1 fin J Kiect-tc Bitters
i's all thi.t.s ciaimBU for it. For ftoiu
ach, l.ive.r and K idney tro ll ies it cau't
be beat . I have tried it anJ iod it a
meet f id Hit;' medicine." Xit. Har.Un
ie right; It's the bei-l t ail n.p !! inen
alio for we..knese. IkniA buck, ho J nil j
run down condition. I'.e' too for':!.;!'. ,
and malaria. Sold under cu;it .n.ee o: J
all drug store. 50c. '
The hailstoi in On last . Sou lV in
the eastern part ot Gadsden county
(ii;l mticb daiiiacc to tLe tol ucu
farms. . .
' Star ved to Death-'
is hat couid truthfully be tidd of many
children wko die. They nave v.irmk.
poor little thinire they don't kno'it
arid '.ni don't r- it. If your child
ia croea.frotfid, pi' y oompleionej and
loses weight tor uo apparent reason,
give It white's Crekn Vermifuge, ou
will b eurprb ed at the results and bow
quickly it yU-Va up. Mold by V. B.
. i
t i f
i k
Vm.h.U I.n3 ii
lb4a corult'.'i C -tet, r.v.
Help for Those Who Have Stomach
, Troutle-
After doctoring for about twelve years
for a bad stomach trouble.and spending
nearly five hundred dollars for med
icine and doctors" fees, I purchased my
wife one bijx of Cbainberlain'8 'Stomach
and Liijer Tablets, which did her bo
much good that she continued to use
them and they have done her niore good
than all of the med'eiue I bought be
fore. Samuel Boyer, FoNom, Iowa.
This mediuine 19 for sale by w. B. I):iv
is i D G. Smith. Samples free.
The jury in the ISethea murder
trial at Miumi, failed to agiee and
was discharged
be necessary.
Another, trial will
Boy's Life Saved-
My little boy, four years old, had a
severe attack of dyaentery. We bad two
pbyeiclar; both of them gave him up.
We then nve him Chamberlain' Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea remedy which
cured biru .and belive tjat saved bis
life. W illiam H. Strolingi Carbon Hill,
Ala. There is no doubt but this remedy
s;ive8 the lives of many children each
year. Give it with castor oil according
to the pla;n printed directions Biid
cure is certain. For sale by w, B, Davi6
and D. G. Snvth.
The Contuief.i'e Memm-pil As
sociation is a new organ'Z itioil form
ed 'in Jacksonville Monday bi?lit
with a large uicmheisliip.
The Rcmedv That Does-
'"Dr. Kind's N'iw, rne.ovcry is the
remedy that does the Lenin. g others
immnise but fail to peifunu, ' tirvs Mrs.
K. II.' fieison, of Auburc' fntre, Fa."
1 1 if curing ne of tin oat and lung t rou
tile of long st.iudii.g, tout other treat
ments relieved only ten;pirri'y. New
U't co' try is dome me su much good
ti nt feel confident Its continued, u-e for
h r-asonab!e length of tiine will restore
n.e to perfecf health Thi renowned
cir.igh and cold remedy in J throat and
Iih.r he iler is t"!d at nil dtug" stores.
5oo. a:d f !.iK.'l'ri.d o.i'lle free.
A Voice From Autoniotilcs
& .. .V.
Take r.o chances hny a real
Ford Runabout aiil take a
driv-e, one ol our Society Fords
will create happ ine-j for the
whole: farrjiy. You run ho
risk: 'when you run genuine
Ford Automobiles. For furth
er information see
'AIT, .sent,
W -, r ft- f-
1 "-'v'.v M
uk V. - lit
E. C. r-"TT I tx
i. i
J BKva bcf a cctfc.M nc OpwI
a,xxci IeecL Stu
. -at
4 '
U liook cms lor your Iiilarcn
-i EaallK vhile.. 'they arc young..
ft " i
V -v .,- , ' . . . .
,.' I . A
V.,'.- ' ' V.:
W J c
AT ' ri ,i:;rirt., Ir-.trr- . ' iribtilt-t and ttl pir
lr-. I i.iii- of Utlli'tM'l-" nt':mt I'll f'li'.i
f " t u it 1 il.-n.in, l-i tf t ' t'tis.Nii o "ml V, Utirt
-i;t, !(-- bi it , art lirn'if Hij 'ti; i ll ( jr t.t t'n
ti iti at.'l -;i;.i 'a'i-A. t. f1'f tl tuli i 'ic iit ! ic
'l.!-il-lT..'l I Vin! t -1 'U', i li tit II r,IU' v.if Iri.ii
,t,c u . ;v t - ' 1 ,i vc: ;1- i( 'v Uw, tnii -t y :(r, ! i
;.i t - : n it t.ifi in f. . u'. ,i 1 r .trr n.-i I y ii 1 1. irtv
In .i llic -.t :it- to sHi J i ii "i, ;!.-- it . it . ,
Aim i V 1 K.f.M M
A 1 'v.i.i-ir.i:r: i-'.ilcif i'.;tnk
i i
ll"l lir(if h'lv.dt of M:i,IUmi ,'OiinlV, l-'lori.
,lri Lric '-V nol.f.eii Oi.tl Our foll'.iu tut ,-)'! Isl.i it'll
I'llliC. ..f -...lit . o'.loi.V. let- it wiit.l nuiltl T I'M i
our ll'l. fur five hur.dtrd (lolNrT, idul i. -t
n iiiiUtT thrive ( i5i a lift UvenlY llil. cm h t. r "
hunen.i lull uoi'ar., ;ae bct-n Untwti t v !! I t j
Oie B t.r.1 of t u.iaiy 'otnmi.li.i,frs nf s d e.u"i - j
IV. ann c;.iU-rf in l-r ituviprnt. aiifl tlial tut- '-.
w ilh itreru'l intere.t Oit-rort hv p.-tut on t 1
lHlh J.tv uf July A. D. )WJ. at which oi,i "f
Ihtrruri will ctascr
Jurt 11 K'iS. K..J. VANS
. " , Trie.' ...
- .7 iND r& OK -THfe CkKfKUL
Stat l'fl l'.S Ol' H.OKItJA.
Voder is r--7'lT r'vtn tii.it M . II ': -In
P'if. h.ivrr tit T. ctit ,nte .,. (!,,, j, , ,(
d!H of lulv A. I(. 1 "ft. tin .:,! .4 ... ... ,
mt cjr'.cf, uTttl b iific :. nt'li, ..e.;r ( ift ( ,i, . , t .,
.n.l-L.o l;,e f-.M . f ti , , .
li. V;,,l,mn ... n"y, e in.,
La.l l, -f N...O r.t-t
?tt.rlt-i ol -Ni . ' 't ',":. j uu
(atiff (I t ..I. ji f t,.
M O.t . '- " r mi c i
rfinr f ( T ,, .rl i. . V 1.
t-r rf. ct h i .1 i. i . . g to J
I '
id l.i. ,
! r !. ,.
Ol It'll
'1 . Il I
i t A. li
c uttl t
's a iTffcinr.ii:!ri9 r chik'r"r. It keps thvte liver nolive
in i.'i:i:i.i t.'.:o ..i':.r.-.--r, v'-'-.'. vTi r.c leaitl'..- rclor Bpp.ar
ca tlvii cLcc.:j, uiiu i.cvi fcr v.'ieia vUi Leati.-i.j-jfUiciwst. f
-A pc?;t!v;c Cure
i'r,' cc::rnATo!?, c-::lls nc
rt Ai i
iJ--.' JJan-
jivi . e id o. - . rt mo iit
j-.. kuv-'.v C'i t ierterfir
Jiii2-:-R-.i'I iv.-r, iKfidach?,
hilir.'.'.-rt-. '. -Jjc. jiy cliiid-
V 'r. C-.v.- v. , ; u.ii. I Wlil
ts:- it ;iw'..v!.."
7. r. d Pco'ntzTt
vv. e. DAVIS.
XOni'K TO ItOSDOOI.fKi'.s.
Il,.!.!.r nf K,rH c.f M i"i"-l r , I
,re lu n by lirciTi d III it the l.i! i iwi tt .'
lion. It. of ,iui Ciiir.lv, r.i u, li ; I't.:,,."
foi f-i- !nei,ln:l i.V"'j ii. ;! :i , 1 "..
three ::'.. t" ti'l -i'iil u-l .( 1 - , i r
lri'i (,.i ,,b, !.,m.sr,. .'.
l.e K-n liu ,H In I '1 ' V ' i.- '''
I i.-.l-.'..i,.rn .. hi I t, I . 1 .
. I ' -.i.e.
i. If s
J .yd.
i '
Ml I K 1. OK Al';
!. IN' A( i
ITf AM) r,:
M.r; t.
N, !, -c ! till.
I I i
f A .
.o. I i
tut I-. li.
.11. T of ll.r N K
..'iilt l(.,i,ft- .x ki.i
t.l Hi ll'.f i'-.I!- of f
Of IKIIW C.l I l.k...,l
'll' he t'l.cia. .1 I"
t- .c li'Motin on
V. Hi ... my o
'.Vd J. v t.t l,...y .
ciuk t ;
t.j vr.v
OF Al rl !
IN . i .
rMfir 1.
f btl'e
A. I In.
anJ m in,
fol.OV I
W I.
2i.d o.
-1 7'V, a '..'
.i' Citot.i Co
SjL Py W. 1;. Da
v ah- r

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