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1IX-NO. 12
$1 A YL'A. 7.
DowIliiR of Starke whs a viei
tjjilieciiy Sunday.
i ... tft.n,lll m snendini the u,-nelr
(, (jhk with his Bisters, Mesdaaies
Hardee and Sytl Hinely.
HurleB nf ThIIuIibsspo sped
.,y ar-d Sunday in MuiiiMun with
t mid, Ciipt. ar-d Airs. J. B. liar
W. L. Tooke'a nnd examine
. .... P,.,-nl Kuu-lna Mm'himtu fit
u.l&i- ihey nre uarualnB and
( tiw vi in o to H''t one of Uiem.
u' Enoch Vaiin was the guest of
.ill t Biii.'il) but delicti tt u I party
Jan young people at tliB cloKiint
j ,1 Mr. nu'l Mrs. D. 0. Smith od
VVtD: A cow and calf. Cow yel
Ki, marked ewullow-fork and
it in one er, swallow-fork aod
Li to other ear. Hed heifer culf.
i,ikl. Reasonable reward for capt-
uJ.ininiLioo lending to their re
G. M Sims, Madisou, Florida.
l, Tbtodore Rundell desires us 'o
l all Confederate V7eterans who
jiwl the recent re union Rt Live
hind who failed to feeurs tickets at
'grates to curry the receipt wblcb
! 'ik from the ticket agent to Mr
ft lloseley, and an t ff jrt will be
lit once to secure a rebate from
j nilroad company. All veterans
' aui'h receipt will endorse the
itj dth tlieir uume and then leave it
hjSlr. Moseley.
of the llnest looking pecune our
;lve ever beheld were 6een jester
jorninir when "parson'' W. L.
Irailed us clear across the street
yruiiltcd us to look through the
'.I i showcase at a box filled with
:iif meaty looking pecan nuts, the
a of his pecan orchard in the
J m pari of town. The nuts sure
1 line on the outside and we
SiiHiiey are us uood as they look
it cuiA testify that they are lie
Hrjiivc neither viewed or tasted
JiJeof even one of them.
In Store for Fiddlers and
Plans for Fiddler's Convention Next
Week Taking Definite Shape.
The Madison Ortlnstia, under
whose auspices the Fiddler's. Con
vention is U be conducted mxt
Thins lay Thanksgiving n i g h t,
lias been busy getting out the adver
tising matter throughout the county
ami otherwise perfecting the ar
rangements for this pleasant umis
inn. Up to (laic, quite a numb, r of
county fiddlers have enrolled their
names as contestants for the prizes,
and the Orchestra hopes that other
names will bo enrolled before Hie
final day. If you are a Add er
(violinist barred) send in your name
to Dr George 0. Davis nnd then
follow your name with your person
on next Thursday night. Indications
point to a packed house when the
curtain goes up, so if you would got
a good sent go early , for there will
be no seats reserved, the admission
pr.ee of 5u cents entitling the ticket
holder to any fee it in the house
which ho or she may net to first.
The program is neariug comple
tion. Fiddlers from nil sections of
the county will participate. We are
advised that some of the selections
will he "Leather Breeches," 'Oil
Zip Coon," and it is rumored that a
piece which tells of the breaking
loose in Georgia of a much dreaded
country will be rendered by a con.
testant living south of IJuitniun, A
Madison county fiddler who lives
near the Taylor county line, we Hre
told, will ren '.er in classic style
something about a certain Yearling
which was holly pursued. Olo Hull
the second, who hails from Piiiottn
or thereabouts, will favor the audi
e c with that classic-selection er.
tilled "l'irniinmon Bottom," while
the favorite old masterpieces of
"Cotton Bagging" and "Mississip
pi Sawyers" will add melody to the
oicasion. Greenville and Sinuous
will ha here with the material U fir
ry off the laurels rcndeiing those
rare sdeutio'is "Prettiest 1 ittle G;il
in the Counly-o," II iste to the Wed
ding" and "Hop L'ght, Ladies."
Mr. K G. Di-Lonch, our? of Madi
son's best, will intense the children
with a very popular and laughable
selection entitled "The Old ILn
Cackled," while Tom Martin and
Jim Denson both hope to capture
the first prize with selections from
the Masters. Hut when the bojs
from Moseley Hall come t the front
we fear that Tom and Jim will look
like fellows waiting for the verdict
of a petit jury. The second nnd
third prizes nre of great considera
tion and one of our town boy's has
the idea that ho is going to laud one
of 'hem, hut when Norton Creek's
representative finishes his perform,
ance that town chap is going to have
another thi'ik coming to him.
Don't miss this rare opportunity
to enjoy one evening of genuine old
time riddling. Doors open nt 7
o'clock, sharp. Performance begins
at 8.
liPKimiluj; next Monday afternoon the
Week of Prayer will be observed by the,
ladieB of the Missionary Society of t hi
Methodift church . Ai u.n-e o'clock in
the (t moon ol Monday. Inesjay and
Wednesday meetings will be held In
the church and aci rlial invitation is
extended to nil the ladles of the city,
irrespective of deucnnnai.ionHl altllia
tioiiH, to mull? Willi the Methodist la
dles lu thes-e afternoon services.
Cf tfcsftidi'e Florida Baptist
Ass Gallic;:.
Which will bi Hell Wits the Church
at Sirmons in this loamy-
The. Middh- Pioiid:, Ii.ip'.ist Asso
ciationwill hold its As ociatioi-al
Institute with the church at Sirnot.s
ir thix comity bejinning Tues-lii'-,
Xoveinlir 3');h and continuing lliru
Thursday, Dee. ind, Tiie follow,
ing program of exercises ii, I dii ns
sions lias been arranged :
Xov. 30th, 11 a. .n. S-viiHit!,
"Our Ne-d of the Holy Spirit."
I!ev. S. Si Proctor.
2 p. in. The Te-Hof Disciplcship.
Ucv. S. li. Cole and Kev. .1. T.
Fai ncll.
3 p. m. The Layman's Move,
oient. Jutlf.eW. B, Davis and A.
7 p. m. Sermon, "World-wide
Evangelization." P. V. S. 1!. Kog
ers, D. D.
Dec. 1st, 9:30 a m. Devotional
Services, Ivi-v.U. F. Hn-ker.
10 a, in. The Need of Business
Methods in our Church Work. Geo.
W. Tedder and others.
1 1 a. m. I)ir.tiiii:iive B a p t i k t
Marks. Uev. S. H, Kogers, D. 1).
2 ). m. Duty of Pastors to Church,
es and of Churches to Pastor. Kev.
I. R Clements and L. W -;i v-f.
3 p. w. C.rirtian Kdueation mid
L o y a 1 t y to our Denominational
Schools. Kev. 11. W. Tnb! le, D.
I) . and otl el s.
i p. in i cm rince .Mass .Meet
irg. S t ' -!iU-r.-i to li" r.i to ii l u .1 .
D. c. 2 .). V :.)) a. in. Dcv..!i.:i.al i
. P.ev,
10 i
in . Is the Suu-hiv School a
X- ci-sari, Facte -r in the Life and
Activities of ti Pi '.-e.-sive Clinich?
Key. L'ni's KiMxmii.gi.-r nt d otlu-i.
In cooiici -lion with tl.c above will
'i' discus ed. Tic l'trpoilaiice t.f a
I!. V. P. I' in ( v. r c liuicli.
: lief tiie spi nkirs a; .pointed have
opi n:-.l the di-ci'.-.-.-.oii. the varions
mi de-is wi I ' i ; u for j.m ii" "d
'iis'-tis-i.e:. l-t nil the hivlhri u
cuiie pri' un-t iidi-i-u-s t1 em free
ly, ami limy the Loid vi-it us with
i s'laoious sc.is in v.'..;Ic '. e wait to.
W. K. Ivi-.v, fi r c iiiiiiillec.
.lolm Wilson is at his n.-etiKtonie-l
n'a - in the store of T. J. Ile'uii ,V Co.
Inlin is a fall mid wluti-r tixt m e at thi
l'0plar eptiil dishinent nnil we Hre til
wnyse'itd to Seethe hiiKy season come
around because it hrinirs him to town
for a stav ofeevcral inuuths.
At a meeliiiK of ti e (xccutive com
iniiteeof the Klizahelh II urns Chapter,
coruiiiitlerts were appoiuled and ar
rangements nuol" for Ihe annual ba.ar
to Lie held Dec. Hli h t, the Merchaiils
Hotel. There will be for sale at this
b zar meiitB. siilaite, oPters, sweets,
fancy work of nil description. Kvery
citizen of MikUsod county should HSBist
Ihe Chapter in thin work, as the rr
eeeds are to U UHed In payini; oil' the
deht on our leutil'ul monument of
winch every eit, .nil in justlv proud.
It le ah.viiis uleiiiiint, to hear local in-
st itut ions ne .ken well of, and In this
editor iiii thine ple:;p.iint said of our
tnwn, its pciplc ur its institutions is
h'h iys wet ome and appreciated. On
a visit to J ckfonviiie recently we
lie.-.rd eeveral traveliixr mer dieenssiiiK
to .vi k Kenernlly nnd Madison enme in
for u generous we miibt sy. liheral
snare oT eotun.er,itnt,ion from these
Ki'fhtH of the lt-wiil who are well quiil-ilh-.l
in Hlie'ik. K-pi-el-illy were these
m -n ent nui.1 ii-t t; iihoot our hotel, 'J'Ihi
Mere; i.-jU. i.ihI wi'leiLit exeeptl'm they
liioi.ouiie.-d H i .e best, ill their tor i i lory.
Madison luinii ef in "li nnd Mmliron
1 ..niyi'i ii c in.e in f. r ir i "1 wordH. and
wejii-.-; i,.,Mirallv swelled with pnilo
! : tun iiiIvmi.I:,;" of the i j . ;-1 ( 1 1 1 1 1 -
to s-iv :. f,.v idn i. - i"irs"lf. And Ijy
Ith. v: i. t :i il. i.s ii i .d rule f . . r every
Jcl! Z-!l of Ma I i n lupi : when
I I nivcltil'- ll!'.vu s !,; V" ;i i; rrl worij 1o
j -ny 1 1 1 c ( 1 1 1 r I -1 . . ' . inrl )iilr pcoliie. 1'.,
iv It in 't w -ill. for the
.;'. -eat iliieif but inuku
. .. ... . O 1 I'll mi-, ii . i
Servics. l.ev. iV. -N. "i.:wri-.!. ht.
J ' ) I 1
' Just The Grandest Line I
iU Vrvv?; Hen, Youths and Boys sfyA- M
UjM We Have Ever Had Is CnJI VSm
I i Madison, - Floricla. M
i ml

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