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The enterprise-recorder. (Madison, Fla.) 1908-1933, February 17, 1911, Image 4

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M l I
Mjjison. ( Ini'i J.i.
t .fourna
Th.' Wall S i,
aptly s tys 'Jul a
Kunioiil for peace
e's 1 1 o . Ti . 1 1
pension i'o' i. Tin
is evident in any
c ml m: h a'T
V'T i'
Ilian (.'ann'
Is i.i.r a mi ii.i i
In:! Ii of tin-
I'.lsOll WIiii
. ll.iS Ji'iVtMl tllL' sli llllte.st .1 1 Ivtl t i ill
, to the list (1f ncfi c lit I il'S (i tlli
jl'nitcJ States (4u criiinciit. Tin
I'ciisien roll Ii. is been puddeil,
tlio entrance ri'ij nireiiients havi
been made rid iculoiisly small,
: loti'm-i-. it I-,
M :
hkih ii
- K.-
,ir.(! ! In-
I n Sta les ha s "out
nieirilv cm raving auv and
I'veyiioily almost who claim to
have fo'mht in the Northern
army. Oniy a lew weeks ago
did our Speaker of the House,
though a North Carolinian by
birth, rant and paw on the door
f Cinirrss in favor of a h',11
, , .....i.aig an additional
0)0,000 to tliuse who bad Sj
nobly preserved the I'tnon, and
toothers, And t Ii e bill was
passed. Other Congressmen h id
nne friends at home who want
ed a handout from our rich
government. And today, forty
s:x years after the surreuder at
in two' -MT'imatox, instead of growing
ovrr- j -nialliT. tlie pension roil is cor.
stantiy griwiin: longer and
S M'C.
e Con;, try. n we are
our share n any
Villi i Y. FKIUtr.MtY IT, I'M!.
.u'fsonville was . urain throng.
Ml with hotneseekers yesterday.
Local passenger representatives
estimating that over 1.0o pros
pective sei tlerainvad? ,1 the state
r'lom b ull the eastern and west
sections of the countrv.
craclica liy everv tra
-he city w.i n periled
M i". '.I'll to accoinid.r.e t!
.1 it tra v.
Jr- tli !'ce
arv .
This ,v.i
v F.v
and ii:
re a c !' i n j.
.'.an. ii toiler
:iecc. ,,K"'t' expensive, And tl.is is
I the more distasteful to thi
il W
A.l- ,l
if. ,
A ,
'i ', .1
! (. ,t '.
1 r I.::
A 1: is
. A. W
: n-ell'
.' ra:!-
tio:i of
p iy;;iu'
.ii er.i-.v i
rarie'.: I
o g .
arrivt,i , :
t.-;.ir. ;
of p-c;:a
r o r. c
s f'.T
.':. v
an, I
i..i '
t : : .i '.
i, ',-..;
',' , t .1 '.
everybody w!;
a s Tneiv i .
tir. w i.oi-s.i :
ss -.v, ;i inaite
- ' . ' Ver v or, e ii
do : .
e.lCi' ad-
Ad Vel'tis
A I via 1 1-'' I
Advertisi' i
A lv.'i t s :
Advori si ,
A-iv.-M -I
A d v. i '.,-(;.
A i
to s'Ji'Ce-
Drinkino- 3
A Disease
driimlnif i.. a poisr.n. If you are only a "nm,),.,
I.av.- i-.:!tiv;it.s the "M isle," vuu may nave yourself disgruv
1 LinnMHi' tid ii line for our little booklet.
If vii ii.ivc a frit nd wliose life ia Iming ruined through ,
w,, ; .;iv voiir I'.iilre.'icl faro, both ways, from any Floridn ;.,
bnr.K him h,'r,' to he eured. We EUiirantee to cure him in Till
the Hi' ni y will he refunded.
The Ne.il Treatment is the one strictly scientific, nnn-iniiH-the-
)i.ju..r bai.it. l'ositivcly NO HYPODERMIC INJECTION
s.si vi iti..i .
.... .."" ! I
' n Von J, I
av I
I lie IV'.u 1 rentincni is composta or narmiess unigs vvhicli . j 1 1 i . I -1 v ., I
Sheriff Man ton is , :nr.
every e:Vort in his rU'.ei't.i m'
ctpture the prisoners tint we;
delivered from Madis ni c.m.tj
j-iil some several weeks ajjo a':.l
has ofTereJ several I, mid red d-.'-lars
in add tion U tiie rewar'
offered b ? ilie (i jvernor. li'e
Sheriff has had circalar letters
descnbinj,' the prislon-.-rs pr.-.!. cl
and is tnailinjj iliem to tin.1 d (V.
erent county and city jm ,,
uflicialsin thestat". Til- rewa:.l
utl'ered tota !s
,, , , i . l i i. ..r.a 1 . i
a 1 1 n .'it it , in i ii I s v si cm null (nil uc unit v au 11 ihklltm i r 11 i ,
not aotiiaily "at death's door" from some other cause Ulan .x.vJIv. ho I
ttlcehol. la-iise,
l't. Neal, (hirinij tlie years of his marvelously helpful work hn. I
n i Jiku.iHiiii, novo. ..iii-.L : . : "." tftty
i(.Tuii.iuv an, I tuuu iiiviv '""' 'l"i .iiii,h in a Ml'l'll? instaft I
Rcconinhsh the desired result, which Droves that tha Neal 'iv inc. to I
sr.ccilic and cure for alcoholism. Dt I
sr.ccilic and cure for alcoholism,
nd lirtc'J to liquor drinkinp;, writ for our booklet ani terms,
If vou aro hitercsted in this ireatment, or K you have a ftienit i . I
d terms. """"
THE NEAL INSTITUTE, 1016 E. Duval St., Jacksonville pi,
MEnirnL Director: Dr. J. N. Taylor, well known physician and ini
I'ractir.inff and in business in Jacksonville for many yearn, p
Ma.nagini) Director: Prof. J. L. Boone: Principal Orlando High School 7,.,.
Prircipal I eesburg High School 7 y'rs; PrincipalSt. Augustine Hih School Ij
! rank ( '.a rk i- stilt
in-' in t Ji:"res in J -i,';'
Ii ! r .s,'tt'ieir,"i)t u'
ton tax. lie re ver le'.s .
tun ty p:is witliji.L ..
the ni "a and v:
ti iist that I , :r .rls w:
,1 "liori tune bear inni.
.In Simplicity, Capacity, Durability, Nop Btttw
lMlllTl fMlAkfal mm loaa wii. D ' I
- ninaiM
Steam and Gasoline Enginu
Portables Stationary Bw
Complete Glnuiag, Sawing and SVJnjls OulBU
'omfi.TiKki, Inm, lutfiai, tcetylmf I ikila
cvutntm in MacHmtRT ins hup pup
. : e
: p.y i.r; 1
'. t to iie
J iv;.; ila'
lo-Ll'ro 1,1
in; where
l::i; vacci
nee li:;r.
l! M'l
Ilea ,t ny
liiiil ,1
arciirel ."
: wrvthi
1 re 1. in-ill.; :,,' 1
il.K'e to I i '.(', y.a
ie-lt"!' ! 1 'ation
1 ni ixi :, w I-, r-' :
is' can lie ra.seii.
,'in t
1 h-in
1 lim-st
1 '!i.i . r
Car ! .1: . -
- .1 1 .
'f '
11 1 Ve
it. a:;
'' . C i i
--0 .';
a::. i i .
.1 a
icy. Their theory
- 1 in t; a ",::e ter
i,'Ain..- ter have
".0 us-- ter rir." A
t ' Hi l .-uperstilion.
ain.ly 0: cbiidren '.Kt U
..:o iast Tjcs-lay m iminj froa
i.'-:s very cause. 11, dine and
'lo'jn ' j 11 uit'ii:- vacc;Datioa and
t!:ev (later bicai: pox and hiding with
v. t
'that alsc. slie vra dyinc bef
; 1.
; 1 d .1
her ne. eh bars knew of her
isiCar.css This sliuuld te a les
sua to others like her. and it is
:o be hoped it will prove .o.
wife Cot Tip Tod Alvice.
. . .( ;; ,v n, ;,i i n, A n
t -' ' '' r tu urn-. a:, ,,,
ic.v.s i. 1-', ,.( S'r.ii: I. Oa. i, )
s;. J '!'"' Ii i 'K.i'll'. Arilii'i S;, vi. ,1 i
"lie i.J -u. il cured tU h, ,; '
-'.'r! I i i.e. ' ,,.lekHt l.ilr of lii.i ;.-,
S.'ii.il-, Calo. ( nriiti, llruiM'H, a.,..
ai -C-. l'f.t I ,.e cnr on Mir'. 1.. Tn I 1
i,v . : :i', mi (Innji-ls
W edding Invitations
an-! Announcements
.VV.ITD'.IXh Pi,'('.l'Ti V
i:.v;i:.i'i-:i a: j'.-f.vn n
Sw.l Uiv Samples, mid Price.
:l e
M.vi'ist.x. n.niaw.
C'lT'll' C
' III .1:-. I I
llJ I.
I-. !','
e -r-:-:
A. -li -.. . !.. Mi.lin .!
I. II. M: ind v. s
I '' (' 1 ' , ". eir'iK-i. ii
: -i'ft .1- 1 1 i, Miliu-.oi ill
A P s; i-s-s. ,-v
I K.l I l . H It.-,.-.,
AI -r I
,1.11 n
V-.-l.p I
V ii II,-,
I"-'. '.
j.IVl- 1
'.. '. Ci
oa:.- -
a u;
1 recognition of gallant cot.
t exliioitc-d in siving t .vo
: from ilroAnini' in the St
iver. r.ear Jacks., nviiie.
r 11,
in ,1 I
1 R-
Al. II m , .l,
ii.a.lvnni- 11 ,,. ,
in 1, 1 Ii it!,
u- id M. 1. ,i-i,l
. r, , nr. I v.
If You Want this Piano
Vou Can Get it by Win
ning it in the Contest.
-i.- !-
i ''h J t-. ( 1 ,
s"-.is I 1 ir.f
: :ie
"ell be
::: N-'
v at ;'i... : :: v 1
;;ie S'.eel d':-.:-t. W.-.vj
years of aw- your
ifua w : K a wire tr. .'.
tlave:;. C. -.r. at ji 0' j v.-eei'.
He studied bl T.ac'.iir.e c.irefa'.ly
and dur.'.i' his odi hours he
learned tiie work c: a "b'.oci"
x.in. He becan;e a
.ilien. Then
ami wa
a mill t
''-Iv. :ht? Trra-ury D.part.
:n-.".it i,as lot'.vanied silver
nu:a'. to Ca pt, Ueort'e li.
pat::d;!;.r. I nited .st.r.-s Knsri l,
ieri::c corps, and .V'sander J '
McDonald, ot New Renin. Fia.)1'
I'l.e anno-jr.cerr.ent that these
r.".-i.i..ti.s wie.ild be iv'.irded !
vas made several days a'o.
T;io:r heoric act was in everv
way worth v of the reward giren.
I. M il
ii- .; w
.1 1
r. m ..
, 1- -r
I:i the recent reapportioEtaent
of and increased represeotition
in the loer hranjlt of congress
Florida glim another repre.
sentative. This will yive Florida
block" ican our representatives in congress
he wen: to Piitsbiirc ' icsiead of three. The question
ht:-r mad- foreman of ;tbat now arise is how this
ere, and then Assistant j represeatative will be elated,
.new mill was!fro,n a coneressional district ar
I ' f -s- U. r , t , , . 1 Il
Superir.ten ient
betrua. and Farrell was Secre.l :rom tni sta'e at large. It at
tary and general ir.ar.ayer of) 1,lrie lets nominate a Jackson
the concern. He continued tr.
rise. He paid atten'.iin to his
business lie did more tbaa be
was compelled to do, His whole
heart and mind was in bis irorlt.
He carefully studied the problems-confronting
bin. As a re.
suit, h is now President ot tbe
9ieel Trust, with a salary of
120,000 a year.
vine man tor the position aud
get right at once.
Ia the year 1910 tbe American
ben laid 17 dozen eggs for every
man woman and child in tbe
country. We have reason fr be
lieving, however that at least
several dozen of those eggs are
still ia cold storage.
M it u in--
I ....... :.- -,,:
T.M1-. . K 11. tcu
. 1 r.
. I :
il .sf l.t rv .-i :.! ,. f v
! 'i.k In.i 111 ., .,
..'..--I -i-i '. ;r tin- n mu- ,t ,;.
:i-.: 11 tVn-M.i K: i ,.i . .t
I .. ,. Hr,,l i 1,.;.. ,., ,'
,.;i ri-i:nri,l t, In
l'.' ,,( III,- SI MA- .
! shlll Iv ,I.Hhr x.1 In c
,',( H.inkiu.
I A. f , l. i.irni, t"..,!.,,!,..!:,
"V virtu,' 1,,. , ,,,
V 1,
III, I'll
.Sf; Sr-Jt. II;
f,:-..'-.-'s W - fr .-i.l 'i-OV'' l,-u-,-,V ''
-. ..c-t ,tv, : .-. Wi.:ti ii-
? i. -iim' ' " 'sb'.ii
'1 : .JiL.!J.-nij--'--i
sM.KOMJr--' psW J
' . ,r, ... i
f . j ' -r-s-lft-.Cs--4? If
i' J;.i--?-crv5i?r':M5 I i
1 I'liro 1 ,:v ! ;it
N...(. I ,..,(
in.' M I.- ,,( F 1
iiU'tl 11 iiu I-. s, unn 7112 f ,1,
ilc- the i ,-,.ritv -.-, ,(.' , ,. k
' , 1 ll' ' -l 1 1 , iHt.i, in Ilie t',,inU( of M iit-.n-i i-,,l
'jii-Sou- nt runJi m.ih ,r..'i 1,, ,, .,, ,.,.
in,' "i...ip. lUt.kinir under tn.- nun,, a.,,,.
.' 1 " -' 1 IC.1-.I slin k of F,v, ii,.,.
ln( i-i -l d,. niv h.ml .iii,l siM r,
I iv , it v-l-.-,t .!uv of JaniiHic. A. I ft.. r'i
driril ami i-li-vi-n. A t'. I'll - li it
I oniplriillr. Si n,. , y ,
inj N'm-.c It .,
Iti.l.l, rs.it bon,1ol M.uli,, ri.uim.Klii.irr. hMs
tn J numhr one hiindr) 1,1 nim lwn (l l) Mrh
Inl -ind (silled In far iunnni .1... 7 '
Wilh ..sriieil 1. ' ' ..." ""I""
.. - .-... ...Cir..n f
ounn. lrili,l,
a, u;in(;si
T..i ........ . n s,
-.-.'' s .,, ,,.,ii . nr s,n,i)MW, -(
Enter the Contest and with a little ef
tortandworkyouvillbe sure to win
the prize pictured above. Get busy!
Uon t wait until the closing day. Now
is the logical time.
The Enterprise - Recorder
';l, fU I- ctri4lt. V 4' K, Mil,

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