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3 KHT'-irv:
ljjl jii r 'Mi v i i i. i r jl
Affliicri Larger Vote Was
mary. Madison County So Far P.apnrteci
Gives Bryan Majority cf '33.
s so 'iir neeiv.
l. I
if Jacksonville
,, . ij i ,.t l..n.
((ill i.vi i 11 . """- 1
0nl Willi a ctij -i ity varying o.:
gto ilifT. r.'i.t reports from
j Hill "to I.nM voles. The vote
mdiicI) heavier in tlit; ceond
)iriiiry than in the lirst hi-M 'n
jm. ltiili. M''. Uryun umi ll,,av.V
piiwn Siu'.h I'lorida counties and
nvrKiim? tin- wliii-" Hliunt re
fciVltl flutll Writ l-'iolil.l.
Ja M:!i&-it c unity Hryan made
lignin-a. wilt he -cm by ra
ring to tlie talili' In-low.
pin-iwi N'-- Hi"!'"'- N'yan.
1 1 1
No leolt
No l-ep.'ll
IT. o.K
li;y:iii't iii ii"ii:v l.'la.
Mr, B'jiiii mmle the following
itatemcnt to tin- Metropolis of
Jacksonville at nuon ycs'.erday:
"From tin- returns so far received
I am i ..formed that my majority is
about 1,TU0. Later returns may ir.
t-reae or red'ia: tins lead hliglitly.
hut I euiisi Ur it settled beyond
(jCtttinn t!ut I h'tve been nominated.
I WuliM like to have the pnperj slate
ILat 1 lake llt one met'.iod of x
win,' to my friends throughout
Hit S'.-ite in v ji -ititude for the Coll-li-ltiii.-c
i-x s', .1 in me. As so-m
a-1 !'' in.. . .- i:,' e ..,y s 1 will
W.i'i- i.li,,- . s leiUTs, bill l Veil
till! IIH-t!ie: ai l no' enable lll! "
l'-a' ll '.1, in . in ' lioK.'ili'ts of lliy U ii-
kll'i-vn l.,y:i, ; r:,.,..i."
Wiie Mitctctf Stats Noty Donalds
Several Times in Back.
'n't- k;is eolot-fcd minstrel Sit.
Wytii;ii,i .,,! as is the usual case
"I'll !,-. iliirs niv I festival-
H,!""'f plesent aie ou,o t,.
I!fliii ( i.f,-t. the nL'ht w
r,i'.... i i .
- " ; i Use it resiilte'l oni
f' '"'N V .- :,: -ei-vlce, of ado. -
lor ', ! v , i
'- ' ' -'e'.ireil .
i - -viiat the trouble vi:..-i
viot harned but "liodi. "
SWlu 1 t.iink that the cause was
" !:'. t- w .1 I'allt tiff US" of 111 I'
an . , i.eik-,1 to at once do
u- 1 ' '':ht oft-ill red in the lifero
'I '5-1, k in as the 'southel li IIU1
I here are few towns the size of
ulison that ai-e nble la sport
"mounted police" but that is where
w we ahead of the majority of towns
'w il is nothing unusual to look out
Msi-e our police riding by on horse
ither lit a slow or hurry gait as the
"csjion may demand.
, J M Ij
Polled In Second ?
Many Imcrovcments teintr MjJc Bank
Oten for luiiiicss
We are phased to imp- tin- ;,, :V ,.i,,ir,M in t(. .,ir ami it
improvements uf cm- ..i I , n ; was seen lit on-.e that the hui.jii!
vitbi;) tin-past few rnuiitiiv l';ii.-ti- i was iliiom.vl. ?fs.i.'(Hj wou!I l.c a
i fast iM-coiuiug a trade . i-:it-r uf tin- 'a low ..-Miwite i to the bit. of the
yood fai ming tt-niu.i y li v hi-li it eoniiiany were it not for tlie fa'-t that
is surrounded, aud is w-id.-ia; iii.ihvU.iiih' was fully eovucl by iiiMir
fDllvenienres for H i- pm-p run. -nn-e.
fariiiers of this sei-timi i S or-d in Hk- j;arai- was tw. mi.
Till! I5a-lk of I'lllrtM .nv ,;i, ,k ' t.lllol.il.'f lieh;l.ii,' til llie e. , III puny
dooi'H open to the imiiii.- f.. It i-n,- ; '"-sides oi-i: lielonin to .1. I-., ll u -
with II. L. Gray of M..i:k. . .,.
i-asliii-r. This in-.' i'.n ; m
fc: t iii ed , and the er. ,.- i -
i about hen- Ii-i ! just' v j .
' We predict for t!o- i,- -.;
j pin-pel oil? ciin. i I
M-s Callie 11 ll.t
VlSi-.ill.' ll ieli ls -it,.:
this wii k.
.1. w Woo I'll I
visitor in vn bs;; a
wllile I. eii t-iok i i. a
y !i in' . im I
a i ..alain i.nna lao ,- w in - ju-1
T he n.-W M;in-ol bliil -ling now in .
i-0111'.-.e of coi.sli iictiiui Is ii'.-i' lli'l
completion and wid so-.n ! r-ady
'or occupancy, and will add in-iteii.
ally to our ah'-rciy popular gnnb-il
We are pleased to no'..' as follows
llie iiHim-s of those on honor roll foi
the past mouth. These Lrwlit litll'
pupils who arc in the liiii-l and
fourth L'radcs ;e ma-le an av, i-i-e
of ninety per cent, an I aimv. :
Third jjrudi', Ca'!":in-- Ken'.v
Kourlli en, le. Mat'.le l a- i,-!i IVa: i
Conii.ll, .Ma.le Mi-b-ol. K-n.:.i.-I
'ul lian -in-l lH!sy K-ni-w.
Miss el!.l Martin oil. cl o 1! . f-:i,iei-;
:--.--. r-. i-i.t fo.:ii -.I i i
until Monday with h'-i p-i;.-::.- m
Ki-i.i ' - A:'. I'-iy ::r- t-.
,ms an I p-. i.-. ol -" u ' :
(.huitina tr-e- ami :io.v.-i- l. ":. -fy
t.. iiciv m-Iiio i'fouii-t-. Ill '
evening' l'i- I l !i"S hooi Ii.ij.ri.V".
mcnt A--i. n wi!l t: :l '-
mini; pari. m ini.e--i
o.ii.iol ii in :ii v an i .-:. 1 h-
"' I
i u .- i
(leaple are hn.kiii:; I"' .i--v.ii i lo i
p'easaul lime, ami no ! on i.l '
will have il , as iln- -ocu . i -n -
UIVi-s s -mi ll.ii. ph as .-i- -'-
ol'( -Isiolis .
V. .), Gi-r aii-l .1 - W..:- a --'
,re weie visi'.os-! in I'. tic-'.. . .
1 i.-t Ml eh.
Ml, and M.-s, PI"-: '- "
t, ,r ,, the .'aU.-i- r. .M-
I,. I..'..li - I e.ll ll MColl Mill : .
?,Ii.-. A. T. li'.-il.umt . !!': a I '
nun, her of o '"- '' 1 ''a' ' !''
a bii-th.iav ' v!"
was the iceipa ut "1' ' :' ,:"v
cuts, and th'i 'av wr-s :' -I -l.i.'-fully
spent I'.V all Ih" a'.t.-i.di.m-.
11 b. GltiV went over t" "-paik-Sunday,
froin 1"" fn-U"il visits we
would suppose that lie litis otuer au
traction than the "home folks."
Aiejuua suhpenbor 1 ' '
J Jj belp your fsvoi Ite wi" t"
prise Kcc-i.ruprr n o
prize in the great voting uini,
Mm.li Luik'iiK'tH CriMicJ Sjiuriav
N rmt ti Kurnmir of jliMin
alolor tar to's C,u.l;:e
1 Li- I.-- .1. m.,t, x.-p. 1 M , lisoi.
-''Ud:.v l-iU'.t -mi I k fol 1.1-
' I ' '-' in I !.!. uf l!. Mail-on
M i'" I i ; Ci... in .vliini wis slon-l
'""I' liiiv ::riii-itii!i , many r i i ! n i
ill' in I oil -,l!i t li.-ir Hi' in-
1 1 nil it ,; "t.'.ti! .
I In- iamjif w.i- nliii.lv ili st i v cl
and all uf in i intc n i s for a In n tip-tin-
iv i- li rst discovered tin- flaii:e
Idee und one i .1, M -C. Ii.-nin I
o-i s 1 1.0 in e ai -I I i,.i in cai i h -I
in "i! in. on tic-ii --ar- til. ,.
I li-- emu pa n v i i.l i " - 1 1 i i foi
hu-iin -s aj-i ii m a l.-.v I-. i - ail
: ."' lio.v e ii'' n.'i i ' i ' It-
ii - - ' a. n of a li; p:'. ,, j-n a j" a :. -.
' 'il d . ' i- "! w It :. ! i ,'. ... v. 1 1 i
'to mid.' -is i, ; .... , j i.
on a-., i V I.
I he i -( tin,", i-. ia,: 1, i- it tin i s . iv in
n j ;. I ii --ion W dm s l:n . -inn-i
i. : i ii tne !':i -i Wi-'Im - i-, in the
inonlh. .1. 1'. l':i loi . ( i n-e-.vi lie.
.1. I.. Williams, .,.: V W. S-vei,
I l.-illlol,t . l.it Hal It'll. C'lii r y I. -ike
and ( ail inali .1 Iv II il lee of this
ItV 'ill l.e'l.i,: (.!--1 . t . A full lie
r.nil,. nl lie meet Hi,; H, i I appeal ill
our iii t i'-iif or a s so. a I li. real i.-i
as we- -- in :."! iheiii li oni I he linn.
I 111- s.
r hi i.i f Kit'.!1 rir-.ii!! i
I' . ;i, i -I ;.i !,ii---! ,.- Mi. -
I'. I' li I! ' M' llil'..
k ' i . i
i. ' ' '
' 1 1 y -
1 . 4 " I ' '
, H' ")','' ' '.'
it i
' s
s V h
l 1 ,
i i 1 I.
i- i 1
-,,,." V ' , i
i v . ' S
r f
li H Kill li-"-"--'
' ... i v,.v I'niled Slates
llie Will of the
Wuch Interest is Being Taken From The Very
First &nd Everything Points To A Lively
find Friendly Contest.
Ill out la! week's paper we hii-: t In y have hy Wt-diio.sd-iy uf t' l'iiooil
nnmmed our (Ircat I'opiil iri' y Vol-, of i-m-ii wi-i-k so lhal we e.-in pl'ih
iiii- .'otiiest and sim-e then we Invi- a wu-kly -in-ount of your, .standing
ln-eii kept Inivv I'.-eeivini; iioin i h i. 1 iii t hi ci ui test . 'I he only way to hi
tionn from id' over Madison county . successful i to let your frioiidx
and we lake j-reat pleasure in pie. 'know that you are in tlie co-itcst to
I'-nlitiL' to the ri a-lets of the Kntcr- j win and you ill lie surprised liow
p isy-Hecotdir the names of th loyal they will be in helping you to
ymiiig ladiiM who hive I icon nomi-'bc a winm-r.
nate.l by their friends and how they
stand. Ilenieinher the contest will AFTERNOON ENTERTAINMENT
close M uch :l )l!i, Pll. Now let's j jn Mndiiy altiiinoon Mr-. II. M
s,-e ho is !o,inu to bo the ujot --. , .-ntert iine.1 in honor of Mrs
pop-:lar la ly in Madison county. jMax-y. and MifS riicnuin-j. both
IIU'l'liV, I I A
( '..n'e. tun's.
Mi-s .M n- r..,itoii
ll iUu- I. on 1 ii ki- SOI, 1 .one
' IMui li.'-.'s
1 1 -.i i h 'lu'.-n
1 1 o a- K M.'-
- Va- ', Wi..,,:,
7,' In
I I " i ;
,ii' 'i i
ia I'm -k, r
" M ss-n.-.-l
Mi-. I . ' " hi
c- ,:, . M I'M,
i. 1.1 I S M i I-. , 1 I A,
( ' :l i . s'ant-.
I .'I'''
I .nun
Mis- I. i!h KriiAinni:
I. -mi i" Allen
Mamie It- I lint; - l.dod
' Wilkes - I. IKK,
1 F.I.. I I V .
Mi-s l.elui Mr I - I dHili
i llAMCAIoN, I I .
Mi-- A la 1'i.lim r - 1
1-1 M l I A, I I A
" Mamie I.ou Wethineton I l mi-
" I ii-lla (i l-iy . I.' 0.
' All t .- i ii'i'i -tants me i njin-s en
to nun in to ti i-l 'I' l'iiliii- iil
a'l the Vo'. s a., I suli-enpli
II. a
' i ' i "
o I j 1 'i
1 v
J 'ill , -I
" "i I
it s '
i Vv"
ll .J-i'.lH 'VJ
' M
. $ ' ' V " t 1 I
" it
it. J-I.a:Jlia-aia.:l'ii AJA...!. t,.. .Jl'
Senator Who Wis N,-,ii I. ... : -1 ly
l'eople Last Tuesday.
i-U I
ladies oriuinullv of Maeon. G:t. ,
thoiieii Mis Mieyisuo',v !lilo it;
Mrs. T'ayl.,1 r.-e ived Imr u.-sts
tin- I'm ml lioor assisted l.v Mrs
M-iei , Mi -- rhennin ami Miss
1 as h.r.
T he ro. in- v. ere 1 1 " led w i: I.
well drc.-sa I w .inen, and the n.n ri
! i.lci t -liiiiiu-ii1 pi ovi-b d hy ''.la k
, s, i hvs" of I he R, al vaiiely adl.ii
!o the o,.n,. a I p!e-i-ai e of e , i y i t,e.
I , f I -r a i, !n -ill , I he hi l;Ii si "l e H as
:.b -i led I. -tw Mis. Willi. in Iial,
!,r,.l Mis. li. V. Del, Mi,,, k V. Ib-al
, winniii lit.- prize ' nin.l attractive
' fan of tins, led gauze.
Tl.e cherry topped ice cream, and
delicious v arieties of real home uiail
cakes were the "bonne moucho" ton
most delightful afteriKKin.
Camp Oilcjiiit met persuaut to call
on .laiiutuy 27th with fair titti-ii l
am e.
T he His' business to come In-fore
tin- camp alter role call was t l.e
eleetio.-iof Miens for tlie e,:ii'lo
year. All old olh'-.-is w.-le ic
elected by a nnainious , ite . If.
li. ei's for tin pi-.--. uit y ir ai '- a- l.l
lows: Tin .'. K tn-lell, 'oin-n-ni h-r
A l.ivi,i-'..ui, Adjiit.ui'.: li. I'
ab i-i ley. I.i, -i. tenant : ' . '.. I'u '-'ll
on I I ,'eii: i ii nit ; .1 -.to . -mi
'.l ent r Mi-: i.
Note-.- i- hi nhy '' iv- li. 1 I. all'
in law, thai I w il he al il... eiai
. 1- etion p I'lilil' - ill M id'.-.ij. in n,
on 1 1 e -I it- s i ,'hii I bi-li in . In :x
'. .MS lo; la Meet ll-e all I IV' i i
I'll- 1 ,W .1,1-
'.'-. I 'II - i ,
la, ". I'l.'iav
il,. M,n, ;;
. I l . I.i
:., ii ..'i.... i
' I I ' ! -1 . .
'IV, 'l I- I 'i ,
Ti.-- Tax '. Mee'i.r v, ;i. '., , :;i
, -,t Mo.-.l.y II:. II. II..-H:. M,'
Ii..i,i i'le.
Ill '.pel I fully,
I l' i.l . .1 . !'i i'.i:-o .
Tax A.ssesol.
Plank's Chill Tonic
, euiiraiiteml to cure mnlHrin. cliillb
ever, cold uiul In gripi.e. Price imJ
nOc edr bottle. A sic your driig(iBt.

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