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, , j . .rrr I
"I wish to
lay that I
have used
Sloan's Liul
ment on a
lame Ice that
..;Ven me much trouble for six
It was so Daa mat i
, 1 t WalK suiireu...vp .... -
"k" I tricd doctors' medicine
a I- (1 a rubber bandage for my
j.'r -im! bought everything that I
of, bat they (Ul did me no
L1, u" last I was persuaded
Lrvbl-an's Liniment. The first
Ration helped it, and In two
VoU my ,fS was wcl1' A' U
HsteR, of Hunter, Ala.
Good for Athletei.
jjr, K. Oilman, Instructor of
.,vi J17 Warren St., Rox.
lvrv, Mass, says:-
"My darling," said Mr. Sp'mnaiviorf,
ns bo fiul.shcd the third helping of Ms
wife's plum rulii'. "the lightness iiinl
flavor of your cxielleiit cako give a
grnnd nnd emphatic denial to all the
rubbish written hi would bo funny
papers iibnut tlm Incapacity of young
wives to rook."
She nestled close to him.
"Or, perhaps," he ontlnuod, "It
may be Unit my own little wlfey-plfcy
Is better than nil others."
"Oh, dinky," Kho whl
happy yoi maisp moj"
Anil tlii-n shn UiuuKht how lurky
it wna that kIk hnd laid the rcmisq to
"buy that cake nt tlio bakt-r'a.
p Ihr r rr:inilnia oh n!lk dress
mi i.f tin nt if.-, niii'U a nu'ss
Alintn (ho m uIhk r iti. ii ml then
Kitr'-rui-it fri'in tliu iniMip tin'iln.
An.) wlih a cml.' niul little 111 rt
Nliow-1 i.i Uio wurM a hiihhl. Hklrt.
Tli- n hi. I lx.lililv wltlrt from vie
A i j J stiowc.i i)n. wi.rhl a til-Kwn, too;
A linlsiT-s!!p Ki'Wii then wan shown.
J M"n h Hitjv.'-iitp all lit-r own!
All tln'Hp hliM K'nt iy mulling or
Unu gnwn that hrr criimlinuthcr worm.
have used
His Choice.
"I suppose you always prefer to en
lint nn-n who an- i.ot married?" I re
marked to the sergeant who has charge
of tho recruiting station ou Cannon
No, you're rrilstn K'-n 'hero." ho
hastened to reply. "I prefer married
men every time. You i-ee," lei went
on to explain, "we don't have to go to
the trouble of teaching marrlnl men to
. , d.gb tn ruses of ex-
trcme fatise after physical exer
Von, wl.en an ordinary rub-dowa
would not make any impression."
Sloan's Liniment
V is no c'i:il as a
'natisr.i, icurai-
fcia or r.nypamor
stillness in uic
musiles or joints.
f;inltl iont on
Ttoi , t .,tt Ik, IiP
.,,,1 i, mi Itr jr eul
Br. larl S. Sloan,
Boston, Mft6SM U. 8. A..
Not All Bad Luck.
"1)1 1 you e.itih anytblm;?" I nsked
the honest fisherman, who bad been
Bpondim; n week v. 1 1 h rod and lino
tiloliR the lirooki and the. I Ivors of
New Jei i-vy.
"No," ho Kniwlefl. Then his fare
suddenly became brlcht with n happy
smile, ns ho loKcd, "I didn't even fcet
a bbe, thanks to my ijood mohqulto
netting. "
Anecdotes About Cheung nnd Her
Son, Whom She Had Beaten !
When He Was an Old Man.
"1.1 Klnp-yeunn'B mother was culled
Che linn," wHioh n rorresM'iiileiit of i,
thu North Chlnn Dally News. "Shu;
wan by naturo no lessKti-rn than Intel
Hi.;, lit. Bho was enrly left a widow, i
with a fm whoso edurntion sho per-
Bonally directed. Hehlnd tho family ,
residence wns nn old wall. One uay
this wall fell down, when under Its j
foundation was dlpcovered niony i
piioiiRh to sink a i-blp. Tho moiher j
then blcKscnl heaven and sahl: 'I have ;
heard that wealth -,ot without labor
can brlni? only misery to the person
who receives it. Heaven, because of
my departed husband's virtuous lile,
lias pitied m In my poverty and dealt
liberully with mo. 1 desire, however, .
.inly that my orhan son may learn nnd
uttaln unto perfect uiub rBtandlni?
Suffered Ssveral Years Will
Kidney Troupe, "Perena
Cured Me."
Mr. John N.
tN'Htklns, 3133
Bhcnan Ooah
A ve., Kt. Louis,
Mo., writes:
'Ainonir nil I
the ki i ally ad
vertised medi
cines for kid
ney nnd blad
der I roa I) 1 e
tliero Is noth-
liot which
Ik V' "I
.1. 1nrti.
will not touch tho money.- tne, iwru- . Blirr,.r.,i
, Caose
..jii;il i
1 1
and EI!ect
On kmiuhI d IU economy, well
snvtior halting rrtulti, Snowirill Hofllett
UiiliMinivukillyDKil byCiktrt, HolcU
mil all uIiouk grril quantities o! hort
Mij. Snowdrift lithe moil heilth
lul aiiide known lor taking the place ol
hocilard. It it composed ol uglily rrlined
Mlicn rtrl oil, anil a sliglil proportion ol
bl Ul. Snowdrift lloalcss
Lar J It i'.' 1 by all progressive dialers.
ind Imilalcil by many unprogresslve
manuli 'uir.i. Beware ol die Impost.
liens, n.mrj to sound like II, and put up
In pir'. its to look like the 0K1CINAL
Snowdrift I logics Lard I
R.N Ixlxini Kw fork Chlris b,Kah
The Other One.
"Iti'.'il beauty Is Indeed rain," hn ro
marked, kIiiiii'Iiik dlsapprovlnnly at tho
crowd that poured past hIoiib the broad
walk. "Tbounh I know thou.-aiids of
women, tliera are but two I consider
"Who Is she?" tho Rlrl at his tddo
asked, with quick Interest, and perhaps
a tiny flash of jealousy. Ideas.
Mtt!ehraln--I fhotild Ilk" to know
what Wisely meant this morning.
Wellington What was It he. raid!
l.lttlehrain I batitu'tied to nay I
didn't tell ull I know, and ho said ho 1
should think It Impossible for mo to
...ii i. I
icu uny jjaii oi ii.
fnre luBiied ordeta that tho coins
should be covered and a houso built
on the spot.
"Her son 1,1 KlnnyeunK subsequent
ly became nn official and even when
white-headed ho did not allow tho
simplest mistakes of bis Inferiors to
puss unpunished. He wiw at one time
taotnl of Chhsnl, m:d when on of the
Kildlers opposed him ho ordered that
1hi man khould b( beaU'ti to (loath.
jfc aftf if
The nrmy was enraged and on
for sev oral
years with this
trouble, suc-nt
hundreds ot
dollars on doc
tors and medi
cine1 nnd all to
no purpoHe un
til I took re
run a.
"(me bottle
Sl:;,da,; a'Mr.Johr, N. W.tkin..
i thu nth.-rs put tifctlier, nn tneymuj
lol.seni'il my system.
I'l-runa eured
i. in.. ...... I.,.- in tlm 1 iiia I im. .1 It for four months before
ori.m oi r-vou '- '" ; '" : t"c'(,, -,o cm was ncoompllsbed. but
Inner apartments, heard of the troul lo m in'iy ,,,.,,,,.,., , you rho ,,., j
and stralRhtway cainu forth Into tho r(pj u rr.t ,-,, , to acknowledge,
Judrnient ball. There she made her tn,. merits of l'onitin, which I tuks
Bun'titnml ui) beforo her and ilercely pleusuio lu now aehitf."
The Wedding Cake.
Oh, you Utile lied of ItynH'Ilt
You're n, iV-nMful rnlie;
Of all the (tmlH mid a? l ! sscs.
You lilelid tako tho c.'tke.
I'-M outh Forayth St., Atlanta, 0.
"How thin little Jimmy looks after
tils two weeks In tho mouutaius. Did
he really fall oft much 7
"Yep; cliff, house, barn, cnerry
treeB, everything!"
A Paradox.
Cnntrsrv la our human fata.
Its blftory In In brief;
Tlma Joy ruin In a motor enr
'Most always comu to urief.
"'labia I rick engines, Boilers, all tins
Wheat Separators.
Large Snginaa and alollers ae;ipl'e
primpily bninUi Mllla, Corn Mills, Clr.
eu'ar Sawa. Saw Taath. S.tf-nt DodS
Slejm Governoi-s. Full line Inglnoo
Mill Supplies. Sand for traa Catalogua.
i m dill
rer.smter this
it may save yqur life. Cathartics,
bird shot and cannon ball pill tc
poun doses cf cathartic medicinee
all dpenil on irritation of the bowel
until they sweatenougb to move. Cos
carets strengthen the bowel tuusclea
f they creep and Crawl naturally.
Thii means a cure and only through
Casrnrets can you ret it quickly and
naturally, 61
t'ascarets 10o box week's trat-
racnt. All draifilsts. Hlggest seller
. " the world million boe a month.
"African GameTrails"
Kee1f1 a man 1n rvpry plac
U mill thin fmnimi nw bouk.
Bring it to tb famllira In
your lnfulltr wo bito 7"u
Bi(Hinp..iT ot flfld nd bin
FriniialrsHliin. TmIio thU ipriil
chrincii. WrtMiur prulPtwvua
Just Had to Do It.
"Ren here," tab! tho jinlKO to thu
Kiirrulous prisoner who was acting aa
his own attorney, "you'll have to cut
etit thoRo Interruptions. I won't allow
you to waste the time of tho court."
"Hut, your honor," rejoined tho
prisoner, "what else can 1 do 7 I've)
got no lawyer to do It for mo7"
Bladder Trouble.
Mr. C. )!. Newbdf, 10 Delaware
street, Albany. N. V, writes:
"Since mv advanced nite I find tbnt
t havo l n fii .ju. tillj- troubled with
urinary nllin'lits. The hl.oM-r seemed
Inliat.d, niul my pliyst.-lan natd that
t was caian h :ii:k. d by a pr..tnictect
;old which wi.nl.l be dllVi.-ull to over-
, .,. ,,. .,,.ii t i. i roni" on aeeinnit or my H.ivanc.n ji-.iin.
tnoliy of the entire (llstlkt Is Jinp.il , ( Vrrmyu ).ir()v (1.ir)nK , i.ji,.v0
illiod. Vou will compel your old nioiher j ,1llt j w.,,n, . ii,.)'.,i. ,ot found to
to (to down into the K'uvo laden with j n. relb f that I soon bepan to mend.
.h,,n. rl .lLorrace. How. moreover, i The Irritation Kra.lnally snbr-bb-.l, un.l
upbraided him.
" "I'hn emieror,' she l aid, 'has in
tnitdeil you with this re:it trust, but
you have uMirpid bis preroRatlvo and,
in adnilnlsteilnn punishment, you do
what you list. You have caused a man
to be beat.-n to death who has not
been on fit v of anv crime. Tho bar-
ulll you dnro lo faro your unci slurs.
"She then ordered the lb-tors Maud
lin; by, who wen. full of awe nt the
seine, to ttrlp the old oblclal of his
robes nnd to punish him. They b at
him on the buck until some of 'be
mulerllnns came forward and betiited
that the punishment be stayed. After
a time ho wns released and the disaf
fected soldiers returned to their ul
h glance?."
llllleultbn passed awiiy. I
havo enjoyed excellent health now for
the past Hcven months. 1 enjoy my
meals, Bleep soundly, nnd nm uh well as
t wi.a twenty years ugo. 1 glvo ull
pialuo to J'eruna."
"Mow are you enjoying tha Btata
"Oh, the fair's nil rlht, but I'm stay-
Ins with my city relatives," replied tba
farmer, "and all they've got Is a com
mon bathtub. I miss my morning show
er terribly."
Had Some of His Own.
"Dorbsy brought back a bear's head
and a lvnx, both mounted, as souvenir
of his vacation In the mountains. Have
vou nnv such fearful reminders?'
"Well, I havo my weekly receipts
for board and extras."
The Reason.
"Mv dog cbii tceut a storm a mils
"Thin I'd get rU of him."
"iierniiao ha Is evidently a Btorta
A Sunshiny House.
A new Brooklyn house which was
erected on a lot between two oilier
buildings was desl;neil In its Interior
arrangement by a woman who lev. d
sunlight. She iircordliigly sunlit to
stimulate It for thu dark (lays which
must Inevitably eomo lu thu jear's
calendar. Every room and hall was
tinted a foft, delicate yellow, yet there
was no monotony In the tone, ns tho
situation and plan of each room
brought out different gradations of the
A series of nrches In the entrance
hall mado a lino tone licet. In the
top story the rooms iK'd skyllchts of
amber glass ; a most beautiful tone re
stilled lrom thesn skylights. There
was always such a cheerful tone in
Iho rooms, no matter how pray thii
day, tbat good spirits prevailed there,
and the good health of the family was
often attributed to the yellow tinted
wu'ls and tbo amber glass sk; Hthls.
Schuri Was Sure of Him.
Carl Hi-hunt was (lining one night
with a inun tthti had written a book
of poems, so called, and who was
pleased with himself,
Tho poet was discoursing nn the
time-worn topic of politics of Iho men
who tako olllce.
"I consider politics and politicians
heneath my not lee," ho said. "I d
not care for olllce. I wouldn't bo a
senator or cabinet officer, and I doubt
if 1 could be tempted by Iho offer of
the presidency. Tor the matter of
that, I would rather bo known aa a
third rato poet than u ilrst rato states
man. "Well, aren't you?" Schurz shouted
at hi m.
A Sad Home-Comlng.
iTm,ir,t thu wjarly toiler wends Ms
Ills tliowtMs en n K"n'l dinner bent:
Piellv h" -' i hi" Hi.bblns: wlllei any:
"oil J-J.ilm! The oook has wentl
The rirst Meeting.
I am to meet the duke nt tho
"Hut he bns never soen you, Ein.
"For means of Identification, he Is
tn wear a red cainiiuou mm . ...
Twas Ever Thus.
Actor I hear (he-managers have ac
,...i...i iti.'ink's new comic opera.
f.rt(c No. They liked tha book
.....it ..nnuL'h and the Jokes and tho
hrics but whi-n they discovered that
It could be t-'taged as cheaply ns one
. ciuiUer-iii are s mvub
to csrry a muuou ueii.n " . ---
n, win. . - f -
A Fine Olstlnc ion.
vii(or pee :our u :bbor ncrcss
the wav has a piano. Can she sing?
Musician tgiuumuj
but she
Alaska's Wealth of Coal,
In coal resource's Alaska Mauds, su
preme along tho eiiMre raelllc coast.
There In, Indeed, plenty of coal In trie
state of Washington, and Vancouver
Island has probably morn coal under
It than ever had England, but for a
high-class anthracite or bituminous
coal the present, and future genera
tions of the l'acillc roast must turn
to Alaska, as that is the only place it
exists. The high grade, smokeless
oral so essential for the raelllc squad
ron of our navy exists only In Al.isl a.
The Winning Candidate.
Two candidates for the same office)
came Into a ci rtaln town one day.
The one called at a houso where a lit
tle girl came to tho door. Said ho:
"Slssie, will you please bring tno a
Class of water?" Having brought tho
water, be gave lier some candy and
sr-kod: "Hid tho man uhead of ma
give you candy?" "Yes, fir." Then
be gave her a nickel and said: "I!d
he givo you money?" "Yes, sir; hs
jave me ten cents.'' Then, picking
her up, ho Mused her and said: "Did
Bo kiss you?" "Yes, sir, mid ho kissed
njiimma, tool"
The Test.
Btl0 Po you liko to press flow, rs?
Ile-I must say I do enjoy pressing
two Hps.
Might Have Said: "Too Many."
"The sultan of Sulu says ono wlfo
tu enough."
"Ho In very conservative.
Evading Dt-stlny.
"lian wan Illale to 10Un',
"N it all nieu."
-nn, well, the bachelor Is merely a
The Newest Stratagem.
Wild Duck-Now then, fellers, make
. nolso like a gasoline' motor, and
tbZ fool hunters mill think were
aeroplanes! Puck.
"How Is your A-lfo this fall?;
"Just able te obblo around. -Life.
Probably Had.
He Is a very military looking man;
no ever smelled powder?"
I guess ho has, ho Is engaged tu
bo married to Mb Red beak.
Its Deserts.
"What, n pity In "''ut murder casa
tho Jury was hung."
T think it ought to be!
"Been to the show lately?"
"No, I "In't sun moving picture
In a month."
The Way He Shows It.
"Tom Spendem Is very iilmblo. Isn't
"Nimble? I should say so! You
Just ought to seo hi a run tip a bllL"
The Training.
"Do you think my lessons have
riven you a good mastery of fencing?"
"1 thlni 1 nava n.-iu, .una.
Whatever It la.
"How much does It cost to support
a wife?"
"What's rour Income?" . .
Scant Pasturage.
"I am afraid that moths will get
Into my bathing suit," said Maudo.
"It would be a shaine," replied May
mio. "The poor things would starve
to death."
Both Kept Up on Scientific Food.
In the Gloatrlng.
The shades of evening were falling.
Tho dim electric lights feebly
strove to pierce tho gloom thnt over
shadowed the platform of the elovutec"
loop station.
There was no i-owil a most nn
usual happening and the. young mai
and young woman who were In the
darkest spot, close together and busily
conversing, had tho platform uimost
to themselves.
Impulsively she leaned nearer.
With a swift motion sho put bor
arms nround his neck and
At this precise moment the man on
the west platform, directly opposite,
who had been Idly watching tho pair,
turned hU head nnd looked the othi.r
way. It was none ot bis business.
Tho purpose of this story Is to as
sure thoBe two young persons thai
the man saw nothing except what Is
here truthfully set forth.
A Horae Note.
"Horses are very sympathetica ani
In what respect?"
"They are generally responsive to a
call of 'Whoa!"
Oood sturdy health helps ono a lot
to make money.
With tho loss nf health ono's Income
Is liable to Bhrink, If not entirely
dwlndlo away.
When a young lady hns) to make her
own living, good health la ber best
"I am alone In the world," writes a
Chicago girl, "dependent on my own
efforts for my living. I nm a clerk,
and about two years orci through close
application to work and a hoarding
Iioubo dlot, I bees mo a nervous in
valid, and got so bad off It was almost
IrnnnualVila for nm tn RtllV In tho OtllCO
i a half day at a time,
j "A friend sugncsted to me the Idea
' of trying Orape Nuts food w hich I did,
making It a largo part of at leabt two
I meals a day.
I "Today, I am frco from brain tlm,
dyspepsia, and all the Ills of an over
worked and Improperly nourished
brain and body. To Grape-Nuts 1
owe the recovery of my health, nnd
the ability to retain my position and
Head "The Itond to WeUville," In
pkgs. "There's a Unison."
Kxmr trni th ho' lette-rT A nrvf
.n Pnm Hit., tn lime. Ttavy
i ar mrnuln. true, end full ol kouiaet
Charli Scribntr't Sons
Ul (E. . lift Am,

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