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NEW fc.M'I.Ui'UIMi, l.Bil.liM...i ii
Malison, Florida.
Rn'crel It th Pn.t (1 n. im
Ihin M .Iter June 3S, IW8, under Act o( March 8,
r4riini.-ritlli. Ji.oo per year. Advertiftlnu
'r nwHe knnrt on nnnltcjition. Oorrrannnilriit
r.ll plrmc wntf in .nlv one l't nl the paper.
Bj huff in vour item, lint ulve every Hem tif
rntwr.. V'e have 1 lie name o( every comrihn-
nr, " t for puhlicatinn, Hut tlmt we mv kn.w the
orr:.xwlence ii authentic. Al' innnvmnu com-miini-HtMiii
will tt n rt u hoine r ie wiilc batkel.
Adrt'HM nil rnmrmmlnl inn tr
the xtw KN rrKiirnisE, '
.Miidibon, KUtiUh,
Col. Fred L. Robertson d':ed
in Tallahassee list week. s
editor, official. Confederate
Veteran and citizen Col. Robert
sou was widely known through
out Florida and was greatly
esteemed and honored. Since
the war lie lnd worn the Con
federategray exclusively.
Tbe Jacksonville Metropolis
of last Saturday wag a "bum
tner" both as to size and qual
ity. Eighty pages were Includ
d in the issue of that date and
with tbe immense circulation of
tbe paper it is safe to say that
many tons of white paper were
consumed in placing the paper
in the bands of its patrons.
The n.erchan'.s of Madisoi:
are progressive and up-to-date
Quite a few of Ultra Ixl eve n
the vse of printers ink to show
to the neoole tl.e hiirtr- iiis which
they have ui'on their slu-lvt
Just take :i clance il.ruiiuh thi
paper and read Hie adverti-
ments herein, iou will rind r.
protitable always, to trade with
the merchant who advertises
Ex-Sonator Chandler of New
Hampshire is out with a new
religion, lie claims we will in
habit one of the countless mil
lions of stars after we leave
this earth, and during our resi
dence there will have a full con
sciousr.ee-s of ourexistence here
The gentleman may ht? correct
in his idea; we don't know, and
we are in no particular hurry
to test th !r.:'. h of his theory.
The city of Jacksonville con
tinues to grow aud expand. By
the latest city directory the
population of the city is' shown
to be more than sixty thousand.
Claims are made that before the
year 1012 comes around Jack
sonville will have a population
of at least one hundred thous
ands. If push, enterprise and
progress can accomplish it the
prophecy will be more than ful
filled. Director North of thecensus
bureau, has estimated the. cost
of taking the next census, in
1910, at thirteen millions, in
round numbers, which prompts
the venerable editor of tbe Bar
tow Courier-lntorraant to sug
gest that, "no one need be
troubled in this case by the fact
that thirteen is an unlucky
number, as by the time the job
is done it will probably cost
double that amount "
All space required will be fur
nished free by the management
of the Jacksonville Exposition
next month to counties desiring
to make display of couuty pro
ducts. Wouldn't it be a sight
worth seeing if Madison county
would only send down a Jot of
ber field products, such as Sea
Island cotton, corn, pinders,
tobacco, etc.? The attentiou
of home 6eekers would be di
rected to this county and our
iaagnifl:ent farming lands.
Can't we have an exhibit?
The Amtli Florida Sentinel of
Orlando lias the following food
alv.ee iu regard to home-build
By all means build a home
and bU'ld it now. Probably you
will never be able to build it
cheaper. Ke.il estate is rapidly
advancing iu value, and build
inir material is fully keeping
pace w, .i it.
Building right now may mean
self sacrifice, sorrow, labor and
care, but the more it costs in
these respects the more valuable
it is. You cannot value a home
by dollars and cent9, but by
memories which cling to every
part of it. The kindness of a.
neighbor is manifested here. and
some self sacrifice of kindred is
shown there. These are the
things which make a home, and
it is with real pride that you
can look upon the completed
work. It may be humble but
it is yours; it is your contribu
tion to tbe world, and its value
is not to be measured in dollars
and cents. It binds you tbe
more closely to your people and
gives you a personal interest io
legislation and legislators; and,
while yours may not be the
home pointed out as a repre
sentative of the progress of the
town, it is the one best worthy
to represent it.
Build you a home, for as long
. s yi. u are a renter or a boarder
io 1 jrg will you fail to take the
proper interest in nation, state,
coui'.ly ar;d city. I lie home is
t lie l.iilc winch binds ail. lou
lived it a ii' l so noes t lie nation
:m:iI t lie sooner vuu Dunu, the
ti'-!. I- r citizen you are bound to
The Washington Post of last
Saturday contains the an
nouncement that Wilkinson Call
will be a candidate for Senator
from Florida before the lesris-
ature next spring and that he
will ask for the position ia a
Taft platform. The poor old
man seems to have ljst not on-
:.U st.viig democratic princi-
es o; other days but Ins good
ense as well. The idea of ask
a Florida legislature, solid
ly democratic and pledged by
the Stale p-imary to vote for
Duncan U. Fletcher as Senator,
to elect a Tatt republican. Ii
is sad to ee a man, such as Call
h.ia been in Florida, decsending
rapidly and emphatically from
his high position.
So far as the criminal laws are
concerned, the Supreme Cjit
of Florida is "small potatoes,'
says the Tampa Tribune. Al
though composed of men reput
ed as able lawyers and students
of the law and its interpretation
and application, men above
partisan or factional considera
lions, this august body must
bow in unavoidable submission
to the Pardon Board, composed
of men who are neither lawyers
nor scholars, but who set aside
ludgments of the Supreme Court
with all the assurance and ease
We'l, now, the
Board got very busy
and as a result ot its
tv-two cases were
last week
labors fif
considered and fifty of the number were
pardoned, conditionally, and
otherwise. That is somewhat
of a record even for the Board
of Pardons of the great State
of Florida. The question is
pertinent: What is the neces
sity for courts? Why not save
expense and time and tbe feel
ings of criminals by permitting
the Pardoning Board to adjudi
cate all cases first hand
1l will in tv rot former fri-nds
of Wilkinson Call who remem
ber that he and his adherents
were the originators and sup
porters of tl'e State primary
to know that since lie has be
come a republican he has seen a
new light and now abhors it as
the practical overthrow of the
constitution of the I'nited States
and of the State ol Florida" and
"a disfranchisement of the law
fully qualified voters of the
State." In'au interview givea
in the Washington Post he uses
these words aud gives them
point by this denunciation:
The primary system sought to
be established by law 'in the
.Si at of Florida effectually dis
franchises a majority of the
white people of the State and
the entire negro population."
Alas, fi.r the bitterness of dis
appointed ambition. Short
Talks in Times-Union.
The Methodist preachers of
the Mate are all at Miami this
week attending tbe annual Con
ference. "Yaller-legged" chick
ens co.nmand a hifrh price in
the markets of that city and the
supply will be greatly diminish
ed before the reverend gentle
men take their departure. In
the meantime the thousands of
Florida Methodists at home are
Christmas is
And we are prepared to supply your wants from the Largest
HOLIDAY GOODS ever brought to Madison.
Crockery, China and Glassware. Dolls, Toys, Pictures,
Leather Goods, Doll Go-Carts, Baby Go-Carts. Wagons, Velocipedes, Etc. " ' '
Inspect our Line. Select your presents early and have
them set aside for future delivery.
If ypu have a pair of Gauss
Scissors or Shears that have
not given satifaction, bring
them to us and we will ex
change them.
We can furnish both Right
and Left handed Shears.
Tharin k Leslie.
eagerly awaiting the "reading
out" of the appointments so that
they will know the name of their
spiritual leader for the next
yenr. Here in Madison we are
all of one mind we know that
we want Rev. Blackburn sent
back to us for another year, but
like loyal Methodists we will
accept whatever the Conference
in its wisdom sees to be best for
us, and if Mr. Blackburn isn't
returned we'll royally welcome
and support his successor.
The Tump Tribune now issues
Motiitay HiuiT.ir.g edition.
Oeoryia & Florida Railway.
MAIN LINE Effective Dec. 1st, 1908.
From Hazlehurst, Douglas, Nashville, Valdosta
From Nashville and Valdosta
Fiocn Nashville and Valdosta
For Valdosta, Nashville. Douglas, Hazlehurst
For Valdosta and Nashville
For Valdosta and Nashville,
t Daily except
J. M. Turner,
Qeneral Manager.
13S7 acres (cultivated ami wowf
land) near Madison, Fla., knovn u
the '-Waddy Thompson plantation."
Possession .lanunry 1st, 1903. En
quire of F. J. Whiton,
130 Broadway,
9-8-08 New York City.
. 1
All persona are hireby fu'rbiddn
to hunt, fish or in anywise trespass
upon my lands, enclosed or unen
closed. Trespassers will be proseco ,
ted to tbe lull extent of the law.
11:40 am
5:35 pm
6:10 pint
2:25 pm
6:25 am
6:10 am f
SufYty Only
'A . Popk,
Trafflo Manager.
and most complete line
Toilet Articles, Stationery

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