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! n-Ht is tht mafical strange quality
That '
ays erf
T011 i fin,.
r,IirrM10n 01 "jur,
' . ,,. are prone. nd you re poetry,
yoo rnerely look t me and something
C1U ,0 B've il orm' ,ome font, far
Touches me from a world I cannot see.
Ajd sometimes when the beauty i not 10
It overpowers me, I am moved to sing,
n!t 0 Beloved, how mere words belie
BTh( i wonder of that half-embodied thing!
It merely brushes me in going by,
n. leaves me all alive and quivering.
B -Eisa Barker.- in The Craftsma-.
"Now, suppose a man loves a cer
tain woman " "There ain't no such
thlnj. They're the uncertalnest crit
ters there Is." Cleveland Leader.
Keeper "HI. boy! You can't
catch flsh bera without a permit!"
Boy "Well, I'm gating on well
enough with a worm!" Philadelphia
"I've Just been reading about the
power of the will. It's a wonderful
thing." "Yes; I know of a will that
makes seven children and thirty-two
grandchildren behave." Puck.
If ron would have a thing well done,
As Frunklin would declare.
There's one way sure, and only one
jell cook you like it rare.
St. Joseph, (Mo.) News-Press.
"Dad always gives John the best of
It, becui he's the oldest. An' ma hu
mors Bobby becuz he's the baby."
"And where do you come In?" "No
where!. I gotta be good." Cleve
land Leader.
"Berger doesn't' seem to be much
worried over the examination of his
books." "No, be says If they can find
out what's the matter with them
they'll do better than be can." Phil
adelphia Inquirer.
Colonel White "Your son la quite
a singer, isn't he, Busenbark?" Broth
er Busenbark "Yassah! Yassah!
'Bleeged to yo' fo' axin'. Dat boy.
tab, aru suttinly le most malodorous
nil u d pusson In dls wholo town."
Mr. Jtistlntroduced "Who Is that
awfully homely man over there in the
corner, Mrs. Hobson?" Mrs. Hobsoa
-"That Is Mr. Hobson." Mr. J.
"Ah, how true It Is that the homeliest
mm always marry the prettiest
wives." Puck.
Autolst (who has paid boy to bring
tsslstance) "Did you give the farm
er my message, boy?" Boy "Yep;
I told blm ther' wuz four automobeel
eri stuck in a drlff, an' cuddent git
out." "What did he say?" "He said
'Hooray,' an' gimme another quar
ter." Life.
Page " 'Ere, what's' the good o
you turning up? I whistled once."
Cabby "Well, I thought as " Pago
"Once is for a taxi, ain't it?" Cab
bj "Yus." Page "An' twice is for
s'ansom?" Cabby "Yus." Page
"Well, when we wants you we'll send
yer a postcard see!" Punch.
Said an old whaling tar
Aa he sat on a apar:
"I've a question asked by a land lubber:
'Do fish ever weep
yhen they swim in the deep?'
I'm not sure; anyway,
1 have this to say:
Ive oiien known sperm whales to blub
ber!" Boston Post.
"A lot of people would tremble If I
pre to tell all I know," said the man
who tries to seem important. "I don't
believe you could scare me," replied
the satirical friend. "Suppose you
make the test some time when you
have ten minutes to spare." Wash
ington Star.
"So you do ' raot approve of my
trie of speechmaklng?" said the
Jouthful statesman. "No," an
swered Senator Sorghum; "your
peeches are not long enough to be
epigrammatic nor long enough to be
Depended on for time-killing In an
emergency." Washington Star.
A wizened little man charged his
lfe with cruel and abusive treat
ment. His better half, or in this
5e, better two-thirds, was a big,
square-Jawed woman with a deter
mined eye.. . 4
The Judge listened to the plaintiff's
recital of wrongs with Interest.
"Where did you meet this woman,
ho, according to your story, has
treated you so dreadfully?" his honor
"Well, Judge," replied the little
ttn, making a brave attempt to
fare defiantly at his wife, "I never
Id meet her. She Just kind of over
look me." Everybody's Magazine.
Cheap House Rents.
The cheapest houses at Bournville,
England, rent for only $7.80 a month,
'hlch includes taxes and water rates.
Such a houBe contains five ropms and
Wonderful folding bath, which
"anus up like a cabinet when not In
ke- Clerks and artisans, however,
scnotally pay' about $12.30 a month
f'jr Btvtn rooms and an el&ulh of an
re, ,
"I'm afraid we have a dlssapolnt.
ment In store for us," declared the
"Not at all. cap. We'll reach the
pole In an hour."
"And something tells me that we'll
find a man there selling post-cards."
'Plttuburg Post.
Tetterine Recomrr.endud for Eczema,
Ringworm, Old Sores,
RiBings, Etc.
Morvln. Ala.. Aurust 1, 1901
J. T. BhutHrlne. Savanna". Oa
Dear Sir: I racelv.i your Tetterine !i
,h'lv u,ed 11 ,or Kcaemn and
TZa R'noi-me. old sores and risings
ana can gladly recommend It aa a sure
Yours truly. J. n. nT)rld.
Te'terlne cures Kciema. Tetter, King
Worm, Orounrl Itch. Itdilng MIjs. in
!,anV r Head. Pimples, riolla, Rouiih
Bcaly Patches on th Kaca. Old ltchlns;
Sores. Dandruff. Onkerei ficalp. ttun
lona. Corns. Chilblains and every form of
Skin Msosse. Tetterine 60c; Tetterine
Soap 26c. Your drugrjst, or by mall from
the manufacturer, The 8huptrlne Co.,
Savannah. Oa.
"What reason had ho for staying
out until 2 a. m.?"
"None whatever, except that some
friends wanted hlra to go home."
Houston Chronicle.
HlcV'a CaPcniKS Is the best remedv
relieves the aching; and feverthhne-aa cures
the ( old and restores normal conditions. It's
liquid-effects Immediately. 10c, ttc. and
inc., at drug stores.
Wllmot "De Auber la what might
be termed a modern artist, Isn't he?"
Crltlcus "Yes; but he carries mod
ernism to extremes. Why, he recent
ly painted a portrait of Father Time
pushing a lawn mower Instead of
carrying the conventional scythe."
Philadelphia Inquirer.
Mrs. WinaWa Soothing Syrup for Children
teething, aofteni thegume, reduce in8amma
Uoa.allavaDain. cures wind colic. 25c a bottle.
In these days of secret service ac
tivity, it isn't fair to put even the
president to the test In his unguard
ed moments.
Tiles Cured In 6 to 14 Days.
Paw Ointment la juoranteed to cure any
raeo( Itching. Blind, Mewling or lYotruding
files in 6 to 14 flays or money reimiuevi
An Iowa man has Invented a ma
chine for paraffining butter tubs anj
re Pimples, Itching Humors, Rheumatism.
0 Rj3 cs Poison, Eczema, Bone Pains.
VV WrTiJ W - HUT) ik,.i.nii.h.nnr1 llalm 1 tti illllv lilortd iCUlt?iV thftt kill llllHIUll
rnroc Thrnnnh thn l!!nnrl
buibo iuiuuijii iiiu uivvu -rj f J
Does the golden rule apply amoug
silver men?
Itch eared in 30 minute by Woolforrl'a
Banitary Iyotlon. Never (aila. At dniggiaU.
If a man who works for others he
blessed, then the man on salary is it.
rrw k. vtrl ldTRtive. Garfield Tea.
It overoimes conatitmtlon and regulates
liver and kidno vs. Samples sent upon re
quest. Garfield Tea Co.. Brooklyn, N. X.
From Mora comes a story of sugar
beets more than two leet long and
weighing only a trifle lesa than 12
To Break In New Shoes.
Always shake in Allen'a Foot-Eaae, a
powder. It cure hot, sweating, aching.
iwoUeu feet, corns, ingrowing nails end
bunions. All dniggiht and shoe etorw. Oc.
Don't accept any substitute, frnraple rnailed
rna, Allen 8. Olmhtod. Le KotvJI. .
The artichoke Ib the cultivated form
of the wild cardoon, indigenous to
Madeira, the Canaries, Morocco, the
south of France, Spain, Iury and the
Mediterranean Islands.
$100 Reward, f 100.
Tbs readers of this paper will r pleased to
Team that there la at leaat one dreaded dia
intht scene, ha been .bis .to culs m all
,U rtagee.and that uCatarrh. Hall 'rrJ
Cure ta the only poa.tive cure no" known to
tb medical fraternity. Catarrh being a con
.muuonal diseaa.,, require, a eonaUUit.. onaJ
treatment. BaU'sCataiThCreistenmlBr.
nallr.acting directly upon tne blood and mu
cous iurfatis of the ""lbenb'L'
ing the foundation of" the dieeaw, and giving
thepauent atrength by building np tas w".
.titution and anaiating nature in doing : Its
work. The proprietors have ao much fvth
in its curalive powers tbat they sffer One
Hundred Dollar!, for any caae that o
cure. Bend for lurt of te,tirnonia Is Address
F. J. Cheney & Co., loledo.O.
fotd he lni(rinsta, 7fc-
lU, nallFamily FiUs for constipation.
Everything may come to him who
waits but what is the sense of one
waiting until be Is too old to enjoj
it? .
Sore throat
leada to ionsilitia. Quinsy
liamlina Wirard Oil used
and wipntoe . ,
aa a gargie uj . . ,ii
the first symptoms oi a
so" roat .-
,11 invariable prevent an
tbree oi me
Automobiles and bicycles are not nt
for duty until they are tired.
for sssjv atomach or
Inrvous Troubles. Cauudlne , w
It's lljuj"-i "'" "aud sue, at drus
Tr tk U.. ilxs, aud sue.
rrv. nnr lrnt nnrVO Of a
tightwad is
mo v ,, . .
conolt ve to me luucn.
n rat
Personal knowledge
this competitive sge and when of ample character it places it) fortunate
possesscr in the front ranks of
The Well Informed of the World.
A vast fund of oersonal knowledge is really essential to the achievement of the
highest excellence in any field of human effort
A Knowledfjo of Forms, Knowledge of Functions and I'nowl
edge of Products are all of the utmost value and in questions of life and health
when a true and wholesome remedy is desired it should bo remembered that Syrup
of Figs and Elixir of Senna, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co, is an
ethical product which has met with the approval of the most eminent physicians and
gives universal aatiafacrjon, because it is a remedy of
Known Quality, Known Excellence and Known Component
Parts end has won the valuable
world, who know of their own personal knowledge and from actual use that il
and best of family laxatives, for which no extravagant or unreasonable claims
This valuable lemedy haj been long and favorably known
under the name of Syrup of Figs and has attained to world
wide acceptance as the most excellent family laxative. As its pure
laxative principles, obtained from
and the Well Informed oi the world to be the best we have
adopted the more elaborate name of Syrup of Figs and
Elixir of Senna as more fully descriptive of the remedy,
but doubtless it will
;?v n4rQ o Syrup ot rigs and to get its benehcial
effects, always note, when purchasing the full
.ty i .i r r.vi-.:- c: c
it SML Figs and Elixir ol ienna. fh
"3 l v rv . i - vsv I ,m jar . s
i LOUISVILLE, KY. london?england. nev
tor home cure. BAJirLC r i.ic nut
Jinks 'Is ho so lazy then?"
Blnks "Lazy! Sa.y, his motto Is
'never put off till tomorrow what you
can get somebody el?e to do for you
today!' " ChlcagoNews.
Only One "Dromo Quinine"
That i Laiativa Bromo Uuinine. Look
tor th. signature of K. VV. Orov. Used rtt
World over to Onrs a Cold in OnaUay. no-
1 wonder if white paper la really
so high?"
"Why do you wonder?
"I notice they still use it to print
poetry on." Louisville Courier-Journal.
Red, Weak, Weary, Watery Eyes
Relieved by Murine Eye Remedy.
Compounded bV Experienced 1'hysiciana.
Conforma to Pure Kod and Drug Laws.
Murine Doesn't Smart; Soothes Lye Pan..
Some people transact business on
the prinotnle that If It brings money
it i3 right.
A Case of Kidney Trouble Pretty Far
Mrs. Henry
Rapine, 69 E.
ette St
Norrlstowp, Pa., says:
"Doan's Kidney Pills
saved my life. Head
ache, dizzy spells and
blurring eyesight
came on me four
years ego, and began
to be so bad I would
'jrl'i ' v fall to the floor.
J Piercing pains caught
me In the back. I lost weight stead
ily. My hair actually turned gray
from my suffering. After practically
giving up hope, I used Doan'a Kidney
Pills and began to mend very aoon. I
put on weight, gained strength, and
after using three boxes was entirely
cured." -,
Sold by all dealers. BO cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. T.
"Preachers usually marry young."
"Yes; that's the only game ot
sianA am nreacher Is permitted to
pla.,Loulsvllle CourleyrJournal,
, grimy, gray nairsi. v.-
is the winning factor in the culminating
patronage ol millions ot the Well intormeci oi me
Senna, are well known to physicians
always be called for by the shorter
name oi me vompany vaiuonua i ig yiujj
Co. printed on the front of every package,
whether vou call for Syrup of Figs
or by the hill name Syrup ol
Figs and Elixir of Senna.
..i n a,t- .... ,1. n nra at. 1 1 flrHarsh
There Is a grade to ambition
well as to everything else.
Write uml ! uhul'Vuu
."flic 5nQO oV fcap'rfsi
ITrmttrimun. - l(,r.0ar3On. I '
ovc !1J (At-9'09)
Vt't have lud evl yetn rtpmtnet in r""" Cthbtt pUi snd all oihar
kiod. of vrt.ble pUna fo, iht tmi nt Bol pUnU. Onion plmtt. Collud pkms.
and TorMto plints.
r. j I vv-L-CIJ. a.Ju . Tv WnkrttMi. and Saccate Dm
bnn th be known rtlnhU
art arown out m the opon air
Price Lot. o 1.000 lo
DC Aotuand. 10.000 and ove?
orijria We havt special low
ru. ...u. will k r.lv
prraonal anention. Wben in
antoe aaotiacrien. AddraM
requires the best selected seed and the most thorough cultlra.
ion' but the real difference between profit and loss on the
crop depends on Potash. It makes strong, sturdy stalks and
well shaped ears filled out to the very tip, with every kernel
sound. Fertilirers high in phosphoric acid, with a little mtro.
cen. won't do. They need I'otaih to complete them 15 to 20
lbs. to the hundred. Supplement the manure or clover or fer
tiliier with 50 lbs. of Muriate of Potash per acre.
TohioWe irtreof ure. Vet. oa FertfN t, Corn antf oil or (Voce
OERflAN KALI WOKS, 1224 Candler Bldg, Atlanta
NEW VORa-'J Nassaa SI. CMCAUOi MoaaSeock Block
LA CrftOLf HMR RESTORSR. frt.e. tl.OO, rsttall.
contests of
tmAvi nil awellini In 8toa
days ; effects a permanent cure
In lolo 6odava. Trial treatment
oinfrce. Nothlnscnn be fairer
1" n. H H Green's Sons.
tollSpeclsHats.. Bos. BAUsnta
die In eol wnter h. tter than anr other dye. . Tot
I MOMtUK KUDU CO.. UulDor, HUsala
fV" ''ill
u ;.i n it i
60 W. Alabama ATLANTA, CA.
Hot Air Furnaces.
Ventilator, Skylight, Roofing,
iW.rvneni rWt ol,nU and Cbbtae pln as (olio
vriin to ill .pr.CT!ced mick fatmcra TW plants
nf aak aier and will usnd itvm cold wuhwjl iy.
4.000 al I.2S per ikouavid. 5.000 to 9.000 at 11.00
U 90 rr Ihouiond Special pncai mao. on If
Expreai raltt on vrjeublc plur.B liora thai point
in February. Your order, will have our prompt and
need ol vagelabU planlt gi.e ut a trial oW I we cuar-
all orden to
w fssae js ,mm wf-mrr sbt

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