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I Farm Topics :
, A rather appalling Item of news
tomes from Scranton regarding a
112,000 hen and her achievement In
producing a 25 egg. In outward
appearance the egg waa not unlike
other eggs, and the announcement of
its deposit In the nest was la the tone
of the -ordinary barnyard cackle. But
the egg was atolen, and the owner
offered a reward of $25 for Ita return
a valuation which may well cause
terror In the heart of the ultimate
consumer. Sixty cents a dozen for
eggs Is a atlft prlcet but $25 apiece
Is a frightful sign of Increasing .cost
of living. The thief had much better
have stolen the hen, killed and eaten
her, and put an end to her pernicious
activity. . Hens that lay $25 eggs
should not be tolerated. Their exam
ple Is bad. Other hens will be pos
sessed by the spirit or extortion and
refuse to lay eggs that anybody can
afford to eat. Any such tendency
should be speedily and firmly nipped
in the bud. Green's Fruit Grower.
Of course the amount of corn grown
per acre on that put into the silo
forms a basis for the value of silage
per ton,. though It is well understood
"'that forty per rent, of the feeding
value of corn is In the stalks and
blades if It Is siloed at the proper ma
turity. Touching this matter of the
value per ton of silage, Prof. Mum-
' ford, of the Illinois Experiment Sta
tion, in reply to a correspondent of
the Breeders' Gazette, says:
"If we are to assume that an acre
of corn, which would make ten
pounds of silage, would yield fifty
bushels of shelled corn at sixty cents
a bushel, the corn alone In the silage
would be worth $30, or $3 per ton ot
tilage, it we were to assume that it
would cost no more to put up the ail-
'age than to busk and market the corn.
I do not say that this Is a correct
method of figuring, but It furnishes
a basis:"
By adding forty per cent, to the
actual value ot the corn, on the basis
' of ten tons of silage per acre for the
value of the stalk and blade, one can
readily see the value of silage per ten.
A flock master In the American
Sheep Breeder says:
After many years of experience I
have come to the conclusion that a
long, light feed Is much better than a
short, heavy one. In feeding lambs
I would proceed as follows: , Mix the
prn, oats, bran and oil meal in the
Allowing proportions: Five of corn,
two of oats, two of bran, one ot oil
meal, by measure. Just as soon as
they will eat grain would feed them
one-half pound a day in two feeds, for
one week. Then three-fourths pound
a day for one week; then one and
one-fourth pounds for one week, and
one and one-half pounds a day for
balance of time. I would feed tbem
in flat-bottomed troughs, and would
aid to teed them at daylight In the
morning, and In the evening early
. enough so that they would finish eat
' lng before dark. Do not have any
grain before tbem for any length ot
time. Make them eat up grain quick
ly, and if they get slow cut down feed
lor a few days. Would feed bean
Jiodi and ensilage mornings and
clover hay at night, with an occa.
i slonal feed ot straw so as to keep pens
, well bedded with what Is left. Bs
: sure they have all the pure water and
J salt they want at all times.
It Is none too late to batch cblcki
In May or June If the correct methods
are need. Chicks hatched at this time
always make better show birds for
the late February shows, but if you
' want them for the fall fairs or Jan
nary and December shows, they
should be hatched as early as possi
ble. At the present time I have
c Iks that weigh two pounds. The
lal hatched chicks are always the
best color. Another advantage when
buying high priced eggs Is that you
are sure to get a better hatch, at
this time ot the season, and the chicks
grow up better.
Chicks hatched at this time should
have plenty of good, clear water and
Plenty of shade until they are three
or four weeks old. This Is very es
sentlal. When chicks are hatched
with hens we should ever be on the
watch for lice. Each setting hen
should be given a good dusting with a
good insect powder at leaBt twice
in the three weeks. After the chicks
are three daya old, dust tbem and the
fheu again. I never prefer grease, as
they are liable to get wet and cause
bad results. In May and June a box
with a hot water Jug will furnish a
desirable amount of heat tor the
chicks. The Jug should be filled up
twice each day or more. Judge B,
, N. Stephenson.
. An Irate subscriber walked Into a
Mississippi newspaper office the other
Cay and made the editor hunt up and
eat the copy of an oftendin; editorial.
A Package Mailed Free on Requestor
. t iTb' b"t Btmach and
Z2Iia digestion, Jaundice,
ach. Headache, and all
ailments arihlng from a
disordered stomach or
sluggleh liver. They
contain In concen-
tpataf ...
virtue, and '."
Faw .onlc and are mad. from the
Juice of the Paw-Paw fruit I m
hesitatingly recommend these pills as
being the best laxative and cathartic
ever compoundod. Send us postal or
letter, requesting a free packago of
Munyon's Celebrated Patv-Faw Laxa
tive Pills, and we will mail same free
and Jefferson Sts.. Philadelphia. Pa.
This country feels quite competent,
boasts the Philadelphia Public Ledger,
to exterminate its own seals. Japan's
assistance Is a presumption.
Kr.ynMlow, Soothing BympforChndma
teetulng,oftnthegums,rdacelnnam me
nu), allay paln,eura wind oolio, toe a bottle
How to Kill Flies.
"Formaldehyde Is a good fly killer
and ran be used with splendid re
sults," said A. P. Pannlll, assistant
health commissioner of Norfolk, Va.
"We tried It last year and found It
very effective. Put two teaspoonfuls
ot formaldehyde In a plate or
saucer," said Mr. Pannlll. and place
the vessel In a light place and the
flies will go to it. After drinking
the poison they will fly away and
soon fall dead. While the flies will
drink the formaldehyde if It is plac
ed In sny part of the room, the re
sult will be better If the vessel con
taining the stuff Is placed where It
is light, because the light attracts
the flies and for that reason many
more will be put out of existence
than If the receptacle Is kept In a
dark place. To place the saucer or
plate In or near a window farly In
the morning will get the rest re
sults." Constipation cause and seriously aggra
vate many diseases. It is thoroughly
cured by Dr. Pierce's Pellet. Tiny augar
oaled granule.
Knocker Say, here's an original
baseball story.
Second Senior How's that?"
Knocker Hero wins game In
eighth Inning instead ot ninth. Yale
Reco ro
IB. B. Oasis' Son, of Atlanta, Ok., tr
the only suooeesful Dropsy Specialists id the
world. See their liberal offer la advert!.
uoat la aooUior eoluma ot this paper.
Camera Crimes.
There Is one kind ot photograph
which discriminating people rank
just a cut above the obscene photo
graph and like as little, whether the
figure of so ex-presldent or of the
village butcher appears In It. It Is
the picture of the man who has
"killed something" and who calls tbe
photographer to make a record of It,
It may be a big string of fish he Is
holding up to tbe public gaze; It may
be the limp body of an antelope be
fore which he strikes an attitude; it
may be (he prostrate carcass of a
bear or a bull elephant or a rhino
upon which be sets a triumphant
foot . Whatever it Is, these photo
graphs are abominable, and show hu
manity at Its worst advertising the
fact that while It cannot give life It
rejoices to take It away. Why do
people do this? Is It because they
think other people will doubt them
when tbey submit the figures of their
"kills"? Is it Just an odious faahlon,
thoughtlessly subscribed to? Who
will be the fearless spirit to bring
the thing Into the contempt it de
serves by having htrrmelf kodaked
mblle wringing a chicken's neck, or
striking down a steer with a pole
ax? New York Mail.
rr COLDS aid GRIP,
let's Carroti Is the ee remdr
relleTre the echlii ana fribnee-cure
the Gold end restore normal ooedlUons. Ill
ilquld-eSecta Immediate!. We- sad
ml Arum tr.
Being Shaved.
"Among other good chargers at At
JanUo City," said the man who spent
a recent week end there, "I rank the
barbers. The first time I was shav
ed my check was 45 cents 25 cents
for the shave, 20 cents because I
asked to have a little cocoa-butter
rubbed Into my skin; in New York
that accessory attention Is Included
In the price of a shave. The next
time. I announced as I took my chair
that I didn't want a singe or sham
poo, or a mustache trim: Just a
shave. But In a witless moment I
fell for a 'hot towel,' and my check
was 65 cents." New Torn wan.
j , lmimm si "-
Nsw Mexican Rifle,
Mexico has recently adopted a new
automatic rifle, tbe Invention of Gen
eral Mondragon, for her troops. It
Is self-loading, but not self-firing, and
the charge Is ten shots. The armies
ot all civilized countries are now ex
perimenting with automatic arms,
but Mexico seems to be the first one
to solve the problem of a practical
rifle of this class. The Mondragon
weighs but slightly more than the
Springfield of the United States
Army, and Its mechanism Is said to
be simple and practical, in that It
will stand much hard usage. When
It wsa being tested one of the guns
was fired rapidly and continuously
until It became so hot that the stock
took fire, without any Interference
with the operation of the roachan
ism. It Is capable of sixty shots a
minute. Tip In the New York Press.
The embroidery hoop will be ss
useful to the mender as to the more
dainty fancy worker.
For Red, Itching Eyelids. Cysts. Rtves.
Fullmer t"vl.iV,. .J All IV Tk.l VJ
Care, Try Murine E blilve. Aseptie
uur, inai i-ize. w. ask lour uruggisc
or Writ Murine Eve Remedy Co., Chicago.
A Vlqlet Cross League has been
formed In Paris with tbe object of
suppressing swearing.
A llurnlng tCrupflnn Covered Ilcr
From Head to Feet.
"Four years ago I suffered severely
with a terrible eczema, being a mass
of sores from head to feet and for six
weeks confined to my bed. During
that time I suffered continual torture
lrom Itching and burning. After be
ing given up by my doctor I was ad
vised to try Cutlcura Remedies. Af
ter the first bath with Cutlcura Soap
and application of Cutlcura Ointment
I enjoyed the first good sleep during
my entire Illness. I also used Cutl
cura Resolvent and the treatment was
continued for about three weeks. At
tbe end ot that time I was able to be
about the house, entirely cured, and
have felt no til effects since. I would
advise any person suffering from any
form of skin trouble to try the Cutl
cura Remedies, as I know what they
did for me. Mrs. Edward Nennlng,
1112 Sallna St., Watertown, N. T.,
Apr. 11, 1809."
The birth of a fly may mean the
death of a baby; kill the files, advises
the Milwaukee Sentinel, and let the
babies live.
for HKASACIllI Hlrfea oarVDIIfal
Whether from Colds. Beat, Stomach or
Nervous Trouble. Cepudlne wilt relieve you.
It's llo,uldplesant bo take act immedi
ate!. Trr U ilia., lae. and Sao. at Orus
Considering the whole nt Rnrnn
there are nearly one hundred and
seven inhabitants to the square mile
A web two and a quarter miles
long has been taken from tbe body of
a spiuer.
No chain Is stronger than Its weak-
est link. No man Is stronger than bis
kidneys. Overwork, colds, strains,
etc., weaken the kid
neys and the whole
body suffers. Don't
neglect the slightest
kidney ailment. Be
gin using Doan's
Kidney Pills at once.
Tbey are especially
for sick kidneys.
Frank H. Rey.
nolds, 327 Pine St.
Providence, R. I.
says: "My doctor
told me an examina
tion of the urine showed albumen. 1
took bis medicine for a whole year,
doctored with a New York specialist
and took electrical treatments with
out relief. My suffering was simply
awful. Six weeks' use ot Doan's Kid
ney Pills cured me, however, and the
cure has been permanent for tour
Remember the name Doan's. For
sale by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Mtlburn Co., Buffalo. N. T.
Notwithstanding the enormous
wheat crops in Canada, Consul Gener
al James W. Ragsdale of Halifax
notes that the price of bread In many
localities is double that charged In
Take Foot-Hath To-night
After dissolving on or two Allen's Foot
Tab (Antieeptio tablet for th foot-bath)
in th water. It will take out ell eoreneee,
smarting and trndemeas, remove foot odors
and freshen th feet. Allen' Foot-Tab
instantly relieve wearine and sweating or
inflamed teet and hot nervousnea of th
feet at Bigot. Then for comfort throughout
the day ahak Allen's Foot-Eaae, th ana
leptic powder, into your shoe. Sold very
where, 25o. Avoid substitute. Samples of
Allen's Foot-Tabs mailed Free, or our reg
ular sit sent by mail for 25c. Address
Allen 8. Olmsted, L Roy, N. 7.
- "Foot-Tabs for Foot-Tubs."
it were not best that we should all
think alike; It Is difference of opinion
that makes borse races.
Ws. ugir.triuiy.suay.hsir. - "
PlifureSk fir:
Stomach Blood and
Liver Troubles
Much aiokneaj start with weak stomach, and consequent
poor, impoverished blood. Nervous and pale-people lack
good, rich, red blood. Their stomachs need invigorating
tor, after all, a man caa be do stronger than hi stomach.
A remedy that make the atom acta strong and the liver
active, make rich red blood and overcome and drives
out disease-producing baotcria and cure a whole multi
tud of disease.
Cef rid ot your Stommck Wemkneee mod
Liver Lazlneme by tmklni a course ot
Dr. Pierce' e Golden Medical Dlaeorery
the treat Stommeh Kemtormtlve, Liver
Invliorator mad Blood eieaneer.
You can't afford to accept any medicine of onh$twm
eompntition a substitute for "Golden Medical Disoov
cry," which is a medicine or known comrosmoN, having
o complete list of ingredients in plain English on its bottle-wrapper,
same being attested as correot under oath.
Dr. Plirct'i Pmmoi Ptllrtl rrgmlcf met
Think of Last Summer-
You can remember days when the heat inside your
kitchen was so great you could hardly bear it. With the
right stove you would have made a better hostess. Save
your health. Don't put up with the drudgery of a coal
range. You can have a clean, cool, pleasant kitchen. The
l?erjct ion.
Oil Cook-stove
C trtlontry 1 tt t Be sure U
you get this stove ee n
that the name -plat II
read New Perfection." U
and attractive
' Made with 1,1 and! burners j the I and S-bnrnsr tove can be had with or wlthoe i
Cabinet. !
I Xtuj dealer araiTWber. It sot at fours, writs for DeerrlpllTS Circular to tbe nearest asnc of lb .
Standard Oil Company
Oldest and Best
A ftpUndld
no s.rnic
If you feel sort of run down go Im
mediately to one of the big skyscrap
ers In your town and ask the eleva
tor boy to run you up.
Removes all swelling in S lose)
days; effects a perraanrnt cunt
In JOlO oo aeve. inuciniKu,
igivenfree. NbtblnRceo be fairer
wnit ur, n n. orevn e twii.
Specialists, Boi gj Atlanta, 6a.
Most old
pfeople must give
the bowels gentle, con
stant help. One candy Cascaret
each day does that. Harsh
physic, taken regularly, makes the
bowels callous. Cascaxets do not
Nearly all old people now use this
natural, gentle Kelp.
Attractive Excursion Rates
A. B. & A. R. R.
SPRIfiC Resorts
DIiutratadBookletSant Uso
Applies tioa.
W. E LUHT, Seunl PaMsfw spot Wwo, It
f NO
i ii i iiimiirissiaiiiiniiiiiTrrsTiriiTTrrT-n i i r -
" CRSOi.- haih EaTOBtR,.t?rica. i.OO. retail.
ovforaf StnmaOi, Liver eat Bowie.
does away with all drudgery of
cooking. Why should you be a
slave to a coal range when you
can have an Oil Cook-Stov that is
cheaper than -coal, cleaner than coal,
doesn't "smell," doesn't smoke, lights
insuntly.can be put out Instantly, leaves
no ashes, and doesn't beat tbe kllcbea.
With one of thee stoves you can boil,
bake or roast the most elaborate dinner.
You can change from a slow to a quick
fire, or th other wy about, by simply
turning a wick. Apply a match, and in
atantly the heat from an intense blue
flame shoots upward through the tur
quoise -blu enamel chimneys to the
bottom of pot, kettle or oven but no
where else. The tov has every conv.
rienc that cn b thought of: Cabinet
Top with shelf for keeping food and
dishes hot, drop shelves to hold code
or teapots, towel rack) In fact every
convenience possible.
The nlclc.t finish, with the brlsht blue
the chimneys, make the stove ornamental
Tonic; for Malaria and Debility.
gmvfrm tonic; 40 yMrt uca. 0ntlna
or othr potvons. Un Ilka quittma. It
Dsvd tTect.u Take no Bubrtituto. FftCC
book of puulu sent to mny oddr-oa
AaTuiB rmi oo., a
rsrteTlsrraaUtaii'nUeTeiaaisilMSMCsiiU, i
Utsrtacs: .T ksak is Lstmiillt. We Isislia
Wssl Bii rrt It ear rtissers. Wins Istpciet UK.
I.SABEL4S0HS ..S UUmtsJ,ar. .
Send postal for
Free Package
of Pavtlne.
Better and more economical
than liquid antiseptics
Gives on a sweat breath s clean, white,
grm-fr teeth antiscptically dean
mouth and throatpurifies the breath
iter smoking dispels ell disagreeable
perspiration and body odor much p
predated by dainty women. A quick
rmdy for sor eyes and catarrh.
A little Paxtine powder dis
solved in a glass oi hot water
makes a delightful antiseptic so
lution, possessing extraordinary
oleannng, germicidal tnd heal
in oower. and absolutely harm
less. Try a Sample. 50c a
large bos at druggists or by mail.
H)l BtfeeP"1"- I
Vile wstaai.

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