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Millson. FlorltU.
lterfd at the Madia-,. Pott CMWri ait.onril
li Matter Jnne M, 1808, under Act of March i.
coluihbus b. smrm. Editor.
gevt.urt.criiitloi, $1.00 per Tear. Advertising
en made known on application. Correspondent
Irnlca.e write on only one aide of the paper.
brief in vour items, but give every item of
fa. We must have the nameof erery eontrihu
not for publication, but that we may know the
espondenceis authentic. Al1 enttnvmous com
licauons will rind a home r Che waste basket.
dret alicommunicntions to
Madison, Florida.
The great campaign is on in
Georgia. Hoke Stmtn is a can
didate for governor against
"Little Joe" Brown, the man
who defeated him two years
ago. Both candidates say that
they will remain quiet and not
kick up much fuss in the way of
a campaign, but that remains t
be proved.
Next Monday is the creat day
on which it will be determined
whether or not the white race
will maiutain its supremacy in
the prize fighting ring as well
as in other walks of life. The
fight will be pulled off at
Reno, Kev , and the governor of
that State has promised that he
will not interiere. Jack Johnson
the "coon," will do battle with
Tim Jeffries, the white (skin)
man, and the result is by no
means certain.
Handsome men and beautiful
women are built on a frame
work which is about the most
hideous object which meets the
human vision. Who knows
more repulsive object than the
human skeleton divested of the
adornments of skiu and flesh!
Upon this hypothesis we are
hoping that the completed
structure of the new Seaboard
depot will prove both attractive
to the eye and comfortable to
humanity, but if the framework
of the structure as we viewed it
a few days ago doesn't develop
a better and better looking
bui'ding than it promises Madi
son people are going to be
awfully disappointed with the
new depot, here's hoping that
the building will develop from
its framework as men and wo
men do.
The County Commissioners
Good Roads Association which
held its annual session in Gaines
ville last week, made the fol
lowing wise recommendations to
the forthcoming session, of the
legislature which, if enacted in
to law, will result in inestima
ble value o the people; First:
That the funds derived from the
bire of State convicts be paid
quarterly to the several counties
of the State hi proportion to
their assessed valuation. Second:
That all the funds thus paid to
the counties be used exclusively
by the commissioners for the
purpose of constructing bard
surfaced roads in said counties.
Tiird: That the above named
funds be used exclusively
tr connecting with the main
line bard surfaced roads of ad
joining counties, and all road 3
thus constructed to be located
by the county commissioners of
their respective counties subject
to the approval of the Board of
Trustees of the Internal Im
provement Fund. Fourth: That
the trustees furnish a competent
engineer and road examiner to
assist the county commissioners
in laying out and locating roads
and securing suitable road materials.
Political progoosticators esti
mate that the elections oeit
November will send 224 demo
crats and 163 republicans to
Congress; that Champ Clark ( f
Missouri will be elected Speak,
er, a new tariff bill enacted, and
that two years hence the demo
crats will not only capture the
presidency but the Senate as
well. It is devoutly to be hoped
that the prognosticators have
prognosticated not in vain. We
have heard similar prognostica
tions from time to time in the
years that have passed. We
agree with that part which
prognosticates a democ r a t i c
House after the next election
and the election of Champ Clark
as Speaker will naturally fol
low. We don't want ta be a
pessimist we won't be, Indeed
we'll cheerfully agree that the
conditions for a tull realization
ot all the cheerful prognostica.
tions above set forth are more
hopeful than they have been for
many, many years, but well,
we hope they will be realized.
In the navigation of the air
Germany leads all other natious.
An aerial line for the transpor
tation of passengers lias been
established between two of the
German cities with uopronounce
able names and several trips
have already been made with a
full cargo ot passengers carried
by tte great dirigible ship the
invention of Count Zeppelin.
Tbis ship has a length of more
than four hundred feet and its
passenger car a breadth of more
than forty feet. Meals are
served the same as in a
Pullman car on the earth. The
distance bet ween the two cities
is three hundred miles and the
trip is made in about nine hours,
while people are tumbling over
themselves for the privilege of
becoming passengers at the cost
of twenty.tive to fifty dollars
for the trip. Germany may be a
little ahead of us now but U
won't take this country long to
catch up with her example and
surpass it.
"Prohibition" cannot Ice en
forced." This is the cry of the
distiller, the brewer, the whole
sale dealer and the saloon keep
er. J he statement finds an echo
among the unthinking, says the
PalatkaNews. Who are the law
breakers? Why these self-same
manufacturers and dealers. In
effect they say, "we will not
obey the law. " They are anar- j
cmsts. nere is an example: me
sale of "near beef" containing
one per cent, alcohol, is permit
ted in the dry counties of Flori
da. Do these brewers obe f this
law? Welly hardly. Mayor
Matbeson and Marshal Dell of
Gainesville recently purchased
a bottle of "near beer" la that
city which they took to a chemist
for analysis. It showed 7k per
cent, alcohol. The booze deal
ers do not intend to obey any
law that interferes with their
business. It is this attitude that
is making prohibitionists of the
white people in Florida.
We have received the new
catalogue from tbe University
ot lortda at uainesville ana are
glad to note the progress that is
being made. Tbe attendance
was materially increased dunce
tbe past year and it is evident
thai our young men are wakintr
up to the advantages offered
there. We note that the Unt
yersity has been reorganized in
to distinct colleges, comprising
those of Arts and Sciences, Law,
Agriculture and Engineering.
Tbe faculty and officers number
46. Two new buildings have
been added to the campus this
year. This is our Statelnstitution
and we should be proud of it.
Prof. and Mil. Walter Cat are viait
Ing Mr. Biabop. Mr. Cate's mother at
White, Spring! tbi week.
Mr. B. D. Wadaworth accoupaoted
by bar son, Gordon Wadavrorth, went
Monday for ton day aojourn at
Hampton Spring.
Willi Brinaon left Tueeday after
noon for tb country where b will be
for aotne time, having accepted a posi
tion with C. P. Kelly.
Mr. Gordon Wadaworth and little
daughter, Lilla, left Thuraday for Live
Oak where he will apend a week with
her mother, after which ahe will go to
Suwannee Springs for eeveral week.
Rev. W. R. Ivey left Monday to con
duct a protraoted meeting for Rev. T.
C. Berkley ot Plaios, Ga. Rev. John.
on of Lake City will fill Or. Ivey'a
pulpit next Sunday In the morning and
a Song and Praise service will be held
in the evening.
Mr. G. M. Simma and children and
Mr. KeDnetu Simma went to Ousley.
Ga., Inet week In the car ot the latter.
While there tbey vtaited Mrs. Simtse'
pnrenta. She returned to Madison Fri
day, but Mr. Simma remained until
Monday coming through the country
lu hi car.
The many friends of Rev. W. M.
Conoley will be interested to learn that
be is spending ten days In Greenfield,
Ohio, where he was urgently invited Lo
attend the nineteeth celebration ot the
Presbyterian church of tliat place. He
will probably return to Madison for a
few days the latter part of tbis week.
Little Miss Gladys Thornton and her
cousin, Elizabeth McCailum arrived
Saturday and Mrs. Kingsley MuCalluin
Tuesday, all being the guests of Mrs
Matt Thornton. Glad, will return to
Jacksonville after spending a week with
her mother and Matt who la al.-o here
will return to Qalncy where be will
spend tbe summer with bis grandfather
Major Lines. Mr. and Mrs. Thornton
expect to leave early In July tor Denver
and other points of Interest.
Madison's young boys are made of
the proper stuff that is a good manv
ot them are. With the closing of school
a good many of the youngster Imtned
iately sought employment, unwilling to
"loaf ' even after ten months of arduous
school duties. Some found employ
ment in stores, others in offices while
tome could find do work in any line
which they would naturally have pre
terred. Nothing dauuted. however,
they declined tb be idle simply because
tbey could not get employment such g
they preferred, but went forth with
determination to take anything they
could get with tbe result that a ' gang"
of them are employed mixing mortar,
rolling brick and doing anything else
tbey can get to do around the building
in course of construction in town
aucn grit is commendable and it is
pleasure for us to let the w.rld know
that Madison boys are not above any
honest labor.
Tbe Big Real
is of two kind conceit and tbe big
head that comes frcm a aick headache.
Doe your head ever feel like) a gourd
and your brain feel loose and sort? You
can cure it in no tims by acting on your
liver with Ballard' Herbine. Isn't It
worth trying fur the absolute and cer
tain relief you'll get? Sold by W. B.
$40.00 Handed to You
and a good position with the accept
ance. Big corporations make ad
vance tall for office help. Bookkeep
ers and Stenographers wanted. Must
have a large number by early fall.
DraughoiYs Practical Business College
Macon, Georgia
The largest Business College Company in the world. 37 Colleges in 16 States.'
Established 22 years. $300,000.00 Capital Stock. 9,000 Students enrolled annual
ly. Over 100,000 graduates in good positions. Home Study Course. Write for
big Catalogue. ' . .
Mies Mae Venn, Josle MoDonsld
snd Vsnn Wilson spent Sunday in El
laville with Mr. Robt. Millinor.
Misses Amanda and Ruth Patteraon
wbo accompanied their brother Rev.
Ira Patterson on his return to Talla
basse terminated their visit to him
Wednesday and are now the guests of
their eisrer, Mrs. X. E. Chairea at
Cbaires, Fla.
Th oarty given by Mrs. W, M. Bur.
ton on Wednesday afternoon was
pretty compliment to Mr. Walker of
Valdoata. Mr Sharon and Mr. Hinaon
of Quinnv. The prizes ot the honorees
were lovely hat pins. Tbe guest prlzs
was a pretty belt pin and went to Mrs.
E. J . Vano.
The nrelimlnary bearing of I. uis J.
Sheffield tor the killing ot the JefTcoat
it Greenville on the 11th Inst, was con
cluded before county judge Mirtin
last Wednesday afternoon and after (lie
arguments were submitted by couusel
on both fides the Judge entered an or
der holding the defendant in tb rum
of (2000 for his appearance t tbe fall
term ot the Circuit Court, to answer
whtevr Indictment may be returned
against him by toe urand Jury. Mr.
Sheffield supplied th necessary bail
bond acd tva released from cus'.ody.
A Fire Fighter's
l - - HARRY A. 8LAZ1EI
mama wboi mm. olasbk nuna.
Signs of Danger.
arkacha, dlialoaaa and headache, "specks
efort th yea," Irregular heart actloa and
rer tronola. Th aevertty ol the early
ymptoma depending upon th emoant of
polarma which tba kidoava have altowsd to
rauuia la Uia aystem.
JkohlBfPsUn Otsw Ripe, ataokaehe, Bad.
Smant at Dapoaat In Ortna, imuuaa of the
BiA4df. Pain ha OrtMUna;, K haumtiia
(arlo aoidi la blood), atoddea eHepMira) ol
t!nn, Hlflilf Colored of Milky White
TJrUio, tua (Hood or Maoae la Crtse, M
laauoa. ol rjrlaa, amBlalng Aftoc OrlnaUBg,
TtuoB of BlutfUa Drlise, )Maa In tbe
ladder, Creuua (tDflaaiBUUoa) el Blad
Oat), Oatarrb ei Bladder or atowola, PuM
oo Vadar aTyae, srooloaa aVppotlte,
blnl, Oall )lau. OnaroL Pala In Oratba.
Bwobm JLaUilao. Dlasnod Thaton, Sipaoka
aloro iba Brae, Doaaty Orlne, lraiaaa
waua, Bwni mwy, amwamaii, DflDDluj,
baaabato. Waahaaaa, Loan or Plaab, Inor.
euar Baart Aottoa. UlearaUon at tba Blad-
Oar. Bhta Palo, WaT aad Dry, Bad Odor
s ranPHBiwa,
Plll a hetlle with orino; lat tt aUnd for
Iw1t hovra ; II there la a aedtmeat or oloud
laua ot aay kind yoa have kldnry or bladder
troablo, and yoa abottld commaoea taklnf
loodlot loay. Doot wait osUl lb dlacMc
is too lar aavancea.
Blonttiw eaaat jar Hon la lar tea aasa fiaaaha,
aiwa. urp aaaM nom. oy aaau sal.
Sound Waves end th. w., Tr,,
Upon th. E.rm. ' T
The dewrlnij ..r the dirwtion ot '
sound by thv aense 0f beanug u Yn!
tbe rapid rocuslug of the
jectt at diivnt distune.
those InHtlnotlve oporatlou ,u
continually doni without any eouwal.
Sound wave traverse the air as rl.
pie tir th water, and the ir h.
pertence acquire torn sllgtu .!,
s.n. ah. ." 'r,WBf
the eye doe with far greater
In tbe other. Usually we oncooacUni
w uiutB iron otaerseoan
u well. Often we fall t iocaTt
once some bidden ouree of aorW
acb as a singing bird, and thenZ
Instinctive Ingenuity displays itti
The Intensity of sound Is, of eorj,,.
by no Bean so great behind ecrm
ss In front of It. and every one csrrtsi
with him the ecreen of his own bmul
which may prevent a particular smm
from being heard so well by one Mr
a by tbe other. If. then, tbe Head b
turned until this Inequality dlsspp.tr.
and both ears bear equally well a,
know that we must be directly fady
or turned from the aource of womi,
and our previous rough Idea ot in
whereabout generally prompts tu to
face lu
Astounding Story
A Prominent rtrenia al
Ualiaa, Masa., wrltts.
Mar, iSth, tn
tstt winter I bad a
severe cold and it MUnt
on my Kiducya, eauaag
the most eacnicUtinf
pain almost every tiaiil
attempted to move ; 1 14
tried evraythlns Imir
able to get relief, with w
vised to try- "Btoodloe." which to n; rnat
aurpriae, save me relief almost from tat Srst
dose, and before I had taken one bottle I wis
completely enred. " Bloodine" ia a wonderfil.
ucceaa, aoui a was so
vttauainf tonic. II tne bloos la Impure, coav
pleaioa bad, appetite loat, strength tone, eat
the whole ayetera ia apaet by an aecurouletlc
of humors, It is time to try Blaodiac " teeuv
Neealae Can Heaaerrbare el (Be Kleeen,
U ..t.rr.js. Vt.. Scol a. absj.
Tn Blwmir Co , Boeioa, Maea.
Genilainaa : I received oae of your Bneka. v
serday. 1 hav. beea a freat aufferer for tainrtano
weeka. paaainc bloody water, have been to nu a
'ttai, have bad foer elaeroot dootora. They csiM
it saoat evarvttiine. and I eot bo batter.
eae a sample bottle of year Bloodiae for erbich 1 av
close tea caata la atampe to pay for aaase, li S en
4a taa aay food I will take it the rest of say Ills.
MaaittrTSLS, Tt., Seat iesfav
Tin rnwmM Co., Boetoa, bfaaa.
Ceatlamea : I received year trial bottle ol Bkoi
ina. That waa not enough to do much tornw,lerl
am very bad snd weak, paaeing qatte a lot ot bloat.
Mow, if yoa think that Btoodina will help ae, r
eaay aead eaa one dellar'a worth. I think kr let
tuna i use mat i can tail if tt will do me any rone.
MaeaemetB, Vt., Od as, iea
raluanai Co, Boetoa, Maea.
Pear aire : Fleaee sand nw eii botrlee ol Bleat,
vae. It he. done a), a world of rood; it huff
nee nautili nigeei and i am leeaag morn Better,
WewiO foeeiti eaaif taaeuUtsfi'wvi
wnere, avawag geamnaaeaa, caaejol a. proamwfc
Qreeic Caaarinaaea. Sick Itaadacke aad SaV
Uonaaaaa. B OTB. A BOX.
Special Agent.
s yx
mm',. i

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