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life :f
l0L VJII-KO. 14
'The Deestrlck Skule "
Monday night the R. n "
tli8 opera
C. t. Ashley Entertains Banco.
Two big double wagons, tbe
Au fil'ed witu fragrant, straw oo sign was hung out at
icti it hearty men, left the law i house, the occasion being a presen
SW of Col. C U.Ashley last Fri- tatiou by local talent of t,e aid
Vy evening about 0:a(J o clock and
fast drive t about two miles
1 1 J... t . U
icr goon rou "tiiyiu a. wie
elation house where tlie quests
re con'iidly welcomed by t lie
,tssisted by his excellent wife
j jUeilnmc Puiramore, Beggs
jfidleigb. The grcund present.
i fine' appearance lighted l-ril-
'Mty with blading pine knots on
tir elevated stands, and a Jong
S ic spread along one sun- or the
j gave the guests to understand
t something other than cane juice
icjne heer had bceu providid tor
, enjoyment.
number of the uuets hud eon.
: to tlie f:i : in in hnggiis, sune's
I jiitotH"liili'S ninl when they !i:cl
rnl lili iu'. the table it W:is seen
: i!i nt I' ltv-Dvo nit nih. is i.f Hi
l.oli Uaruca CiasS and M'-'li.
t e'.oir wi it- pieset-t to ei; j y
(iiliub'fid ei:t-it linine it nf llie
HH2. The first lealuie was h
t to t ti e t ine mill where the pa
; mule stead. ly trod bis we.ny
, while the j'liee 11wm,1 from the
i in an unbroken and copious
tn. .S I'.iiig around the ulow-
lcg hetips the gues regaled
ujilvcs with juice, etne beer and
ived" the succulent ctMie itself
i;e ai'cciniianimeni of yarns, ami
the call C.uuj to ovsters. A
y id ol glowing oak couls was
vl in the fionl yard and into
oytcis were thrown until tbe
ciusi'd them to "Open up"
cir owu accord when they w.re
1 out and the boys ""fell to'!
famished creatures. From the
., ssuees, catsups, lemon, pickles
cr-ukers were secured and when
ad satisfied themselves coffe -
iigars were passed. 1 hen the
sat around in chairs, on the
I pile, or any o'.d place, and
further regaled by. recitations
Ernest Bradley and Matt
qIod and then nrose some "old
iai tunes" such as "Suwannee
f r" "01 J Kentucky Home" etc.,
lusted with anecdote and jest.
.ait ten o'clock the crowd
-' up and returned to town and
fetosay that the- entertain
I affurded them by Col. Ashley
enjoyed and appreciated bya
ouraca boy and guest pres.
Proceedines Town Council..
Madison,, Fla.,Nov. U, 1908
until met in call session
mussing advisability of holding
""nival commencing Deo 28,
tor one week.
B. Da'vis, L. A. Fra-
E- C. Hassell, Walter Bun
M D. II. lates.
iL.notion, carried, the con-
of the Barkoot Amusement
a accepted provided satisfac-
1'irrangements can be made with
jmptroltcr in "regard to licerse
-A. Fraleigh, W. B. Davis
alter Bunting were delegated
" Hie contract in behalf- of the
a motion Council adjourned.
S. P. Griffin, Clerk.
i' cre (cultivated-and wood
f near Madison, Fla known as
Vacldy Thompson plantation."
jslou January 1st, 1909. En
)'"' F. J. WllITON.
180 Broadway,
New York City.
splitting play "The Deestric Skule."
Col. Iiandell Rowe as teacher of the
school was all that could he expect
ed of a fhcher ottbe old day and
the "skollais" one and all carried
off their parts with n dash and
sympathy which elicited from the
Immerse audience screams of
laughter and applause. Tbe play
opened with a scene of the "skol
lars" passing flown the road on their
wnja to the little red school house on
tbe hill, in which the children, hoys
and smls. amused themselves n
school children are wont to ;'o.
Then came the call to boons and the
"similars"' filed into the tlii,. xim
xnd t'n.k their places on tbo n.ugh
benches. Class recitations folL.wjd
In moid Mii'i'i'tsimi nml tiin mi i; ,, I
was jr.st 11'Mnl in i, :i y , uf
ebi.'li it hail tu- .-r . Ir :ini. .1. The
I'eceis sevne, witn :i 1 el'll iicn
"eati'd nliMiit on lb- r. un 1 n
their lunches, w.ia very tine, and
the u Tiiefl indulged in hy the 'nkol
Inis"' w ere yrcally ei j e 1 ami
ippieciai.ed. Tue next scenn de
pieted the closing day o? the school,
tbe visit from the school commis
sioners and Mrs. Honeysuckle.
Speeches, com positions ami songs hy
the scholars were simply great and
tbe au Hence fairly shticked with
mirth at tbe funny'snvhigs and tbe
even funnier spectacle o; the "simi
lars." Minta Fonda fairly brought
down tbe house whh her little sung
and was forced to respond to a
bearjy encore. David Yates
irresistible as the studious boy while
Sheldon Brinon with liis unnaVurnl
craving for watei provoked greiit
uienitnent. As the cry baby SA.
liandnll was immense, and giggling
Clara Cggins set the whole audience
to gigglhig in sympathy with her.
" Buddie" B. McC'all and "Sissy"
Bertha Cate carried out their pnits
to perfection while William Tooke
as the had boy couldn't have been
worse. John Fonda as "Mike"
proved a typical Irish lad and Vickie
Tucker and Lizzie Clyatt were as
cute a pair of twins as one would
wish to see. The entertainment was
a great success and reflects great
credit 'ipou the skill of Miss Sallie
Battaile, the directress, as , well as
upon the paticipants The proceeds
of the entertainment 20 to tue
Episcopal church.
"Elder" Randell Pope, "Deacon"
A. Livingston, sr., "Squire" Black
Ashley and "Judge" Walter Cate
made an iiupasing School Board.
The Weather.
For the weekending Sund"y,Nov
MHn innxhnum, 84 s
Mean minimum, i"9
Iliaitieat, Thursday, 84
Lowest, .Sdndny, 75 5
Vann Ellnnton whs in the city Mond
dav bdJ wa a caller at this olfiu.
Don't forget the Stetson Glfe Club
at the ojieia house next WedDes'lny
Mrs. RRiidell Waikr of ValdosU has
been tTTe KueRt of her mutlie-, Mrs. P.
S. Coifgins this week.
T. J. Redding and A. J. Pettis, prom
inent cillz-ns and bimineBR men of
Greenville. wre ii. t lie ritv Tuesday.
Mrs. C'iruelia tit-vilie nnd little huh
left VfHier.lHV fur Si.irke whfte tlie'y
will ancRd si'veriil whi.h with frifin'S
You have un inter-t in the pmpiFHil
t.oiifed-rHtc nioiiuiiin:. the
gn'j'1 wnnien pay fur it !v put i-imiIz i it
them lit tue Ohz hi r tlii. at i-r.nniu nnd
Mr. .f. I). Sii';ivno. "n nf tht- pros
perous eitizen.J n( ),,. Icw Fcrliini ul
the co'inty, w,i.. u pVn--ii !t ral,i-r lit :bis
nflii'S frulay nrd rr.nde uir heart ttl.id
hy .-it-II in' the Il.'iir. b "f I. s iiiUHi:ri -tiun
ahend tn 1UI0. We would like to
welcome a great munv ninr- like Mr.
Sulllvnn. " ,
Ii-"'. J!. A. K linoiidsnn, a former l
loved pHStor of tl'e .Mmhncliht et.uruii
huro l ilt iniw of the North Georgia, ','un
ferenee. wit t runsferred by the rueful
corferniiie from Kalton to Thomson,
Ga. The rev'cr-i.d jfeiill'Mn in ha iinti v
friomN m M fi. I i n '.vhouw i.lv. av a i!eup
ed to In- ir from him.
joyed their part of thi in.
There has been more cotton ginned
here this fall than ever before since
there has been a ginnery established
here. This doesn't look so much
like hard times.
Lat Saturday night our quiet and
peaceful little village experienced
quite a little sensation when two of
tbe Texas rough-riders, so to 'speak
came in on the night train from
Jennings station and proceeded to
paint the town red as they termed
it. There was a show here that
niht and they tried to put thnt out
of business. They cut several of the
ropisnnd came very near causing
the tent to fall. Not satisfied with
this they cut several horses loose
some of which weie bitched to ve
hicles. They warned the place that
they were nial.inj their depatt'iri;
hy lipchurging ineir pistols several
times. Aftw tbe limv there wi'sal
pos-ce formed an I went in nursnit cf
the ted painteis and cnp'.rred thein
about foil: miles fr.j ii here :il a
Ii ;i:M! where they bad s:o'e l 't
spend the remainder of the n i;lit.
Tiny were Inuiight in and promptly
landed in j iil In Madison, tihout
eight, o'clock Suud.iy inor..inij, Tuis
may be n tav lesson but it is hoped
they will prolit by it.
those boya and girls would get up
there and it'a just surprising U
know how tbey could explain aai
tench the rudiments of music. As
whole they showed bow music wat
The writir failed to be there at
dinner Inn. was tberu hi time to leara
there hsd hi en un abundance of good
th'ngs to ea'. They certainly gath
ed up "seven baskets full of tti
fragments" and it was said if Berr
Sullivan, Oscar Bianton and Hearj'
Haven had not been there, tbei
would buve been a great deal more.
You i s very truly
V. E. B.
Rested the Farmers' Rights.
Huiitsiui'ii , an I spoilsmen gener
nl'y, should be very carcf d to ob
k i e the i i,:l.ts nnd lioiiiidarylii.es
of fanner and hind-owners, f.ajt
the (i iiuesv Uc Eh v itor. It is not
onl ur:!a fu!, b.it an t cl of i c ugl
sbod imposition t. ra p rson to dc-
Plnetta News
Mr. W. II. K. Terrv went to Val
dosta Sunday to see uis wile who is
in the sanitarium, lie reports her
slowly improving.
Mr. II. T. Betliune left last week
for a visit to his old home in lletli
une, S. C.
Mrs. C. dl. Prossc-r is "danger
ously HI at tbe home of her father-in-law,
Mr. J. J. P.rnsser. We hope
soon to see her up again;
Mr. Win. Home Is having bis new
dwelling painted and will add much
to the looks of bis place.
Miss Sallie Kelley spent last Sat
urday and Sunday at her home near
Cane grinding will soon be a
thing of the past in this vicinity and
I think the eople of this place en-
Sinelnj School at Corinth-
Nov. 1M, lKw. .
D.-ar Mr. Elilor.
The people of this community
enjoyed this day, beina at the clos
ing exeicis'S of Prof. vV , C. Wood
all's singing school which he bus
j ist taught at Corinth church a few
miles son' h of 1 .ee.
To say it was a grand success
scarcely gives those people justice.
Mr Woudall is a professional tencber
of thirty-four years experience, lie
has taught in a number of statef, but
for tbe past te eral years has teen
in Madison and adjoining counties.
Prof. Woodalls had in this school
about torty pupils and to day he
put them through a" most rigid ex
amination. They were classed in
some six or eight grades. Tbe small
ones of course were given the easy
work while Ve large, or advanced
pupils, were assigned to the most
difficult problems tbe professor
could give. A large blackboard on
one side of tbe church house had
lieen arranged for the occasion. In
groups of half a dozen at a time
Jacksonville is to have a mid-winter
exposition this year, same as last
only a whole Tot better.
About 300 longshoremen in the
employ of the L. i N. railroad com
pany went on strike last week In
An Interesting Occasion.
The Elizabeth Harris Chapter, U.
D. C, will present to tbe Florida
Normal Institute the pictures of
President Jefferson Davis and Gen.
Robt. E. Lee. The exercises will
take place at the Auditorium of tbe
school at ten o'clock Saturday mor
ning; next. Hons. Randell Rowe
and C. 13. Smith will mase vuc
presentation in behalf of the CLapler
and Prof. W. B. Cate will receive
the pictures.. Visitors re cordiiliy
Invif-i to In- pies-?nt. i
. v- .. n:
y. with your name, checks paid to you can be deposited and
immediately credited to your account as money. That is, if
you have a . '
. - If you have not, you must hustle around and get the f,
cash from some friend who has; and he may not be always f
y able. or willing to oblige. Why not have a Bank Account of
your own? . Start one in THE' FIRST NATIONAL BANK,
' and be independent. The process is very simple. The ad
vantages are many.
lib-1! utely i nter 'inother's pnni'scs
without pel Illl-S'ul), II lie til C el
feiv ta'tuil's in I 'loi ida wh n would
ti-1 lie g-in i .us :.i: I courteous to
most nny hunting ptuty if nppr.nche
in the projn r manner Mid respect for
tin ir pu n, Is-s an I lawful rights nnd
w isbes i xei i ised . But it is vry
tr) int.' on the ti-in 't.'i' for one to have
his pieinises entered 1)V bunting par.
ties without permission, gun fired
in every dinv.tion without regard
for the safety of animals, fruit tree!
or people, and d gs turned loess
a.i.oiii; one's s'ock :i (t f.iwls, etc.
Tbe fanr.fi'. we should be very
careful to remember, is held in strict
accordance with our city laws and
mun cipal ' yoverument when be
conies in to'.vn, iih- r on business or
for recre ilion j we do hot allow him
tbe especial piivilege of stalling and
feed'nst his team in our nice, well
kept front yurds. If the ofllce or
store or oilier places of business bap
pen to be clos (' for the noon hour
and he wishes to enter, we cannot
afford for him tolreak out the plate
glass. He should wait atid re
spect o'tr property .'our will and our
cusloais. It wmld he disagree
able for tbo farmers' 8"ns to bring a
pack of yellow hounds in town and
chase the bouse cats through our
dwellings and places of business.
A high-bred gentletnnn will be
very careful about euteilng the
premises of another without permis
sion, and one who does it should be
punished as tbe law direc's.
vsNr,v-.sv;.v:. x .-x v. . v. . ; .-v v . n ...v .v- x :x v.- k.
The Only Way to Cure Pork.
First, salt pork with plain salt
by rubbing on and spreading out,
say 12 hours, then apply to hams
and shoulders as follows: Salt 10
lbs., brown sugar 2 lbs., salt
petre 2 ounces, red pepper 1 ounce
to 100 lbs. of pork; rub and
apply freely. Sides resalt. If
killing is done while weather is
cool, say frosty, meat may not
be stored for four to five days
after butchering, but if warm it
should be stored within 12 hours.
Do not cut off chin bone,, as this
ruins the ham, and in storage
they cure as well with chin
left on.
Time to be stored: Thirty days
is sufficient. When taken from
storage wash in warm 'water,
wipe dry, sew up in canvas or
Iiomespun hang up and smoke
every third day for two weeks.
Use green hickory wood for
Salt furnished at a reasonable
Madison Electric Power Co.

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