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1 ' 1 i
VOL XI XO..y 'I.MH.M.y f'L.V, MClhAV. AI'IML -V HM-' I',. . i t.. S
jpM-! !iiHT TO NO'i'i', - (K to I !' 1 . iiKA Ihlh. a n 1 V.;, ;mi V oF I H I ,.10. L : MM.,- ... v,:.:n
1 l V
ilk ta
r ? .
ML f?
'He wilt represent the District"
(arttliilntr Vnr
Congress, Third District.
To the Democratic Voters of the
Third Congressional District.
TIip primary elivt i ,n ., .- .i u-.'- .i I :.i'vat.
lit;' 'iiircssnKiii from the T'Liv-l iilnct i f .ni ,,
li'.lil. SilH'l tilt' dil.tt' 'it' ili.V iUlil'iKI CfMI'ect flu (J i-
have endeavored. tliiMiii,)' Mie pre-s itini 1' e iii,i,il U
V"!('l of the district i t.l lie, fiMnli'! u.ul c .. i T . lentl'ii
if my life history, my public -cnnes and i y i''vt
vicMmis upon all current issue- it m) (pief-ticu - likel
before conirress for debate ui.d deci-ion N-- vctcr
'een reached by these several pulilicat.iinM.ciii truly ay that
lie remains in ignorance concerning me. have al- visited
as many communities and made public peeohes a.d person
illy met as many of the voter1, of the )i.t-Yt a. has heeu
I have carefully avoided, both in speech and ui nnt, all
personalities concerning my opponents. Thu.t either (if them
would prove fruitless in congt'e-s would he no excuse for me,
nor would it add to my ability or capacity to represent you in
I have given, you my record. Neither of tuy opponents
tas published his record. General statement ami appeal- to
:ou by brothers and friends. WITHOUT FACTS, for you to
ousider, are an insult to you as pure ar.d conscientious
"oters. I have presented to you a history of my life work m
detail, without any appeal to your friendship or your pas
'jo'is. 1 have sought your honest, intelligent and loyal ro
iteration. I would not be worthy ofyour support if I asked
;'o to place your friendship or kinship above your duty -to
I'our country. I have urged you. as J UIL0 US, to decide be
fweeu the ambition of the candidate and the good of the dis
trict and the claims of your government to he diligent, loyal
wl true, and to let your conscience control your political
action, by which course alone can peace and progress be given
to oi:r political life.
I heartily thaiK my friends and supporters throughout
-'hp district for their support, and also the editors of the
'spitpe-rs of the district, who have been so firm and faith
fl in their friendship, and so devoted to those principles -if
stood government which I advocate and represent.
' Finally, I desire to appeal to all qualihed electors of the
Strict to lay aside all mere personal and factional consider
ations, and unite in the plain and patriotic duty of selecting
yd nominating aa your candidate for Congressman the matt
C 1
J - 1 lie
.ol f on -to
who has
whom cm MoNKSTLY and I'ONSCIIiNTK'l IA Udietc 'o
be. aivordiiii: to lour culm, thdibcratf ami unb ;wl jtidj'iniM.t,
the ot.e I'.F.ST I'lT'l'KO. morally, intellectually, ;unl vt-i
re-po t rt K I. IN'O KRCITKl'l, KXI'KCIKNCK in pulillC nT.I ' I -.
t. ,erv ion. the people of the wlioledi-trict. ti tlia.t. bii;h ;n d
boiiot'it'de ortice.
April i.':. I'.'I-.V U'm. V. l-'f.dlill.NOV
f 'iip n 1 ' '.-tn.t will dlllnntly
itu'l i . ! j i -itn-
1. Tli ;i''-.-ip:f of 'hi1 las' IVrao
cra'ic p' A'''ir-Ti
2. nrf t!i tntvrai Com
nifrp C )"rH:'c)ii mii-h aulhorlly ami
powers, i:.i if ma conslntetitly and
pffir).jnil n i'i!re Into and rguli
pxtr's, rvlr!, twinrHiili and tcl
!lmij funi;Mr'.i-( JoiiiM( ail itucrstuta
'i A r-vU;oti of Hit. TirllT lawn. i
Ihuf I' k!i ill I vll for revenue on
ly, tluu tin !ix ri'.iii'hi oiM'i'RHlon
ol' a free ;ie.'i!, .mil viuliii ion of the
,1'irS'Jsf. :ir ami leti.T ol our (!(iv
rnmei.f ar.l I' iciiiKtltu'lon tiliall be
no !or.r fo'e-a'ff.l li Ik roltii-y un-d-.T
t!:e f rrn uf the In .
4. frevenfiji nnmliliti in every
s;liere uf ! urn, -in adlvlty. i-niicrlnlly
in r':triT iro'i lift ntnl tlie n usiilen
of life, t)i,,'i uhicli then; In ivi iut-
5. I.U'H tliat ,e efferllve
niuln.it rruitf and nonoiiolie, tlml will
liive and ireerve eiml oiiortunli ie
and burden!,
i. I.4 thut will iiniperly control
nd reiju'are both labor and capllal
and their ne'-esnary oruunl7.atlons,
'hat bor'i may have a plain, apeody,
iafe and adeimate adjustment.
7. Perfee'iun of the employ' Ha
hllity art, that negligence may not be
without it J'lHt burdenii, thut the de
pendent laborer and his family with
out Injustice to Hie employer, shall
he proturted and adequately compen-
HH led, .j. .
S riu;r-' likc' apin-oprintioim hy
the Hoi "rnrip'iit for 'he devidnpmiMit
ot rU.Ti, 1 n-'i ;r., inland waicrwiiys
.it'll dill ri.nU, hut no' the. uno of
'he i'.i:;i.i' Tv.'isury tor rominciriiil
iMM. .I- ii u.ii; local f.ii-.r for aclllsh
'1 I-'r.l "IVed t''riljtl.'S H if r'-
eilillllMl ( li to f I .',ll.;inoll or
'lie f:iri'i t ,iti l iiar leti. r timt Ui. y
ii"iy bo ..ifolv ndvlsi'd 'o increase
i heir pnvliif !''! and profit.
l'l. t.,i liia' will create "Lund
M.ir'nme K.mks," a'i. make wife the
fanneri and Iliad o nefii' property aa
It. Ttiiprovt?nent of our commercial
banking and monetary H.vsiem that It
ii'.ay be both iteipiaie and safe.
Card from Mr. Ellison.
To the Democrats of Mad
ison County:
The duties of my office have
j been such that I could not attend
(the many meetings throughout
the county without neglecting
the office. I would have enjoyed
meeting every voter, but felt
that my duty was plain, so I
stayed on my job. I hope all will
understand that my absence was
not caused by indifference, but
from a sense of duty. I will
appreciate the support of all
S. J. Elliso.v.
U. D. C's.
The monthly meeting of Eliz
abeth Harris Chapter will be
postponed one week, on account
of the Tampa convention. The
j chapter will meet on the 8th of
I May. at 4 o'clock in the after
j noon, with Mrs. Charles Carroll
as hostess. This will be an in
! teresting meeting, as full re
j ports will be made by delegates
I to state convention.
For Sale: Pure strain white leghorn
eSUs. $1 per setting of 15. S, Alex
tat. ilieiiit,fp M 'IIU ''U'M l.t' ' I
laws that every pr.it v.l ion ..li.ih ie
aflorded, ami yet illo nvmy t-i,
tn be a sovereiun ami p i''1 K'M' i' " 'i
the duties and ran In of f. it r.fiieli hi
'. Income and liihi.nliim e i
with limitations that will nut penm'
an Indirect tax on S'l'n, ('onnli' ir
municipal accurftie or inei'tasn :i.
burden of Stale, Co'ri'y, or nniiii' iin.1
14. AinciidlnK the. Act. of I'.nnni "i
of tuu? un an to Include h'ior"l. -'
wasninKton, Oregon, idmn. inun ,u. ..
Wyoininit, and Colori'lo in prevnii lu
further additions to the. Iirmitrv He
serve area.
15. Abolishing the Choci iwloH iMmc"
.Vatlotinl h'orent Reserve, riiioi'iiii;
the unjust tax an. I limit. i lonu on
original pioneer net'.jr willnn i'a
boundary, that In terr'tviry hi,i.v i'
come ihe homes of litMr'y lownm "O
7.elis, KiviiiK them the opporl null v l.o
have neighbors and I'-hoolit mil
lend the IiiihIs of HfJ'lilll
H Ship canal itoiih Klortila. 'o
avoid the r'sk mid epnw of He. ioii
trip around the ilnrn.rooii ".o ml
17. Klimlnate tlie t(t,iaite coa-ii of
the Federal ('our'M tint i.h indicia-
may be the resort of 'ho ;itior In nl
tie their Ibbucb and nor mernly
play ground of the rich.
IS. I.as to peifi:t and aliiiplif.
Court plcndlnn ami pr ici ic. thai, both
a pneedv and fair tri.U xliall lm ha 1,
with all tho essen'.i lU to eiiialiimn
Jusi n.e.
IS. Amendment to tho lV'tril
Constitution that. v;"l ihill!-.)i lilo 1 T
lire in office for K l -i i lndi;"n.
20. Our form of it jvoriniieul. in n..
three hriltichcts. I.-lili.i! I'lve, KKer-iilive
ntl'l Judicial, in 'V' Im' inc.l ion Mil
murks its force -p.. I t.jely over iIji
ruins of all fore if 'irlii. .ai'liiiiK i :i
cies inoiKirclilf-j ;ir. ' 1 'mhi( nun in
reiresentative forti: tt in 'lie hei.t pro
duct of Chrlsiriri "i ii '..'' ion lor 0..
Kn I'l nini'lP ol rr.tr . i-"n"rvuin to t'i"
people the r-iil: if imtilitni lr;r
I'hiiniies In ormi:i. ' . , Hie lnvynm oi
ppechil tax or ti:-; urinlinu ol r': I : n
ordlinii'V prlviNx v, "' .vhidi the
shouhl have llirii '1 'Vai'in
I solicit ytiur i' . ; - .pT il ion ;llid tent
WM V Kl 11 J It I n.'
March II
You owe imr-t i Oie llnli'lc.l limn
o 1 he cnmll'I'r"
Henty WitUleit Tuesday
After an illness of .j wwk wiih
pneumonia, Heniy Win, :i well
known resident, of lh mn(y, dietl
at his home on die TlionmuWIle
rontl, about three rnilen from fhis
city. The drtiuiisjil wan olioul thir
ty years of ae, and leaves w'fe
and two small children to mourn
his loss, also a mother and five hro-
thers and one sister Mr Witt was
born and reared in the County, and
was a man of sterling character and
pleasing disposition He was a
faithful member of the Methodist
Church. The funeral was held
here Wetlnesday, attended hy a
large number of sorrowing friends
This is the season of the year
to look after your stock. 1 have
just received a larg: supply of
Pratt's Stock Food, Stock Pow
der Animal Regulator, Poultry
Powders, Cow Tonic, Hog Choi
era Specific, Rock Salt and Chlo-ro-NapthoIeum
for Hogs. We
also have a supply of Smokit for
curing meat. B. F. Moseley.
Pressing: We have bought the City
Pressinil Club, and are now prepared to
clean, dye and press clothes on short no
tice, r'hone us, No. 1UB. Wisenbaker &
Council Proceedings
April i. vm
1 j u u i; met in reyil.tr session.
PrtsMtf, I. C. H.w-eil. D. H. Yates,
W ilti'i- 13 ititiim mid SV. B. Davis.
'u .ircom!" uf L A. Fr:!tiili. preit
t'tent if t C'i'.incil. leini .'iliseui,
W 3 On is vmh tluly !'- teil pres-
;,te)( .-o VIII
j T.'k- :na C'S f l.iv
-M-e i'(-;t( I in, I tir)r.!(
! t .'in C'ir.'i ii hpfecut-i
On ;nii-
ti: retiirti- uf the fi-.-i.it;i JiHti thin
u. y un! r::e foilowirci ncrt' dtH-ttr-f!
elei t -.t f. r the vi:s ii:m ri-rin:
F'jr M.t'ir R. H. R-.
?''jr M.r-hal ,imI C'ilr. ;.ir
A D.lle
F.r T.c Ase.r F :- 1 S.iiuleru,
? ' ler'l .C!t T :t ff .S. P.
I Gn.lfill
For f.'i. iaeiln.eti 'A',.Uter Btint
hti. t. : Hasell and D H. Yaten,
f ir ihe. lertn of two ye.ar each.
riirt f"IIo-iii!4 hilU jjiainst Ui
oiwn wer? examine'!. ey,iA itorrcl
i;i.'I nni:rt paid
'A ilt-.i- I3ii'.f.rt:. salary $ ID t'l
W. 3 Davis, ia'ary 12 lid
D H Vate;,. salary ID OH
r; Has.ie'1. alury 12 C'l
K Krileiilh, salary 10 (H
M efiviii li'let'tric P'.wer !. l, -"iter CM I 2'i
MiJiiion Electric Power C'., 'irthts 21IK 41
D. !I Y.itm services pi , .'ciao lti (!()
B V, Moseley. bill ID 2'i
H M. Ta l.ir. for inspnetur 2 U'l
P D Row for inspet tcx 2 1. 1
? It Bnnt'ri. V r inspect a 2 H
,r'e Sl:,irp..t for itiep"i'i';f 2 I I
VI. liiinlin ;. -1 In 4 pipe I (' I
Le.i;i-SiiU'"- fl'irlwrn.! to . 9
L I ". t-n -,0 Nc ( r.'.'r, printio . 2S l' l
'.. ' !';r t.ifw: ' c. .1 2i
i -jc 'Ii a'v y
21 "I
Hi ; I
: t i
12 'I
73 1. 1
4I-". S'i
22hl 41
r.'o'jrned, to
' i'.t " ;
... s ,' ,r-.
. -il-ir
;n iii'.'iitn. Ovmd
II! dpr.l i2th. VM1.
S P. 'Jr f-:n. Clerk
uwoenwcoD can win.
! Olil Soldier's V if the
u,'ii ... Mai-.'h rtl.-ln
,ii i t n' il .Ieimn..t.i ration made
i,. 'let i i-'iVy t i m i:f 'd Wilson
!.,', iiei.t. 'I ere in a '.ery Htroint
;' :., in . ;'.! I !!erwtMi In
nki ii"i . Tins Is llhis
1 i .t. ;ie -t.itoiiieiit of the
it i- CI.'; t,f ! lixle. wlni
, , in .i i li ;.ei"!'il i.v -'li'l
lit oi;i uf a v lm: populntlo'i
of f'irl.v 'n I:-iie he knew of
ol.lv llll'oe Wli " l'l tlie'l 'Ihe
.'hen. were .ill n:p; mi int l'n
, , .1. Mr. 'l ull , - 1 1 . Is a
..'!" lie etei'ail li 1 1. 1 :i mail
ii' piMia.. I'll I1 in i '1'i'i a Talcs.
i.i:. : "A s lo M ' I'liii'i -. oml 'en
V.SU a -ii. t'i '.'i lea I. 'I'" l'.e
'i i he i, rii i vv r ii1: In the
wal'li 'ins l.i ;,t' ,:i.li i"ii liep-
M'.int a ;.!. .lUiv..-! Ill
i .,:! "-L. he luis I me : ie
-ier -if ii.s 1 n I i " i . ;tml I iii'nl;
!., i e i.. A s 11' II! In ho .i
Di ll: of t.Ul!ic!elit nl.illn to t!il
II U I !) ""Ml issue- o!' the II-
i.iun ml" pt:i'el - ;'::,.
Tliey say v. e t.i.ii win with u
Koii'lieni man. We have licen
defenleil with n western man
mid with a northern man, ntnl I
am wIII'iik to take chiinces with
n southern num. I often pick a
winner, ami In this ense I have 11
conviction that I am rifht in sup
poi flnit Underwood."- Savnniuih
;.) Morulim News.

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