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11 jSOYI i 'nature's SIGNALS.
I f J O )) ' "V ll ,riit I'Kll'ntion .i v dis.
I I r) j " K j -often backache j Tl.t i lies
I. A) i ' pau '''"' hl"s ,"ul ; ''!, K' ,; .
I I V I r -j sore-,. ;s aii.l u-.-mrv
' LITTLE ONf i 'fcM "s'1- :!f M:" !rst
1 i i : -ft-k , ? i
J ,') , ' J was ; . i) nil in a
J J elulr for 23 weeks. - , , ,lM. Wl,a
itr V' tll(J P"1 vl"" I mnvi i m i Hi, ,-iKht
I I f il A I would pass awuy. T' y m-iiun
I Kv iS' 'M lrr:-;;; "ml ! -rr. lions
I '-tcc' j. ' M cnlded- T,': I("'I ' i. no
r) 4 - relk'f- l":,u'" Ki,,m' ' ! me,
I nnd for ti n yars (h .,(,,.
i ) (J ; l- permanent ."
' '?' frk '7-- j f hl I(emi'iiil.rr (lie noi 1 . Vr
!M C,' 7r L, -if Bale by nll dealers. uux
KoBter-MIII-um Co., Nulla., ...
V 5
SA It 1 1 1 . - i-,, hi... M-,,.K nnd sic.'. I t' I
Ho. s i,, ,. l,.uny:ir,l run; I aisfW -v 1 E.
kl'-k 1. 1. hi- Is an.l UiK Ms full, , J
-And ).., - :. I, .:,.ia ,,( fun. I r"" y JTH.
a little -Mp.,.1.. .., j 7vV 7 S?Trrs-
Root. ... .. , i- , . n : rV l-V' ?
Ho kmv ;xi r" m HikI 'J'l IhlnKs, ! "-y JW-' " J r
llttl IMI.V In th- hn,n I?, I V t?$''il iM07) i
Jiiinn .-v. i v-I..t.. i.l.-..f .- LW
21 : MHW
I . ' .Tim Gnu t Is lorribly iibsi'iu-iiiind-
v niny
Domestic Secret Disclosed When
Guests Could Not Be Served
With Pie.
it lllllul
Device With Concave, or"'sri-d Sur
face, .?nnble Swlmrnj to G t
l i :t'T Crip on V .T.
In .i-.l
Brca of ;i
hns firo .
In which
be Insert
tnched tc
to ii rrer.se till 1-fTcitlve
s Aimiii' r' linnil, iD jnveitor
i- -I k!ovo eormliliiid r.' nn
1111' I Wltll COilOl- I'llllS
i niny
Jack I flionld fiy fo'. I've known
him to ti h'i.liui).' to lils c.flke and aik
if ho was in.
J,r:- ii
.'jwlmmlng Glove
strap. Th cots nr ,'.: .
work material, fo tli.it i 1 -' l.
a tendency to Rrip uml bit,,
Rers to prevent the ii!u.
I ping off, Bityu Scb'i.t lib: n . i i ii .
Tha ont'T edge of tl," v -b nrvV
downward, fonnliiR n i ,,r,( ii. i.-
cd Biirfaci', wliich vi!l ijc
Bwlmmcr to tecuru o I'-nJiy ,ni
tho water. I
A Queer A '
Mary cine
'Mother, in
acho vei y
Ona liny
nnd pnld :
"Docs i'
aukod her
"Well, run out nnd , ,
will forgot about It."
Juij'y w. lit out, but pretty
can)) tucli and nald: "?Tc
ear does i clu'. It Is not tl
tlio rulBu around It." Do!
i. '
Auout pcvi.n years neo a small
; abrasion aiipeiip-d on my ristit leg
just above my aukle. H irritui, me I
ko that I h- (?an to ser.f.h It, and it
liepari (o ci,i"a1 .ii.til n,y leg front my '
anM; to tlie knee m or.e solid .-calo I
, like n Brab. Tie-irrita'ion wan always !
worfo at. n!t;lit nnd would not alNe.v
itio to hire,, or i iv -, if.-1 iihcr, uml It
was cuiijpb tely unilermining our j
health. I le t lif'y pounli In v, ie!;t
r.nd wan nlt:io;t on of my miml witli j
pain and chagrin .is no matter v. li, ; i: I
(bo irritation cam?, at work, on tl," i
Ftreet or In the presence ef coni'iany, I
; I would have to terateh it until 1 h:el
(he Mood running down Into my i-lioe. I
I simiily cannot describe my suli'T
Ing during those seven years. Tim i
tain, morillK ation. losa of fbep, both
to myself and wife, is tdmply inde
tt.lbable on paper and one has to ex
perience It to know what It Is.
"I tried all kinds of doctors and rem
edies but I might as well have throw n
my money down a sewer. They would
dry up for a little while and fill me
with hope only to break out again Just
as bad If net worse, i had given tip
hope of ever being cured when I was
Ituluei d by my wife to give the Cutl
cura Ibniedles a trial. After taking
(he Cutlriira Keruetiies for a littlu
r.tiilo I began (o Bee a change, and
v'tcr taking a doz n bottles of Call
cura Resolvent lu conjunction with
the Cutleuni Soap and t'utletira Oint
ment, (lie (rouble had entirely disap
peared and my Ji g was as fine as tho
lay I w as born. Now after a lapse of
Ix months with no signs of a recur
rence I feel perfectly safe In extend
ing to yon mj heartft.lt thanks for the
good tho Cut' ti 'Vuiedies have done
She was a woman ol resnurcp and
aiiiniy and wlieii her husband arrived
lor (liinu r with n u ii. x j ,t . . 1 guest
she thought she had devised a way
to meet the fact that she bad but one
piece of pie In die house nm had In
tended lex husband should have (hut.
She instructed him that whin she
sent to the kitchen for dessert he was
to say he could not. possibly cat any
more than he had eaten and then the
pie could be brought to lior guest
without his surmising that there was
but one piece in ui bouse.
This inighl have worked out all
right If the fie had not been so ex
ceedingly good and her husband had
not known (his because be !ial i( lor
dinner the day before.
When the maid chin-id awuy the
dinner dishes the master of the house
said he had no room for dessert.
The guesl said he felt ihe same way.
'J hen. wlnn the masier thought it. Ms
safe to do so, Ii" changed Ills mitnl
at.d said alter nil h... guessed be would
take (essel. 'J ,e ,,, w..s brouglii.
When it was h;!f eaten the gn,s,
said it looked so food b
too, would Indulge.
".No, you won't." aid
und she told the tule ol tin
In the Desert.
iter" is a eitii.il: m
a western !.-. 1 1 tale n I;
led (Nov. i Now.; "Anon
victim !' !' i i,i
I" II. nmnagi
milling pie
canto in ;
deliver to e
u n ; oi 1 unace.
"Mr. I'nir
know n in;, ii
fill condli ion.
stages of des
of clothing, njil.iii n, ,, Ml.,:, ,, ,
crazed, with his tongue swolb n enor
mously, a pitiable nlij' et, and unable
(o speak.
r!y conveyi , camp
me too Itfc, for t.n
d ul.sorbi il the li j--1
Woman s Power
Over Man &0!?zr
tlnwmcnt h the power ffi!j$$X$l$t
fil "....H'iv
Womnn' most (tjnrinin rndn
to awuken and held he pure Hml hum-st love ol
worthy man. When khe locs it and mil loves on,
no one in the wide world tun know (lie heart adnny
Jie endure. I he woman who kuffers frum weak
ness end derangement id her tpec.iul wmnunly or
llinism miin lows Ihe power to sway the heart of
e man. Her general benllli sufb-Tj and she loses
Iter (jiiod looks, her attractiveness, lier iniabilily
and her power Bnd prt-Mij'.e ns a woman. Dr. K. V. Pierce, of Ilulbilo, N.V.. witrt
t ie osMstance of las Mall of able physician,, has prescribed lor und cured many
thousands of vromen. lie has devised a successful remedy lor woman's ad
menls. It is known is Dr. IWe's I uvorile I'rvseriplion. It is pon'iive
jpecihc Tor the weoknesscs and disorders peculiar (o women. Il purilies, riu.
lutes, strengthens and heuls. Medicine dealers sell it. No lionet dulvr will
dvitc you to accept a substitute in order to make a little hrgcr profit.
lr. flcrct'm Plntsanl Vn p,ln end .rnnfteo .SfnmatA, I. her ,t fto, .,.
f V il l
Oldest and Best Tonic; for Mr.ldria ar.d Debility
no arsen c cr nuicr oonnni, UnLk n. nn.e. it 'fiivi-t
no L.id Hrc U. Tnk nn tutn. 11
lucA uf iuT?tc t rnt to inv iiMrrH.
IK U CM HI A HI,, li I it,
M no w in m n
ii.,...n kji t;.i n- ri riu
i i, t.i i... . K'-ir tihf- I'.d ' i r i tvi i.-'eT-.
:W 1 mm
, .,r i w ii u id i.j i i v A rl
"r d-sert FV':.'W s.?e- .7,. .,-" f-'e-. v,-j , , ... ..;;,.. .v ''V2
nod. :in, .Mb',. ,.,.,,. Ifi U "fV V.SV; ' - : XV .3
ol the l,i". Cbanc. - MM VAi5-VAV'f-'
hiiiebi v.-,, ,,.,. , ,. K- 'r 't" .''' v 'I I v Ly f i"-:''::il ,-: "" J 4'a
h ' Iff
ib II en, ,i'ini..'.., M, ,;n.
,11 'be ib ,., v, j,, 1 , ;,..,..
II" was in tho la.. I
rt ex hat;. : a ,11. ib'vo.d
K-a.UL3Ws..'Sis:U'Slki!ir.t4;' v'.'iti. -i-
Tit- Rnvo I.
rr.p it a hirh r;ri!?,- lump, ,nbl at a to
"lie was tend"
but kind aid eg
hour alter he ha
cup of wabT lg. ,
Caaint Taljle
r. I'
lionaire, ta'le ,1 nt.
lleilglltS of 11 Lie!;-,
"I go to a qn.'ihii
very dimmer," lie
less are (be iggn
"Old Hot
iter of ti,
g.ll'llsi Ig w
old I;,,,,.
(he cold ),
orfel'o.l tl,h
riinii s'liiek
Hide on the bind,', t,
shook bis ,oa, ami gal l
" 'lHm't choose none,'
Hie I .llllltl)
1 (iigm r about .
11 i.lit
ii.l numb,
'" I no
1 ',
I'll,: I, ,.1
lister VilS Se
ram . v,"l a
sauce to 1 :-!
bis li'iif,
it. t
1,10. t
I ha I
v.l Hi ;.
up a
it, tie a
v. 1 ri,'
: V J, C, A.
.'.I l!V,
e f fry.
il V
ill tie
1 l 'a
Al Jii.
i'f: toll.
Ol lis an,) . 1 1 I
Is'.'. I - I',,. I,.- I veil
-' ..' .1,1 ' ,1 I I
t?'irrwm:-e --ir-L1
i 1 1, j . J , , , e
i K A ei 1: Ii M.'.
Elerter r.nj rt;i;r r sonun. f rsl
lli.'iti i:i;tu!d .sn!.l.vcplci
A New Version.
ly.iv.-jers have n peculiar system
abhri'viatlon. such words 11s trusir
exieiitors being ,ut down to tre
exors, and ndmers. This practise led Vrx. wn
to an amusing slip on the part of a !
solicitor, who, somewhat late In llle, "
aluniloned bis profession nml entered
tin? church. A lew Sundays afbr bis
ordination ho startled Ms congrega
tion while reading the lesson by deliv
ering one of the pasmges as follows:
"I see men as trugte, walking."
A woman may or may not t,
. a vi bl muddy crossing-:; it all ib ;
I upon her imdi-rMaiiibnp.
1 f tfw m
Secllllll.- S
. 1 f,,' 1J,1. -.. I
fip r,,r cht
ilmm tells bi'i' iron lib
man tells bis to a 1
' to a
for me. I u
betn to my 'm"i
K. Cabot ,'-t., 1
4 ana Apr. t l. VJ-
iihtn I'g ri'commeiiil
Is. .V. 11. White,
iiil-id tlphla, Pa., Fob.
Nipped In the Bud.
The Mlnl-'ter (stopping 10 tr ,
No, thank you, I must decline on
Utile Toinnilcr.uiss you're afraid
of the tummy gehe, hut you don't need
to be, en, win 11 I have It nianima al
ways rubs" (! ! !) Huston II. r-ntd.
The Robin Joined In the I
A clerbal correspondent "
Scotsman supplies an Instgn
boldness of the robin. He w
"On a recent Sunday morn.
lucted sendee in tin nsyln",.
y to the Institution 1
vhether my Huffy, fearles - .
;f last Winter would utt
ulssed him hitherto, nnd b
uischance had tief alien. 1
!glit, there he was on t':c
if the window sash Jutl 1
ror ha t!ip; and as we :
ing, down he dnrted to the
i-ont of the reading desk am
nrth his silver treble with t
ly. On the giving out of ,.
19 returned 10 nis peren.
ualned Bib nt till the parti
hrase brought him bad
0 render with full heart hi .
"Itoctnr," "ille.
his telepho e. "u
voice, win t tha'
"Why," siild t.hi
', " ro you I I re in
iou ksglviriK i',aj
t. ii 'cordlngly. ' ,
Win reupr .1 1
(burgdl little
ii it 1 servl ih.
l.t le Hlpgl?, over
ftifi' has lost her
lickens bhall I do?"
doi tor, gravely, "If
in h r the fact when
onies around, aud
doctor chuckled as
'ingle $2 for profes
larper's Weekly.
Force of Habit.
I.lttie fllrl - -.Muniniy: (No nnswer.)
Miiiimiy: Are (hose swalloiVR!"
Muniuiy (deep in her book) Yen,
dear. Don't touch (hem. Punch.
"IIij'.;i!j lake y atr wonderful 'Cntca
rels' 1 it three inontbs on l 1 , ing entirely
cured if stomach catarrh nnd elys'-psn,
I think a word of praise Js due to
'Cascaretri' for their woiulerlul coui'io!;
tion. I have taken tiuinetems other se
caih il reiiiMbes but without avail, and I
Ii ii i that Ca: careta relieve more in a day
than all the others I h:evr taken woukiiu
a year." J.imcs MeCune,
Iu3 Mercer St., Je rsey City, N. J.
Pleafuifit, P.tl.iut 1. Puli-nt, Ta'Uo fit,,.. I.
1 1., I,,.,,.!. N',-v,-r St, k' nAVt-ak 'Ti it (,r p".
l'.tc..v. Silt . Never s,,l('i ip bo'U. Tho k" n
iiine tiiib-i stj'iit'f',:e. ''. nuaruwe-fj 1,1
cure or yuur u.uucy bask. -jH
ives one a sweet breath: clean. itr.
germ-frea teeth antir,)lically cb on
mouth and throul punli- i the brenlh
after smo!ein;i dispels all cdoigre raldt
perapiruiionnd budy odoi r-me, b np
preeinted by daint women. A .,uiJi
remedy fur sore eyes and catarrh.
l. le 1 mx;.is' p..Ai:i- u.t.
tl!v,-! in S VI! U l.l f '1 'V'!.tf I
nialtej a i-'.'l.d il l il. 1 :i: !.
l.iti in, ,ijir-. -'i !-j.t jji' .r.nry
r'-inin. gco.i .sal s.i !,i-al.
in,t )'J'i-r, :i'i ., ..o'jti ') 1, wm
Iim. Try a Sn.iplo. Mlj, a
laiue box at rlro.'L-.'U ui I j n,a,L
THC PXT0N TOILETCO., Ucs'un, Iv?ai,
s- . ' J
S'-r3 South Forsyth St., Atnnt,
Bi.-st E e Ncthlng.
Wife Th, doi tor writes that In
"W of ot : pi or el 'cunistances he
illl not pre i iit' Ids bill Immediately.
lucky that our clr
no better; If they
avo to pay at once:
nistances nre',
i-re, wo 11 pht
Statistics r iilmost as onsatlsrac
y as fad" ar4 stubborn.
T UIC1VE l T M SI. Ill
Tnh the Old sine. lata l.ltoVKs 1 Asi .l .! ---
! till. I. '!'! IN kl km, n wli:i, yon :iri lak.liK.
'I'l,., fiirnmla Is . am.y .rlr,,, ,l on ,-vi 1, b.tis,.
M..,wliirf II In pip. y o iiliii,.. aii.l Iron t, a taM
j, l inn. '1 11., e'vi'n n,. li Ives ,,m il,,. in:,. j,,,
1111. 1 tn Imn .i:IK1 ui, tltr sysi.-iu. i,y u.i
uulurb lur wu y at a. 1'i-m v :.a c-uln.
At the Shore.
Tolly I wonder ho a1 ('holly man
ages to keep that wble-brlmnied straw
1 nn In a -wind like this.
' Dolly Vacuum pressure. Judge.
Reel, rnk, Wrr, Watery Eres.
Ralloved Hy Murine Kya kcaiety. Try
Murlno For Vour Kye Troubles, Yoo Will
1 I. Ilea Murine. It Boollma. Sl.c at Your
I 1 'matostw. Wrli I'r Kys nunka. Frus.
: Mullus ty lUmsily Co.. Clilci,-j.
' The nilnnto a miin begins to try to
save money his friends call him a
lor subilivkion
anil colon, zing 1
I Must li: Rood both in soil an.l 1 -icalion
and clieap in price. Send
j full information in first letter.
Lank reference t;i veil and requin d,
' H. KING, Marbridgo Bldg., New Yo'k
ii i K i
EiViera. all
a 1 11 1 1 I.-- - va
from Lombard lroa Works, Augus
ta, Gs. Make money sawing neigh
bor's timber when (in engine is idle
after ths crops are laid bv.
Tbompsoa's Eye Wafer
-jr jr-i, -,-. 1
Reliable Frlr' Enaini'
Wheat fcerritor.
Lrn Enjlnea aril oilers autinllsit
promptly. 8hin0le Mills, crri Mills Cir
cular Saws, 8aw Toelh, Patnt Dt,us
V?,?"! Govsrnors. Full lies Enjtn-s 4
Mill Supplies, bend tor (res Citakgus.
,lr,-n. Th. k.-if, HI. .,'.",' graelllll'L.'lM.'oi
,r j-..in,. i, ni,, w, ,ls ,UJ, ;r,H j
r!:::,,,:.:3;'',.'h,''i'v,m , n.,.,,,,1,..
If nmirl.,1
Wllh W.IIM
ins, use
iiv in.,
valuable Find In Arj
Rubles, opals, crystalb
iryx, talc, gypsum nnd (
or inaklng porcelain 'have
in th' sparsely peopled
to es, Argentina.
' 'Vt4ilflaMI lilt.
ircf irmn ma ur
lh.i(.;ir;.!N i'f in,
i'i tim s,nm,, Miei
tin ! l.il. '.v. vi-.-ir Ahi- ;1
T B. LOGGlNS, A. W.,
it Hi--;, l.'.iv. irahm.l
"-.ui ii i-ii HTiil V't,iiHn
ry. Mm
I(n't i Ii)t;
li'VC e.,.,., ,,1ir I,,.,,,,; if,.l
P't-'i., Dickson, Term.
j W. N. U ATLANTA, NO. 34-1910
6l- -1".o; 1 Vi- e.V . ', . i "' ,, -. a ',w. ,..rULi' Y VntV'i K WsW) iJCi
-m aa....... i.iL.a,,,., , ' m,f 'nf XT .,-. r ,r iM'ii7g ,n " t1" i;:. :"-:.f3-.s,.-u Jr-X
Beoausof thoevugly, grlizly, gray hairs. Use "LA CREOr E" HAIR RESTORER. PRICE, $ LCOwaiTI'
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