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Wno. a Native and Always a Resident of Hie South and
j Always Loyal to the Democratic Party.
I urinn iun
.cam aim
rgjtrwood and Wilton will be the
iMdlDC candidate for the Demo-
Lric presidential nomination as far as
binHita U concerneu. , naruwo ami
urt will nae their enpportera In thl
tut but not a many aa tha two other
Lgdiditaa. Fr the benefit of tha vot
Ci wa parallel tha record of the two
,, fe owa:
tt Vl,-lr.l
JJL',' Unlvs. of Va. Princeton, N.J.
To Alabama To Nsiw Jmay
KTriiia. In Alabama In New Jereey
iit u4....For cieveiana ror uisvsiana
r 1T I V aiBliu r vi V. in . i
For Cleveland For Cleveland
For Bryan AsjaJnst Bryan
For Bryan Against Bryan
For Parker For Parker
For Bryan For Bryan
ivst! 18!.
fcoisd m
Whfulnrss.Alwaya at hie Twe-thlrda of
i hla poat time out of
ipolltlo- Resiiler Dem. Habitual bolt-
ocrai er
V'hlef wo'
for party. ..nouee nemo neeKinv prsisi
cratlo leader dentlal nom
ination W 1 jot take tb Interest In the
evtloiml standing of the two that mm
Botlers take; but, tnougn woodrow nil
Los claims to be a tout hern mnn
Chough living In New Jereey, it la prop
Lr to ffle the facta for what they were
Which Sou t hern f Only Underwood.
Cnderwood'a father took him north
when be wai three year old and kept
fckn there for a ahort time. Wood row
jWllaon took himself north when twen-Sty-nlne
year old and baa alnce renialn-
t& there. Underwood manlea nm in
Virginia and, bit wife hnvInK died,
married nirnin In Alabama. Wood row
Wilson married In Vlrcrlnln. While
fFrom the V,i
The Cmlerwood movement bus re
tired mn'li insurances of support thnt
lie uVtitiBuihliPd aoutuerner lias yield-
i to i lie wishes of his supporters fur
t dcSniti niiooiiiiceuicnt of bis ennui
lacy for the presidential nomination hi
3altliatire. Mr. t.'nderwosid. as is well
mown, n.is tor a long time nvorse to
be Idea of being taken up fur discus
Ion s : presidential possibility, and
vcu after bis Indorsement by the Aln
bauiu Democracy he deprecated the ef
forts of his frlcnda to give wider prom
inence to his eligibility. That be now
oiisciits to Ntnnd for the honor Im
plies that developments have dispelled
the doubts that first assailed him.
The call upon Mr. I'nderwood issues
from lnflueutlal quarters In all sec-
Non. a signal fact that permits It to
i recorded that for the first time in
ofty yesrs the availability of a aouth
ru man prompts no mental reserva
tion on the score of section. Hla status
tnong the.group of favorite sous is as
ured as that of Champ Clark and
Woodrow Wilson, both southern born,
Sot no less esteemed for all that.
Mr Tnderwood's claim to preference
nlruffani Everv Form of Scale
Diseases Cured Quickly by Zemo.
't li simply wonderful how Zemo goes
i'lw dandruff. You rub a little of it in
"ith the tips of the fingers. It gets right
1()wn into the glands, stimulates them,
stops the itch and makes the head feel
9n- No, it Isn't sticky. Zemo is a fine,
ar, vanishing liquid, You don't have
to even wash your hands after using
'"no. And what a wonder it is for ecze
fash, pimples and all skin afflictions.
5-cent hottle at D. G. Smith's Drug Store
" Suaranteed to stop any skin irritation.
Zemo is prepared by E. W. Rose Medi-
clft Co., St, Louis. Mo., and ia regularly
old by druKSits at $j B bottle. But to
wwe what it will do at trifling expense,
o is now put up in 25-cent trial bot
tles. Irs. Chas. Carroll returned to the city
"jnday from a pleasant visit of a few
to relatives and friends in Jackson-
us ......
Woodrow Wllhon went north ro et hla
eotleHlate education, he took a law
course at the I'nlreralty if Vtrttf nln.
t'nderwood was edu.-atail entirely lu
the south
Ae Damsarat.
T.'nderwood ha always taken the
eouthern view of politic. The south
ern Idea la to nettle depute m the
party and then present an unbroken
front to the enemy. It la thle habit of
thuiftht that haa enabled him to keep
the party In the house aolld under his
leadership. Wondrnw Wilson' has nev
er supported a Democratic uomlnee
who did nor retirement his view.
When his faction whs not aurcesKfiil
he has atone out of the pnrty to fliflit
It. He ha never been a southerner
In political thought. F'rst he belonged
to what he now .nils the Wall street
wing of the puny, ami when the bur.
Blng of the presidential bee induced
him to put a"vy Ideas that wwid reii
dor hi nomination impossible he went
to the nrceinc of western populism.
Ne Reason Why.
Of course th.. nien who Da?e been
promise! Kst.imVes and other federal
positions If Woodrow Wilson la elect
ed will nn'urali.v support hltu, but we
can't nee wby any man who has noth
ing to gain by It would prefer a man
who pretends to lie a southerner to
one who Is one. a man who take back
everything he said up to four year,
ago to one wbo la right mid baa always
been, who makes no apology because
he has nothing to apologize for. Above
all, we can't see why any Democrat
should prefer a bolter to a xreadfnat
Democrat. Jacksonville Tltnes-T'nion,
March 2S. Tftl'2
stuns' in r -r
the haicN f '
forth by h'i .11 -tr
head, f i;r!--"i:-
kllo'C i ('!'
and (iitupii.
"I ,,'. - i,'
the s'retu'th
:v..-h . li.ir.e-t.-.
. rn.-.r, i ' k..r
i'T, en,iio'- "tlri),
' !)flies W'i I - 1 !j
date-l' 's Md.-r-y
vV r 1 ! :i j
r!iii. 'lis ;..! -el s.intiy tr, ,
nil'. 1 1 -i i.'o f- boli 'o hu '-leiiil
hip ) I ' 1 1 the great lo l
tilll-' I'.onore.l pe'nelples 1' -In
Deiinvritic party If "e ire i;n
able to w'n r,,-";j'' .tnnny-
mons and unsigned attacks in oth
er cnndldnfes then wp do not et
peef or even care to win Indeed,
under snich circumstance ''" wou'd
not deserve to win. 'n ai: 1
It will never be forgotten rloir t!ier
1 a certain comity due bettvce-i
candidates of the same party and
that after the nomination in Tinst
be In position to light 1 common
political enemy "
A clean mn u u a roan'? iitf'r?t
u hri.hv a'vrn that I. R. S. Jonlan, i jar-
dian for Claude Ellis. Nita Ellis and Auhrev Ellis.
minors, will on the Htli day of May A. u. mi ap
ply to thr honuranle James P. Martin. County
Judiieof Madlsi.n Cnunty. Floriiia. f"r an order
authorizing me as uch nuardian to wll at privatr
sale all the interesc of the aforeBid minors In and
to tlie following deswlbei w' prorty, litusti
lyinil and bcins in the County of Madison and
State of Florida and more particularly described
as follows: Commence at the N.w corner of thr
EH of the NE'. of Sec 22. Tp. 1. N. R 9 E run
thence due S. 27chainsto the plane of beninmns
at a mound at the S E. corner of John M. B.nit
Harden: run thence E. 7 chains: thence N. 7 chains;
hence E li chains m the sei-tion line dlvidlns
sections 22 and tt of the same Tp. and R.; thence
S along said section line 4 chains and i.l links to
the road leadlnnfrom the resid.Mce formerly own
ed by Mrs. S. M Llvingjton to Madison Court
House: thence S. 70 degrees E. along said road 6
chains: thence N. 4 chain, to the pl .ee '
ning: all being In the northern part of the SL , of
the NE V of Sec. 22. Tp. I. N. R. E. containing
IBS acres, more or less.
This the 25th day of April. A. D W12
Cuardian for the aforesaid Minors.
Mrs. A.B. Lanier left Saturday for Day
tona. where she joined her husband, who
has recently purchased drug store in
that city.
Locals and Personals.
Vote for Boh Puterson for Tax
Misses Josephine Moore and Elizabeth
IeVere. two attractive young ladies from J
Roanoke. Va.. will arrive In the city Sun
day nitfht on a visit of several days to Dr.
and Mrs. E. C. Hudson.
Vote for Bob Paterson for Tax
Miss Eloise firillin returned to her home
in Valdnsta Monday, after spending sev
eral days delightfully here with her broth
er, S. P. Griffin, and Mrs. Griffin.
Bob Paterson will serve you loy
ally if he is again honored with
your support.
John T Witt, of Lake City, was In the
city Wednesday, having been summoned
on account of the sad death of his broth
er, Henty Witt.
Itching, protruding, bleeding or blind
piles yield to Doan's Ointment. Chronic
cases soon relieved, finally cured. Drug
gists all sell it.
J. W. Wadsworth and F. M. Tooke re
turned to the eity Tuesday from Hamp
ton Springs, where they spent a few days.
They made the trip down in Mr. Wads
worth's automobile, but on account of the
heavy rains, came back by train.
Lost: Gold watch fob, with my name
on it. Reward if returned to me. T. C
On Wednesday night Hon. Wm. B.
Bankheud, of Alahania, addressed a num
ber of citizens of the town in advocacy of
Oscar W. Underwood's candidacy for the
presidency, and C'oL W. W. Flournoy, of
De Funiak Springs, in behalf of hiscundi
dacy for Congressman from the Third
district. The speaking was held in
the opera house, and quite a number
were present.
You will look a good while before you
find a better medicine for coughs and
colds than Chamberlain's Couuh Remedy.
It not only gives relief it cures. Trv it
when you have a cough or cold and you
are certain to be pleased with the prompt
cure which it will effect. For sale by all
The Mx'k Court Trial was given at the
opera house Tuesday night by local tal
ent. under the direction of Col. Newton,
and was witnessed and enjoyed by a very
larile audience
"My little Jim had a very severe cold.
I wu r ecommended to try Chamberlain's
Cnin.'li Ifetncdy, and before, a small bottle
inrshed lie was as well as ever.''
wnt , Mrs. K. Silks. 211 Dnwlinu St., Syl-,e-y
t -tr:t'. 1 This remedy ir. for sale
' v I'! MViV
W i- t'.l I I tl-l of l.iie OU'l' j!
V. il a.', .'r. '-n'.dlfs hid of pit for the
ei rt ; 1. li'iii'!- was accepted, am! tli"
in 1 1, Id to !rn). Th"re were yverii
it; ' 1 !- j" i con-.idcrition. and lind
,!i '. it I; hi tl'e option of callimi In the
ami lv th- O'lncil enilld Inve sold them
at .,Wj'jly above par
For rheumatism you will rind nothing
hett-'.-Jth!! Chamberlain's Liniment. Try
it n:id see how piickl it gives relief.
For t.ale hv ill dealers.
Branton Beucham, Jr., of Orlando, and
Paul 3ners of Sanford. were In the city
a few 'lays auo. In the interests of Hon.
Braxton Bcachum's candidacy for Con-(rcsn-an
from the stat-at-large.
J. V. Ray. Winfteld, Ala., wants others
to know how entirely he was cured of
kidney trouble by Folc'y'a Kidney Pills.
After g.ving his symptoms in dcwil he
lays, "in three days uftcr I bettan using
Foley's Kidney Pills I noted an improve
ment, and after five days, the retention
disappeared entirely. I continued taking
them until i was entirely cured." Mr.
Ray is in his 72nd year. For sale by all
R. . Gray .former editorof toe Havana
News, but now assistant in the State
Treasurer s office, was in the city yes
terday on a visit to his parents. Rev. and
Mrs. W. J. Gray.
There are two kinds of Chill Tonics
Plunk's and others. The old reliable
Plank's Chill Tonic is guaranteed to drive
jut malaria, to cure chills, fever, colds
snd ;jrip. Your money back if it does not.
23c and 50c per bottle. For sale by D. G.
Smith. W. L. Tooke. Madison Drug Co.
and 3. F. Moseley.
Ar-proachine Marriaare-
A marriage announcement of interest
to their many friends here and over the
Uate has recently been made, that of Mr.
Sheldon Brinson to Miss S. A. Rnndell,
which happy event will occur in this city
on June 12th. Madison, the birthplace
and home of both the contracting parties,
will look forward with considerable inter
est to the occasion, and will wish tne
young people abundant happiness
throughout their wedded life.
Al.r.Hi. .J per ttur.
simtt.i mi t hv FTjotf ami Regula
iiiilit,'Siii!mc!Lsarulftrlsjf Pramoles Di'slioiififerfi!
Opiuni.Morph.itw rtorMiotraL
C'mfirt Jlfie
Anerfpct rVrwiiv forCirtstlna
lion . Sour $loaiacli.Diant.on
ntss aril Loss or SutP.
Facsimile Sifoaiwjif
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
For Congress
State Of Florida
At Large
( Vorc for ()ne)
J. Eii. 0'i3KIEN
w. "I T'.x'Vif:,.'
Pre s 5 v re r 1 i 11 C.iiii.-;ii
Preacliina j:'i'l.i , v i'"' ;.' t
It '
Il '
services. Th" rinfiunii .jiM.,' t li
"Is Life Worth Living'' Theme for '."
evening; "Where IJ"i' th" Soul tin A.fl. 'i'
Death of the Bo'ly' junday hnot it Vi
a. 111. T. C. Smith, suiierint.'nilenc
Prayer meeting in Tuesday aft.irnoon it
4 . 111. Topic: 'Poverty ind Pi' h"..."
to separate a buy fi'iin I".' x of L. ' -" K
leu's Arnica S.ilve h'' fjini)les, Imh'i
scratches, hnotli... nro"' 'nd bruises de.
mand it. and its ni K -relief for burn
scalds, or cuts is bin right Keep itnand fur
liovs. ulso girls rKilh ev-rytmtig he il.i-
ble and does it (puck. Un-qualel tor
piles. Only 2:5 cents at 'ill druggists.
The Wetither.
for the week ending Tuesday. 23.
High Lnw
Tern Tent Painfall
Wednesday H7 Hi 1.03
Thursday H ... . 7 ... .00
Friday Hi .... .00
Saturday 7 6'J.. 4.37
Sunday -U 61 ... 1.70
Monday 81. $
Tuesday M 5-1 -
rota I.. 7.10
c. p. o.
W. T. busbtnn, Riniie No. 1. Fayetwv ille
Ga., was cured of Inonchitis. He writes
"I have been a sufferer from bronchitis
for Bix months so severely I could hardly
brrathe. I tried many remedies, but Fo
ley's Honey and Tar Compound was the
only medicine which served me. I recom
mend it as a positive cure for bronchitis
coughs, and throat troubles." For sale by
all dealers.
For Infant and Children.
The 'Kind You Hava
Always Bought
Bears the
Us is
Thirty Years
tMl OlIrCPMUts) i(Mss)H, ITV,
One of the most startling changes ever
seen in any man. nxerding to W. B. Holf.
claw. Clarendon, Tex., was effected yeaii.
alio in a brother He had surh a dread
ful couuh." hi. vnti'S. 'that all our fumily
thought he w.i. ;ioing into consuniptinn,
but he bewail to use Dr. Kind's New Din
coveiy, and was coniiileteiy cured by ten
bottles. Nuw he is sound and well and
weijjhs 211 fjounds. For many years,
our family h ia used this wonderful rein
edy for couuha and '.'olds with excellent
results" fn iimli. i,if, reii-ible and
Washouts Wciit at Hire
Th- a.
i'l) v. 1
.' Illlli ' I
Ul. if '1
. T.r.
'ir.l.v .11.,
I l
1 "I y.
1 I iiii .
"li II
- .ill
.11: i'-il 1.
I bo. 7e bought
the laundry formerly
owned b y J i nx
Chinks and solicit
the p-itronage of the
people of Madison
Work promptly and
carefully done.
Give me a trial
Cists t.istla-iualw bl minJ. "IV'VrV'S '
IliitsHtninntna IT'S 111. IS TMl TSttOH -H9 ll'nry
mil liiwd Willi wiih lils 'Irlvs snl'mt iltwnh
osnta ml adnisulilo "H"r lmprui'il "irrlii
f-icmi Juvlca is anirli ai-tiiitf anil is linn avir.
lmls m all ia, Mirllilo aud stationary.
W. mraufwlmr" mi:'"". I" "i"J"as. S-
,. ik4 iwllUors, as, mA to ts4rr ur Wr. lm
Mui'i IiHf I'm , m 11, lait lla,
a 1 ft In
(a iFmr
"Whit, niide i'iiii hte'
"I niK Siriil.hsnii
"Well, tiat ia no reason way you should
be a'l hour hilc getting home ti snritier."
'T know, but. I ashed him how lie waa
eeling. and lm iimiste.d on telling runa
bout h' stoniach trouble."
"Did you tell him to t.akeChaml erlain'a
"Sure, that is what In; needs " Sold by
all dealers.

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