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yji i4
of your financial interests is assured if they
v are intrusted to us.
Our methods are careful and conservative
' and our resources abundant.
Open an account with us. An active bank
account is one of the best means of establish
ing credit with your business associates.
The First INJafcioijal paijk
Capital, SurplusJmc'Profits: $100,000.
Has, as usual, the tin
estjand largest stock of
fine GOLD Jewelry
in Town. : :
Our 'Ptione 76
. G.
Lcckets Chains
Watches Pins and
All Hood and guaran
teed, and engraved
FIIEE of chaiye. :
I will sell my entire
stock of-Cut Glass at
Cost, and Spectacles
at Half Price. : :
Madisou. Florida.
Court next week.
Walk over shoes at Taylor's.
Col C. E. Davis spent Monday
tendlDg court at Perry.
Ice Cream fresh every day at D,
R(vs. Fletcher and Williams are
.riin the Leanue Conference
Taylor sets tlia style In Madison.
Xext door to post otllce.
Asron Blanton is now a member of
tie Enterprise Recorder gang, having
set in to work Monday morniDg.
For Sale:-Sed Rvo and Early Out?.
Apply to Fraleigh Lines-Shelter Co.
Rev C. Fred Blackburn left Tuesday
for Moyds to attend the Epworth
League Conference of the Tallalmssee
Breedlove'e ice cream. all B.vors.fr.sh
everv dav at Madison Drug Co.
Porter Plant and M. M. DeLaughter
will leave thia afternoon for the Gulf
Coast where they will spend about ten
days hunting nod fishing.
Watch f-.r lie big 10O TUno deal.
e Ta lor.
Mise Csrlena Morrow.who is teaching
school at Concord, in Gadsden county,
pent Sturd-y and Sunday with her
mother, Mre. Randell Morrow.
Rings Little Liver Pills (or bilious
ness, sitkbeadacbe. They keep you
well. 25 oenta. Try them. Sold by B.
F. Moieley,
J. W. 'Wedeworth, cashier of the
First National Bank, returned Monday
night from a dellgbtfutouting of sever
al weeks which was spent principally
in New York State in the vicinity of
Buffalo and Niagara.
Bees Laxative Cough Syrup always
brings quick relief to coughs, colds,
bcarsenees, whooping-cough and all
bronchial and throat trouble. Mothers
specially recommend it for children.
Pleasant to take, gently laiative. Sold
by B. F. Moeelev.
Drs- Armstrong
& Barrows,
Scientific Opticians and Opthalmolo-tlsts.
Do you want a hat? See Taylor.
L. A. Fraleiirh spent Tuesday iu
Jacksonville on business.
Breedlove's ice cream, all flavors.fresh
every day at Madison Drug Co.
B. X. Tucker spent Sunday in the
city with hid latutly, reluming to
Quincy Mdr.dny.
Scliloss Bros ., flee clothing at Tay
lor's. Rev. V. K. Ivey, the beloved pastor
of the r.'iptist church, tilled the pulpit
of the First Uaittist church in Jackson
ville last Sunday.
LOST: Smith & Wesson 3J chl!bre
revolver.o-inch barrel. On road between
Madison and cascade. Reward for re
turn to M. M. DeLaughter. 2.
We extend a cordial invitation to our
frie'ids throughout the county to vis! t
our office when they are In town attend
Ing court next week or at any other
For Sale: A small iron safe. Cbenp.
Apply st this oftlce, tf. .
The members of the Methodist Baraca
class will enjoy a social gathering at
the Merchant1. Hotel to morrow niaht
as guests of the class president. Ola
Pine and nak wool- del verec! prompt
1 . TelepL.tne our orders to R. B.
Bishop for D M. Dens.
Rev. R. V. Atkinson will attend r e
Rii-mcm C a orial st the Merchants
hotel Friday night and will deliver a
talk to the members. Mr. Atkinson is
one of the ablest of Florida's ministers
and is ptstor of the Live Oak church.
Russell Vano handles Arnold Bro's
shingles. Call at his store for prices.
Albsrt E. Frslelgh and Theo. C.
Smith left yesterday for a trip to tbe
Woat. urhifh will emhraeg the titles of
St. Louis, Chicago and other points.
Mr Fraleigh will purchase in tne siock
markets a lot of live stock for the trade
of the Fraleigh-Lines-Shelfer Co.
Will give you constantly at hand the means of paving
your bills without the possibility of error in making
change; and the cancelled checks, returned to you by
the bank each month, 'give -you positive and indisputa
ble receipts for all bills you pay. To transact all your
business through the bank gives you prestige and stand
ing in the community not possible in any other way.
Your regular and frequent deposits in this institution
that will enable you to take advantage of business op
portunities that may call for more ready money than
vou have at your command. In making loans, all bank
ers must give first preference to their depositors, and
thev are always ready and willing to help those whose
steadv deposits and thrifty habits show their ability
and determination to help themselves. With a growing
account and established credit at the bank, and with a
check book in your pocket, you can virtually
i .
Dr. Armstrong is a graduate from
three ot the leading American upncai
. 1 1 i . ii irnnun Vjitahhsbec.
uuefTH KOU well -
Eye specialist in Jacksonville for the
. , ii I 1 1 i r r all fnrms of
compllcaUd eye trouble w th success
and by the system of Ophthalmology
nd Neurology we are able to overcome
tnaoy chronio trouble. Dyspepsia,
Catarrh, Nervous Exhaustion Head-
.K nv.mnll. KnilDSV. Hi'StOrlS.
aiiihnnt rlmcm or oDeration. Cross
eyes stratghUned without knife.
JDr. Armatrong vrlll prsonsllV make
a proteeeionel visit to Madison the nrst
Wedpeday after the Brat Monday of
achnonh. Ofllce Merchants Hotel,
Free, a $4C0 Piano by W. M. Taylor.
Mies Adele Clayton of Live Oak is
the guest of Miss Barnard Morrow.
Found: The latest styles In clothing
at Tavlor's.
Miss Joaie McDonald left Tuesday
night for I.lovds to attend the F.pworth
League Conference.
Plank's Chill Tonic for malaria,
chills, fever. coMs and lugrippe. Price
23 cents. All dealers. .'Ini.
Hunter Paltirj"n lias accepted a
pisiticn with W. S. Overatreet fr
fall and winter. He will be dWitflittrt
to see his friends and serve them at a, I
times. .
Looking: ror Clothing? See Taylor.
School Buiird met Tuesday, so did
the Town Council and on Wednesday
tbe County Commissioners held their
regular monthly session. The official
proceedings of each body will nppear
iu this paper later.
Wanted: To buy syrup, sweet pots
toes, chickens, eggs and other country
produce for cash or tre. Greenville
Yellow Pine Co., GreeDville, Fla.. Cone
mile west.) f 9-24-Ut.
The Phllathea Class of the Baptist
Sunday school will hold ita monthly
business and aocial meeting with Miss
Lula Hardee on r.ext Monday afternoon
a- 3 o'clock All members are urged to
be presn' and a cordial welcome will
be extended to all well wishers.
Farm to Rent: My farm to rent
IQfKi Ah,ut 8 relies nor'hwest of town
on Greenville road, containing 130 acres.
Apply to C. B. Ashley tor te'ros. Mrs
Olive B. Dickinson. 8 -CO. 4w
There was a good attendance of t!
m.mh.r. nf the local csmD of Woodmen
of the World at the morning service of
tbe Method! st church last Sunday. Ibe
pastor, Rev. C. Fred Blackburn, deliver
ed a masnificeqt sermon .which was
greatly enjoyed by the Urge congrega
tion. w
Georgia & Florida Railway.
Valdosta Southern Division.
n. in. a. m. u. tii-
G.45 ). 4" 12.0
a. m. a. id. p. iu.
0.50 6.f0 7.4.'
a in n. m a. m
1C.04 10.04 3.05
a. m. a. m.
5.35 0.3.5
a. m. a. ni . m.
6.50 G.50 7.40
p. tn. p. ru. a. rn.
1.50 1.50 6.40
5 3 1
p. ru. p. m- ni.
4.00 4 30 9.30
4 25 4.57 10 00
4 32 4.57 10.00
4.45 5.20 10.3.0
5.00 5.35 10.55
5.10 5.48 11.10
5.30 6.15 U.35
n. tn. p. m. a. ni.
Lv Macon
G. 5. & F.
Lv . . Montgomery
(A. C L.)'
Lv SvannaU
(A. C. L.)
Lv Brims'
(A. C. L )
Lv Jacksonville
(G. S. k V.)
Lv Wavcross
(A. C. L.)
il i l lui
, Ar 4 2.5 10 35
. IB
4 25
p m I a in lp m
, Ar C 15; S 05 6 15
p ra i m p ,m
. Ar 14111 50 1'41
Noon'p miNooa
(Valdosta Southern Divis
(Valdosta SoutBein Divis
Lv... . VaidoNta, Ga.
Briggston, "
Olycnpia, ' '
Pinetta, F'.a.
Hanson, "
Ar. . . . Madison, "
. .. rl'2 40 9 25 12 40
p tn!
A 9 00
amp ml am
. .. Ar 10 30 0 05'10 30
2 4 i'
a im p in a ru
...Ar 8 15 3 30 8 15
7 45 2 58 7 47
7 35 2 48 7 39
7 20 3 35 7 26
7 00 2 15 7 11
6 48 2 00 7 Oft
.... 6 251 40 f6 40 .
a m Iu tn a ra
Dailv Sunday only. Tdephone Stations: Valdosto and OlympU,
Ua., Pinetta, Hanson and Madison, Fla.
A. Pope. J. M Turner,
Traffic Mumger. General Manager.
Augusta Georgia. Augusta Georgia.
fr HE Largest Bank in Madi3on County-the Old
W est Bank in Madison County are two Guide
Posts that should direct the man or woman looking
for a strong Bank. Thirteen years of safe and con
servative banking through good times and hard
times is our record. During the recent panic (conce
ded to be the worst one in the history of the country)
this Bank issued no Clearing House Certificates, re
stricted no payments of money, nor did it require the
60 days notice of withdrawal of money in the Savings
Department in any instance, but paid out hard cash
in each case, a record to be proud of.
We invite your account Deposits made in our '
Savings Department up to the 5th of any month draw
4 per cent interest from the first
Conimer-.-i! Agent.
Douglas, Georgia.
Florida's Higher Educational Institutions-
University of the .
State of Florida
Gainesville, Florida.
A hiM.-orarU InatitUttOD for VOUnK
",-"""- -
nffarinrr T.itrrV. ScleUtittO EO-
uineerinjcAgrioultural aod Pedagogical
r. t- . . i . .. . ..All AnitinnAa lftrl
oratories; thorough instruction, both
theoretical ana practical, cnroiu.
pervialne and dlaoipllne; high moral
vr- ..t,tAM aVa.ivu tn Plnrida itu
SM milltu "
rtthpr (Tntnus very low. For
cttalogue and Information, addrest
The State College for W omen
(Florida Female College.)
Tallahassee, Florida.
A College for Women, without a par
allel id the South, embraclr g a t'ollega
ot Liberal Arte; a Normal School;
School of Industrial Arts; a School ot
Fin Arte, offering instruction in draw
ing, painting, piano, plpe-orean, violin,
voica-culture, elocution, and pbyaioal
Forty Florida counties and seven
stats represented In the enrollment
last session.
Fine new dormitory, with rooma for
one hundred and sixty girls, just
completed. Plans for other extensive
Improvements are slreadjr mde.
For further informalioD of catalogue,
""'U t0 A. A. MURPHREB.
American Girl shoes t Taylor's.
T J. Dickinson eft for Ds'sod last
Friday morning, He haa entered for a
law course in the law ueparimeoi ui
Stetson University.
rv,n in lsd.es tod see tbe WOO Piano
that is to be given away free by V. M.
Mrs. Frank Msrtlii use accepted a
inn ith the Smith aieroaouie vo.
for the fU and winter and will be pleas
ed to see and serve ber many friends
i rwr l small cbukr red cow and
--r - -
yesrliug, marked staole fork right,
crop and uuderbit left. Branded 2 or
22. 1 small yearling, red wnn wnue
epotonfaoa. 1 yellow halt Jersey oow
with whiU noae. 1 yenow nener eaai
uomarked. Notify W. F. Frier, B. F .
D. 4, Madison, Fla.
Do you want a MOO Piano, free? See
Tat lor.
Msj. M. C. Drew Is at home again
from a. most pleasant summer outing
spent principally in the mountains and
at the watering placxs ot TeonsseA.
If you are sufferer frorn piles, Man
Zan Pile Remedy will bring relief with
the first application. Guaranteed. Price)
50 cents. Sold by B. F. Moeeley.
Kelt Sunday morning; the local camp
ot Vroodmen.will attend service at tbe
Baptist church when Pastor Ivey will
preach a special sermon. Let-every
member ot tbe camp report promptly at
tbe Forest at ten o'olock a m. from
the Forest the members will g m a
body to the Baptist church.
Taylor, tha Clothier, ni t door to post
office.. -
one imj ooij.

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