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Drvlns potatoes to tulse caro of
over-production during any scnsou Is
the subject of a report by Vice-Consul
BHrrcll, of MadReburB, In which
le slates that several potato-drying
til.-.nts nre operating In various sec
tions of Germany. Such factories are
Increnslnp. duo partly to the advance
Ins prices of Kraln, but are believed
1o be Important fnctors In equalizing
(he returns from the potato Industry
from rear to year. To produce 220
pounds of dried potatoes 830 pounds
of pntatoeH are required and the dried
product Is Elated to be worth $3.80
to M."f.
If we wero ashed what we consid
ered the finest of all basket plants
for the window we should unhesitat
ingly decide for Campanula isophyl
la. When covered with Its pretty
blue flowers In the type of the pure
wlilie lines in the variety Alba we
known of nothing that can approach
it awl et be ns easily grown. Plants
are easily raised by means of cuttings
mad'.' from shoots taken off nt any
time of the year when they can bo
got without (lowers or preferably in
Bprln tr. These may be placed several
to -other In a pot or pun. and when
they have a little growth placed In
the baskets. Any ordinary soil will
grow the plants if a little leaf mold
and manure is added. Indianapolis
T.i le a rope fifteen feet long, tie It
to the kIhrIo tree, then take a pole
about twelve feet long; I used a little
locust sapling. Trim the bark off the
pole, then get a fiat iron bar about six
Inches long, with two holes In It.
Fasten it on the big end of the pole,
the Iron extending about one and a
half Inches. Turn the end up, a little
curved, so it will hold a ring on It.
Tie a stick (aboiit six Inches long)
bout two feet from the end and run
that did of the rope through ring and
tie to single tree. Run pole under
thock, bring long end of rope over
shock, then start your horse and drag
it where wanted. It will not turn
over. Dwlght Smothers, la the
A very beautiful and generally a
good garden lily is L. testaceum. It
is of robust habit of growth, possess
ing certain affinities with L. candl
dum, which Is one of Its reputed par
ents, and towering away to five feet
or six feet high gives its apricot
shaded flowers In July. It Is a dis
tinct and good lily in every way, and,
being fairly cheap, should be found
In every garden. Like L. candldum,
L. testaceum Is also an early riser,
and if we bracket with these twain,
the very handsome L. Hansonl, we
havo a trio difficult to equal for easi
ness, distinctiveness, vigor and good
flowering. The whole of these flower
naturally in July, and when in good
condition are not likely to disappoint
the cultivator. The last-named
should be planted where shelter is af
forded both from cold winds and
strong sunlight, and if the root-run
is la comparative dryness so muca
the better. Indianapolis News,
When the blgnonlas are in flower is
a good time to call attention to the
beauty of the Chinese species grand
flora. It differs greatly from our own
species, radicans, It has very large
orange flowers, and probably a less
rampant habit of growth. Those
who have knowledge of but the na
tive one, radicans, should possess
themselves of the Chinese one as well.
The two make a good combination.
There is now a yellow variety of
the radicans, aurea, and a good thing
it is, too. But it, of course, has the
longer flower tube ana the narrower
mouth of the flower than the Chinese,
and It Is the broad mouth of the Chi
nese, the grandlflora, which makes
the flowers so very conspicuous, to
gether with Its orange color.
Although very many years since
the Chinese species was Introduced
to cultivation, it is not as well known
as It should be, nor Is It as abundant.
For the latter reason it has been
grafted on the native one to Borne ex
tent and this may lead to disappoint
ment should the graft die out and
the stock take Its place. The name
i trumpet vine Is well given the bigno'
L nla, the flowers being trumpet
' shaped. Blooming as It does In mid'
summer, It is nuch valued, whether
"wd as a vino or la bush or standard
apes 1t Is often seen In. Indian
tJ LONu ! DEAiti CVirif.ll 1 MEW ThAf WW1 A
poTiu. orrioE and I'll laxativi piilwoulv
lllVE 11 I 10 nR A HAKE YXI LOOJEfl HP,
john. new you
TRIALS ofrifmnWM S
Miinyon'tt I'nw INiw IMIln i-mi tl.n llvfrl,,,
acllvlly liy i nili. ii-tl..t.x. 'I ln-y do tint ..Mir, grlitn
or w,ilii'D. T'n-r nre a itinlc ut thi' Mnn.ii.-h, llvnr
and niTvri liiviKorult' limn-ill of wpnkr-n Tiny en
rich On IiI.hmI ttii.l fiiul.t. ilu- nloiiiivji u ifi-t .ill tjjp
nourishment from lM.tl Una Ik ul mid It. Tlifi
pull ennum ii.M'ul"iuM; lli.-y nr.- NMUhlnK, tVitl.i.j
kuiI nlli.ulitll.i.r. l-.ir Kitlc l,.v rill UmikUu In lm- .mil
Itif slum. Ifyimiti'rd nii-illi'iil llvl,v. wr.li' Mm.
yiin'M lilil'lorK. Tliev will II1MC Ul til.' l.rst of Utfllr
nl'lllty uI.imiIiM4'1- fri-e c,r l'hiirt.. Ml NYOVrt,
i'Jd una Jcli-riioli Mm., riiiJndrtplitH, t a.
Munyun'n cnM KomoUy cun-n a rn..l in nnc '
Price V. MtiiiynuV hlii'in..;.! inn Kciin.ly rHIi
lu a lew buurn u.i.l cure. In a (Vw iIhh, I'rl.-t.
It is said that the Chicago Wom
en's Club is forced to spend $1,500
for a new cloakroom on account of
the present extrnvapant eize of hats.
Far UOMS ana GKIP.
flick's Cafsdins it the bnt rmnl7
rUfi tft trblnr ind Urmihnrm cam
the Cold tnd ruri normal conditions. It's
ll'iulil-tifocu IramadiifeJi. 10c, Uw. sad
wo., l drill tkirta.
The average woman's Idea of a
good neighbor, explains the Common
er, is one who always sends back a
little jnore than she borrowed.
Arranged In a straight line, the
railways of the world would reach to
the moon and back airaln.
ed, "Billet doux." Tit-Hits.
Rheumatism Cured in a Dny.
Dr. Detchnn'a Keliif for Rheumatism md
Kuralgna radically cure ill 1 to 3 days. J ta
action ! remarkulilt. Kemovca the cau
tad dieae quickly disamiears. Firvt doie
greatly btnehu. 75c. and (1. All druggiala.
The mines of liutte, Mont., have a
combined payroll of three million dol
lars a year.
Constipation cniiaw many wriooa dia- !
mwji. Jt u t loioiieniv cureu nv nr,
Pierce's l'lctumnt Pellets. Due a laxative.
tbrea for cathartic.
Only five and a half per cent of the
total area of the world is capable of
Plies Cured In to 14 Days. '
Pa ( hutment is eunrnntceil to cure any
Piles in d to 14 (luvnormoiii'Viefuml.Hl. OUo
The British Welsbacli Company has
gone Into the buBlness of manufactur
ing electric lights.
Allen'a Lung flnlnam has for yenra cnrml
dcep-arntcd cnuiiha, colds and bronchitis.
Everybody should know about it.
The Argentine leKlslature Is consid
ering the construction of underground
railways ror Buenos Ayres.
Don't ncrftit a mibstitiite for JVrry Davis'
Poinuiller. Nnthing ia uoi.d for lheuiua
tiara, nruralgin and aimilur troubles.
It Is lust being realized that the 1
Trans-Siberian railroad was a poor
Job from an engineering standpoint.
irs. Winalow's Soothing Hvrup for Chfldrra
taithing.aofunjthaa-ums, reduce inWinia
toon, ailaya paia, vura annd colic. 2Sc s k otUe
Troubles of a Humorist.
Mark Twain once approached a
friend, a business man, and confided
the fact that gems of thought were
jformlng In his brain with swh ra
pidity that they were even beginning
to sparkle in his eyes, and that he
ineeded the assistance of a stenog
rapher. ,
"I can send you one, fine young fel
low" ths friend said, "lie came to
my office recently In Bearch of a po
sition, but I didn't have an opening. I
lam sure you will find him all right.
Has he a sense of humor?" Mark
sked cautiously.
"Oh I am sure he has In fact, he
got off one or two pretty witty things
Ihlmself recently." the friend hastened
to assure bim.
orry but lie won't do, then, tne
.writer Bald, with a disappointed
(shake of his head.
"Why. er, why not?" waa the sur
prised Query.
The would-be employer assumed a
confidential air.
I'll tell you," he ald. "You see.
,1 had one once before with a sense
iof humor, and it Interfered too much
(with the work. I can't afford to pay
man $2 a day for laughing." New
rfork Times. - '
.oar,. o(
in. laid m Tht iw humI
Zip IEi
r w IB ran nri v
,,,,,,.,11.1111, .1. nil ,1 , ... , rwm. . mj-r"1 'JfT?7I'
wstsi mm m vmm mmmmm
Recent Discoveries In Burled City of
Crest Importance.
A discovery of groat Interest was
made not long since at Pompeii, whtire
the excavation work is being steadily
carried on. Under the ash doposlts,
says The Scientific. American, there
was found an extensive villa of a
handsome construction and ornament
ed with very fine frescoes. The villa
contains statues and other works of
sculpture both Creek and Roman, be
sides very rich furniture wbich Is
well ornamented and also many vases
of different kinds. There wore also
round coffers filled with gold and sil
ver money. In thn basement ara
great amphorae which wre uscrl for
storage purposes, and in the triclin
ium the tables were prepared for a
banquet of thirty persons. An abund
ance of silverware is one of the fea
tures of the discovery, and it is said
to ho equal in weight and artistic
character to the silverware discover
ed In the villa of Doscwonle mid now
possessed by the IOuvre. Pome of the
silver pieces seem to havo been tak
en out at a previous epoch, for there
nre traces of clandestine search
which wns made at a former date.
Why Quail Are Scarce.
Hunters complain bitterly this fall
at tho scarcity of partridge. Hardly j
any havo lx-cu hnrre.'d. The quull.
which were so plentiful In the Bum
mer on the flntn. havo all disnppearv-1.
H I thought they huvfl migrated
south, Soveral years airo the ej i"ll
were exterminated by a severe winter
and the cover wns restocked with qull
secured in tho south. It Is now I
(bought a mistake was nuid.i In not ;
securing Nebraska quail. Tho same j
thing occurred lust year, when the ,
birds that were very numerous early i
In the Call had all gone beforo tho j
shooting season opened. The Duns- !
villi- Klsh and Game Protective As- J
soclatlon will doubtless secure a lot I
of western Ibirda next spring, '
Skin Humor ljited 29 rears.
"Cutlcura did wonders for ma. For
twenty-ave years 1 suffered agony
from a terrible humor, complstely
covering my bend, neck and shoul
ders, so even to my wife, I became an
object of dread. At largo expense I
consulted the most able doctors, far
and near. Tbelr treatment was of no
avail, nor was that of the Hob- !
pltal, during six months' efforts. I I
suffered on and concluded there was
no lie In for me this side of the srave. I
Then I heard of some one who had
been cured by Cutlcura Remedies and
thought that a trial could do no harm.
In a surprisingly short time I was
completely cured. S. P. Keycs, 147
Con Kress St., Boston, Muss., October
12, '09."
Fnce Covered With Pimples.
"I congratulate Cutlcura upon my
speedy recovery from pimples which
covered my faco. I used Cutlcura
Soap, Ointment and Resolvent for ten
days and my face cleared and I am
perfectly well. I bad tried doctors
for several months but got no results.
Wm. J. Sadller, Iff 14 Susquehanna
Ave., Philadelphia, May 1, 1900."
What Every Financier Knows.
That dignity Is an asset.
That a dividend in the hand Is
worth two on the books.
That Barnum was rltht when ho
said the public liked to bo hum
Tuggod. That respecta-hlllty. often consists
In not being exposed.
That financiers are cursed In gen
eral, but courte4 In particular.
That stocks are worth all the pub
lic can bo Induced to pay for them.
New Vork Times.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Tfikc Laxative Hromo Quinine TaMctg.
rug gists refund money if it fails to cure.
K. .(Jrove'a siunnlure is mi eacli hex. c.
Tho man who uses religion hs a
cloak, warns the Llouton Transcript,
Is bound for a climate whero no
cloaks are needed.
Whather frons Co'.St, tsat, StomaAti a
Norvous Troblaa. Casnaina wilt rulleva roa.
It'a Uuld pleasans w tskn aota luims4l
awlf. Trr Is. Uc., tto, and too. St drua
In several of the mora northern
countries of Europe It Is the custom
to oharge women half rates at th
Itch cured in 30 miiwtea by Woolford'i
Sanitary Lotion. Never fails. At drutiiU.
Attempt at a Joke.
They tolerate such thlnics as this
In St Louts, where the Glohe-Pmo-orat
is printed :-'It was the univer
sal opinion at the opening of the
flower show recently that the ex
hibition Is a blooming success. Would
It not have been better to leaf It out?
Burlington Hawlieye.
tho.. ug, .run,. tr.y h.lr.. U.. "
Welcome Words to Women
Women who suffer with disorders peculiar to thalr
sex ihoulj write to Dr. Pierce and receive free the
dvice of phyaician of over 40 yean' experience
a skilled and ucccful speciulibt in tho disomies
of women, lwery letter of this sort has the most
careful consideration and is regarded on sacredly
conGdcntinl. Many acnsitively modest wiimea write
fully to Dr. Pierco what they would shrink from
telling to their local physiciun. The locul physician
is pretty sure to aay thr.t he cannot do anything
without "am evsminution." Dr. Pierce holds that
theae distasteful exitminutinni ara itcncrullv need
less, and (hut no woman, except in rare cases, should submit to them. ,
Dr. Pierce's treatment will cure you ri;!'it in the privacy of
your own home. His " Favorite Prescription" bus cured
hundreds of thousands, somo of them the worst of cutcs.
It is the only medicine of its kind that it the product of regularly graduated
physician. The only one good enoui'h that its mnkcrt dare to print its every
ingredient on its outside wrapper. Therc'i no sccrccv. It will bear examina
tion. No alcohol und no hahit-formin6 druiJs are found in it. Some unscrup
ulous medicine dealers may offer you n substitute. Don't take it. Don't trifle
with your health. Write to World's Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. R.
V. Tierce, "resident, Buffalo, N. Y., teko tho advice received and be well.
Atlanta Typewriter
Now open to iIium- w iO.in to learn TELEGRAPHY, TYPEWRITING
mi'l RAILROAD AGENC . Tuition rclm-rd to fl."., inul .-J.."(l of stu
dents' railronil lure pui.l. I'-xcelient lionnl nt low rules. Stmlcnls ipial
ity in 4 to(i nioiitlis. (Viruni.lniiti's POSITIVELY GUARANTEED posi
tions pnyiii)! ir'-l") In rr r nmiitli to start on. I liploiiiim awurdcil. (ireat
iieiiiiiii'1 for 'I'cU'V r:t -hiT-. Write tu'lay lor I'rco C3-j.a;;o illustrated
eutulogua which pivi-s full pa.'licnl.ir.s.
What Ho Was After.
Gcorgo Washington Henry Clay Lin
coln Carter, one of Georgia's younger
dusky fltizens, was suddenly called
upon not long ago to explain his pres
ence nt 1 a. m., In the hen houso of
a whlto neighbor.
"Stealing my chickens, are you, you
black rascal?" the owner demanded.
Coorge W. H. C. L. C, rolled his
eyes until they wore a'l whites.
"Now, now lookyeh, Mars George,"
he protested: "dat eln't no way tei
ac' an' please don' pint dat gun nt
mo dat. cr way, Cuiniel, Sail!" he has
tily added, hddirg up his battered hat
as a Bhlel.l. "Ah Mar Ah warn't
gwlne steal no chlclicns; no. Sail! Ah's
wrltln' cr dialcc' story an Ah dco'
come moseyln' ronn' hyah tcr i-'it lo
cal color yiis, 'Sah. dat'R all Ah was.
after. Ah 'rlur to de I.awd hit was!"
What Every Valet Knows.
That he covers a multitude of sins.
That he knows more than tha fa
ther confessor.
That money has a trreat deal to
do with ninkliiK tho man.
That a man on tho street Is worth
two In the boudoir.
That a swelled head is noi ')
the result of pride. l9
still very apt to be a human belni?.
'nw York Times.
i n n t. in BLiit-v- i '
Now Book on
ado IMKC, flith bountl niodl. ul 1k"S
u 0'.ri"iu,ll.. I'tllv I', f.a.l),
ImplH Lai;iiniri. bow oonfimpll n
-mn ! nirwl IT, .Mr own b'n.a.
w.lte t"1iy. TLa book id uui.0
lutelr tr.
I4?0 Vtr StraM. kIWttto. Blw
Til! KLlht
The moment you need help, take a
candy Cascaret. Then headaches
vanish, dullness disappears. The
results are natural, centle, prompt.
No harsher physic does more
rood, and all harsh physics injure.
t'lT this orT, msil It with your address to
Fterling RomHyCiiii'any,(.'liiciiKO, 111., ami ro-
celvn ii handsome wnivenir gold Bon bi.n KaKB.
longw ell swelling in Stoao
davs; efTtcts a prniant-nt cur
io'3010 6odnvs. Trialtrestmeiit
i-lven iree. oininn-n
' Wrile Dr. H. H. Crcun's Sons.
Snsdsl'sts. Bos B AlUnls. I
The New Pulaski !
Th right lit ad of aoaornraointlons ftt th .
rihtkintl of irlo Tti Pulkilti patron- :
Kirt H tvnong (be pooplo who appreciate
a fcooa noma.
3 Kit '
- rrrrv -
LA CREOH" HAII. USSTORtR. Prlo.. f.OO. r.t.l.
Makes, at Prices from $12.50 and up.
V. M ('. s itiiiuilnt,
I'roi'ecmoiial Guide (to palace-car
"iicri I have un Knslii-h lmd in
,liaii;e, anil I want him to not a B"4
upri "l ion uf the comforts of travels
:i tilts country. Here's fli dollars.
Porter Ya, pah. Io you want me
i (jib him extra attention, t-ah?
Ciiiile Crcut Scott, no! I wunt
mi to ke'Mi awny from him!
r a, for tht- MoM; Aroftilc. tr
tiuwA, wrv.n'l h"trt tnnip; AnUinrtDir.
tat Il.Ul.illt. Ml I. !'
ln in, hi Join U iv.Tj tftUl
Wt.lc fT t HK-l
Tho Sautharn Stock Foad Co..
It will pay to Investigate the terri
tory tiaver&ed by the
Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic Railroad
This li no ponctrates tho Garden Spot
of the South. Lands are low In price,
very fertile and adaptable to the wid
est range of crops. Reports show that
.... hio a.rllnn fnr this
! year phenomenal. Th, territory
attraction attention throughout tha
country, and those desiring to invest
or locate, will do well to communi
cate early.
Inquiries are Invited, and literature
treating fully with the population, soil
conditions, schools and churches, e
cttera, will be promptly mailed.
Goners! psn'r Aufnt. Atlanta, Os,.
For the baby often means rest (or
both mother and child. Utile ones
liLe it too it's so palataLle to lake.
Free from opiates.
; '
All DniffsiftU, ZS cn.
Wa Buy
Hldas and
Paathars. Tallow, Baaswaa. CinMnr,
C.ld.. S..1.I Y.l!owRivl, Mar AppU,
Wild Glns.r. ale. U' an draUrs)
sauUiihrd ia 1856 "D lull ctntury Id
LmuvilU" and can o battarfar you thsa
assets or ccauaiMioa atcreiwnlt. RalsnaM,
any Bank in LouiavilU, Writs lor WMilr
poos litl sad ikippins laai.
n. Sabol A Bono,
w - !ri;vT - - !rr; s-TWAWflwjsrns'jiiswas
''i""': 'j!
IT P 0
apolis News.

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