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Tailored Suits, Coats, Waists and Skirts.
Exceptionally Attractive,
Finest Quality Imported Crispy
Voil. Elegant up-to-date tailor
ed Models.
Finest quality Imported Voil.
Made in the latest styles, up-to
date models, trimmed with broad
taffeta folds.
wonderfurassortment of Ele
gant $35.00 Suits, inchdingmany
of the very latest ideas in Hipless
Coat Models, 45 and 50 inch
Besides the wonderfully Chic
Fancy Suits, we show splendid
plain tailored models, coats 30
and 36-inch lengths, in plain tai
lored materials and in the swell
est novelty tailorings in the new
shades. Price:
$35 00;$25 00;18 00
k it
-mi '
... JMm'
Fine all-wool Serge, herringbone
effect, so popular this.' season.
Brown, Blue and London Smoke.
The Latest Model
In Ladies' New. Fall Coats.
Semi-filling, 50 inches long.
They come in Tan, Castor Blue
and Brown.
This up-to-date fancy Brown
Chiffon Panama, advanced win
ter styles, large buttons front,
trimmed with bias folds at bot
tom. A muoh higher priced
garment but a small quantity ad
mits of the
$20 TO $5.69
'!aE'LtflJwJJ.AivTl 1 rat in n innmi mm Ln 1 11 1 1111 ni'i'm mi it in 11 Biimiii 111
Special Sale of
Yard-wide Brown Sheeting,
Check Homespun,
Good Soft Bleaching,
Good 15c Flannelettes,
Dress Goods and Silks.
A Special Purchase enables us to
offer a beautiful line of New Fall
Patterns in the latest weaves
and colors.
50c and 75c values,
Special Price, 3(Jc
New Millinery.
Ladies Trimmed Hats in new
designs up to $5 values, 1 98
Ladies Pattern Hats in beau
tiful new effects, up to $10 val
ues, Special price, 2 98
Ladies Paris and New York
models Dress Hats, sale price 4 98
Boy's Clothing.
Boy's All-Wool 75c Pants, 39c
Every pair guaranteed.
Boy's All-Wool Suits, 13 50
to $7 50 values, Special
$1 98 to $3 48
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!
All Guaranteed Solid Leather.
Men's $4 Patent Leather, lat
est style Toe, 2 98
Ladies' 2 Vici, going at 1 39
We have a full line of Children's
solid leather School Shoes at
Special Prices.
Power of Imagination.
Illustrating the strange power of the
imagination, E. F. Benson, author of
"Dodo," tells this Incident: A doctor
be knew bad found It necessary to give
a pntient for many evenings mi Injec
tion of morphia to enable him to get
some sleep. After awhile the doctor
thought It advisable to stop the mor
phia, and for two nights his pntient
was unable to sleep, owing to great
pain. On the third night the doctor,
being still unwilling to administer mor
phia, Injected plain water Instead.
The man Blept perfectly and awoke In
the morning with what Is kuowu as
a morphine mouth.
Inopportune Advice.
Mrs. Ascurn Miss Crabbe Is a mem
ber of your suffrage club. Isn't she?
Mrs. Caddie No, we had to expel hpr.
We Kei'ex discussing the servant girl
question the other clay and she lunl the
Impudence to say that If we only stay
ed at home ami attended to business
the servaut question wouldn't bother
us at all.-rhiladelpUla Press.
Motorist Coocley-Beg pawdon, gr.h.
out kin yo' Infobtn me how many miles
It am teh Jayvllle? The Farmer -Waal,
as the crow flies Motorist
Coonley Donu' git pussonal, sub, doan'
Jit pussonal! Puck.
V' I GU It Weak.
EInks-i- Joea strong coffee keep yo'J
wake? Jinks Uow do I know? I
board.-Somervllle Journal.
Happy Is the man who does all t'li
good he talks of.-Itallan Proverb.
Insignia of the Most Coveted of All
Er.ijlicli Ordcti.
Altln'iiL'li the mist rmete.l "f Eng
llsh iii-iVrs. tin' origin of Hit- Inner Is
really a mystery.
C'ontllftitijr n :i : limit it-s iisslun the
fuiimlutinii of the order I'ltlur to tin
Z 1 1 if Ami1. St Ceii.'ti-'s !ny. I.'ill. o;
to Hie satile fiil-.nl ihe .veil I lul'-r.
while the iv il.ir anecdote iim..i I.-i ie.l
with It is Unit in :i i -t i-eiviiiiiuy ;i
lildy-ellher tin- j ni :i . the Connies (
Salisbury el' tl.e ( ' in 11 "f Ke-it-lmiielied
I" ill'np h.T Killer, whjcll
was picked up by Kin;. lvlVnrd III.,
who, observing a I i-1 f i t H m to laugh
among the liyrt.liiders. exclaimed In
his royal displeasure. I Ion 1 suit iiil
mill y pense" (displaced ! lie who
thinks 111 of iti
The relfiuluK monarch Is. of course,
ex ntliein the sovercl.wn of Ihe Order of
the (Jarter.
At lirst tin- tf irler u:is niiiile "f II :ht
blue-silk, hut Hint which Is now given
is made of dark Mile velvet It rs
worn on the left leg a little below the
Tiio nnle i- of the Carter us an order
of chivalry has a very deep religious
KlQiilHiniu-c It Is. or should be. at
tended by religious ceremonies of n
very precise mid ornate character, aud
it was reported In Victoria's reign that
a oertaiu uohleuiuii hesitated as to ac
cepting the honor on account of Its
having iK-en conferred on nu oriental
potentate. Philadelphia North Amcrl-
The Old vYrfy and the New.
The younR.'idy from Boston was ex
plaining. "Take on et,'B." she said, "and
make a perforation In the base and a
corresponding one Id the apex. Then
you upply the Hps to the aperture and
by forcibly Inhaling the breath the
shell Is entirely discharged of Its con
tents." Au old lady who was listening ex
claimed: "It beats all how folks do things
nowadays. When I was a gal they
miide a hole In each end and sucked."
Judge's Library.
What the Poet Sayi.
After their honeymoon to Niagara
fullB they came back and settled on
the old farm.
"flrneious. Rile!" said Cynthia. "Why
are you In such a bad humor?"
"Making butter Is blamed hard
work." grumbled Silas, removing; the
beads from his brow.
"Ob, cheer up. Sllel Don't the poet
sny that It Is .'love that mokes the
world go round?' "
"Yes; but, by gosh. It don't make the
churn go round." Chicago News.
Her Mitsion.
"She always niniiiils me of a public
"That's curious."
"Not so very. She's continually seek
ing the man. you know." Chicago Record-Herald.
The Only Piece He Cared About.
"There wns a French court." said a
lecturer In the midst of a little sermon
on selfishness, "who was traveling
from Paris to Monte Carlo. On bis
Journey he stopped at Mentone, whore
he sent for his valet, who had preced
ed him and was to have met him at
that point 'Alas, monsieur,' exclaim
ed the count's courier, 'poor Francois!
I have Just looked my last upon blm.
He was killed In a railway accident
His corpse lies on the outskirts of
Mentone, cut In a hundred pieces!'
'Ah!' murmured the count regretfully.
'Then Just go back and fetch me the
piece that contains my trunk keys.'"
Impossible Combination.
The time, the place and the girl!
Uow seldom we find them together!"
"Rah! The combination that we sel
dom find toxether la the man, the
shower aud the nmbrells." Louisville
Horse Denler-'K Jumps well, 'e trots
lieaiitlful, V's as quiet ss a lamb, and
I'll let you 'nve 'hu cheap. Possible
Purchaser- Why. what's wrong with
i I in ? London Answers.
By Right of Birth.
Hunter Are you an American cltl
ren, PatT Pat Faltb, an' I am thatj
I was born In Donegnl, but 'twas on
the Fourth Iv July. Harper's Weekly.
When a mnn wears long chin whisk
ers It may be because bis wife In
sists upon buying bis neckties. Phil
adelphia Record.
Her Fourth..
Lawyer As your husband died In
testate, you will of course get third.
Widow Oh, I hops to get my fourth.
He was my third, jm know, Tenri
and Country. ' '
Pomp of Engliah Mayors.
Chichester arms Its chief magistrate
with a gold mounted malacca cane of
office, while the mayor of Guildford:
carries the stick presented to the bor
ough by Queen Kllzubcth. At York
both the lord mayor and lady mayor
ess ure equipped with the silver mount
ed oak staves which have marked their
authority for centuries. . Among the
official retainers of the mayor of BIpon
Is the muulclpal horn blower, who
every night at 9 o'clock winds three
blasts upon this ngel musical Instru
ment before the mayor's residence and
again at the marked cross. Loodoa
Modern Playi and Players. . ...
We n't longer demand that a man of
woman play a part. We luslst that tna
part flt the man or woman. This cot
dltlon i o doubt la largely the fault of
managers, who lm leud of . requiring
impersonation pick performers for
their likeness to Pie characters to be
assumed.. "Have n a father? one
can Imagine thorn Inquiring of a can
didate. "Tea." "Then you won't do.
This man's father died twenty years
before the brglnnliig of the play."
Mark Twain on . inlsj.nl the train
which should have t:;'.;eu b'ja to his
work. lie did no: vl:e any excuse.
His telegram to bi employer took this
form: "My train K t r.t 1 JV I arrived
t the station at 7:11 vud could not
estch It"

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