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; flll-NO. 16'
$1 A rtR-
wt'ul Term of Court-
term of the Circuit
I (,y Judge Palmer for
fflntvco",vene1 Mnt'ay-
tnwcalled for the trial of
f. on change of venue
junto county, the defend-
j. Watson, a wnlte
a negro, tbey
i ifrjnk Reese,
i jedo indicted for the murder
ffolrt, wl,ite in Colu,nb!
1 Tbe ce has been tried
w this year, tbe trial bav
j ),) in Hamilton county
( ;led Id a-mittrial. The case
''iicb excited the people of
u county greatly, all the
'"ooeerned being prominent,
odsnt Watson Is a man of
j irsDoennd bis face betokens
,-f in an unusual decree.
,', (ie'erwined fight will be
10enblisli the inuoceuce of
'(iidaot is videiiced in the
,n,ny of lawyers employed
. ;r behalf- Senator Frd P.
',oLke City is leailing counsel
..liKsdsnts ami witb him are
':aA Hon8. J. N. Stripling, of
';viile, Roliert W. Davis, of
, M. F. Home aud B. B.
of Ja-per and Chas. E.
t.md C. B. Ashley of tlie local
Assisting States' Attorney
titf t',:e prosecution are Hons,
j. Boheison of l-lve Oak and
G;!len of Lake City.
' ,Kcial venire of 47 citizens of
ji,ty was ordered from which
"f H jury and at this wiiiing
v y it king chusea.
I A Hearty Appetite
most babie have, but le of no
ij io tbfm if they have wuruis.
i jour baby is not troubled with
sure fymptome alwaya nun-
A t the home of the bride's ar.
ents, Mr. and Mrs. T- A. Beggs,
two miles south of to-n, on Monday
afternoon, Rev, W. T. Fletcher and
Miss Goodwin Beggs were united in
marriage by Rev. E. P. Mickle of
tbe Presbyterian church. A goodly
number of the relatives and friends
of the bappy couple were present to
witness the beiutiful ceremony, and
to extend to the newly wed their
heartiest congratulations and best
Immediately after the ceremony
tbe bridal parly drove to tbe Sea
board depot and Mr. add Mis
Fletcher boarded the train for Miami
where tbey will attend the annual
Mr. Fletcher has servti West
Madison Circuit as paster most ac.
ceptably during the past year, and
in a young min.ster of great promi
nence. II is bride is one of Madison
county's fairest daughter und her
friends are nuniU-nd hv tip; sere.
Our congratulations and hest
wishes fttteud thini in their Hie
Minutes of School Board.
Madison, Fla., Dec. 1, 1908
uoaru met promptly at 10 a. in.
Full Board present, minutes of last
meeting were read and approved
Auilicatior. for State' aid for
Madison, Cherry Lake.I'innHtt a and
New Hope schools were signed
A Dictionary and Encyclopedia
were bought for tbe schools of tbe
Tbe attention of teachers is called
to tbe Florida Educational Associa
tion which convenes at Gainesville
Dec. 29-31. Teachers attending
every session of tbe Association ma
count time as taught.
The'Superintendent' was authorized
to issue warrants to teachers who
present reports prior to Dec. 2 lib.
J. M. Williams was appointed
supeivis'.r of Iligdon school.
Settlement was had with the treas
urer and all bills paid.
''her being no further business
Bofirtl ndj Murned. '
- V
!;sucder the eyes, not gaining
IM and yellow complexion. A
y-es of White's Crenm ofVerml
f il( jfl all worms. It is a
1- curs ind reliable. Price 2o
bottle. Sold by w. B. Davis.
At the residence of the bt i le 's
parents, Mr. ard Mi. II W. Mc.
Leod.lu ihe Hickory Grove neigh
borhood, Miss 1 la MiLeod and Mr.
Walter Jarvis were united in mar
riage Sunday December 13. Kev.
Thomas Williams otlloiutiug. The
b'ide bus been a most successful
teacher in the schools of the coun
ty. Mr. Jarvis is a prosperous
young farmer in the Cherry Lake
neighborhood. They have a host it
friends throughout the county who
wish them many years of wedded
G. W .Teddlu,
Financial Statement of School board
Wee. 1, l'.HJS.
Xo. 0 A. C C'r'oom, 1 mill State
Tax . t:;SH2 0i
10 B J Ellison, Co. Levy
4.184 Polls 12 00 .17 84
-ej 1. S .1 Ellison Co Levy 4'.' Z
The Tampa Fair Association has
announced that no liquor will be
allowed to he sold on the grounds at
tbe coming fair.
Polls 18 0
. Total .
nr,S4 w w Sever, Building
3085 w B Cate Teaching
3080 E K Simmons
3087 J S Mc. Mullen
w C Halley
2089 Mattie Gilbonrne "
30it0 Vira C alhoun
30M C V McLain
SOW A del Clayton
30W3 Mozelle Griffin .
00 12
3.479 93
100 00
425 00
85 00
50 CO
40 00
35 00
40 00
40 00
mmijB.OF TH22Z3BB," n
Citizens Bank of ladison,
Loans and Di. founts - -Furniture
k Fixtures -Overdraft
. -Cash
on hand and due from.
Banks - ' - -
Capital Stock paid in : -Surplus
Undivided Fronts (Net)
Certified Checks $ 101 .o0
Cashier's Checks 294.00
Time Certificates
of Deposit - 7C6.25
IndividualDeposits 1C6.9S4.59 168,146.34
Total - $233,534.10
County of Madison.
' I, C. L. Morrow, Cashier of the above named Bank, do solemnly swear that
tA fhA hfist, of mv knowledge and belief.
C. L. MORROW, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me.this bth day of December iwa.
r (6KA-L) " " A. L. VANN, Notary Public.
fit Attest.
E. C. IIassell,
3004 Ida McLeod ' 40 00
3005 Xita Oneal 40 0Oi
3ti!t0 A N Kelley 35 0j
30U7 Nell Blair . - 3.1 00 1
30!)8 Uatay Jarvis 01
30M) Goodwin Heggs 3,1 00
3700 Delia Martin . 3.100
3701 Rebecca Alexander 45 un
3702 1 A Neshltt 00
3703 Kebecea wllklnB 2.100
8;04 Pauline Oookttey 40 n
3705 R b warren 33 W
3700 O w Tedder Freight J: Ex
press' 3 21
8707 II & w B Drew Co, Minute
A warrant Hooka 40
370) w B Cate Janitor 5 uO
3709 west Disinfecting Co S wet p
lng Compound 20
3710 Jordan Ashley i Co, Jns 83 50
3711 Union Mfg Co lumber 8 (W
3712 U V waldrep fixing well 8 10
3713 George hlair Hepairs .1 00
3014 h C Henderson 1 earning 4 I 00
3715 Essie Kale 40 00
3716 J T Blanton 30 '.n
3717 K H Houston 21 i'O
3718 '1 harin A Leslie Incidentals 4 30
3719 l K .-"hellleld Lumber 45 34
The Weaiher.
Fo tin' wenk o.mI'i'b Suinl"y, Deo. S.
Mi'mii iiuxl.nuin (i90
Vnn m In im u ru, . .AO9
HiKlK'Bt, T)iii'.ty, K2
L'.Wik'. S,ii(lny. ,I4
Fr'nlhy r. it;l I. 29 mull.
3720 NevajKnterpriHe StMtionary 1 71
3721 ,1 E Tlardeu Co Incideutaln 27 .10
3722 Madison Drug Co 3 00
3823 B A .MoLenry lea hlnif 25 I 0
3i24 w w never .Jcni lio. rd 0 20
372.1 T (J ferry 5 00
3720 U w l edder Snlarv lull (M
3727 1'wDili) 'ITeasui t r 0 HI
3728 w 11 Cate wood 3 .10
Total 2 -j ov
, To morrow niifht, nt thn S
'iitoilum an entwrtnlruivnt w
bv the tenuhers and liuiil! ?
(jution nnd Muio rleph rt mni'
e'sborale irogrum has ln-fu
oonBistir.2 of resdlngs, rt iiiiTi
strunirntsl and vouhI BPheti.ns snil
drlll. The DHrfcrmuice wlil bt-j n
5roiuptty lit. 7 31 o'clo It. Th" o ly
uiisUike (?) the promoters of the htTiir
have made !n preparation for tne nter
tinment is the omission t n ne'ei'tl n
or two by the famous "O od Niht"
quartette. We are hb!e to stute mi
thorilatively that t L i s atrtuaUou will
poeitively not appear at this p .ri'.ruliir
entertainment. It tony be that Individ
ual members of the quartette will favor
theaudier.ee with vocal selection".
O'lly nnn week until Chriatmas. Lit
tle folim felinj; good aud expeotant.
J. It. Thomas h fold a halt interett
in his llvry business to Tom Mcl.eary
and the business will be onduuted at
the same ttmd .
Mrs Fiimile rt. Carroll returned to
b-r home in Montin-llo Monday after
very p'easant vvek' visit wilb her
daughter, Mrs. Columbus Sralih,
I hav oppni(l n innrkt In th corner
store of Po o blin k. F're.li meats al
wny on lmn:l. P ciint attention to all
orJ'-rs Ti'lcnlioiiB Nil. 43, 2 rings. A.
T. I lor no.
Hons. J. X. striplinsr of Jackson
ville, F. V. Cone of Lake City and
Robert W. Ii vis. of Ttinipi, compofe
a trio ' uls'loi'iilfclicl liiwyi rs al. the
; n I'li tnt i. Tl,iy are nil enaied fc.r
t ti il-iVr.'i.i in I nnsr.V-r trlul now In
. pi- ijjriis. n. uur circuit court.
! Dr. W. A. Ilii'd-r, a former popular
! cil'zui and lniPiii'-fs uiiin of cur town,
! s; em :veriil d iss this rek In Mailison
r iiewini: iii."ii linthnct'i of former days
j ! he n. iiny f 1 n -i of ih teninl dwtor
i with dehifh I him fcilo after
an iib'n' O o( many yearn.
Th'se iu"K ladifs are In the lt-ad for
ll. il'.l '.CO I'liiro to be given uwav
M .rcli l.'t t'y W. M. Taylor:
MiSJ Agnfs P.irramore,
Ml s l!vi Sloan,
Mis Asfne Lonif, .
Mr-. C. II liurtiin.
Miss I.i.ui-e CofTce,
Mi i"'o liu IVaus.
y.ir-. V Ij Patmsoa,
Nii-m Rdsn BejJgs,
Follow! n t heir monihly custom ths
local l0'!KH Woo l men of the World at
teed'! Rfii-vn'es ' a budv Bt the Baptist
church lint Sunday niht. The piistor,
Itev. IV. It Ivt. preach-d a piwerful
erniiiii fiom 'he text: "What think
wu of Chrih'? '' Hy.th ay, wifh
to asfii'ii renvnk ihu Mad'son is pecu
'i.irlv b!( KHi-.l ii. h r I'HSturs this year.
In Revii. Ill ckburn. Irey and Mickle,
the Mutliod-sii". linptinlsand Piesbyte
ri.nshave pn'uid who are the equals
of their brW.r.'n anywhere for lutellec
tu I MMi. Inn ents and force, Madison
;!. vl:oe lives are hU Inspira
tion to til, " nd f o 1 hna servants who
me 7. al.nit and ftithful at all times nnd
rr. t i . . . ' II r ,1 i t ' I'O.M 1 1 IOIIM. 1 I tl IT w c i n
uc tL Jit i itvi lj . . 3 rn a iih
.,.,, .1.. nr..
. i.. j.oaa ntr :.. 1 '
3'dll Ul IlCIlliy ?i)ULf,U'Jl' V. 113 rill 'II I i ...
circulntion in Jefferson omni' v hv U.,-- ,v em'.-nu- to rnnlster unto us
the pear crop of 1008. ' ' f .1 .-nr- to c iie.
Beware of Freauent Colds.
A succession of colds or a protrnovd
cold Is almost certain to end io chronic
catarrh, from which few per-O' S Pvcr
wbollv recover. Give every cold the
attention it deserves ami you mny avoid
this disagreeable disease, (tow run
vou cure e cold? Why "not try Ch-im-'erlain's
Cough Remeyf It is highly
recommended. Mrs. M. White, of Dul
ler, Tenu, says: "Several years i.'o I
was bothered with my threat 11 ml luns.
Someone told me' of Chamberlain'
Cough Remedy. 1 begun using Hand
It relieved ment once. Now my tliront
and lungs are so j nil and well." IVn.
eule by w. Ii. D ivis and D. G. Smith
b'ei-it d In our spiritual lead-
Cfl. i,(.it'y trust thht these
transacted through this strong, con
servative bank, means Promptness,
Convenience, and Reliable Security for
every transaction. Our interest in the
welfare of our depositors never ceases.
It starts the moment you open an ac
count. : : : : : :
Let us do business with you.

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