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' instead of Swiss or flowored mui.
Hn, some wom
curtains In the natural creamy tone or
. inmnnl7A with thn mntn Tt
iyea 10 --
umade Into double easli curtains, the
topone dropping for two Inches over
the lower one, both finished with silk
Ull. Yol'k T,In0Sl
To find out whether butter Is pure,
ft'bat To Eat gives the following
method: Place a small piece In u
Urge Iron spoon and heat gently over
, flame. If tho butter foams freely
oa heating, it Is butter, while if It
sputters and crackles like hot grease
without foaming, It Is oleomargarine
or renovated butter. Another way to
(tamlDO sample Is to put it In a small
bottle, and then place the bottle In
boiling water for five or six minutes.
If the sample is butter the curd will
bjive settled, leaving the fat perfectly
clear, while If It Is a substitute the
fat is cloudy or milky. American
Cultivator. .......
Gold and silver dress trimming
tut has become tarnished , can be
denned end brightened very satlsfac
torlly by the following method: Shake
tbe trimming thoroughly to get rid
of any dust; then tie it in a white Un
til bag made expressly for the pur
pose and lay the bag In a bowl of
soapy water. Place the bowl over the
Are and let it boll for a few minutes;
then remove and rlnso in cold water.
After the trimming is taken out of
it has the tarnished parts can be
freshened still more by rubbing them
with a small quantity of spirits of
tmmonla. New York Herald.
If possible the bathroom should bs
ttced with tiled dadoes; where the
eipense is too great a sanitary paper
ihould be employed.
The paint must be enameled, and
the bath itself should be one of those
i-ith a rolled metal edge. It Is a mis
Lie to inclose a bath In a wooden
case, neither is a ledge of polished
wood advisable, for It is impossible to
prevent the polish from becoming
scratched and marked.
The floor of the bathroom should
be covered with cork carpet. A square
of cork should be provided as a bath
mat, and or.e of the wooden boards,
which is made to fit across a bath on
which to put sponges and soap dishes,
should not be forgotten. It saves a
considerable amount of work if there
Is a fitted wash band stand in the
bathroom, which can bo used by the
members of a family when washing
their hands before luncheon. New
Home. -
Crushed Wheat Griddle Cakes
One teacuriful of cracked wheat, two
pints of flour, two spoonfuls of white
sugar, half a teaspoontul of salt, two
of baking powder, one egg and one
(Int of milk. Boil the wheat in a
talf pint of water one hour before
Billing it. Bake brown.
French Pancakes Beat smoothly
together sit eggs and a half a pound
of dour. Melt four ounces of butter
and add to the batter, with one ounce
of sugar and a half pint of milk. Put
spoonful at a time into buttered fry
ing pan and spread evenly on the sur
lace. Indian Pancakes Take a, pint of
tornmeal, a teaspoonful of salt, one
of soda, pour on boiling water to
aVe a thick mush; let stand until
too.-add tho yolks of four eggs, half
cupful of flour and stir In as much
buttermilk as will make a good bat
ter. Beat the whites of the eggs and
'tif them In. Bake in a well greased
Bread Griddle Cakes Put half a
pound of bread free from crust In
arm water to soak. Beat one egg,
llf a pint of milk and a tablespoon
'ul of brown sugar mixed- together;
dd a scant teaspoonful of salt and
'"o of baking powder. Drain the
caked bread dry and mix In the
ttl'lt. thicken with one pint of flour
and fceat (0 a gmooth bntter. Eako
fa a 'hot giiddlA Sprinkle with pow
dered sugar.
Silver Cake Two cups sugar, four
turs flour, one-quEiter teaspoonful
,6lt, two teaspoonfula baking pow
r, one teaspoonful extract of al
"Kmd, six whites of esss, on9 cup
ttllk, two-thirds cup butter. Cream
bultur and sugar; add alternately the
""'Ik and flour mixed with salt and
baking jiowdor, then the extract and
lhetlflly whipped whlt?.' Beat well
"d bake in loaf pan in tuodsrat
v,n, . " . ....
four girls
Restored to Health by Lydla E.
PlnkUam' Vegetable Compound.
ttad What Tiy Jay.
East Bill. Stroet, New
ork, writes: "Lydia
E. Pink-ham's Vect.
ble Coiiimund over
came irre'ulurities, pe
riodic sutlering, and
nurvous headaches,
nfler even-tliiiig clso
linn tailed to help me,
and I feel it a duty to
let others know of it."
Latayetto St., Iienver,
Col., writes: "Thanks
toLy.iiaE. Finkhams
Ve-retnbleC'om round I
for months from nor-
, Yo,i prostration."
i'nM jians Btciti
mnn, of Laurel, la.,
writes: " I was in run-
downronditionand suf
fered tromsujipreHSlon,
indigestion, and poor
circulation, l.ydla K.
Pinkhain's Vcgetablo
Compound made ins
well and strong.
Mini Kllen M.Olson.
of 417 N. East St., Ke
wanes, 111., says: " Ly
dia E.l'lnkhain'sVege
tablo Compound cured
me of backache, side
ache, and established
my periods, after the
best local doctors had
failed to help m."
For thirty years Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, made
from roots and herba, has been the
standard remedy for female ilia,
and has positively cured thousands of
women who have been troubled with
displacements, iuftammation, ulcera
tion, fibroid tumors, irregularities,
periodic pains, backache, that bear-ing-down
feeling, flatulency, indiges
tion,dizziness,ornervous prostration.
v uy aon t you try it f
Mrs. Pinklinm Invites all sick
women to writ her for advice.
She lias guided thousands to
health. Atldreas, Lynn, Mass.
Faith may move mountains, but It
won't always do away with a bluff.
Copudlne Cures Indigestion Pains,
Belching, Sour Stomach, and Hearthurn,
from whatever cause. Its Liquid, EiTecu
immediatelT. Doctors prwenbe it. JOc,
23c., sail 60c., at drug store.
ncTpu ns t e n.
The Boston boy baby contemptu
ously rejected the alphabet blocks
that some misguided Western relative
had sent him as a present.
"Of all the Intellectual diversions,"
he exclaimed, "playing on words is
absolutely and unquestionably the
most trivial." Chicago Tribune.
May be permanently overcome tiy proper
personal efforts wit nine assistance
of theory Truly ljencjicio.1 laxative
remedy, bril cltg onj Liitir cjScrina,
wKirh enables ontoorm regular
Kobitji jta'y 50 tltoi' assiitcincc to r.a
lure may be gradually tiSnenfv4'il
when no lor.pr neccW atKcbestof
remctlics,wcn vjuircd, arc to assist
f.atuTC and not to supjJartt the natur.
clunctionS.vKicK htustdenenoi ulti
lately upon projev nourisliwtent,
prc-percfforU.astririt living generally.
Toet its beneficial effects, alwayfl
buy the genuine
Fig Svtiup Co. only
one sue only, regular pvice &l)f ifrdottl
"Why does he hang around the pi
ano? He Just murdered his song."
"Well, they claim a criminal can't
keep away from tho scene of the of
fense." Louisville Courier-Journal.
Stati or Ohio. C'itt 07 Toledo, )
l.nrAit (TnnsTV. f
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
senior partner of Iht firm of F.J.Cmeet &
Co., doing businew in the City of Toledo,
County and State aforesaid, and that aaid
firm will pay theaum of ONE hundred dol
lars for each and every case of catahbH
that cannot be cured bv the use of HAt.L'S
Catarrh Cure. Frank J. Chenkt.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
rrwenpe, this 8lh day of December. A. ii.,
8P8. A. W. (iLEARON.
(PEAt.) Notary I'ublic.
llull'i CntarrhOirelatnkeninternally.and
acta directly on the blood and mucoua aur.
face of the avatem. Send tor testimoninli.
free. F. .). Cheney i Co., Toledo, 0.
Sold by all Druggists. 75c.
'Hall's Family I'ills are the bent.
"Did you ever find a quarter that
you didn't know you hal?"
"Once or twice. Dut hundreds of
limes I have failed to find a quarter
that I thought I might have."
Louisville Courier-Journal.
Mrs Winslow's Poothinc. Syrup for Children
teething.siittenstnenums.reuuci-B niiiaiiii..
I Uon.allavsi)ain.rureH Windcolic.2jc a bottle
! The cultivation of pepper is of
I flolally reported to be continually ex
I tending in the Province of Coonj.
j w-Vore it is said to be prndually re
' placing coffee In nhnndonod nrns.
fMtn for Llbrsrlsns.
As an educational plant, the li
brary presents the same state of af
fairs that prevails in the schools.
Man, mere man, has been eliminated.
If he is tolerated at all, ne is a
slpncd the Janitor's role.
No doubt, the ladlei do very well ;
In the libraries. And yet as an crl- .
ucntlonal Institution the public II-i
brary ought to exist to a large meas
ure for the growing boys nnd t!i ;
young men. And for them there j
ought to be men In charge of the ;
Hbrnry. Not mere book worms, but ;
virile, red-blooded, manly mon, who j
l-ive not permitted the dust of th' 1
folios to dim tfiPlr eyes and to deaden
their hearts, but who cou'.d enter !'i j
to the feelings and gauge the hope
and asplratlon3 of the boys and the
young men and make them get tnj
very best out of the library and to
derive the greatest possible benefV
from that. The librarian who could
interest the young men and the boys
would be the most useful citlren in
the community and ought to be pall
a handsome salary. Burlington (la.)
A Remarkable Restaurant.
What is probably the highest res
taurant in the world has been opened
at th EUmeer station of tB Jung
frau railway in Switzerland. It la sit
uated 10,000 fost above the sea level,
close to tbe summit of the mountains.
The food is not cooked by means of
ordinary fuel, but by electricity gen
erated by tho jAitachine waturfall,
deep down 4n the valley below. The
cooking Is done on tbe principle cf
the so-called "Paplnian Digester,"
as owing to the rarefaction of the
air at that great altitude water bolls
much more Quickly and would evapor
ate hofore okrnaT the food. With
an expenditure of thirty kilowatts of
electrical energy It is possible to pre
pare a five-course dinner for a party
nt inn nnrvina in a very short time.
The guests are accommodated in ft
large hall hewn out of the solid rock
and heated by electricity. Chicago
Nothing I Ate
Agreed With Me
-TV p.- . -1 -t 9" rs-' - i -v J
ilr. trfiiora liodenaanier. R. K. D. U
Lot 00. Kerneraville. K. C. writes:
"1 suTred with mtomuich trouble) and
Indigestion for some time, and nothing
that I ate acrued with in. i m very
tiervoui ami eeneiiel a continual
feeling ol uveaHneiu attdftar. I took
medium- froai the doctor, but it did mm
DO pikxI.
"I found in one of your Penina book a
sieiioription of my aymptoma. I then
wrote to Dr. Hurt mini (or advice, tie aaid
1 bad calnrrh of lb stomach. 1 took
J'enina and Alannliti and followcvi his di
rections and con now aay that I feel a
well as 1 ever did.
"1 hope tint all who r aftiicted with,
tire same svmptoms will tali l'eruna, as it
baa certaiDly cured m."
The above ia only one of hundreds who
have WTitten similar li-tlera to Dr. nsrtj
man. Just on such case o this entitleaj
l'eruna to the cajidid ronsideration of every
one aimilarly oftlirled. If this be true of
the testimony of one person wUst ought to
be the Uwtimony of hundreds, yes thou
ennds. of honest, sincere people? We have
in our tiles a great many other tcsH-moniala.
. Mulit. to UlsTereal .i-lli-let Homchold Kfrnfllo. Flatorhia
' K.lriH l. i.ll Klnil.. Tullrl Pi flillloin, Kim Sloaua. tic.
' Can-Oajjer Wanted in E)ery County.
4 0 trulo eci'lrnt'i.. H.OOO.OOO Oufplll.
UULI'U ITIVU "'w oirnum: iluu-u i t nr.-.i. rt
luw.Wril quick. laiWltluHT UbU.CU.,feru Ind.
ajcri g Inslsten Having ,
"or Dr. MAKltL'S Preparation
women lboftl;,,:;.l"ru,e,"
KPnd lor bonk. "Heltrl lor VV omen."
HENCH DRUG CO.. 30 W. 32d St., N. Y. City.
it nintri
Hfv mnr than any
other one thing to make
.MI. r,A l.arl nn anlidlv. The 1m-
ort.-xnee ot tm element is evmcm jrum
-ii on avcri- rrt.n ci cahbc removes from the
soil 130 pounds of Tonsil fr acre.
fertilizer. Insist on g of Potash in your cabbage fer
tilizer or to increase the Potash o?,' add 2 pounds of
Muriate of Potash to each loo pounds of fertilizer.
Arrange for I'uUsh now. l'utasli is profit.
Oar book, "Troi-k Fnnin." Is Irae to farmers.
m rue ivuu) .
flPPMAN KALI WORKS. CandterBIdff..At1aat
.v, v. rvv - .
V GERMAN KALI WORKS, CandlerBldg.,Atlanls,Oa. fct,r1f4
,- 11 1 --- -- '.i.... innf.liM.l... ,,fr.s frtiisi ty.n..n isMinnw.1.i.M . .-jr-
The Saf Way
, , 1 man sbiiiiisws .pj.ii sin 1 im.UK'i 111 u.r-.- ""I?1,
' " """"Ul J , n n -i- i - -- .,-iia i-i,lisn...iniliM.
,J,M-M," Wine of Cardui helped me more than jffH
Wheil Threatened any other medicine. Now I have a fine i
TJl 9ardui fe,
Pe en XiZ'ore confinement, and I wish aU suffer omen .would
to.strengthen their 'Tl Caui is sold b7 all reliable drug- W
this trying period. Wiouidj have tned . it, and directions for use, in six T '
found it of wonderful benefit, at that and other try- fanguages wrapper. ruBB rOTo
ing tunes of their lives. vta tttatitv whis t e4.ri(iiiuiMK!Bi, iwnwsi
Mrs. Fannie Nichols, of Mexico, Mo., writes: VALUAJJLK .--".-.j
"Last year I was threatened with a mishap and BOOK FREE .-cyriiaciV
, -, muni lul1" "Mm'uiii'Wlli''-l""liiil
iliiWiim miwiiii 1 11 , -...,,:..
Talc CARDUI ..
IMM iiimsiw jmi m. si 1 11 11 wiwimiiwii 1 usil 1 111 I
' ... iiusnaw ' "" 1 hi ii ' ' 11-1 '" " miss n'-1 1 inn- - 1 - i i i - -
"This shoe flt you perfectly," Bald
tho clerk.
"Then show me something half a
size smaller," replied the lady. Hou
on Post
Tittbiiix has done wonders for suffer
en irom.eoz.mm, tetter, ground itoh, ery
ifpelas. Infant sore h.-ad. chaps, chafea and
other forms of stln dis-. In
ed case, of cw.eir.a Its our-s have ben mar
Melons , and thousands of people 6 inff It.
pral". W. " druirirlM. or by mall from
Mr. Knlcker: I 'heard you talking
In your Bleep about iettlng them up
Knlcker Yes, my dcr: that la a
military exercise. New York Sun.
m . . ..... ni m. - I. nA KfWtJtP thM.1t inT othf AtA. Cm
i A... r... i. nk.nD nnlnn kit f1tMrt. ThT flVs? In Ct'lfl WllWr "nTPr liirili III j iniirr uj a v
Color mow oMbrlirhrw Bna MrTOm , ,( RU(1 Mlx CoUl, nuoli ullLU CO.. Qulucy, lllhioU
an cnr-nini wlOnnit rlpiiny aimr.
6 i RowiTff of the Couch r
Beware of tte Cough
that hsos on ptrsl.tentlr,
breliini your nipln '' r-d
eihiuilii-Rvmi witu ihevio.enca
O' -he rT'ixvim. .
olT'ixi's Curs ill rel-.tvt won
derfully sny couph, no nutler
i lar siv
now lar in-.it(.cn -
url.c... cl. r. the clocR.d sir
parage and lh CiUgll ttil.p
pcars. a. .n Jru..l..'. 2S eta.
A ehoe that I. too tig may not pinch, tut It is a bad fit J jst the same
Whnt yon want is a shoe that matches the shape of your foot at the
place where your weight rests, not too large or too small, but exactly
ncht. SKUfc.i-Mfc.KS are shoes like taat, ana
the style is there, too. Look for the label.
FRED. F. FIELD CO., Brockton, Mass.

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