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MADFSO V IlfcCOItDhR, Kiblilnl lji.
Madison. Florida.
F-Oterel t tV firtin Pnf Office l f""
Muter june 80, JUtS, urMcr A-t of M irt h :(,
t,VSnhL-rijtio). f i.po ptr ve.ir. Advertising
mtv. mute known on uprilic.itlon. Oorrr PomU'iit
will ple:we writ on only one UJe of I he piiru-r.
He brief in vour i(ein,'but give cverv itrm of
. Weimitt have the name of every contiilMl
or, not for publication, but tnrt we mm know the
orrepondcnce i .ml hemic. Al' nonvmr nt com
munictitirn willHn n home r .re watte b:ilet.
,ililrt'M alcnmm'inicnTion to
. Maditon, Florid.
TIIL'KSDAY, MAY 20, 11X19.
Bishop Galloway of the M. K.
Church South, died at his home
in Jackson, Mis3., last week.
He w as one of the great men of
his church.
Governor Gilchrist last week
appointed Mi, Henry Curtis' of
Quincy to be Assistaut State
Auditor vice W. B. Sadler, whose
terra expires June 1st.
The Jacksonville charter Mil
has at last arrived and been in
troduced in the House of I!ep
reseuiatives. We were betrin
ning to fear that Jacksonville
had forgotten her righ'. to con
sume the legislative time. .
The House last week refused
to hear read a letter from Wil
liam S Jennings. We don't
know whether this was a direct
snub or whether the members
were afraid they would have to
pay a ' fee1' or a "commission."
A persistent warfare is being
waged in many parts of Florida
against the common house fly
and the mosquito. These in
sects aie both breeders of dis
ease and should recive no quart,
er. Let's exterminate them in
We are about to enter upon
the summer season and there
should be a general cleaning
up on the part of every citizeu.
Let the town authorities enforce
the sanitary laws. It may save
us much sickness during the
next few months.
' An Impressive joint session of
the Senate and House was held
last Friday when eloquent
eulogies in memory of Senators
Stephen R Mallory and William
James Bryan were spoken by
many of the legislators and
suitable resolutions in honor of
the distinguished dead were
A bill which we imagine will
receive the uuited oppositisn of
every county officer is that which
has been introduced in ttTe legis
lature placing allcounty officers
upon stated salaries rather than
upon a fee basis as now- exists.
Tbe passage of this bill into law
would materially reduced the
emoluments of every county of
ficial and it is but natural that
they all should be "up in arms"
against it.
His hundreds of friends, iu
town and county ace jubilant
because of the splendid run
made by W. S. Jordan in the
Jacksonville city primary last
week.' Mr. Jordan lacked only
eighteen votes of securing tbe
nomination for Mayor in the
first primary, leading the other
candidates by many votes In
th second primary he will, be
.pitted against Gen. Sebring,
present M.iyor of that city, but
Judging fton, the lecord iu the
first primary Mr. 'onia.ii.. tny
be safely slj v(i t V 'next Mayor
Divides Up Old Subscriptions Into
Seven Different Classes.
Trying to collect back ac
counts on subscriptioa list gives
the editor a good insight into
tlie various people. Our exper
ience along this line have been
pleasant, laughable, humorous
and exasperating. From our
experience up to present we
have divided those paying up
into the following seven class
First, there are those who pay
up, add another year's subscrip
tion and tell you how much they
appreciate the paper and how
they would hate to be without
it, they are friends.
Second, there are those who
pay up a year ahead, apologiz
ing for making you wait, and
thanking you for being so ac
commodating. They are gentle-
Third, there are those who
pay up aud continue their paper.
They are square honest men.
Fourth, and in a class below
the others, come those who af
ter, paying the editor several
dollars that might have pulled
him out of many a hole in days
gone by when they were tirst
due' tell you he has no ill will
agliust you and your paper for
trying to get money, but that he
does not desire it an- longer.
These are unjust and unrecipro
cating. Fifth, in a class by himself
comes the man who pays up as
if he feels that you are robbing
him, tells you your paper is no
good, criticises your method of
doing business and hastens to
stop his paper. These are men
whose obituaries we would be
pleased to write, if were not for
the fact that the editors are
supposed to say nice things
about dead ones. We would
dub them soreheads.
Sixth, there is also the man
who is important in bis day and
generation. The man who has
been 'n business and consequent
1' chinks be knows a few things,
and who tells you that you don't
carry on your business proper
ly, points out your errors with
fiendish glee, tells what he would
do if he were running a paper,
and caps the climax by stopping
bis paper. This tcac, in spite
of the fact that by some odd
accident he has managed to
s:rape along during his lite
time, we would christen a block
Seveuth, is usually the meas
ly bunch of deadheads that
hamper every business, and add
thousands of dollars to the
wrong side of the ledger of
many an honest man every year.
the. man who has taken your
paper for a number of years but
no tv refuses it without pay. A
comprehensive search through
tbe utmost limits of our vocabu
lary failed to reveal an epitaph
sufficiently appropriate to this
scamp but we expect that he
will get bis reward by and by.
Lakeland News.
More than one thousand bills
have been introduced in the two
branches of the Legislature up
to date, but up to one dy ast
week only one Jaw ot a general
nature had been signed by tbe
Governor. The great majority
of the bills introduced are of a
local nature, pertaining to towrj
and city charters, protection ot
fish and game of various coun
ties, et;., etc. Some way should
be provided by ( which our
bi-ennial .'legislative sessions
could be relieved of so much
;al legislatioa.
There'is no better time than right now to brighten' up your home.' Housecleaning
can be made considerably lighter if you use paints and vaji'shes around the home. There"
are so many little things like screems, cupboards, chairs, stove pipes, radiators, etc., that
can be improved wonderfully by a coat of paint or varnish. The housewife needs only to
tell us what surface she wishes to finish and we will gladly tell her just which of the 12
kinds of x
,is male for that particular surface. Brighten Up Finishes is the new name the Sherwin
Williams Co. have given to their old line of household products, for the convenience of the
purchaser. You will be surprised at the economy and satisfaction that accompany the use
of these paints, staius, varnishes and enamels. They make painting easy and make the
home fre6h and sanitary. Remember our slogan "Brighter Homes for Everybody." Let
us show you color cards of the 12 kinds, 77 attractive colors. It will place you under no
obligation to buy. ; . '
Tharin & Leslie.
A citizen of a Florida county.
asked how it happened that this
county elected the honorable Mr.
Blank to the Legislature, re
plied: "Well, it was a case of
electing Blank or nobody, so we
did both." Exchange.
The District Conference, Tal
lahassee District, of tbe Meth
odist church, will be held at
Carrbelle commencing Wednes
day night,' 26th inst. A large
attendance of delegates from
the churches of the District is
expected and a pleasant time is
assured to all.
f Some of our newspaper edit
ors commenting on the defeat of
Senator Beard's prohibition bill
in the Senate last week say
hat the action of the Senators
is inconsistent. Not at all.
The Senators who voted for the
Constitutional amendment did
so in tbe firm belief that this is
the only true method of dispos
ing of the liquor question. It
is worthy ot remark that the
coiftentiou of Senator Beard
that we can have State wide
prohibition by legislative enact
ment has not received - the en
dorsement ot any person other
than himself so far as we have
been able to discover.
The resolution adopted at the
last meeting of the Towo Coun
cil providing lor the issuance of
bonds should have the careful
consideration of every citizen of
our town. By the provibions of
tbe resolution an election is to
be held early in July at which
it is to be determined by the
votes of 'the qualified electors
whether or not bonus should b
issued by ' the town to the
amDunt of 45,000, a portion of
which shall be for the installa
tion of a sewerage system, part
for extension ot tbe water mains
of the town and part for the
building and furnubiog of a
dormitory tn connection with
our school.' Each of tbe pur-
poses "named Is worthy of care
ful consideration, , ,
A bill ha k been passed in the
House tvhicb provides that every
voter must pay his own poll tax
in order to vote in elections here
after in Florida. The purpose
of the bill is a good one and we
hope it will be enacted into law.
Then the payment of poll taxes
by candidates-in blocks of five
or any other number will be a
thing of th past. Corporations
will be deprived of the privilege
of buying up votes in great num
bers and the liquor dealers will
find it, hard to control votes
which they might b'eabletocon.
trbl if they were permitted to
pay the poll tax of voters. Let
the bill become a law. "
Westward, ho! Tbe prohibl
tion sentiment lias struck tbe
Pacific side of the Rocky Moun
tains. Fresno, California, a city
or 30.000 inhabitants, has voted
tbe saloon out of her domain
This, too, in spite of the fact
that Fresno is the largest city
in tbe greatest crape and wine
producing country in America.
Fifty-three saloons went down
before the guns of the prohibi
tionists. Volusia County Re
cord .
Wick Morris, the negro mur
derer ot Sheriff Langston of
Leon county, plead guilty in
the Circuijt Court of that county
last week and was sentenced to
death. The negro evidently
thought that by entering a plea
of guilty he would save bis neck,
and when Judge Malone pro
nounced the death sentence he
collapsed completely, falling to
tbe flior in a dead faint. His
execution will not be delayed
longer than necessary.
tk It Mow-
Now ia the lim to K"t rid of your
rheumatism. You can do so by apply
ing Chamberlains Liniment. Nine
cae out of tec are einply muouuUr
Theumttlt.ro due to cold or damp, or
ohroi.lc rheumatism, end vield to the
vijrorou application of tbia liniment.
LTrjr It. You are certain to be delight
ed with Ue quick relief whioa it aflorcU
eold by B ;F. llw-eley & W. B. D-
f, JACK?
o nj(u
Although less than two
bave elapsed since tbe. destrucJ
by fire as a portion ot tbe busi
of the above Company, there an'
ready settled in new and com
dioui quarters, 30 West Bay S
(entrance tlirougb alley adjoi
The S. B. Hubbard Co.) with
Machinery installed in both
ijiiuottrapuing mnn Jjie fitatupi:
Department, and are in readwj
for tbe prompt execution of order!
The Wholesale Paper Departn '
also included in same buit ding, t;
heen replenished with an entire v
stock of all their well knewn bnu'
of Paper, Envelopes, Card 6toc
Printing Inks, etc.
The Shiupinn Department inch
.... , , ,
ed in the new location ia most d J
veniently arranged, affording be! (
facilities for tbe prompt handling ;
Orders. j
A Home Institution equipped ,
the latest devices and the best f&if
itiea for supplying tbs . product I
their various Department: tq t
best ad vantage, tbey solicit tie p
tronaje of the Public. j
For a burn or scald apply Cbamtt
lala'eSalve. It will allay tbe pile
most iostaotlv and quickly beat L
injured parte. For sale by W. U. !
via ana D. t . Moeeiey. ( t
J. M Class Drowoel
Ell&ville, May 17. J. M.' G
was accidentally drowned here J ,
terday while bathing in tbe 'i
He leaves 'a wife and several br;!
and sisters, Mn. Dr. E. Lot?
Macclennyj Mrs. Walden Bev1
Madison and Mrs. W. L. Horn
Eilaville, being among the laU
His father was drowned near
uon in ideut:cally the same v-
one year
from tbe
UCUb Call U ftttLU'
sgo, and bis . mVtter 1
i shock of tbe drowiili-;
the father.
The body wm rteovere.1 at 4
clock yesterday afternoon. I'
sonville rfctropolif 17th lost.
Mr. Class' funeral was belt
day st Corinth church jirsr '
Eer, L. D. Lowe offlciaUn".

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