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hOL IX-NO. 9
Biir Circus at VaUosta.
The Barnum fc Bailey greatest
Low on earth i to visit Valdosla on
MlunUy, November Olu. ISever
ince tue beginning of time lias an
iiauwinent enterprise so tremendous
n size been organized as tbis one.
1 1 magnitude is almost beyond be
ief, All America, togetlier with
,VCry foreign country, has been
.couidl from snd to end by agents of
iliis big show in search of novelties
and the result is h performance brim
Ifull of sensational acts new to the
lircus world. In the big Barnum
Bailey show are nearly 400 arenic
ta, nwt of whom are seen now
for tbe first tune. A new sensation
be seen at every performance in
'JUPITEK, tbe balloon horse."
Xtiii remarkable animal with its fear.
Itsi rider use; mis to tbe dome of tbe
circus tent in balloon and descends
to tbe ground In a shower of fire
works. Nearly 1000 animal wonders
are to be found in tbe big 108 csge
menagerie, 8 herds of elephants, In
cluding one herd ibat actually plays
upon musical instruments in time and
Uine. A group of giant giraffes,
monster trained hippopotamus, only
living bi-borned rhinoceros and hun
dreds of other strange beasts. Bar
luid it Bailey's big," new, free street
parade is tbe most gorgeous proces
slonal display ever attempted in the
history cf circus business. Its tre
mendous size and wonderful length
cu only be believed in the actual
neeing. It is natural to expect thin
big circus to lead all other in quali
ty and (iinnUiy of its streets specta
cle as well as in other departments
of the big show, yet rever in its
splendid history of nearly half a
century has it displayed such extra
vagance hs Is shown tbis year.
I Just The Grandest Line
I OF i
1 V VBa Hen, Youths and Boys fMkr(sJ i
I We Have Ever Had Is 71
fi Madison, Florida. 8
Sis - -
EP.SWailesXlalm Again.,;
CjThe famous claim of SydreyJ I.
Wailes against the state of Florida,
that has for so many sesHions of the
Legislature consumed a valuable
amount of that body's time, was
brought before the public In a new
way when a bill of complaint was
filed in tbe circuit court of the Unit
ed States in and for tbe northern
district of Florida at Pensacola.
The bill Is brought from the firm
of Barrs, Odom and Browder, Jack
sonville, and is directed against Al.
hert W. Gilchrist governor of tlie
state of Florida, A.C. Croom comp
troller of the state of Florida, M. V.
K'lott, treasurer of the State of
Florida, Park Trammell, A'torney
general of the state of Florida, and
B. E. McLin, commissioner of agri
culture of ti e state of Florida, as
trustees of the internal improvement
fund, defendants. Pensacola News.
A Snaking Ud
may allte very well so far is the trusts
are conoernvd, but not when It comes
to chills and fevr and malaria. Quit
the quinine and take a real cure UaU
lord 8 Heroine. Contains no harmful
drugs and is hb certain as txxea. If it
doesn't cure, you get your money back.
Sold by W. B. Davis.
Census Report on Cotton.
Washington , Monday. The cen
sus report shows five million, five
hundred and twenty-five thousand,
five hundred and ninety-cue buhs,
counting round bales as half ginned,
from tti6 growth of lUu'J to October
18tb, as compared with six million
two hundred and ninety. six thong,
nnd one hundred Bnd sixty-six of
the same period lust year. Kv-a Is.
land cotton, thirty-six thousand three
hundred and thirty as against thirty
two thousand and thirteen of the
same period last year.
Farmers' Union Disposes of
Cotton at Moderate Price.
Twenty Four Cents a Pound. Regard
less of Quality. Was tbe Price
Paid ty Savannah Firm.
One of the largest and most im
portant cotton sales recorded in
Alachua county for the season tr ins
pired at Alachua two or three days
ago, when the Farmers' Union sold
to Savannah parties about four hun
dred ha'es of the fleecy staple at a
fiat price of 21 cents a pound.
Withmi average weight of 390
pounds to the bale, it will readily be
seen that this sale aggregated a con
siderable sum probably 138,000
which was paid promptly by the buy
ers, and which naturally meant a big
thing for the grower and tbe mer.
chant alike, and tie result is that tbe
commercial interests of Alachua have
been lively since tbe sulo was coni
sumiiiated v . ... ..
Tbe growers who hold merrlbeiship
in the Farmers' Union have btten
holding their cotton, through an un
derstanding and Agreement, for better
prices, and they were finally reward
ed. There were three bidders from
i he Savannah market,and fur a while
bidding wns lively, but the staple
was finally knocked down in a
" unip" at 24 cents, raganlhss of
It was at flist agreed to sell five
hundred bales, but several of the
growers are snid to have "kicked
out"' on account of price, hence the
sale fell about one hundred bales
While there have been several
sales of consequence in Alachua tLis
season, this was the first sale by
members of the Farmers' Union, and
the only one of surh immense pro
portions, which is probably the most
important sale of the season in the
Sea Island cotton belt. Gainesville
The Best Plaster.
A I'iece of lliiniii'l dampened with
Chiiuiberliiiii's Liuicietit and bound on
to the affected parts 1st piiperiur to any
pla-ter. When troubled with lame back
or pinna in tint eid or chest uivp it a
trial and you are certain to be more
than pleased with I lie prompt relief
which It Hfl'ordH. This linimt-nt mIko
relieves rheumatic pains mid ih certain
to please anyone 8iifft-riii frum that
(liseiibu. Sold by W. li. Iiavis and I'..
P. Moseley,
"Valloea" Is the Name.
Mersis. II. C. Briggs, A. E. Dim.
mock and W. L). Dunaway, the
committee to elect the name for the
leading cigar to be manufactured by
Mr. Dyrd Bulote's new factory In
tliis city, this morning decided on
ValW ga" as the mom appropriate
name submitted' Tbe name is an,
abbreviated combination of Valdus-iJ,
tn, Lowffdet Co., 05a., anil was.fur'
nishedby Mr. L. M. Marshall.
Mr. Belote recently offered throuyh
the columns o' The Times 100 line
cigars for the most acceptable mine
for his leading brand, and a large
number of names was submitted.
There were nii'iiv good ones and tlie
committee devoted coiiM 'ornlile '. ime
to the selection from tie long lint
sent in. ViildnsU Times.
We me jjl.'id to learn from tlie
foregoing that our foiiinr 'cllow
towns nan did not move to the far
distant State of l'en..sylv mi l hut1
concluded to enter bu.iiness jieaii'j
honic, and we wish him su
Grand Military Carnival.
With the date- for the above only
a little over a month away, those
who contemplate taking in Jackson
ville's greatest eyent in the fim
making lino, arc assured of complete
satisfaction so thorough and com
prehensive have been tbe arrange
ments for the various events and
parades that everyone will be satis
fied. Director DaCosla hns been
tireless in his endeavois to present
only Hie most enjoyable and attrac
tive features, and to secure only tho
newest and most novel for this oc
casion. Already the greatest interest is
evinced in the Grand Coronation vt
King Carnival III and the subse
quent bnll at the Windsor. Tbe
presence of the fleet of torped o boats
and troops of cavalry will greatly
interest the majority of those attend
ing. The various committees in
charge of special features and parades
have curried forward to completion
as far as possible thosi matters
notably tha Floral ' u'ud Fantastical
Parades and 'suffice it to ssy -never
lrr aiijIiir'g ,beei offered to tbe
y'Mijiiti) i'rowd ' than the results
.promised ncfc .month,. All that
hard woik and money can sBcure will
result in a ttiorcuh and satisfactory
Imperfect Digestion-
Menus It nutrition and in c.-nee-luenca
lean utility. When the liver
f lila I o seeteie bill", (he b'ood bonnes
loaded willi bilious propprlii'H, the di
tfi -tion hcemiK'S impair I mid the luiw
'k conciliated. Ileibinn will rectify
thin; it nivi-s tone to tli PtoniHcli, liver
and ki(lin-.H, Hlreiiellienn tlm appetite,
elearr anl improve (Iim complexion, in
f u Lt v life ami viiror totlm whole
h-ooii. ."in c nts a bi. l tie. Sold by W.
ii. I Id i-
I !

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