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H5 O)
H is a marvelous remedy. Its iiivi.ratin.v fiTi--t m
i-iii-s improvement, a few days' ip-e euros tin
restored almost in a da v.
I MITT nrnnnn tu ra n t ariR
l;r;,l(li. It puts the Stomach,
livery home should have a bottle of this -roat Liver Tonic and llegnlator. ItMands for health lor Hie uil- family. The chill season is
line and all those who are Constipated, w ho have a Torpid Liver or Digestive Disorders, will surely have 1 rouble with that arch enemy of the race.
I'd-. PULTARED!! Get in condition at once by takin- II El I LI XL and you can defy the disease.
PRICE 50 CENTS Per Bottle.
Us o' the Narwhal.
riio oncst of the walrus and the nar
whal came In onr own Immediate plan
of adventure. The unicorn, or nar
whal, duos not often come under the
eye of the white man, Humph one of
the Cist animals to leave our shores.
It gave for n brief spell good results
In sport and useful material. The.
blubber ig the pride of every house
keeper, fur It gives n long, hot Hume
to the I'loiD, with no smoke to spot
the Il'Ioo Pnery. The skin Is regarded
s qii'tc n delicacy. Cut Into squares,
It loots and tastes like scallops, with
only i slight nrouia of train oil.
The ii, cut dries easily and Is thus
prized ns an appetizer or as a luneh
to he eaten en route In sled or Uaynk.
Im tills stupe it was tin extremely use
ful linns' for us, for It took the place
i'f l'emiiiii 'in for onr less urgent Jour
tieyi. The ij. rwhnl, which, opart from Its
tW'fuhiiKK, f nlnf;t Interesting to den
izens of he ire tie deep, played in
K-lmoN fur off shore, usually nloiH' lh
djp of larire lee. Its Ions I'-ory tusks
lose under spouts of breath and sprav.
When this (;lad sight was noted eviry
kayak alumt camp was manned, nnd
the I'sklinos' skin ennoes went like
Mrds over tlie water. Some of tlio
RsUimoK rose to the Ice fields and de
livered hurpnons from n seeuve foot
toff. Others hid behind flontlmr frac
taents of heavy loe nnd made a sudden
tili ns 1 lie anlnmls missed.
Still oiliors earue up tnc rear, for
the narwhal' ennnnt easily see bnek
farrt and does not often turn to watch
Its enemies, Its speed heln so fat
unt It (an oiislly keep ahead of other
troublesome creatures.
Hunting tlio Narwhal.
The hnrpoou !,? always delivered nt
tlose ratine. When the drawing float
narked the end of the line In tow of
the frightened creature tuo lino of
Idn eanoes fnllowml The narwhal Is
timid by nature. Fearing to rise for ,
"""th, he plunged nlong until nearly i
JfronEHlatwi. -n-ben It did come up '
there were several Eskimos near with
Irnwn Innees, which Inflicted doep
Kaln th9 narwhal plunged deep,
own with bat one breath nnd hurried '
"wig as best It could. Rut Its speed
lackoned. and a line of crimson mark-
Its hidden path. Loss or blood and
warn nr t j, , . . .
J , - v.. nu- um noi give it a ennnre.
" nght. Again It came ur with a
ngnln the lances were hurled.
- 06 baffle pnntlniinrl fni iitrnpll
with mnny exciting adventures.
. .iitiuy neiiii: nuvriuu
m uieena the riarwli.il always sue-1
umk(l. offerlug nrlio ot several
To a11 Persons subject to Bilious
tion, Constipation, Headache, Dizziness, Heartburn, Vertigo
(blind staggers), Foul Breath, Sallow Complexion or other symp
toms of a Torpid Liver, WE SAY,
II Ii M 1 tt 11 n,
n mo. M
it is the Surest, tha Safsst. terrai Speedy and CQrr,p:ei2
Liver Tonic and Regulator in li-e Whole Field c' tfstfe.
Liver and P..veis in such line
tlioiisanil poiif'ils i". "i -ii at'.'! !,:n".irr
Victory, as a rule. v. not r-.li:- ! mi' I'
the hunters were far Ir.-ei l; alx
far from fie sh-iv l':;e. T.m 'I'e
kluio Is a coin':, H 'ur.ci bunicr ami tin
Intelligent n-ii:i:i:i.
Towing the Circssr..
To the lj-.if.ro rfivraw I'm :i l:-
were hitched in u i -'ii-- li::-. T. v i.i.:
Is slow, wind nnd kwi i.i..t-.inr, '
make the task difficult and ("-.n..,-...!.
if 6;V
One sees nothing of th.'1 nartvbu! ik1
very Utile of the knyal;, lor dashing
seas wash over the Utile craft, but the
double hladed paddles seesaw with the
resularlty of a pendulum.
Homecoming takes many hours tim'
engenders a prodigious ntiioi.t.t l' b nil
work, but there Is energy to spare, for
a wealth of meat nnd fat Is the cul
mination of nil Eskimo ambition.
Seven of these ponderous animals
were brought In durlug five days,
making n henp of more than -ID.iliNt
pounds of food and fuel. Then the
narwhals- suddenly disappeared, and
we saw no more of tbem.
Thrre white wbalea were also obtain
ed In a similar way at Etah at about
the same tine.
a To; pid Lhcr !- :;itV 1( s- than mir.icii;.
most obstinate ca.'. Ti.vd. wo:,;.
if . pi. mi..
condition ihat the malaria - m
The Terror and tin Dangers of
Tropical Fore&t.
It Is not a pretty sh ry, tiny uari'.i
tive of a trip up the Oi'ino. e, bin
may uiiil-i'.-iaud orchid peopu- !.,
if you read it.
"it ln''iii unluckily," said be. "I
took a partner Ijeeause I'd learned tlial
the dari; pirn es of e.,nli are hnr.l upo,.
a in ii it ly liiioseif. 1 iin'l hi'ii ;,i luii
of Spain. !i!l be i'... ic... r f,,r tin
advelitli.e because he liad jiit aij i ,1
ed front n Utiiish no -rcaiitile Ii ,oe ii,
Ilavaini u;; the Oriii-it fc, .limit d tt
hihl like a iniven.
"We hired a I'. u iier..,-s. mr i a:
guides we Mould pi, k i .1 ..n-u-tur.l.
One iltiy while .iilii,- II' t'n
stores to be pricked I tin.!.- niv pi'iiici
Ollt to Kill i W lii.u wli:!l um ei' hid w;is.
"Near the 1'itch lake I w c:-' i:
a tree and ordered en--' of 'k- u
boys to sliln up nnd t-i-l it. Ii- v.'.n: !
not. A deadly snake dwelt in thai
tree, lie declared. lie was sisr.Mi
afraid of snakesl Ni-e, elUiiciil. ii dp
fill hoy to take Into tropi-nl foreM .
wasn't he?
"It was llisuboi'ililiation l.el.n'e 'l;e
expedition had even started. So 1
cuffed hilt) and liaiiikil liiin tny liuni
Ing knife, 'llrhig down that flower
and also the snake's head." 1 ordered,
and, whining, trembling, he went up
the trunk. lie was detaching tlio or
chid from where It clung when a
thing like a spear, as black as his own
tkin, suddenly struck ut tie1 boy's
wrist. He si'ieaiued with terror iind,
toppling down, writhed with pain, lie
died, und 1 felt u gloom settle on my
"Well, at Angostura we took inl'is
and six guides upstream. First one
guide died of fever; then another kik
bitten by poisonous Insects. Otie fell
in with or Into nn alligator.' We
needed meat, and the skin was worth
a good deal, so half in revenge. It. ill
In curiosity, we went out and plugged
holes in the monster. When the yniilos
cut It open they stooped nnd drew
things out the bones und the vot'o'ii
clothes of the guide this cannibal rep
tile had swallowed. The very ktiwl
was stiii In his sarong. Oh. doti't
squirm! This is orchid bunt lug.
Wo bad three guides left n t -tin
end of the second month, when, pud
dllng aloilg one dny where the. vitie
overreached nnd let snaky tendril
draggle down, we onme to a fifty vard
clearing. We saw there the sides ot
three canoes, half smothered with rap
Id growing vegetation, and 1,300 alli
Attacks, Sour Stomach, Indiges
11 PJ
.';, '.'.xi .J
!' .i i
' ,i,
i .. t
- m cannot ovist. '
gator sldllS Wen s,i!te.l. but ue .-a.-'', tig.
Hanging to the roof -f i i::it li.-.ii Icn
A kind of loan-to "ere PKiondiid plnM
withered and dead. On the Hour lay
two rusty rilUs and two skeletons.
Out by the ashy pl.iee where the lire
had been was a third skeleton. 1'p
between the I'll s were cheerfully gr-w-lug
sotue gay wood." Kveryb 'd'
Aroused Her C'Ji'Oii; After AM.
"In tt't want nn...'' s.-ii.l a leoiM-keep-er
in in l:-r : vomi s; ry window - a
si reel vendor v.Iio.ie Covered VitU'oU
;M slaiiili.;- :) i'ew sti away anil
wN li.nl ju-l i 'lii-il the 1 II.
"Don't wiiii! any v. Ii.it V" i-. 'i:'!." asked
the veneer, v.'lm Inciti't h, o -'.en a
ei'ian-e to ti ll what bis u.i'vs Aei-e,
"What have you gir ;mI:c.J I he
boil.-'i'keepcr. vlio-e i -u : i is if v was -i-t-tin:;
the beiler of In r nni.o, an
oil. never inii'd. Voti ib n t witti
any. (iii up, Itobl"
"Now, 1 woinl. a- what 'li't e.t -ier-atliisf
man I selling, niiyliow!" she i v--I
limed ns the wagon dN-appe.iiYil
aiound t!:e corner.- Lxihatue.
Silenced Him.
'I'll--' young man In the barber's clnilr
bad bei it anin yed by suggest j..iiu of
the white eonted nrtlst, altlieugli he
had said clearly enough when lie sat
down that he wanted only n hair cut
aid a shampoo. Singeing, fa-lnl m-is.
sage nnd lialr tonics had been offered
rinnlly the barber perpetrated what
is with barbers the crowning Insult,
i'assin.' bis band over the yr.'in:: man's
face, be said cotitoinpluously :
"Shave yourself, don't you .-"
"Sure," said tlie yoiiir.: i.rtu. "lion't
And there was silence. Washing: on
Poor Man!
She I'm never going to speak to
your wife again.
lie What a the matter?
"She promised to write to me two
weeks ii'.-o, und I haven't heard fro'n
her since."
"Oh, well" fl'eelltig III bis poekoti.
' here's the letter. She gave it. to mo
a fortnight ugn." Vonkeis Sratesnmu.
The Descent.
'Tatlier, do met) descend from timn
keys?" asked nu Inquisitive lad.
"i'es, my boy."
"And what do monkeys descend
"The monkeys descend nh from the
trees!" London Telegruph.
iiistj(:i(v. Tin' liir,
ii:is Hi a 1 on 'i !
- r
The Directors Were Rather Pleased
at the Barrister's Refusal.
Mr. Header Harris. K. ik. was once
offered a brief marked fin guineas on
behalf of it railway company that
wished to obtain a refresh tnent license
for a particular railway station. He
returned the brief oil conscientious
grounds, bill later on il w as sent back
to him wilh a Ice of bi guineas
marked on It. 'I i.is liiae he relumed
It with a note u w he n i.e explain -d
that his roti
of pt im !;i '.
of the (ii: - '
(.pre il a
l.'ilgll, s M't'l'.'
llltcl .
".Sot at all
tell ymi a:i
l,t- hr.'V. -'.'.
for Hi.. !'.,"!'
w'd di ll - ''
al v.i's il'io to a In liter
Mihsoij'.ioni !y lie met. one
I'S o,' the e.,n:;i,:n.', and
i I - I hat he a .d his eol-
i.nt annoi -, 1 a' liis con-
' said Hie dire tor. "I'll
:i a: II. S i-and -o, the
'. v, as sin in .', o.i t :,. lu ai d
r tin o at ::!(i.' lug ul
ol ep.er r.-ii'ivii d that your
-il giiini-', bad bei-ii re
','iio's Miis psalm sinalng
ho asked. 'Marl; 1 1 if brief
brie! n
Pin guineas and I'll bet you nnythhn
you like he'll take It.' a Hi. ymi will,
will youV asked the eliniriunn. Von
see. ve all knew you, Ilari'i.i. We
took the brewer on at .1 t" I ia live
pound notes. He booked the lie's with
every one of us. and lie has paid up."
London Scraps.
The Proper Question.
The man with the glassy eye and
preternatural;;.' sni-uni laiioaiior put
d"w:i a sovereign at tin' In okiug o It lea
st CLnirin-.' Cross and d-tnaii'J"l a
:!cket. "What st.c. imi V" siuipped the
booking clerii. The would be traveler
steadied biin.'.elf. "What stations liavo
you?' h" nskeil, with quiet dignity.
Loudon Globe.
A Criticism.
"He sa!d this skirt of mine was a
perfect symphony."
"Maybe, but it's not well conducted."
"What do you mean?"
"It drags." Cleveland Lender.
The Real Want.
"What we want is a square deal."
"Oh, we'll compromise on that In a
pinch. What wc really want Is a
shade the best of It." Louisville Courier-Journal.
"Oh, John, don't you wish we couhl
sit hero nnd spoon forever?"
"Yes, dearest. Hut let's o now. I
think I hear the dinner belli" Boston
Fost. ..'.

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