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BsOIsciiiajl Troches
.. J ..nulo enarn lee ralUvtaw Courhi
A'fTii.d Irrttillos ot thioeti of eraat bWit
nrT. T-oubUe, Beonchitto ana Anluiia.
k 1 ' VnT harmful Inrl.nt.
5- 69 . an I .oo pm box.
Makis bigger crops
E-Uuf! CROP.
n. ,, tnd one horee atom, trip prepares
.t..d-bed. P" ln the fiiano, opeae euain,
th eeed. ell In Just the right
ni ..tih.r Corn, Cotton,. Iu torgbuns.
...u. Fte. The COLE TLANTtR. .
It MSANS MONEY TO YOU, writ miotic.
Sewlliand suerenteeaCole Planter,
W IHI-I catalogue SRU UBUiwi.i uwruwui
15ir the eeed so that the cotto ia nouriehed
Emilia time It sprouts and Orews lf
hrlT. A fermaraa.va "loa
'".,,3, i applied wuit iie
S. world l gelling eajHifel, even .tene,.
nits on. seed after another Id a r.lghl
a. Uiieli or hln, so that It ee.4,
...is I Ire. la lliln. tnd le.a I eulllvale.
ylHeani of Georgia writ "I wom.n wot
Vie strongest and most practical
r tvitions the cheapest hoard; the
offered by an American business College.
Macon is we oeaiiweor i
the United States.
.No ureury days in a uunuy heart.
Alabama Man Baya Tattarlne Cures Bo
lema. Morvln, Ala., Auguat 1, J0.
I received your Tottarine all O. K. I
kava used It for Ecaema and Tetter, Ring
worm!, tiid Sorea and Rlalnga and can
gladly recommend it as a aura cure.
J. it. DeBrlda.
Tattarlne curea Eciema, Tatter. Bolla,
Hlni Worm, Dandruff, Cankered 8:alp,
Bunlona. Itching Piles, Chilblains and ov
ary form of Hcalp and Skin Dlaeaae. Tat
Urlne 60c; Tetterlna Uoap 25c. At drug
lliti or by mall direct from Tha Shup
trlne Co., Savannah, Oa.
With avary mall order for Tattarlne wi
five a box of Shuptrlne'e lOo Liver Pills
Only the brave deserve the fair,
Aticn't I.unf balsam will cure not only a
freab oolil, but one of those stubborn
txraghs that penally hang on for months,
Life's mirror reflects our actions.
Sore thronta are not only painful but
sometimes dangerous. Hamlins "liarn
Oil la a good, honest, remedy, prompt and
certain. For achea, apraim, broieea, cuU,
burna, etc., there is nothing better. .
'Itie average man never admits it.
In Winter Use Allen's Fort-Ewe.
Tbo antiReptic powder. Yout -feet feel un
comfortable, nei-voua and . of ten i cold a no.
A.r. K o,i have aweutinir, aore teet or
tight iiboes, try Allen's Foot Ei
tight !boes, try uen a m"- on ..nt
if dniggiiU and shoe stores, ,25 n;
sample aent free. Address Allen 8. Olm
ted. La Roy, N. Y.
Absolute truth Is generally unspoken.
: To Cur Cold in One Day
Talis Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
Uniineu refund money if it fails to cure.
a. W. Grove's signature ia on each box. 25c.
He whokmsi.lma digs his own grave.
Itch cured in 30 minutes by Woolford's
Sanitary Lotion. Never fails. At druggists.
Industry brings Its ownjeward.
for HEAD AcnE-Htrke CAI,i;Dl
Whether from Colds, Heau gtomach or
Kervoua Troublea, Capudlna will reileve you.
It'i lliiuld-pleaaant to take-ecta lnaniedl
ly. Try It, It., Sac aud 6UC at drug
There are as many tastes as purses.
firandmothara' Core for Oaugba, Croup
aad Bronchitis
H low found at all drug stores (31k). a bottle)
Taylor's Cherokee Remedy of Sweat
tram and Mullein. By all meana the beat
tesiady for eorunmptlon, whooping sough,
roup, oolda. Remedy has bean tested for
H years and always gives satlsf aotloa.
The groucher never draws a crowd.
Bud Doble,
Tha greatest of all horsemen, save: "In my
years' experience with horses I have
oiind Bpobn a Diatemper Cure the moat
ncceaaful of all remedies for the homes.
is the greatest blood purifier." Bottle,
and 11.00. Druggists can eupply you.
or manufacturers. Agents wanted. Send
M Free Book. Bpohn Medical Co., Bpee.
Matagiona Duwaaea, Ooabea, Ind.
Say nothing at the right time.
'Tla Bad, But True.
Many sorely afflloted people wait until
J"jy gt ons foot ln the grave before they
wkathe proper treatment for rheumatism.
Kueumaoide curse rbeumaiiim to stay
ured. Rheumaoide toes right to the seat
Sf the dlienae and removes its esuss. It is
Put un la liquid form, also tablets. Bold ln
axt and Mo bottles by druggists generally,
tablets by mall, S6o. Bobbitt Chemical
-. Baltimore, Md.
Prograsa and supBrHtltlon don' agree.
a i ii mi i inn mmtmmmmmmmmmMmt iiniswiwii i i -w s.is ssstnen. wrsoas. ai.4M. rsrlalL,
BY mDioMTiON on sour, uvw trouble wflicn
CAMBeamaDBY munyons paw-paw pi lu
ttiy.ne Paw 1'mw pm core tae liver into
ecUvlty by gentle methods, Tlii'V do nut aoour, srlie
or wuken. Thar are a tonjo to the stomach, liver
ana nerves) Invigorate In.trod of weaken. They en
nch the blood and enable the itoniacb to aat all tha
aouriehment from food Uiat ta put Into Tl. Thee.
pitlaoontAln no oalomal! Uiey ara euoUilDg, healing;
and atlmuiatlnr,
Mac lna. it ruu
isiiug, ror saie oy aiiuruKfiei in mjc ana
Kor aala ly alldruKglets
vi jua nma moaitial aavioH, wrlta Mim-
ynn'aUofltora. Tbnr arllludvue to tha beat oi thlr
ability abanlutoly fr ol uliaricA. Ml NYOVH
ftjd ana i aUaraoa Hta., fhlladaiuklsi fm.
Hunyon'l Cold ZmAy ourat a eold In one dav.
Prlrac. Munron'i HIiauniatlMin Remedy rellavtia
la a taw hour and euro lu a few daya. frlua U6c
courses; the bts!fmhers:thelomestrdteoi
most business -ike fiscfplinemllll
at hiihest salaries positively fusranteetfS
rurmer uinieivrieiiirnorjiaioonuiuiurinaiiuri
iOW Students Yovrearvlmentuirtes with
Only the brave deserve the stakes.
Rheumatism Cured in a Day.
Dr. Detchon'a Relief for Rheuinntiam snd
Neuralgia radically curea in 1 to 3 days, its
action ia remarkable. Removes the cauas
aud disease quickly diantipears. Firet does
greatly benefits. 75c. sad $1. All druggists.
No man is a hero to his son.
Hick's Caruniita la the beat remedy
relieves tha aculne and fverlhnee8 cures
the Cold and reatorea normal conditions. It's
llquld-etTecU Immediately. IMS., ac aua
buc.. at drug atorea.
Hypocrisy Boon finds its end.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets firat pat up
40 years ago. They regulate and invigorate
end invigorate
atomach, liver aud bowels.
tiny granule
Deep waters are noisy with the rush.
Doctor yourself when yon feel a cold
cominir, w'itb afewdoses of Perry Davit
IbinkiUer, Bettor than quinine and safer.
To some life Is a caricature.
Raw Eczema on Hands.
"I bad eciema on my bands tor ten
years. I bad three good doctors but
none ot them did any good. I then
used on box of Cutlcura Ointment
and three bottles of Cutlcura Re
solvent and was completely cured. My
bands were raw all over, Inside and
out, and the eczema was spreading all
over my body and limbs. Before I bad
used one bottle, together with tha
Cutlcura Ointment, my aorea were
nearly healed over, and by ti time I
bad used the third bottle, I was en
tirely well. To any one who bas any
skin or blood disease I would honestly
advise them to fool with nothing else,
but to get Cutlcura and get well. My
bands bave never given m the least
bit of trouble up to now.
"My daughter's bands this summer
became perfectly raw with eciema.
She could get nothing that would do
them any goad until she tried Cutl
cura. She used Cutlcura Resolvent
and Cutlcura Ointment and in two
weeks they were entirely cured. I
bave used Cutlcura for other members
of my family and it always prov. 1
successful. Mrs. M. E. Falln, Speer.
Ferry. Va.. Oct. 1, 1909;
Every one
admires sincerity.
A Generous Gift.
Professor Munyon bis jtut issued a most
beautiful, uaeful snd complete almanac. It
eontaina not only all the scientific informa
tion concerning the moon'e phases, in all
the latitudes, but baa illustrated articles on
how to read character by phrenology,
palmistry and birth month. It alao telle
all about card reading, birth atones snd
their meaning, and give, the interpretation
of dreama. It teachei beauty culture, mani
curing, givea weights and measure! and
antidotes for poison. In fact, it ia a Maga
line Almanac, that not only gives valuable
information, but will afford much amuae
ment for every member of the family, es
pecially for parties and evening entertain
ments. Fanners snd people in tha rural
districts will hnd this Almanao almost in
valuable. ....
It will be sent to snyone sbwlutely free
on spplication to the Munyon Remedy
Company, Philadelphia, Pa.
So one cares to collect sin's wages
tho usriy
, grimy, gray naira. vmm .h va.va. '
Once Huna In Church Tower
Cracked In Ringing Union Victory.
A most unlquo roadsldo fountuln
for bnrsea. and cattle 1 the InvaMed
church bell, set ln masonry, -which Is
loc-7.ted on the highway that loads
from Northboro to Wstboro and
near the centre vlllase of the former
The bell vrat originally plared ln
the tower of the Klrst Baptist Church
in the year 1860, and on the ooea
lon of ome notable Union victory
during the civil war, possibly toe
surrender of Lee ln April, ISfii, the
vigorous patriotic ringing by tho
church sexton cracked the metal, and
this public crier for religious ser
vices on the Lord's day ceased to be
tuneful in Its weekly summoning to
the house of worship.
"It was not until 1892. however,"
says an old resident of the town,
"that the Baptists secured new and
perfect bell. Then the society gave
Its old rello to the town, and some
resourceful town father suggested
turning the gift upside down, fining
it flnmly In Its present resting place
as a receptacle for the water of a
ntarby sprtnig and utilizing It as a
means of liquid refreshment for
thirsty horses and cattle. Boaton
0 lobe.
To be able to catch the spirit of
a beautiful thing Is education. Rev.
A. T. Horn, Methodist, Chicago.
il let e
Tiwedindoptralet 1
tunteoo cannersand
- Position 3
II our Influence for li.
It was In this verycottaga In Brooks.de, 15 miles
from Birmingham, Ala., that three Italians nearly
died of Fever. They had been sick 3 months. John
son's Tonic cured them quick!yread letter below:
' Brookslde, Ala., May , 1003.
The two pbyalclana here had 8 very obstinate caes of ooiitlnurd Malarial Fever. All
were Italians and lived on a creek 60 yards from my .torn, These cnaea wero of threo
months standing, their temperature ranging from 100 to 104. The doctors had ti led every
thing In vain. I periuaded them to lot me try Johnson's Toulc. I removed all the print
ed matter and let the medicine go out In a plain bottle ns a regular prescription. The tl
lectin all three oasea waa Irnruedlato and permanent. They recovered rapidly and there
waa no recurrence ot the Fever. 8. It Bill FLfc.1T.
A Good Example
"I am a good example," writes Mrs. R. L Be!!, of
McAIester, Okla., "of what Cardul will do for suffering
"I suffered with my head and back, for over six years,
and although I tried everything, I never could get any
thing to do me any good, untif I began to take Cardul.
"Cardui has surely helped me and built me up and I
am so thankful that 1 have found something that will do
me good, I feel so much stronger and better than 1 have
in a long time."
It is well to make up your mind before you are sick
what medicine you will take when you are sick.
saaswMoxslsr mLBa1mf'ima 'tmrnW VeswasW tmmumawVa jJr
The Woman's Tonic
You will be glad to take it when you are tired, mis
erable and when life seems a weary grind. It will put
new thoughts Into your head, fresh courage Into your mind.
If not sick now, at least burn Cardul on to the pages
of your memory, so that when you are sick you will ask
for it without thinking.
If sick or weak, get a bottle today. At all druggists.
Writtto; Ladles' Advisory Dept. Chattanooga Medicine Co., Ctuttannoogs, Tensv,
lot Specto Imtructtoiu, sad M-psge book, "Horns Treatment for Women," seat tree.
Haug on to the optimist.
Piles Cured ln 8 to 14 Days.
Paso Ointment is guaranteed toonreany
caaeofltching,Bllnd, bleeding or Protruding
Piles in 8 to Urtavanrmnneriafnnded. 600
A good resolve will mane any port
? The Tenderfoot Farmer
ly"" It was one of tlieae experimental farmers, who put real
spectacle! en his
waa that it d dn't
ulf rejardleaa of dltfeition and nutrition. H might almott at well eat lhaT
ing! for all the Hood he gets out of hia food. The remit la that the atomach
frowe "weak" the action of the orana of digestion and nutrition are imoeiml
and the man auffers the miaeriee of dyapepaia and the agonies of nervousness.
To trnitbB (A ntommeh, restore tbe aetlrltr of or
fna of dlitlan mnd nutrition mad tract up tha utrrea,
Dr. Pleroe'a Coldam Mflcal Dlacortrr. It la an uu
talllni ramady. mad baa tha eontldenca of pbyalclana mm
mall ma tha mralaa of thouaaoda mauled by If uaa.
In the stricteit senie "Golden Medical Diacovory" temperaooe
eine. It eontaina neither Intoxicants nor narcotic!, and ia aa free from aloohol
at from opium, cocaine and other dangerous drugs. All infredienta printed oat
Ita outside wrapper.
Don't let a dealer delude you for hia own profit. There la no medicine tor
atomaoh, liver and blood "Juet as good" aa "Golden Medical Diaoovery.
. as )i .
lltirrtlanta are mown
from I
tlie hut HaeflN oim
tfce lt puaalliis refulla.
W nmko a nod all
BimratlteodeMviTy, lu Hood condition to
youl eiprenaoltice.
Prlcta I. o. h. Moajott:
I tnS.nonei lt.ro per
4 to 8,(uti at i. :y pur Line.
II to 14 brOitt tl l'i l r l.U'fl.
Rppclnl prlcra on lr onlera. Prnmpt
atti-ntl"ii ulvon all ordera nnd fr.qulrie.
Foldurou (itbbiiiie Culture mallfl Inc.
S, M. tllHtllS COMl'ANV,
Bok2. Meuitett. S. C.
i .pint an Bun
Optimism Is the spirit of action.
If ra Window's Soothing Syrup for Children
(ion, allays pain, curea wind oollc, leftc a bottle
K setting hen gathers no moss,
cow and led tier snavmga. ma tucurr
matter what the cow ate so long at aba
was fed. The quaationa of diiiettioa and nounabment bas
not entered into hi calculation!.
It's only a "tenderfoot" farmer that would try each
on experiment with a cow. But many a farmer toed
yr. a
lu tha
niuuuie ana win givo r, ,
aliort rounta, nml
If'laV. I 1 L.tl.t" Dt.1
,f' I -r i rf ''
No uiun ii uncommonly good whs
does nut help to muke goodness com
mon. J
nit ore nee none ner uimavi to
Ihtt the Oarrfan Soot ol the World.,
The richest soil-la. most oeMrhttuI
Ar niM aiwl frrht coanertions. S . ,
frutlaaetelableasriwabBSSDdy, Jvfe
.M. A . kru mM a ....
t. Bsailaom! booklet la Iw. eolers
J written br a wealern nun fully dv
'Srrtoas ra nau iwhwhi r J
WrUaforUaow. Aadtasai SJC1
J.W.WHITE.CeB'llnd.Agt., r s :t
own n. l.t to :n . " A .
For Asthma, Bronchitis antl'
&11 Throat Troubles Tal
The reWUasriuickaiit is certain.
1 Pleasant to take and guaranteed
I absolutely tree from opiates.
I AB OnasswSa, 25 aawta.
Removes all awellln in Stess
days', elfects a permanent cwraj
In 30 to 6odays. Trial treat mews
given tree. ioinmgn ibhw
Write Dr. H. M. Green's Saws,
Specialist!. Bos B Atlanta,
OE&J10 WRfttwr'ONBtHCE SCh00L&
0 , o
tMaTHNs suai woabto succcasr

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