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WKshoru, u :: !.vavs in' uopi-: ami with riM-: j-:;r: iikukftut onr. iikst i.ws i,,k ykn rn.-: i,
I. r.r.,
i Vi i i,,mn p
s in. mi I--., t.i ri r j
ii-r. sim.'hi i nnili-.
.''r P' inf. .,tir;, ,i.
Commissioners Hoh yi ty.il rxi Rzyzlir Meeting
Madison. Ha., Aug-'ti:, 1 1 ? J
The Board of County Cotrr;"
ainners met this day f r the inn
pose of hearing complaints f oi i -,
all persons disstftisfii with their ' u.
assessment as fixed by the Board i i'.
at their meeting to e.j'ialiw tnv-i-
win July. Present: J. E HaV;',
dee, Chairman. J P. Taylor. W. ;.;..
W. Sever and J- E. Williams, p ;
Board was called to order, ond : -
minutes oi last meeting were'
read and aoproved. j
There were several communi
cations in regard to personal !
property assessments presented
to the Board, which were adjust-1
ed hy instructions to the Tr; '
Th e f ) ! 1 o w i n 1 ? vy w to m a . !
for the year 1012. to-wit. j
fll-.-1l Fi"vl ! II '
R in ' '. JrKue i' j
F.l- l . t ? n.ttl.r; !
!iurr: v !-.j 7
5.1 SCftOO! i0.
ii'ii M'-. Lvliuir-
53 Closes.
court luiu. r,.,, j ,.i r,r jj
V.i.i . vil ivy fur jy
H.n-l;in. (.', i.i.l. ..
Si'os , lin.l.i,' Nn
P-lfff. SJ!I,.;-.,, ..
I will';
eV is. voii'i (iii M, ...,i ) , j ...
Vv'i" ts. r,i,j, wri
'ru'l'inl sum'
"" -')" ft, linilli.'.- I.I I W.lM
I 0 O'i'l ' ai'l.
W. Vi Gamin. m, rn nl wirli
T'llii' VI i l.(i.
I li'
II "
7 .1".
f i Li
." n :
i. hi
i. h;
d ;i
I.J.1 mi
4 I'l
I was ask -ed to si'i'ii you f.ir puh
lii'iirmii a imae w rue-up of cli'1 los
iniiil.iy m" m.r si I'.iinl.
This icrin h.is rrt'ii wry ;civ-
Fro a? Rev. A. P. BoyJ. j TLie Ult Co'..
Bil l Til!! I 'lll.i. ;lllC i ) m j
W "'I '..'' J I J Jl . Il.lillll:;; 4 i,
l:V M.I'T'l1. in;ilil lllli' hri ,i ! I? 1,1 j
e. :-,i.-(i.i.. ,.,. H
W V ,...r, i,. 7 ,,,
W F. riii.:;in,ini. i'ii.iii w.-rlt Ml
v c-M ii! ! . mi, :,.iiii-' :;n .in
j. W k ,,- v., l.linlKM H ),
Xl- ' 'i. "''ill. i:i, fill H'
I " tr.-;' ,.il,ii' I n- iulj i i
' - . . .l'lll ."III i
!' . -;,i'n .in :
i'l.lly i: .iii.i ; -. ii, Mi.-s ( cli.i Li 'iit--'y.
ni l'ulk Cuiiiry, fiiiiiii-rly a shj
Oi'iii nf il i' F N I Aitho'n'i ev.
'rytiini,' siv,;i.'i ti I)'4 i i(iiii:iM
(liiiiiMim d'io,j;!l y f:?viT i;i the
( ni:n'!i,ii'iy. iiv ij.n.'o.is iiinl pi-ijik'
U'l'iiei'iilly pfWiK'jil t i Li i vi' a IUU
fry 'iml "'ii'-i4 ii pt.-wj.- on tne l.i.si
The pi'iti'.i'i! ;t'!.;i'u nil w.i t o-
Iiiiiii mis Alt'.v ilie routine w irk Live city
of I lie i:"i'-,;iii(;, sunul w is . i , .-i; X 1 1 i
H ar eleven o i lock and aii went ho'
out i:n:ler il.e '.I'i'. k ii;ie lr"es atl-i I be
i'l'ie l i-sl: tt was to have a j arid
s)eihn; roiP"-i i.i li e afternoon, the
D.' ir Mr. Kdilor;
Several ieuili
if I w
a-i i .1
A Co vard
yuu s' mi
" I he a 111 hill' I he
v ; 1 1 1 1 1 I iv 1 1 ; 1 1 1 1
iivsit who ,i-t'ii"i
M.v .l-ar
ed inc
TVa. (',r:iKy Lvy Hi' null -
There beinjr no farther linsi
ness. Board on motion adiniini
ed t..".til 'J o'clock Wednesday
morri:!-? next.
X. Z. MARTEN. Cler'a.
1 1
i !
Maiison, Fli.. Aujr. 7th. l'!l
T'r.e Board of County Coimm'.--sior.ers
met this day in regular
sessio't, with all menihers pres
ent .vi-iie was ca'.i'jd to or-1 en
by the Chairman, and ndnuk's of '
last two meeting's were read and
approved. ! ). ;-.
On notion, an old afflicted col I j,n-i,
ored woman at Hopewell was I u' "'
ordered paid $5.00 for tenpoi'jry I
relief (to be paid to L. E. Moore )
Horace Thomas was put onL.
I..' '. ' ., v,ir.
i .Ill's l,l' Mill
'H'-K, -,li,IJ- I'lPI' Julv
' i1 -mi ii, iv' ;'(il
i t; ;i'
i 'll,'. W'ir'1 'in '.iv .
('.'Ill "f".'l( I
I ''' "(I j! i;i -'ill fur ,Ji;-
i'l'l'I'V iiiii t .ii'l'r ,
ii liin.ii'v i
'. 'V ii.'l- M lllli (. f
witP I '3
i'l I'llllllW f
At 11 a
i3' i i'. i
tin; ,i.in,e
' , !.:;e I'Mrlnii ,ai! f
Hi.. ' i 'een lieopie ii:iil foiheil ll:e
7; hi j ,'Ji'oiiihI .Hid J,(' frying of i
: ' 1 an. :i;.v it in say the
mi 1 1
nam ?. A (. .vard. Al - d"ar sir
WlX'll yijll see ill.' siuuiuo' oiy
n io'i" "Coward' ' to any article
in yo. ii" papi'i1 or any oIIhm', you
will ''' a hlacl; whiii.' hud. I
am 1 1 -at, made thai, wav
iiol nevi'il h"ess, tins pnuf
cv.n.:J!y pi'i'son .aid man ,' a'ood
tliii',0'-. Tliirij"s thai aie true
and .V" aa cii.i"ii;. of .pi ajtares
niiild nive ilicin our
personal al.t"iil.ion Cows and
should hy all moa'.s
ml in the pasture
noi fierroil l"d to run
(.reels of .vi beau':' ! a I a :
city as Mad'.vnt. !
1 liuve iri .'led h' tan iinl ;
h'itt I'pnii i lie Vi;i,,i(. ,MI j
fine mi i lie Vve.a ;
North (o
t have
! Ill ll'e u:-"e,i B,i:J
I ZilH', of i'"' er. d I e i.-
likeness of ( i,l i';;nv
j win at i i'l- 'in'-' .if I i..
! Pivaidou'. of '.I . ir V
j Sua ih Cnr'iiiii.i
j The f'llliiwii,,' ;
jfroni n len;iliy arn
i same ij. i.-ii, n r; I
' LlVIII-:IOil
' V an aUvo. ii .' To
! so f i' e.i elieij i . ,
I jell' !;, .i ii 1 1 ri ,.'.
' 'i. ml of i) e !'.-e I
ill I In nil tr r hi."
pii'U.ihl and ih
j coui'' oi Hid ,'
O'M'iiry vk.v ih','
I er li e,' lici"! in' !
; us was ( il (,, a i
.,111't esl',,1 a .'
:" .si. a 'I- la a ,
a law iinifja
is a -'iili'ii'li'l
ov i,''!lS((ii,
I is (tea I, was
V j--".': i ion of
; ; i.' .'iipie.l
a' a , dn'
of Oil.
'II L'VMI'l.'t.l'l
v, i i f ir liin.
of 'tii lilt!"
v i j e-iieeinlly
. :ir' !K'I1 II,
; ,i I i power (if
, o:' ii, hrodi
13 o .pi-iit
i" a-' i i i .vyer,
i a ,erv,iiit
si iiool lii'i.-t. to tie' l'n'ilh' on I. lie
i: lie-1 from I ho Lakes on I Ic
v,n ' the lull' on ( he Sou 1 1
' i. 'li 'li'i', ,;l!ile
11. vNi:ill.lll, J. C , .-I..IK
ill C'llllll. '
,'li, ley, I'lMMalllc Ml Mil
'.'iltl'lllMII, J. f . .''I.'.l.,
Ill l,'"i"l
''.I iil.i'l i'o 1 1 : i :ill!i. s lim1
ill 'I'lll. SIIiIH"
, P M ii'iiii. I
,'s. (niin
J , Hill:' llT"IV I
month i T t Sii.ih, im-ii
I .f ? T I , lei'. ni.;ii'i'Oii( In'"'
I 0 ivt, .mini v ll'" l:.
"' .! ,ii',i anil .Ii .
P :rl,ivi'i"i lll'lh' Ill
nm or. land line south of J. S. j .;, ,.,,ii
Pir.son and Geo. Albritton east, v o ii--io. m
thence north to Ut. Olive church '"" '''
JiH'V i, hlim ,':,,1'
pauper list at J.0O per
from date.
Petitio". to chanae the pulii;c'
mad from Live Oak church to I
. i i'i
" hi
i hi
i in
t ui
1 ii.!
I I i.i
2 "il
ii ,:u
i, in
: HI
:.i i.i
it; in
in in i
a, .i'i '""
11 in 1 yea
ted a'nm.sl a1! oi
..I'to.i hi. I many liiuiili"'d,s ol
sn;ali"i' mties Iml I am Irani
-,.V I. know no city lai'jfe
small i hill has so I hoi omt'tdy
I wini ( am
' ,'!oi'" 1 . i . -1 ;
, He i i' ) ' '
ar n i; r i i
; -'.i' ion ihi-l of i.i
I feel i i i,i a deei I.:
kind. I i is iU tli' ,
j a linsLul' fia I
liijllt was la on
nias, and feel 'c
a a;
' I i:
1 and 'coil v.al
I meeiini sccli
ni I id
was a,?ain taken up and consider
ed, ar.d in the absence of any
. counter petition or other olijec
tions, same was granted with the
understanding that said road is
to be opened up and kept for
two years without cost to the
Contract to build one GO ft and
one 13 ft. steel bridges over Lit
tle Aucilla at what is known as
Burnett's ford was given to Con
verse Bridge Co for the sum of
$775.00 complete, to be paid for
with time warrant drawimr i
Per cent interest from date.
Duplicate contracts were sinned
and filed with the Board.
Notarial bond of S. T. Corbett,
for $300.00, with Walter and
Rufus Allen as sureties, approv
ed. S. J-Ellison, tax collector, pre
sented report of taxes collected
for month of July, as follows:
Gi-nwsl Revenue t 87J.M
R"ii and Bridge
5 'In
(i 'HI
' ple'l'. y i ; e.n and ''..H : lie ,,!: w 'r ' V,
. :.'.ei've, .vim,-, .v.ji'ii: v'i:.t!':i4 aaa
1 h;a i''i'v'a:!e i ,; ni )'';.r il:::-ef- i,'-'
' pelhn.i a:ai' . ca::';' o:T A!) rjt
1 c!l,'t V took l.ir i l t'liS ,' !'! ,11 t it
j resid ed io a v. ''o''y for filaem'i. .uinijiletely won rnv profoundest, 1
A sp.'c !: v.' is i.i ") !"niao i 'd of ad'e (,iou and em'atd as our wn
,all il'.e ia,:',.i' her il'.'y did no. re-. uiiil'.ie Maili.,o'i. winch is -o ' ,n ,,,,,,,, ,,i ,.,
: ,tnuil V TI PlolliiH -.lid. howv v . neaulalui lor situaiaun. And ',, ,.,
;ive a h,i. cMetniMiiMii'ii;" I ilk ! while thvre are many tlutiKs
i ami a : oiiier i iau.rs said. ' f .1111 ; that oue,ht hi lie em reeled ' and
iilea,-.'ii w-tli tl;'..' .-. i'.ool." tiie t.T.'.y will lie in tune) and many '
! . . i , , , 1 1 ... i i . i. . i
le.n Tifi loiii a (noil e' "e smry aao , w umbm i,n.n nooi i,o w n-iin.-ll'.'i,
.v ' adjoiavi:") (died, yet I proiiliesy for Madi.'-.nn !
y. .y Li.ehisi'y and Miss V-Mia ; a glorious future Vou, as ciii l
I3laiioio left Lee on me early train I zvnx, are loiliujr hevoicaliy and ;
fir r.in .Vieade where Ihey will j uri.si'll'i.shly v.ul h the sunlight, of
i.'i. 'i ,'nn'ly t;i " i'"!''.i:nder of the j prosperity in your face. Somei
V. L. 1 ul our (.iik'.s nave a uoom (""''.v : (j, , jn j,,Ir,
- - ami a. standal ill (ornormw, ''ul.l (,fll;l;U( (l
T i C n I"- .-. ,i f r . r I I: .i ..1 . . .... i
L.iVj w'vl:'JUl Ut 1JIUVO . .uanisiin is noi. ns'iuum in ,i oils
eralile Hull Hun defeat. There
i-,-1 final vicl.'irv and vou shall
S. I. A. !. u, I (..,...,. :,, (.(, ,,.,, i. ,,li(.
i him
' i (!:'.''U
- a '!). it
i lOIIV.'l'-
a,' ami
.i!' 1'ian-
d !' I.:' it
merit, Association of Li
:.! ("Hit Ii I wil I:
i, pi'.'SS of l!H
j a id ohtni'i
!en:. j.i"-i. lion and
l ! I i ' r.'MuP.iil fi oi 1 1
i char -. !'"' To K-iy
I lint lie was (teiiial 1 ird y ( onvcys
a inie coin epi ion of ',' ii i' .:V' was
il . ore I j v.' is a nie. i .we i a ineel
linn. IJein.i a ''e.i' reaj'r and
liavniii a reii'imve n' 'inory I:" w.n
a foiiiiiani head of i iforiikniuu for
Ilia friends Ti idy it. i:iay he aaid
u a loss ') liia
! ' JIKl .OS jll 'l'
lesaiou "
The members of' the S. I. A
tieiu laien teu.ai uumii-ss m.-; so(.ja) J1(j riAn,Mili- u.(rnv
:hi'.!' wif. i .vtiss ii, mm :i anion on : i , , .. ..,
, I , J.OO I ill. ..I, Jill l ill i. lie i ill, ni e.
County Jude pre.-enl.e r.j.jujy .-'(it),. Miss Mabel Frier, i v,,.. , i i'(.iinv,,,ir 1 1. ,-l.
I port of occupation lic.'n.5es issued trejisurer, renortcil a nice httle ,,f , ,.,. ,lf ,i.l(ll
an'' J-.,iirn realized from the admit-
ttou ie Fj;s;
for month of July,
mounts collected
follows: For Start;
County, $2.(10; and same
ordered filed.
The honks and accounts
darkness and doom, but the rid-
V. Davis, County Treasurer were
checked up and found correct, show
ing credits to die different funds, as
tuL-i'.-im. j .stance tee cnarued it trie piay i, ,,., t,-, t- i,,... .,!.
.d; tmm,iU hy local talent on July' un(J(.,- wi aiK,
WaS'ifJ,. Lr-ll'-rtf riffllWM, Till- I.W I'illl-I ol
j Resulutions were adopLed. re-,,(,,(ji)i(, in t((. u,Mk,
af John , oiiestiiii!- Mrs. C. W. Johnston to ? -.a i i... ,i...
lively iu.v us iniioeiic'-'i ii.-, iic.t
I over Prsi
"i.il Repulili-
iJclHT'll Itl'Vl'lllll'
Imiio iiml rnrlcilllic
Kniid .iml lliiiliic
ll.lilil lrilll'ls
$;U'W il
nun I ;
Hill II
in; .ui
Fine and Forfeiture
County Bands . ..
Polli . .
2m en
m 'a
.18 mi
Total .... . 7,;H6 Sli
hich was ordered properly credited
and filed.
The following billa were ap
proved and ordered paid, to-wit:
B- T. Walker, repairs $!i.0
W. R. Sullivan, work on Blue
Springs bridge abutninntR S 00
Sinclair Lumber Co., lumber !)
"f- Geo. Nash, doctorinil co. mulo Pi-O'J
S-A-LRy., freiglit
D. Stanton, sheriff, corns.
on fines collected 33.37
D. Stanton, sheriff, feed
nf nr annnrfl Tnr.lllIV JJ.uu
ruml i ii-.li iii ;ri-H'.ni y $7, Ili.'.U
which was ordered reported to State
Judire E- J. Vann, managing
trustee Madison County bonds,
made special report as follows:
TRus-nri-nor bonds or madison county,
in iu-i'oiiiit willi MihIiviii Counry. Klu.
Mil!'. !'
Aim. 1, To( j:,h recwvffl irom 1 r-mnwi.
thank Mrs. Scarhoro, Mi.-s
Means and Miss Amie Blantoii
tor the excellent music furnish
ed by them on that occasion.
The S. 1. A. is doing a much
, needed work here, and one that
1 deserves the support and co-op-j
eration of every citizen. They
i are now trying to raise the mon
ey to finish paying for the piano
recently purchased for the new
school house
i-(illlor of Mnrtiwiii County,
tiai .
Anil 1. ByCali refunded loinmiiw fur mi
advance by I linn in. " lastunnuul
reiKH-l. Voliclicl I
A iil. I, By CimIi ii(l Cminiy Treaiur
Vnuclicr '
.'MIR !
Notice to the Public.
All parties who have hills a
(aiu.'it the late Mrs, S. M. Wardlaw
will please present them at once
to Mr. A. Livingston, Jr., at the
Citizens Bank.
Frank W. Webb.
A,i iln. County -1'' '! uw" unvrhmil on the
I, ici ,,..t, die name linvlnil been iwid in full,
the iTUHltt-H of raunly Hondii will nor receive any
,,.,. n ylmm ilie Tnv Oollect'ir, mid tlii-y mm
nesi thai Hie It"""' o ;ouinv Cmm.uuimn imim
an 'inter direetinii I lie Ta Colleelor tu mm over id
the Couuiy TrouMirer all incix-y" Ii" '""V hereafter
creivc iu iy I.rini:iial and i'"-- " t'"
oi hi'li they are the Irusleei
' Ri spw lfully Milimitieil.
a. MvinnsroN,
r. .1. VANN.
Trustcen of Madison Counry Bond.
MuiianiiiS Truatoo.
Whereupon, the Tax Collector
- 7 lis hereby ordered to turnover all
(II2H.I14 I . , .
moneys received uy mm on ac
count of County Bonds to the
County Treasurer, who is hereby
ordered to keep a separate ac
count of same until further or
ders from the Board.
There being no further busi
iness, on motion board adjour
ned until their next regular meet
ing. T. Z. Martin, Clerk.
.character of the men who found
ed it and live in it. The Pilgrim
Fathers will never relax (heir
grip from good old New Eng
land. William Pen 1 1 left Phila
delphia the legacy of a noble
manhood and a fair deal to all
As you walk the streets of that
fair eastern Quaker city you can
see his manner, Inn morals and
his customs.
So the founders of Madison
have left their impressions on
the present generations, who,
ledonbythe spirit of progres-
sivencss, will make the city to
bud and blossom like the rose.
It can not be done in a single
day, but it will be done; not by
cowards, but by brave, unselfish
men, men who will bend all of
their energies and recognize in
the future as they have in the
past the spirit of true brother
hood and practical helpfulness.
Yours Very Truly,
Amos Preston Boyd.
Concert Was Very Viucli Eiu'tyea
The sacred concert I'iveii by the orclicH
tra of the Dn(itir,t church lust Suiidny
evening wbs attended hy a I a rile number
and was very mucli enjuyed by oJI proi
ent. Several vocal helocfinns :i 1 :. added
to the eveninffs eiijoyiTMH.
,es .I'll,
r Toft's Veto.
3 ti e narrow '! i-;'i:i (if iivr
I vol.-. the u i ion il li ie if K'epi"
I seniaiiviM an " cvd iy passed ih
wool i.irilf re a - "in ho
' dent r.ifi 'r, vein Si",
; cans ,oied willi lli' '.'eniocr lis.
1 iu .1, ll . ,' I ' I li, I .I'.-it . ').. 'nuii.ii. utll
This waa
(Jie lirsi .i.ue in '.a. . ':"''i')i'y of th"
oldesl iuiinliHuui: of Wasliiiif'toii
(hat Die lower house had ever pass
ed ;i tariff !;i!i awr., ,,esr)ent's vi"
io On W'iiit'sdii' the L-fouse (lansed
(lie steel and iron, tan Thill over the
President's veto, though thi is ex
peered :;i die in the Senate also
is noi i.').'i,eci.ed .;); i
pass i lie lull, liowev r
First 5aa Island Cotton.
Savannah, Ga , Aug ll. -The
season's first hale of Sea Island r.of
ton was sold at auction at. the Sa
vannah Cotton Exchange today and
brought il.'j t-2 cents a pound. It
was fjrowii hy J. T. Price, Alachua
county, Flo., and is four days earli
or than last year's first hale, which
was grown .in Georgia. Tin ies-Union.
Card of Thanks.
Ed i tor H n ten ri se-P.ec order:
Please allow-space to express
our thanks and appreciation for
the many kindnesses and ex
pressions of sympathy shown us
by friends and neighbors in our
sad trouble, caused hy the re
cent tragic death of our son and
brother, and to assure them
that they will ever occupy a
warm plac in our affections,
i A- A. Wethingt' n and Family,'
Consolidated Gro. Co., oats & corn 200.00 W..IL10.1, m , Aufl 7th. VM

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